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Himalaya Resonance Diary

Chiara stil opening Workshops around Ganga

Chiara send me a mail, Chiara, Xavi, and Micah gave one week workshops, and she is stil planing to continue workshops around Ganga river. I am glad that students become strong rhizome which can separate and connect flexibly.

Dear Lee,
So precious your school.
Now that I'm alone I can realize how much I worked on my deep darkness, and even if it's not always so easy.
I want to keep dancing and sharing this great world!!!
Thank you and we'll see soon for the first edition of the Himalaya butoh festival....I hope!

At the moment I'm still in India, in Rishikesh where after the workshop with Xavi and Micah,
I did one week of daily classes on the Gangas beach. but it wasn't so a good idea, people coming and going, it was too difficult to manage to go deep but still a good experience for them.
Now I'm planning to do other two workshop here and waiting for some good response from Europe may be go to Thailand and try to perform there.
I'll write to the butoh festival group and let's see.
But looking the pictures on the website I feel such a nostalghia for the last month, the most tasted for me and I have to say thank you again.
Many people coming to my class asked me about the short term workshop in July, so I thought that we can organize a very interesting month for those that cannot join for long time!
we keep in touch!

If you like to join in Chiara;s workshop, contact Chiara : chiara de bona

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6 November, 2009

Butoh Master Class with KATSURA Kan

Don't miss this rare opportunity! : Butoh Master Class with Katsura Kan

November 10,11 & 12
Tue., Wed. & Thurs. 10am-2pm

$40 for a single class, $100 for the entire workshop

Butoh is capable of breaking through our conscious barrier and reaching our precognitive identity,
which we all hold deep within us. Kan's workshop will explore unusual body movement by what Kan
calls "observation." The workshop will explore body percussion work, natural walk, Butoh notation,
messenger work, the quality of body movement, and will touch on Kan's choreographic work.

Butoh Workshop with KATSURA Kan is suitable for all performers on the stage,
with or without previous butoh experience.

Teacher Biography:

KATSURA Kan, a native of Kyoto, is a Master Butoh artist among the ranks of Japan's first generation of Butoh. He performed with the seminal Butoh troupe "Byakkosha" (1979-1981) known for its austerity and integrity, rather than theatrical glamour. He is a celebrated solo artist, collaborative performer and choreographer. Kan has worked with what he calls "minority dancers" all over the world, in remote locations throughout Africa, Europe, South East Asia for the past 30 years, in addition to performing his creative works in cosmopolitan culture. He is in residence at the Southern Theater as a SOLO Commissioned choreographer for McKnight Dance Fellows Kats D Fukasawa.

Kan says, "I'd like to share with you unique movement from my dance work of nearly 30 years which I 've learned from many Masters, especially Butoh Founder, Noh Master of Kongoh School and Ben SUHARUTO in Jogjakarta in Indonesia. The body is a "spirit" that carries your ancestor's soul from the past to the future, a spirit who wears the costume called ‘tradition.' I will guide you to find your costume through silent walk, rhythmic patterns and quality of movement for the sake of your own dance."

For reservations: email

Read more :

1 November, 2009

The life resonance learned from Levi-Strauss

Claude Lévi-Strauss has died on 1st Novemmber, he was a hundred years old.
I learned the resonance from various people and creature, he was also one of the teacher for me.
These pictures of Nanbikuala people are took by him when he was thirties in Brazil.
He published this picture book as "Saudades do Brasil" ,1994.
Without deep friendship and resonance between life and life, nobody can take like this empathic picture.
He wrote "Tristes Tropiques" about the tragidy of native Amasoness people in Brazil ,1955.
I could not stop crying with knowing so deep resonance of him to their unhapiness. It was one of the sadest story for me. Nambikuala people were killed by Europian invaders as "A Game of Monkey shooting".
He criticesed hardly against Sartre who origined existentialism. Existentialism was a thought as the subject who did not know the outside world of Europe. He could not forgive the intelligentsia who beleive that they can decide everything by inteligence who know only inside of modern Europian societies.
He knew well there were no high level culture and lower culture as modern Europian people beleive. There just be diverse cultures on the planet.
He knew deeply there are no subject, no onject among life. There just be the resonance between life. I learned it from him, and through his excelent students; Shinichi Nakazawa.

