Sinking into the darkness of body   

8 November, 2009

Essence of subbody method

We are going to enter the final stage of the year.
It is a creation for integrating of whole the year reseach of the darkness of body.
What is the subbody process? It is an infinite process.
I will guide the essense of the subbody method in advanced realm now.

1. Calm down daily body and mind. Stop language thinking and dualistic judging.

7 November, 2009

What do you want to do most?

Whenever I have a time, I ask to my life, "What do you want to do most?"
I continue this asking for these ten years. As a result, always my life wants to continue this way of life, I just continue the school. If my life wants to do something I am always ready to do it.
I believe that this is the best question. To continue asking as often as possible is better.
Sometimes the question is so subtle, "What class do you want to do this morning?"
At the weekend, the question spreads wider, "Where do you want to live? ","What do you want to do?", "Whom with do you want to do it?", "What problem do you want to solve the most?"

Now the school becomes the final creation month, Also I recommend to students to ask to your life, "What dance do you want to do most?" , to continue asking this question for one more month will guide you to meet your necessary subbody butoh dance.

30 September, 2009

Sinking into the origin of relationship which is not divided between self and others

Opening the relationship channel of life.
Sink into the fetus world when we didn't know that we are human.
When we were fetuses, we were not divided into self and others. Fetus and womb was oneness.
There was the origin of relationship before we were devided into self and others.
We are from there, though our self consciousness has forgoten it at all.
Because the self consciousness had to deny the oneness world to become self consciousness.
But, our subconscious body can remember the oneness world. Our subconscious bodies prefer to contact with other body and melt into oneness.
We have the proto-tendency to return the origin world which self and others were not devided yet.
Off course, our consciousness and ego don't think so, because they have forgotten it at all.
Our ego and self consciousness are bound by so many misunderstandings, and the self consciousness which is based on sense of divide between self and others is the typical one.
Because self consciousness have to deny the sense of oneness to establish the sense of divide. Consciousness cannot accept any ambiguous.
The self consciousness which believes that it exists by oneself is the biggest illusion for human.
We take off the illusion of self consciousness.
Then it is able to taste the qualia of oneness when we were fetus or other creature.
All qualia which life has experienced are reserved in our cells as life memories.

Other logic of life before the divide of self and others

There are no diviide between one and two for cell's life.
A cell divides into two cells, and refleshs itself. There is no divide between old and young, because they always become young again. And sometimes two cells become one by cell fusion.
Life has continued cell division and cell fusion.
One becomes two. Two become one.
One cell becomes multi cells. Multi cells become one individual life.
One is multi, Multi is one.
This is real logic of life.
We are used to be bound by Euclid matimatics for long years.
We beleive that one is not two, two is not one, but it cannot adapt to life.
Life has its own another logic which has never been discrived by words.
This flexisible transforming world is the origin of relationship of life.
We sink into the non-dual world of life with taking off the self cosnciusness of human.
Don't worry, it is not difficult. Every night we enter the non-dual world in the dream.
Our lives always go and come between non-divided world between self and others and divided daily world as a dream body and subconscious body.
In the dream, we transform from a person to other person or being flexibly.
When we notice, we transfer from a world to other world. The world images and self images
are streaming and transforming always.
A gentle mother transforms to devi.
A lovely girl transforms snake and monster.
The archetype world of myth and forklore also sways between diveded and non diveded world.
This is the most original experience for life.
When we take off the human binds, we can taste the most universal qualia of life.
A novel experience about world will begin from here.

25 September, 2009

From fake world to real world for subboy
---Learning from student's subbodies

In the second semester, one of the biggest changes is student's subbodies become real subbodies. They become mature subbodies.
Real subbodies are residents of non-dual and multi-dimensional world. They don't like to follow tree system at all; One, two ,three, A,B,C, and so on.
I learned a lot of things from them.
Because the subbody method was constructed for the beginners at first from ten years ago. The former students were just tourists in Dharamsala. Then it had a strict ripple system which was gradually shifting from daily mind and body to subbody.
Then all beginning methods were made by tree system which guides students step by step from dualistic world to non dual world; one, two, three, A, B, C, water dimesion, arrow diememsion, and door dimension, et cetera.

