Sinking into darkness of the body
 31 December, 2013 

”Sick Dancing Princess" is a book of Life Resonance

I transcribed the full Japanese text of the first chapter of "Sick Dancing Princess" and uploaded on subbody.com.
This is the basic task required to translate into English.
While I have transcribed the first chapter, maybe my breathing and body rhythm resonated with breath of Hijikata without knowing it.
While transcribing, I suddenly realize!
This is a book of Life Resonance which followed the Life Resonance going on in the darkness of body by the precision of as much as possible.
In the depth of the darkness of body, there is no subject and object, they are not separated clealy as the consensus reality world.
Everything is just resonating in the multi-dimenssion.
Everyhting is mixing, melting, and separating flexiblly.
Replacing, interchanging, transforming are happening at every moment.
Mixed in the inner world into the outer world has come.
And in the book, all fenomena are discribed so exactly.
Deliberately twisted the grammar, but also has become the obscurity.
The resonance of the qualia that are happening in the darkness of the body is like that.
It is inevitable twist for as long as we are trying to capture as it is.

Treasure land which is able to solve the dead rock which has encountered

My works of theory of Life, theory of Qualia, and theory of Resonance have faced an dead rock for these several years.
Whenever we use the dualistic langage which is bound by the dualism,
it is unable to catch the non-dual resonance of Life and Qualia.
I can not even describe also be captured precisely.
I had to come to the place which is not stepping forward an inch without a novel invention of Resonance language with novel resonance logic.
All events in the darkness of the body are occurring without subject and object. They are just resonating in the complicated multi-dimensional realm.
If we attempt to capture it by gross dualistic language, we can only do things like rape and destroy the subtle phenomena in the non-dual world.
I should invent a novel language of resonance not to destroy them.
It was the dead rock.
But I have encountered the wealth of resonant language that was looking for long time in this book!
That is the reason why I have tried to investigate in the deep mystery of "Sick Dancing Princess", though I didn't notice till now.
It is full of chaos, too much, conpletely a world of disconbobulation.
But only chaos is a feature of non-dual world.
So, what weird thing, even if it is written here, we can taste it with resonance smoothly in the same attitude as when we accept our dreams in the night.
It will be my work to find the Tree-Rhizome logic which can go and come flexiblly beyond both world of non-dual and dualistic.
It is not written logic but conditioning method which we can travell through practical bodily experience.
The traslation will take for several years or more, because we have to invent a novel practice way of each sentense one step and another.
It is the only way to read it by body as a butoh score.

23 December, 2013 

How can we be more creative in how to make use of "Sick Dancing Princess" for everybody?

Through one week investigation in "Sick Dancing Princess" in the "Winter Conditioning", slowly I can find the best way to take advantage of it for the further creation for everybody.

1. First thing to do is to find various tunnels to enter the deeper realm of the darkness of body.

Indeed, the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" is an infinite tresure
land. So many various tunnels has been dug there by Hijikata.
The caracteristic of non-dual world is what it has infinite numbers of entrance like rhizome. In the whole book, there must be thousands of entrance of deep tunnels. I am surprising at the great works of Hijikata. It is unprecedented work.
I have already select several really useful tunnels to deepen our subbodies. Maybe, during the winter, it is expected that the novel tunnel can be found in several tens or more.

2. The Second is to experience by becoming the real miners to dig the tunnel by the entire body.
In the experiment of winter conditioning, we are trying to enter each tunnel one by one everyday. Each tunnel is so rich. Everyday participants could find novel subbodies. It will be able to choose richest tunnels untill March, through this practical experiment.

3. By integrating these experiences, the third point is that the growth of the travelers that can be freely travel deep aspect of the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
This is very rich mine, it is sure. But, I know by experience so far that there must be waiting so many hard edges on the way of traveller.
The deeper the darkness of body, the harder the edges.
We need to prepare the safe methods to overcome them, too. This is a major issue for me, also for the long term student of midwife course. It will be extremely hard process. But only to know by the body that it is essential for the real creation to accept this paradoxical truth, we can become a midwife. We can not but continue to walk on the edge to be as severe as it becomes deeper. While laughing ourselves constantly.

18 December, 2013 

Finding the entrance of "Sick Dancing Princess" in a "Devel Storm"

We started "Winter Conditioning" as usual.
It will continue every mornig till March.
This is for keeping good condition during Winter season.
And one more purpose is to explore new method of conditioning to enter the special world of "Sick Dancing Princess" which is the main work of Hijikata for next year.
We need deeper conditioning for it than ever.
Hijikata wrote about his own method of "Clouding body" through whole the book.
During the Winter, we will investigate in it.
It need multi-dimensional approach.
Then I will experiment various ways for deeper conditioning.
Yesterday, we tried to stay on the edge between asleep and awake.
Today, we tried to activate bodily imagination, starting from opening feet and toe in the sunshine warm place.
Surprisingly, so rich subbodies came out from, Gio, Kristien. participant. They were one of the richest subbodies in the year.
Maybe after the Fesitival, we are so relaxed without any pressure.
Everyday, I will try new approach to investigate in the "Clouding body" as the following;

-Bodily approach of "Active imagination" of Jung
-Moving approach for "Dreaming body" of Minddel
-Dancing approach for "Forcusing technique" by Gendlin
-Moving approach of "Self Hyponosis" by Ericson
-Cobody approach for "Holotropic Breathwork" by Grof
-Life Upstream meditation
-Origin Life meditation
-Upstream Fetus conditioning
-Segmenting to subtle qualia of Hidden skin, hidden fluid, cavity and so on.
-Integration of all methods above for deeper subbody conditioning

All of them above are already integrated in the basis of Subbody method many years ago.
They have a common characteristics of the techniques involved in the body of the subconscious, the difference is only in how to place the emphasis lies in the difference point. Most of them are the twchnique of using words, but if we open body and movement channel, the most of the difference disappeares. Then I could integrate them as the subbody method.
But I realized we need to deepen it into the non-dual realm, now.
Because, Hijikata could write the "Sick Dancing Princess" throuhg the terrible experiences of non-dual Abyss of darkness of body.
This is the biggest awarness in my experience of called "Evil Storm" which all edge qualia come together at the same time during last month. I accepted edge qualia of all students during the creation process of the festival. Then not only the edge qualia, all strange resonance fenomena of the projection, transference, counter transference, dreaming up, dreamed up and so on attacked me at the same time. And I have experienced the "Devil Storm" which all evil archtype attacked me at the same time. It was so terrible experience.
But anyway I could survive and found the entrance of the narrow tunnel to this book.

I have tried to read the "Sick Dancing Princess" for these twenty years many times, but untill this year, I could not find any entrance of the tunnel to the special world of it.
Finally in the terrible experience of the year, I could resonante with Hijikata's terrible condition when he wrote this book.
Why he could write it at that year,
This year was so special for him.
December of 1976, His theater "Asbest kan" had to close by the opposition movement of residents against his activity, by the reason of noise, bad atmospher which strange butoh dancers and audience wandering the town and so on.
I have imagined it, if my subbody school have to close by the opposition of neibours, it must be as same pain as death for me, or equal to lose both arms and legs.
Hijikata's mind/body and subbody must be fallen into that Hell condition.
With losing all arms and legs, and experienced an "Devil Storm" which is attacked by all kinds of evil archtypes who live in the darkness of body; as Devil, Demon, Specter come together in the non-dual discombobulation world.
This must be one of the worst experiece for mind-brain-body and subbody in life.
But always we can get the most precious awarness in the worst experience. Also Hijikata got this book.
Then he could catch the truth in the Abyss of the darkness of body.
He wrote as it was with fearless condition, because already he lost the most important thing. This brought the miracle of the birth of this book.

So, we need to experience the same condition as Hijikata. Otherwise we cannot resonate it by body.
This is the reason why we have to re-integrate all methods above into deeper realm. They are dangerous even only one, if we don't know the proper method. But nobody knows what will happen in the experience of mixed all of them at the same time. We need to be carefull enough to do such a extreme experiment.
This is my work during the Winter.
This work will be shared with a few long term students.
New participants of Winter conditioning can receive only the fruit of it.

20 November, 2013 

Midwife method 5
Transparent Eye for Counter Transference

<Transference and counter transference>
Past memories of disonance with somehting come up in the present relationship. It happens both side between student and midwife through resonance. We experience most unconfortable feeling each other. This is the one of hard process of subbody-cobody sharing.
Counter transference is one of the fenomena what should be noted for midwiving.
It often happens between unborn subbody and midwife's hidden subbody.
Each subbody doesn't know well how to resonate with the world.
Sometimes, subbody has "Baby Ego", "Ego Inflation", "Extreme Fantasy", "Denial tendency", "Kan" which is disable to move, and so on.
Midwife is always resonating with all of them, and influenced from them deeply. Unconsciously, midwife's worst memory, trauma, flash back, Evil archetype are activated and possesses midwife. This is the Counter-Transference. Midwife needs to be transparent with these phenomena as the Life resonance.
But, always it happens in the unconscious process, then the awareness is always delayed. After facing the fact of miscarrige of the fetus subbody of student, midwife realise the big fault.
So, how many unborn subbodies I have killed.
By small mistake, Midwife becomes a killer.
Now I write about a conter-transference which happened these weeks.

<Synchronized Resonance between a student and midwife>
One day, a denial subbody which is hidden in the darkness of my body woke up in the midnight, and wrote an article.

<Multi-layered counter-transferense>
During these weeks, it was proceeded in my
<Immediate recover>

When midwife realised the fault, immediately we should try to recover it. It is the hardest thing for midwife. Because, midwife is bound by the guilty; " I did mistake again, I have killed a subbody, and depression attack midwife."


26 November, 2013 

Depth of Cobody tunnel 

Butoh Dance Festival 5th of Sabubodi = Kobodi has continued every day.

And sub-body dance solo this year students in the long run,
Create two of the dance group of Sabubodi = Kobodi,
That guide several workshops for the general public
I imposed a three challenges.
The experiment is doing this just here in the world.
Why do I bother so far Kobodi,
I do not know myself.
However, it is a treasure that there is an infinite mystery and secret and flowers filled with
I've been feeling and smell only follow.
But, what's going on this year's dance festival finally begun I've been looking.
Mystery of sticking to Kobodi finally come so far I've solved it.
Kobodi is mine and, that's coming out of his shell tunnel.
The dancers dance into the world behind the other dancers strangers found every day.
It lasts two weeks.
Overcoming the fear you have to do that, and lost sight of their world,
It's a tunnel it will be practical to continue the transformation to Nonsharansu dead.
I know it's hard.
However, raw and long-term, Geo, The action of a force that has been dipped in cold blood go through with it.
We follow it eat it too bold to Christians of the first year.
We also carefully danced every day Kobodi Monica also Soruvu~ai of first term.
I have changed beyond recognition in that way.
Why are trapped deep in the archetype of our ego and self.
I have been seeing the ego stiff for it to have come to melt.
Key to solving the mystery of the archetypes of the ego and the self he was hidden in Kobodi mine.
Found a way to go off self finally practical.
Unless you went through this tunnel, I keep caught in archetypal dancer is called self.
As long as you do not take off your ego and self, I will not lead to the designation of the life can be called Butoh.
Of course, it is not that easy task.
Everyone, students are faced with a difficult edge,
I experienced the period of immobility for about a week each.
But I have Machikamae earlier from here,
It is the darkness of the unknown can not imagine more difficult.
In sharing the struggle of life and death of all students as a midwife Sabubodi this process,
I myself, terrible reverse transition occurs in response to the student's transition experience.
On the contrary, phenomena, and dreaming up projection and metastasis and possessed,
I was hit by a storm raging gale of the world, such as non-dual attack comes at a time.
Certain pre-existing conditions that trauma, neurosis, of certain diseases such as multiple personality dissociative
Relapse as Mengen, just before the dance festival has become a dying body.
Sun facing the fear of death actually, mind and body brain cause I went stiff.
Is not the fear of death that come someday.
The attack on the delusion of being killed by someone to break into right now.
Modified into a fierce killer trying to kill intruders against it.
Suicidal impulse as the flip side, the destruction of the world at the same time be suffered to urge
It was characteristic of my neurosis, it has been beautifully relapse.
This was fairly hard time with the ones that never anticipated.
Endo also 喨及 Shiatsu teacher, I think that it has been an experience similar to this.
In the words of the teacher is to take on the evil spirits of the patient herself,
It's an experience you will not be stuck.
By driving to the chief priest of the Jodo Nenbutsuzanmai because his case
It might have been overcome, there is no way that my unbelief
Only have to find a way to replace it.
The is often the evil spirits, and demons and evil and demons all my cases
I used to come pounce archetype is having vague fears blend together.
I was prepared for how many times and this is the end.
Or if you can still get over, I'm not sure.
You can not even compete in the degree of transparency perception gained so far
It 's a totally opaque darkness.
Future long-term raw journey as midwife,
Sun to meet the world of non-dual 暴暴 storm like this one day will soon come.
In the meantime, it is necessary to find a method to cope with a terrible darkness that I was hit by this year.
Less time is left.

19 November, 2013 

Midwife method 4
Unknown dangers in the deeper realm of darkness of body

When we enter into the bottomless depth in the darkness of body,
so strange unknown terrible things happen one after another.
It is non-dual and multi-dimensional chaos.
And many fenomena happen together at the same time beyond time-space.
We cal this bottomless depth as <Abyss>.
It is the most creative condition for Butoh, but at the same time the most dengerous condition. The both is oneness.
The Heaven and the Hell come together.
We feel as if the world attacks me, invades me, denys me.
Sometimes this unknown evil world image is projected on a paerson, or people around us.

What is really happening?
We need to see all phenomena transparently.
It is felt like <Evil Spirit>, <Devil>, <Monster>.
They are the terriblest archetypes.
All of us share the all achetypes in the Abyss of the darkness of body.
It is happening waht the following fenomena are mixed and unified as oneness at the same moment.

<No where>
We don't know where I am. There is no direction, no orientation in the non dual realm.

<Byond time>
All inner qualia resonate together beyond time.
Child experiences, baby memories, fetus dreams, embyo inner qualia, cell's Life memories come up together.

<Dreaming up>
When we enter the deep subbody-cobody mode, it is similar of dreaming process. We often involve other people into our own imaginary world. Esspecially, in the cobody creation process which now we are experiencing in the Subbody School. It is so similar with the dreaming up process which Arnord Mindel found.
Our subbody dreams that "All other studnets should join in my own world as I wish." In the modern choreography process by a special excellent choreograppher,she or he can use dancers as his/her thing.
But in the cobody resonance process we need special conditioning which we guide the others subbody-cobody into the best resonance with each own specific world. We cannot jump this necessary process.
Otherwise the dreaming up process occurs which Arnord Mindell found. ( See Book links)

<Disonance of subbody>
Subbody was hidden in the darkness of body for long time from our baby or child ages. Subbody doesn't know the aprropriate resonance way at all at the beginning. We have to be midwife and mother for our subbody. At first we accept every tendency. It is the first principle of midwiving, "Affirm everything of Life". And we grow up as a subbody and midwife at the same time to learn various resonace ways and to be able to find out the best resonance pattern with everything.

<Baby Ego>
Subbody was hidden when our ego is not completed. Then subbody has small unmature Ego like a child or baby. We need to take care of it. Not to express the small ego. Ego has strong tendency to dominate. If the others or the world does not follow as what small Ego wishes, the baby ego starts crying like a baby, " I want milk! if you don't give me milk, I will continue to cry until the world destroyed." It is baby ego's violence. We need to grow up our subbody's from the original disonance pattern to learning various resonance pattern. The subbody school is the place to learn them.

<Denial charactor>
Some of subbody has strong tendency of denial.
Maybe this subbody has deep disonance experience with the mother or the world.
It might grow up till denial personality during adolesense or adult age depending each life history.
When we feel ths denial tendency in our darkness of body, we have to see the 'wherefroms' transparently. Ask him or her, "Where are you from? How did you grow up in my darkness of body?"
This is each original work, nobody can help it instead of you.

<Dominance of Ego>
During the growing process we learn the partnership and how to express Ego. Ego's original tendency is the Dominance, but Ego have to learn how to express the dominance in the proper timing and how can we controll the others. Investigate youe own proces of the development of your Ego. It is so deep and rich mine. Because the first denial tendency might start at the begining of Life. It must be just one stepping back against disonant qualia. We need to research this infinite process of developping history of Ego from the first subtle denial tendency of Life to our strong Ego archetype.
So, Ego is the strongest archetype which all modern human being share deeply, and the biggest thing to be found how to solve it.

<Complex fenomena in the human relationship channel>
The above phenomenon does not necessarily happen on an individual basis.
Especially, in our cobody creation process, it develope in the human relationship channel, and world-self channel.
It becomes so complicated fenomina as the following sections.
This is the first time which we all experience those complex disonance pattern. We need to see the whole unknown process carefully. Because we don't know what would happen at the next moment. This is the most rich process for all of us, to learn so complex resonance patterns including disonance and dominance, though it is extremely hard.

<Unknown emotional attack>

When we meet novel qualia, sometimes it gives us new hint of creation, but also we are often attacked by unknown unpleasant emotion. We call it edge qualia. It occurs between hte first process which we know well as the daily conscious personality, and the second process which is subbody and cobody tendencies. Our daily body did not notice about it, then it feels as if unknown something invade us.
In the deeper realm of the darkness of body, it happens not only inside of personality, but beyond personality, it happens in the human realtionship channel as the following;

<Transference and counter transference>
Past memories of disonance with somehting come up in the present relationship. It happens both side. We experience most unconfortable feeling each other. This is the one of hard process of cobody sharing.


When we meet unconfortable edge qualia, always we feel it in other person. This is Ego's nature, " I'm not wrong, I'm OK, you are wrong."
Ego always do self-justification with making instant story which justify one self. When we feel something wrong in other person. At first we have to inhibit to express it immediately. And see it transparently. In a few days we can notice that we projected our inner bad qualia to the others.
This phnomena happen every day at every moment.
Then my shiatsu teacher Ryokyu Endo taught us.
"See ego, hold ego, and melt ego 18 times per second."

<The Birth Trauma>

The deepest memories when we were born, the horiblest experience between death and life we had, but we have forgot all of them by the inner morphine; enforphine and so on.
But the inner qualia are researved in our glia cells in the brain and body cells, and suddenly the worst memories came up and attack us.
We feel it as if the world tried to kill me.
Ay the moment our deepest archetype resonante together and we feel it as if the ivel spirit or demon of the world attack us.
This is the birth trauma. I learned it from Grof. ( See Book links)

<Flash back>
When we encounter a similar experience with our trauma ( we often dissociate it and forget it), from the depth of darkness of body, the same qualia come up by resonance. The process is so quick, and bonds us immediately. This phenomena is so-called "Flash back".
Especially, when we sink down into the Abyss, it is able to meet so many hidden memories. It gives us so rich creation. But at the same time, unexpected flash back may happen. This includes both process of phychological and physical, as the following two section.

<State dependent hormone & neurotransmitter>
Our body-mind is chanigng the state in each moment by both of psychological and somatic condition.
Various kinds of hormone and neurotransmitter are changing our mind/body state.
For example when we feel danger or fear regardless of the inside and outside, our body shift from parasympathetic mode to sympathetic mode instantly.
The adrenaline(epinephrine) hormone spreads the body and change our body/mind to adrenaline mode immediately.
Not only adrenaline, all hormone and neurotransmitter are connects to each specific state of mind/body.
Scientists call it <State Dependent Mood, Memory & Learning>.
It controlls our mind and behabiour pattern. They are always resonating among invisible qualia and physical cell condition.

<IEG: Immediate early gene expression>
Genetic research in recent years, scientists found IEG (immediate early gene expression).
When our body/mind becomes a specific mode by the state dependnet hormone and neurotransmitter, the IEGs in the cell expresses and change the state of body in cell level physically.
For example, if we enter the very cold place one of IEG starts expression immediately and product a specific cold agaptive protin.
When our body/mind becomes adrenaline mode, also a specific IEG expresses and product special protin for fighting or flighting in our cells.
So the state dependent hormone and neurotransmitter can change our physical body state immediatelly in the cell level.
This is the reason when we are bound by anger, it is so difficult to change it by conscious effort.
We need to see the whole phenomena transparently and we can shift it by finding the most appropriate conditioning method for the specific state. Conditioning includes both process of mental and physical.
I learned above two section from Rossi ( See Book links)

<What is the evil spirit and neurosis?>
Ancient people understand these terrible fenomina above as the work of evil spirit. Modern people understand it as the neurosis, or mental desease. But voth ofthem are the common illlusion in defferent ages.
But, now we can release from those archetype of both age; modern and ancient. Both of them is the phenomena of Life resonance.
When all of phenomena of disonance happen together at the same time, we cannot controll it.
Then ancient people understand it that it is the work of unknown evil spirit, modern people regard it as the neurosis and go to pospital wihtout trying to solve it by oneself.
Now we can try to see all phenomena transparently as the variations of Life resonance. We need to overcome all archetypes which bind us in the darkness of body, even though it is extremely hard.

<What is the possession>
Ancient animistic people imagined various archetype and possession by them. It is the ancient way to understand so strange fenomena of human's mind/body.
Now we can see transparently every fenomena as the variation pattern of resonance of qualia which Life resonates without any illusious being.
The fenomena of the possession is also a special resonance pattern of qualia of Life. When it increases the density of resonance the pssession happens. At that moment, also not only phychological process, also somatic process of above; state dependent mood, memory, learnig, and immediate early gene epression changes the physical body codition, muscle tension, rough breathing, face, eyes are physical changes like animal or evil spirit.
But now we can affirm and accept all fenomena as the variation of Life resonance.
Just we need to be carefull not to be bound by the archetypes by opening transparent sense.

<Open the sense of transparency>
At first we need to find the most apropriate way of conditioning to calm down.
Try to start from breathing, vibrating or swaying.
These basic conditioning method is still effective in the Abyss, too.
Quietly accept the wonders of Life, including hard emotional attack, possession by various Archetypes.
See everything transparently with asking Life,
"What resonance or disonance is happening in each cell, part of body and whole being?"
"What behind world and the inner qualia of cell, brain, mind, body are resonating?"
"Where are you from in the long history of Life?"
And have a sleep.
During the sleeping, our subbody works for twenty four hours, and find the solution for today.
Don't force your brain to think about it.
Just to sleep is the best thing what we can do in these hard state.
Believe your Life and subbody, they are more transparent than our thinking.
Sleep well, and accept the awareness in the moment of awaking next morning as a gift from Life.

Resonance with Behind world 
11 November, 2013 

Creation method 6
Zu-Ji-Cho (Figure-Earth-Signs)

1. Resonance with Behind world

The world of Life and daily human world is quite different.
Especially, modern human world is bound by the narrow material scientific illusion, and lost numinous world which Life has continued to resonate with for billions years.
Daily body believes that the world is only four dimensional world which has three dimensions of space and one time dimension.
We are tied to a narrow four-dimensional time-space.
But Life has not been tied to the four-dimensional time-space.
Life and Qualia which Life feels are not only material and not belong in four dimensional physical world.
Life and Qualia resonate in multi-dimension beyond time and space.
We call it
"Behind world".
It is multi dimensional and non dual resonance of Life.
When we stop daily thinking mode, we can listen to the memories, dreams, fantasies, emotions are resonating with various behind worlds.

Zu-Ji-Cho method is to controll multi resonance with visible world and invisible world.
Zu means picture or figure which is focused on.
Ji means earth or back ground which is not focused.
Both of Zu and Ji are visible.
For modern or contemporary dance, these two is enough, then they don't have the method of Cho.
Cho is subtle signs of resonance between Life and behind world.
Butoh dancers have to be aware of these three elements during dancing.
To be aware of behind world and the subtle sings (Cho) is the biggest difference between modern dance and Butoh.

"Cho" is the essence of multidimensional resonance techniques for dancing the Butoh of Life.
As a testament to the future Tatsumi Hijikata wrote it in the "quiet house". It's a "technique of the Shisha (Dead)".

1. The Red God

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Stuffed spring

Nest of Forest (*1), Nest of Eyes (*2), a moth placed on a wooded board (*3)

A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior

A fine spiders thread that runs on the forehead


Cat Waist

Behind World

Garbage disposal place

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower

A fragile sound collapsed in a shed

Can Factory (*5)

Regenerate a reduction by X (*6)

Behind the mirror

        (*1) Nest of Forest: cf. Ch. 4 and Ch.5 “the far away forest”, Ch. 26 “forest”

              (*2) Nest of Eyes: cf. Ch. 5 and Ch. 7

              (*3) A moth: cf. Ch. 27

              (*4) A swaying shadow of flower: cf. Ch. 24

              (*5) Can Factory: cf. Ch. 6, Ch. 7 and Ch. 16

              (*6) A regenerate a reduction by X: cf. Ch. 7 and 26


 2. Important

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”


He showed the total view of the multi resonance world in the section 1.
And we appear in that world as a Shisha (Dead) which is multi transforming being in the section 2.
Subtle signs between butoh dancer and the behind world is "
"Cho" is extremely subtle signs comparing than the physical signal.
Butoh dancer should be stop all daily consiousness and become able to listen it as the
fear of bugs, shivering of cells, dizyness, swaying feeling, and so on.
It is from forgotten memories of cell, proto emotions, nightmares, illusions in the altered state of consciousness, and so on.
When we pass through them in each dancing place, it becomes the
blood of dancing.

2. <Tame (Maturing best timing)>

Zu-Ji-Cho method is realized as the <Tame> in the actual performance.
<Tame> is to find the optimum timing of the start moving in each important moment.
It have been valued as traditional techniques in Japan from Zeami ages as <Ki (=timing)>.
Hijikata wrote it also in the "Quiet house", specifically for <Tame>.

12. Collapsing

 A shout and a girl – shivering before collapsing 

If you collapse suddenly, nobody can resonate with the necessity.
Dancer have to wait the best timing to mature with listening the "Cho" or the Blood is filled enough.
When dancer and audience could share the best timing, they become one.
Zu-Ji-Cho and Jo-ha-Kyu method is to realize the miracle of oneness.
The necessity of movement comes up by being pushed from behind or inside of the darkness of body.

An exercise to get the <Tame>

There is an exercise that can be mastered by anyone for a moment what is the <Tame>.

1. Hold your breath.
2. Listen to your body. Cells Life wants of oxygen throughout the body gradually increasing the necessity.
You would understand internal cry andstruggle for ozygen.
When it reaches the maximum trembling, dare breathe.
Anyone can resonate to its inevitability.
It's a <Tame>.
We can complete the Jo-ha-Kyu resonance.
3. Instead of the breath, try to bend your arm, leg, and body and stop blood stream. As the same as above, you can find the unavoidable timing for stretching to through the blood.
4. Instead of physical blood, replace it by your own memories, dreams, emotions, presentiment and so on, and wait the timing for mature and filled.

Zu-Ji-Cho and Tame connected to the blood of dance deeply.

