Sinking into darkness of the body
 The Places of the India Rhizoming tour
29 November, 2014

India Rhizoming Tour to deepen the Resonativity as Life

The India Rhizoming tour now begins.
We will meet various people and unique culture, the unique nature of each local place in the journey.
Maybe most of them is special tribal people which has unique history developed in separated space and time from modern western culture.
To polish the Resonativity (=Resonance ability) between the diverse cultural customs will become a main thing to do in the tour.

Even far in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School, we have studied in the resonance method as
<Awase-Hanare> to resonate with same resonance pattern or defferent resonance pattern. And each student researched in own way to co-create a unique world with subbody=cobody, as the following;

Behind world,
Stuffed spring,
Bee's swarm,
Refugee tribe,
Lost in the desert,
Moving forest,
Missing forest,
Stone garden,
Lost in the desert,
Slipped through,
Rolling stone,
Human mountain,
Human ocean,
Boxed cobody,
Tower cobody,
Chimera cobody,
Spider web,
Behind spirits,
Dismal air,
...and so on.

These cobodies are the various forms of prototypical subtle Life Resonance; shivering, fear, dizzy, illusion, dream and so on.
The coming India tour would be a good opportunity to extend them indefinitely. Those are still not enough to resonante with the world deeply.

If we could not deepen resonativity tremendously, nothing will happen.
We need to listen in another unknown people, culture, history and special nature.
Especially, each local place has invisible barrier, unknown behind world which each local people have resonated in the long history.
We have to learn the best resonance pattern with them.

We will meet with nomad people in the desert, forest tribe people, marine tribe people who live in all over India.
They have wisdom how to resonate well with the severe nature, long hard history, customs, also thousands of years of complex inter-tribal and against modern culture, and so on.
They are wearing a unique body techniques of those.

The resonance method that is <Awase-Hanare> technique that we learned will help you.
At first, we start from learning the same resonance pattern with them, and after that if possible, we can invent different resonance pattern infinitely.
Through exploring these two, it will be possible to be richly growth.

Our modern city life has lost these old wisdom of deep and subtle Life resonance with invisible things.
Modern culture is a history that continued to lose the sensitivity of faint Life trembling among what is invisible.

Hijikata Tatsumi has tried to dig the Life Resonance in "Sick Dancing Princess' which is lost in modern urban life. He witnessed in childhood with those faint but surprisingly rich variations of Life Resonance that old man and sick people in his childhood in Tohoku (North East Japan) had.
It was more than seventy years ago, now Tohoku and other countryside of Japan is swallowed in large wave of information technology, most of them have rapidly lost.
But, among the minority tribe people of India still keep them.
15-25 years ago, I visited them and heal myself, every time the mind and body is broken.
I walked in the mountain and visited the hill tribe people in Southeast Asia and South India.

"Nature is our God."
A tribal man who was living as a guide of the sanctuary of wild animals in Kerala mountains, said to me cheerfully.

"It's hard for me the Western people who have agressive self-expresson, but your Asians are not the case. It's nice to me."
Also he said to me with empathy.
"Me too!"
I also felt deep empathic resonance with him.
Their hearts are keeping a non-dual Life Resonance before the differenciation of self and others.
They are so delicately in contact with nature and people.
They resonate with invisible things and spirits that is alive in there.

In our India tour, we meet nomad people in the of eastern edge desert of India, and forest or ocean tribe people of the western edge of India.
It is the place where we can meet the real "Sick Dancing Princess" world that is faintly remained.
Now I am reached to an awareness of what my subbody (subconscious body) drived me to contact them.

Actually I also learned a lot from my partner, Ramesh who supported me for the ten years in the School.
He was also moved from a tribe people as the out of the caste in central India.
He is a mass of Life Resonance from the bottom of the body.
His body has the <empathic imagination> which we are studying of the Tao shiatsu, richer than anyone.
The past ten years or more, I have been helped much to him both physically and mentally, is immeasurable. The wisdom of Life Resonance technique that I learned from from hill tribe people and Ramesh, it is my secret treasure.
I wanted to have the opportunity to share the secret with students for long years.
Finally the dream is becoming true.
When in contact with the new students and external people with Western modern strong ego and self,
my mind and body have torn and wounded so deeply.
The tendency toward the edge, toward the frontier, of the organizer team of old student Devanjali and Indian students oriented the India tour. I have accepted gratefully the proposal of planning team.
Now I noticed that it is the necessity for my Life also.
As I always continue to listen to Life,
"What do you want to do most?"
Body knew earlier than my brain the direction Life wants to go most.
Perhaps, the destination will frequently changed even while traveling.
It is Rhizome.
Because, Life resonance is Rhizome itself, not a Tree system.
Let's enjoy every thing as the realtime Life Resonance.

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30 November, 2014

Become a Life that is resonating with everything

Resonance has no subject and no object.
It occurs from both side spontaneously.
The "subject" and "object" is nothing but self illusion of us.
What is happening really, is just resonance without subject and object.
It is non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance.
We need to take off the illusion of "Self as subject",
and try to feel everything as resonance without subject and object.

When I was writing this, I found that it is a tremendous revolution.
The moment when I use the word <Feel>, I would be trapped in the dualistic illusion (of the subject and object) that the word is constrained.
As long as we are using the words, or as long as we continue to thinking using words, it is not possible to escape from the dualistic illusion of subject and object.
"I feel it."= S+V+O (Subject + Verb + Object)
So, we must not use the word, if we investigate in the Resonance of Life.
There is no choice but to become Life Resonance itself silently without thinking and without talking.

Life is always involved in Resonance with something.
It was so from the moment when Life was born four billion years ago.
Consciousness in modern age forgets the fate of Resonance of Life, and is bound by the illusion as if it exists as itself.
But, no one even such as a dust can exist as itself in the Universe.
Everything in the Universe is in the multi-dimensional Resonance.

Consciousness need to be released from the illusion of the "subject", and become < Transparencious > that is resonating transparently from the both side of outer appearance and inner awareness.
All the problems in the present world occur by the illusion of modern consciousness.
This major change is not able to be realized in a short time.
This will be a long major challenge of this century later humanity.

We are going to enter into the world of the subtle resonance of Life among the tribal people who keep the prototypical resonativity with invisible behind world silently through the India Rhizoming tour.
It is the first experiment to enter into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata.
Without these real bodily experience, it is not possible to understand "Sick Dancing Princess" at all.
It was so hard to guide into the world for me.
Why do you escape to such a contemporary consciousness world?
Why do you go back to the old religion=common illusion world?
(... Road is not that either. It's a thin narrow tunnel to follow the dangerous edge....)
But I couldn't tell anything by word at all. It is not such a thing to be able to tell by words. Long time I continued to dig my darkness of body.
Finally I found a way through the long years failure and despair in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya.
This India tour is the novel experiment to approach the " Sick Dancing Princess" world of Hijikata by body.
It is the mine to the unexplored Butoh even for Hijikata.

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20 November, 2014

From Himalaya Butoh Festival
India Rhizoming Tour
Where are we going with Life Resonance?

What we have continued to do in the Subbody School and what we are going to do from now is deepened and developing as the following steps;

1. Subbody Butoh; Daily
Subbody Resonance Butoh School

Dig the darkness of body and meet own problem--research the solution of it--change it to butoh dance creation

2. Subbody-cobody Co-creation;
International Butoh Festival Himalaya

Share the problems of each student with empathic imagination--reseach the solution of them with together--Co-create each subbody-cobody resonance world

3. World Life Resonance;
India and World Rhizoming tour
Face to various problems in the world
--Axcept all of them as own problems, and reseach the solution together--Co-create it with Life Resonance


It is developping and deepening from the work to dig own darkness of body in the Subbody School, and during the co-creation of the Butoh Festival, we share all problems of each together and we change all of them to a novel creation.
After the festival, we are going to the India Rhizoming Tour; Delhi, Rajasthan, Sunderban, Kolkata, Auroville, Pune and so on.
We will learn the way of life as Nomad in the desert in
We will meet fisherman's tribe life in
We will resonate with slum children and collaborate with young people in
We will dance with local misicians and dancers in
Kenduli fesitval.
We will contact with international echo town in
We will collaborate with Indian artist's installation in
Pune Biennale.
We must face to unknown problems in each place and try to share them as own problems, and co-create a resonance butoh together with unknown people.

What I wish to do is slowly become transparent to see finally, now.
It is really what I wanted to realize together with students and people for long time.

Into the non-dual realm

There are no borders between self and others in the darkness of body.
Something that is grasped as <One's own problem> is always resonating with <other's problems> and connecting, entangling like a Rhizome.
We are going to sink into such a non-dual place.
It is not possible through thinking by head at all, it is able to grapse by Life through the real experience of Life Resonance when we are moved by facing to real misery, misfortune and the brightness of Life in various places of India or in the world.
I want to dive into the Abyss where is the original roots of rhizoming Life with all students and people.

Tatsumi Hijikata also oriented it.
But he had to die on the way.

"Sink into the non-dual relationship before the differentiation of self and others.
Into another hidden logic world.
To the Butoh which is called by the name of Life."

(Unpublished note)

May sleep Hijikata peacefully!
Your dream will be realized in the coming World Rhizoming Tour.
But, to realize it is not possible by our own ability, we butoh dancers are so poor. We need your warm support from all over the world.

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17 October, 2014

To the bottom, to the bottom,
To the Abyss of Life!

In the 9th Butoh Festival Himalaya, each student reseached own tunnel toward the Abyss of Life, and we share all of them to co-create diverse hard situation of Life.
The qualia we shared are the following;

- Amazon forests are broken by human (Gaby)
- We are forced to run faster by the string connected to our heads (Gaby)
- Attacked by invisible electromagnetic waves and become crazy (Wodico=Maki)
- Overwhelmed by a huge presence (Wodico=Maki)
- Return to the primitive (Gaurang)
- Multiple dream is mixed and we have to jump wildly (Gaurang)
- Skin is peeled gradually (Pamela)
- Part of the body becomes disabled (Pamela)
- Want to be one with the dead husband desperately (Pamela)
- Invaded by unknown Gibberish (Udit)
- Lost identity (Udit)
- Torn between the Eros and Tanatos (Udit)
- Become the underground coal miner and weakened infinitely (Udit)
- The Fool Laughing at that we can not laugh at (Emanuel)
- Grandmother who has been repressed by inhibited the wish to go (Emanuel)
- Father who has been rejected by the world, and bound by the anger (Emanuel)
- Grandfather that was missing (Emanuel)
- Ecstasy of Dead body (Aga)
- Familiar qualia of home are burn out (Ashiesh)
- Forced to become Refugees that have no place to live (Ashiesh)

Dance The Disable

All students tried to share them each other.
But some qualia are so hard to resonate, because some of them connect to own trauma and activate it with hard emotional attack.
We are Rhizome whic his connect freely and separate flexibly, we don't need only to resonate with same resonance pattern.
We can resonate with same resonance pattern
or with different resonance pattern.
We have shared it as the <Awase-Hanare> resonace method.
If we cannot resonate to a specific qualia with same resonance pattern, we can invent different resonance pattern. It is the real creation.
To encounter against unable qualia, it is the chance to dig the deeper secret tunnel toward the deeper realm. It is the moment to face to the doorway to the each own secret Abyss.

