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 Europe Rhizoming Tour 2014
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 India Rhizoming Tour 2014-2015 Winter
 A worldwide Nomad=Rhizoming would begin in this Summer!
 Earth Healing Festival
 Kan Flower Gio
 EXIT 2015
 'Uprooting The Aboriginals'
 ヤミノヒカリ - Light of Darkness
 Journey to Xibalba
 Earth Healing Festival
 Until we become Multitude!
 Subbody Butoh Workshop
tijdens de Wereld Week
 ヤミノヒカリ - Light of Darkness
 Gessuri, Performing April 30
 'The Edge'
 NEW in Berlin!
 8th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
 World Life Resonance Festival 2014
  Agi dancing with handicapped people
on the street in Budapest, Hungary
 Natureside Workshop by Pit
 "Nowhere to hide" by Mick Otten
 Shadows of the delta
 "Fallen From Grace" and
"Dancing with the Shadows"
 The Red God Workshop in Delhi
 Calm down - Wake up - Dance everything!
 Hisako, performance and workshop in Madrid and more
 Butoh & film making workshopr
 Shareer Se Dosti for Women
 Igu collaborates with Hisako
 A letter from Isabelle
 Shareer Se Dosti for Women starts today!
 8 hours continuous performance
 Liquid Dance Festival
 Send Hope for Tohoku Japan!
 "A Miserable Journey"
 A mirage of human
 Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
 ‘Body Resonance’ - Butoh Workshop
  Performence "Urban Butoh" in Jerusalem
 Kifordítva / Insideout
 Subbody Experience! - One day workshop with Gadu
 King, Beggar, Dying Flower
 Nomad Rhizome in a Rotterdam Building Part 2
 Outside Butoh in Zuiderpark
 First visit Lage Vuursche
 Workshop di danza butoh
 Ego and Life
 Subbody Butoh Classes starting 19th March
 Moving Meditation Workshop by Syv
 Garbha Bhu_Ankur
 8 hours performance×2days
 Kifordítva (Fizikai színház)
 Nomad Rhizome at Rotterdam Harber Part 3
Kristien, Brigitta, Robert, Honza and cobody
 Now! Send Hope for Tohoku Japan! Charity Shiatsu March 9th & 15th
 oneness of Life
 'will you be the moustache of my great great great grandfather?’ - a butoh duet workshop
 Subtle shivering of a leaf
 Nomad Rhizome at Rotterdam Harber Part 2
Kaska, Maya and John
 Nomad Rhizome in the Garden Julie, Katharina and cobody
 Nomad Rhizome at Rotterdam Harber Part 1
Natasja, Donna, Pit and Maud
 Call of Twilight / Sumire
 Honza, John, Maud
 Nomad Rhizome at Rotterdam Harber
 'Nothing' Pit and Bern cobody
 'For you, My Dove- My Desire is your Dream, and I am' Isabelle and Bern cobody
 'Sydanrumpu (My Heart Drum)' Marika
 1st week of Subbody Resonance Butoh workshop in Rotterdam
 'Twilight in the Mist' Mirjan and Bern cobody
 'Guarda Che Luna' Flavia and Sten
 'Samson’ Pnina and Bern cobody
 'Womb-Ancient Mother Earth' Philine and cobody
 'Nenkin Jam Vol.4
 'Sunday Morning Path' Sten
 Dancing in the Snow
 Dancing on the Swiss mountain
 Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop
 MAYA II Agu and Surjit
 Subbody Butoh Classes for Housewives
Subbody Butoh Workshop in Manipur, India  
1st International Butoh Festival in Delhi
 Subbody=cododies in Zorba Retreat
 Subbodies Duos in Zorba
  Subbody Solos in Zorba Retreat
 'What happened to the map in the river'_Santeri Delhi
 'Shadow Heart' Ankur in Delhi Festival #1