Read again "Through the blood! creation method 4"

8 November, 2013 

Fears work 2
Dissolving Eight Fears

In the fears work 1, we research the way how to develope from fears of origine Life to human's fears, and danced it.
Today, we research the opposite way which how to desolve the fears from human size to one cell's size.

1. Fear of Fire---Anger
2. Fear of Lion---Pride
3. Fear of Elephant---Ignorance
4. Fear of Snake---Envy, Jealousy
5. Fear of Thief---Wrong view
6. Fear of Water---Attachment
7. Fear of Ghost---Doubt
8. Fear of Jail---Imprisonment
9. Your own problem

1. Choose three fears from 1-4 fears above or your own problem.
And research the way from human size fear which binds you, to gradually segment the fears into small part of your body/mind, and finally into cell size.
For example, if you feel anger to a person, segment him or her into small part, part of body, part of his/her charactor, part of his word, tendency, element and so on. Try to fell another element, his/her sadness, funnnyness, and so on. You will feel the anger also becomes small size, or you may find other feeling to him/her. And amplify the segmentation until cell size. You must notice that the anger does not exist any more.
2. Create the Jo part, from human size via. small size, to cell size.
You will find that Life does not have anger.
3. Choose the second fear from 5-7 above.
And as the same above, Create the Ha part about the second fears.
For example at first you are bound by your own warped view or your attachment. And segment or dismantle it into via.small element to cell size. And dance the disolving process. You may meet completely fdifferent qualia on the way, yes, dance it freely.
4. Create the Kyu part how your imprisonment (=bind) is going to dissolved as the same way from human size to cell size.
You can travel various world with becoming Peter Pan size or Ameba size, entering other's body, memory, dream, fantasy.
You will be able to create completely different Butoh, and you will notice that it is necessary for you.
Enjoy the process which gradually you are released from the bind, and how can you become free from the bind.
Ask you Life, "Which do you like being bound condition or being released condition?"
Finnaly you may be aware of that Life is not bound by any fears, and only our human illusion, ego-self binds us.

Please enjoy the both process of fears work one and two.
Both is worth to experience.
And let's take off human and be Life!

6 November, 2013 

What is the Flower? -Zeami and Hijikata Tatsumi

Why does only a certain dance has the power to shake the Life?
Why does it leave the mark in Life that can not be vanished lifetime?
I've been exploring the secret for many years.
As far as I know, also Zeami and Tatsumi Hijikata kept asking the same question.
Zeami is a founder of Noh dance, Hijikata is the founder of Butoh. They are resonating deeply beyond time.

Zeami wrote the secret of Flower in the "Kadensho",1418.

" The Flower, The Interesting, and The Rare, these three is the same.

"The Flower" is from the metaphor of the cherry blossom in Japan, the cherry blooms only a few days and are gone immediately. Because of the days are very rare in the year, then people love it earnestly.
"The Interesting" is originally what people's faces are beaming with happiness, when people sit and eat together arround the fire. It is to be happy together in the resonance.
"The Rare" is hard to traslate in English by only one word.
It means "Unusual, "Precious", "Surprising", "Novel", "Unequaled", and so on.
Totally, it means "Being moved deeply ".

Zeami deepened it in the later years of "Mirror of Flower"(1424),
"There is a state which we are moved "Oh!" without conscious mind, above "The Interesting".
This is "The sense beyond heart".
This is an unexpected sense even we do not mind and remember.
What is it to be moved beyond heart?"

After many years investigation in it, right now I can answer the Zeami to this last question.
"It's Life."
The ultimate Flower is beyond word and heart, it is deep Life Resonance which is moved and trembling.

Tatsumi Hijikata also continued to seek
"The Butoh of Life", "Butoh which is called by the name of Life".
And he wrote that it is very precious thing when our Life was moved and shivering at the rare experience in the "Quiet House".
When he encountered an unexpected peacock in the garden of the house of a friend Yanagida, Hijikata imprinted the rare impression as the very precious thing in the depths of the body.
I is the reason why he was able to create the excelent choreography.
Hijikata created it not by head, but by Life. He created it on the basis of whether Life was moved or not.

"The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance." 

Always Life is finely resonating with everything.
And when the resonance is increasing the density and trembling of the chest, as "surprising!", "rare!", "novel!" and so on.
Zeami called it "Flower", "The sense beyond heart", "Rarity".
Hijikata called it "The Peacock".
Both are the ultimate Life Resonance at the moment when the beating occurred.
We can not make out it by the consciousness.
Only Life that lurks in the dark abyss of the body knows what is beauty for Life.
We don't have to create a dance by thinking or by information.
Whether Life is trembling or not, just that is necessary.

 Izume- Hijikata Butoh was born from the disabled body in the Izume abandoned in the frozen rice field
 4 November, 2012

Dance from the Proto qualia

To dance from the proto qualia such as the fear, shivering, diziyness, ichness, and so on.
Proto qualia are the most primitive qualia as Life. We cannot controll them by consciousness. It is the entrance of the Butoh of Life.
While we dance from the consciousness, we are bound by the narrow Human concept, and cannot reach the Abyss of the darkness of body.
Let's investigate in how to dig the proto qualia whic hwe cannot control by ourselves.
Hijikata started from his
IZUME experience. While he was baby, he was abandanded in a narrow rice basket in the cold feild.
He want to escape from there, but his body was bound by the rope, and his leggs were frozened up. He could not stand from the Izume basket. His body was the disabled body. To dance from the disabled body and proto emotions is the origin of Hijikata butoh, and the Butoh of Life.
His first solo dance of "The seed" was also he tried to dance from the disabled body which could not grow out from the seed bind. It was the first Izume dance. He tried to find the novel beauty in the struggle of the disabled body.
Flower of Kan is directly connected to the Izume dance, and the disabled body.
Find your own disability (= Kan subbody) in each part of your body, detail, mind, nightmare, and forgotten memories.
Dance from your bottom, from the proto qualia which is most unconfortable and disablt to controll in your life.
Find your necessity for surviving.

 4 November, 2012

Fears work 1
Dancing eight Fears

On Saturday, an Indian lady vidited me.
She was an audience of weekend Subbody-cobody theater.
She asked me to give some suggestion how to creat a choreography about eight fears.
She is a choreographer in Delhi, now learning Buddhism in Dharamsala.
It was surprising synchronisity, because on the same day, Gio is going to have an open workshop for tourists about fear. We talked about the possibility of creation about fear.
Today, Sunday we three talked about it.
The eight fears method is a teaching of Goddess Tara (Jestsun Dolma) in Tibetan Buddhism, and are the following;

1. Fear of Fire---Anger

2. Fear of Lion---Pride
3. Fear of Elephant---Ignorance
4. Fear of Snake---Envy, Jealousy
5. Fear of Thief---Wrong view
6. Fear of Water---Attachment
7. Fear of Ghost---Doubt
8. Fear of Jail---Imprisonment

She has already created a piece about the first four kinds of Fears, and asked me what is the next?
During the sleeping, my subbody invented an intersting way of practice. I talked her about it.

[The first stage]
1. Ask to each dancer to choose three fears among the eight.
And find the connection to each dancing place of the body.
2. Create a Jo-Ha-Kyu of dancing to develope the fear in the resonance between a dancing place and a specific behind world.
3. Jo (Beginning): Choose a fear from the first four kinds of fear on the table above.
And find a subtlest fear between a detail of a danicng place and the world layer of the hidden skin.
It is called "Bird's fear and bug's fear" in the butoh score of 'Quiet House" as the following.

A Butoh dancer has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.

[I am] waiting for an attack of the storm with the body that connects to these parts, like a puppy that felt the coming storm, or like a spoon or a firefly.

4. Create a Jo-ha-Kyu of Jo developping from a detail dance as Jo( begining), a part dance of the body as Ha(Changing), and the whole body/mind dance as Kyu( Climax and ending)
5. Choose a fear from 4-7 (These are the complex fear in the thinking channel emotion channel and so on), and create a Jo-ha-Kyu of Ha part to develope from a part of body to the whole body/mind.
The fears develpping to the various shivering at various part of body.

Attacked from behind and inside, I picked a flower on the road.

Shivering, the ripples spread to the floor and to the sky.

24. (Shivering)

When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower

1. The extreme dirtiness of the enduring stuffed body

2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering

3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower from behind

4. Shivering

5. Picking flower on the road – Walking Blind – Dog

6. Spoon – Old Woman

7. Shivering

8. Small flowers and small faces are hanging on the grid of a graph paper

9. Shivering

10. On the floor and in the sky, too


6. Choose the fear of No. 8 (This is the finnal condition which the fears bind our mind/body), and create a dance of Jo-Ha-Kyu of Kyu part.

In the "Quiet House" the Kyu part is discribed in the 25-27 secssions.
To see Quiet House, Crick here

7. During the creation, try to perceive each fear as the Life Resonance not being bound as a subject (=me).
The resonance occurs without the difference between the subject and object. But always the daily body is bound by Ego and Self feeling which I am the subjest who is suggering. Try to release yourself from the Ego-self bind. This will help your creation to be transparent.

I said we will try this method of creation about fear in the next week at the school.
She hoped to watch the process for a day.

Through the work to deepen this practice method, I noticed that it must be very precious experience for everybody.
Because we can reseach the following resonance process;
How the subltest fear starts at a cell of our body.
How the resonance between the inner reserved qualia and the current physical qualia are resonating.
How to changing and developping the resonance pattern from a detail to part of body, and toward the whole body/mind.
The Kyu part should be multi-dimemsional resonance beyond the single channel to human relationship channel and the world-self channel.
That is the reason why the Kyu part could be the Momiyose.
Momiyose is found by Zeami who is the founder of Noh dance in Japan 600 hundred ago.
Momiyose means to dance all qualia and movements in a short time, with jumping wild, and carrying density. Then the Kyu part could be the whole Life dance finnaly.

[ The advanced stage]
8. As the further advanced creation, we can develope this method to replace the eight fear to each own ten problems.
Not only the fear, we have a lot of problems; physical proble, thinking habit, addiction, bind by desire, ego, super ego, shadow, not-me, anima-animus, dissociated personality, and so on.
To create the dance to release from our own problem must be a necessary creation for us.
This is the method to create my first solo dance, "Infectious Fever".

 2 November, 2012

Midwife method 3
Do not miss the Flower of Kan

Last weekend, I made a big mistake as a midwife.
I could not calm down the Ego enough, and I was trapped in the role of traffic cop in the Stone garden theater weekend,
I stopped a
subbody of Kan that was going to be born from the darkness of one student's body, and let it gone to miscarriage.

I noticed it in the day before yesterday night, trying to translate the
Flower of Kan in the "Quiet House" by Hijikata.
Finally I could decided after many trials and errors,
"Flower of Kan (Flower of Disablility of Resonance)"

As soon as that I noticed the lagest mistake in the last weekend subbody-cobody theater vividly.
It is written in Japanese; 癇の花。 癇 means sickness of 間 (=Ma).
間(Ma) means 'between' , 'relationship, and Resonance. 
癇 is a extreme condition of the sichness of resonance.
When Life could not resonate well with something, the sickness of resonance is amplifyed and grow up to a physical or mental disability or deformation, it is Kan.
Flower of Kan is to find the novel beauty in the disability and deformationed body/mind.
It is one of the main flower in Hijikata Butoh.

When a subbody of Kanis about to be born from the darkness of the body, it cannot an inch of breathing, and appeared in the barely state between life and death.
Among all subbodies, it is the weakest and the most fragile.
Our daily consciousness cannot endure to face the misery of its.
We cannot watch it, and are bound by the intense urge to try to eliminate.

In the stone garden theater last weekend, when many students crowded on the stage of the stone garden theater last weekend,
I took a role of trafic cop.
When I encounter a subbody of Kan of a student, the role struck me to organize the traffic jam, and I have killed a
subbody of Kan by an intense negative impulse.

The stone garden theater is a terms of Subbody Butoh School.
Each dancer enter the stage as a stone, as one of among the stone garden.
One stone has each own Universe and resonate as defferent dimension each other as the famous stone garden of Ryoanji temple in Japan.

A student, Gio entered the deep subbody (=subconscious body mode), as if forgot time and space, continued to dance for over an hour.
The stage became crowded by too many dancers, I noticed that a new students is missing to enter.
I directed her to share the space with others.
But, Gio's subbody wanted to dance more, and was stuck in the corner of the stage as a small crouching figure, and could not move.
Before the theater, Gio asked me, " I met a novel subbody in the morning practice, I wish to confirm it. Can I dance longer?"
"Okay", I replyed.
So, she seemed to get angry to me (Despite the fact that once you alowed me, you changed the atitude!).
When I saw it, it looked to me her Ego arose up.
And my Ego arose as a mirror, (Today, I guided you to open transparent eyes which see yourself transparently from the outside and from the inside what is happening.)
I was bound by a negative judgment of <She does not open the transparent sense>.
Normally, I deny that being a teacher, but at that moment I was possessed by the two roles of teacher and traffic cop of the stage.
I shouted her, "Gio, Look at yourself from outside! Do not occupy the space!".
She got shocked and went pack up and rushed out from the school.

But, it was the emergence of the
subbody of Kan which I had pusured during this year.
I could not notice it at that moment, because I was bound by the feeling of odiousness of it, by the too much of a disastrous appearance to my eyes for the first time.
And I did big mistake to eliminate it.

It took me a week before I noticed this big mistake.
I kept the skin scraped off one by one of my judgment which
bound me.
So various things happened in the process.

1. The first layer of judgement:
"Sense of transparency is not open!"
- This is none other than my appointment as a teacher, but
the fetus of subbody does not know about it.

2. The second layer of judgement
. "You have not noticed that youare going to inhibit the birth of subbody of other students,"
- Gio is enrolled in the second year midwife course already,
but, her subbody which is going to be born is not a midwife. Subbody does not know how to resonate with the world at all in the begining.

3. The third layer: the countertrasference
When I pointed out above by e-mail to her, surprising counterattack was returned from her.
"Even last year's butoh festival, Lee was forced me a instruction to go against my will. At that time I followed you with tears, But I can not put up with this time."
I can not stay in the school, i decided to go to Cambodia to work for poor women as a volunteer.
To hear it, the contertrandreferance came up to me from my past traumatic experience with my ex-wife.
My wife was a radical feminist, and always blamed me.
I had received hundreds of times with a severe criticism against the attitude of male power.
The trauma flashed back when I broke up finally no longer bear it.
I have learned from Jung about woman's Animus. The Animus of female's hidden manish tendency has a hard atitude with the logic of this kind of justice. A decision was revived that she is going to be possessed by her Animus as my ex-wife!
I mailed Gio "Do not stir because it is dangerous! Continue to meditate to listen to Life."
- But this opinion was by my countertransreference. It was nothing less than a one-sided viewpoint.

4. The fouth layer: Mystery of the strong emotion
However, even if I stripped those judgements, a deep mystery remained.
At the moment I gave a loud cry, I do not know why I was driven by an unusual negative emotion.
There must be something unnown secret.
I continued to listen to the mystery of emotions that arose at that time.

5. The shock of
Flower of Kan
While the one last night, trying to translate the Flower of Kan of Hijikata, I noticed that the disgust that struck me was the first encounter of the 'Kan subbody'.
I was shocked that I tried to kill it without knowing.
I didn't know the terrible strength of
Kan subbody.

6. The big gap between thinking and real emotion
I wrote a lot that we start from Affimation of all tendencies in the darkness of body.
Even for me that I have been trying to resonate with the misery and unhappiness around the world for more than 40 years, but I was trembled violently by the first encounter to the
subbody of Kan.
I was attacked by strong negative emotion against it.
It taught us that the extreme difficulty to bloom the
Flower of Kan. Because it is the disability and deformation of Life. We need to overcome this hardship. This is the destiny of Butoh.

7. Pure Life Resonance
Do not believe the first reaction of us.
First reaction is trapped in Ego which is bound by dualistic judgement.
Second reactions is often dyed by transfarence, projection and dreaming up, etc.
We need to calm down enough our daily body and mind at each moment, and try to search better resonance with all fenomena in the darkness of obdy. We need further training to open pure Life Resonance, and invent how to open the Flower of Kan, how to change our first reaction against Disability and Deformed body and crystalize it as a novel beauty. We have to dig the tunnel for the JO-Ha-Kyu of the Butoh magic deeper and deeper.

This morning, met with Gio, I apologized that I have committed a big crime.
I do not know whether her heart is moving or not.
Because she might start preparing to leave India in a week already.
I was assuming it was too late,
If it was too late in coming the awareness, I had killed the fetus of Kan subbody.
To continue to be a midwife is to repeat such a murder, killing subbody and cobody by a subtle careless mistake.
But all other students are attacked by each hard edge, we are wandered on the edge of life and death.
I cannot fall down here, I have to survive as a midwie for all students.

When I wrote up this, I received a mail from Gio; the following.
I could not read immediately because scared.
But I knew that it was not too late.
I'm so relieved, and able to sleep tonight.

For more information about "Flowers of Kan"
Please see "The Butoh second part 4th section 'Flower of Kan'" of the site; subbody.net

A letter from Gio

Dear lee

Thanks for the moring, kan flower..
After coming back, I experienced somthing unexpected moment.
I'd love to share that moment with subbody friends and you.
So I uploaded on facebook and send you as following.
I need more time to listen to my subbody about what's next.
Anyway tomorrow morning i'll visit you.

Dear Subbody Butoh friends

I’m not sure if I can give you about her(gio) experience exactly in these sentences or not. I’d love to share through body but in the limits of space I hope to resonate beyond space by these writing.

This morning she(gio) encountered an amazing moment.
She visited Lee and Lee told to her an unexpected phenomen...
She faced a big blockage in subbody mode on the stage last week.
Her strange subbody couldn’t move, couldn’t follow Lee’s direction even though she was watching the whole process from outside as transparent eye.
She was going to less less less body, felt like becoming a dust in the strange light, to extreme shrunken condition. Anyhow finally her subbody escaped from the subbody hall and was closed from this visible world. The subbody was trying to come outside from her deep memories, but couldn’t come out instead it hid in abyss again. At the same time her conscious body was closed from outer world making huge distance and starting to move out to new world to breathe. The process was mystery and incomprehensible for her, maybe also
for lee.

Anyway this morning, Lee has found the clue of the phenomenon as ‘Kan flower.’
She was able to accept the clue naturally, deeply with crying.

The following is what she wants to share with butoh friends.
After visiting Lee, She came back to her space and started to move, dance very spontaneously. She didn’t do any conditioning, but her various subbody came out one by one with strange sounds, languages, breathings. She couldn’t stop. Her hidden, pressed deep subbody was quaking to come out desperately. In that moment her body was not hers, really. She could see what’s happening clearly.

She remembered one phenomenon which she watched at the exorcism performance in Korea. The people who wanted to get exorcism believed that their one of dead family was floating with mortification gotten from this world before dying as forgotten spirit. In the performance of shaman, suddenly the shaman was possessed by the dead spirit and started to cry, move, dance, and talk with living people. When the process went to climax, the sprit was disappeared and everything was calm down. Maybe today’s experience of gio was different from the performance. But she felt some connection with that in some point, the pressed forgotten spirit and her pressed forgotten subbody by outer visible world.

One more thing what she wants to share is about being midwife.
You know, her subbody has been being born one by one and mixed by Lee and you guys.
Since last year, all subbody friends, you were her subbody’s mother, though the experiment as midwife you gave her birth, fed to grow up.

My dear friends and also mothers..

She encountered a big awareness through this morning experience.
The thing is the final midwife for her subbody is ‘SHE’
For now ‘SHE’ could give a new birth to her or kill the pressed subbody knocking the womb’s door desperately. ‘SHE’ has to take on all responsibilities and possibilities for her subbody from some moment. SHE(gio) is facing on very complicated state on the various borders, listening to her subbody’s yelling behind the door. SHE is looking for some space to give a birth to her subbody, until yesterday the space was for just other life to live in but now for safe space for giving a birth.

In this process she wanted to resonate more strongly with her friends and to take their wisdoms as her subbody’s mothers.
She misses you, your energy, your breathing, your subbody.
She wishes you be the best midwife for others and also for your own hidden subbody in your abyss.

Friends, Mothers with earth energy
Send warm resonance and light

much love, Dust Gio

 31 October, 2012

Creation method 4
Through the blood!

Through the blood into every dancing place
Through the unforgettable memories in the darkness between the fingers, the wetness of the inner thigh, the secret film of ass
Through the blue desire to the throat
Through the silence shout what you could not say
Through fear to the universe to quiver back
Through the nightmare of you to the shivering shoulder

When the blood pass through in each dancing place, it becomes dance, otherwise it is merely excesize.

Hijikata choreographed infinite fine choreography, it was an attempt to pass a certain blood there.
I was shocked to encounter Hijikata's butoh performance at kyoto when I was 23 years old.
After that I watched so many dance and butoh performances around the world, but had never moved again such deeply.
I didn't know why?
But, now I found what was dissatisfied.
Because the blood of dance did not go through.
Without own blood of dance, it is merely Butoh zombie, or Modern butoh which is ego-self expression of modern human which Hijikata was disapointed that they do'nt know to take off human.
Hijikata left an important his will to create Butoh which is called as the name of Life.
It is the "Memorandum for solo of Quiet House"
Why don't you read the will of Hijikata, leading to the Butoh of Life
thousand times.
No, too many people do not notice even the existence of the will.

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    

 (Section 16 of "Quiet House")

This memorandum is in "The Complete Works Tatsumi Hijikata" which has been published in 1998.
It is the year that I left from Japan.
I have narrowed down to only five books to dispose of the books that exceed ten thousand books I had.
I moved to the Himalayas in India.
One book of the five books, was the complete works of Tatsumi Hijikata.
It takes time to understand the Hijikata.
I have read hungrily in the Himalaya without any other information.
More than ten years it needed to find that the "Memorandum for solo of "Quiet House" is the very will of Hijikata which all of his findings are cristalized.
I found it eight years ago. And it was able to digest and translate in English for foregn people just five years ago.
The method how through the blood in each dancing place has been able to, just a couple of years ago.
Concrete practice way was almost established this year is the first time actually.
Blessed with a good eager students annually, working with them everyday, it took for 15 years with running at full speed.

Few people know that is his will to remain for future.
However, all the people involved in the dance, it is recommended to study it deeply.
It is not too late to work on "The Quiet House."
It's a gift to future generations to discover the way for the Butoh of Life which Hijikata aimed.

 29 October, 2012

Double Resonance of inner qualia and current qualia

Inner qualia are memories of qualia which is reserved in each cell , and current qualia are real time resonance.
Qualia resonance is always double resonance between inner memorial qualia and current qualia.
And our brain cannot distinguish the difference of the both.
When everyday consciousness is strong as the daily body, we can understand the difference between current qualia and memorial qualia.
However, when we are bound by fear or anger, the memorial qualia which are reserved in the gria cell of brain are activated and resonating together with current qualia.
The both qualia are resonating with mixing, then it was not able to distinguish the both.
They are called as <state-dependent memory>.
This double resonance is nature of qualia.
It causes the phenomena of <Possession>, <Projection>, <Transference>, < Dreaming up> and so on.
Then we need to accept all phenomena as the Life Resonance, and we can try to find best resonance way to them.

 Bottom of Kazuo Ohno
27 October, 2012

Happy 106th birthday, Kazuo Ohno.

.Happy 106th birthday Kazuo Ohno!
What dream are you enjoying?
I guess you are still dancing in the another ocean with your dead friends as a jellyfish, starfish, sea anemone, plancton and so on.
In 1949, 43 years old, you performed the first dance performance at Tokyo.
When you came back from Manokwari of New Guinea, demobilized after one year of prison life, you decided to dance your friends who died in the Second World War, you called it "dance of the jellyfish."
Yo uwanted to dance it from the experience on board the voyage home from New Guinea, saw off the burial at sea the people who died in malnutrition and disease, floating in the sea at that time.

Tatsumi Hijikata at 21 years old, saw your first dance recital and was shocked. He called you as "The Poizon Dancer!" later.

After the War, no modern dancer tried to dance the dead, they were hoping to the happy future, only you danced it by becoming Shisha( dead) itself. Then Hijikata resonated deeply, because also his most of sisters and brothers died in the War including the beloved sister which he could dance it in the last solo of Quiet House, finnaly.
You and Hijikata started from the deep resonance to dance invisible different dimesion including the realm of dead.

Dancing between the Bottom and Vaporized body

I collected bottom shapes of Kazuo Ohno.
Only dynamic standing pose is spread to the world as if Ohno's trade mark.
I worryed about it. It guides people to a big misunderstanding about his butoh.
Ohno's butoh was distorted by those great pose of his pictures.
Photographers used to shoot the timing of his standing and spread his big hands to the sky
In spite of that it is merely a pose of his butoh, camera men aimed to shoot the great pose. Because it is felt as the beauty for their eyes.
But their eyes are warped by modern daily sense of beauty.
Photographers who shoot only his great pose, distort his life of butoh completely. And the sad thing, many Western butoh dancers are inflenced by 'the fake of Ohno's butoh style', and it spreaded to the world.
For long long years I worryed about it.

It is one of the flower of his butoh, all right. He looked even great being who communicate with the Universe. But flower is not made of by flower itself.
Flower becomes the flower suported by the secret and the mystery.
Ohno's real dance was wandering the dark world below the knee, he faced to the edge of death, listen to the other world, full of the secrets and mysteries of life there. And he danced the distance between the bottom realm and vaporized floating realm.
Kazuo Ohno was an improvisational dancer. He could dance for long hours just by improvising as his original jellyfish dance.
Hijikata gave him an important choreograph when Kazuo aksed Hijikata to choreograph "La Argentina" and " My Mother".
A few people knew that the both pieces was choreographed and directed by Hijikata. Hijikata's choreography was just put some materialized bottoms in the piece, because it was the most necessary thing to support kazuo's natural jellyfish dance, it was the vaporized body in Hijkata's term.
Hijikata knew well about Ohno's dance what was the strongest Flower and what was lacked and wanted.
Hijikata put the Kugutsu body, Bottom body or Quiet body at the biggining, between each part, and the beginning of the ending part.
They supported Ohno's natural jellyfish dance as if the anchor, then the piece got the width between stillness and movement. The dynamic contrast brought the audience into the Kazuo's Abyss.
The second piece which Hijikata choreographed was "My mother".
Hijikata put a tiny table as the simbol of his mother, and fixed some postures with the table, on the table, playing with the table, entring the womb world, fuckng the table, and so on. Also they supported the ddynamic total Jo-ha-Kyu effectively.
We can understand after studying Hijikata's secret of choreograph through "Quiet House", how he applied his numerous technique of creation into the choreograph of Kazuo's piece.

Also a famous stroy which charactorizes well the distinction of Hijikata and Ohno, "The form follows the spirit" , and "The spirit follwos the form". But this is an artificial story which a clever critique made.
He hided the fact Hijikata choreographed Ohno's piece. Hijikata learned the vaporized body from Ohno's jellyfish dance in the young age and developed it to the vaporized and materialized technique. The both process was the essense of Hijikata's technique. It is to dance the distance between the weakened body and the separated spirit from physical body. Ohno and Hijikata shared whole process for long long years. They know well each other including the absolute difference.
In 1970's they were separated far away. And they could find the best resonance pattern in 1980's.

