June-December 2008

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Himalaya Resonance Diary

I pray your soul may rest in peace.
The life of me is resonating with your death forever.
We promiss you to end the war and nation-state in the near future.

30 December, 2008

Shivering of life with the bomb in Gaza

In this winter, I meditate whole day with becoming the origin life.
I try to listen in the first qualia when life was born forty thousands years ago.
I noticed that every experience to meet something in environment must be big shock for origine life.
Even a subtle change of temperature, sunshine, oxygen,

I contact world news seldom, then just today I notice the bomb by Israeli force against Gaza area of Paestine.
When I knew it, I noticed that my small life start subtle shivering.
The life of me resonates with the sacrificed dead and can't stop shivering.
Life is always shivering with everything in the world.
But our daily mind cannot catch it, because it is million times subtler than daily conscious level.Daily mind and body just strides over it as a trivial things.
When I meet these affairs, I won't do any political response, I just tell all of you to listen to the life resonance, and to be aware of that we don't need any nation-state which needs war, and egos which support it.

The nation-state makes war. It needs war for living. The global war industry which suports American economy need to consume weapons by war. Not only war industry, but also American economy is supported by war boom during the century. The nation-state has to maintain war policy.
The president of USA has changed from Bush to Obama, but also Obama manifested to maintain the war policy as same as Bush, then the Secretary of Defense was remained. And now it is reported that 80 % of citizen support Obama. It expresses that the citizen's egos and nation-state are supported each other.

Nation-state and ego are generated with resonance.
They will disappear with resonating too.

When you heard like this opinion, you must not beleive such a thing that the nation-state and ego will disappear.
It is lacking in imagination.
The nation-states live only for 5000 years of 500 millions years of human history. It is only a flash moment of four billions years life history. During the short period else we and all lives lived well without nation-state and ego.
Imagine the world without nation-states and egos.
Imagine the resonance life among all lives.

You may doubt that it is the furthest way to vanish nation-state to be aware of life resonance. But this is the shortest way to be vanished both of nation-states and egos at the same time, because only as a life, we can resonate together beyond any borders; religion, nation, culture, politics, economy, and so on.
Already a few persons start to doubt the necessity of nation-state and ego all over the world.
We don;t know how many years it will need, but anyway it had just begun to vanish the nation-states and egos.
Let's listen to the subtle shivering of life.
Every hope starts from here.

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28 November, 2008

Life Resonance between Levi-Strauss and Nambikuala people

Nambikuala people in Amazon which Levi-Strauss met in his young age
How beautiful are their naked bodies!

Today, Levi-Strauss has become hundred years old.
I had deep infuluenced from his work, especially his pictures of Nambikuala people in Amazon.
These pictures which were taken by him when he was thirties moved me deeply.
Is there any pictures which we can feel deep life resonance such as these pictures?!
These pictures teach us that we don't have any part of body which is necessary to hide.
How beautiful are their naked bodies!
Maybe this is the reason why I started dance with full naked body.
I can feel deep life resonance through these pictures which young Levi-Strauss had felt with Nambikuala people in Amazon.
I can believe his heart through his pictures with full of deep resonance wihtout any logical judgement.
Life resonance is much more important thing than logical works.

Congratulation for your hundred years!

8 July, 2008

Ainhoa's Photo Gallery 2

3 July, 2008

Ainhoa's Photo Gallery

Ainhoa took Subbody cobody theater in June 2nd week.
Please enjoy them.

Visit Ainhoa's website: Made in India

12 June, 2008

The first performance of Ikuko

Ikuko. Sapporo, Japan will perform her first performance on July.

She has joined subbody school for these five years almost every year, one of the oldest student.
It is big pleasure for me.

●●● 8 June, 2008

Ainhoa collaborated during whole week

Spanish photographer Ms.Ainhoa said she feels deep resonance with subbodies, and she took pictures of students performance last week everyday.
It was so strong resonance.
For life, resonace is the most pleasant thing.
We apriciate her.
She already uploaded some of student's pictures.

Visit Ainhoa's website: Made in India

2 June, 2008

A Spanish photographer shot the first improvisation in the pool

A photographer Ainhoa (Spain) visited and took pictures of students performance of the last
weekend subbody cobody theater.
That performance was improvisation at the school garden and pool.
She took many pictures and uploaded her website.

Many kinds of artists visit Macleod Ganj, and sometimes we can resonate.
It is the great pleasure for us.
Always we are open for resonance to the world.
You will be warmly recieved as a resonator.
Please invent your own way to resonate.
The subbody cobody theater will be performed every Friday p.m. 3:30-5:00 from March to november at the school and near school.

Please visit her website: Made in India
Subbody Butoh School Himalaya