But it is not suitable for mature subbodies. They prefer to dive into real non-dual qualia stream directly. They want to follow no more tree method.
When I noticed it, it was biggest pleasure for me.
I have to re-costruct all of mehtod to be suitable for real subbodies.
How pleasant it is! Because now we can enter real non-dual subbody world together!
At first I have to reconstruct the ripple method.

From two dimensional ripple to multi dimensional ripple

Two dimensional ripple

I need to change image of ripple, from two dimensional ripple to multi dimensional ripple.
In the two dimensional ripple it is spread from inside to outside. I used this image from biginners stage to advanced stage. But in the multi dimensional ripple inside connect to outside directly. There are no inside and outside. It is completely rhizome.

Multi dimensional ripple

I used to proceed from simple to complex stage, easy to difficult step. But now it doesn't work. On the contrary, it disturbs student's subbody.
Subbody doesn't want to follow like this tree way. Subbody feels it fake.
We can start from the real complex qualia in non dual and multi dimensional realm.
I will reconstruct all methods with this multi dimensional ripple. It guide us from tree thinking to rhzome thinking, from dualistic thinking to non-dualistic thinking.
I am so glad that we can enter this realm with students at last.

15 September, 2009


The demon of dualism


The controlling power of dualism is extremely deep.
How deep our thinking is controlled by dualism!
Today, I realized that my resonance method was bound by dualism for long years.
The awareness was so bitter.

There are neither subject, nor object in the resonance.
The resonance occurs from both sides naturally.
This is the first principle of resonance which I have found already.
But, in my method of resonance was not followed the principle of resonance.
On the contrary, I used to begin from a simple mirror copy (line symmetry) or disc copy (point symmetry).
It was a physical practice method which I found over ten years ago, but still I follow it.
Because I thought that it must be simpler and easier for students.
Then slowly I used to guide students from the simple physical resonance to complex multi-dimensional resonance.
But, some students suggested me some resistant feeling.
I had felt a subtle the same feeling against my method, but I could not notice what was problem.
On the contrary, I thought the reason why some students resist it must be depend on the too much individual education, and they feel difficult to follow the others.
I used to guide them to die down their egos deeper.
But it was me who was bound by preconceived idea deeply.

The ease or simple is the biggest demon of dualism.

To accept the complexity of multi-dimensional resonance is too complex, then as a simplifying method, the dualism was used as a convenient way of daily thinking.
The division of easy/complex was also a dualism bind as same as the dualistic judgment as good/bad, right/wrong, high/ low, beautiful/ugly, and so on.
I must know well about it, but still I was bound by the way of simplification of dualism.     

Simplification is the demon of dualism.

We must not start from simplification for learning resonance.
We don’t need to decide the role of leader and follower for learning resonance.
We can just start from real resonance which has no leader, no follower.
We stand for facing each other, and the resonance start at a cell of both bodies.
We have six trillions of cells in our body. One cell of twelve trillions of cell of two bodies can initiate a subtle movement, the other cells resonate it beyond the difference of two bodies. We don’t know what will happen at next moment, we just accept the process of resonance totally.

To accept everything is a principle of resonance, too.

I must find it before in my written method, but the practice method could not accept it yet.
I could not listen in the subtle signal of body and life enough.
I realized that the depth of the darkness of body. There are so deep binds of dualism and archetype.

The release from the binds of dualism and archetypes does not proceed quickly.
It takes time for the awareness sinking into the body.
This must be the real speed of changing.

There may be no other way except of acceptance of this slow speed of change.

I must re-organize the resonance method from the foundamemtal.

30 July, 2009


A mystery of life memory of four billion years old


Why sometimes we become not able to move?

Why we dream flying dreams, and falling dream with real somatic sensation?

Why it is able to become various creature, as ameba, jellyfish, snake, animal?

Not only creatures, why can we became stone, air, wind?

Why it it possible to become such a thing which we don’t have real experiences.


Becoming is the essence of butoh.

When we become something, our body become full of real qualia of them.

Why is such a tremendous thing possible?


Yes, we as a human don’t have real experience and memory of them.

But, the cells which compose our bodies might have real life memories which they have experienced in four billion history of life.

They have survived four billion years after the origin life was born.

Though so many company have died, but the cells which make of our living body have survived with overcoming all kinds of change of environment. Most of the period of four billon years, the cells floated in the ocean. Then cells know well about qualia of liquid. When it was ice age, they must be frozen for long time with unable to move. The qualia of unable to move might be so deep life memory for life, then our life repeat the memory of becoming solid. Also when the weather was dry, the cells had dried and been blown up in the sky. Then they also must have strong memory of flying and falling down.The cells repeat qualia of becoming air.
Cells have all kinds of memories of becoming liquid, solid, and air. They must be extremely important memoris.