Tatsumi Hijikata also encountered the impossible qualia when he learned modern dance and ballet. He could not stand straight, and could not turn well.
Hijikata had to invent his own way to stand with not able to stand. He invented his own way of turn with disable legs. Butoh was created by converting all minus elements to the plus, to the unique beauty.

Travel to the "Kan Flower"

Our travel is just starting.
After the HImalaya Festival, we will travel to the desert of Rajstan, and fisherman's tribe and jungle tribe at the Sunderban, and work with various disabled people, poor tribe, children in prison, sex workers, and so on.
We will face to unexpected misery and misfortune of people in each place.
We must meet harder qualia which we cannot resonate well. How is it possible to dance it? The India Rhizoming tour is the travel to the harder Abyss of Life.
We must be exhausted out and become the weakest bodies with full of disability.
The last flower of Kan (=flower of disability) must bloom through these actual experiences.
Could we really survive through the whole tour?
May we success to reborn as a
"Kan (=disabled) Dancing Princess" troup.

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26 October, 2014

The Monsoon is broken!

It's terrible unusual October rain, recently .
It is the first time in 20 years when I have been in Himalaya.
It seems a sign of coming an extreme disaster.
In the past 20 years, there was a clear rhythm of Monsoon that it continued to rain from June to September, and it was completely dry from October to May.
In the beginning time to start to live in Dharamsala, I have surprized the unbeleivable dryness of October to May.
But, during these several years, the rhythm of Monsoon is changing, and it became to rain in dry season also.

fig.1 Conveyer ON

The rhythm of MOnsoon is made by conveyer of Atlantic Ocean which the huge ice of Greenland was melt in the Summer and carried by the conveyer in the deep ocean toward the south.
And it vapored as the moistured air near the equator in Atlantic Ocean.
The moistured air is carried by the jet stream toward east, and when it encounter the Himalayas at Dharamsala where the Himalayas in bending north-south direction, the moistured air goes up along the wall of Himalayas, then the moistured air became the huge rain of the Monsoon.
Daramsala was the second most rainy area in India.
The plenty of water supported the rich agriculture of Asia.

fig.2 Vonveyer OFF

But, recently the warming of the earth proceeded so quickly, and the ice of the Greenland becomes to melt as not only Summer, but continuously during the whole years. The clear rhythm of the Monsoon was disappered and it becomes rain little by little during the whole year.
This is the reason of the starting the continuous rain during the ex-dry season at Dharamsala.
It has not been recorded the huge rain anymore in Dharamsala.
Such a poor rain is not able to support the agriculture of Asia which has huge population in poor.
The Ganga, Indus, Mekon, Menam river must be decreased the water remarkably.
Some years ago, the Indian agriculture has got big damaged. But, now it is going to be unbelievable extreme famine.
What would happen for huge Life in Asia?
Even only 20 years resident of Life of me in India is not able to stop shivering.
How much flightened for the local Life who has lived in India for long time!
I cannot guess it.

I can just inform the fact of Life Resonance to you who live in advanced area on the planet.
Please not be bound by the information. It is controlled.
Just listen to your Life that is starting a subtle shivering of Life Resonance on the Planet.
Nobody cannot controll the Life Resonance.

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21 Ovtober, 2014

50 years dialogue with my dead friend, Yamazaki

To old friends, and new friends

I apologize for long time retreat in Himalayas.
A little bit before, I heard that there are plans to built a monument of Yamazaki after 3 years from Japanese friends, then The Dead Yamazaki who was sleeping in my darkness of body, began to wake up and started dancing.
I announced it to just a few old friend which I knew the e-mail address.
Here, I will inform you during this period of history.

October 8, 1967, on the Benten bridge in Haneda, Tokyo, Hiroaki Yamazaki who was my high school classmate was killed in the Anti-Vietnam War movement. Age at death was 18 years old.
He became the first Dead in the student protestant movement in 1970' of total more than 80 people.

It have passed 47 years from then.
In the 20s, and 30s, I have lived as a copywriter.
But, it does not seem far from what's my life.
After divorced 20 years ago, I became free away from all relationship, family, friendship, I decided to live as a Butoh dancer.
The deep shock which I received from the Butoh performance of Tatsumi Hijikata, when I saw in Kyoto University at the beginning of the 20s, it have continued as if my head had been hit with such a big bell.

Hiroaki Yamazaki and the other dead friends, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kenzo Hashimoto, Mochizuki, Okudaira, and Honda who appeared in my nightmare, suddenly began to dance with using my body, they brought out my body to the world.
I began to perform around the world from end of 20C.
I have performed and had workshops at about 20 countries on the planet.
Someone who was not me was driving my body and danced at the various place in the world, and resonated with the each local deads, Auschwitz, Budapest, Tibet, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Palestina, Amazon and so on.
I named it as "subbody".
The subbody means the subconscious body, and subtle body refered to in the traditional meditation.
Under conscious world, awareness and body are not separated as everyday world, they are merged in oneness and transforming beyond time-space, I noticed that.
Then, I started to share it with young people from ten years ago, in the poor village of Dharamsala in the Himalayas in the nothern India.
I built at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalayal, the darkness of the body of the young people who come from around the world
To help the creativity and so live as <midwife> for these 15 years.

When it was informed of the plan to built the Yamazaki 50 anniversary monument from a friend of high school and University, my subbody that had been asleep the last 15 years awake again, and started dancing suddenly in the middle of Poland workshop in this summer.
To resemble a rock which stood in the pond "Yamazaki Rock", I hit the rock by stone.
While beating, the beating is not me, but I noticed that Yamazaki was hitting my frozen body.
After that, also In Himalaya my subbody danced with a rock on this October 8.
Dance will continue to grow little by little.
It will grow up during three years till the coming performance in Japan, October 8th, 2017.
The fifty years dialog with Yamazaki may calm down at that time..

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8 Ovtober, 2014

Yamazaki, Hit my frozen body by stone! 4
in Himalaya Rhizome Lee

In this Summer, in Poland, my old dead friend, Yamazaki Hiroaki woke up and started dancing.
He used my body and danced three times, at first in the pond of the stone pit, the second time in the rocky mountain, the third time in the darkness of old house.
And this is the fourth one at Himalaya Rock Garden.
We can dance at any place where a rock stands as the Yamazaki Stone.

”Yamazaki, wake up!
Yamazaki, reborn!"

I started hitting a rock by stone, but in the middle of it, subject and object turn revesely. Who is hitting is not me, but Yamazaki.
I felt that Yamazaki is hitting my body that has been frozen as a rock to get awakening.

October 8, 1967, while shouting to stop the Vietnam War, Yamazaki stopped his breath near the Haneda International Air port, is trying to reborn.
The 50 death anniversary of 2017, old friends are trying to built a monument of Yamazaki near Haneda, Tokyo.
I will continue this dance many times over three years up to that time, in different places, and will grow up to a long piece.
Also in this time, many forgotten memories woke up, and let me dance it, not only about Yamazaki, but also many other memories that wes unremembered. I feel this is the last chance to integrate all the mystery and secret hidden in the darkness of body as one Life. If success or not is not important, just it is unavoidable for my Life.

Subbbody Resonance Butoh School 2017 Autumn semester will be held in Japan, rather than Himalaya.
I want to expand the Nomad Rhizome tour in Japan during September, October, and November, 2017.
Please join in it together, or support the tour in various ways.
We want to bring a new way of Life to become a Rhizome that connects freely and separares flexiblly. Because I believe that it is only realistic way to change the world instead of the old political movement.

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 10 October, 2014

Deep Conditioning No. 1 'Sutle vibrating body'
and conditioning No.9 'Segmentation of the body'

It connect to the tecnique of 'Changing the dancing place of the bod


We are learning the "dificulty of changing place of the body through "Quiet House" by Hijikata.
But, it is not so easy for beginners.
Before that it is recommended to practice of the segmentation of the body by conditioning No. 9.

That behind the world - the image of the entire body - part - detail of the first Section
It was where you went to discipline DPW-B technique called dance always conscious four elements of (Detail-Part-Whole Body- Behind world method).
Is freshman with respect to it,
Referred to as "unable to control rule separately each part of the body"
I bumped into a problem.
Yeah, it's also the most.
Before you learn about the DPW-B technique,
I noticed that there is a need to start from opening the landing of each part of the body.
So, we of nine number-tone body, a subdivision, to control their own landing every one of each part of the body
I began the practice of moving.
Start by waves, resonating to shrink and shrink if qualia of one, if the whole body wave,
It bisects the body gradually, three minutes, and nine minutes,
I will practice that resonates in a different qualia, respectively.
Is multiplied by the subdivision of nine number-tone body, the deities of qualia Sixth tone body Specifically,
Tremors in parts, to go through the Qualia fluctuation, swell, shock, collapse, and death.
The cause Awa multiplied Rizomingu seven-seventh tone body sometimes also good.
And I will continue to subdivide infinitely it.
One finger, end eyelashes, nose hair, the lips, between the fingers, toes, such as such as tail
Will open one by one landing of the body.
I raise dust in eyelashes
Is disturbed by metal rod brains
And slowly dragged out nerve has been stolen
- I passed through the various parts of the Qualia fine detail such as such.
Eventually, naturally Continuing this
Aging of the body proceeds to haunt body and chimeras.
The beginning of the fiscal year March every year, in September, the entire body is from the day-to-day body
Put the emphasis on generating change in the sub-body mode.
Challenges of each sub-body-specific will become increasingly apparent in the meantime.
And I focus on technique practice Sagukarada-Sokarada technique middle of the fiscal year in April, of October.
Among other things, technology that can be controlled by subdividing the body,
By reducing some qualia from the whole body, is only a part only of the body
To gain practice that movement modified by resonance qualia unique.
These are comprehensive, and of changing the landing of the body for the first time
It is possible to wear a technically difficult.

I emergent unique <reduce body> in the reduction technique by X

To open as <landing> only part of the body,
It is necessary to suppress the movement of other parts of the body.
I keep the state of the fine trembling minimal whole body.
It's fine resonance body underlying the "dancer sick".
The cloud over the haze in the body.
Then, suppress the big move, to open the landing of only one thing.
By reduction with X that says Hijikata, and Sappiku something from the body daily.
You can reduce the size or speed, or a loss of flexibility and healthy.
<Reduce body> I went to practice (. Referred to as "Reduzed body" in English).
So she's held back by their own movement of the elbow, which has become a habit.
It has led to this remarkable invention.

From the practice of reducing body has continued for years, it was a great Emergence was born for the first time.
Actually, I may want to crippled somewhere in the healthy body of student
Afraid, it did not bring in the classroom this reduction body only timidly.
When to hit to any edge, any rebound is not may occur, and it was a waist.
But, it leads to a great discovery notice of students themselves if Bane.
It's a important that anything find a resonance of optimal timing.

Through this discovery, I've been promoted separately until now
1. Subdivision of the body
2. Play the reduction by X
3. I change the landing of the body
Three of these have led to one.

(This section will be recorded 'Midwife Guide', too.)
  'Papaya' Pamela
10 October, 2014

 Inhibit your habit, then another dancing place will open

In the body of Pamela who is the second term student, miroculuos emergent happened on a day of October.
She had a habit of bending the elbow, and always dancing in the hands,
She noticed it and decided to try to dance not bending the elbow a day.
I was just about to suggest a thing to her, but herself noticed it earlier than that.
She tried to dance without elbows, then suddenly novel dances came out from other parts of body one after another. They are hidden behind of the elbow habit.
When she inhibit the flexibility of the elbow and the potential subbodies are unfolded.
Dancing place of shoulder, dancing place of the wrist, the foot, the tongue and so on, so many novel place has joined in her creation.
This kind of tremendous emergence occurs in Life sometimes.
And she said that she realized that the habit of elbow bending posture was self protect position, she could unleash from it.