Flower, Secret and Mystery

Without facing to the own mystery and secret, the butoh turns to the fake dance.
( I wrote this sentense two years ago. I don't like the dualistic judgement as above. There is no dualistic boundary between true dance and fke dance. We need to take off all of these dualistic habit of consciusness. I don't have time to correct above sentense into non-dualistic sentense now. I just ask you to give attention to overcome those dualistic conscious habit.)
( About dance and butoh we should not use the word. We can get something real only through body experience.)

Most of photographers seem not to see his secret and mystery.
Yoshito Ohno, his son said "Kazuo had another world under the knee. It was another cosmos for him. ' The world of under the knee was very important for him. In case of modern dance, the tendency to orient upper direction against the Gravity is strong. But, for kazuo, in the opposite. When he felt something under world, he just fall down. The speed is terrible. In a moment he was fallen."
(" Ohno kazuo; daily food for Spirit", 1999, Japan)

I collected Ohno's photos of the opposite pose against the great pose of his butoh.
It was hard, because too rare to find.
Fortunately in the works of Naoya Ikegami, I could find a few photos.
I deeply apriciate Naoya's important works. It may be usefull to save the worldwide misunderstanding about Kazuo's butoh.
Please taste them by your life., with stopping your dayly sense of the beauty.
We need to take off all conditions of human.
And ask your life, "What do you want most?".

"What is the Flower of his butoh?"
"What is the Secret of his butoh?"
"What is the Mystery of his butoh?"

All of Secrets and Mysteries are invisible, belongs in behind world.
Only when you stop your daily mind, it will be able to resonate with your Life.

 28 October, 2012

Midwiving of infinite affirmation

As the Autumn is deepning, creations are deepening, too.
And unexpected things are happening everyday more and more.
Some students encounter the necessity of dance, other student meet peacock!
Midwife has to listen with extreme caution what is happening in each darkness of body.
1. The first stage of edge qualia;
shadow, not-me, hidden charactor
The first edge which all new students have to meet is conflict between daily personality and hidden personality as shadow, not-me, inferiority charactor and so on.
At first it is felt so hard, however, it is only just at the entrance.

2. Second level edge;
Anima, Animus, possession by various archetype
Anima, Animus is the opositte tendency against the biological sexuality within our darkness of body.
In the fetus age we don't have sexuality, after becoming the human process, only biological sexuality comes up as surface sexuality and the oppsite sexuality is hidden.
Male has their own female tendency as Anima, Female has own male tendency as Animus.
Normally they appear as 'the dream princess or prince", but it is the projected form of them. The essense of them is the hidden tendency of opposite sexuality which lives in the deeper realm of collective unconsciousness which Jung found.
Yes, they are the one of strongest archetype which bound us often.
Jung said, "Comparing the extreme power of Anima and Animus, the shadow is merely baby."
And not only the extreme strenth of bind, but also it causes so complicated relationship as the follwoing;

3. Third level complex edge;
Projection, Transference, Dreaming up
It happen in the relationship among all members including midwife.
Projection is a fenomina that the offensive content in the unconscious of ourselve, we feel as if it is the nature of others.
Trasference is one's old disonance pattern comes up in the present process. For example, bad experience of teacher comes up again in the present relationship with Lee or other midwife.
Dreaming up is to involve others into one's dreaming fantasy.

Be carefull not to be bound by these psychological concept above.
All of these fenomina are Life resonance.

These terms are from the pychology or psychoanalysis, then the field is between client and serapist.
But in our subbody-cobody process is not like that, everybody are creator and midwife of subbody-cobody at the same time.
All of these fenomina are resonance of Life. it is so natural process in Life.
In the daily life, these fenomina of projection, and so on are regarded as disturbance against normal daily life.
But in the subbody-cobody creation process, we start from the
affirmation of all tendencies in the darkness of body.
We accept all fenomina as natural Life resoance, and we need to open transparent sense to see all process transparently. Then we can use all fenomina as the Life resonance. We need just to find the best resonance pattern with them.

It is so hard process for everybody, but we are not alone, but cobody.
We will find out the best resonance pattern in the sharing and exchanging co-creation process.
This is the most novel and numinous, but necessary experiment in the subbody-cobody school.
Let's enjoy all hardships together!


Remember the time of extinction

When I was young, much 20s, every time I went down the stairs,
had this word with the mouth.
This will come out more and more It's a worst-case scenario.
I wonder how many times I might have become extinct on earth.
Since I was in the womb, what extinction was my friend.
From the womb, the mother wailing half-mad was heard.
I started looking for a vanished mother in the middle of the night with becoming a rat, it was the age of four rats.
I began to dream of the womb is false, at the age of 7.
Again, at the age of seven dreamt falling from the planet.
Political and ideological extinction at the age of 20.
Although I had been beaten many times by steel pipe,
I have not received a mortal wound by chance.
Three companions lost their lives instead of me.
20s I was living almost fainted.
I repeated extinction each time I left from a girl.
30s run swim, pedal a bike until broken body,
Continued from the head to the steep plunge in winter mountain skiing.
Had regained sanity, when I started to dance 40s.
Qualia of dying was something most dear,
It's a guy underprivileged absolutely necessary.
However, thanks to the whiplash was trained me from the fetal period,
I could learn to survive in tough and ugly ways.

I remember the days of extinction.
(You shall've survived overstep any tragedy.)
(However, this time. Tight How about most. Ever)
(Enough to go ruined internally, rich class,
that paradox is the only salvation. )

 25 October, 2012

Blood of Dancing
Subbody Creation Method 4

Taimu-life regression by Rizomingu explore the blood of dance

Until now, the seventh of the seventh body tone Rizomingu
I can not remain well-defined.
Rizomingu and, in resonance with the world behind various
Begins metamorphic part of the body that spread throughout the body
It is a unique transformation technique Sabubodi technique.
6-1, the transformation occurs from the vertical spatial dimension, around, and inside and outside.
However, some transformation can not determine the spatial and directional so.
So far the total or Rizomingu, it
I had been random or Rizomingu, remains ambiguous.
They were aware that you can oversee Rizomingu But as time.

One. Bottom Rizomingu
2. Top Rizomingu
3. Behind Rizomingu
4. Front Rizomingu
5. Inner Rizomingu
6. World Rizomingu
7. Time Rizomingu

6 I should be a transformation from one spatial dimension Rizomingu that occur in
7 transformation occurs in the time dimension.
Away from the current time, or to past life regression,
To the womb, to a different space-time of primordial life, I will go back.
Each space-time with the proper time, such as speed and stationary, respectively.
Freely to Protean good time Rizomingu time.
Body should be carefully adjusted, as well as self-hypnosis,
Disembarking to countless different time, collecting specific qualia there.
Qualia, such as smell of childhood, the blood of infancy, manure, and breast milk
Find out the qualia that are strongly ingrained in the body,
I find the movement associated with it.
When the movement was associated with distinctive qualia,
Just from the movement become dance.
No. 7 Rizomingu gray body, especially by the time Rizomingu
Regression-life regression and life, everyday body has forgotten
I essential to collect blood dance.
I also put a section of blood in the fourth dance of creative techniques.
Qualia is a unique symbol of the body clings to landing, the factory cans
And pride of the resonance-specific storage life, and Peacock,
It is not until one dance and physical movement.
Open and transparent in the sense of number 3, transparent see through them all,
It is to become the body and they can be seen.

Creativity techniques Sabubodi is the essence of the following seven combine to
By superimposing, as j resonance technique multidimensional life,
It will continue to be completed gradually.

All positive one
鮮深 need two
Clear sense of three
Blood of four dance
Johakyu 5
6 trillion figure-ground
Secret mystery flower 7

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    


We are deepening further the Creation method;

1. Affirmation
2. Sen-Shin-Hitsu ( Novel-Neuminous-Necessity)
3. Transparency
4. Blood of Dancing
5. Jo-Ha-Kyu (Beginning-Changing-Ending)
6. Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background-Signs)
7. Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery)

 24 October, 2012

Peacock cobody
Subbody Creation Method 5 Jo-Ha-Kyu

Life has experienced plenty of moments that Life was trembling violently beat.
To create a dance is to dig the darkness of body, and to hunt those moments.
Not to produce something that seems beautiful by head, but Life knows the beauty, in the form of excitement.
Hijikata called it the

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    


Nobody would be surprised to see a peacock in the zoo or in the mountains of India.
But suddenly we encounters a peacock in the garden of a private house, Life will be trembling out by surprise.
It is very precious moment when Life touched a beauty.
We've mostly forgotten those memories.
However, we may find that while dancing, our body meets interesting changing or unexpected moment of developement.
We should hunt for those moment.
Today, students practice transform from bottom body to vaporized body and materializing again.
During dancing I add one more thing to find a special moment of
peacock without planing by head, but to find by body.

In the afternoon, we shared it as peacock cobody.
This is the first trial to co-create a big world change to unfolding a different dimension.
It is the most important essence of Jo-ha-Kyu.

The peacock cobody which each student found are the following.
It became a big harvest of today.

 Name Peacock cobody 
 Akshi  Stories of the wall
 Solvieg  Turning feet Animal
 Gio  Shaking Dying
 Kristien  Saved face
 Kats  Falling backward into Abyss
 Pan  Inauguration of the Satyr

We are deepening further the Creation method;

1. Affirmation
2. Sen-Shin-Hitsu ( Novel-Neuminous-Necessity)
3. Transparency
4. Jo-Ha-Kyu (Beginning-Changing-Ending)
5. Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background-Signs)
6. Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery)

 23 October, 2012

Researching <Sen-Shin-Hitsu>
Subbody Creation Method 2

How can we proceed to dig in the darkness of the body?
<鮮深必( Sen-Shin-Hitsu)><Novelty-Numinosum-Necessity> is the reseaching technique.
I re-merged many articles about it in the "Practice Guide" into one.

First phase of the probe body to find the qualia of <Korea> first.

The calm awareness, while open secret relationship, muscle secret, secret chambers, secret film or the like,
By changing the body in a variety of ways,
I find the sub-signals that may be life and feel fresh.
It is suddenly feel qualia, unusual, interesting, and new.
Found it, according to the feeling of his body, you will follow.
Boarded in the whole body, and amplified to the extreme.
Found in the first stage so Sabubodi.
At this stage, it is good and spread to all sides.

It is the second stage of Exploration body <depth>.

It is a move that has stuck to his deep and <depth>, but I do not know why.
Qualia of darkness of the body is in a multidimensional resonance with each other beyond all time.
Network of the resonance of that is 布置 life.
Among them, the motion felt catch is connected to one of the problems among the border.
Jung said that remains sunk in the darkness of the body a long time ago, "shadow" (personality inferiority =, Vice personality), or
Detached from their ostensible Sullivan says, such as "Not Me",
I resonate with any of the personality is dissociated and muffled.
More ancient times, the trend of fetal life and infancy,
Also found that resonance qualia storage, etc. primordial life was etched in further cellular life.
If I find a network of qualia that resonate with deep resonance of their life
Be in accordance with, amplified, raise the movement of Sabubodi.
They become important Sabubodi bioplast, such as different 貌体.
Ever listen to the darkness of the body in general, however,
While the practice was to find a fresh qualia, I will end up in the deep stretch.
So it would be embarrassed or encounter with a variety of edge, to meet unexpected pain is there,
Would be willing to touch acupressure from resonance, proceed slowly heal yourself while quell confusion that comes from the variation of the edge of the body.
Students in a hurry would be stuck somewhere is impossible because the curse that I one after another.

When I listened carefully while you are sure to condition its development, and that the majority of students are ready to proceed to the next stage, the
Detective enters the body of the third phase of <required>.

Integrating Sabubodi have been found so far <and vivid> of <depth>, further
Dance really need to find the essential dance to live for his own life.
It faces the problems that they are trapped,
It is a stage of the struggle to confront their invisible force initiatives have been caught so far, to free yourself from it there.
If it can, it will be for the creation of life, such as restructuring the Bond invisible darkness of the body.
The kink caused by the pressure and constraints have been suffered life is always all creation,
Of life that returns twist is <Return Yojiri>.
There is no need to work hard from the beginning to the captivity.
Bond and countless muffled because it exists in the darkness of the body
Faced with the problem of their own as far as of now to work on the first from among its
Returns twist it, and reorganization.
A problem that has been thought not to reorganize each time, would give a hand to it
I have gradually loosened.
When you hit the edge can not be taken absolutely motionless, then the
Help each other work together at the edge of the joint.

And live Sabubodi repeats this process indefinitely,
It is to deepen in a spiral.
Such that it must continue to seek for the dance of life with dance Sabubodi.

The problem is only the proper tempo.
People to midwife the Sabubodi is slipped into Sabubodi-Kobodi student throw himself,
I must continue to listen to the faint born.
Unreasonable demands will be too soon would crush the student.
I'll miss the best chance of birth and too late.
Be the midwife of Sabubodi, it is a practice that we abandon ourselves life.
There is no difficulty about this,
Also a unique way of life that is worth living than this also.

Korea 1

I never touched the qualia fresh while exploring the darkness of the body, tasted so far,
I go about it without hesitation.
I what the heck.
Whatever you If it's meant to break the yoke of the everyday body, which had been confined so far.
Not to judge right and wrong, of good or bad.
Because we have had in the eyes of outrageous trapped in it until now.
The faint signal of whether or not, you will continue to amplify every body on board.
To explore the world that is amplified to the limit, that qualia leads.
Movements are thoroughly fresh taste to come out, to expand your body will be released.

Depth 2

Qualia and sensory and movement of Sabubodi found among Korea,
Exploring the links between inner qualia asleep in the darkness of the body.
Somehow I do not know, I feel like I had been deep in the body and led me to this movement
I hit the thing, I will explore it thoroughly.
Not only to yourself, but it's like catching a faint qualia.
Good dreams and you can not remember, implicit memory, specific of life,
Due to the unconscious region, they can not be extracted in the consciousness.
Of that I have tasted just boarded the Sabubodi each body,
Qualia wriggle out of their potential to resonate.
In particular, institutions and sites that secret, secret space, such as muscle secret, to the jurisdiction of the subconscious into
While I was moving in various ways, qualia is moving in that had been sealed for many years there.
It's a unique trembling of his life does not exist anywhere in the world.
Beyond the division of consciousness, subconscious, his whole will become one.
In accordance with it, and will continue to amplify the movement of only one irreplaceable comes out.
We polished up to the creation of life, it absolutely.
Just because the depth of < 鮮深必 > is deep and it just is not enough.
It's a place I want to say that God really.
Since I do not use religion take God and say,
Something mystical gibberish something is tangled.
However, such a gloomy atmosphere and are Kusun,
Feel mysterious secret lurking I is indispensable.
Resonance in life, such as isochronous and co-possession,
By reason contains the eeriness and mystery unexplained.
If it is only something that can be explained in words all,
'S no need to dance in the body.
Must be further deepen this problem.

Required three

To find a way beyond the stern that human life is the need to reach.
I find dancing indispensable to live.
It is essential, such as the creation of that, I found it to be possible in the morning, in the evening and also death.
There is no reason that such a thing is quite easy to find.
However, it continues to explore the creative and stern what is necessary to live, it's a living thing.
I will continue to listen to every day life ever.
What do you want to do most?
Do you want to make the kind of world?
It's a way of life that leads to the world beyond the classification of self-other distinction.


Researching <Sen-Shin-Hitsu>
Subbody Creation Method 2

How is it possible to find your true dance?

I have investigated in how to guide students to get it for a long year, but, I could not find the best proper way until this year.
A night in the dream my subbody of "Infectious Fever"which I created ten years ago, told me "Lee, guide students into the same way to find me exactly ten years ago, it is necessary for everybody, not only for you..".
Ten years ago I have faced to my ten ploblems which I have bound by for long years, and I diged the tunnel to release from these problems one by one.
I started to tackle to the smallest problem.
The first ploblem was what I could not stand neutrally.
The second one is what I could not open transparent eyes without intention and tention.
The third one is what I could not escape from the super ego which continued to direct me from above sky.
I invented each movement to release from these ten ploblems.
It became my frirst subbody solo of "Infectious Fever".
But, until recent I regarded that it was only my special case, because it was so hard process. I couldn't guide the others that hard process. But now I recognise that it is really worth to face to one's binds and problems for everybody to meet one's true dance which is necessary for life.
I organized the safe process of "Sen-Shin-Hitsu" with using resonance touch and shiatsu method for awaking the proto vitality which is able to heal by oneself and "Edge work" to overcome the unconfortable crisis of encountering the edge..
Now finally I find the method how to reserch in the darkeness of body.
I named it "Sen-Shin-Hitsu" method.

"Sen" is the first step of researching subbodies.
"Sen" means "Novel!", "New!", "Fresh!" ,"Intersting!", and "Precious!"

When you calm down daily body/mind, and listen in the darkeness of body with moving our hidden joints, hidden cavities, and hidden skin in various way, if you meet a novel body feeling, just follow, amplify it until the limit.
You can create your "Sen" subbodies.
Students of Summer term have already tried to research "Sen" subbodies in these two weeks. You can see the photo frick above.

The second stage is "Shin"
"Shin" means "Deep!", "Numinous!"

When you find a curious movement for your life, if you feel "I don't know the reason why, but I could feel something connected to my depth", this is the sub-signal of "Shin" from your life.
Our inner qualia are resonating each other beyond the time and space in our darkenss of body.
The new qualia which you meet today may resonate with the expierience of child age, maybe dream of fetus age, or deeper life memory which is folded in your cells.
The constellation of the inner qualia are resonate together in multi dimension.
It may connect to some "Shadow" which Jung found as a inferior character, "Not-me" which Salivan found which was disappeared character
in infant age through being ignored by parennts, "Trauma" which you have forgotten, and "Dissociated character" which your ego have cut away.
They can become your "Hidden subbodies".
Sometimes it may connect to deeper life tendencies which was folded in your cells as life memories.
They can become your "Proto subbodies".
If you find the "Deep!" sub-signal, you will encounter many edges which give you unknown unconfortable body feeling.
We need to learn Shiatsu technique for overcoming these unknown difficulties on the edge, and get the proto vitality which can cure and heal by oneself.
We need to proceed slowly and slowly with listening the time of life.

The third step is "Hitsu"
"Hitsu" means "Necessity!"

When most of students seem ready to proceed to next stage, we will begin deepest researching to find the necessity of movement for life. We have to face to the one's own problems and binds which bound us until today.
It will be so hard inner struggle, but it is worth to do for finding the new way to live with being released from these unnecessary binds.
Accutually all of binds are not necessasry for life. But our ego and self don't know how to escape from these unnecessary binds..
The real creation is the always "Reverse twist" of our lives which try to turn ourselves to the opposite direction which our lives are twisted, pressed, and warped.

You don't need to force yourself against the deepest problem at the first step. We have so many binds which are folded in our darkeness of body. You shuld start to tackle the easer problems which you can overcome with small effort, you will do the reverse twist and reframe your constellation from those binds.
To live subbody is to continue these infinite process one step by one step with spiral deepening.
Subbody butoh is to continue the investigation in the nesesity of dance of life.

The important thing is the tempo.
Too early prcess must break yourself by the too strong pressure of edges.
The midwife of subbody have to listen in the time of life of students carefully with throwing away the self.
To become the midwife of subbody is the hard trainig to abondon one's self.
It will be the hardest way of life, but it is the most worth to live.

 21 October, 2012

Behind the skin

A new student Solveig created a unique cobody experiment about the skin.
She showed an image above that everybody becomes skin and dancing from behind the skin.
She said that the skin is the origin of the nerves and brain, I tried to open the world of skin including its origine and developing to the nerve and brain.
This cobody experiment is so rich for everybody to explore the qualia of hidden skin.

I remmebered an article "Relationship between the brain and skin," which had been written before.
I will introduce it again in the reference.
Here is still the unsolved secret lurking deep secret of Life.
Relationship between the brain and skin

I have explored the mystery and secret of the hidden skin for a long time
I've never written a butoh score by using the words.
Not words, my memory of dance are carved into a transparent layers of hidden skin especially placenta layer of hidden skin.
I had thought that this is only me who do such a thing for many years.
But, I've found that Hijikata was so too while better read butoh score of Hijikata's "Quiet House".
On the contrary, in the later part of the score, all the strange transformations happening on the hidden skin.
It might connect to deep secret and lead to somethig universal of Life.

20. (The Flower of the Whole)

The flower of the whole and the participation into the skin are homogenous.

The nightmare, in which everything is performed with drooping hands, is particular to the naked body.


21. (Ripples)

Attacked from behind and inside, I picked a flower on the road.

Shivering, the ripples spread to the floor and to the sky.


22. (Heliogabalus)

In the picture of the abyss, the focus must be on the participation into the skin rather than the compound eyes. There is only one moment of Heliogabalus (*27).

Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling moderation


27. The participation into the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.

 In the butoh score of Quiet House, Hijikata deepened from watching human eyes via. rotten eyes, nest of eyes, compaund eyes and to the participation into the skin. Finnaly he got the multi-dimensional resonance of Life at the skin.
Skin is the most original birthplace of eyes, nerves and brain for Life.
From epidermal ectoderm of a multicellular organism, it was also differentiated brain nerve eye as well.

Ectoderm→Skin, Nerve, Brain
Mesoderm→Muscle, Bone, Blood
Endoderm→Intestine, Stumach

fig. Skin cell of Hydra

fig. Six layers of brain

So. Also brain, nerve, and eye was originally born from the skin.
From ectoderm they were differentiated to the skin, nerve, brain and eyes as well.
Then they have similarity. You can see the resonance of the skin and brain's layered system.
This resonance between skin and brain is the secret od the hidden skin. All inner qualia and outer qualia are resonating among skin and brain cells.

Sensory cells and motor cells are resonating in the body and brain cells are resonating always, and our Life recognize the world.

Yeah, this is the secret of the hidden skin which has various layers; as the palcenta, womb, mother, and world layers.

"The behind skin cobody experiment" by Solveig is to explore the unknown secret and mystery about skin, nerve, brain, and eyes.
It is very rich mine( researching tunnel) for everybody.


 19 October, 2012

Start from Affirmation
Subbody Creation Method 1

This Wednesday and Thirsday, we visited Tatapani sanctuary, with hot spring, temple, fields, and river.
Plenty of subbody and cobody appeared inspired by the culture and nature.
Today, we shift them to choreograph in abstract space.
Thruogh this creative work of choreograph we enter the harvest in the true sense of the word for creativity.

In the creation of dance choreography
important points are as below.

1 Afirm all tendencies in your darkness of body

Do not think by your head.
Head is fully trapped in dualism judgment.
This is good, this is bad.
Head is bound to a narrow concept that works only ridiculous human.
Take off all human thought and judgment, become life.
We don't create modern human dance, but create Butoh of Life.
In Life there are no dualistic Judgment at all.
Affirm any tendencies in the darkness of the body, even you feel just how ugly and miserable.
Throw away those dualistic emotional binds.
Of course, in the darkness of obody, we meet so hard qualia which we cannot endure, we call it "Edge qualia". Affirm all qualia including edge qualia with finding safe distance. To find proper distance is also to find good resonance pattern.
Almost subbody trying to be born still does not know how to resonate properly with everything.
Do not deny the baby and children, even if they do not know something.
Affirm everyhting with finding best resonance pattern.
First, it starts here.

After this, we can deepen the Creation method as the following;

1. Affirmation
2. Sen-Shin-Hitsu ( Novel-Neuminous-Necessity)
3. Transparency
4. Jo-Ha-Kyu (Beginning-Changing-Ending)
5. Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background-Signs)
6. Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery)

We will transiti to creative month from next week.
We will study and deepen the creation process of subbody and cobody during the last month of the semester.

 16 October, 2012

Edge work and "Mengen"

This morning Pan guided the class as a midwife.
He started from the edge work. It was the good timing.
Edge means the hard conflict qualia between the first process of daily body and the second process of subbody.
Now plenty of subbody and cobody came out from all students, but daily body doesn't know about subbody, then hard struglle are going to start at each new student.
We became pair and gave the edge qualia each other, and shaered
together by all.
Pan accepted all of edge qualia as a midwife.
Various edge qualia we shared as the following;
Qualia which is about to be crushed by something
Qualia to be tightened
Qualia breath becomes difficult, etc.

When I was received the edge qualia of Pan, it was a movement that body is deflected to the limit by someone.
When I received it, suddenly I was attacked by severe pain and stiffness in systemic instantaneous.
I noticed that "Ah! This is "the Mengen!".
I have a back pain already for 40 years, my fourth lumbar spondylolisthesis has crashed and slided.
I had been attacked by sudden big pain at my lower back from the 30s so often. I had become bedridden for a full week is about 10 times, bedridden for three days about 30 times, countless pain of the day.
Momentary pain is still running sometimes.
When I received pan's edge qualia, it was probably only slightly exceed the maximum permissible limit for me.
There is a proverb that the "The last straw breaks even spine of camel."
When a stimulus become beyond the limits, a panic ran through the body along with the pain.
I noticed that "Ah! This is the Mengen!".
"Mengen" is a special fenomena which an old hard qualia come out again in the healing process of acupuncture and acupressure.
Mengen is the flashback of the previous muscle-nervous tension pattern of the body which guarded the old problem of body/mind.
It comes out with mental tension and physical tension is bubbling up at the same time in non-dual realm, and lead to severe pain and mental panic.
Mengen and the flashback of trauma in a psycho-neurosis are the same resonance process beyond the time.
Fortunately, I could immediately ask the active acupressure treatment by Kats, then it calmed down soon.
While midwives always take all the edges of all students
must be recommended.
In the process we must be aware of the limit control carefully.
In the edge work, if the stimulus is too less, it does not work at all. And it goes over the limit, it must hurt.
Anyway, it was a great harvest to get what is the Mengen by my real body experience, though I could not write well by words right now.

Stone Garden Cobody 
 16 October, 2012

Cobody 3
<Stone garden cobody>
-Multi resonance Life

Resonance multidimensional world <Kobodi of rock garden> 3

Well, it's finally the last rock garden.
Also the forest herd, individuals have come together in some way from the apparent
I know it Kobodi,
I do Kobodi, rock garden and I do not know what it Sabubodi.
Single stone is also an individual, it is also not essential elements in the whole.
You can also see every single stone, and symbolizes the separate universe.
Depending on the resonance between the beholder and stone, transforming even to someone,
Resonance multidimensional world, it is a rock garden.
Since I was in junior high school, I visited the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon dozens of times,
I spent an enormous amount of time.
Paranoid, was formed and the sea of ​​my childhood, in the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon of puberty.
From the start of the dance is not only spatial arrangement,
Ryoanji learned from the development of temporal Johakyu.
Say no more.
I recommend that you sit there for several hours to go.
Itself is not the world itself becomes a resonance into multidimensional
I could never understand the life resonance.
Multidimensional resonance in the world, it is important,
Not only each and every stone,
Between the stone and the stone it 's a <inter>.
And with the stones and the beholder is <inter>.
It is a resonance that changes from moment to moment and <between>.
As soon as I entered the theater, when dancers at any time
Become one element of one of the rock garden.
And I will be able to transform even to anything.
Generates the infinite resonance qualia thereby.
Mingle with the dead can be listening to the voice of death,
I can also dance a fragment of a nightmare.
Life is a rock garden is resonating with multidimensional and non-dual
It is to become the world itself into.
Universe is ever-changing.
Beyond the world of matter and energy,
Memory and dreams and delusions, and jumbled real relationship
Cross each other in a multidimensional way.
It's a stage that it's rock garden.