These important qualia must be reserved in the cell because the other so many qualia which are not so important compeared as them are reserved firmly. Though the method is unknown for us yet, but the qualia are surely reserved as inner qualia in each cell.

These hidden qualia which every cell shares are able to be activated with resonance by all cells of body.   It must be the reason why we can become various things.    

The secret of becoming must be folded in the micron sized cell.


I have told it in the class to students always, but today I can really believe it, and I just wondered of the deep mystery.

I could get real belief of it and I was almost beaten down of the importance of it.


13 July, 2009


Subtle resonance among celullar life


When we calm down daily body and daily mind infinitely, One day it is able to listen to subtle sway of qualia which each cell resonates with various things.

We are multiple resonating being among sixty trillions of cells, and six hundred trillions of bacteria in our human body.

Each of cells resonates independently with environment and inner memories which are held in the cell body. They can feel multiple kinds of qualia, and control life with using them. They also resonate together through unknown methods by qualia resonance. I guess it must be qualia resonance among cell’s life.


Nano-wirer network among bacteria


Today I found an article which a scientist discovered a new communication way among bacteria on the web. According to the discovery, most of bacteria communicate each other by electric signals through cilia. (View the article)

Until now scientists thought they communicate by exchanging chemical signals. But not only that, they communicate by electric signals. It is so similar system as the glia-neuron network in our brain.

Our brain has also the both way of communication by electric signals among our neurons, and chemical signal network among glia cells. Our brain cells communicate each other with using both systems in complex way.

This discovery only reach a entrance of the whole system of qualia resonance among cellar life. Our life must be able to catch the qualia resonance by the change of resonance patterns of strings which the String theory predicts. (View more about The String theory)     

Also this scientist predicts as the following;

When we think of networks, we think of humans and the cables we’ve run around the world to connect our species. Figuring out how to move electrons has transformed human society, but we are not the only species on earth that lives in a wired world.

We are slowly, yet steadily, realizing that many (perhaps most?) bacteria produce nanowires. And the extracellular structures connecting bacterial cells into complex integrated communities create a pattern that looks suspiciously like a neural network.

I believe we now stand at the edge of a new scientific frontier. The study of Electromicrobiology will certainly provide new insights into the components, reactivity and roles of bacterial nanowires. Deeper knowledge of bacterial activity is tantamount to greater knowledge of our own bodies and the Earth. A human body contains a natural complement of 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells. Prokaryotes, organisms that lack a cell nucleus like bacteria and archaea, form the majority of the Earth’s biomass and are responsible for cycling its most important nutrients.

We’re still in the early stages of this research: Only six studies have been published on bacterial nanowires, but a number of intriguing possibilities exist about what role they could play in the bacterial world.”

The day when the whole system will be found out must be far future, but we don’t need to wait it. We can feel the cellular life resonance right now as the following;

Subtle breating 

Let’s try to listen in the subtle resonance of cells.

After calming down deeply by swaying meditation and so on, ltry to listen in the subtle breathing by the subtle breathing method.     

Breathe in a little bit through mouth, you will feel subtle feeling which the cells behind rips shivering with flesh oxygen. Our surface cells of skin are dead cells, but cells of mucous membrane are living cells which are so sensitive, then we can catch the subtle resonance more clearly when they meet flesh air.

There are so many different kinds of resonance. When the mucous membrane meets flesh air, they feel multiple qualia as temperature, moisture, smell, pleasure which cells get flesh oxygen and at the same time fear against oxygen because the oxygen was so strong poison during the first billion years for life, and so on.

Taste all of them as a life. This is one of the ways to become life. It takes time. We need long training to transform transparent body.   

13 June, 2009

From performance to resonance


Last week I showed some video of my butoh pieces which I danced ten years ago as samples of variations for how to resonate with music.

When I watched them, I faced a big edge about the performance.

I danced the pieces so many times in various countries for several years. It was almost a world war for me against the daily world. Because at the piece my dead friends entered into my body and they did so aggressive movement. My friends died in a against war and nation-state movement in 1960’-70’. I was a leader of the activities, I guide them to the death field, but I could not die, since I was always caught by police at first. I spend long time in the prison.
After I stopped the activity, the dead friends visited me in the nightmares. The I gave my body them to use my body freely.   