 Yamazaki! Hit my frozen body by stone!
8 October, 2014

 Dialogue with Hiroaki Yamazaki

This October 8th is the 48th death anniversary of Yamazaki Hiroaki who died on October 8th, 1967 in anti-Vietnam War struggle in Haneda, Japan.
On the 50 death anniversary of the year after next, old friends are promoted a plan to build a monument of him arround Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.
I would dance in Japan at that time.
In this summer, in Poland, my subbody that slept for 15 years is awakening and began to dance already (above).
I'm going to continue to create this dance over two years from now.
I hit a stone named "Yamazaki stone" which stood in the pond, with shouting silently "Yamazaki, Reborn! Yamazaki, wake up!" in the dance. But, hitting is not me, but Yamazaki, and to be hit was my body that became stiff as a stone.
What Yamazaki did wanted to say?
He and me was separated between Death and Life fro these 48 years. "What have you lived on earth?"
I think that if I continue dancing this piece, while being hit by stone, I could continue to intaeract with him, and through it, I might be able to integrate whole my 65 years life that was falling apart.
This conversation with him is the first one of it.

At that time, we fought to change the world together.
And all of us were beaten down completely.
Why that fight Did defeated on earth?
I have dived into a underground dark drain for 50 years, and continued to listen to the Life and the world.
At that time, We had regarded our young revolutionary organization as to be "sprouting form of future society."
But, we were too young, we had hurt each other even among those between similar. We did self-destruction rather than we had lost. We did not even know all that controls the immature ego and self of our own.
If we had success the revolution, we had to be the same failure as
the socialism experiment of Russia, China, Asia and Africa. It must be the same as the Stalinism state that is one-party dictatorship..
I also, in the everyday life of this 50 years, has continued to hurt the people around me. My world=self-image was twisted by the deep presure of the world, and the twisted ego returned to hurt others in the discombobulation.

What was not enough?
Future of relationships between people, and Life and Life was not visible to us.
I have retreated in the Himalayas for these 15 years, and continued to investigated in the secret with diving into the darkness of the body.
I have met many hidden tendencies of Life that are lurking in it. I called them as subbody (subconscious body) and cobody (resonant subbody) They have not been recognized from the society or from the parent or teacher as the proper form of human who have to survive in this social order, then they were hidden in the subconscious realm of the body.
By listening to the breath of them, and become them as subbody or cobody, the remarkable creativity of Life came out as novel creation from every student's body.
I have spent 15 years as a midwife that listened to the darkness of the body of the students who gathered from around the world, and support the birth of the infinite creativity of Life.
All subbody=cobodies were born by encountered against the dualistic judgement of good/bad, right/wrong of the authority of society, parents or teacher, and have to hidden in the darkness of each body. They must feel that it is not able to survive in this dalily world, and had to hidden in the subconscious realm.
Thay have survived in between long retreat into the darkness of the body.
One of the Creator of the hidden tendencies of subbody and cobody is the authorities in the hierarchy order of this world itself.
If we want to be the midwife to help the regeneration of them, it is necessary to erase our own authority attitude of ego and self.
This is the reason why we have not to be teacher but midwife in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School.
We need to de-self our own teacher's ego in each moment, otherwise any creativity of Life as subbody-cobodies must not be born.
When midwife Do de-self conditioning at every moment and become innocent without any judgement, it is possible to support the birth of the inifinite creativity of Life.
And when subbody and cobodies came out, also they have small ego, we need to find the best way to resonate with them. We need to be unLeashed from all element of the human of this contemporary world, then it is possible to find the best resonance way to create the novel beauty of Life.
Oh, this might be the "sprouting form of future society" that had been asking since we were young!
The dance of us, there is no distinction between such a choreographer and dancer that normal dance company of modern society has. Everyone is a choreographer and dancer at the same time.
Every subbody-cobody is exploring how the resonance of the best from each other.
This might be the way to realize the most beautiful resonance of Life in the future on our planet.
In October 2017, in Japan we want to share this resonance butoh with people.
Still it's unfinished experiment in developing, but over the two years from now, we are going to continue to complete it.
Already some old students hope to travel to Japan and dance with us.
Hopefully, all friend known or unknown in the world,
Why don't you share this creative process with us?
Please let us know the email address of you, if you want to join to this mailing 'list.

My mail is, <subbody@gmail.com>

"What your Life is hoping most?
And are you either taken it alive enough? "

The dead friend, Yamazaki is asking us who had survived.

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 17 September, 2014

What is the Edge?

As usual, when we enter the subconscious world, everybody meet unknown unconfortable qualia.
It appears as the mixture of physical and mental unpleasant condition and sensation.
It is felt that as "Suffocated (=cannot breathe)", or as if "Pressed by someone". Sometimes it connect to Archetypes as felt as if "Some evel spirit hates me or attacks me."
To overcome it is one of most important method to continue the travle in the darkness of body and open full creativity and originality of Life.
I introduce some articles about 'Edge".
All old students have experienced it. Anyhow overcome and passed through these processes.

(This seiries will be sorted in the "Midwife Guide".)

 Student's experience of Edge


My biggest teaching / Asuka


When I faced my unknown edge, I faced a deep pressure feeling in my chest:

pain, cannot breathe, cannot speak, need to cry. It was going on for more than a week already.

(edge1 picture)

I definitely didn't wan't to deal with it.. I felt so annoyed when you proposed edge work exercises.

It was so bad, I couldn't figure out what it was or why is this was happening to me.

I thought, if it's just anguish, it will pass, then it's no use to do anything about it, otherwise I'll just feed it...

and I don't want to make things worse..

However, with all the aversion I had, I slowly followed your propositions..


Suddently, I realised it was me pressing me : My self was struggling and oppressing me.

I watched and asked silently: ¨ Why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to kill me ? ¨

It answered that we were having a war, and I was divided because of paradoxe.

I wanted one thing and its opposite, to be one thing and the opposite,

so the other me was embodying my opposite.

Because I had been suppressing it, also it was suppressing me.

But I realised..

we cannot live without each other. Whatever happens, we must continue to live together

Me and my opposite,

We converse..

We must take care of each other, otherwise no one can live,

it is a matter of surviving.


Together, reunited, we can be All.

Everything that seems outside, isn't separate.

We are One.

Everytime I deny something, hate, or suppress something,

I am denying a part of the whole.

Each time I forgive and reconcile myself with something that seems outside of me,

I forgive and reconcile myself with a part of me..

and now, this is my work..


In order to survive..

To recognise everything as oneness..

Not to dissociate myself with what is around..

this is also how I am erased..

There is no such thing as individuation.

Most of all, to find Balance, because Balance is a universal law..

And to be able to see with the eyes of the opposite is

the key to finding Balance.

This drawing emerged then.

The white human as myself as I consciously know myself,

all that seems stable,material, that I perceive as reality,

 all that I accept as a world, self image, identity..

The dark human as my unconscious side,

all that is unstable, immaterial, unknown world,

all unaccepted aspects or repressed self,



Inspired by the ying and yang symbol of balance,

I found out a way to move beyond the edge of the moment,

I traded eyes with my opposite,

saw myself, erased my mind,

understood, and let go..


This was perhaps the biggest freeing feeling of my life...

I wish to apply it all along.


Thank you Lee, for pushing us to face our edge.

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Learn more the edge work from Mindell

Edge work 1

When you meet an edge, What can you do?

When we enter subbody world and travel various states, we often encounter edges which some blocks bind us with unplesant body feeling or strange emotion.
We are confused and we feel that we cannot proceed anymore.
If we meet these edges or blocked feeling, we have several behaviours to the edges.
With following the stage, we can proceed the behaviour to the edge step by step.

When you meet the edge, at first stage you follow 1. Recognizing, and 2.Listening. And if you can feel that you are ready to communicate with it deeper, proceed to 3. Becoming. Become the edge from both side. Then finnaly you can enter the fouth stage 4. Dancing the edge.

1. Recognizing

We can just recognize it and leave from there, we don't need to force ourselves to overcome it. There are so many different subbodies in our darkness of body, we can find another subbody and follow it. There is multi-dimensional labyrinth in the darkness, then someday we meet again the edge behind you, 'Oh! you are here!'. Or at the far distance below you may find the edge.

2. Listening

Listen up to the unpleasnt feeling of edge with a respect.
Because the feeling from edge is always a deep message from our life. After for a while, we must find a big awareness.
According to Arnord Mindell, when the first process which is one's daily self identity and the second process which is not belong identity meet, first process want to drive away the second process from his/her telitory, because the second process seems to attack first process from outside of it.
When we enter subbody world, the relationship between the first process and second process is changed, and the first process feel big fllustration against the second process. Because the second process seems to change the first process as if a revolution.
But actually, both tendencies belong to our whole self, a tendency is to keep familiar state, another tendency is to explore new world. Always these two different tendencies are streaming in our whole self.
Our life always try to envent new possibility to live. Listen to the voice of life. Ask to your life 'What do you want to do?'
Through the unpleasant feeling, someday we will find what the life try to explore a new possibility.

3. Becoming

Try to become both side of edge.
Find a partner, and try to become one side tendency of edge.
Give the unplesant feeling to your partner. if you feel an unpleasant plessure
at your chest, try to press your partner's chest with giving the same feeling.
Next the partner gives the same pressure to you. Taste the blocked feeling from both side of edge. You may notice what is happening slowly.

4. Dancing the edge

You need to wait the timing until you are ready to grasp what is the edge.
When you feel the timing has come, try to dance the edge.
One possibility is to dance it from your side, another possibility is to dance edge's side. Or you cantry to dance it from both side of edge.
Once you become your side and dance it, next try to dance from the opposite side of edge. For example if you afraid the unpleasant feeling, try to escape from it, and next, become the pursuer, try to run after you as the pursuer. Through the experience from both side of edge, you can grasp the whole. You may success to become a friend with both tendencies.

In my life history, I was tormented by a memory of my dead friends who have died in the activities against the Vietnam war between USA and Vietnamese people during 1960's to 1970's.
I was an organizer of the anti-war movement, I agitated people to fight against the Japan gaverment which supported the US army, and many intimate friends were killed in the movement.
'Why couldn't I die? Why did my friends have to die instead?'
I was worried by nightmare of them, many time my dead friends appeared in my dreams .It was the biggest edge for me. I could not escape from the nightmare for a long years. Then finally I started to dance them. I became my dead friend and dance. No, it is not true. Exactly, I just gave my body to my dead friends. My friends danced with using my body. We continued the dance for many years at the various places on the planet. . Finally I could release from the nightmare.
It was ten years before when I started to dance the edge unconsciously.
After several years, I learned the way of 'Edge work' from Aenord Mindell who originated 'the process orien tated psychology'. I found that it helps us a lot to be released from our deep blocks. I could develope the edge work in the subbody butoh method. I appriciate Arnord Mindell.

Edge work 2


Become a friend with edge

This is the second stage of edge work. About the first stage, see “Edge work” of Practice Guide.