 Nomad Rhizone in Delhi Sebastien and cobody
 'Secret Dance' Prerit
  'Solo' Anurag
  'Amigollon Lisa and cobody Delhi Butho Festiva
 'A Wish' Agu Tara
 30C3 M4T3 | Meta Mate Berlin
 Introducing Agu Tara's - Butoh (Manipur)
 Get Inspired Festival GIF
 Butoh Women
 Get Inspired Festival GIF
 Butoh workshop -My Body, a landscape, a canvas, a
poem, a dance-
 1st Int'l Butoh Festival in Delhi
 Konton, Chaos For Future Dust Gio
 'Invocation' by Anurag
"The heart of Prayer"
 Details of Delhi Butoh Festival
 World Rhizoming Tour
 Butoh shot by Jhon Giskes
 The Last Gasp of A Mournful Heart
 Subbody 'a'/ Agu Tara
 My Sooty Princess
 One with Nature Series: EARTH
 Butoh, the art of body language
 Hurt and form
 Nenkin Jam 4
 Dia de los muertos
 Beginner classes are held at Quiet House
 open womb @ Writers Festival
 "Sooty Princess"
 Performance by Deep
 A Performance in the Darkness of a Bamboo Forest
 La Sangria Discreta
 Nenkin Jam 3
 Space Body
 Bamboo Forest
 Pre-festival Season at Quiet House
 What do you dance?....
 Syv performs 'Fissure' tomorrow
 "Possum Kingdom"
 Nenkin Jam Vol. 3
 Delhi's First International Butoh Festival
 Triple Festival Nov-Dec, 2013
 Here comes ballon man
 Midwifves Trio performed in the Tao Shiatsu World Gathering
 A letter from a participant of Kristien's butoh workshop
 Hisako will dance in the island
 Syv will perform with Bamboo art
 Subbody Butoh- One Day experiential workshop!
 Falling Leaves Butoh, contact, vocal improvisation workshops
 'Body Graphity
 Fissure Syv will perform new solo
 Gio dancing in Berlin
 Dutch cobody creating a film
 Ko Murobushi Exhibition
  Congratulation! "
"Butoh Women"
 Nenkin Jam Vol. 3
  "In & Out" Butoh Performance in Budapest
 Gio will dance in Berlin
  Syv opens new monthly workshop
 Igu and Kiyoko, Performance and workshop
 Butoh Jam 2 in Rotterdam
Syv's courses developed so rich deversity and multi-layered
 Falling Leaves
 Weekly Courses and Workshops
with Sangria Discreta
 Butoh Jam in Rotterdam
 A request for managing workshop with Rhizome Lee, for worldwide 'Nomad-Rhizome'!
 Teatro vivo Gorka
 "Possum Kingdom" Rehearsal on going
 Performance in Bos
 Activities at Quiet House
September 2013
 ONE with NATURE series // AIR
 North East Healing Circle
 Butoh Jam in Rotteldum
 Workshop "Listen in the voice of the body" &
Butoh performance "Land of light"
 Createrre Creatures
Jor Di made a video in Kristien's workshop at Dordogne
 Syv, expands "ONENESS FLOW" activities
 Chaos-IT'S TIME
  "Kifordítva" Czap Gábor
 Nekin Jam Vol.2
 La Sangria Discreta au boom
Interactive à la reliure
ONENESS FLOW Upcoming Program 
 One month workshop continues in September
 Transaction, and A Demon Hero
 Letter from Pit after Sun Festival
 Butoh Jam and workshop with John Giskes
 Midwife Trio dancing in the Tao Shiatsu World Gathering
 'Oneness with nature'
 La Sangria Discreta
 Life Resonance between Korean and Japanese
 noBODYdance– Lake
Gabor, Agi
 Subbody-cobody meets in Dordogne
 Dancing in the Nature
Syv continues dancing!
 Hisako continues dancing in August
 Dance with Autism people
 Gabor Butoh Performance in Budapest
 A message from a new student
 "Chrysalis" Syv performing again!