I found that I could not control their movement enough in the dancing at that time. They were so aggressive and they continue fighting through my body against the world which continues the nation-state system and wars. I could not get the weakend body method at all at that time. Then I reseached it for these ten years. But it is not only reason which I encountered a big edge. It was the same edge which Hijikata met after the big solo performance of "Nikutai no hanran", 1968. The edge was the concept of Human of the modern society in deep realm.

The dance was a performance. The strong concept of performance bound me.   

What is the performance? It is ego expression of as a human toward the world. The concept of performance is bound by the unconscious ego. Ego is bound by the unconscious relationship between ego and the nation-state or society. This is the hidden secret of "human" of the modern age.

An awareness came up in the night, It was the real reason which I had to stop the performance against the world seven years ago. I needed to find another way except of the performance. This was the reason why I moved Himalaya. I need to release myself from the all binds of the modern society as the performance, theater system, relationship of creation and money, and so on.

It was one of the biggest edge which I encountered. The total solution is not found     

yet. But through the several years experience of the Subbody school, so many hints I have got. The main one is that we need to release us from the concept of performance. Because the concept of performance implicit unconscious ego expression. “Per” is from “perfect”, “form” is “forming”. Ego is always bound by the unconscious tendency to show oneself more perfect, or stronger than it is. When we use the word of “perform”, we have to be bound by the ego habit inevitably. Then yesterday I propose to students to stop the concept of performance, and use a novel word as ”resonance” instead of performance.


Because if we want to enter the realm of life, life does not perform, it just invent new resonance pattern among everything. Let’s become a life, and try various experiments of life resonance. It should be a novel creation. Now students got many resonance pattern as a subbody and cobody. They can transform from individual to a group, and separate as alone wolf flexibly. Through these experiments we can research deeper about what is the life? What is the creation?

It is the new paradigm for research the life and creation at the subbody school.

Through transformation among various subbodies and cobodies, we can feel the real qualia of life. Because life is not individual. Life is one and whole at the same time. There are no border between self and others, individual and kind. If we want to be the life, we need to experience the hidden world by our bodies with stopping the thinking habit. It is not able to understand by the head which is bound by dualism thinking habit.

We will slowly start the real research about the life and creation together at Himalaya.


3 May, 2009


Encounter the necessary bottom body

Bottom body is the quietest body which you can be yourself.  It is the base for your exploration in the darkness of body. It is like your home. Though, there are so many subbodies in the darkness of body, the bottom body is the most neutral one which is not bound by any tendencies.

1.    Searching bottom body for the present

Release all tensions and intensions completely through drop down breathing. By each breathing, release yourself and melt down into the most comfortable body posture.  When you meet a posture which you can be quietest body, and if you feel some unknown deep connection to your depth of yourself, it may be a possibility for your bottom body. Regard it a bottom body for the present.

Ask your bottom body, “What do you want to do most?”  If you feel some subtle tendencies in the darkness of body, follow it and amplify it until a subbody movement, and come back the bottom body. Try this several times. In each time open different channels, with different timing, scale, speed. Repeat it as much as possible.

If you can calm down as quiet as stone, you will catch various sub-signal in different channels, and so many subbodies will come out.  If not, search another posture of body.

Try to find the bottom body which is able to open all channels from there; body, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship. world-self, and thinking-awareness channel.

2.    Finding the necessary bottom body

Ask to your bottom body for the present, “Who are you?”, “Where are you from?”

If your bottom body for the present answer, “Don’t you know? This is the shape of true yourself”, it may be a necessary bottom body for you.

Cut and polish the shape of bottom body toward unique posture which you have never seen, and never done. When you success to create a unique shape of bottom body, you will feel the individuation which you are at yourself. From the necessary bottom body, so many subbodies come out one after another. It seems as if an infinite fountain of creation. Just enjoy it. The bottom body and subbodies which connect to the bottom body will become your intimate friends for whole life long.


Stone: my first bottom body

Encounter the fist stone


Now I tell you my experience to meet the bottom body. The first bottom body for me is the picture above. I named it “Stone”. At the moment of encounter with this bottom body, my life has changed radically. So many sequences of subbodies have come out from this body, and come back here.