When we enter subbody world and continue to travel various states, we often encounter edges which we are bound by an unpleasant body feeling or strange emotion.
We fall into confusion and we feel that we cannot proceed anymore.
If we meet these edges or blocked feeling, we have several behaviors ; as the following.

1.    Recognition

Just recognize it.  “Oh, you are there.”  

2.    Keep a safe distance

Until when you are ready to face it, keep a proper distance which you are not attacked by it. When you are going to be bound by it, release your self by brerahting, swaying, walking, moving, and change your condition from bound mode to released mode. Be carefull of the sudden attack! Find the safe distance. But don’t forget it.

3.    Listening

Continue to listen to the edge.  Ask the edge, “Who are you?”, “Where are you from?”, “What do you want to tell me?”

4.    Becoming

When you feel that you are ready to face it, become the edge. For this process, you need a partner. Give the edge feeling which you feel to your partners body. If you feel that you are pressed with specific feeling, give the same pressure to your partner.  Try to feel the edge, “What is this?”  You may notice what is the edge, with becoming the edge. And ask to your partner, “Please press me with the same pressure which you received.”  Taste the feeling which you are pressed from your partner. You can experience the edge from the both side. Through the experience, slowly you may notice what the edge wants to tell you.   After this is the second stage of edge work.

5.    Dance the edge

If you want to try to know more about the edge, dance the edge from both sides. At first dance the process that you are attacked by the edge. And next, dance the edge with becoming the edge which is attacking you. You will be aware of what the edge is going to tell you. It must be a wonderful awareness, because finally you can contact the important message from your life.  

6.    Become a friend

If you want to be a midwife of subbody, try to become a friend with your edges. I know that the feeling of the edge is so terrible, your first response must be the escape from it, it is natural. But when you continue to contact with the edges many times, you find that the message from the life is always bitter. When we endure the painful unpleasant feeling, we can receive the important message from the life.  I recommend you to become a friend strongly.

7.    Become a universal resonator

Because when we become a friend with the edges, we can notice that the edges are resonating with the others edge feeling. When we are familiar with the barrier for a weakest subbody within the darkness of our body. We can resonate with every kinds of edges as the handicapped people feel, weakened people feel, the dead people feel, and all kinds of unhappiness in the world. Only through the resonance by edge feeling, we can become a resonator in the world. It is one of the noblest ways of life in the world, don’t you feel so?            

Learn more the edge work from Mindell
7 September, 2014

"What is Butoh?"
---A narrow definition to poor, and deep definition to enrich

Some participants of Poland workshop asked me , "What is Butoh?"
I replied "There are two kinds of definition. One is a narrow definition to poor, another is deep definition to enrich. Narrow definition limits the butoh, another definition is to open butoh into infinite potentiality of creativity of Life.
Before, also I was bound by the narrow definition as "Butoh is the corpse(=dead body) that tries to stand desperately."
Also I have tried as the following ten years before;

"What is butoh?

I have found three essential components of Hijikata's Butoh:

1.  To abandon all conditions as a human, and to transform into a "Suijakutai (Weakened body or Collapsed body)" which resonates with spirits of the dead, insane, handicapped, and collapsed.

2.  To enter dimensions other than that of the human world, and to become a survivor of another world.

3.  To look at the living world as a dead spirit from another world. (We call this the "Near life" body, which has the opposite position as that of "Near Death."
(The Butoh 1st chapter)

You can see the struggle in the article of "The Butoh 1st chapter".

These might be true for a specific period of butoh, but narrow truth that binds butoh in the limited activity that Hijikata and Ohno tried in a specific time. If you research the history of butoh, you can notice that it was infinite experiments to try diverse possibilities of beauty.

From the resistance against modern dance and ballet, Avant-garde, the rebellion against the values ​​of the modern society(1960'),

As the peak of it, the agressive butoh in the "Revolt of body" (1968),

Invention of the weakened body (1970'),

Infinite investigation in the unexplored 'Butoh of Life' in the "Sick Dancing Princess"( 1976-86).

When we research the whole life of them, we can find that butoh is the continuation of infinite quest of novel beauty. So, in one word he just tried to create novel beauty in what people does not regard as the beauty.
This is the deeper definition of butoh. It can open butoh into bottomless creativity of Life. It makes butoh richer and deeper by opening unknown possibility of Life.

When I was young, was bound by only the narrow definitions of weakened butoh and denied the other styles of butoh. Young Lee had to be an arrogant boy that thought to know well about Life and Universe, but in fact it is just an illusion of Ego. We don't know about the infinite Abyss of Life and Universe at all.
Ego has to learn the humility to the Life. It takes time. It need long long journey into the Abyss of Life to get the humility and notice the necessity to take off the Ego.

So, now we can follow the richer and deeper definition of butoh as the following;

Butoh is an infinite activity to invent a novel beauty in what nobody notices as the beauty.

It is to bring us an infinite freedom, a bottomless freedom with vague fears, isn't it?

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 Smoke Bug
1 September, 2014

Smoke Bug's Walk 

It begins from the smoke bugs in the "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata Tatsumi.

"Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this way.
Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.”
I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard.
All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.

This few lines was not in the original magazine article, it's what Hijikata himself have made written when it was published as a book.
It was added at the beginning after he wrote the full text, as if to symbolize all of its essence.
But, what can we dance the smoke bug on earth?
It was a mystery for many years.
It is also similar to the vaporized body in the "Quiet house", but somewhere different.
During the workshop in Europe this summer,
I grasped a slight hint, and in Japanese temple of accommodation in Delhi on the way home, something happened.
In the middle of the night, I did conditioning No.1 'Trembling of the body" in the bed.
The muscles of the whole body parts began to tremble at random more finely.
My body was stiff in the long journey of the airplane probably, it was a spontaneous movement that came out from the body itself.
My body came to the confortable condition gradually while continued for a long time.
Suddenly my body got up and started walking with trembling finely.
I began walking with the details of details of the body continued throughout trembling little by little.
The smoke bug, it is a so-called swarm of mosquitoes.
Thousands of mosquitoes are flying around randomly in the smoke bug.
All cells of my body throughout walked trembling finely randomly as the mosquito.
Thus, it has become comfortable state never tasted so far while walking.
I turn off the light, and walked in the darkness because so dazzling.
During continuing a long time, the body became the pleasant sustained subconscious mode (=subbody mode), I found it.
I noticed that this is the smoke bug's walk which I quested for long years.
I was reseached how can we become the special body which is able to enter the "Sick Dancing Princess".
The world rquired us to stop the 'Gross body' at all, to stop rough dayly thinking and gross movement.
Until we become the 'Subtle body' it must be impossible, because the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" is all about so subtle Resonance of Life with 'the invisible behind world'.
"Sick Dancing Princess" is the book to explore it by whole volume.
If we do not become Life itself trembling finely, it is not able to enter the world.
How can I lead to students to become such a body? It was a deadlock that I was faced in the past few years.
However, the entrance is found at last.
This <Smoke bug's walk> just keep trembling finely is the wellhead to the "Sick Dancing Princess".
In this year, we will start from here at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya.
I will show the outline below.

"Smoke Bug's walk"

Preperation: New conditioning No.1 "Fine trembling"

1. First, do the previous conditioning No.1 in the lay down position. Vibrates your vertebral spine up and down the front, rear, right and left in in three dimension enough.
2. After that, continue to tremble finely all part of muscles and joints of the body.
3. Find the most comfortable size and speed.
If you continue to this, a comfortable condition that you never experienced so far come to spread body.
So to speak, it is possible to become a sustained self-hypnosis state.
4. Do it an enough time in the supine position, prone position, lateral decubitus position and continue to do plenty of changing the postures.
5. If you can feel the comfort, while maintaining a fine tremor of the whole body parts, you go to a standing position slowly, and start walking in the subbody speed of a very slow motion with keeping the fine viblations.

This is the entrance of the <Smoke bug's walk> for explore the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" .

Although this is very similar to the <Ash walk> that we continued ever long years, only slightly different at the point that we continue random trembling slightly a little bit larger than that.
It took over ten years to take a slightest step from the <Ash walk> to <Smoke bug's walk>.
But it is like this to find somehting new about body, it takes time.

6. To be 'Transparent body'
Once your body becomes the pleasant sustained subconscious mode (subbody mode), next, open the 'Riken eye" (=watch your self from outside).
Look away your body with views from outside, and listen to a very fine Qualia flow which is flowing and transforming in and out of the body.
If you catch a fine Qualia around your body in and out, yYou can follow it bodily, it is ever the same.
But, this Smoke bug's walk has so stronger self hypnosis effect, than the Ash walk or the Human walk which has been found as the walking meditation.
It brings your body to the state of the subconscious mode which is able to be pleasant much more powerful.
Continue it until the state of "Transparent body" that is open to the in and out half-and-half.
This is the wellhead to enter the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" that has been sought for many years.
It is also the wellhead to the "Transparent body" that I dreamt for 20 years at the same time.

This will be the basic practice at the second semester of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School 2014.
We will become Life that is trembling finely in between the invisible 'behind world'.
We are going to the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" and explore the various novel aspects of subtle Life resonance.

I recommend all of you to continue this every day even older students who learned in subbdy resonance school.
You can do it in a safe room turned off the light at night if possible, it must be possible to enter the subconscious mode deeper.
In daily time, it's will be done by blindfolded sometimes.

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31 August, 2014

Yamazaki, Reborn! 2

In Poland, my old friend, Yamazaki Hiroaki in my subbody woke up suddenly.
He used my body and danced three times, at first in the pond of the stone pit, the second time in the rocky mountain, the third time in the darkness of old house. This is the second one in a rocky hill.

”Yamazaki, wake up!
Yamazaki, reborn!"

I hit a rock by stone, but in fact it is not me, but Yamazaki hit us. I felt that Yamazaki is hitting our bodies that were frozen as a rock to get awakening.

October 8, 1967, while shouting to stop the Vietnam War, Yamazaki stopped his breath near the Haneda International Air port, is trying to reborn.
The 50 death anniversary of 2017, old friends are trying to built a monument of Yamazaki near Haneda, Tokyo.
I will repeat this dance many times over two years up to that time, in different places, in India, Europe, America, and Asia and this dance will grow up to a long piece.

Subbbody Resonance Butoh School 2017 Autumn semester will be held in Japan, rather than Himalaya.
I want to expand the Nomad Rhizome tour in Japan during September, October, and November, 2017.
Some students are willig to join in the tour already.
It's the return to Japan after twenty years away for me.
All friends in the world!
I would like to ask you to assist it in various ways.
We hope to dance at the main ceremony of the Yamazaki's monument on 8th October, 2017 near Haneda, Tokyo, and the other places, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and some other places.
We want to open a workshop to become subbody=cobody beyond the distinction between self and others.
I hope you to support the cost for travall and living expenses of about ten dancers.
We want to bring a new way of life to become Rhizome not bound by ego and self.