27 October, 2009

A powerful drug--Kazuo Ohno

Congratulation for 103 years old birthday of Kazuo Ohno!

You encourages me as a powerful drug who have started to become Butoh dancer at fourty fifth years.
I celebrate your 103th birthday from Himalaya.

Most of pictures were shot by Hosoe Eikou at Hokkaido, Japan, 1996.

26 October, 2009

Gorka made a music instrument; Buthang

Gorka who was a student of the first semster informs us that he invented a new instrument. He used to make various hand made instruments at the school already. But this one seems completely new. Enjoy the sound of it.

Letter from Gorka

En los ultimos meses me he dedicado a la exploracion y fabricacion de un instrumento artesanal casero de la linea del afamado hang. Este instrumentos ofrece la posibilidad de ser afinado en diferentes tonos , diferentes escalas, y diferente cantidad de notas, habiendo conseguido piezas de siete, ocho y hasta nueve notas... el video a cantinuacion muestra un ejemplar de siete notas que componen la escala de Re menor sin cuarta. Por favor distribuir el link entre aquellos que podais considerar interesados, y no dejen de verlo ustedes mismo. para mas informacion acerca del instrumento, precios, afinaciones, etc, pueden enviar e-mail al contacto que aparece en pantalla al final del mismo, solo dura dos minutos y seis segundos. Gracias por vuestro apoyo.

Dear friends, in the last couple of months I dedicated mysef to the exploration and hand making of a musical instrument that could be considered in the line of the famous Swiss hang. This instrument offers tha posibility of being tuned in different tones, scales, and amount of notes. WE have got pieces of seven, eight and nine notes. The following video shows a piece of seven notes that composes the scale of D minor without forth (G). Please share the link to thoseones who you think can be interested, and watch it your self, It is only two minuts. For more information about the instrument, prices, notation, etc. send e-mail the the addres appears on the screen at the end of the video. Thanks for your kind support. wish you all best.

Thailand 1999
17 October, 2009

Butoh Festival #5 Thailand

I had a one months workshop with students of Chaing Mai University of Thailand and Japanese dancers group 10 years ago.
It was a collaboration among International WOW company in Thailand and Dance Rhizome from Japan.
All members were so young arround twenty, they were so energetic and full of rebellious spirit.
We created several collaboration peices together and performed at various places as
photos above. It is so dear memories for me.
Because, it was the first event of my world tour which continued for three years.
Ten years has passed from then.
Now I know that some of them become the host of the Butoh Festival Thailand.
I am so glad that they have overcome the hard conditions, and develope energeticly.
Dear Jaa, Jay, Kange, and everybody!
I love your spirits. Hope to go well.


Dec.11th-21st, 2009

BUTOH WORKSHOPS @ Democrazy Theater Studio, Tickets: 500THB
Dec. 11, 2009 @ 18:00-21:00, “The Body in Time and Space” with Joao Roberto de Souza (Ogawa Butoh Center ? Brazil)
Dec. 12, 2009 @ 11:00-14:00, “Mind/Body/Time: A Movement-Based Workshop for Cultivating Presence and Character” with Michael Sakamoto (USA)
Dec. 13, 2009 @ 13:00-16:00, “Moved Beings” with Keiko Yamaghuchi (Japan)
Dec. 14, 2009 @ 18:00-21:00, “Body Manipulation: Release Techniques in Butoh Practice” with Terry Hatfield (USA)

BUTOH PERFORMANCES @ Democrazy Theater Studio, Tickets: 400THB

Dec. 12-13 @ 19:30 featuring: Rocio Fernandez (Spain, Keiko Yamaghuchi (Japan), Nyoba Kan ( 寿板舞踏)(Malaysia), and Butoh Co-Op Thailand (Thailand)

Dec. 19-20 @ 19;30 featuring Joao Roberto de Souza (Brazil), B-Floor Company (Thailand),and Michael Sakamoto (USA)


December 14-23, Photo Exhibition Featuring: Stephan Funke (Finland) and Boaz Zippor (Israel)

Dec. 21 @ 19:30, Closing Ceremony, Solstice Butoh Jam with all artists and guest musicians.
More info:

Reservation: Terry Hatfield

Katsura Kan butoh workshop in USA

Kats invited you to "Butoh Master Class with KATSURA Kan" on Tuesday, November 10 at 10:00am.