Why did this body become my bottom of subbody?  

I was called in my childhood from my grandmother and grandfather, “Outside mouse, inside Benkei”. Benkei means a famous name of hero in historical Japan, like as Don Quixote in Spain.

I was extremely shy and did not like to express myself in front of people. I could not feel safe the safety in outside world at all ,because I was thrown away from my parents at three years old. I was living with full of fear and distrust.  I could not believe the world neither safe nor stable.

The most familiar being is a kind of cave-dwelling creature which lives in the tiny cave of rock at the sea shore. They live in the safe tiny hole, and stretch feelers fearfully, and shrink them as soon as they catch subtle signals of fear.    

Twelve years ago, I met a fist conglomerate at a stone garden in Tokyo. The shape is that several fist size stones are included in a body size rock. I felt it’s me!  It is a fatal encounter for me.

I started to become a fist stone every day. So many hidden bodies and proto bodies were come out from the stone. I could transform every kind of being from there; sea anemone, jellyfish, punch, fire, smoke, animal, monster, fairy ghost and so many kind of imaginary creatures and beings. I have encountered the most safe way of living and at the same time my deep hope to slip out from the cave-dweller.  

I could meet all elements of my whole self in the transformation from the bottom body.  I cut and polish the shape of bottom body into unique shape which I have never seen. The creation was the individuation for me which I could become the whole of self.
It might be the similar experience as Tatsumi Hijikata, when he met his weakened body in 1970’s. It was his final bottom body.

I recommend all of you to create your necessary bottom body.It is the real treasure house for infinite creation for everybody.

19 April, 2009


How to calm ego down


When you try to create something, the ego and super ego are the biggest disturbance. Because they are bound by narrow dualistic judgment; good/bad, right/wrong, beautiful/ugly, and so many existing view of worth. When we create truly, we need to release from all of these disturbances.


The reason why most of people cannot be creative, is they don’t know how to stop ego and super ego.

We need to know the way of appearance of ego and super ego, then we can learn how to control them.


How does ego appear?


Ego has so many appearance. It has multiple ways of appearance.

At first you have to know all of them, and when you notice their signal to appear, say hello to ego and say good-by immediately. I know you well you are important for my daily life, but not know.

Now is the time for creation. Good-by and see you later.

Repeat this greeting in each time to meet ego.


1.   The subject

Ego always tries to be the subject. I’m independent of will. I decide everything about me. When you notice this tendency, just throw out your judgment and opinion. Just move with following other’s movement. When you release from the pressure to be the subject and change your behavior pattern, you must encounter a brilliant timing to invent novel thing. You are too much bound by the pressure to be independent, and you have lost the real creativity.     


2.   Territory keeper

Ego keeps one’s territory, “This is my space, Don’t enter!”

When you notice the appearance of territory keeper, just give your space others, and try to share your space. You must find a fresh way of being resonant.  

3.   Property owner

Ego always persist one’s property. “This is mine!”

When you notice the moment your will have a tension of possession, just open your hand. You can release from the bind of your property. You must be aware of how the property binds you so deeply.   


4.   Self-justification

Ego always justify oneself. Ego cannot live without self confidence ; “I’m not wrong.”


5.   Story maker

Ego always makes a story that “I am not wrong.” “If I did not proper thing, it has reason because of another person’s behavior or speaking. It is not my fault”, and so on. And ego believe one’s own story, even it is just excuse for justification. Ego is not aware of it. Because these are unconscious processes.


6.   Pretender

Ego always pretend oneself better than it is. Ego have to forget what it is, and ego can believe another story which ego framed up by oneself.


7.   Negative critique

Ego always watch others by critical eyes, and try to find the break point of others story. Because ego need to be aware of a failure of one’s story.


8.   Tempered by unconscious emotion

Ego is always under conditioning by emotional tendencies. But they are unconscious, ego does not notice about it. Only watching carefully of the subtle signal from body and emotion, help you to be aware of these emotional conditioning.


How to stop ego


Ego always appear unconsciously, it is hard to notice before ego’s appearance.

When you notice it, immediately say hello and good-by. This is the only able attitude. Just continue it. Repeat the same greeting. At first ego regist against your greeting, but slowly ego understand and calm down not to disturb the creation someday.

But you can prevent ego to activate, because ego appear through communication with others ego. Then the best way is to stop communicate with others. The second best way is to stop talking with others. Because ego is bound by language thinking, and language is bound by dualistic judgment.