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22 August, 2014

Yamazaki, Reborn! (Video)

This year is 48th anniversary of the death of Horoaki Yamazaki.
October 8, 1967, in the Anti-Vietnam War movement, Ymazaki died with shouting "Stop war! Stop Vietnam War!" on the Benten bridge near the Haneda international airport.
Now, Yamazaki is trying to reborn.
At The 50 death anniversary of the year after next, old friends are trying to build a monument of Yamazaki., October 8th, 2017
During the workshop of Poland, we visited a old stone pit, and I encountered a big rock stood in the middle of the pond.
I felt "This must be Yamazaki stone!"
Though I have stopped dancing and been devoted to be a midwife for these 15 years, suddenly my subbody started dancing with Yamazaki.
Subbody started moving for the first time in 15 years.
"Yamazaki, Wake up!
Yamazaki, Reborn!"
I kept beating the rock by stones.
And strangely happened while continuing to beat,
 Who is Hitting it not me, but Yamazaki hit my frozen body.
Then, not only Yamazai, but, Toshiaki Tuji, Kenji Hashimoto , Santiago Sempere, My dead mother, woke up and began dancing with using my body at once.
Also small creature in the Pacific Ocean that is suffering by the radioactivity leaking from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.
Their malformed and disabled bodies danced together.
A participant of the Poland workshop, Aga resonated dancing with us.
She cried as my dead mother who continued cring as the death of yamazaki.
The subbody will continue to dance, and the subbody=cobody that spread to the World would resonate together.
Until the dance in October 2017, in Japan, we will continue to dance at various places and time.

Even after this, my many subbody = cobody that had been sleeping in the darkness of the body for many years awake.
During the workshop of Poland, some sobodies begun to dance in the river, in the mountains, and in the old Polish house.
Over two years from now, this subbody-cobody will grow in different location; India, Europe, the United States, Asia and so on.
In the Autumn semester 2017, Subbody Resonance Butoh School will away from the Himalayas, and we are going to expand the Nomad Rhizome tour in Japan in September, and October, 2017.
  All subbody-cobody around the world!
Why don't you dance together in Japan, in the autumn, 2017?
  Our steps shall continue until the subbody-cobody Rhizome will grow up to Multitude.

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15 August, 2014

Yamazaki, Reborn!

This year is 48th anniversary of the death of Horoaki Yamazaki.
October 8, 1967, in the Anti-Vietnam War movement, Ymazaki died with shouting "Stop war! Stop Vietnam War!" on the Benten bridge near the Haneda international airport.
Now, Yamazaki is trying to reborn.
At The 50 death anniversary of the year after next, old friends are trying to build a monument of Yamazaki.
During the workshop of Poland, we visited a old stone pit, and I encountered a big rock stood in the middle of the pond.
I felt "This must be Yamazaki stone!"
Though I have stopped dancing and been devoted to be a midwife for these 15 years, suddenly my subbody started dancing with Yamazaki.
Subbody started moving for the first time in 15 years.
"Yamazaki, Wake up! Yamazaki, Reborn!"
I kept hitting the rock by stones.
Not only Yamazai, Toshiaki Tuji, Kenji Hashimoto , Santiago Sempere, My dead mother, woke up and began dancing with using my body at once.
Also small creature in the Pacific Ocean that is suffering by the radioactivity leaking from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.
Their malformed and disabled bodies danced together.
A participant of the Poland workshop, Aga resonated dancing with us.
She cried as my dead mother who continued cring as the death of yamazaki.
The subbody will continue to dance, and the subbody=cobody that spread to the World would resonate together.
Until the dance in October 2017, in Japan, we will continue to dance at various places and time.

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11 July, 2014

Let's find the ethics of the future in the Rhizoming process

Dear all subody=cobody and friends

Now we are entering into novel process of the world change from Tree system (=old hierarchical order) to Rhizome which would be the order of future Life. It has no center, no top, no bottom, we can connect freely and separate flexibly. We are going to unleash from all kinds of old order.
In this process we mustCA face so many novel issues. Normally it may give us infinite freedom, but sometimes it gives us so complicated chaos and confusion. We have to overcome it.
Now, here, I want to share some important hints how to overcome it.

What will happen in the process

In the old hierarchical order, there is a strong leader and the others are able to follow the leadership safely. There were the rules, laws and manuals which were established in the long history to guard the order of tree system.
But, in the process of transition from old Tree system to Rhizome, all of those have to lose the effect.

What should we do in it?

At first, we have to share the fact that nobody knows what should we do. All existing rules, morals, laws, and old behaviour patterns are not effective anymore.
We should not hold old behaviour patterns which we have believed as good, as right or justice.
Do not force yourself and others by it, it is the most important thing to mind.

All behaviour patterns are made in the old tree systems, and nobody knows the new resonance patterns in the coming Rhizoming process yet.
In each time, we need to calm down our old behaviour pattern, thinking and judgement. We listen to the Life with asking "what do you want to do most?"

Life will find the most proper resonance pattern in each moment, we can just follow it.

For example, in the coming new collaborations, our novel resonance pattern is not like a existing company which has a strong leader and rule. And also we need to release from the role of choreographer or director and dancers. Everybody can participate in the role of creator of choreograph and director. We need to invent a new way of collaboration.

What is the coming process?

To unleash from the old behavior pattern is not so easy.
Novel theme which we must meet is to unleash from the both binds of consciousness which is limited by dualism and all archertype/ prototype which binds us implicitly from the darkness of body. We need to be transparent from the both.

Our existing behavior and thinking, judgement pattern has grown up in the Tree system. It was bound by dualism which devides everything into good/bad, right/wrong, in/out, up/down, self/others, my side/enemy and so on. We are deeply influenced by it. 
In the unconscious realm, there are so many archetype which binds us; Shadow, God, Devil, Spirit, Ghost, Monster, Great Mother, Trickster, Wise, King, Hero, Leader,
Ego, Super Ego (Judge, Critique, Grand Mother and so on), Boy, Girl, Baby, Witch, Shaman, Animal, Bird, Anima, Animus, and so on. The number of them is infinite as same as our mind pattern.
Always these ancestral qualia which live in the collective unconscious realm support our behavior pattern and thinking process implicitly. The characteristic of them is what it comes with strong emotion. When we are bound by an specific archetype, we are supported by a strong confident emotion. It is the most dangerous crisis, because we become blind.
We have to be very carefull and sensitive about the resonance pattern with the archetype. We can dance it, but not be trapped by the force.

Prototype emotion and motion

Deeper than the Archetype, there are Ptorotype emotion and motion; as fear, shiver, dizzy, collapse, frozen, ecstacy, lust, addiction and so on.
Their force is much stronger than the Archetype. Because emotion can bind our mind and body in a state in a moment.

Unleash from all kind of emotion attack in the relationship channel and world channel

Not only these personal binds, but we have to face the much more difficulty of the multi-dimensional resonance pattern of qualia in the human relationship channel and world channel.
All of archetype doesn't know the new way of rhizoming collaboration. Because all archetypes were born in the old condition of human race which was bound by the hierarchical relationship.
Our ancestors had to survive in the hard conditions during the travel from Out-Africa 200,000 years ago.
The travel from Africa to Asia, Europe, America, Oceania must be so hard that they were attacked by strong animal to eat human, desaster, wether change, flood, volcano, battles between different groups and so on.
Our all archetypes are imprinted during these hard experiences of the travel to spread the world.
And the older archetype (Great Mother, Uroboros and so on) and prototype (emotion and motion) as fear, shivering, confusing and so on have older origin of ancestors history in Africa for 7,000,000 years.
We were too weak to need the hierarchical order in a small group. They have to follow the oldest wise because he or she had the widest knowledge to overcome different hardships.
In the later age, they became a Leader or Shaman.
And the King of the primitive Nation around 5,000-10,000 years ago in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus, and China.
In the modern Age, our society developped to the capitalism, and economical, political, and educational system was developped. In this Age, the Ego has grown up to the strongest archetype. Though few people notices that also the ego is archetype, because it is too common in the modern people.

Now we are facing the completely new period to unleash from all of those binds; dualistic consciousness, archetype, prototype, and common illusion as Nation-State, religion, and all hierarchical order, in the both of physical and mental realm.
Now we are going to co-create the future world through the rhizoming process.
We have to learn how to unleash from all of those ancient binds.
It is so complicated process.
Because the Qualia are resonating between present qualia and past qualia which are mixed by archetype, prototype, nightmare, trauma, dissociated personality, nationality, sexuality, identity, and so on.
The various resonance pattern of qualia appears as the form of the projection, transference, counter=transference, dreaming up, possession, flash back of trauma, and so on in the relationship channel.
it is so hard because it comes up with strong emotion attack. We are trapped the delusion which some one attack me, hate me, invade me, damage me and so on.
All of those are just delusion, but it is not so easy to release from them, bacuase it comes up with strong emotion attack. Emotion is a messenger from the darkness of body to conscious mind. And conscious mind is bound by dualistic pattern of self and others. All of us have the tendency to misunderstand the neutral qualia resonance as the dualistic attack between self and others.
And the projection, transference, dreaming up process makes it too complicated. We are always fallen into the chaos of deep confusion. we call it 'Storm of resonant edge qualia'. It is much more harder than the individual edge qualia.

In my case, when I share an edge qualia of young male students, I was always attacked by my saddest edge which I could not resonate well with my son. And in the hardship with them, I have no idea to do, just have been frozen.
When I faced hard relationship with female student, the hardest edge qualia with my mother and with my ex-wife, and have been frozen.
It is my Kan(Disability) of the relationship channel.
I can see transparently all the process that so many complicated resonance pattern of past qualia and present qualia are storming, as projection, transference, counter-transference, dreaming up, possession, dissociated memories, nightmare, emotion attack, and so on.
But, stil now I cannot dance it yet.
I could not find how to overcome them at all. I have to wait for long time more until be able to dance it.

Double Dynamic Loop

During the struggle of those hardship, fortunately, novel awaerness has visited me.
I have noticed that we have to reframe the subbody method into novel realm including "the duble dynamic loops" of the creation process and healing cycle.
I have found that all of those phenomena are the specific forms of appearance from the qualia in the non-dual and multidimensional realm to our daily dualistic realm. Then the real fact is merely various resonance patterns of qualia, but we feel then as if someone attacked us, because it visits us with so strong emotion attack. But the attack is illusion. We can calm down and wait untill we can see it transparently as the just various resonance patterns of qualia. Now I am trying how to share this process.
Maybe we need to complete the total method including calming process, listening process, creating process , and reframing=healing process.
(See the illustration above)

Now we are spreading to the world. Many collaborations are happening in various patterns. It must be the novel chance training to find the way to overcome those issues. It will take time. We might need hundred years or thousands years.
Because the Archetype, Prototype, Common illusions and all phenomena of projection, transference, possession and so on have grown up for much more long history.

But, it's OK. because now we are aware of the novel theme that we have to overcome all of those.
We can connect freely and separate flexibly as a rhizome.
We can grow it to richer diversity. We have time enough to the future.

"We Human give the theme that it is possible to overcome to ourselves." ---This is the word of Karl Marx who was the first teacher in my life. How much I was encouraged by this word!

Lee from Syros, Greece

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2 July, 2014

How is it possible to change the world?