Saki is a pathless darkness from here.
Kobodi Sabubodi and mystery, such as between,
It is a challenge I've never dug anyone yet.
However, the secret of the mystery of individual herds and individual survival, existence and kind that I should not be solved
I do not know anything about life.
Life of all those distinctions are disabled
I hid because he has essentially nonduality.
Anyway, quite an interesting journey began this fall unexpectedly.
In the highway and the Sabubodi Kobodi of rock garden, forest and herd
I will be able to experience the resonance pattern in there.
A place to explore freely the secrets and mysteries of Sabubodi and Kobodi
I finally was able to find.
I wanted to dive head first into each present in this mystery.
I wanted to eat until this mystery along with the students.
I have come to the point where longtime wish finally come true.Resonance multidimensional world <Kobodi of rock garden> 3

Well, it's finally the last rock garden.
Also the forest herd, individuals have come together in some way from the apparent
I know it Kobodi,
I do Kobodi, rock garden and I do not know what it Sabubodi.
Single stone is also an individual, it is also not essential elements in the whole.
You can also see every single stone, and symbolizes the separate universe.
Depending on the resonance between the beholder and stone, transforming even to someone,
Resonance multidimensional world, it is a rock garden.
Since I was in junior high school, I visited the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon dozens of times,
I spent an enormous amount of time.
Paranoid, was formed and the sea of ​​my childhood, in the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon of puberty.
From the start of the dance is not only spatial arrangement,
Ryoanji learned from the development of temporal Johakyu.
Say no more.
I recommend that you sit there for several hours to go.
Itself is not the world itself becomes a resonance into multidimensional
I could never understand the life resonance.
Multidimensional resonance in the world, it is important,
Not only each and every stone,
Between the stone and the stone it 's a <inter>.
And with the stones and the beholder is <inter>.
It is a resonance that changes from moment to moment and <between>.
As soon as I entered the theater, when dancers at any time
Become one element of one of the rock garden.
And I will be able to transform even to anything.
Generates the infinite resonance qualia thereby.
Mingle with the dead can be listening to the voice of death,
I can also dance a fragment of a nightmare.
Life is a rock garden is resonating with multidimensional and non-dual
It is to become the world itself into.
Universe is ever-changing.
Beyond the world of matter and energy,
Memory and dreams and delusions, and jumbled real relationship
Cross each other in a multidimensional way.
It's a stage that it's rock garden.

Saki is a pathless darkness from here.
Kobodi Sabubodi and mystery, such as between,
It is a challenge I've never dug anyone yet.
However, the secret of the mystery of individual herds and individual survival, existence and kind that I should not be solved
I do not know anything about life.
Life of all those distinctions are disabled
I hid because he has essentially nonduality.
Anyway, quite an interesting journey began this fall unexpectedly.
In the highway and the Sabubodi Kobodi of rock garden, forest and herd
I will be able to experience the resonance pattern in there.
A place to explore freely the secrets and mysteries of Sabubodi and Kobodi
I finally was able to find.
I wanted to dive head first into each present in this mystery.
I wanted to eat until this mystery along with the students.
I have come to the point where longtime wish finally come true.
 Forest Cobody
 14 October, 2012

<Forest cobody>
Co-being of infinite diversity

Then, species differentiation proceeds, specially after the Cambrian explosion of species.
Variety of species adapted to a variety of environments on the planet in harmony.
Gradually rich ecosystem was born which was diversifying particular ecosystem evolves under certain circumstances.
The ocean has a paticular ecosystem of the ocean, Desert has its own ecosystem.
Rainforest ecosystem is the most rich one which infinite diverse species coexist, abundant water is constantly circulating, colorful variety of plants, insects, birds, and beasts.
I have developed an infinite variety of resonance patterns for these years, and now we name it as <Forest cobody>.
Marine is also one of the <Forest cobody> which has rich h

Anyway, quite an interesting journey began this fall unexpectedly.
We are able to experiment various resonance pattern in this field to explore freely the secrets and mysteries of Subbody and Cobody.
We finally was able to find it.
I wanted to dive head first into this mystery.
I wanted to eat this mystery and secret with the students.
I have come to the point where longtime wish finally come true.

Swarm Cobody 
 14 October, 2012

Cobody 1
<Swarm cobody>

-on the edge of Life and Death

Life has countless resonance pattern with everything.
It is the wealth of life, which have been accumulated in the history of 4 billion years of life.
How it would've been developing on earth?
What would it have been the first resonance pattern of life that was born in 4 billion years ago?
I have been exploring it becoming the origine life by upstream life meditation for long years.

My friends, try to imagine that all is the dead world around you which was born four billion years ago.
Only group of cells of life was born by chance is alive.
You can resonate well with those of only a few thing; water, warmth, Calcium and Sodium ions, Amino acids, and so on.
There are only a handful of things that can resonate well.
You do not know what should you resonate with other things.
When you encounter such a new thing, if you can find proper resonance pattern in a moment you can survive, otherwise you must die.
Life had been forced to stand on the edge of life and death in the event of borderline.
For origine Life, the edge qualia between death and life was the most foundamental qualia.
Can you resonate well, or not?
Success or failure?
Life or death?
Only cells found a good resonance pattern instantaneously have survived.
Numerous fellow was dying.
Nobody of origine cells could not help them.
It was the origine world where Life was born.
Harsh conditions which Life encountered in four billion years;
asteroid impacts, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and ice ages....
Under extreme conditions, the many lives will be extinct, only a handful cells were able to survive.
Life had met these hard trials again and again, which is called a bottleneck event, and were selected, differentiated, creating a new resonance pattern.
A species shears a particular resonance pattern which is best under the paticular circumstances of each environment.
It is the first resonance pattern as <Swarm cobody>.
It had been developed to survive as a species.
Every species share a unique resonance patterns of each own <Swarm cobody>.
It's was the most unavoidable way to survive for Life.
<Swarm cobody> and the edge qualia of life and death is one.
Life invented the resonance pattern of swarm or herd in order to live, but, herd of mankind is full of terrible paradox.
There is a swarm to kill, such as military,
also a swarm to be killed, such as Auschwitz.
They are stripped even personality, personal face in it.
What is swarm? What is individual? What is kind?
There is a deep mystery which is not able to understand without becoming swarm.
To be a swarm means to undertake all the mysteries of these,
and investigate in those question through bodily experiences.

 10 October, 2012

Explore the diversity of the resonance pattern of Subbody and Cobody

This month, there was a major discovery of about once every 10 years.
What I've been exploring for almost 20 years, was how is it possible to create richly diverse patterns of dancers resonance.
Though I have tried everything blindly until now, suddenly thick clouds becomes clear in this month, finding three basic resonance patterns of subbody and cobody.

Newborn subbody can not yet resonate well, because htey are hidden in the darkness of body for long time, <Disonance> is the basic characteristic of subbody.
Cobody is hidden in the deeper realm in the darkness of body, which Jung found as "the collective unconscious", all of us shared it unconsciously, and cobody's nature is to resonate well naturally.
There are so many, maybe infinite resonance patterns.
But now we can find out what they have three basic resonance patterns, as the following;

Three Basic Resonance Patterns of Cobody 

1. Swarm Cobody

This is like the bees swarm, school of fish, flock of birds, and herd of animal, moving everyone to share the same qualia, same timing, same distance among group. It is most obvious movement of the herd.
This cobody shares the hidden skin as a group, then they can move together without hitting each other.
Same kind fish has own specific way of swimming, lizards have specific timing and speed, amoeba have its own.
Swarm cobody is most basic moving pattern of Life. Also ancient human had it, and still we share it in the darkness of body, then it comes out in the special situations as the disaster, war, festival and so on.

2. Forest Cobody

This cobody can move together with keeping the rich diversty of Life as the echosystem of the tropical rainforest which has a variety of different types of plants, insects, birds and animals.
It's model is the most rich nature itself.
In the rich ocean as well, there are infinite diverse ways of Living rather than a uniform qualia like swarm cobody. We cn transform the Forest Cobody with keeping uniqueness of species, various qualia, speed, timing, ways of living and so on.
Forset cobody includes various degrees between the swarm cobody and the stone garden cobody.
While we become the forest cobody, within the cobody movement, each one can develope own subbody infinitely.
We can rsearch the non-dual mystery and secret of subbody and cobody through the forest cobody.

3. Stone Garden Cobody

This cobody is close to the subbody infinitely.
Japanese rock garden of Ryoanji Temple is the model.
It was made of 15 stones, and each stone is the symbol or medium of different Universe or Behind world which Life resonate.
THis cobody is a metaphor of multi-Universe.
It's a way to become the reality of Life which resonate with different multiple dimension.
Then, the individual stones can be a Universe or another world behind the daily world.
One important charactoristic is the deversity of the distance between each stone.
Each distance between stones has each own unique taste.
In the modern city park, daily bodies are bound by the unconscious tendency which keeps equal distance against others.
The resonance pattern of stone garden is the opposite resonance pattern against the individual distance in the modern city park.
I had visited this garden so many times and spend long life time with tasting various qualia of it. In each visit I could be aware of novel finding. We can learn not only spacing, but also timing of Jo-Ha-Kyu. It has so rich deep qualia from varius aspects.
We should create novel pattern of stone garden in the theater.
And each stone can be transformed into the swarm cobody or the forest cobody anytime.
The combination of these three, all resonance pattern was born.
Then when we integrate all of three resonance patterns, we can invent the most rich resonance pattern flexiblly.

Universality of a theory is infinitely simple, and have a widest universal validity at the same time.
As the Relativity theory which Einstein discovered that E = mc
It represent the most universal relative relationship about matter and energy.
It is also still standing as the deepest theory about matter and energy for 100 years since its discovery.
However, the theory of relativity is applicable only in the world of matter and energy.
About Life and Qualia generated by Life Resonance, it can not be solved by relativity.
Qualia are born by the difference of the resonance pattern of the String in the String theory, probably.
According to the String theory, any substance and energy are generated by the difference of the resonance pattern of the String. Also the Life and Qualia are generated by it.
It must be born by those special resonance pattern string, though it would take time of centuries, until its entirety is to be elucidated.

We need to research the mystry and secret of Resonance Principle which has no subject and no object. We don't know about the Resonance Principle yet at all.

It is something that must continue to be discovered in the future.
The discovery of the three resonance patterns of subbody and cobody is a small step to gulp it.
We have to unlock the secret and the mystery of Life Resonance little by little for the future.

In this fall, we begun to dig each own cobody in the school, not the subbody which is the subconscious body of individuals as usual semester.
Cobody of the swarm, forest and stone garden are living in the deeper collective subconscious which Jung found.
The result is remarkable as was unexpected, so rich variations of cobody came out from the darkness of body of each student.
We tried to become niether the privileged choreographer nor choreographed dancer.
All the students is also a choreographer of the cobody, and also a dancer as cobody and subbody. We call it as "Choreo-dancer".
Tremendous richness of cobodies are born during this week.
We can show the proof tomorrow after piture editing.
Do not miss it!

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 10 October, 2012

Live beyond the sex

We are born as Life with a history of long-awaited four billion years. It is waste that is tied to
biological sex that men and women were assigned by chance.
The woman should become man, and the man should become woman.We will be able to
transform freely in the another sex body in dance. Fortunately dancer can become opposite
sex body ,and we ca ninvestigate in the mystery of the anima and animus. Though, it may be only privilege of dancers.

In addition to it, to live as a midwife of Subbody which is not born yet of others, can become ​​even in mother or the Great Mother. It is rarely rich way of living.

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 Dedicate all my subbodies to Yamazaki, Tusuji, Hashimoto
 8 October, 2012

Dedicated to the 45th death anniversary Hiroaki Yamazaki

I realized that today is 45th years death anniversary of Hiroaki Yamazaki my esteemed friend.
He and I entered a high school in Osaka 1964.
Since both of us were from poor female-headed household, we met every month at the counter to receive a monthly scholarship.
We made the anti-war organization called "High school student's council to oppose the war and colonialism" in Osaka. I was General Secretary of it. I had spend time as an activitivist of anti war movement, to joined in every meeting in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo by hichhiking, as a representative of high school student.
Also he was a member of it, we joined many anti-war demonstration together.
In 1967, Yamazaki entered the Kyoto University Faculty of Letters in active pass.
I was to be one year late to enroll a failure.
However, this one year it was divided into life and death.
October 8th of that year, Yamazaki died in anti-Vietnam war struggle at Haneda international airport.
If I were there, it could have been me instead of Yamazaki.
When I started to train as a butoh dancerin my 40s, I moved Kyoto where I had been away for 20 years, my three dead friends in the anti-war struggle including Yamazaki, Toshiaki Tsuji, and Kenji Hashimoto started to visit my nightmare every night.
I surrender my body to them.
(Use my body freely, Anyway, I had to die instead of you, or together with you guys.)
One day in 1998, a series of dance came out from my body spontanepusly in practice. I didn't have memorythat it was made by me.
I thought the deads of Yamazaki guys must create it with using my physical body.
Because, since I started performing the butoh dance in the world, all of them stopped to visit my dream.
Since then, I started to reseach the subconscious body named "subbody-cobody", it continued until now.
Yamazaki, Tsuji, and Hashimoto are the true author of my dance.
I dedicate the all subbodies which came out during these twenty years to the three dead friends.
Let's meet soon!

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 Berryz kobo "Loving you Too much"
 7 October, 2012

Multiple Resonativity of Life

Bond to Visa=Nation-State problem

During the last two months, I was bound by visa problem in Japan, ordered the correction of documents endlessly, and I had to finally give up to get it running out of time.
The problem connected to my hidden personality of my young age who was fighting against government which proceeded Vietnum War with USA in 1960s.
I was cought by the revolutional charactor during these days.
Though I was so happy to meet old dance friends; David, Mat, and Hisako, but on the back side, I was involved into the nightmare of Nation-state problem which separates us by the national borders.
My basic mode would have been early in life "Yamasawa" of anti-state struggle, much anger and bitterness that are likely to suicide was swirling in the bottom of darkness of the body.
It is going tocome out gushing, I was required to continue to pay close attention not to outburst.
I would be a heavy smoker like when I was young, I had been turning the poison as alarm bells all over the body.
In the words of my shiatsu master Ryokyu Endo, the condition of my body would be full of "evil spirits".
In my word, my Life was bound by the disonance of subbody.
I collected miserable photos around the world and around the world and continued to upload .
However, I have noticed that somehow, the balance had been mad during Japan.
In particular, the "Abyss of Cobody" ,the preceding paragraph of this article is bond badly.
We should not expose too much of the kind of misery and misfortune.
I was too inprison of the visa=nation-state issue, and it was too much to forget different faces of Life.
Life is resonating with the multidimensional, even in the misery and misfortune whatever, any amount of other qualia is shining.

Happiness of cells of Flaman

Even in the depth of misery of life, the opposite qualia of euphoria such as the video above, filled in the body.
No, rather than the dualistic two-sided , if we listen to the body finely, multi-dimensional qualia are able to be felt in the body as if the Calbi-yau rainbow shining in each cell.
Yestrday, I could dance as a student with other students together.
I started moving as the Flaman which is the weekest weakened body. I was inprison in the bed for long years, but when I started crawling, so many different qualia streaming and changing in my body. My head enterd between two legs of someone, my womb gave birth of various creatures. Each cell could feel the despair, bliss, nightmare, humor, death, regeneration, hope, bitterness, hopeless, dreaming, orgasm, combat, festival, sleep, ecstasy, etc.
Multidimensional countless qualia was resonating in the cells.
I would be lying forgotten it.
By thinking mode in Japan, I tend to become trapped in one tendency of brain condition.
Back to the Himalayas, I danced for the first time in a long time with students in resonance.
For the cells of Flaman who was bond in the bed for many years, if it can move even a little, it is the miraculous happiness for him.
I felt the cells of Flaman were dancing in ecstasy.
Also there was a soul to fly away from the collapsed body.
The Rhizoming body told me in the midst of dance, what I forgot all the multidimensionality of Life during the Summer.

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 2 October, 2012

Depth of Cobody

Yesterday, No. 17 typhoon has passed Japan.
I could experience typhoon head for decades.
My subconscious exited with resonating typhoon in preparation for the invasion of the storm, and become adrenaline mode.
In the condition when I lookin to the picked up herd paintings from Henri Michaux, the drowning been involved in subversion nightmares of floods, tsunami, and the replaced the ship.
I grew up in the seaside town of Kainan, Wakayama during elementary school.
Every Spring, we enjoyed collecting the seashell in shallow tidal flats.
In the Fall we were attacked by typhoon so often.
That sea engulfed the land and typhoon storm has surged the town.
Half of the town it was repeatedly flooded the floor every year.
The name of the town where I lived was "Tideland" oroginally.
I saw nightmares often that is often swept away by tsunami in boyhood.
While drowning, a girl of the classmate was washed away by the wave and ups and downs in the flood, I saw.
I tried to swim toward her to save, but never was successful.
Another nightmare was at 40 years ago, when I crossed by ferry from Niigata to Sado island.
I slept in the bottom the ship, I had a dream that the ship sank.
When the ship is about to sink, I forget myself to hande out life jackets to everyone.
And at last I have found that no life jacket left for mine.
(It's Bad!), and I rewind the dream among dreaming, at first minute I keep one for me, and handing out life jackets to everyone.
It's an abject dream within a dream a tiny ego came out.
I was wandering between the ego and the non-ego.

When we are involved in the natural disaster or man-made disaster, such as war, revolution, struggles, we as Life must sway between subbody and cobody, individual and kind among the fate we were involved in.
We are torn oneself and being working beside oneself, the ego and egoless Life.
I also experienced it in the anti-war activities against govenment around the year 1970, many close friends died young, but I could not die.
There are moments in life which we experience universal Life before the differentiation of self and others, transformed into the body of the herd.
Perhaps, it is the first experience that I was faced with the mystery of between Subbody and Cobody.
What is the body of the herd?
And the body of the individual?
What is the egoless Life.
What is the Ego.
What is the best resonance of Subbody and Cobody.
Subbody does not know yet how good resonance.
In the midst of the tunnels between the two condition of Life,
we can experience the mysterious Abyss of Life that has not been solved yet.

Since the 3.11 Fukushima disaster, every year, we tried to relive tha Fukushima experience in the Subbody School Himalaya.
We tried to become Life which is caught a big earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident, and became into Life at the bottom of the sea being attacked by radioactivity as the biggest polution.
Unconscious impulses pushed us into the bottom of the sea.

We are also involved in Fukushima from the first day of the workshop in Switzerland this summer.
Why must we experience like this terrible thing?
Some of the participants were shocked, hurt, wondering.
However, most of them overcame the edge and explored each own life memoriy, forgotten nightmare which resonates with the misery in the world gradually during the month, and found the tunnel down to the each Abyss of Life and Death.

In the Hijikata's butoh score of "Quiet House",
he often mentioned about the special moment before or after the storm.
He knew well that time when strom invades our daily life is a special moment we encounter the entrance of another dimension.
Our subbody and cobody metamorphosed into the non-dual chaos of Life with the resonance of world=self change.
The internal and external partition disappears, beyond the dualistic boundaries between life and death, self and others, individual and kind.
It is the singularity that resonates with different dimension.

The morning after the storm has passed, nobody visits me any more
I stood up

A samurai commander becomes a nest with his body as it is.

[I am] waiting for an attack of the storm with the body that connects to these parts, like a puppy that felt the coming storm, or like a spoon or a firefly.

At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask.The mask sets sail toward the forest.

A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

Another singularity is the festival.
Though it is faded recently, in the earlier age than modern,
People's life was devided clearly into two; 'Hare(Sacred)' and 'Ke(Daily)'.
In the daily life, people live in the dazzling moderation, and in the festival they broke it, and transformed into non-dual cobody that resonates beyond the boundaries of me and you, Life and Death.
In Hijikata's "Quiet House", at the 3rd secssion 'Ash Girl' were danced at the festival space where dead and alive, near death people, bug, spirit and soul gather together.

3. Ash girl

Soul and Spirit



Nobody visits any more

Nobody can sleep any more

Flower of density

An extreme fulfillment came to her and she became an incredibly beautiful being.

She learned the various customs of Shisha

A dream of horsemeat (*7)

A man who was dragged out of the behind room

A mad man-child sitting on a chair = a beast

Dance the beginning of Kanchen (*8) naked

Use the floor technique of Framan

The morning when a storm has come


Dig the darkness of the body.
Find the mysterious singularity which the boundaries between;
Internal and external,
Individual and kind,
Self and others,
Part and whole,
Subbody and Cobody,
Life and Death,

Hunt the moment all dualistic distinction is lost.
It's the entrance of the tunnel to Abyss.

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  David Zambrano, Michaux, and Hijikata

When I am going to upload two articles about Michaux and David, unexpected synchronisity came out.
It is just by accident that David' video and Michaux's drawing togethre.
But there are deep resonance between David and Michaux.
Don't you feel it?
Hijikata's cobody also resonates deeply with them together.
All of them were aware of the depth of cobody, not only indivudual appearance of human.
They could notice the unique beauty of non-dual Life beyond the boundary between individual and group, self and others.
( You can see Hijikata's excelent cobody in the video clip of "Hosotan"
Crick here)

 30 September 2012

Passing Through of David Zamburano

I enjoyed the workshop of David Zambrano fully for the first time in 10 years.
I asked him,
"Did you change something in the past decade?"
"Not so much change, but what I wanted to do became quite clearly." He replied.
Ten years ago, his worlshop was made up of the Flying low class and improvisation class.
The word of 'Passing through' had been used by him frequently as keyword, but now it have grown up as two pilars of Flying low and Passing through.
Essense of flying low is the exchange of energy between the body and the ground in the vertical dimension.
Essense of Passing through is to make clear the energy streaming
between people and the space, or between people and people in the holizontal dimension.
He guided particpants of Passing through to move in curve, and to stop in curve, with various sizes of large, medium, small and super small.
Several important elements were added in the passing through class.
The elements are to share the stillness together, to share the empty space, and to move together with same direction at least once in a session.
These elements are to improve the natural tendencies of people.
In his improvisation class at 10 years ago, the particpants was bound by a strong tendency to show own movement at the center of the space , then it become crowded and dumpling in the middle of the space always.
Students was imprinted a strong ego and self expression from western society.
When all of them have wanted to show oneself as childlike <Look, look, look at me>, the improvisation became really ugly.
He added a task on the first day of this five-day workshop,
<At least once to share the moment everyone is stillness at the same time>.
Then, the second day, the next task; <Everyone is out of the space at least once> has been added.
Furthermore, on the third day, added the third task;
<Everyone is moving in the same direction together at least once>.
Simply by putting these elements, dancers always have to listen to the entire field is required.
It was heading what people can not only involved in the expression of ego and self.
I had also approached to the same direction from other ways for the decade.
Though David and me is different genre of dance, and we didn't meet each other for ten years, we investigated in the same theme.
That's why I felt we are comrade, who have pursued the same challenges and self-liberation from the ego through different ways.

During the workshop, I enjoyed the passing through fully, and at the same time I wodered what is the next stage of passing through?
Now is that the abstract pure energy to pass through the people and space is the basis of passing through.
If we let pass through various qualia instead of the abstract energy,
it becomes almost same as the subbody-cobody method in the Subbody School Himalaya.
Moreover, if we let pass through <Qualia with a variety of speeds, size, strength and density >, it becomes Butoh.
Differences between Butoh and Dance is to pass through all kinds of qualia between Life and Death, or to use only humanistic qualia.
What those infinite kinds of qualia pass throuhg the body and mind of dancers, with transforming various speed, size, strenghth, and density, it is the Butoh.
I stopped to ask David the question "What's next?", because he already pass through various qualia.
In his workshop, it is limited to the abstract energy, but, in his solo, I could see not only abstract energy, but also the infinite variety of qualia of Life has passed through his body.
His dancing seems to overcome the barriers between dance and butoh.
His dance has been deepened to inevitable dance, and became a transparent medium of Life and Death.
I can beleive that he must continue to ask his Life, what do you want to do the most?
Because only that person who keeps it reaches the necessity of dance finally.

Reference DZ1 "Why did I resonate deeply David Zanburano?"

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Big Ropes object ( The person is a participant of his workshop, Ms.Suzuki) 
 27, September 2012

Wild Transparent Body of David Zamburano

David Zambrano danced three times during stay in Niigata, Japan.
The first time was a duet improvisation with musicians Iva from the Czech Republic,
Second time is the performance in the object of big ropes (above) in the main venue for the "Water and Earth Art Festival in Nigata".
Third time is the last solo in the square of the harbor pier.

Duet with Iva at the first time, She ran and danced while singing and playing the violin, and they did a fantastic improvisation.
I know his perfect resonance because I also danced with him many times, alsways he is showing the best movement at the best point and timing.
We can see the real-time resonance polished for the lifelong by David who says "Improvisation is life".
If Love is to find a best resonance, David's improvisation is full of love.

At the second performance in the ropes (above), I was really surprised.
I was waiting for the performance in fron t of the rope, before performances will begin on time.
When it is going to begin, I noticed that an old woman wearing a yellow raincoat entered into the inside of the ropes.
I was almost saying to her,
"Oh, grandma, a dancing begins here soon!"
I was really surprised at that moment.
It was not an old woman, but David Zambrano himself!
He is trying to walk staggeredon the hung down ropes on the ground.
I felt (Oh, David is becoming his old mother!).
It was the true "weakened body" I have never seen even by any butoh dancer.
(Hoh! when did you get this butoh technique!)
David in the decade before was used to be rolling, flying and bouncing forcefully.
I can not imagine that he was transfigurated such a big change.

When I saw the last solo dance in the harbor pier, I could quite understand that it was inevitable transformation for him.
David appeared in the square with practice wear, and began running lightly.
Freely crossed the space, and energy from all directions passed through the body.
(Oh, this is the passing through what old David used to do) with a peace of mind, and at the same time, I was feeling a little frustrated ( Do you have continued to do the same thing for ten years?).
However, after running around for ten minutes, as soon as he was dressed in traditional Indian costume, A Gear Change was happened.
Fingers of the right hand of David, started trembling finely.
(Oh, here's the real start!)
David went into finer deployment which various qualia passe through his body, sometimes attcked him, pressed him, he tried to escape or regist it. It was going through serious deployment. with difficulties under pressure, hardships to resist. .
It was no time to breathe succession of protects and protests.
I was in tears and was almost crying, not only me also my next girls who was watching together.