Event: Butoh Master Class with KATSURA Kan
What: Workshop
Start Time: Tuesday, November 10 at 10:00am
End Time: Thursday, November 12 at 2:00pm
Where: Southern Theater, Mineaploce,Minesota, USA

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:


The oldest tree in Japan, who's age is 7200 years old.

17 September, 2009

120 times kanreki (=sixty years old)

Jomon-sugi is one of my biggest techer who encourages me always.
I am now sixty years old, we call it "Kanreki" which means one cycle of life has finished.
I could feel my life as a mass transparently without being bound by each detail..
But he is 120 times sixty years old.
How transparently he can see everything in diversitive dimensions between life and death.
To stand like as he is the final dream of my butoh.

Sara / Death Ash
13 September, 2009

Sara will perform at Butoh Festival in Barcelona

Sara informed us about Barcelona Butoh Festival that she is going to perform on 10th October.
If you have cahnce, don't miss it. Sara's video "Death Ash" is the most viewed video of Subbody Butoh on YouTube. Already over 17000 people have viewed and enjoyed it.
She danced this peice to try to bury herself who was a ballet dancer despaerately.
It may have affected peopel through the video even though it was too dark lighting.
Taste it deeply, please.

Hi Family!

I'm writing to invite you to the butoh festival in Barcelona where I'm going to perform a "solo" the next 10th october at 22pm... What I've hear about it, the place is little and you need to make a reservation for the entry which cost is 7 Euros for three solo performances... who wants to come is welcome... if not, there's aldo the possibility to see the solo-performance for free the next 13th november in the C.C. Sandaru. The webpage is: 
A part of this, I send you lots of kisses and love to everybody. See you soon and even if I'm absent, I'm still there and you are in my heart. Lots of love,


Hola familia!!!
os escribo para invitaros si quereis y os apetece al fetival de butoh donde voy hacer un solo el dia 10 de octubre alas 22 horas ... por lo que me han dicho el lugar es pequeño y se necesita reservar entrada que vale 7 euros 3 solos ...quien le apetezca vienvenido ... sino tambien esta la posibilidad de verlo gratis el 13 de noviembre en el ccsandaru la web es: no es .com es .es, nunca me acuerdo).
aparte de esto aprovecho para mandaros muchos besos y abrazos a todos nos vemossss pronto a pesar de estar bastante ausente, hay estoy y estais en mi corazón , os quiere,


Contact Sara: :retopagiga[at]
Change [at] to @

14 August, 2009

Katsura Kan / Time machine

I found a video clip of Katsura Kan on He is only one teacher of Butoh for me, except of Hijikata Tatsumi.
I have watched this peice fifteen years ago, and now I found that it is still growing up with cut and polish. I found that it becomes more sharp and clear, as if a crystal of diamond were growing in the deep underground for many thousand years. I am happy to meet it again, butoh is like as a long life creature.

View more video of Katsura Kan

9 August, 2009

Swiming monkey Carnival

In the Sunday morning, my pool was hhucked by monkey troup.
They opened a water Carnival with swiming, jumping, and diving for half day, and have gone with remained so many monkey sits.
They seemed like as a wind of Gypsy troup.

5 August, 2009

Pleasure of the Monsoon

The beam of morning sun broke the darkness of the world, yesterday
It's a specific scene in Himalaya
Tibetan flag got motiv from it
It is the real daybreak literally
The scene changes wiht unbleivable speed one after another
The horizon starts shining brilliantly
So many waves of cloud are surging from lower mountain
White dragons are creeping up the valley
They eat up every village
Black dragons strat thundering and lightning in the sky
Red dragons stream down the valley rapidly
It changes suddenly into a country of cloud
Rainbows raise up between the mountains
Scattered clouds dancing on the Himalaya by sunset light
Laughing cloud the west sky
The moon coming out with shyly smile in the foggy evining