The poor little ego of ours

We modern people have built a poor fort in ours from an early age. The fort of the poor little ego of modern society-specific.
We have been educated that to take care of the only self is most important thing to survive in the modern capitalism society. We are trained to build a selfish mechanism that we need to dissociate the misfortune and sadness of others as 'not my thing'.
It has been imprinted in the depth of mind/body the 'self-love tendency' to live well in modern society.
However, the fact that the selfish ego is incorporated as an element to support the modern Nation-State implicitly, is hidden to the conscious inteligence of modern citizen.
French philosopher Michel Foucault tried to elucidate the complementary structure of the Nation-State and the modern ego of citizen over a lifetime.
Gilles Deleuze proposed to become Rhizome which can be separated and connected freely not trapped by the established hierarchical order with the same resonance.
A Japanese thinker, Yoshimoto Takaaki also have explored that all common illusion including the Nation-State must be disappeared. But all of them fell down on the way.
But, the principle has been clarified already.
We receive the baton of Life from them, and it is possible to take one step further.
The Nation-State which carry out the war have to die.
We can take off the poor little ego of us that support it implicitly, and need to grow up toward Life that resonates flexibly beyond all borders in Life on the planet.

Not kill Life, this is the commandment of maximum

In postwar Japan, there is a constitution to be able to be proud to the world.
Article 9 of the Constitution: "We abandon the War." is that.
However, the Japan government tried to change it by only the Cabinet decision as "Tolerate the right of collective self-defense".
They are trying to open the way to War by reinterpretation of the constitution.
Anti-War movement happened in Japan last week after a long time.
Since 50 years, the U.S. military base in Japan has been the base of the Vietnam War, we young students and labors did the anti-war movement to stop it.
However, the government forced the cabinet decision as sweet as a nut be ignored.
The poor little ego of the Japanese citizens was passed it as an event of far away. Because ego is formed as a base to support the Nation-State implicitly, it is built into the system.
The Modern Advanced Information Management System has been completed to entrap all political resistance perfectly.
Ignored it by managing the media, as if nothing had happened, and a sweet wind being passed.
50 years ago, the anti-war demonstration
have been violent in opposition to the violence of government riot police to try to regulate it.
It was also contained by the laws and regulations violence and more than it.
The modern Nation-State has completed the information engineering system to seal the any violent rebellion, or any political action.
They have study enough.
All political or violent rebellions are disabled anymore.
I retreated in the Himalayas for long year, and explore the cause of defeat of the anti-war movement of us, and how can we overcome it.
The main cause of the failure of us, is that we didn't know how to change our own ego system.
In case of if the anti-govenment people succeed to get the power of Nation-State, if their ego system is the same, it must fall into the well known the Starlinism system as One-party dictatorship system in Russia, China and Eastern Europe.

How is it possible to change the world?

We need to invent a novel method that can not be captured in the advanced information management system of the modern Nation.
There is no choice but to devise a novel non-violent and non-political way.
We have to change from our ego, to take off it and to become resonant Life.
Resonance of Life is not the information, it is resonant qualia that the information system is not possible to regulate it.
At first glance, it may seem roundabout, but this is the way of the shortest and most reliable.
Decades or hundreds of years it may take, but the world must change surely though the Life Resonance.
Starting from the Himalayas, we are trying to spread to the world now as the Rhizoming tour in the world.
Please join in this movement of Life Resonance by your whole body.
Alternatively, please find a way to support them.
Only this is the way that leads to the hope of the future.
We can learn the novel way to live and to co-create the world together through Nomad-Rhizoming way which was built in Himalayas for these decade.
We can dance from the bottom of Life and not merely one but as one Life we can co-create the world with Life Resonance.
From The poor little ego that can not resonate with the misfortune and misery of other Life on earth, it is possible to grow to the novel "Resonant Rhizome" through the cobody experience with the novel joy of Life.

Please try to listened to Life within the body.
Please listen to the voice of Life crying in the shadow of our little poor ego.

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1 July, 2014

A resonance with Juya Dust
(from a post on facebook)

That's very nice a coincidence. I read your article about cloud on website.
These days my teacher of dancing is cloud cobody, actually teacher of life, too.
This land has beautiful cloud cobodies with huge nature. The clouds show really various shapes unknown, unexpected, ancestral nature itself with many many stories. One day I saw the mysterious story dance with transforming from fetus, dismembered bodies, scattered, birds, witch, samurai, first sun and moon,jumping wild by 3 big cobodies....Impossible to put the story in human worlds. Just i cried melting into the beauties. The moment focusing on cloud gives me equanimity, too. So nice way to have calm abiding in daily life over the many thoughts...
There are dancings to learn shapes, speed, appears and disappears, and more.
Happy for deep resonance with you and dance of nature!! Right now I see this creature's stage...

Dear Juya'

Yah, indeed, we are one Life under the one sky on the planet!

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1 July, 2014

The Ten Bodies 6
Vaporized body
- to become impossible wish of Life

The cloud in the monsoon,
as a teacher of vaporized body

Finally, I have finished up all of the photos of Butoh Festival.
When lunching on the veranda, a group of clouds climbed up from the lower valley.
I took up the camera, with expecting the white dragon show which crawl up the valley.
It's my favourite movement of clouds, such as the white dragon climbs the valley.
But, soon the cloud of today started changing the odd shapes one after another into infinite unknown beings.

After showing the transformation of infinite arts, it has begun to disappear into the forest in the opposite side of valley.
It was happening within about ten minutes.


Warm air because the content of the water is deep, the water droplets of clouds came down from the cold high sky, had vaporized within the air.
The movement of the clouds is a teacher of infinite body of vaporized body.
This unexpected disappearance of the cloud has become my teacher today.
Until the disappearance from bizarre transformation of infinite, I danced with the teacher for a while.
This two weeks, my body was stunted by wrestling with computer screen for a long time, I feel like I come back to Life after a long time has been.
Clouds was old dance buddy for me from young age.
Transformation of early clouds in the sky of Hawaii island,,,,
Deformation of plastic bags fluttering in the wind of Tokyo,,,,
Infinite transformation of each season of the Himalayan sky.....
Many qualia of the clouds are about to inhabit the body.
When I was young, I often resonated with the rapid transformation, maybe my darkness of body prefered to resonate with it.
But, now the tendency of my subbody is resonating with its disappearance, though it is much harder.

Vaporized body has invented by Tatsumi Hijikata as a body dancing impossible wish of Life.
It was absolute necessary for him to dance with his dead sister.
By the density of impossible desire not been fulfilled, Life transforms from physical state to take off it and becomes vaporized state.
It is not the wish of self as a human, but just to follow the tendency of Life.
It is not mere movement, sometimes it disappears immediately.

How can we dance this disappearance?

We need to become a transparent body which is the most flexible resonator.
We do de-self conditioning enough and just follow the whereabouts of the clouds are going to disappear.
Carring the density in reverse way until Life spread to the world that the body is not visible.
We turn off the signs of Life.
Be calm to infinitely and be the Shisha( dead).

The vaporization and materialization are the both sides of the coin.
They are the both poles of the techniques of Shisha in Hijikata's last solo of "Quiet house".
He danced while becoming infinite variations of transformation of materializing and vaporizing.
The teacher of the cloud of today disappeared among the woods of the valley beyond.
I wonder it transformed into spirit of the forest.
And it is waiting for the next timing to transform another being with listening in the faint invisible qualia of the behind world.
From there, a new transformation will be born.
My role as a midwife is to guide people until this condition.

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 Congratulation! Gadu 20th Anniversary
10 June, 2014

What is deepening of Butoh?

Congratulations! 20th Anniversary!

In order to bless it, I tried to choose the best shots from the last eight years in Himalaya.
It's really colorful. And it is remarkably deepening year by year.

What is the deepening of dance?
In line with the growth of him,
I try to write the Merkmal of it.

First, it's growth of infinite segmentation.
In the beginning, subbody comes out with a total bodily movement. It is pretty rough or non-dual. We cannot control it properly. And gradually and slowly, each part of body grows up as own dancing place with learnig how to carry density with optimal timing.
And it develops to precise detail dance which is resonating with invisible subtle qualia.
No choice but to deepen indefinitely this segmentation.

Second, it is developement of 'Jumping wild'.
Rather than focus on one of qualia, quickly and unexpectedly changing and transforming , from one qualia to another qualia of the darkness of the body.
It is possible to jump around multidimensionally.

There was a remarkable jump point of Gadu. It was "ツトムくんの夢 A Dream of Calabi-Yau Fetus", 2011.
It was not only the reciprocating body of a man and woman's body up to it, starting with the fetal body, he was wearing and changing countless qualia
freely, showed as much of transformation over 2 hours.
Of course, we need to continue indefinitely even this quest.
The Calabi-Yau that he regarded as a teacher is multidimensional variety of body transformation of finest String having a infinite resonance pattern.
It was the most appropriate image.

Third, it is transparency.
Without being bound to anything, even from the inner qualia, but also to qualia from the outside, we are able to dance the Life Resonance transparently.
What's going on in Life, to see through transparently as well for me, technology that can be show through it for the others, too, little by little.
This theme forces us to infinite struggle, as it is bottomless.
If we dig enough deep, and a new difficulty that we did not notice until then, mysterious and outrageous
attack us.
We encounter various Mysteries;
Archetype images,
Prototype emotion and motion,
Transference and Counter-transference,
Dreaming up,
Flashback of Trauma
and so on.
It takes place beyond the boundaries of oneself and others. Because, all phenomena is caused by resonance of qualia. As we continued as midwife of
subbody=cobody, we will get involved in a problem that can be deeper difficulty from year to year.
It will now also hit Gadu.
To overcome one by one to calm oneself, and flexibly we just can continue exploring optimum resonance
pattern step by step.
Gadu, please continue digging the fertility of the darkness of the body.

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1 June, 2014

What is the Ethics of Future?

"Rather than to reach the place where the person does not say 'me' anymore, it would be to reach the point where it is not important at all whichever to say 'me' or not to say 'me' anymore." (Deleuze=Guattari)

"Sink down into the non-dual realm before the division of self and others." (Tatsumi Hijikata)

We are facing a revolutional moment.
When world is changing from Tree system which is dualistic and hierarchic system to Rhizome which has no top, no bottom, no center, no border, no fixed member, no leader, no border between self/others. Rhizome is able to connect freely, separate flexibly at any moment and any part of it.
It must be deep chaos and full of hard edge. We are on the edge of crisis. In the deepest chaos, we need to co-invent novel Ethics of Rhizome.
Let's share the pain of the birth.
Ask to Life 'What do you want to most?"
And listen to Life in the chaos at each moment.
What is the better resonance pattern in each critical moment?

Beyond the Self-Love

A student, Robert (Aleph Null in facebook) wrote about 'Self-Love'. Crick here

He researched toward the Origin of Ego, before Ego Inflated in the daily world, he found the roots of it as the 'Self-Love'.
It will be accepted for everybody in the daily world as a proper investigation.
I love your investigation, but not enough, because it is still bound by the dualistic daily realm.
We need to sink into deeper realm of the darkness of body.
Robert, your daily mind must feel that Subbody resonance method forces your Self suppressed. It is normal response. You met a ego edge and self edge between your daily mind process and subbody=cobody process in the darkness of body.
And you return back to daily thinking mode to guard your daily Self or Ego.
When we build a daily logic, immediately we are bound by dualism, and trapped by dualistic judgement; good/bad, right/wrong, self/others, eros/ agape, and so on.
All of your thinking is trapped by those existing concepts.
Do not satisfy and stop there.
We need to take off all of them. We need to invent novel non-dual logic. Though nobody succeeds yet.

We cannot enter the realm with thinking at all. We need to calm down daily language thinking, and we are able to listen subtle tendencies of Life in the chaos which only subtle qualia are floating in the discombobulation of non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance.