  Dancing Life
- a butoh dance voice week in Dordogne
 Sun Festival 2013
 noBODYdance project - To
 North East Healing Circle
 Agu, Bo, Gadu, Igu and Syv met and danced
 "Chrysalis" Syv continues to dance
 Subbody Experiential Workshop
 Bo Interview
 OUTDOOR Moving Meditation with Oneness Flow
 Ashes' Whisper Syv
 One month course of Subbody Resonance Butoh
 Igu & Kiyoko Workshop at Space IGU
 Agu, Gadu and Igu perform in Thailand
 Trailer Sebastien
 Syv, dance, dance, dance!
  "3Vs and the Blue Canary"
North Europe tour started
 ‘butoh op de putsebocht’
 Tao Shiatsu & Sangha World Gathering
  Gabor performs on 19-21 July
 Preparation Fesival for 1st International Resonance Butoh Festival
 This weekend, Igu, Gadu and Pit, three oldest stdents perform in Japan, USA, and Switzerland at the same time.
 Int'l Resonance Butoh Festival
  "Sebastien." performance by Aklopoditi Dancetheater
Congratulation! "Agapanthus"
The first performance
at "Space Igu"
 “Here Comes Balloon Man!”
 Syv will perform on Sunday!
 Done and Not Done Yet
 Zoe Binetti, Marius Soluna, Ainara Makalilo in....Mondsucht Festival
 Gadu Butoh Performance
Balloon Man
 Jonathan performance Sosiego
 Jonathan workshop Dialogue with Gravitiy
 Let's join as cobody with Pit
at Sun Festival in Hungary!
 Abandoned Eternity/ Pit
  Dancing Life - a butoh dance voice week in Dordogne
 Today 2:00pm, Flash mob at Budapest!
 Oneness Flow with Syv
 Ka-Ge Exhbition at Chang-Mai
 Secrets and mysteries of subbody = cobody
 Second message from Ozerk
 Message from Ozerk
  World Simultaneous Life Resonance Butoh Festival
The first Performance at Quiet House
Igu, the first performance
at "Tohoku Resonance Juku"
 Salto de L'Escargot
Journey to Xibalba
 Winds, wings & times
 Butoh Classes By Syv
 Anna send us a video and a sound track of her belly with her 20 weeks old baby!
 Agu, new studio warming free workshop starts!!
  Igu will perform at her new place
Tohoku Resonance Juku in June
 Valerie uploaded the Earth day's Pictures
 Michel Foucault & Tatsimi Hijikata
 "kindling" in Himalaya
 "The Picnic"
 First Experiment of Nenkin Jam
 Hijikata Tatsumi and Francis Bacon
Agu got a studio, "Quiet House"
 Syv Bruzeau infuses butoh dance with drawing at SPORE Art Salon 29th Edition!
 Butoh Danza Workshop
  Abandoned Eternity/ Pit
at Syros
  Heart of Tao Resonance Art
 Program of Dance Fest Akropoditi
 Dance Fest 2013 in Syros
 Agu, danced in Rajastan
  "Breath of Earth"
International Earth Day Performance at Tibetan School
 Break the ruules
  Pit Workshop and performance at Syros
 Here I am /Carmen
 Odile, You did it!