We could see everything transparently what happened on his parents, grandparents, and poor people in Venezuela through his dance.
It seemed the living being at the mercy of the hardships received from all over the world.
In his workshop he guides people that only abstract energy are passed through, but in his solo it is not only that, he takes on all kinds of qualia including hardships and let them pass through his body and mind.
We could see many qualia of Life has passed through his body;
Qualia trying hard to pass through,
Qualia that have attacked from outside and inside of body,
Hardships came befall of parents, grandparents life history,
Qualia only when crouched trembling,
The dance was over at last、his body becoming only a small tremor.

After the dance finished, David had a short talk as the following;

His real name is "Jesus David Zamburano". .
Jesus of Christianity, David of Judaism, his parent hoped to him to footstep of his grandfather who was a pastor.
But he became a dancer disobey their expectations.
In his darkness of body, Remorse must be to have been swirling. that he could not respond to the hope of parents.
In the transfiguration of this decade, his dance deepened gradually to the necessity of dancing.
It has become more like dance carrying all the suffering of the people of his hometown, and the world. Dance itslf became a pray.
David did transformed into a transparent medium of the people.
To deepen own dance means to become finer and multi-layering, and to increase the degree of transparency.
Deepnenig of his dance in the past decade, includes all element of these.
There is nothing to be empowered so that we witnessed the inevitable deepening of an old friend.
I also must try to deepen the necessity of danicing.
David, thank you very much!

Reference DZ1 "Why did I resonate deeply David Zanburano?"

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 27, September 2012

Passing through of David Zamburano

During the stay Niigata, Japan , I enjoyed to the full Workshops of flying low and passing through of David Zanburano for the first time in 10 years, Ms. Hisako Horikawa has invited him for Workshops and performances.
When I asked him "Did you change something in the past decade?"
"What is almost identical. But what I want to do has been quite clearly." He replied.
Until 10 years ago, His workshop was made up of flying low and improvisation classes.
The word of 'passing through' had been used frequently as a keyword at the time, but now it has grown to two pillars of 'Flying low' and 'Passing through'.


Essense of the flying low is the exchange of energy between the ground and the body in the vertical dimension.
Be transparent whereas intention is
In the horizontal dimension, through a clear energy to occur between the space between people, people and
I used, which is based on the movement to stop the curve begins to move in the curve of large, medium and small size.
There was no improvisation in class 10 years ago in a class of passing-through of this year
Several elements were clearly was added.
Elements and their share of the movement of the herd is still shared, sharing, and blank.

Classes in improvisation at the time 10 years ago, his,
The dance of freedom to the students, crowded with people dancing in the middle of the field Kimatte,
Was always to become dumpling.
Students who imprinted a strong ego and self-western society
I have wanted to show off his proneness to compete.
Childlike <Look, ego look> improvisation is crowded is really ugly Atsukurushiku.
And still they do not do. Just keep dancing.
He, on the second day of this five-day workshop where the
<At least once to share the moment everyone is stationary at the same time>
I have added a rule that.
Then, the second day,
<At least once that everyone is out of the car> has been added the rule that.
Furthermore, on the third day,
<At least once, that everyone is moving in the same direction>
Element that has been added.
Simply put these three elements, as well as his dancers always
Can listen to the entire field is required.
I was heading a scheme that can not only involved in the expression of ego and self.
David is also different genre for me why,
It is not meet each other that does not change even if only once in 10 years.
It's a comrade, who have pursued through separate way, the same challenges and self-liberation from the ego.

I, during the workshop,
I enjoy to your heart's content the passing-through,
"This follows the passing-through I wonder what" the question of simultaneously
Had Omoimegurasu.
Now that the kinetic energy to pass through the abstract has become the basis.
Energy instead of this abstract
If I <qualia through various> and
It will be almost identical to the technique Sabubudi Kobodi cram-resonance.
Moreover, <and a variety of speeds, and the size, strength and density of> that
Especially if it is likely to put a variation.
Differences and Butoh dance, qualia is used, or not human mundane
Lies in, or use all that qualia qualia inhuman, life is resonating.
Transformation of infinite size, speed transformation, their infinite qualia, the density and intensity transformation
While, I go through the mind and body of the dancer.
It is a dance.
David I in "What's next?" What I was trying to stop the question of the question.
In his workshop, but are limited to the passage of energy abstract,
If you look at his solo, and not only that, but it is the infinite variety of qualia
Because I saw the have passed through his body.
His dancing overcome the barriers between dance and dance,
Had deepened to where dance inevitable before I knew it transparent.
I want to be written about it elsewhere so long.

Instead of the previous question,
In this five-day ", in the end is flying low and passing through
I thought I had become one, I think I'm too short after all five days. '
And I asked.
"It seems impossible.'m Five days."
"You will take at least several weeks?"
"It's 10 weeks."
"There will also be continued for 10 weeks?"
"Only once, I in Costa Rica"
Under the title "50 days in Costa Rica," the pattern is
I can see some on YouTube.
Not limited to flying low and passing through there,
I seemed on Morikon what you want to do things.
Can you believe, I am also in his life he
And asks that they continue? "Challenge do you want to do most."
I can only person who keeps it finally reaches the inevitable dance.
The following is his turn to finally write about solo.

Reference DZ1 "Why did resonate deeply Zanburano David?"

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参考 DZ1 「なぜ、ダビッド・ザンブラーノに深く共振したのか?」

 Popol Vuh
 20, September 2012

Archetype and creation

I wrote an article about Popol Vuh and Gessuri in "the Himarayan resonance diary".
When I heard that Gessuri from Guatemara will have an Popol Vuh event at Calgary, Canada, I researched its image on Goole search,
his dance at Himalayan mountain last year comes up as the duble images.
He is about to be buried alive in an underground cave by pressure of someone. And tried to escape from there despnerately.
It seemes there is a similar story
I was surprised to discover that there is a similar story in the Maya mythology, Poporubu.
There is a similar deployment in Japanese mythology as well.
Izanagi wanted to meet his died partner Izanami, in an attempt to enter the dead land, Izanagi encountered a near death crisis, and escaped from there desperately for survive.
It is also connect to the Adult ritual in the all over the ancient world.

The prototype of emotion and motions are treasure house of butoh creation.
When we are daning in subbody-cobody mode, sometimes it is coming out unconsciously.
During the creation of my solo "Infectious Fever", my subbody was involved into the archetipical world of Japanese ancient folclore stories; Kaguya princess and Anchin-Kiyohime.
The power of archetyoe is too strong to gulp up us.
I had struggled against its strong gulping power, and could deversed the twist desperately.
It is important to struggle against the gulping power of archetype.
Otherwise we are eaten up by the binding force into the typical developement of the existed story.
When we plan it by brain thinking, we must be eaten up.
I have seen so many miserable patterns what they were eaten up by the archetype, and she or he became archetype itself like the great god, goddess, prince, princess, gulu, hero, and so on.
Important thing is not to be eaten up, but to struggle against the binding force, and reverce the twisting power into novel developement.
Desperate struggle of Eat or be Eaten is inevitable.
When we overcome it, it will become a novel secret which is only one in the human history.

Please investigate in the skill of "Reverse twist" when you meet archetypes for real creation.

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 Warped qualia
 23, September 2012

Letter for all students and midwives 2

"Explore warped qualia, qualia of the problem.
It is a tunnel to meet the necessity of weakened body"

I am in prison of the nation-state because of visa.
I want to be in Himalaya eagerly, but someone forces me not to be there.
Some old students and new students are in prison of other countries, too.
Our physical bodies are separated by the force, but we can resonate beyond the borders as a Life.
Please read carefully this letter and previous one. I condensed everything what we should do now in these letters.


Subbody-cobodies in the previous article are what meet everyone.
But it does not stop there.
Easy to miss the most, just to qualia trivial
Wellhead to the mine Abyss is lurking.
Saki is thrown in to the Hellfire themselves from here,
Mukyu road there is only carve out their own internal struggle by choreographer,
It 's a tunnel that leads to the abyss Abyss.
You can encounter in this fight inevitable weakness internal to the body.

Warped body

Subbody with qualia of strange squeaky at a part of the body
Qualia of twisted, warped, or pressed from somewhere
Qualia if you will work, it will continue to shift in the strange direction
Qualia which you feel like been crushed by something
Uncomfortable feeling faint enough which is not able to discribe by words

"Hey, what would be warped body?"
When Hijikata was young, he twitted himself by to Mrs. Akiko Motofuji,
She wrote it in her book " With Hijikata Tatsumi"
For Hijikata came out to Tokyo from Akita, he felt always strange warped qualia in Tokyo.
It must have felt inevitabbly, because I had come out to Osaka from Wakayama in boyhood, I also felt a sense of estrangement and discomfort, as if I had come from the country of the human to the country of the robot.
He would have immeasurable difference in Tokyo from Akita, much more than me at the time.

"Geisha lady whose brain is stirred by the metal rod"

It was his feeling for the people of Tokyo.
People of modern dance and ballet who was caught by old custum, had disgusted towards his strange movement.
He had to feel that if his dance is human movement, their dance must be robot.
He felt big teisted pressure from the modern world in Tokyo.
Then, take a number of years living in Tokyo, it shifted from outside to from inside of his body. Something strange was happning in my body and mind, he had to meet the strange change
Also his body itself gradually change as people of the city,
then the butoh score has come out.
His brain was manipulated as if his brain was stirred by a metal rod.
Warped qualia are invade our Life as well as direct pressure from the world, from the indside our Life is shifted in strange ways.
We often ingnore them, because they are too subtle to notice,
but in the subtlest strange qualia, the big hints for novel creation are hidden.

We feel some subtle strange qualia everyday, but we often doesn't notice at them. Our ego judges, "It is not worth to care of." , and ignore immediately.
To stop the Ego mechanism that is too rough, and listen carefully to what is happening in your darkness of body.
From there, the journey to the abyss will begin.

Collapsed body

Qualia which is not able to move properly
Part of the five senses and motor function may cause a problem
Reaction of the heart begins to show abnormalities
Some of the part of body or mind was fixed while deformation

Today specific words are going to bury as the term discrimination,
Blind, deaf, dumb, crazy, lame, beggar, and so on, which represent the various disabled.
Modern society was going to erase the people from the surface of the society and also erase the words that represent them.
Then, they are treated as no being, society seems as if composed only of healthy people without disabilities.
It is not discrimination, it's a killing which is more terrible.
Modern people has forgotten the real resonance with them.

In dance and sports, only healthy young men and women are high aesthetic rating.
But, it's a childish beauty without resonance with disability.
They do not know the disonance of the childish beauty trapped in ego.
Take off the beauty of such norms.
Getting rid of the boundaries of ego and self, and become disbled body.
Without hesitation, resonate with all conditions of misery of Life.
When we resonate with them, we can find how much novel beauty and rich variety are full on earth.
It's a new world of beauty that's the butoh had pioneered.
Finnaly we will find out the resonance is the beauty.

Weakened Body

Various parts of body around can not move well
It is hardly to move less than half of you think it will work
Become a desperate standing body which you could do utmost
The wish wanting to move is separated from the body and tries to fly away
The body which cannot move tries to follow the flying soul

Hijikata has finally reached the weakened body which is able to resonate with every disabled body including Shisha (=dead).
It was intended to not only pusical movements of the body, but also the movement of the soul away which separeted from the body.

Hijikata Longing for becoming oneness with his dead sister living in the darkness of his body, found out finnaly.
The weakened body was inevitable to resonante with everything beyond the border between dead and life.
The weakened body and various kind of subbody-cobody which I discribed is oneness.

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.” ("Quiet House" section 2)

When we are bound by only physical movement, we will not be able to dance the soul.
I tell you so that there is no misunderstanding, the "soul" or "spirit" I say here is not substance at all.
It is Resonance of Life Qualia itself.
Also what is called a soul or spirit, and the shisha, dead, are
nothing less than Life Resonance in the non-dual world before the differentiation of self/other.
We need to take off the "Human" trapped in Ego and Self, and become Life that resonates beyond the boundaries of self and others.
It is the only way to open up the future to eliminate discrimination and violence and war truly.


As I mentioned in the previous there is a big problem which we must encounter in the process into some Subbody-cobody.

Subbody newborn does not yet know how to resonate well

In particular, subbodies which was forced to hide in the darkness of obdy for a long time have a small Ego.
There are some cases when a subbody come out like a newborn baby, may cry out and go wild like a storm.
The weak baby doesn't know how to survive except crying and wielding people around mercilessly.
It is so-called the <baby power>.
Some of subbody have immature ego, andswing <power baby>, especially against parents or the world.
Or, they have <Ego look look look at me>.
If you sharpen the dance controls the manifestation of these immature ego, we need to find the most poper timing of the appearance of them with finding the best timing of Jo-ha-Kyu.
When we find it, even if those seemingly ugly can be converted to the Flower, Secret, and Mystery which is only one beauty in the world.
Everything has only one of the best timing to come out.
We need to find and controll the appearance of subbodies in the best timing to appear in the Jo-ha-Kyu.
It is a butoh magic which transform all ugliness and misery to a beauty.
It takes long time to get the skill, that why we must continue to study over a lifetime.
I repeat the conclusion of the preceding paragraph.

To Regard every fenomena of Life as a resonance, and feel the resonance which has no subject and no object.
If you keep it, the best resonance way should always be found for even what kinds of subbody-cobody.
The quest to find it carefully is the creation.

Whenever, whatever strange subbody-cobody came out, not surprised.
Above all that, do not deny.
Even if you met a hardship of the edge qualia, explore the best resonance way with the edge.

To find a way of survival for all living beings.
We don't know yet even 1/1000000 of darkness of the body.

Finding a good way of resonance for them that is Love.

 19, September 2012

Letter for all students and midwives 1

"Diversity of Subbody and Cobody

How to find a good resonance for them"

Subbody and cobody are another self who live in the darkness of our body, but we don't know about them at all.
When we stop the consciousness, subbody=a body of the subconscious comes out as a faint tendencies from somewhere in the body.
When we follow the tendency by whole body, it developes to subbody or cobody.
Subbody and cobody have infinite diversity.
For descriptive purposes, we can call subbody as subconscious body, and cobody as resonating subbody.
But, the distinction is not absolute, subbody is immediately converted to cobody by resonant mode anywhere anytime.
Also subbody comes out from cobody.
They are oneness in the non-dual realm.
Today, we try an overview of deversity of subbody-cobody, and their natures and characteristics.

Proto bodies

Subbody moving slowly
Subbody hardly moving
Subbody shivering, trembling, or waving
Subbody not try to come out from the safe hole
Subbody who shrinks as a smallest shape
Subbody swayng or floating

These are like Amoeba, Plankton, Sea slug, Jellyfish, Starfish and other non-human subbody-cobody.
These can be the most common subbody-cobody, because all of us have experienced
the previous stage of human evolution in the womb for 10 months before being born.
When that experience come from the subconscious, it will be these proto body. Everybody can resonate with this flexiblly, and becomes cobody naturally.

Hidden bodies

Subbody who has unknown strange character
Subbody who has opposite personality against your identity
Some of them are shy, introvert, if your main personality is agressive or social, and the oppsite, too.

These are called Hidden bodies.
This subbody group was not able to appear in this world well, and been hidden in the darkness of body when you were child or baby.
They were not recognized and ignored by parents or teacher, and forced the hidden living for long years.

Their common characteristic is not knowing how to resonate well.
In addition, there will be born at a time of childhood when ego is not yet established, then they have a tiny immature ego.
Some of them has a tendency of "Watch me!". They want to be focused as a center of the world.
Another charcteristic is some of them has a resentment to the parent, teacher, or society.
We need to find the best timing to come out for them.
It is very important role of midwife for the safe birth of your own hidden subbodies.

Oppsite sex body

Subbody of the opposite sex against your biological sex
Subbody who has defferent proneness from your main sexual tendency
Subbody who has differnt types of sexual desire from your current age; sexual tendency of fetus, of baby, of infancy, of child, or of pre-adolescence and so on.

In the darkness of body, there are no border of sex or gender.
Some of them may be called Anima or Animus body.
Not only them, they have numerous unique proneness that can not be classified into those.

Animal body

Subbody that behaves like a beast and birds
Subbody like as insect, bug, and imaginary creature which has original movement or organisms.

They are roughly classified into animal bodies, but the distinction between proto body is not clear

Plant body

Subbody who runs on a slow time, such as plant
Subbody who has another silent time like grass and trees

There are many variations defferent from animal.
They have another sense of time completely different from human.

Bottome body

Subbody who does not move as a stone
Subbody frozen forever
Subbody shrunk to the minimum size

These are called bottom body or stone body.
Sometimes the other transformable subbody become it in order to have a rest for a while.

Archetype body

In some cases, the beings among myths and folklore come out through our body such as the following;
Great mother, God, Devil, Demon, Monster, Angel, Fairy, Witch, Trickstar, Boy, Girls, Old wisedom, and so on.
Not only archetypes of human shape, but also world shape archetype; such as Heaven, Hell, Ocean, River, Strom, Stream, Ocean tide, Flood, Disaster, War, and so on.
Also numerous archetypal world into the state of the outside world.
Another type is Archetype of cobody, such as Animal flock, Bird group, Bee swarm ,Fish scool, Hunting flock, Combat flight, and so on.

Archetype body is hidden in the depth of collective unconscious.
During five million years human history, they were inprinted in the darkness of obody.
The quest for Archetype is still in its infancy as a whole.
Almost of them is unknown for us. We need to be very carefull to reseach in it, because we cannot predict what may happen, that is why the investigation is the most intersting and exciting quest for us..

Chimera body

It would happen so often that deffernt qualia come out at different parts of the body.
It may start a defferent movement one another at a body.

They are so-called "Chimera".
Almost of Archetype has the character of the chimera, like Minotaur, Centaur, Minotaur, Medousa, Mermaid, Dragon, and so on.
Because they are resonating flexiblly beyond any boundaries between self/ others, inside/outside, part/whole, past/presence.
Sometimes, a number of archetypes come out at the same time on one body.

Possessed body

Sometimes, another personality of the other, or another creature seemes to visit on our subbody. In case of maximum strenth, it is so strong that we cannot controll it, and seemes what some being possessed our soul and body. It is the femomena so-called "Possession" in the ancient culture.

We call it "Possessed body".
In ancient community, people trained as a Sharman or Trickstar are undertaken at the request of the community, and transformed to possessed body for the community.
Now we can understand it as a natural fenomema of Life resonance.
Life is resonating beyond the border of self/others, in/out, now here/nowhere, dead/alive.
We should train ourselves to accept any qualia of Life flexiblly beyond any borders of dualism.
Possession is nothing but a special form of the resonance pattern of Life qualia.

Vaporized body

Subbody that do not have a figure shapes as air or wind.
Subbody continues to wander without waiting the appearance
Subbody who has a proneness trying to be free somewhere that is not here

These are called vaporization body.
In some cases, they have the characteristics of such as the soul and spirit.
"Shisha ( dead)" is always transforming between vaporized condition and materialized shapes infinitely.
They can borrow the other's shapes naturally and flexiblly.
There are infinite variations between material and transparent vaporized body.
Because the essense of subbody is qualia resonance of Life.

Transparent body

There are other variations that can not be classified in terms of all sorts.
I many cases only a part of the body is transformed into Specific subbody-cobody, and we cannot name them.
We should become freind with every kind of subbody-cobody beyond any dualistic borders.
Finally, we will become transparent body which is able to resonate with the whole thing on the earth as the Life.


There are important notes to become freind with all fenomina of Life.
It is what some of subbody doesn't know the proper resonance way yet.

Listen carefully to the darkness of body, and find the best timing to appear for each subbody-cobody.
Each of them has only one best timing to come out.
It is the role of you as a midwife for the birth of your and other's subbody-cobody.
If you find the perfect timing of Jo-ha-Kyu for coming out, it can be converted to the Flower, Mystery, and Secret as an absolute Beauty.

To find the best resonance pattern for each subbody which does not know yet how to resonate well.
In particular, Hidden body and Possessed body are bound by the Resentment against the parents or the world, depend on the sarrow situation at the time of their birth.
We need close attention because they often caught up in it.

To regard every fenomena as a resonance, and try to resonate transparently with all of them.
If we keep it, the best way of resonance should always be found for every subbody-cobody .
To quest out untill to find it, is the work of creation.

Mind you.
This is the most important thing that I have found in 63 years of life.

Whenever even any strange subbody-cobody comes out,
Not be surprised at even you encounter a hard edge.
Above all that, do not deny it.

To find a way of survival for all kinds of and all conditions of Life.
We do not know yet even 1/10000000 about the darkness of body.

Finding a good way of resonance for them, that is Love.

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 11, September 2012

Green beam

The days to spend half a day on the beach looking at the sea of ​​Niigata is continuing.
Table with benches covered a wide lawn and seaside lodgings near Fortunately
We found a good park to practice, there are a bunch I explore the body and tone the body.
I work a lot in the grass from the day a little tilted.
Was continued for one week thanks to passing-through of David Zanburano 10 years
I often move the body.
While moving, how to practice law and Kobodi Sabubodi-tone body and new come spring Concon.
I can not wait for the day to come back to the Himalayas.
In the evening, I watch the sun go approximately 100m to the tip of the breakwater that protrudes into the sea from the coast.
There are people who have become hangouts fishing has become the scene of a circular diameter of about 10m.
I am looking at the waves and standing on its headland, Surf,
Wriggling out of the body is dark eerily resonates with the swell of the waves.
Qualia that primitive life was drifting in the sea in the darkness of the body continues it will be activated.
I think if I was reborn again, this time trying to create a resonance in the seaside School.
When lying on the circular stage of jetty, such as if you went out to a whopping ocean
360-degree all-sky jump to the eye.
Where you can resonate with the all-sky come alive refreshingly so 63 years is the first time in my life.
Yesterday was sunny cloudless.
And when I was watching the sunset sinking off the coast of the island of Sado months,
went down to a single point on the bottom of the V-shaped sun sheer mountains of Sado.
Then, at the last moment the sun fully sink to the bottom of what V-shaped valley,
Intense green light flew in from the bottom of the eye-shaped V.
I was able to finally meet the green light had been seen for a long time wanted.
In theory there is and there is also a green t freeze rays appear just before the morning sun appears on the clear sky
I have heard, it has never yet seen.
It's the first time in 63 years was also seen the green light at the moment of sunset.
But, what is the ray of the green earth?

Regarded as a resonance phenomenon returns all

There is no reason to change course suddenly sunlight,
Optic nerve cells it had been a long time see a red light, at the moment the red light goes off
It must to jump to the complementary reaction, green qualia to transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve.
It's a reaction that is specific optic nerve cells of ordinary life.
Since yesterday sank to the bottom of the V-shaped valley by chance, sunlight is the point at the last moment,
complementary color reaction was clearly to special green seems to have happened from the moment the red disappears.

Since I'm trapped in illusion but consciousness of <subject>
I think for sure that <I have seen> everything in the eyes.
I believe into <entity> and what seemed.
However, it is none other than the illusion.
I do not have the color of what is visible as can be seen.
It is a totally different look to the color of the birds and insects as well because the ultraviolet sensing.
What can be seen in color from red to purple between is none other than the specific pattern of the human visual resonance.
Resonance patterns unique to humans but is also complementary color reaction occurs.

Returns all regarded as the resonance phenomenon to stop consciousness, what is happening in the subconscious and biological,
I've been training for long periods to re-feel.
Intense white light suddenly came into my eyes, too dazzled eyes dark moment in the darkness,
tree trunk or a human face appears to be walking in the mountains in the emaciated state of consciousness,
I also feel the sign of the moment frightened people and ghosts to the fluctuation of the tree branches,
I am nothing but a resonance pattern <type> Original unique to humans, which is stamped on the subconscious.
And continue to explore the nature of a wide variety of patterns resonance felt by life
The discovery of infinite daily visitors.
And I can go into a little bit relative <ego> has caught the <fantastic subject>.

Regarded as qualia can return resonance phenomena that occur in every life, feel again.
This can be recommended for everyone.
Freed from the illusion of ego, approaches to life Invision raw
It is a way of survival revolution of the way.
You can dig a path like anyone can feel the resonance of that is for my work.

also be viewed, or you can listen to, or you can smell, or you can touch, or you can move,
Principal of <I> will not have done so.
All across the world of cell life and ring,
It's a resonance it has happened in the life for the life of one hundred trillion cells that make up the body and.
Or better yet, qualia and inner life of one hundred trillion cells has been saved as a storage life,
With the outside physical qualia actually is happening now, multidimensional. It 's a non-dual resonance.
Resonance patterns that are constantly transforming Su endless.

To travel safely through the darkness of the body of the non-dual, all regarded as a resonance phenomenon,
You can not miss the technique to re-feel.
Joint fantasy about anything that has circulated else
I take it because they are entangled (such as news pyridinium cha rhythm and spirit or God or religion or = occult).
They are captured in relation to the fictitious entity something is happening all the phenomena of life.
To materialize the invisible is a misunderstanding of the resonance life that has continued since ancient humanity.
Rather than have such entities,'s going on It's a life resonance.
For convenience of description, the term for spirit behind Dano's soul, but sometimes I also use,
Just wanted to let this not get me wrong.
Rather than the entity, they are using it as a name that refers to a specific pattern of qualia resonance.

(Both published in the "diary" resonance "and the darkness of the body," this section.)

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 The second Minamata Desease in Niigata
 11, September 2012

The sea and subconsciousness

I am sill waiting for Indian visa at Niigata, Japan for over one month.
I spend time with watching sea almost of whole day.
I was born and grew near the sea in Wakayama, Japan.
During boyhood, I used to see the Sunset in the beach.
In Niigata, when at the first time I watched the horisont of sea,
big unconscious storm arose in the darkness of body.
The darkness of body was brought to the boyhood beyond 50 years as timeslip or landsliding.

What happened?
After one week with watching the sea, I noticed.
It doesn't has border of timespace in the darkness of body.
The darkness of body was resonating with sea beyond time.
Subconscious and sea is always resonating together.

Life Resonance happens with what is happning in the bottom of sea

The darkness of body is nondual world.
The conscious eyes can see only surface on the sea, wave, ship, water bird and so on.
But our subconsciousness is resonating what is happening between Life and Death in the bottom of sea.
The brain cells are floating in the proto ocean in the scull.
Our proto bodies; Sea slug, Jellyfish, Starfish, Ameba and so on, are resonating with what is happening in the sea.

What is happening in the sea and in the darkness of body, now?

Here, Niigata is a place where Second Nigata desease occured by pollution in 1970's.
A factory threw away Methylmercury compound in the Agano river. Fishes ate it, and people who ate the fishes were fallen into Minamata desease.
The remained Mercury is still ataccking the single cells of underwater Life before and after hatching. When Life is single sell condition, if it were attacked by Heavy metal or Radioactivity which has Teratogenicity, Carcinogenicity and Hormone disruptors, it would infllenced by them so easily. Most of them are so weak and mutated, then they must die or eaten by another creatures soon that we cannot observe it.
Radioactive material leaked by the Fukushima nuclear accident is attacking them now, too.
Also for multi-cellular organisms that have even a hundred trillion cells, such as human, in the state of sperm and eggs is also weakest single-celled condition. Many mutated spermas are born in our body, now .
In the darkness of our body, countless resonance is happening with the tragedy of Life in the ocean.