Listen in your Life

Yes, I know that the Self-Love qualia are so strong.
It supports our daily living against verious pressures from the visible world and invisible world.
But, behind the Self-Love, can't you hear a subtle Resonance desire of Life which is pursuing best resonance pattern with others?
Can't you feel another tendency which able to feel the other's pain as your pain? It becomes possible only when we enter the relam of non-dual Life Resonance.

Tatsumi Hijikata and Gilles Deleuze

Both of them investigated in the Abyss of Life for the Future.
What is the real necessity for the Future Life?

One of the most surprising Synchronicity in 20 Century is between Tatsumi Hijikata and Gilles Deleuze.
What wormhole connected between Japanese Butoh and Contemporary Philosophy?

Hijikata performed his legendary solo 'Rebellion of Flesh' in 1968.
Michel Foucault wrote 'Word and thing' and said "Human has been end." in 1966.
Deleuze=Guattari wrote "Mille Plateaux" and said "Rhizome would be the being after human."
It is the special age which the world became oneness, during from the late 60's to early 70's, while the student's power revolted against the modern culture in the world.

Especially, Hijikata and Deleuze=Guattari pursued the same thing at the same time, though place was
away between France and Japan.

Hijikata wrote.

"Sink down into the non-dual relationship realm before the division of self and others.
Let's regain the power to support human activities."

Deleuze wrote as the future ethics.

1. Not to express Self too much.
2. Not to express Self that is with Others.
3. Not to express Others too much.
4. Let survive all Life which was born.
5. Let our world be diverse."

The second sentence of Deleuze means the same as Hijikata's one.
In daily world We are bound by dualistic self/others relationship.
Both of them tell you that unleash yourself from that modern daily world.
Those will be a hint to co-create the ethics in the real process of world Rhizoming process, but nobody knows what will happen yet.

What are you living for?
For richer creation and for finding better resonance pattern among all Life, isn't it?

What world are your Life want to live in?

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The Flow of Nomad=Rhizome=Plateaux
Subbody Resonance Butoh 2005-2014
31 May, 2914

The World Flow of Nomad=Rhizome=Plateaux

Rhizome is an Invision of Future human by Deleuze =Guattari, 1967.
Prior to them , Michel Foucault had found < end of human> already, 1966.
After the modern < human> has been ended, what we would be?
The answer which Deleuze =Guattari have found is the < Rhizome>.
Modern human being is tied to the hierarchical order and culture, such as educations, informations and Nation-State , and people are bound to support the Nation-State as the < citizen> or < people>.

Nothing longer we have not to be bound by the condition which was tied to selfish ego of modern < human> and to support the Nation-State that proceeds War and destroying the earth against Life.
Unleashed from the condition of < human>, we can separate from them and connect freely with the other freely, beyond any borders, it is what is < Rhizome > , after < modern human>.
It's the real way that Life is seeking.
< Rhizome> become < Nomad> when it begins to move beyond the boundaries that have been trapped.
When Rhizome are gathered and increase the density, it becomes < Plateaux>.
Rhizome is Nomad and Plateaux.
Without being bound to the definition of the traditional dualistic logic, Rhizome transforms and flows while repeating the separation and connection flexibly.
Anyway, Life has been transforming in the direction of the flow all over the world.
That's the world of the 21st century that was seen from the view point of the future.

Complicit in this flow of the world changing.
Only by jumping into this way of Life of Nomad = Rhizome = plateau, you can feel how refreshing from the old ego= self trapping.

Many Rhizome has been born in the Himalayas already, and it becomes Nomad moving beyond the border, and Plateau to be dense is born here and there.
The subbody=cobody is a Nomad=Rhizome=Plateau.
Now , it may only few in the world, but this momentum can not be stopped anymore.
Because we are awaking that Life does not want to be endure the binds around the world.
Proliferation and infection will continue until to be a Multitude.

In the history of the decade subbody resonance butoh school, student has been continue to create
trial and error of various separation and connection patterns of subbody = cobody, all are the experiment for becoming Nomad = Rhizome = Plateau as the future human being.
We can be various manifolds after modern human.
They have already jumped from Himalaya to the world beyond the borders, and connected with other manifold in various places, various festivals and collaborations are born.
It is not than that would ship of fools.
Wolf is already Rhizome even one animal.
Even alone, if tries to breakthrough the boundaries of the myriad, and dig a wormhole that connects to other manifold, already it's a manifold that Nomad = Rhizome = Plateau.
I also away from Japan by alone, and spend a decade as a midwife for subbody=cobody, and for Nomad=Rhizome=Plateaux.
Already thousand subbody-cobodies spread and expand the activities while separate and connect freely.
I also start travelling to midwife the Nomad = Rhizome = Plateau around the world now.
I'm going to throw myself into the flow of this world change.

Become Rhizome! Become a Secret!

"On the contrary to the hierarchic system with the center/ branches or top/ bottom, Rhizome is non-centered system, without King or General, without ranking, without meaning formative. Rhizome is a system which is defined just by the multiple communications of various states.

In an attempt to create and extend a Rhizome, we call it the 'Plateau' that all of the manifold which can be connected with other manifold by invisible rhizome.
Let' make thousands Plateaux!"

Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Gattari

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Antarctic mosses such Chorisodontium aciphyllum grow even more slowly, just centimeters in centuries and have been revived after a millennium and a half in frozen suspended animation.
Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/environment/oldest-organisms-world#
 World is Rhizoming now
Nomad = Rhizome = Plateaux
in Subbody Resonance Butoh 2005-2014
30 May, 2914

Rhizome and Plateaux

Surprisingly, encountered to a real image of Plateaux on facebook.

"Rhizome and Plateaux

On the contrary to the hierarchic system with the center/ branches or top/ bottom, Rhizome is non-centered system, without King or General, without ranking, without meaning formative. Rhizome is a system which is defined just by the multiple communications of various states.

In an attempt to create and extend a Rhizome, we call it the 'Plateau' that all of the manifold which can be connected with other manifold by invisible rhizome.
Let' make tousands Plateaux!"

Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Gattari

Moreover, it has similar shape as cobodies such as human mountain or box cobody which students have co-created these ten years.

It may be of course, because in the Abyss of Life, it is a Rhizome and Plateaux.
Life does not endure for long to be bound by hierarchic prison as the modern daily human.
Actually, Life want to be a Rhizome unleashed from those binds that is trapped only these thousands years. Life has a wisdom that has accumulated four billion years.
Nomad = Rhizome = plateau,
when these three become one and grow up to the multitude, the world will change.
Do NOT misunderstand as we tell you to become merely 'crowd'.
Wolf is already Rhizome even one animal.
If you try to breakthrough all kind of boundaries by alone and dig wormholes to connect with other manifold, you are already a manifold that is Nomad = Rhizome = Plateau.

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25 May, 2914

Co-creation of the diverse invisible 'behind worlds'

A speciality of Subbody Resonance school is that every student have a chance to participate in the co-creation of each original cobody='behind world'.
Life is always resonating with invisible qualia.
To dance the invisible is Butoh.
And we can visualize the invisible qualia for Life through co-creating own cobody and 'behind world'.
Already students realized so many resonance pattern for Life and the behind world. We can visualized the diverse invisible Life resonance; shivering, fear, dizzy, pressure, twist, eaten, collapsed, boxed and reborn from them.
In that world, infinite archetypes, prototypes are resonating, it seems us as an attack, invasion, eaten up, projection, transference, dreaming up, and they are streaming and overlapping in multi-dimensional world.
It is the non-dual world of Life which Hijikata explored.

"We need to sink down into the non-dual world before the division of self and others."

It is the true reality for Life which is ignored and forgotten in daily world.
Butoh reveal it which is hidden under the dualistic daily life.
The festival is the chance to participate in the richest chaos of Life and Death.

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 Archetype and Prototype
22 May, 2914

Basic attitude toward the Archetype and Prototype

In our deep realm of darkness of body, infinite Archetypes are still living.
Jung found Shadow, Anima/animus, Girl, Boy, Great MOther, Wise, Trickster and so on.
He focused on only the Archetype of human form.
But also there are Archetypes of the world image; Heaven, Hell, Disaster, Catastrophe, Chaos,
Flood, Struggle, The end of the world and so on.
Also Archetypes of human-relationship channel, MOther complex, Father complex, Double bind, Cinderella syndrome, Peter Pan syndrome, and so on.
Also found by Freud, Ego, Superego which appears as judge, Critic, Grandmother are resonating closely with the Archetypes.
They are the heritage of human history which is imprinted in our Life.
And in the deeper realm, there are remained Prototype of emotion and motion as Shivering, Fear, Shrink, Collapse, Entanglement are still living and visit us unconsciously.

In human relations channel, it appears by the resonance as 'Projection', 'transference', 'Counter-transference' and Dreaming up' sometimes or often.

How is it possible to find proper resonance pattern with them?
They have a polarity, in one side they are the infinite souse of creation, and on the other hand at the same time we are on the risk to be bound by them, because they have so strong power to possess us.
When we notice the qualia of them, to become them and dance them carefully without being possessed.
it is best way to Unleash them through dancing out.
But, some Archetype have extremely strong power to possess us, in that case, we need to keep safe distance from them until we are ready to control their power transparently.
We wish to become trasparent body=mid which is not bound by any unconscious tendency, even though it would take thousands years. All of us are on the middle of the process.

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 "Kan Flower" of Tatsumi Hijikata
The previous article is too long and complicated, because it was written for the investigation between 'Quiet House' and 'Sick Dancing Princess'/ Here I focus on only 'Flower of Kan' and renewed it. It will help the international collaboration "Flower of Kan' initiated by Dust Gio.

22 May, 2914

What is the "Flower of Kan (=Flower of disability)" ?

In his last solo "Quiet House ", Hijikata danced the Life itself that is resonating with various invisible behind world.
He entered the world of Shisha where his dead sister belongs, and is going and coming back between Death and Life.
He opened up the Art of Shisha (Weakened body technique) to move freely between materializing and vaporizing.
The method was diversified and bloomed in the activities of 'Haku-Toh-Bo" based at Asbestos Hall, 1974-76.

Almost of Main work of Hijikata has been performed in these years.
However, Hijikata was forced to seal The Asbest Hall by opposition of local residents at its peak.
That is the biggest damage for creator to be forced to close the theater as same as the punishment to be ripped the limbs.
Hijikata became like the Dharma without limbs, and started writing "Sick Dancing Princess" by the blush in mouth, instead of creation of butoh pieces.
He meditated by alone and explored the unexplored Butoh that are not performed yet by anyone.
He put all of them into the book, "Sick Dancing Princess".
He is committed it to the dancers of the future.

What is investigated in the "Sick Dancing Princess"?
The essence, in short word, is "Kan Flower of Life.
In the "Quiet House", he tried to dance the "Flower of Kan" as the most miserable state of Life and reverse twist it to a novel beauty.
It is just about to be suggesting in there, but it was what must be danced inevitablly for Hijikata.
He continued to pursue it during the activities of Haku-Toh-Bo, but it was not enough to develope for him.
He developed the diversity of Kan in the book with infinite variations.
"Kan" is the most difficult state of Life, when Life met in various kind of troubles, stresses, plessure, and is not able to find the solution, Life has to wait in enduring with various pressed, twisted, collapsed, and disabled conditions, until it finds the optimum resonance pattern.