 Spring Forest Qigong Workshop
 Bo, Performing "Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf"
 Hisako Horikawa Workshops & Perofrmance
 Tao Shiatsu "Pay-As-You-Are-Able" Day
 Reonating with cancer/ Syv
 BUTOH Classes in April
 Subbody Resonance Butoh Performance & Workshop
 Tana performed at KTH Reaktor
 Children Workshop at Dharamsala
 Good news! Pit becomes an Artistic Residency of Syros Dance Center
 Live like water
 Until we meet the necessary subbody butoh
 Performances and Workshops of the month
 Flower of Kan bloomed
 Theresa Hardman
 3.11World Life Resonance
 Sense of " Everybody is fellow"
 Hisako will dance today
 Embracing Shadow Sunday Workshop/ Gio
 Embracing Shadow Summer Workshop/ Gio
 North East Healing Circle
 Resonance with disability of life
 Performance "&" this Saturday, Madrid
 Natasja opens Butoh Workshops near Rotterdum
 Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf
 "Fallen From Grace" March 21-30
 TuDaTtAnC - Body boundaries, Agi
 Let's dance the tragedy of Life
 Valerie "FlamingTibet" event
 Gorka, Voice Workshop
 Honza, John Giskes
and Philemon Mukarno
 Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf
 One Billion Rising Feb 14
 Tibet Indipendence Day in Russia/ Valerie
 A young monk Burning in Kathmandul on the day of the 100th anniversary Tibetan independence
 Chiara, One Billion Rising Feb 14
 One Life on the Planet
 Feb.11 - March 11 World Life Resonance
 John Improvisation
 Subbody Resonance Butoh,
Spreading from Himalaya to Delhi
 Poems by Manu and Ankur; Agu's students
 Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf project
Honza, "In the direction of Fear"
 Aida danced on the Himalaya
 World Life Resonance
 Migui and Nichletta start Performances in the second Mexico tour
  David will have an Event at Brussels
 "La Sangria Discreta" performed in DAF - Music | Performance Festival - Geneve
 Subbody Botoh Laboratry by Jonathan 2013
  Odile will perform the final "Fallen From Grace" in March
 Radioactivity leaked has attacked the creatures of the sea
 High concentrations of cesium from plankton
 Ramesh Family in the first snow 
  Gio opens Children Workshop at Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala
  Horizontal Life
 Open Butoh Honza
 Cambodian Young dancers with Post Ego Dance
  Subbody Butoh Workshop at Gati, in Delhi
 Survival Game
 Spring Forest Qigong Workshop
 Pelvis Yoga
 Post Ego Dance at Phnom Penh
 Gesurri became a Geisha girl at Calgary
 Honza will dance at the behind world
 Migui, starting second Mexico tour
 La Sangria Discreta
 BUTOH Classes in January & early February
 Subbody Butoh Workshops in Minneapolis
 Subbody Butoh Classes in Delhi
"Tohoku Resonance Juku Iku Igu" starting soon!
 Angeliki & group established Dance Center in Syros
 Gipsy Pirates/ Aida & Natasja
 Agu performed in Delhi and...
 Angeliki and group open an Art Center in Syros
 Agu performs on 22th in Delhi
 Ishe Janperu
 Never give up!
 Life Resonance Manifest
 Relay of Life/ Miyuki Nakajima
 Hisako, Dance A Bear! in Japan
 Hisako, Butoh Performance "ODORU' in Japan
 Limits; Mexican Tour 2013
 Ozerk and Shigemi Iida, collaboration work
in Turkey
  Dancable World? or the World Unable to dance anywhere?
 The spirits and ancestors are arriving...
 Sara & Migui perform in Barcelona, Spain
 Jonathan starts another Subbody Butoh Festival Satellite in Spain!
"How can we build such a twisted muscle as Tamano?" Yukio Mishima
 Happy Cancer / Joe & Lee
 A hair wandering beyond time-space
 Resonating with Subbody Butoh Festival...Julie
 Old friend brings the past
 Things been imprisoned/ Igu
 Do not do expression,
such a vulgar thing
 Syv is dancing energetically in Singapore
 Butoh Off Festival
  Julie upload new photo
 Syv will perfomr tomorrow in Singapole
 Migui will perform in Barcelona
 Igu & Kiyoko Co-performance & Workshop
 Honza will perform Evil Light Pollution
 Angeliki & Akropoditi Dancetheater will perform "Prayer" November
 Motif of the dark side of feminine
 Odile deepened her piece over three years!
 Memories of skin and bones
Saga Kobayashi
Snow Lion of Tibet, Dorjee will perform on Sunday
  Dancing at the Alley Hisako Horikawa Photo Exhbition at Niigata
 Humming, Silent Body and Japanese Stone Garden
Syv, Workshop in Singapole
 Gessuri will perform
"The Return of Quetzalcoatl
 Simon starts uploading his own conditioning videos
 Gessuri will have an Event about Popol Vuh
 Necessity of Katsura Kan
 Joebutoh performed at Las Angeles
 Akshi performed in Delhi
 Syv performed in Singapore
 Gessuri starts Subbody Workshop in Calgary
 Summer workshop participants in Switzerland are developping rhizoming and nomading in Geneva!!