It is now the full swing of the Monsoon, though it was one month late than usual. This may be the beginning of the ending of thr monsoon by abnormal whather condition.
The warmth of the global warming melted the ice of hte Greenland constantly, then the seasonal deep circulation rhythem of the Atlantic ocean has been broken, The seasonal eqatorial air moss with full of moisture which was the main material of the Monsoon has been weakened. These association caused the change of the Monsoon.
If the Monsoon would be broken, it must give big damege of all of Asian agriculture. Because it was depended on the plenty of water of the Monsoon. Farmers in this village who have been resonated with the Monsoon for longtime beyond generations are afraid of the worst result. They seem to be shivering by the sign of terrible disaster. The collapse of the all Asian agriculture is more than disaster.
We need to change the present system from its foundations which only a few rich people of advanced countries or ereas are going to destroy the whole homestasis of the planet, and the victim of the collapse who live in the other part of the earth can not stop it.. .
This is the reason why we need to learn the resocracy by the whole life on the planet.
The resocracy is the most basic system for life to controll whole balance of lives of cells , not as democracy system of human with using words.
I need to investigate in it deeper.

1 August, 2009

Kats updates New Beginning

Kats informed us that he updated the name of his activity from Pneer Proect to Kats D Subbody
He started a new website, video site, picture site, and email address as the following;
Also he continues his shiatsu work. he learned Tao shiatsu method directly from my shiatsu teacher; Mayu Endo. I recommend you to receive his shiatsu work.

Welcome to PANEER NEWS – Good Bye Paneer Project Edition

for the latest on Paneer Project and Kats D Fukasawa

1. Good Bye “Paneer Project”

2. New Beginning


1.  Good Bye “Paneer Project”

The name “Paneer Project” was born on the street of New Delhi in 1997 when I was visiting India for the first time.  I was mesmerized by the Bollywood movie soundtracks that were blasted on the street. They were so “cheesy”!  “Paneer” is an Indian cheese and I decided to present myself as Paneer Project. 


Paneer Project allowed me to let go of my pretentions and let my imagination run wild.  Back then I was dancing for a South Indian dance company and I experimented with different movements and dance styles incorporating Indian dance movements. In 2002, it became Kats D & Paneer Project and we began producing evening length shows with several dancers.


But something wasn’t sitting right with me.  I was enjoying what I was doing, but I also felt the limitation of using highly structured Indian dance as a base of the movements.  I wanted to move freely beyond constraint of the superficial values, such as an arm position or the pointed toes. 


In 2005, I decided that I would pursue Butoh.  Kats D & Paneer Project disbanded and I became Paneer Project all by myself.  I went to India to study Butoh at Subbody Butoh School Himalaya and I have been practicing Subbody Butoh since.  I haven’t presented any work as Paneer Project since 2006 and I think it is time to let go.  Through Butoh I found my freedom: the freedom to explore a new territory.  There is no going back.


I would like to thank everybody who supported Paneer Project all these years.  I hope you would continue to support my Subbody Butoh works in the future. 

Good Bye Paneer Project!


2.  New Beginning, New Email Address!

I will continue to present my Subbody Butoh work as Kats D.


My new email address is:

Please change your records.


My web address is:








I will continue to send my update through email newsletter, Resonance News.


3.  Shiatsu for your holistic health

Shiatsu is a bodywork technique originated in Japan.  The word “Shiatsu” literally means “finger pressure.”  One can receive Shiatsu as a preventative or recreational remedy, as well as a treatment for a chronic illness.  Shiatsu enhances one’s holistic health.

My standard fee for one session (about 90 minutes) is $50.  For house visit, please add extra $15. 

Shiatsu is practiced on the floor with the clothes on.  Please wear loose comfortable clothes for the appointment.

Please feel free to contact me to make an appointment.


Phone:  612-703-7501

You can check available time by going to my web site at:

Shiatsu Gift Certificate Now Available. 


Thank you, 

Kats D Fukasawa

Subbody Butoh Practitioner

5015 14th Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55417



23 June, 2009

Ozerk's weekly class at Istanbul

Ozerk inform us about schedule of his classes at Istanbul as the following;
Please join in it, from Turkey and near regions.

 Each saturday and sunday (except the 4-5 july) between 10:00-13:00

at Cati Dance Studio
(, Istanbul, Turkey

He gave us a hint of ripple for each place. According to the place, and condition of attendants, we need proper arrangement. I call it "Ripple". Ozerk invents an arrangement as the following. Also the other people who is giving class or workshop, Please send us your own arrangement and the detail of schedule. Let's exchange the variation of arrangement. Also I had to invent various arrangement when I gave workshop at various place in the world. At some places, nobody knows about "Butoh" and "Subbody". I had to invent some proper names of it; as "Body communication workshop" ," Improvisation workshop" ," Rhizoming workshop" and so on.
Hijikata also named his work as "Meeting of Dance Experience" , before he named "Ankoku Butoh". Invent your ripple flexiblly.