I mean to find the best distance from others.

When you stop talking and thinking by words, you can calm down your brain and become quiet to be able to listen to the subtle signal from the darkness of body.

Through these training to calm down ego, finally you have to be the transparent body/mind which is able to see the subtle signal of appearance of ego and super ego, emotion, and subtle tendencies from the darkness of  body transparently.



11 April, 2009


How to control ego


The March course 2009 has finished.

After then immediately I slept down into deep sleep, and my subbody researched what is next?

I entered into nine students subbody and resonant cobody, one by one for all night. This is my biggest pleasure.

My subbody found the next theme for April course.

It’is how to control ego.


We need to die down our ego deeper and deeper. When we meet a little bit of ego, or self expression in the theater, it brings back us to the daily world.

The another dimension which we try to open has been broken. We need to learn more about how to control ego.


I will start from multi-bodies walk in the next week.


Multi-bodies walk


1.   Walk with all subbodies and cobodies in multi-dimension with bending knee deeper with each step and step.

2.   Walk with bringing your hidden bodies which were folded in the darkness of body for long years.

3.   They have their own small egos. Because all hidden bodies were born in your babyhood or childhood and folded because of some obstacles.  You need to control their appearance carefully.  They are small but they have strong energy for coming out from the darkness of body.

4.   Jung called them “Shadow” and “Inferior personality”. Sullivan named it “Not-me”. Mindell call them “Second process”. I call them totally “Hidden body”. Because they are not only mental being, they are oneness with body, and come out as subbody movement, body symptoms or dreams.

5.   Walk with resonating with them. Sway with feeling their stream of qualia around the body, on the hidden skin, in the hidden cavities, at the hidden joints, and so on.

6.   Walk with “huge subbody” behind you. It’s your “Self”. I mean the whole self including the unconscious part of your “Self”. Don’t worry your ego is not alone, always the Self will take care of your ego properly. When you notice about ego arising, immediately become the self, and take care of your ego as a self.

7.   Walk with feeling your life. Your life always take care the Ego, Self, and small subbodies always.

8.   See transparently all of these processes. Open the transparent mind  which open to outside half, to inside half equally. Become transparent body which is able to show all of these processes transparently.


This is one of the main themes in April course, so my subbody found last night.

2 April, 2009


 The constellation of the darkness of body


We have each unique constellation in the darkness of body.

The constellation is like as the construction of the unconsciousness.

It is not simple constellation like as the star chart, but multi-dimensional world which is unsolved secrets.  Also we cannot picture it like as the landform.

We can contact it only through dancing the secret of the constellation in the darkness of body.

Dance your own constellation of the darkness of body.

There are so many world image and self image with connected with archetypes, life tendencies, and they are resonating each other.

The main characters of the darkness of body, their relationship compose the constellation of unconscious world.

It is the native place for subbodies and cobodies.


Today I just introduce the characters and world images.



  Persona, ego, personality, character, identity,

Super ego

  Judge, Critique, Grandmother’s mind,  

Archetypes of self image

   Shadow, anima, animus, trick star, great mother, old man, boy, girl,

Archetypes of world image

   Heaven, Hell, flood, war, panic, chaos,

Archetypes of super being

   God, devil, monster, ghost, fairy,   

Life tendencies

Life desires

   Comfort desire

   Safety desire

   Connection desire—Sexual desire

   Individuation desire  

Life memories

   Memories which we can remember, and memories which we cannot remember


   Emotion, feeling



These are the main characters of the constellation of the darkness of body.

They are living in the darkness of body with streaming and changing. They are resonating together in the multi-dimension beyond time and space.

They project themselves to the others through resonance in various patterns of human relationship, which are called, projection, transference, dream-up, and so on.

This is the reason why the constellation is not transparent. It is too much complicated to understand by consciousness.

Because our consciousness uses normal lower dimensional language which was bound by dualism, and three dimensional binds.

This is the reason why we have to stop consciousness to contact the subconscious world.

When we become subbody and cobody, we can travel the constellation of the darkness of body. 

The appearance of three dimensional reality which we feel in the daily life is just fake.  It is too simple and too much bound by lower dimensional common illusion.  The daily consciousness is possessed by the illusion which is called as the consciousness.  It is not real but just fake.

It takes time to recognize this truth.

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