 Chiara starts Workshop in Italy
 Happiness of meeting old friends beyond decade
  Syv starts again Butoh class in Singapore
 Sumire perfirmance by Akshi
 Butoh workshop by Syv Bruzeau
 Flying Low Technique after ten years
 DanceAbility and Butoh---A Letter from Julie
 Akshi performed at Delhi
 Honza and John performed at Rotterdam
 Resonance with Shisha (=Dead) of The War
  Syv will have performances and workshops
in Thailand and Singapore
 Resonance with Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnum, Minamata, Chernobyl, Fukushima
  Monsoon is Deep Breathing of the earth.
The Breath is going to stop
 Monsoon is broken---Appeal from Himalaya
 Akshi will perform and Workshop in Delhi
 Prayer/ Angeliki/ Greece
 Akshi Performed in Delhi & Subbody Butoh Workshop
 All Lives on the planet can't resonate well with Nukes!
 Kiyoko & Igu will collaborate at Takasago, Hyogo, Japan, October
 Last performance at Somuna Festival
  Integration of subbodies and cobodies
in Tiocan
 Nomad Rhizome in Geneve
 Letter from Julie
 Prayer/ Angeliki and Akropodi Dancetheater
 Riverside Nomad
 Akshi starting Weekly Butoh Session in Delhi
 Participants of Swiss workshop will perform
at Spmuna Festival
 Kriestien performs today!
 Butoh Pwrformance and workshop in Bangkok
 Life Resonance changes the World
 Nomad Theater
at Jula Mountains
 Uploaded Fukshima Mon Amor by Julie
 Let's become Nomad-Rhizome!
 Kristien teachs dance and vocal improvisation
 Pit will dance around Festivals in Europe! Let's do it together in next Summer!
 Women started dancing the birth
 Syv performed in Singapore
 Letter from Natasja
 Syv will perform on Friday at Singapore
 Butoh Workshop by Syv
 Jonathan opens Subbody Butoh Raboratory at Madrid
 Jonathan will perform on Satutrday at Madrid
 Join 5 weeks of Subbody Butoh
with Natasja at New York
 Honza is dancing in the "RedGod"
 Bo butoh performance at Bangkok
 Jullie danced at Night Park in Tokyo
 Joe, "in Remembarance Fukushima"
new Butoh Sculpture
 Pilar's UnderWater Work
 Bo performed at Ratchaburi, Thailand
  Fukushima Anniversary
 March 11th World Spontaneous Life Resonance
 A Duet with Belen and Pit
 New Time and New Location Summer Workshop with Kats
 Syv became Nomading Midwife
 Becoming a resonating Life Kiyoko
 Pia and friends will dance on 11 March
 Sara and Ricardo
 Summer Workshops in Switzerland and Greece 
 Dust Gio
 Namaste  Natasja
 Duo by Natasja and Gio : Rhizome 2 Sister
 24 Feb - 11 March
World Spontaneous Subbody Dance
Heal the Heart Odile
 Bo and Thanapol perform at Bangkok
 Tana's recent performances at Stockholm
 Spring has come without step eagles
 A five days butoh workshop
Butoh Shoot / Honza
 Rhizome Sister 2 Ver.02
Subbody Butoh Performance
 2.26 - 3.2
World Spomtaneous Subbody Dance
 Jonathan Keep Midwiving & Performing at Madrid & Granada
  Freya is terug!!!!!!!