Hi Lee;
 I'm glad that the feedback was usefull for you and the group. On my side i am continuing to work on my ripple. I feel like i need to change the tools i present due to the attendants condition. I realized that sometimes, an excercise working perfect for me has no effect on attendants. Sometimes because of lack of physical conditioning and sometimes because the concepts i present are quiet different from the regular classes, so my point can be missed. Both ways i need to reconfigure my classes.
 I think a class starting with streching the muscles, waking them up first, then opening the joints is usefull for bringing the minds back to the bodies (i use a group of pilates excercises and yoga asanas; starting with legs, proceeding to abdomen, spine, upper body and arms.) It takes around 1-1,5 hours. If i don't do this, i observed that it becomes very difficult to bring the minds to the work and awakening the bodies. The rest 1,5 hour (i give 3 hour classes) i'm trying different tools still, i don't have a best.

 I didn't decide about the date of the workshop but i will make you know.

Also at the end of july i am planing to make a presentation about the theoretical aspect of my dance (i will use some concepts that you introduced to us also), i will also tell the date and details of the presentation.

 I'm glad that other friends are also giving workshops and classes, i would also love to come there again but i don't know how soon.
 This is all from me for now.
 I wish you a great summer term, i'm following and resonating


Contact him: ozerkpamir[at]
(Please change [at] to @)

20 June, 2009

Silvian got married

Silvian who was last year’s student from Holland got married today with Miss Yangmo Tso from Tibet at Himalaya hotel in Dharamsala.
Though the last year Silvian was hanged from cliff or ceiling, and sinking in the cold stream of Himalaya, today he was burries in the happiness by many Katas (Blessing white cloths from Tibetan friends) .


25 March, 2009

Ricardo is going to open workshop

Ricardo(Spain) who was learned in the school last year send me a mail that he will open workshop next week. I am so happy to hear about students activity spreading with resonance. Also the other students! Please inform us when you will have workshop, performance and any other activity. We will introduce it on the website.

Hi Lee!
Sawing the last photos of the new course I really miss to be there, in the school in the Himalaya,
next week I will give a dance workshop for a company it calls
"los estupendos estupidos",
30-31 of March, 12 hours in total..
.I will try to resonate with students without ego,
We will try to be in India for you will have space for us?
thanks for all

Contact for more Info:
Ricardo Morera Garcia <>

1 March, 2009

Everything changes one’s resonance pattern in Spring

I am enjoying Himalayan Spring.Everything in the nature changes resonance pattern at the same time.

Strength of sunshine have changed at first, and wind changed next. I found a cross shape cloud in the sky, the sky of Himalaya becomes a cross road for various kinds of creature.

Step eagles gather together at Dharamsala from all over the north India, and dancing in the high sky for waiting the timing of immigration for the East.

Cabbage butterflies travel from South India and fly over the Himalayan Mountains.

The 5000 meters mountain looks like the great wall from down field, but butterflies don’t care at all, they are flying over the mountains with easy dancing.

Birds in the forest start make new family, their behavior becomes busy for making love.

Also today I met a bee’s group which is searching new nest with the new queen bee. It is the first time in my life to see them, I am so glad because the bees group is the one of the symbol of rhizome.

Rhizome is a novel image of human relationship against the tree type system. Tree means the pyramid style hierarchic system like the nation state.    

Rhizome can separate freely and connect as group flexibly. like as the bee’s group, like the mole’s tunnels, like the infectious fever.  Become rhizome, become the only secret! --- These are the metaphors of rhizome as a new image of human relationship.


 Also my resonance pattern have to change from the origin life meditation during the winter. I have become an origin life without words, without thinking for three months.  Now I have to wake up and remember how to use language for preparing the new school year.


25 February, 2009


Rough Spring in Himalaya


Spring had come on Tuesday, 10th February.
Step eagles, swallows, and white butterflies appeared at the same day. And in the night, Incredible storm happened with big thunders and lightning, and strong wind.
My modem for internet and telephone line were attacked by thunder and broken.  It took for three weeks to repair them.