When I feel the sea, my body is warped with pain.
Something is coming and tightening my body/mind.
The darkness of my body is twisted and warped by the resonance of the tragidy of Life in the ocean.
I have to dance the warped qualia inevitably.
It must be my necessary butoh dance.

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 7, September 2012

Listen carefully

Listen carefully to your body.
It is the essense of Subbody process.
Listen carefully to the each part of your body.
Listen carefully to the hundred trillion cells in your body.
Listen carefully to the world.

Listen carefully in the darkeness of (your) body.
The border between inside and outside desappears there.
Life is resonating with everything in non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
There are no border between mind and body, no border between self and others.
If one of us will catch the subtle signal in (one's) darkness of body, all of us can resonate with it. It is subbody=cobody.
'Mine' and 'Yours' turn to the illusion in the darkness of body.
There are no border between subbody and cobody.
I used to explain that subbody is subconscious body, cobody is resonating subbody. But, we used to regard that subbody is something form
MY darkeness of body, and cobody is to resonate with other's subbody. It is OK as a temporary convinience. But if we understand so, it is dualistic bind. It was my fault which I cannot guide students to be released from the dualistic bind properly.
There are no distinction between mine and yours in the darkness of body. It is non-dual world.
Let's resonate each other nonchalantly without hesitation.
Our daily body is bound by the concept of 'copy-right'; this is
my creation, that is your creation, but in Life there are no copy-right, no mine, no yours.
The real creation is devotion to all Life.
Every Life can share it.

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 31, August, 2012

Resonance with the Depth of David Zambrano

"Why is David Zambrano so pleasant?"
14 yeas ago I wrote an article about David Zambrano with the title above after joining his workshop in Tokyo at the first time.
It was an analysis about mainly physical movement.
After then I invited him to Kyoto for workshop, and we met at the international creators meeting at Caracas, Venezuella 1998.
David, his partner Mat, Hisako Horikawa, and me enjoyed dancing together a lot for three weeks.
And every year I joined his workshop, in Wien, Amsterdum, during 1999-2000.
We performed together at his dance school in Amsterdum, too.
But it was still a mystery for me why is he extremely flexible?

Now, after a decade, I can say the resonance of philosophical aspect.
It makes my Life extreme pleasant, because my Ego and Self disappears and makes my body transparent.

Today, the third day of five days workshop in Niigata, Japan, he wrote a drawing on the white board to explain the principle of "Passing through".
At first he drew a shape of human body.
And he drew many curved lines of 'Passing through' onto the picture.
After five munites drawing, the infinite curved lines of 'Passing through' erased the picture of body completely.
I surprised, "Wow! it's exactly the 'Transparent body' which I pursued for long years"
David asked us "What happens?"
I answered immediately, "The body disappered and became transparent!"
He said "Exactly!"
That's was the reason why I resonated with him deeply for long years.
My body told me that I could be Tranparency without Ego and Self during practice. Then I could feel so pleasant during the work with him.

Jonathan who is last year's student of Subbody school gave me a mail about this from Madrid, today.
Maybe, unconsciously the influence would be deeper than I thought.
Because so many awarness of resonance between his philosophy and my Subbody method espacially about cobody, came up from my body during the practice of his Flying low and Passing through.
I will deepen it near these days.

 31, August, 2012

Letter from Jonathan

Hi Lee !!!
Just read that you are flying low and passing through !!!
Enjoying !
I've worked a week last june with Zambrano (I knew him from the list of your masters...) and really enjoyed... even if I ended up with bleeding feet.
I also found there was a lot of resonance between Zambrano's philosophy of dance and subbody method... So strange how a deep resonance can generate so distinct ways of moving !!!
Soon I will send you info about the lab that we are setting up in Madrid to keep on enjoying and researching the darkness.

Take care,

kind regards,

Jonathan Martineau

 24, August, 2012

Qualia=qualia resonance as the source of infinite creativity

What is the cretivity of Life.
When Life meets something which cannot resonate well, Life just waits till finding good resonance way. Life waited for the finding a way to resonate with oxigion gas for a billion years. During the waiting Life trys various ways of resonance, continues to fail and try, fail and try.
Then each cell has so rich resonance patterns with everything on the planet, cell reserve them as Qualia in various part of cell.
Qualia are the infinite source of four billions years of Life history.
When a finger touchs a wood, cell of finger catchs a specific qualia not soft but not so hard. The sensing qualia transfer to the brain cell via. neuron network. Then the qualia of wood which is reserved in the glia cell resonate with the sensing qualia at the finger, and recognizes it as the wood.
Qualia are reserved at glia cell in the brain as the memory, for example qualia of wood, qualia of stone, qualia of metal, qualia of liquid, qualia of color, and so on. Infinite qualia are folded in glia cells.
One of the charasteristic of qualia is they resonate freely in the brain. When a qualia meets another qualia, the resonance creates new qualia flexiblly. For example, the qualia of elephant and the qualia of pink, the resonance creates new qualia of 'Pink elephant'.
Qualia=qualia resonance is the source of the infinite creativity of Life.
To let them free resonance is the secret of subbody method to open infinite resonance through conditioning to stop thinking.

The manifest of Dada

"An umprella and michine meets on the operation table"

It is the famous manifest of Dadaism by Blton.
Hijikata got it through infinite experiments of happening during '60.
Then Hijikata find how to get the infinite creative condition through meditation by alone after 1968 when he did a regendary performance of 'revellion of body'.
After then, Hijikata could created infinite Butoh images.
Now we can see infinite images of Butoh through the Butoh score which his students wrote in 1970'.
I visted 'Hijikata Tatsumi archive' in Tokyo during the stay in Japan.
A student Ogri Yokio opens his private notebook of Hijikata's words.
Through Mr. Morishita Takashi ( Director of the Hijikata Tatsumi Archive) , I got Oguri Yukio's 'Butoh notation book (private version).
There are 1300 butoh words selected which Hijikata taught him during 70'.
Now they are proceeding an atempt to combine Hijikata's Notation of butoh and real movement by Oguri Yokio. They already finished the video shooting. It will published as DVD near the day. It will be great archive of butoh for future. We can learn a lot of thing through it.
After the research of 'Quiet House', we will start the new research for
the secret of Hijikata's '70.
How was it able to open such an infinite creativity on Hijikata?

We already knew it.
We tried how can we open the infinite creativity as Hijikata in '70 at Subbody school Himalaya during these days.
It is to expand of Butoh creation as same as only Hijikata did.
Hijikata success to be released from the binds of daily body.
Maybe he got it through the four years solitude after the regendary performance of 'Revellion of Body' (1968). And he developed itduring the four yeas activity of performance as 'Hangidaitohkan' and 'Hakutoubou' (1972-1976).
He keep solitude at his private room in the morning to dig his darkness of body, and find the way to resonate with his dead sister, and infinite behind world.
He stoped thinking and tried to become one with his dead sister and another world which Life is resonating. It is the Art of Shisha by the weakened body.
If we got the way to stop thinking and open infinite creativity of Life, we can be unique creator as same as Hijikata.

Stop talking.
Stop thinking.
Release from the binds of information.
And open the infinite creativity of Life.

This is the way to develope the Butoh of Life.


Cobody of Hijikata Tatsumi 「Hosotan 1972」

My favourite cobody scene of Hijikata.
View the girls cobody scene after 7:55
It's so called "Hip Shijun"
Cobody's hips connect to another world and start transformation from hips.
Cobody is not only group dance, but also it is a process toward Life.

 22, Sptember, 2012

Entering into the depth of subbody=cobody

I used to explain that subbody is subconscious body, and cobody is resonating subbody.
Cobody is not only group movement, but I could not guide it properly until last year.
My self edge disturbed it.
Self edge means accept the dualistic common sense what self and others is different thing.
Then also students regard that subbody is my subbody, cobody is resonance with others subbody.
But when we continue to bocome cobody, the border between self and others disappears. The difference between subbody and cobody become not clear. It is the mystery of subbody and cobody. We have entered the non-dual realm which every border disappears by body experiences.

In this coming semester we will try to enter the depth of subbody=cobody world.
iI someone finds a subtle signal from the darkness of body, also anyone can resonate immediately.

 “Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance." (Quiet House 2nd chapter)

Who found it, me or others is not important. We can resonate with it nonchalancely.
Only daily world has the concept of "copy right", Life does not have it at all. Only human is bound by the border between self and others. Life does not have it at all.
We will enter the non dual and multi resonance world together.

The entering into the depth of cobody is the pass way from human to the Life.













 30, July, 2012


Resonativity means ' Ability of resonance'.
Life has so rich and diverse resonativity. But our Ego has so poor resonativity. It might be the poorest resonativity on the planet.






 23, July, 2012

A sprouting form of future Life

We are experimenting by Nomad-Rhizome and subbody-cobody transformation for a sprouting form of future society after the all binds of common illusions including religions and nation-states would disappear.

  Specific Resonance pattern  
Ego  Dominance   Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Subbody  Disonance Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Cobody  Group Resonance
(Resonance in narrow meaning)
Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Life  Multi-dimensioanl Resonance (Resonance in wide meaning)

Life is resonating with everything. Resonance with Gravity, Light, Air, Sound, Smell, and so on, and not only physical qualia, but with inner qualia which were reseaved as a memory through four billions years Life history. It has so diverse resonance patterns. Among various resonance pattern, Life is always researching for best way of resonance.
When origin of Life was born, it could resonate with only a few things; water, amino asid, calcium ion, natrium ion and so on.
It could not resonate even with Oxgion gas (O2), it was strong poizon for origin Life, then Life had to hide in the deep sea or underground for one billion years.
When proteo bacteria invented a revolutional way of resonance with Oxgion, the invention spread to almost of creatures as the 'Breathing way'.
Life slowly developed ways of resonance with everything and various envilonments on the planet, and spread to so many kinds of species of Life. Each species has own resonance pattern with matters and energies. All wisedoms are imprinted on the DNA of genom. But Life cannot resonate well with heavy metals as Mercury, or Cadmium and Radiation. Because they have strong teratogenicity which causes our body to mutate.
Every element of us has it own specific resonance pattern.

Ego's specific resonance pattern is 'Dominance'. which judges and controls everything by itself.
Subbdoy's resonance pattern is 'Disonance', because it was hidden in the darkness of body for lon time without permitted to appear in this world. Also some of them have small Ego.
Cobody's resonance pattern is 'Resonance as a group'. It is a resonance in narrow meaning.
Life's resonance pattern is 'Resonance' in wide meaning. Actually, everything is included in the Resonance in wide meaning. Donimance of Ego, Disonance of subbody are also a resonance pattern. Through these various resonance patterns, Life grows up with finding better resonance pattern little by little.

Ego's 'Dominance' is one of the most poor resonance pattern in the nature. Maybe it has origin in the early stone age when the Homo (our ancester) was very weak species in the nature. We need to guard our selves carefully.
At the first age, non verbal rule, implicit common illusion, ritual, were guard ancient human ancestors; as the totem, adult ritual, funerary ritual, and so on.
Human's Ego must be so little and weak in those age. But it had started to grow up with very slow speed.
In modern age, Ego became the main personality. Capitalism needed divided Individual who can sell own labor force individually, then the education imprinted us to have a unique identity through education. The education never taught us a better resonance pattern except of Ego. Because the Life resonance is the biggest enemy for Capitalism. Then now almost of our daily bodies are bound by the specific poor resonance pattern of Ego. It is so-called as 'individualism' or 'me-ism'. It is important for capitalism to guard itself against the real power of Life Resonance.

In Subbody Resonance method, we start to calm down daily mind and body, and try to stop Ego and its Dominance. When we could calm down Ego, we can shift from thinking mode to listening mode.
And we become subbody and cobody in various ways. Slowly our subbody and cobody grow up with learning various resonance pattern as Nomad Rhizome toward the multi-dimensional resonance of Life.
We can find so rich resonance patterns out of Ego's Dominance patern. Slowly we reduce the role of words, because words was bound by dualistic illusion; subject and object.
In real resonance there are no subject, no object. Resonace occur from both side naturally.
Alowly we investigated in how to realize the non-verbal resonance without word through Nomad Rhizome experiments.
We can call it as 'Resocracy' instead of Democracy.
Democracy has beautiful idea, but the reailty of it is argument by word and it is controlled by highper informational controll technology now.
But, Information cannot controll Life Resonance.
The real power to change world is the Life Resonance.
It stopped Slavery system, Collonialism Emperialism and will end the nation-state system in the future.
It will take long time.
But it means we have a lot of time to experiment various detail of 'The Resocracy'.
To live with full of experiment for future is so happy way of Life.
Don't you think so?



 23, July, 2012

A sprouting form of future Life

We are experimenting by Nomad-Rhizome and subbody-cobody transformation for a sprouting form of future society after the all binds of common illusions including religions and nation-states would disappear.

  Specific Resonance pattern  
Ego  Dominance   Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Subbody  Disonance Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Cobody  Group Resonance
(Resonance in narrow meaning)
Included in wide meaning of resonance
 Life  Multi-dimensioanl Resonance (Resonance in wide meaning)

Life is resonating with everything. Resonance with Gravity, Light, Air, Sound, Smell, and so on, and not only physical qualia, but with inner qualia which were reseaved as a memory through four billions years Life history. It has so diverse resonance patterns. Among various resonance pattern, Life is always researching for best way of resonance.
When origin of Life was born, it could resonate with only a few things; water, amino asid, calcium ion, natrium ion and so on.
It could not resonate even with Oxgion gas (O2), it was strong poizon for origin Life, then Life had to hide in the deep sea or underground for one billion years.
When proteo bacteria invented a revolutional way of resonance with Oxgion, the invention spread to almost of creatures as the 'Breathing way'.
Life slowly developed ways of resonance with everything and various envilonments on the planet, and spread to so many kinds of species of Life. Each species has own resonance pattern with matters and energies. All wisedoms are imprinted on the DNA of genom. But Life cannot resonate well with heavy metals as Mercury, or Cadmium and Radiation. Because they have strong teratogenicity which causes our body to mutate.
Every element of us has it own specific resonance pattern.

Ego's specific resonance pattern is 'Dominance'. which judges and controls everything by itself.
Subbdoy's resonance pattern is 'Disonance', because it was hidden in the darkness of body for lon time without permitted to appear in this world. Also some of them have small Ego.
Cobody's resonance pattern is 'Resonance as a group'. It is a resonance in narrow meaning.
Life's resonance pattern is 'Resonance' in wide meaning. Actually, everything is included in the Resonance in wide meaning. Donimance of Ego, Disonance of subbody are also a resonance pattern. Through these various resonance patterns, Life grows up with finding better resonance pattern little by little.

Ego's 'Dominance' is one of the most poor resonance pattern in the nature. Maybe it has origin in the early stone age when the Homo (our ancester) was very weak species in the nature. We need to guard our selves carefully.
At the first age, non verbal rule, implicit common illusion, ritual, were guard ancient human ancestors; as the totem, adult ritual, funerary ritual, and so on.
Human's Ego must be so little and weak in those age. But it had started to grow up with very slow speed.
In modern age, Ego became the main personality. Capitalism needed divided Individual who can sell own labor force individually, then the education imprinted us to have a unique identity through education. The education never taught us a better resonance pattern except of Ego. Because the Life resonance is the biggest enemy for Capitalism. Then now almost of our daily bodies are bound by the specific poor resonance pattern of Ego. It is so-called as 'individualism' or 'me-ism'. It is important for capitalism to guard itself against the real power of Life Resonance.

In Subbody Resonance method, we start to calm down daily mind and body, and try to stop Ego and its Dominance. When we could calm down Ego, we can shift from thinking mode to listening mode.
And we become subbody and cobody in various ways. Slowly our subbody and cobody grow up with learning various resonance pattern as Nomad Rhizome toward the multi-dimensional resonance of Life.
We can find so rich resonance patterns out of Ego's Dominance patern. Slowly we reduce the role of words, because words was bound by dualistic illusion; subject and object.
In real resonance there are no subject, no object. Resonace occur from both side naturally.
Alowly we investigated in how to realize the non-verbal resonance without word through Nomad Rhizome experiments.
We can call it as 'Resocracy' instead of Democracy.
Democracy has beautiful idea, but the reailty of it is argument by word and it is controlled by highper informational controll technology now.
But, Information cannot controll Life Resonance.
The real power to change world is the Life Resonance.
It stopped Slavery system, Collonialism Emperialism and will end the nation-state system in the future.
It will take long time.
But it means we have a lot of time to experiment various detail of 'The Resocracy'.
To live with full of experiment for future is so happy way of Life.
Don't you think so?






自我  主導   ドミナンス  広義の共振に含まれる
 サブボディ  未共振  ディゾナンス  広義の共振に含まれる
 コーボディ  群れ共振 狭義の レゾナンス  広義の共振に含まれる
 生命  広義の共振  広義のレゾナンス  広義の共振に含まれる


ミンデルやエコロジストのいう深層民主主義(Deep Democracy)は




 22, July, 2012

Toward the non-dual Life before differentiation between Self and Others

One month Swiss workshop is over.
There are a lot of unexpected harvest.
It was a intensive workshop which I condensed the essense of the first semester of Subbody school Himalaya 2012.
I emphasised the following points;
1. To get conditioning method
2. To create own cobody
3. Open the flower of Kan (=own problem)

1. Conditioning
Conditioning is to transform from daily body mode to subbody mode. it is the most important thing for opening infinite creativity of Life.
Especially, I guided the self-hypnosis conditioning method.
Because there are plenty of sofas proper for it.
After calming down by swaying meditation, sit on the sofa with relaxed position.
And speak to your self by own language, "I'm relaxing, I'm relaxing, one, two, three."
That's all, then naturally we can enter subconscious mode.
Listen to subtle tendencies in the darkness of body.
When you remember childhood memory, just follow it, we can enter the childhood timespace.

2. Create own cobody
When we enter the subbody mode, feel the behind world of subbody. And guide your friend to create the behind world by cobody movement. Participants created so many unique cobodies during one month.
-Big creature
-Fire bird
-Moving forest
-Moving mountain
-Chasing to Laughing
-Sinking into the underground
-Surprising ameba
-Spinning planets
-Chimera cobodies
-and so on
In the last week, all participants transformed into various cobodies and created so diverse behind world by egoless flexibility as Shisha. it was so beautifull.
I got an awareness that to transform between subbody and cobody transparently means to enter the non-dual realm before the differentiation between self and others which Hijikata pursued for Butoh of Life.
Now we could find the fine access for it.
Maybe, this is the biggest finding during one month in Swiss.

3. Bloom own flower of 'Kan'
"Kan" is so difficult Japanese to translate, it include so many qualia, but the essense is " Own problem which is disable to resonate well with something". We have so many problems, each problem has disability to resonate with something. Then these problems were hidden in the darkness of body for long years. To find an exit for them through becoming subbdoy, means to bloom a flower of 'Kan'. Even it seems ugry or strange, we can change it to novel beauty by finding proper timing of Jo-Ha-Kyu.
During for the month, participants were facing their own problems. Then finally they could create them as a unique flower.
Exceptionally, a few participants could not bear to face it, the edge qualia might be so strong, and he left from the workshop. It was pity. My midwiving had not find proper timing for him. I introduced it on the second day of workshop. It was too early for him. Midwife has to accept all result as own responsibility. I lost the timing for edgework, too. In the short term workshop has this problem. Always some problems remains without solution. This is the reason why Subbody School accepts only one year students. To solve all problems, we need long time.
One more thing is 'Mengen'. A new participant joined in the fourth week. He had a problem on his spine. Twenty years ago he had accident and broke his spine. The second chest spine was slided for one inch. One day he showed very unique movement with shouting unique voice. It was amazing. I hope to deepen it, als ohe hoped it. But at the night, his leg got big pain. he could not sleep, and he dicided to stop dancing. This fenomina is so-called 'Mengen' which by new movement cause a pain at the old injuried part. It is necessary process to cure the deep warped mind-body by giving new movement to that part. The pain is necessary process. But in his case, when I touched his leg for Shiatsu, the behind leg muscle was contracted as a bone. The suscle was continue to contract for twenty years fo guard his twisted body. I recomended him to give specific conditioning to his body everyday. It must take long time for cure. But it is only way to find proper conditioning for healing.

Anyway these are the harvest of Swiss workshop including remained problems. 'Edge' and "Mengen" are constant problems which midwives have to face every moment. Especially, when midwife trys to guide the flower of 'Kan', we have to prepare to face to the Edge and Mengen, and reseach in how to cure and solve them. This need also long experiences.
We will investigate in it at the second term of Subbody School.

 14, July, 2012

Weakened Butoh started from resonance with Disabled body

In the last week of Switzerland workshop, we learn Weakened Body.
It is essense of Hijikata Butoh.
Hijikata's Butoh developed in several stage, 1) registance against modern dance, 2) various experiment as an Avangarde, 3) Weakened body as the final stage of butoh of Life.
Each stage has different style of body, but few knows about the last stage of weakened body.
Because he didn't teach it except of Yoko Ashikawa.
The secret of it was published 1998 as the "Solo reminder of Quiet House", and it is full of mysterious words.
(Crick here to see the translation and explanation of Quiet House)
To get the weakened body, we need to meet each own necessity of weakened body. It is not easy.

Hijikata performed the legendary solo performance "Revellion of Body" 1968.
It was so strong and agressive performance against all orders of society.
But after it, he stopped all activities for two years. He was researching in next butoh body by alone. He wore his dead sister's Kimono (Japanese dress) and long hear as same as sister. He concentrate on the resonance with his dead sister. He had so many times dreamt his dead sister's dreams as his proto dream. And oneday maybe he could listen to sister's voice.
"My dear, you cannot resonate with me by such as storng dance body. Listen to subtlest tendency in your darkness of body, then you can resonate with my most miserable life. His sister was forced by Japanese government to give her body to soldiers as a natinal prostitute during the seconf world war.
Unitl over forties, he could not dance his nightmare.
But this wisper changed him finally to transform Shisha( dead), and became able to resonate with his dead sister.
He was forty three years old, he performed "A Girl" 1973, and "Quiet House" 1974 as his last solo.
For the creation, he colloct all kind of weakened body; near death dog, leprosy, and Minamata desase (See above slidewhow and video).
During high speed economical developement in Japan 1960-70, Japanese company threw out all polutions into sea. The Tisso company threw out murcury into MInamata vey of Kyushu. Life cannot resonate well with Heavy metal as Murcury. Many fisherman became Minamata desiese and died.
No modern dancers could not resonate with them, only Hijikata could resonate with the most miserable disabled body and changed to novel beauty, It was the origin of weakened body butoh.
I watched Hijikata;s butoh performance at my university whrn i was 22 years old.
At the last scene of it, many butoh dancers appeared from under the wood floor with Minamata desease body. I was shoched and moved deeply like a huge bell hit my head. My veiw of the world has changed completely.
After Hijikata died, I have watched almost of his students butoh performances, but I felt that something different from Hijikata's butoh, because I had never moved by them. Why?
I reseached for long years, finally I could noticed they don't have their own necessity of weakened body. They only imitated so-called butoh stilem but it was only shape without own necessity.
Also, many Hijikata's or Ohno Kazuo's students spreaded in the world, and they developed various stile of butoh. Also I have seen their butoh performance. but something lacked. What is it?
It was not because of lack, but because of unnecessary additive. it was Ego and Self. Without stopping Ego and Self, it is not butoh of Life. Then their performance was bound by the western concept of modern art; Ego expression or Self expression. Butoh is neither Ego expression nor Self expression. Butoh is necessary creation of Life.
Hijkata encountered Butoh of Life through the resonance with. his dead sister and Shisha of Minamata disease.
No foreign clitic of butoh knows about this real back ground. Some one guessed that maybe it was from the Hiroshima atomic bomb experience. it is not worng but a story which the clitic created. .
Only Japanese experienced the radiation of atomic bomb, then it belongs in only Japanese, people can keep safety sistance to Japanese butoh. Then many easy stile butoh spreaded in the western world.
But it is not true, when we could stop our Ego, and become Life, we can resonate with all misery on the planet.

How is it possible to meet the necessity of weakened body?
Listen to the most weakest tendencies shivering between death an Life in your darkness of body. is α and ω toward weakened body butoh.

 18 June, 2012

What is the deepening of Butoh?

Two weeks of one month workshop in Switzerland is done
with the learning of the basic essense of Subbody Butoh method.
We studied the conditioning method and continue reseaching in the darkness of body with finding various tunnels of travel.
It might be so high speed that most of participants couldnot digest them yet. In case of short workshop, we can choose only one thing, but in this middle term intensive workshop, I try to guide the whole process of it with running speed.
If someone wish to deepen it, you can visit Himalaya and join in the one year course of Subbody School.
In the third week, we will enter the creating process.
Maybe, it is the timing to tell what is the real creation to deepen farther from basic practice.

The deepening process is the following;

1. Infinite segmenting

In the basic conditioning and researching, we learned simple and gross qualia; stone, ash, liquid, vapor, creature, animal, plant, human, humanoid, kugutsu, hidden body and so on. It has simple movement and transformation as the vibration, sway, wave, shock, collapse, die, and so on.

The advanced stage of it, we try to segment them into small parts and proceed it into infinite level.

Segmenting of the body;
We segmant a total body into various parts, and details. And each part of them let resonante with diverse qualia.
We try to controll our body with the whole body level, a part of it, and the detail. In each level we try to resonate with various qualia of behind worlds. Finally, until our body become a multi-resonating Chimera body which various parts and details transform into various being.
Segmenting of the eye;
Normal daily eye- rotten eye- nest of eye- compound eye, partipating into the skin- Hidden skin=the third eye
Segmenting of nerve
Daily sensing and moving nerve- nerve about each part of body- nerve about detail of parts- nerve about body fluid conditions- nerve about hidden memories of each part of cells
Segement of each channel;
As the above, try to segment each channel; body feeling, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship, and world=self channel

2. Infinite Multi-layering

We have twelve kinds of conditioning methods. To mix each conditioning and develope it into multi-layered resonance is required for deepening.
Conditioning 0: Breathing,
1: Vibration,
2: Sway,
3: Three dimensional Wave,
4: Proto body and Vaporized body conditioning,
5: five Hidden qualia-hidden joints, hidden muscles, hidden cavities, hidden fluid, hidden skins,
6: Six sways- vibration, sway, wave, shock, collapse, and die
7: Seven Rhizoming: Bottom rhizoming, Top rhizoming, Behind rhizoming, Front rhizomeing, Inner rhizomeing, Outer rhizomeing, and Time rhizoming
8: Enght channels: Body feeling, Movement, Visual, Audio, Emotion, Human relationsip, World=Self, and Thinking channel
9: Segmenting conditioning
10: Twelve Meredians conditioning
11: Cobody conditioning- Resonance touch, Resonance Shiatsu and so on.