 Natasja, Gio performs 2nd March
 Gio opens 2nd workshop for Tibetan kids
 A Open Butoh Session
 Akshi got interviewed about Butoh
 Isabelle is giving workshop in Cambodia
 Gorka reccomends an excellent video from the String to the Universe
 Akshi will perform on 26 Feb, at Delhi
 Akshi opens two full days workshop
 Gio opens workshop for Tibetan kids
 Resonance: Winter 2012 – Newest on Kats D
 Honza will perform on Thursday 2 February
 Article of the Bangkok Life for Mumyouki by Igu
 Kiyoko will have Butoh Performance at Takasago, Japan
 Kats D. Fukasawa talks about Butoh
 Atlanta Workshop and Performance
 Midwiving five days in Delhi
 Kiyoko, Butoh Performance and Workshop in Osaka
 Igu's Dancing never stops
 Subbody Butoh Workshop & Performance in Delhi
 Kiyoko and Igu performed at Tokyo and Fukushima
 Letter from Akshi about haruki Murakami
 Sara, Ricardo, and Roberto have butoh performances and video dances
Rhizome by Asuka
 Happy Four Billionth New Year!
 8 weeks workshop with Kats D
 Syv will open workshop at Singapore and Thailand
 Syv performed at Bangkok Butoh Festival
 Solstice Blessings at Bangkok
 Akshi will open workshop in Delih
 Igu(Ikuko) performed at Bangkok Butoh Festival
 Video Dance by Sara, Roberto, and Migui
 Syv will perform this Friday
 World Resonance has begun!
 Pit and friends will have a performance night at Basel
 Asuka got permanent residence at Tiocan
 Asuka performed Last Saturday at Geneva
 Resonance Work in the world
 Belen/Voice Laboratory
 Flood Relief Fridays
 Ikuko,Bo, Syv in Thailand
 Depth of Hisako Horikawa
 Resonance: Late Autumn 2011 – Newest on Kats D
 Hariharalaya retreat center
 Agni joined 2nd Butoh Festival in Budapest
Occupy the world!
Butoh and Multimedea at Ibiza
Honza uploaded a video
Honza performed at Rotterdum
 Workshop with Honza
 debugging the Fool v 0.2/ Honza
 Shisha in Greece
 At a deserted house
 Honza dancing at arrival day
 Akshi dancing on the street in Delhi
 "Technique of Shisha" in Greece 1
 Free resonance in Switzerland
 Akshi did a workshop in Delhi
 WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk
 Russel Walder/ "Ghost Dance"
 Subbody Butoh Workshop in Switzerland
 Ainhoa got Ozerk's pictures
 Ten years Aniversary of Takasago Butoh Co-op
 Tao Shiatsu
 Odile starts new class in New Oeleans
 Katherine send us a new song
 Butoh Contact Workshop and Jam
 Joel made PDF files of Subbody Butoh Method
 Kats D, Updating his blog with photos
 Asheville North Carolina Butoh Festival
FareWell Performance
 aguas habitadas
 Spring Dane
 Resonance from Cambodia
 pajarosonambulo concierto paraiso de armonicos
 Gesurri introduces an Aurora video
 Monika uploaded 38 photos of "Butoh Practice"
 Odile uploaded many friends photos
 Katherine send a song with singing bowl
 TriButoh a Japon
 Prayers for Japan
 a Thought for you
 Pit performs today!
 People in the triple disaster
  Tokyo Radiation Level Slightly Higher Than Normal
 High levels of radiation at stricken reactor
 Fabricio starts Open Home Project
 Nuclear crisis worsens; dangerous radiation levels detected
 Just listen to life
 Pit open Workshop in Switzerland
 condolence from istanbul
  Listen to the Life Resonance with Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

The End of Days

 a short discription of Kan's work
 Sara and Migui perform in March at Barcelona
 Honza’s intersting web site
 Fabricio projects to invite Snow Lion to Berlin
 Migui infors us Katsura kan's workshop at Barcelona
 Shlomtsi hosts Katsura Kan's workshop,
and performance at Tel Aviv
  Syv reports from New York about people,
and Katsura Kan's workshop
 Kats D and Nenkin Butoh Dan
The End of Days, USA
 We are resonating!