During these weeks I could not contact with the world at all.
I had meditated in this chance without using word, I had become just a life which is living. Sleeping, eating, putting out; that’s all.
I could become pure life resonance mode without words.

I am sorry I could not response the email during these weeks, by these accidents. But I am fine extra ordinarily.
It is like as a proverb of Japan; “No letter is good letter”.
Now I will slowly come back to normal midwife mode for preparing the new school year.

This school year, we will try to search not only subbody but also cobody prpcess.

It will be a deeper than subbody process, and it will need to be a longer group process than before. I hope to share the whole process with all students.

That is the reason why we need to close short term course.

Sara did a workshop successfully in Granada

10 February, 2009

At the last weekend I found that suddenly the numbers of visitors of my website increased extremely. The numbers of visitors increased ten times more than usual. I wondered what happened?  I searched where they come from by the Google analytics. Google said they were from Spain. Then I could guess that something happened in Spain.

Today I received a mail form Sara as the following. Then I got it.

Hello dear Lee!!!
2 months before I came to Spain, the changes continue happening every day!!!
I felt the life different... I taste the life of live, but the fire is coming some times... ego come to distrust in the self... and some time ego said me “Sara you don’t attend for dance...I listened for what tell me this, and the next hours I don’t stop to dance...and dance tell me “Sara not stop, for this never stop and continue training every day.
Lee, the last weekend I was doing  workshop of butoh , in Granada. It was a big experience for me, see what is the necessity of the bodies, what happen in the space, what I do for calm down the ego; Lee arrive there white a lot of ideas, but my body start to tell me a lot of things and listening my body, and the other 5 bodies. The workshop to be born alone very good experience...everybody to end happy!! And the school of dance "La Bombonera" tell me the possibility of do another workshop in spring season.
mmmmmmm I'm wish come soon another time to subbody school...for listening the life.
Biggggg Hugggg,  Sara.  

I replyed for Sara.

Dear Sara

Thank you for mail.
Congratulation! For success of workshop!

Now, I understand the reason of so many visitors from Spain, They were participants of Sara’s workshop in Granada.
The big response of participants was the very proof of the success of workshop. They must be received deep impresson from your workshop.
Congratulation! Sara!
I wanted to join in your workshop, too!  Even if I have to eat soil!  

Sara, continue it. Every experience becomes your food for your growth.
Hope to see you again!

Also I ask to the other students, please inform me when you will have or had a workshop or performance.
The life resonance is spreading to the all over the world slowly, slowly.
It is the biggest plesure to hear the sounds of the ripples.

6 January, 2009

Kats starts Subbody Butoh USA Class

Kats will start Subbody Butoh Workshop in USA, From Feburuary 1st.
Kats learned subbody method these two years at Himalaya, and will share it with People in USA.
It is the happiest thing for me. People who cannot visit Himalaya, and live in America continent, please join it. Kats can teach you almost whole subbody method.

ALso the other students who graduated Subbody school, Open your workshop in your place.
Send information of your workshop and performances to us. We will also upload your activities on this site.
Let;s share the life resonance all over the world beyond all kinds of borders!

Veiw more info

    Subbody Butoh Workshop 2009 (Revised)

8 Weeks Subbody Butoh Workshop with Kats D Fukasawa

Dates: Sunday, 10:00am - 1:00pm

February 1, 8, 15, 22

March 1, 15, 22, 29

Location: Patrick's Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tuition: $200 (full payment required to register) 

Early registration is recommended.

Subbody Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience.

Anyone who would like to explore their hidden creative potentials are welcome!

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Subbody Butoh:

·         Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals.

·         Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body.

·         Find resonance between ourselves and the environment.

·         Develop Subbody movements through opening eight channels (body feeling, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship, world-self image and thinking)

·         Through the resonance with other Subbodies, become Co-body.

For more information, please contact Kats D Fukasawa at or 612-703-7501

for the latest on Paneer Project and Kats D Fukasawa



1. Kats returned from India
2. Upcoming Performance
3. Subbody Butoh Workshop 2009 (Revised)
4. Now Accepting Shiatsu Appointment for 2009 

Subbody Butoh School Himalaya