We can create various multiple resonance by mixing some of those conditioning and researching.
Daily body can open only one channe at the same time.
When we stop daily thinking, we can listen to the diverse qualia which our Life resonate with multi-dimensional qualia at the same moment.
By this multi-layering, we can get the BPD-W method of Hijikata which is able to controll the four levels of the Body, Part, Detail and Behind World.
When the outer(=physical) qualia and inner(=memorial) qualia become one, it change from merely movement to butoh dance.
Through developping these multi-layering, we can trasform into Multi-resonance Chimera body. Actually, Life is Chimera which resonates with diverse qualia of multi-dimension at the same time. We can call it by another name; 'Calabi-Yau Resonance body' as the string of The String theory of physics has infinite resonance patterns.

3. Originating

Through the infinite segmenting and multi-layering, we travel deeper and deeper into our darkness of body. We pass through the first level of novel qualia, via. second level of finding deep qualia and finnaly until we will encouter the necessary creation for living. The necessary dance has own unique Flower, Secret and Mystery.
The Flower can bloom on the basis of the own Secret and Mystery which even ourselves do not understand.
We need to deepen our subbody=cobody butoh dance by repeating practice and polishing it. It grows up through many times performances in front of audience. At the performance, we can get 'Resonance Riken(=distant) eyes' how to resonate with the world.
Through them, our creation become a open treasure of Life.

4. Return the creation to Life

The creation means to invent a novel resonance pattern of qualia which does not exist yet.
If a creration is the real creation, it does not belong to neither Ego nor Self. Because, the true creator is the Life.
Life has already infinite qualia through the four billion years Life history. We receive all of them at our each cell, and we try to find new resonance pattern of them by using them in the limited conditions.
We return our creation to the Life through performance or through midwiving which support other's creation by giving workshops.
We return our finding of new resonance pattern of qualia, and the treasure of Life Resonance pattern becomes a little bit richer. Even with using disabled body or warped mentality, we can change it a novel beauty. Then some of Life can be encouraged, "oh, we can live as a creator with this disabled body or twisted mind."
We will die as an individual being, but we return into the Life as we our creation lives in the huge Life Tide.
This is the Butoh of Life.
Do you know why it is nor ego expression, neither self expression?
Though, still many people are bound by the modern concept of Art.

Read more 'Sinking into the darkness of body'

Ⅳ 創造を命に返す



 18 June, 2012

Become Nomad-Rhizome!

We has developed Nomad Rhizome Thater which performs moving among various place as subbody-cobody around Himalaya for several years.
Now we are going to spread to the world as Nomad-Rhizome.
Rhizome is a novel way of Life. It can be connected at any part of body and separate freely. It is neither individual nor group. It is infinite transforming being relaesed from all boundaries which bound us as modern human being.
We are bound by so poor social relationship which Ego and Ego conflicts.
Why we, as an individual doesn't like the gorup. Because there are only poor group or society which binds our Life.
Life doesn't like to be bound and to be forced.
Life wants to be much richer resonance which all of us can open full creativity, originality and resonativity.
We need to invent to be a rich group which can develop diverse originality.
Subbody and cobody is non-dual oneness for Life.
It's is Nomad-Rhizome.
It is opposite of Tree system.
There is no leader, no center as the social Hierarchy.
Listen to your darkness of body. Life is shivering between group and alone. If you enter into the center of the group you cannot breathe, but if you separate from group you cannot survive. It is a proto qualia of Life.
We will start from the proto qualia, and invent a novel way of Life Resonance.

Become Rhziome!
Become a Secret!
Start a novel way of living!
'Nomad Rhizome Troup 2013 will be a great experiment of Life.

Read more 'Sinking into the darkness of body'

 16 June, 2012

Jo-Ha-Kyu in one munite improvisation

Learn what is the 'Jo-Ha-Kyu' from this.
This is one munite improvisation aftre listening one munite music, and create a duo dance.
In this TV, MC required to insert a kid play of 'Atti-muite-hoi' adding simple improvisation.
But, this girl; Riho Sayashi (right side), a member of Japanese idol group 'Morning Musume' showed perfect Jo-Ha-Kyu in the short time improvisation.

Jo: acceralating speed dance
She danced with 8 beats music by segmenting to 16 beats.
This is a special 'Jo' technique which to show the most confident strong element at the biginning for a suprise.
Ha-1: changing rhythm at right arm by sinking with vibration
Ha-2: comical legs and arms exercise, called 'lalalalai' famous in Japan
Ha-3: kids play 'Atti-muite-hoi'
Kyu: high speed line dance

She inserted five different elements in one muite.
Each change became a small flower to get a surprise, and she
completed improvisational Jo-ha-Kyu. The partner also resonated well.
Her name is Riho Sayashi 13 years old.
Jo-ha-Kyu was found by the Noh dance master Zeami (1363-1443).

Jo: beginning
Kyu: climax and ending

Jo-Ha-Kyu has spread as a deep traditional culture of creation in Japan. Merely a little girl has got it, though she is a special genius.
I wish all of you to learn what is Jo-ha-Kyu from this.
It is an important technique to resonante with audience and the world.
We can enjoy together through the best Jo-ha-Kyu.

 13 June, 2012

Conditioning for cure and healing

A student found that her L3 (3rd Lumbar vertebrae of spine) was fractured by car accident during the Festival.

I reccomend her to keep basic conditioning for cure and healing in a special way of the conditioning #1; subtle vibration, #2; sway, #3; three dimensional wave.
Here, I rewrite it as the general method of cure and healing for all.

The phycho-somatic resonance pattern about injury or problem

  unconscious emotion→mental blockage   
・  ↗                   ↘
injury→pain→tension→lost flexibility→lack of blood stream→
lack of growth hormone supply→self cure ability doesn't work

Above is a pattern which a physical injuly initiates the whole process.
Sometimes mental problem initiates the physical syndrome. Mental and physical qualia are always resonating.
We can change the resonance pattern by a proper conditioning as the following;

・  unconscious emotion→mental blockage  mental blockage released   ・  ↗                  ↘          ↘      ↗
injury→pain→tension→lost flexibility→
proper conditioning→fresh blood supply→growth hormone supply→self cure ability works well

When we have a injury or problem, muscles around it contract instinctly to guard it. At the first stage, the contract guard it properly. We need complete stilllness at the stage. But when physical injury becomes better, still the contract remains as a blockage. It disturb the natural self cure ability. Then we need proper conditioning to release the tension.
In case of the problem of Lumbar or lower back pain, both of surface muscle and deep layer muscle shrinken instinctly and mental condition influenced by them, too.

Also my L4 was broken, cracked and slide for long years.
I have to take care of it by the conditioning #1, #2 or #3 every morning. Through it I learned the principle of self cure process.
It is the chance. Please open your transparent eye to listen to the whole process among physical and mental resonance in the body as Life.

The resonance touch and resonance shiatsu will help you to acceralate the healing process, too.

Believe your Life. Life has so deep wisdom to cure by itself.
It has four billion years history of experiements and experiences.
We just give a little support to the self cure ability of Life for working in the proper condition.
Throughout whole process from problem to recovery, we can learn so many things, and we can crystalize it to a novel creation.
"Oh! We can change a problem into a creation as a new way of resonance!"
Even if the problem remained as a handicapped condition we can change it as a novel creation.
"Yah! We can find unique way of Living like this with handicapped body!"
This is the dynamic loop of the total healing.

It is the principle of the Healing to find the best resonance pattern with the self cure ability and creativity of Life.

 28 May, 2012

 Travel for upstreaming via the womb to the origin Life






 19 May, 2012

 The discovery of Prototype

One of the biggest result of investigation in "Quiet House" is the discovery of Prototype.
Prototype is deep tendency of Life.
When we travel in the darkness of body, we meet various tendencies; fear, shivering, dizzy, shrink, collapse, warp, pressed and so on. We call it as the "Prototype" of sessation, emotion and motion.

Jung found the Archtype in the collective unconsious realm.
Shadow, anima/animus, greatmother, trickstar, wisedom, girl, boy, and so on.
Millions of archtypes are living in our deep darkness of body.
Archtype is a common image for our human inprinted in the darkness of body during seven millions years human history.

Jung researched only humanic shape archtypes in our self image channel. But we share common world image Archtypes; as Heaven, Hell, storm, thunder, big fire, floud, earthquake, and so on.
The god of thunder, spirit of wind, water, fire are the personalized forms of the world image Archtypes which developed recent age in the seven millions human history.

And we can upstream the world image archtypes tward the origin.
We meet Prototype sensation, emotion, motion when Life met the world disaster, big strom, earthquake, flood, tsunami, explosion of volcano, thunder and so on.
Life share all of them as a common response of Life.

When we dance from these Prototype response of Life, we can resonate with Life beyond the borders of culture, nation, knowledge, sex, power, and so on. It is the Butoh of Life.

Hijikata investigated in how to integrate these prototypes into butoh creation, and fold the secret in the butoh score for his last solo "Quiet House".

There are hidden so many hints for Prototype sensation, emotion and motion as Life.

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Can factory

Flower of density

The morning when a storm has come

The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

A girl who moves with subtle speed

Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear

Dream, Nightmare

The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower are hidden in the freedom to carry the density at will

A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip. Small flowers and small faces are born there

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance

[I am] waiting for an attack of the storm with the body that connects to these parts, like a puppy that felt the coming storm, or like a spoon or a firefly.

The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.  


  All of these qualia are connected to the prototype of sensation, emotion and motion of Life.
To research them and find the way to transform to a novel creation is the Butoh of Life.

 This is the Hijikata's last will which he buried into the butoh score "Quiet House".
Who will take over it?

 12 May, 2012

Who am I?

When we watch this picture, it becomes clear "who are you?"
Almost people will resonate with the baby or disonate against the both.
"Oh! It's me!"
--This is the first impression for me.
In the first half of my life, I lived like this.
I was a child, and the world pressed me always.
Now it is the time to take off "me".

When we are daily body of human, we don't notice about the small Life under our feet.
So, now we have to be aware of another fact.


What is the Dream?

Our daily body beleive that the concensus reality which has three dimensional space, and dualistic difference of the things; body/mind, good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, in/out, self/others, individual/group, and so on, is only one reality of the world.

But, it is just the common illusion, the narrow consensus reality can stand up only in the physical realm on the earth, and it is supported by dualistic informations. For Life, there are
Life lives in non dual and multi dimensional world as same as the dream body.

2 May, 2012

 Dream body

Consensus Reality of Human,
and Qualia Reality of Life

Dream body, subbody, and cobody are brother-sister. Both of them are generated in the darkness of body which is resonating in non-dual and multi-dimensional realm of Life.
The difference is only one. Dream body doesn't open movement channel, subbody and cobody open all channels.

Especially, in the proto dream which we cannot forget or repeat dreaming many times, a big hint to find a secret tunnel toward the each own Abyss is hidden.

We started to share all proto dream worlds with entering by subbody and cobody into each proto dream world.

30 April, 2012

 What is Reality? What is Illusion?

Our daily body beleive that this concensus reality which has three dimensional space, and dualistic difference of the things; body/mind, good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, in/out, self/others, individual/group, and so on is only one reality of the world.

But, it is narrow reality which can stand up only on the earth.
There are no up/down, right/ left in the Universe.
According to the String theory, in the Universe has not only four dimensions, but eleven dimensions including subtle seven dimensions. Every matter and energy is made of the change of resonance pattern of the String.




4 April, 2012

 Diving into the discombobulation together

What experience is needed for studying "Quiet House" ?
We have to learn how to walk in the unknown landscape of the
darkness of body, how to dive into the mysterious Abyss, how
to fall down in the disorientated Universe, how to face to the
hard edge qualia, and so on.
Is the preparation enough for every student?
I have to listen to the silent breath of their fetuses of subbody
and cobody which are not born yet.
Some students are not ready yet to dive into the total
discombobulation, cannot endure the uncomfortable disorientation, cannot stop daily thinking and judgement by ego yet.
These are not responsibility of the student, but the responsibility of me as a midwife. It means that I could not guide them properly into the subbody=cobody mode 
During the last month, all students including me were attacked by the non-dual and multi dimensional world 
channel from the Fukushima shock.
So many different tendincies are come up together and muddled
as a chaos beyond time and space.
I noticed that there are included the fear of fetus, selfish anger of 
baby, fighting habit of addressense, cunning tendencies of adult synical critique of super ego and so on.
Someone hurried up me unlimitedly, he is my young age
personality who was bound by the illusion which speed is good.
The multiple dissociated tendencies within me visited me randomly, and my unconscious ego projected the responsibility to the students that some students delay the proper speed of the progression of the class. But this is the biggest trap of ego. Nobody 
cannot decide what speed is proper. 
Midwife cannot decide the moment of birth, the resonance by fetus and womb find the best  timing of the birth.
The discombobulation by the Fukushima shock made me to forget
the most important principle of midwife.
We will slow down and learn how to endure the discombobulation together with sharing the edge qualia of each one through the edge sharing work in every week.

 31 March, 2012

Open Infinite Creativity

Subbody method is for opening infinite creativity of Life.
The basis of conditioning is to release from daily bind of thinking and judgement.
Daily thinking is bound by unconscious somatic condition.
Each moment our hundred trillion cells are changing resonance 
pattern. And each condition has specific calcium wave mode in 
the brain.

fig.1 Glia-neuron network

fig.2 Glia controlls neuron communication

We have ten billion neurons and hundred billion glia cells in the brain.
Neurons communicate by electlic signal each other.
Glias communicate with neuro transmitter articles floating in the brain fluid. There are so many kinds of neuro transmitter articles;
hormone, peptid, mineral ion and so on. They controll the activities of glia cells which varios inner qualia (=memories) are holded.
Also glia controlls neuron communication. (fig.2)

fig.3 Calcium wave

And the calcium wave which has various density of calcium ion
controlls basic activities of local glia cells.(fig.3)
When calcium ion density becomes dense at a part of brain,
the local part of glia cells are activated and communicate among glia and neuorn cells.

fig.4 Brain condition

The consciousness is limitted by where the activated condition of local glia cells is. (fig.4)
We call it as mood, feeling, emotion, and so on.
Depend on the hormone condition, sometimes we remember a sad  memory in childhood, fighting memory in adresense, mother's voice and so on. At that time, a specific calcium wave activates the area of adrenarine mode glias, okicitocine mode glias, or beta endorphine mode glias and so on.
Our daily thinking is controlled by them unconsciously, then we 
don't notice it about the bind by brain conditions.

Subbody method is to be released from these unconscious bind to travel freely by becoming subconscious body.
When we become subbody and cobody, we can travel as a subbody and cobody beyond the borders of different conditions of brain mode. Subbody movement and calcium wave, hormone mode are changing with resonance.
This is the reason why so many deverse subbodies and cobodies are coming out in the subbody creation.

During subbody conditioning process, whenever you feel any subtle signal, it is the chance of creation. When you feel boring or too long, it is the timing to create another movement with adding own qualia and invent some change, just before you are bound by dualistic judgement by Ego that today's conditioning is not intersting for Me or something like that. Chance is only one moment. Don't lose it. Life is always waiting for the best timing of creation. Open it infinitely.
Thinking is not easy to change flexiblly, but subbody and cobody are so flexible to change in multi-dimension.

Variate it, deviate it, mutate it,
at any moment, to any direction,
with any qualia, by any speed and size!

This is the essence of subbody method to open infinite creativity, originality, and resonativity. 

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 25 March, 2012

Toward the deep qualia of Prototype, Archetype, and Mothertype of Life

It started from the shock of Fukushima in the subbody school, 2012.
All of us have to be involved in the world of Life Resonance.
All students transformed into near death proto creatures which are mutated by the poizon water lealed from Fukushima last week.   

It was unevitable resonance as Life. 
It might be hard suprising experience for new students.
But, it was a big gift from victims of Fukushima.
When we are involved in unevitable disaster as an earthquake, tunami, meltdown nucler plant, and so on, we expereince the necessary change at the cell level of Life.
They are deep qualia which is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance of Life. Hijikata wrote about them as the most important qualia of butoh in the "Quiet House".
They are not able to devide, because they are muddled and unifiyed, but if I force myself to devide them only for explanation, they are the following;

Archtype (=imagination): Spirit of water, earth, wind, Great mother, Chimera, Fairy, Goblin, Monster, God, Ego, and so on

Prototype (=emotion): Fear of bugs, fear of birds, Awe, Dizzyness,

Mothertype ( =motion): Shivering, Shrinking, Binding, Twisting, Collapsing

These are the deep elements of subbody and cobody and the source of creation.
They are muddled and unifiyed as oneness in the cell level of Life Resonance. When we encounter to the big disaster, these Life memories which were reserved in the cells comes out and attacks us from the Abyss of Life. We can sense that it is necessary fenomena of Life through body experience.
Jung was a scholar, then he could notice only visible archtype images and investigated in it.
But butoh dancer can sense all of them as onenness through body experience.
Students who danced by the resonance with Fukushima, experienced these deep qualia of Life.
It is the gift from Fukushima.
Butoh is neither a production of thinking, nor expresson of Ego or Self.
It comes up from those, Prototype, Mothertype and Archtype of Life tendencies. We can just reverse twisting them that were caught in each dancing place of body to a necessary creation of Life.
The unavoidable creation raises up from the shivering and fears.
It is just a necessity of Life. This is the
"Butoh which called by the name of Life" which Hijikata wished and persured.
In this week, we start studying the Hijikata Butoh Method via. "A size walk", "Bugs walk", and "Quiet House".
To be able to experience the essential qualia of Hijikata Butoh, before learing them through text is the gift from Fukushima.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 18 March, 2012

The final Yoshimoto Takaaki

A great, maybe the greatest Japanese thinker; Yoshimoto Takaaki died on 16th March, 87 years old.
He created his own logic about what is the beauty of the language, what is the common illusion, what is the mental phenomena and so on.  They were completely novel and unique methods. I learned them during these fifty years.
He taught me in my youth that we can hold any question about anything, and  we need to solve the question by ourselves even it takes time.
I continued the way through my life. I met many questions and have never asked others about those questions which I held. I just continued to research in my darkness of body during my lifetime.
The questions which I met were the followings;
What is Life?
What is Qualia?
What is Resonance?
What is Transparency?
What is Subbody and Cobody?
What is Rhizome?
What is Beauty?
What is another logic to catch the multi-dimensional and non-dual fenomena in the darkness of body?

Even in case if I ask some one about these questions, maybe nobody answers. I have to solve it by myself.
I learned a lot of thing from Yoshimoto, especially, his last theme was the fetus mind. Before the separation between self and others, we have special fenomena like as Animism. He called it "The mind stage of Africa".
Almost of mental disease; schizophrenia, melancholia, dissociation and so on, has some unknown connection to "the stage of Africa".
He had to stop at the entrance of the tunnel to it. He passed me the baton, I received it and started to sink into the darkness of body.
Only one person went a head. It was Hijkata Tatsumi. He had already traveled there as his weakened body by alone following "the method of Shisha".
At the same time, a big synchronisity was happening in the world.
The futus world is as same as Michel Foucault predicted as the next stage of "After Human". C.G Jung called it "the collective unconsciousness". Arnord Mindell named it "the essense of dream body". Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari reserched the special logics in it as "Rhizome".
So, at the end of 20 century, all radical thinkers and creators faced to the same issue at the same time beyond the borders.

I loved to watch Yoshimoto's face when I listened to his lecture. He was not only a language speaker, but also his face was an excellent butoh dancer. When he spoke something, he used to hesitate for a while, and russhed to tell the essential point radically. He had the best timing of "Tame" technique naturally. I learned a lot of thing from him.
Now I will start a reconstruction of Yoshimoto method which I learned by the Resonance Principle. His reseach is radical, but his method was discribed by dualistic logics. It is pity. We need to shift it by the Life Resonance Principle. It will be hard works and take time.
Yoshimoto-san, now you took off the human shape completely and returns to Life.
Please guide me the work from other world, because you must know well about Life Resonance now.
I will run with taking his baton for a few more while. When I will be unable to run. Who will receive the baton?



 10 March, 2012

Qualia is the Life Resonance itself

I noticed that I did big mistake.

When I explain about Qualia, I used to say that Qualia is
everything which Life feels.

Qualia of Gravity, Qualia of light, qualia of temperature, and so on.

I wrote at the diffinition page on my site as the same.

But it must guide a misunderstanding as if Life is a kind of subject
and Qualia is object.

It is not true.

Qualia is just resonance of Life with various thing.

Life is not subject.

Before, Life of a cell feels light, already light arrived at the cell, and
the resonance is happening.

Qualia is the resonance itself between Life and everything.

Resonance has neither subject, nor object.

Resonance happens from both side spontaneously and
simultaneously without intension.


Resonance is just natural phenomenon in the Universe. It is the
same as the resonance of String in the String theory.

According to the String theory, everything is made of the
difference of resonance pattern of the String.

Life is also made of a special resonance patterns of the String.

But, now we don't have the proper language to express the
resonance yet, because the our language need a subject, verb
and object. It is bound by dualism. Untill some of us will invent
novel resonance language, we have to use the dualistic language.
I tried to invent it, but for me it was not able. Instead of it, I will
open a novel atitude to feel qualia resonance by whole body and
It is subbody cobody method.
In the class, I used to explain as if Life has a perdonality to 
explain the subtle tendency of Life of a cell. For example;
"I want to melt down", "I want to shrink", and so on.
Please accept it as a metaphor of Life resonance.
Until we invent the resonance language, we have to use the
dualistic language which has subject and object.







"I want to melt", とか "I want to shurink" と主語述語を使って言うしかない。




5 March, 2012

Resonance will begin

In every morning, with conditioning I ask Life,
"What do you want to do most?"
Today, Life reply me,
" Invent a novel way which everybody is able to notice the Life Resonance by actual feeling"
" Yes, it is really necessary thing!
But how?"
" It's easy, because everything is resonance.
Just catch everydays happening in your class as Resonance, and taste it as delicately as possible."
" Yes, I will try."

Listen to a cell

Then I tried to listen to a cell. But, I couldn't catch anyhting. My sensitivity is too rough to listen to cell's life.
We have hundred trrilion cell in our adult body.
Each cell has Life and resonates with everything; with Gravity, Light, Air, Oxigion, Temparature, Sound, Smell and their Memories at each moment. I can understand it by my head, but my ear is not sesitive enough to catch it.

Listen to a finger

Then I tried to listen to my index finger.
" What do you want to do most now?" I asked.
( Though I am using the word " Listen", it is not physical ears, but the third ear to concentrate on subtle Qualia signals in the darkness of body as the same as thethird eye in the traditional meditation method.)
One finger is about 1 percent of body, then a finger has trrilion cell. Yah! I could catch subtle tendencies in a finger. It has various tendencies to stretch or to bend or to sway and so on. They are the result of the resonance among trrilion cells.

Listen to a muscle

Then I tried to proceed to segment one more step. I listen to small muscles of index finger. It may have about 100 billion cells.
Yes, I can catch subtle signals within it. Some of them have a clear tendency to stretch a little bit more.
So, we can start from here for the present!
Maybe for most of us, when we calm down thinking and cencentrate on the listening, it may be able to catch the tendencies of 100 billion cells resonance.
Here will be a start line for new class of subbody school 2012.

I listened to a muscle of index finger, and wisper to 100 billion cells,
" Let yourselves be free!"
Then the finger opened the first joint and was going to stretch slowly.
And the second joint joined the tendency to open.
" Yes we also like to open. We resonate."
In a while, the third and the fourth hidden joint started resonance. The tendency infected to my wrist, elbow, shoulder and brest. Finnaly my body opened both arms and also jaw joint opened widely.
" Yes, we need a little more oxygion right now!"
All my cells might be wanted of oxygion, then they could resonate together willingly.
At that time, when only one cell initiates a movement with proper intiative, all cells resonate immediately and develope to a big tendency.

( It was the same, I remembered, when i was young, the anti Vietnum War movement spreaded all over the world.
The anti nuclear pawer movement will also spread to the world before long. Because all Life don't prefer to be with it. Nobody cannot stop the tendency of Life Resonance.)

Next, I listened to the left index finger.
It showed a tendency to spread with twisting.
Then also the neibour part of body joined the twisting stretch tendency comfortablely. My legs joned in it and whole body was involved in the movement.

Listen to Rhizoming

After that, various tendencies came out, to shake, to shrink, and so on from a part of body and influenced to the whole body via neibours.
This is the Rhizomimg thecnique as we used to practice at the school a lot. I persured the thechnique for long years, but I could not understand the reason why. Today, I found out that Rhizoming is a fenomena of the influence of the resonance of cell's Life. I could not catch it as the resonance, and I could not explain properly untill last year.
Finding is always delaying like this.
We can just follow the subtle tendincy in the darkness of body. The reason or the awearness comes out after a while with deep layers connections.

Anyway, we will begin the awearness about resonance in this year with bodily experiences.
All students, please prepare to the sensitive listening to the Body and Life.


The third eye and the third ear

26 February, 2012

The third ear

What is the most important thing to do for you in Himalaya.
It is listening.
But not using your phisical ears.
Physical ears can listen to the physical sound or music. But the Qulaia are not invisible and inaudible. They are too subtle to catch by ears.
The first thing you do here is to open the third ear to listen to the Qualia streaming in your darkness of body.
We need to be completely quiet body to listen to Qualia.
Because Qualia are so subtle. It is million times subtler than the strenth of language or visual information.
When we stop the influence of information and inner langage thinking and talking, we can listen to the Qualia streaming in our darkness of body.
Concentrate to listen to them whole days without thinking and talking.
Slowly you can taste them and enjoy them.
All of them is the richest source for creation.

The third eye

Also you will learn how to limit your physical eyes, and to open the third eye as the traditional meditation method said.
The third eye is to see everything by your hidden skin as Life.
They are the metaphors for transform from gross body to subtle body in the traditional meditation method.

Yes! In Short word,
less Information, more Qualia
less Human, more Life


Letter for new students and readers 1    
Information and Qualia

22 January, 2012

What is subbody?


Subbody means subconscious body.

In conscious realm the body and consciousness is separated, but in subconscious realm subconscious and body are not separated. It is oneness. We call it subbody.


Difference between Information and Qualia


The first step to become subbody mode is to stop information, and listen to qualia.
This is the basic of basic.

Qualia is everything which Life resonates. Life means each cell's Life.

Our adult body has hundred trillion cells. Each cell feels each qualia and they are resonating together. Qualia is resonance, and information is object.

Our human can create information from qualia. Qualia is multi-dimensional resonance, and Information is dualistic object, without resonance.

Information is able to be shift to binary number (by 1 and 0, =on /off of electric signal) , and it is able to be used by machine like computer or digital camera, CD player and so on.

But machine can neither feel nor use qualia. Only Life can feel qualia.

This is the big difference between information and qualia.


Our daily body and daily mind are bound by too much information.