 Kaska starts workshop in Poland
 Odile opens workshop at New Orleans
Julie performed Butoh on Japanese TV
Laura starts Subbody butoh course
Barcelona becomes a hot Plateaux
Gorka's Buthang has developed
A letter from a dance therapist
Bangkok International Butoh Festival
Migui built a Website
Free resonance among colors
Ancestral /Chiara de Bona
Furie Falling Onto The Floor / Asuka
Sub Asuka
Sleepers Asuka
Pit's Performance at Butoh Festival in Switzerland
Letter from New York
Butoh workshop by Katsura Kan
Joel's work in Cambodia
IIda/ Painting exhibition
Join the Fes. by your picture!

Gessuri Gaitan Motion picture improv

Seth Yarden
Bottom of Kazuo Ohno


8 Weeks Subbody Butoh Workshop
Abstruct butoh body/ Joe
May Kazuo Ohno continue dancing in other world!
Tana is going to perform at Stockholm in November
Why fight against beauty?
Ainhoa is going to have exhbition in Barcelona
Happy four billion years!
Gessuri plans a world travel for his roots
Facing Geneve a fond/ Asuka
Memorie d'acqua/ Chiara de Bona
Imagine: The range of John Lennon's dream
Butoh Festivasl Himalaya
Butoh Festival Swizerland
Resonance work start!
Angeliki starts teaching in Greece
Monika introduced an intersting art work
Pia's performance in Swizterland
Nekin Butoh Dan Fundraiser
Martin resonates with Joel's poem
Momentary resonance
Resonance: Summer 2010
A quiet revolution through life resonance
ATELIER Butoh et theatre
Here is a nice soft film with spirals
Camino de Flores Tributo a Kazuo Ohno
The sky of Istanbul is crying
Nenkin Butoh Dan
"My mother" A fetus meditation
"La Argentina"/ Kazuo Ohno & Tatsumi Hijikata
Kazuo Ohno as a Living Weakened Body
May sleep peacefully, Santiago!
Butph & public intervention in Geneve
Die traumtänzerin im film/Kiki
Gorka made a new instrument
Kiki edited a short film
Nava got a baby!
Sara will perform on 14 March
Resonance work in Barcelona
The monsoon is going to be broken--A report from Himalaya
International Butoh Festival in Ibiza, Spain
Sara's training is full, but will open new one in Granada
Pit open butoh training in Switzerland
Xavi will perform with Gorka
Pia will perform a short improvisation
Dying in Exstacy /London /Anu
Let's increase amazing meetings!
Ozerk's workshop and Class in Istanbul
Let's re-create the world by the resocracy
A worldwide network of life resonance
Chiara still opening Workshops around Ganga
Butoh Master Class with KATSURA Kan
The life resonance learned from Levi-Strauss
A powerful drug--Kazuo Ohno
Gorka made a music instrument; Buthang
Butoh Festival #5 Thailand
Katsura Kan workshop in USA
120 times kanreki (=sixty years old)
Sara will perform at Butoh Festival in Barcelona
Katsura Kan / Time machine
Swiming monkey Carnival
Pleasure of the Monsoon
Kats updates New Beginning
Ozerk's class at Istanbul
Silvian got married
Ozerk has started workshop and class at Istanbul
Ricardo is going to open workshop

Everything changes one’s resonance pattern in Spring

Rough Spring in Himalaya
Sara did a workshop successfully in Granada
Kats starts Subbody Butoh USA Class
Shivering of life with the bomb in Gaza
Resonance with Levi-Strauss
Ainhoa's Photo Gallery2
Ainhoa's Photo Gallery
The first performance of Ikuko
Ainhoa collaborated during whole week
A Spanish photographer shot the first improvisation in the pool
Possibility of simultaneous world resonance by 23 languages
Rhizome resonance
Toward the end of nation-state
Possibility of non-violent life-resonant registance
Listen up to the death breathing of nation-state
A legend of Butoh dancer in Hawaii
A Butoh dacer with spirit of resistance to authority
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