Information( by language(words), images, sounds and so on) is dualistic, and too rough and strong comparing qualia which each cell feels. Information is trillion times rougher and stronger than qualia. Information is roughly simplified from multi-dimensional resonance of qualia to dualism.

At first, you need to understand this incredible difference between information and qualia.

This is the most important thing to learn subbody method.


How to release from the binds of information


Stop reading newspaper, magazine, and book. Turn off TV and Computer.

Stop talking with others, and stop inner talking with using word.

Inner talking is automatically coming up. When you notice it, just inhibit it.

And try to listen to the body.

Sit at quiet place, and calm down all tensions of your body.

Breathe in and out with long breath.

If you find some part of body has tension, release it by the following method.

1) Inhale and give air to that part.

2) Hold your breath for a while.

3) Exhale at once and release down the tension.

4) Try this releasing at various part of your body which is bound by a tension or stiffness.


Shifting from thinking mode to listening mode


Now you can feel various subtle bodily feelings are streaming in your body and changing at each moment.

We call it qualia stream.

Qualia is everyhting which Life feels; qualia of Gravity, qualia of light, air, sound and so on.

Life is resonating with various qualia, not only present physical qualia, but also inner qualia which is folded in each cell; as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on.

Duble resonance of memorial inner qualia and present outer qualia is characteristic of qualia. Inner qualia and outer qualia are resonating like duet always.


Stop human. Become Life


Sit quietly. And listen to your Life. Accept all qualia of Life.

Always ask your Life "What do you want to do most?" and follow it.


Slowly you start swaying with subtle rotating your sucrum and each spine one by one from bottom to head in the three dimension; water, arrow, and slide door dimension.


Just listen to the qualia stream in your body without thinking and judgment as a human.

Not to translate your feeling to language. It happens unconsciously, be aware of the process and just inhibit the unconscious language process. Because language is bound by dualism (good/bad, right/wrong, in/out, self/others, individual/group, subject/object, and so on).

Especially we are bound by very strong archetype as Ego and Self. It disturbs the transparent resonance as Life.

Take off all condition of human, and become Life.

This is the hardest edge which we have to overcome in the process. 

We need to release from all dualistic judgments as human to accept multi-dimensional and non-dual resonance as Life.


 15 January, 2012

Hang a string into the darkness of body

I keep my body/mind condition between awake and asleep as long as possible everyday.
I hang a string into the darkness of body, and wait for long time as a fisherman.
But I don't put any hock any fishbait to the string, just only a string.
Aftter waiting for a while, something come to attach around the string, as if a crystalization begins in the supersaturated liquid.
I continue to listen to the subtle sign what is happening in the darkness of body. Sometimes the crystalization progresses quickly or slowly, and grows up heavily.
I have to concentrate on the best timing to catch the fish.
I have not seen the fetus of subbody, then I don't know the form of it in the darkness of body. Normally, it seemes to stream in the darkness of obdy flexiblly, or they are hidden as a small raw ore of precious stone in the abyss of the darkness of body. Nobody have seen their shape.
But it is sure that many raw ores of unique creation are hidden in every one's darkness of body.
It is the proof that many unique subbodies and cobodies are born everyday at the subbody school. It starts from simple short subbodies to gradually shifts to very complicated strange subbodies. The producing process continues for one year. And finally all of them are crystalized as one hour long subbody-cobody butoh dance.
Midwife has to listen to the best timing of the birth of subbodies and cobodies.
Everyday, midwife invents the most appropriate combinations of conditioning, researching and creating to support the safe birth of subbodies and cobodies.
The momentary resonance between fetus and midwiving is the point.
Midwife cannot decide the timing of the birth by oneself.
Midwife can only wait for the timing with continue to listening.
Therefor, I listen to the hanging string in the darkness of body. It might be seen as if sleeping, but this is the training of a midwife.

 Amoeba in motion
 12 January, 2012

Become Life, become transparent!

Take off human!
Become Life, become transparent!
This was the deepest hope for me for long years.
We can learn a lot of things from other creature. Amoeba, bacteria, slime mold, hidra, jellyfish, baby of fish, shrimp, and so on. Amoeba and slime mold is one of the most favourite teacher of Life for me. I watched them for long years through microscope in my young age. They atracted me by their transparency. They show that they are resonating with various matters and energies at the same time, with gravity, light, heat, pressure, taste, smell, food, sound, and inner life memories about all of the qualia which they have experienced for four billion years. They don't hide anything. They show everything transparently. Compared to them, how we are opaque! Why do we need to hide so much resonance as Life?



 2 January, 2012

Conditioning for Winter season

This article is for readers, old and new students during the Winter season.



 30 December, 2011

Letter from Belen

Heriogaballus and Kundalini
---Crisis of the Birth of Subbody

This article is for midwife course which is connected with a mail from an old student, Belen.

Next year several student of this year will continue to research at Subbody Butoh Institute.

Second year is midwife course to help the safe birth of fetus of subbody and cobody including one's own and other's.

We have to calm down one's own Ego and Self deeper than the creator course of the first year, and listen to subtler signal of the birth of fetus of subbody and cobody.

The birth is always on the edge between life and death.

It is the one of the most critical moment for life.

We need to learn there are so many different patterns of the birth.

A subbody is easy to come out, another one is shy and hesitant to be born. Sometimes there are very difficult birth or near death birth on the edge of miscarriage or still birth. 

In Subbody course, we take time to let various subbodies and cobodies to come out one by one for one year in proper order.

Then slowly we can learn how to become friend with them.

One of the critical type of the birth is sudden emergence.


Belen encountered this case and mailed me from Spain;


" I witnessed something amazing this weekend. I have a friend who has been meditating a lot these last couple of years, vipassana meditation. Right when the butoh workshop in Tiocan (in Switzerland) started she called me to tell me she had some experience while meditating: her arms had started to move on their own, without her doing it. Then, in July, she was going deeper, and at one point she had light convulsions of the torso. Two days ago we went to nature and spent a lot of time in the water, the river´s ponds. On Saturday morning she started concentrating on the energy and her arms started to move. She did this for 20 minutes, and then it started to become more violent, strong convulsions from her feet to her head, agitating her arms and making her face disfigured..... I was behind her, catching her every time she fell in the water. It was as if something possessed her violently and she could not control it. At one point she started making noises, screaming, and spitting saliva full of phlegm. Her eyes went white, completely. this went on for 3 hours, and then the movement started to be pleasurable, she moved as if dancing, her arms up in the sky.


It was the most authentic Butoh i had ever seen. On sunday i spoke to her about Butoh and taught her some conditioning and basic ways to start so she could move this energy in a more controlled way. A friend told her she was experiencing a kundalini rising and had to work with this energy.


I felt so attracted to this energy, afraid in a way, because it was monstrous, the way it came out, but very attracted, the attraction pulling forward and the fear pulling back, like i feel right now in my life......."


Some of our subbodies are hidden and enduring in the darkness of body for long years with keeping energy. Once they are coming out, the emergence becomes as an explosion with extreme speed and uncontrolled energy.

In the Yoga tradition, it is called as the emergence of Kundalini.

Stanislav Grof who is a transpersonal psychologist had organized the 'SEN (Spiritual Emergence Network) to help people who encounter the difficulty of these cases, since 1980.

Though I don't use the word of 'Spiritual' because it is bound by the archetype unconsciously.  'Spirit' and 'Kudalini' are one of archetype which bind our mind and body from the realm of  the collective unconsciousness. We need to be released from all kinds of archetypes. We understand it as the birth of subbody (subconscious=body) and accept it as natural phenomena of Life. It is the richest source for us. Subbody method is to grow up them safely and open full potential of creativity, originality and resonance ability of Life.   


Hijikata called it 'Hiliogabullus' in his butoh score 'Quiet House'.


"There is only one moment of Heliogabalus.

Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling moderation" 


Heliogabullus is known as the worst emperor in the Roman Empire.


We can understand that 'Kundalini' or 'Heliogaballus' is a case of the sudden birth of subbody with extreme energy and speed.

I have experienced it many times during the construction of the school at Himalaya. I became an obsessive-compulsive neurosis by encountered so many unexpected hardships of the culture gap between Japan and India.

My Heliogaballus was suddenly getting angry and was bound by strong tendency to kill others and myself.  I could not control the emergence at all, because the speed was extreme. When I noticed it, it was late. My body had already been possessed by the extreme anger.

I tried to calm down myself by breathing and various movements, but it didn't work at all.

I could only escape from the too complex circumstances at Himalaya to the jungle and ocean in Kerara and Tamil Nadu of South India, at that time.


Also I have met various cases of sudden birth of student's subbody, someone is violent, other one is shouting, crying with uncontrolled energy as if killing others.

But when we accept them by warmest hug with full of Life Resonance, they can be calmed down absolutely. Because the violence is from the illusional archetype which the world image is felt to be opposed against the self image.


Through these experiences we learned that we have to establish a method to facilitate the birth of subbody with a safe order and slow tempo, one by one from easier one to harder one. We need to train ourselves how to calm down our condition of body, mind and subbody through various methods of conditioning. Then now we can be a midwife to facilitate the birth of subbodies and cobodies somehow. At the beginning. we learn to become Quiet body, Ash body, Weakened body, and proceed to Proto body, Animal body, Hidden body, Bottom body, Chimera body, Nest body, Possessed body and so on. When we integrate all of them, we can be Transparent body which is not bound by any specific tendencies finally.  It takes time, at least for one year, ideally two or three years.

We need to learn how to stop our Ego and Self, and how to listen to very subtle signal in the darkness of body of oneself and others. We can control the timing and tempo when subbody is a fetus before the birth. That's why to get the conditioning method is so important. 

Still our experience is not enough. We must meet a lot of unknown emergences of subbody. We have to prepare to accept any kinds of emergence of subbodies as natural phenomena of Life with full of Resonance. The training process to be the Midwife must be lifelong.

Belen, and all old students, also you need to continue the research in the darkness of body forever. Hope to come back Himalaya someday to co-research deeper.



 This is the basic text of Second semester of Subbody School 2011.

Updated 14 September. 2011

"Art of Shisha

Hijikata wrote as the important thing for himself in his last butoh score of his last solo, "Quiet House".

Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance."

(QH 2---This article can be a travel map for researcher in "Quiet House". Please investigate in the chapter which is showed as the chapter number of QH) 

In this short sentence, everything of Art of Shisha is condensed.
"Quiet but infinite transformation of Shisha without any intention"---This is the essence of essence of "Art of Shisha". The reason why infinite transformation happens is that transformation is change of resonance pattern of Life. Life is resonating with everything and the resonance pattern is infinite.

Exactly speaking life resonance generates qualia in Life. Because of the resonance pattern of qualia is infinite, then infinite transformation occurs.
Yes, Shisha is the qualia which Life feels.
Dead body does not transform. Dead body just follows the physical law.
But qualia of Shisha within Life can transform infinitely.

 If it is allowed to go further in the reason why qualia transform infinitely, qualia is generated in glia cell in the brain, qualia is generated by the change of resonance pattern of String in which String theory researching. They say that resonance pattern of String is infinite. But this is too apart from Butoh method. If you are interesting in it, Please read "The Qualia", "The resonance" and "The Life" in subbody.net』 And I recommend to research by yourself in string theory, brain science, life science, process orientated psychology by Mindell and so on. And please investigate further in what is Life, Qualia and Resonance by yourself.  

I used to explain that Shisha is a view point of Animism which is base of Japanese ancient culture. But at the same time we can understand it as the above when we integrate all of the recent researches and findings in various field of science. 

Ancient people in Animism culture understood deeper than us who are bound by physical scientific information which has forgotten both of Life and Death.

Until now Butoh is understood as the technique of becoming the dead body by following his famous word, "Butoh is a corpse (= dead body) which try to stand desperately." and practice of it which he gave beginning students in butoh. And they have spreaded to the world as the BUTOH. 

But when we study his last butoh score, "Quiet House" deeply, we can notice that the word is merely for beginners in butoh. In the "Quiet House", there is no description about the dead body but full of technique for becoming Shisha is written. Shisha means the dead in Japanese. But shisha is not the physical dead body but it can transform into everything quietly and infinitely.

Japanese and Asian deep culture are completely different from modern physical culture but they are based on Animism, which universal spirits are streaming and transforming flexibly at everywhere beyond the border between life and death.

This delicate and inevitable misunderstanding is based on the cultural gap between modern culture and ancient one. It has disturbed for modern western people to understand the true butoh. But when we sink down the darkness of body into the Abyss swaying between Life and Death, we can contact the subtle shivering of life.

From Dead body to Shisha, they are so wide apart. 

Even me, until the last year we started practice to becoming ash body which was burnt out by big fire. It is proper as an entrance of butoh, but the way toward the real butoh is so far from the entrance. Not only becoming dead but becoming Shisha, this infinite transformation technique is the essence of Hijikata’s butoh. It has so deep and complex logic of multi-dimensional and non-dual world which is completely different from the daily world which is bound by dualistic logic. 

Now I can try to guide the Technique of Shisha through the work to condense the contents of Subbody Butoh School into some essences as the following. When we can unify all of them, the total technique of Shisha will be completed as "Art of Shisha". It is the very "Butoh of Life" which Hijikata pursued in his later years. I investigated in the darkness of body for long years by alone apart from Hijikata. I found subbody butoh method which we become a Life through becoming a subconscious body. Life is resonating with everything in multi-dimensional and non-dual world. Through the investigation in "Quiet House" we found out what the multi-dimensional life resonance and Shisha are the same. Then we can transform naturally and infinitely. Finally, subbody method and Hijikata's Butoh method are integrated and become oneness as "The Resonant Art of Shisha" or simply "Art of Shisha".

Important elements of Art of Shisha


-Becoming subconscious body (=subbody), through stopping daily conscious mind.

*Life resonance
-Listening to subtle multi-dimensional life resonance, releasing from the binds of daily ego and self as a modern human.

*Infinite transformation
-Transforming quietly and infinitely into various being between death and life by using the method of the reduction by X and regeneration. 

*Reduction by X and regeneration
This is one of the main hidden logic for transformation in the darkness of body.
-"Reduction by X" means to reduce something from the daily body and mind. 
X can be anything. You can substitute (=put) anything for X. 
To reduce means simply to deduce. You can regard reduction and regeneration simply as “minus" and "plus" at the beginning. 
Reduction by X= Human body - X = Reduced body
Regeneration= Reduced body + X 
X can be the size, age, sex, weight, strength, number of dimension flexibility, fluidity, solidity and so on. 
At the beginning of transformation you can become anything by reducing something from your human body and mind. In the advanced realm, it becomes more complicated because it happens in the multi-dimensional and non-dual realm beyond simple dualistic logic.

The following are the samples of transformation using "the reduction by X" at the beginning of Butoh practice.

When we reduce fluidity from our body, we become solid body.

When we reduce solidity from human body, it becomes fluid body (ameba or any proto creature).
When we reduce both of fluidity and solidity from human body, it becomes vaporized body (air, wind, spirit and so on).
When we reduce own will from us, we become passive body which is moved by something else. (The red god -QH1=Quiet House 1st chapter- means this something which moves him.)
When we reduce speed from human movement, it becomes subtle speed (or the silence of speed).
When we reduce time, it becomes stillness.
When we reduce flexibility from our body, we become Stone body, Kugutsu body or Belrmelle. (QH 10, 19).
When we reduce the health from us, we become weakened body.
When we reduce the size from our body, we become boxed body or bottom body.
When we reduce surface personality (or persona=mask) from us, we become floor face or infinite hidden bodies will come out.

When we reduce or regenerate age, we become baby, fetus or old man/woman.
... etc.

The transformation by X reduction and regeneration give us infinite possibility of creation.

Long time ago I found similar logic in the darkness of body. It was "Changing the number of dimension". This finding guided me to understand the hidden logic of "X reduction and regeneration".
When we reduce time dimension from our four dimensional movement, it becomes stillness.
When we reduce one space dimension from our three dimensional shape, we becomes two dimensional being (=paper, wooden plate)
When we reduce two space dimension from three dimensional being, we become one dimensional being (=a stake or stick).
These are including in X reduction, I found that Hijikata's X reduction logic is much more universal than "Changing the number of dimension". 
It is universal hidden logic in the darkness of body. The extreme transformation in our dream, illusion and ancient Myth is created by these hidden logics, though we need to research farther through our subbody and cobody experience. 

*Carrying Density and Jumping wild
(The following sections are for advanced research in creation)
-"Freedom of carrying density" (QH 9) and "Jumping wild" (QH 25-27) are very characteristic of Shisha and life resonance. 
- The missing ring of the previous method of butoh is "Carrying density" and "Jumping wild". Hijikata performed them in his weakened body butoh actually, but they were so subtle that people (including me) could not catch them.

-Thus, the essence of the Technique of Shisha is "Reduction by X and regeneration". 
-When we could use the logic of X reduction flexibly, it is able to get the technique of "Carrying Density" and "Jumping Wild" as a Life. 

*Chimera and Nest body

There are so many qualia of Archetype in our darkness of body.
When we increase or decrease the number of qualia, we can create unique Chimera body or Nest body which wears various qualia of Archetype flexibly. 

*Whole-Part-Detail-Behind technique

These transformations are supported by WPD-B method which control the following four elements of the Whole body image, movement at a Part of body, subtle resonance at the Detail of part, resonance with Behind world.

A fine Spider’s thread that runs on the forehead (Detail)

Beggar (Whole)

Cat Waist (Part)

Behind World (Behind) (QH 1)


They are suggested in various part of scores how to create the flower. 
There are two levels of flower, small flower and the flower of whole. 
Small flower :( QH 3- 19) 
Flower of timing (=Tame): (QH 12)

A shout and a girl – shivering before collapsing (QH 12)
This is the same as "Zu-Ji-Cho technique" in subbody method.
Zu=Picture=A shout → Collapsing, Ji=back ground=a girl, Cho=subtle signal=inner shivering

Flower of change :( QH 3-20)
Flower of carrying density : (QH 9) 
Flower of whole ( QH 20, QH 25-27) =Participation in the skin = Opening the Hidden Skin toward the world.

*Secret =Blood of dance 
we need the blood of dance in each part of butoh. Hijikata suggested lots of hints to put the blood of dance in the score. 

-Salmon face: as Hidden tendencies or Hidden characters which come out spontaneously form the darkness of body
-Horse meat: as your deep desire to connect to your dear home place
-Can factory: the deep memories which are connected to the most familiar place for your life. You can get actual qualia of life in whole channel. (QH 1)
-Dancing place: each part of your body which bound by various experiences or trauma. When we reverse twist the binds, we can transform them as a unique creation. (QH 16)
-Nightmare: Remember your fatal dreams in your life. They are so called proto dream or original dream. We need to solve the mystery with changing them to a creation. 
This each of own qualia is the blood of dance. Insert them on your each part of body in movement. Each part of body is bound by them. Dance the struggle for releasing between binds and reverse responses against the binds. Your butoh will be a necessary creation of Life. Without the blood, it is merely gymnastics. Hide your secret. 
In the surface of your skin. When you hide the secret, it becomes a flower.

The red god (QH 1)
Shisha (QH 2)
Soul and spirit (QH 3)
Vaporized body (QH 4 and 15)
Shivering (QH 24, See the next)
These mysteries which we cannot understand what it is, are the hidden behind our dance. Life is always in the huge mystery. Wear the all mysteries and sway between death and life.

*Shivering of Life

Bird's fear and bug's fear (QH 5)
Dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower (QH 10)
Mescaline hands (QH 14)
Senile hand attached by bug of Rakan ( QH 17)
Shivering (QH 24)
These shiverings are the prototype of life response with the mysteries. When we take off the human illusion which we are strong or great, and we become a Life through the shivering we can resonate with all of Life. Hijikata wrote that butoh dancer has to be familiar with these subtle shiverings of Life. (QH 5)

*Resonance with Abyss

In the picture of the abyss, the focus must be on the participation in the skin rather than the compound eyes. (QH 22)

We can create original necessary butoh through opening the resonance between our Life and the abyss (=bottomless depth). The abyss can be own behind world, deep memory, proto dreamland and so on.
Learn the abyss meditation from Arnord Mindel and Bardo conditioning from Tibetan Buddhism and other traditions. Various ancient worship is to connect to the abyss for Life. Learn from them. 
We don't know what the abyss is. Just we can dance the bottomless fear as Life. 

*Hidden skin

The flower of the whole and the participation in the skin are homogeneous.

The nightmare, in which everything is performed with dropping hands, is particular to the naked body. (QH 20)

In the picture of the abyss, the focus must be on the participation in the skin rather than the compound eyes. There is only one moment of Heliogabalus.

Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling moderation (QH 22)

Hijikata wrote about "the participation in the skin" (QH 20-27) as the final integration of the nest of eye, compound eyes and multi- layering. 
The skin means not only single layer of physical skin, but it means multi-layered Hidden skin. He wrote about the multi- layered hidden skin and various spaces exactly at the butoh score of the "Bugs walk" and “Ash walk”.
To open the world layer of hidden skin is the essence of the flower of the whole.
When only life opens the world layer of hidden skin, we can resonate with the shivering between "
things that endure" and "only one moment of Heliogabalus"
Listen to your body. Listen to the 
dazzling moderation of your life. And find the best timing of coming out of Heliogabalus. It could be the Flower of Kyu.
This is also Zu-Ji-Cho technique. (Zu=Picture=Heliogabalus, Ji=Ground=Things that endure=daily body, Cho=Subtle signal=Dazzling moderation.)

*Rhizoming technique to resonate with behind worlds

The Rhizoming method which resonates with various own behind world through multi-layered hidden skin by delicate bug's fear and bird's fear is necessary.
The Rhizoming technique was my original transformation method which I found long time ago.

At the beginning it was merely a technique of somatic movement. When we segment a movement in the minimum movement, it starts from a subtle tendency at a cell of each part of body. I have integrated it as a “Seven Rhizoming techniques”

They are the Bottom Rhizoming, Top Rhizoming, Edge Rhizoming, Inner Rhizoming, Behind Rhizoming, Front Rhizoming and Total Rhizoming.

Bottom Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with qualia of archetypes in the underground.

Top Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with qualia of archetypes in the heaven or sky.

Edge Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with various outer hidden skins.

Inner Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with various inner hidden skins

Behind Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with behind world or behind spirit.

Front Rhizoming grew up as the resonance with floating wish or spirit apart from the body.

(See "Ash walk" in the Practice Guide of this site)

Total Rhizoming grew up as a momentary resonance with the whole world.

*Butoh of Life and Art of Shisha

These are the oneness. Hijikata pursued what the Butoh of Life is in his latest age. He suggested them as technique of Shisha in "Quiet House".
When we integrate them the Butoh of Life will be completed as the Art of Shisha.
We will deepen it through group research by students of school and participants of workshop. 
And we will open it to the world through uploading them immediately on the site.
They will grow up as a common treasure in the world for opening infinite creativity, originality and resonativity(=resonant ability) of Life. It will help you to meet a necessary creation for living.
I believe that every Life needs own necessary creation for living. Subbody midwife devotes to support the process for each Life.

 9 September, 2011

Becoming a Midwife

We need to become a Midwife, to open full creativity, originality, resonativity (resonance ability) of life, for the birth of subbody and cobody.
After the beginning process, we are just guided into subbody mode by another Midwife. But you should also become a Midwife too, for your own birth of subbody and cobody.

1. Principles of Midwife
-Leave from your Ego and Self, listen to the breath of subbody’s fetus which is going to be born.
-Find the best timing of birth, give the minimum stimulus and support to subbody’s fetus and mother’s womb (= body), resonate with the moment of the birth of subbody, concentrate with complete devotion to this moment.
-Not directing by your own intention the fetus of subbody and cobody, just by resonating and supporting each subbody and cobody so that they can follow their own necessity of creation.
-If any trouble happens, take all responsibilty of the birth. Midwife can never say that " It was because of him/her( the womb of subbody) or the fetus of subbody. "
They have no responsibility because they are a subtle posibility of life which is going to be born. Midwife has to take all responsibility including the unfortunate
miscarriage of the subbody and cobody. The reason of unpleasant accident must be found in the process which the midwife tried to guide. Also I did so many mistakes to kill subbodies and cobodies. It must be really hard as same as the miscariage of a real baby. Though the pleasure of the birth of subbody and cobody makes us extremly happy. Heaven and Hell is always together.

2. Edge work
-When you meet difficult and uncomfortable qualia in the darkness of body, resonate with the edge qualia as concretely as possible.
-Arnold Mindell said that edge is an encounter between first process (daily body) and second process (subbody), including unknown shadow, miserable hidden body, inferior personality, not-me, dissociated personality from your identity, trauma and so on.
-When our Ego (identity of daily body, first process) encounters unknown tendencies in the darkness of body, Ego denies them to protect and maintain the identity, social image and personality.
-Ask the person who meets an edge to give you his/her own uncomfortable qualia, qualia of binding pressure, unable and hard to endure, receive it by being pressed and return it to his or her body exactly as you received it.
-Repeat it until some awareness is coming up from his/her body. When awareness comes out just leave him/her to listen to this awareness.

3. Paradox of the edge
-There are so various types, levels and uniqueness in edge qualia, phenomena which occurs infinitely.
-When you meet an edge, recognize it at first and find a safe distance from it, until your life becomes ready to connect with it.
-With repeating the meeting and continue to taste it, become friend with it.
-Sometimes the Mengen (qualia of old somatic and mental injury) responses, comes out and attacks you, advise yourself or the other about the paradox of edge which is: The deepest of the suffering or difficulty, the biggest creation and awareness generates through the edge process. Advise to endure with believing at this paradox of edge.
-About physical suffering or pain, resonate through resonance touch method or shiatsu according to the type or degree and let the body to follow the Life’s resonance, just wait the natural process of self-cure ability which comes from the proto-vitality of Life.

4. Various phenomena of Life’s resonance
-Various phenomena of strange relationships occur: projections, dreaming up and so on. We need to find the best resonance pattern with them.
-Projections are phenomena of resonance between real relationships and archetypes of father, mother, anima, animus, shadow, guru.
-Dreaming up is a phenomenon between a dream and a real image of a person (Midwife and student), when an uninvited (but unconsciously invited) visitor comes in our dreams.
-Both of them (projections and dreaming up) are one kind of natural resonance patterns of qualia, we cannot stop or control it, we can only observe these phenomena as a Shisha, from the dead world. When we can observe these phenomena as a Shisha from the dead world, we can see them transparently, we can see what is happening in Life’s qualia resonance and share the Bardo conditioning together. These phenomena have infinite variations of qualia’s resonance without being bounded. Taste them as Life’s resonance phenomena, just enjoy them like a Shisha watching a movie and accept them like something natural and not like something you should stop or deny, to deny them is impossible anyway…

5. Awe of Life and Death
-We cannot deny it, we cannot expect what is happening in the darkness of the body, so many unknown phenomena are hidden, and we know only a very small part of them, maybe under 1%. The Midwife should throw your body into the unknown darkness and continue digging in your darkness of body. Also students need to be a Midwife for themselves as early as possible, and find the best time to swift from student to Midwife.

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