In Japanese, it is written as ”癇の花”.
”花” is Flower, which is the beauty of a creation.
”癇”is very difficult to translate to English. I cannot find it long years. But, finally we can understand it as a symbol of disability of all kind of twisted, brocked, pressed, collapsed condition of Life.
The collapsed and disabled shape is 'ugly' for the first glance,
but he researched to find the best timing to dance it. If success, it turn to a novel beauty.
All struggles against the problems and the process to overcome them must be a treasure for the whole Life.
He wrote the infinite diversities of them from various aspects as the multilayered resonance pattern of Life in the book. All of them are precious hint for blooming the "Kan Flowers".

(You can read the first chapter of "Sick Dancing Princess at "The Butoh chapter 300" of the site.)

When we face to inner or outer inevitable 'Kan (disability)' which is hardly to solve the entangling, we will encounter the necessity to transform it to a beauty of 'Kan Flower' desperately. It must be the Butoh of Life.

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 Helping to understand "Flower of Kan' of Gio's project,
upload again this article with adding sentenses and photos.
21 May, 2914 (24 October 2013)

"Flower of Kan (=Flower of disability)" and "Sick Dancing Princess"

In his last solo "Quiet House ", Hijikata danced Life that is resonating with various behind world.
He entered the world of Shisha where his dead sister belongs, and is going and coming back between Death and Life.
He opened up the Art of Shisha (Weakened body technique) to move freely between materializing and vaporizing.
The method was diversified and bloomed in the activities of 'Haku-Toh-Bo" based at Asbestos Hall, 1974-76.
1974; "Ankoku Butoh Ebisu-ya Ocho", " Siren salmon",
1975; "Rhapsody in Nishana-ya","Lover of Bakke teacher",
"Not waking up them", "Small parasol", "Blind girl to lie", "Kaguya princess Ankoku version"
1976; "Pear head", "It was a night like this", "Hitogata", "Costume of facade-A model of darkness for boy and girl", " Lady on whale line",
Almost of Main work of Hijikata has been performed in this three years.
However, Hijikata was forced to seal The Asbest Hall by opposition of local residents at its peak.
That is the biggest damage for creator to be forced to close the theater as same as the punishment to be ripped the limbs.
Hijikata became like the Dharma without limbs, and started writing "Sick Dancing Princess" by the blush in mouth, instead of creation of butoh pieces.
He imprinted the unexplored Butoh that are not performed yet.
(There are a lot of dances that was not performed yet...)
He put all of them into the book, "Sick Dancing Princess".
He is committed it to the dancer of the future.

What was it?
When we read it by body for long year, slowly we can resonate with the unexplored butoh for him.

In the "Quiet House", he tried to dance the
"Flower of Kan" as the most miserable state of Life and reverse twist it to a beauty.
It is about to be suggesting just still in there, but it was what must be danced unevitablly for Hijikata.
He continued to pursue it during the activities of Haku-Toh-Bo, but it was not enough to develope for him.
He developed the diversity of Kan in the book with infinite variations.
"Kan" is the most difficult state of Life, when Life met in various kind of trouble and is not able to find the solution, Life has to wait in enduring, until it finds the optimum resonance pattern, just enduring and stepping repeatedly in the suffering.
He wrote the infinite diversities of the suffering figures hitting the wall from various aspect in the book as the multilayered diverse aspects of "Flowers of Kan".
In the "Quiet House" he started from his own deepest sadness that his dear sister had to die as a prostitute forced by the nation-state of Japan for the world war.
He could reverse twist the sadness to the unique creation of "A girl who planned an evil deed in the rain.".
It was absolute creation, but he felt that he was still bound by his indipendent trauma.
He needed to take off the Self of him, and to become Life itself, that is suffering in the multiple miseries.
"Casting off the Self" was pursued in the "Sick Dancing Princess".

It's about no exaggeration to say all the things and characters are the different states of
"Flower of Kan". We can see many samples of them as the following;
It is needless to say that this is the issue for future butoh dancer what or how to dance these "Flower of Kan".
(For exact text of it, see "The Butoh chapter 300" on the site.)

What is invisible

●Eyes like a spy for shady thing
●Eyeball for watching the invisible huge creature in the air
●It was not only me who had been danced by someone
●Creature that lives in a sound that no one knows
●Observation that is going to stray
●Dusk of vague mind
●In the bed, God also would crawl into
●What is visible would be a dark hole itself

Hidden state

●Human that does huddle only by the body
●A hidden state
●A vague figure
●Gloom of the kneeling position
●Strange people like spies
●Brightness and darkness of short breath

Something shady
●Thinned down smoke bugs
●Eyes like a spy for shady thing
●Worms and fever
●Fear of silk thread
●Threatened by demeanor of things

Sick Dancing princess
●Shrink and attentive of old man
●Resonance of the crying woman and crying physical phenomena
●My sooty princess
●A woman of exploding hair
●God being torn to shreds
●The basis for a human being who has collapsed from around
●Threatened by demeanor of things
●Lessons of Sick Dancing Princess


●The method of clouding the body
●A body being eaten by the snow
●A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious 
●A woman glared at me and I became a stick
●A body without intermediary
●A body that have been already danced by someone
●A body that was forgotten
●A body being removed the outlines from
●A body that was left alone too much
●A body that had been stolen by steam
●A body that continues to be eaten
●Being fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess


●Strange brightness and something shady

When we face to inner or outer inevitable 'Kan (disability)' which is hardly to solve the entangling, we will encounter the necessity to transform it to a beauty of 'Kan Flower' desperately. It must be the Butoh of Life.

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18 May, 2014

Uprooting the roots!

Moved by a word of an Indian artist, Snehal who collaborates with Agu and Ankur.

"Our roots. Centuries of links that bind us to our lands.
Accumulated memories. Nourishment, and
We have always been here, even before they arrived.
But now, we must leave. Our roots are old, and not
greedy enough."

Her word is deeply resonating with the Rhizome of Deleuze = Guattari.

""Rather than to reach a point where "people
don't say 'I' anymore, it would be important to reach the point 'I' or 'Not I' is not important at all anymore.

Unlike the roots and trees, Rhizome is linked to one point of any other any one point.

Uncentered system, no meaning formation rather than hierarchy, no General( King) as 'I', only by the communications of various state.

Becomes Rhizome!
Do not become the root!
Be a manifold having countless inlet!
Do not wake up the General in you!
Rhizome has no beginning, no end.
It's a flow to erode both banks, to increase the speed in the middle. "

(" Mill plateau" Gilles Deleuze=Felix
Guattari, 1980)

Such a flow are activating in the world.
Most interesting thing are going to occur in the flow, in this Century.
Dance the roots of you!
Dance all of the bondage in your Abyss!
Until to be able to pull up the roots!
And become Rhizome!

We are asking people to resonate with this flow always.

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18 May, 2014

Sharing the pain of the birth

It's the time to change.
This year would be a turning point from static school to real nomad-rhizome school.
Nomad-rhizome must be a next state after human, I belive so long years.
But, I didn't know how hard edges we have to encounter in the changing process.
This year was pretty different from the previous year for the school, some of them are elements from outside, visa issue and so on, and other elements are from the growth of students to the nomad-rhizome.

Starting with Gio who joined an international butoh co-creation project with Gessuri and Javier in Canada, Chong returned home last week, and Ankur will leave for a week to collaborate with a sculptor at near Mumbai.
We have to accept short term students, and some students who could not accept the school discipline of no late, no abcence.
The tendency of Nomad=Rhizome that might be the next stage of human has grown up with unexpected speed.
Without being bound by Nation-State, culture, or organizations belonging, Nomad=Rhizome can separate flexibly, and connect freely beyond all boundaries.
It must be a way of life which Life really wants.

Although did not even expected in the history of the decade of the school, it is to be realized so soon.
It's good news, and unexpected hard reality.
Role of the midwife is to listen to fetal breath of Life in each one's darkness of body that even oneself has noticed yet, and give subtle help to birth the unknown tendencies of subbody=cobody to be realized it.
Framework of existed butoh festival style and school, should not disturb it.
We have to learn the novel way in the real nomad-rhizome, how to find the best resonance pattern each other.
The festival and school will change the way in and out of a more free Rhizome type eventually, with deepening the Life Resonance of oneness Life.
Our concept of freedom has to grow up from existing view of freedom of individual to infinite freedom of Life, even though we have to encounter so hard edges. The individuality of modern world does not know the deep pleasure to be subody=cobody beyond the border between self and others. We are on the way of the experiment to become Life.

Towards the Butoh festival, gradually everybody will meet rare experience that subbody and cobody are fused and unified into one. It is the most precious experience of the festival.
But, physically, what many students separate is so deep pain for the remain.
How can we overcome it?
Maybe, to be aware of the pain of cobody or oneness Life?
To be aware of the ignorance of Ego?

I remember a word of philosopher Hegel.

"Consciousness pursues the death of others."

The Himalaya Butoh Festival is a precious chance to meet rich kind experiences of resonance and disonance, projection, transference, counter-transference, dreaming up and so on. All of them are variations of Life Resonance. We need to open transparent eye to accept all of them just as the neutral resonance of qualia.
Everybody exchanges own mystery, secret and flower from the Abyss and becomes subbody=cobody for supporting each other.
We need to accept the pain of the birth for it, nobody
has experienced so far.
Though in the future, what's going on in what timing, nobody knows.
However, we just can continue listening to the subtle breath of Life for the new birth.

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 Subbody History 1 Swaying meditation to subbody=cobody Resonance
 Subbody History 2 Conditioning to Self Reseach in Resonance
 Subbody History 3 Reso-touch=shiatsu to Subbody=Cobody Resonance
4 May, 2014

Subbody History 1
'Basic conditioning to edge work, and de-self conditioning'

During searching old photos of swaying conditioning, I met nostalgic pictures in School photo folder 2006.
At that time, the school term is one month to three months, then we could enjoy the beginning stage of subbody process.
There were three process in the slidehow above.
1. Swaying meditation to free resonance
2. Rolloing conditioning to free resonance
3. Reso-touch to free resonance.

Still now , we follow the same process in the beginning. And proceed to various self or group research process. This variation become so developed in the past decade, students are able to explore the darkness of body deeper.

Edge---Biggest defference between ten years ago and now

One of the biggest difference is 'Edge'.
In a short term, stuents may not encounter hard strange edge qualia. Or in case of meeting somehting hard, they finished the school and left.
But, now school term extended to minimum one yerar to three years. All stuents have to face each own edge and have to solve it, and overcome. Because thr edge qualia are one of the most rich source of originality, creativity, and resonativity of Life.

Edge is unknown hard qualia which happen through resonance one's first process and second process. The first process is one's daily body/mind. There are strong Ego and Self, and ego or self is bound by an illusion which "I" can decide everything freely, 'I" can think everything freely. This "I" as the subject is strongest illusion of modern human. We can say it is the strongest Archetype still remains in contemporary world.
It connect to individualism and capitalism strongly and Ego and Self support the Nation-State which is also strongest common illusion of this world.
The so-cold 'success stories' bind people thightly.
This first process is bound by dualistic logic; good/bad, input/output, right/wrong ans so on. All words and language thinking are bound by dualism.
Then students who entered the Subbody school, their first process meets unknown second process in the darkness of body.
It has completely another logic which is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance.
Students have to encounter strange qualia which are streaming in the subconscious realm. It is extremely strange world which had not notice till now. All people feel fear and unsafe, their Life shrinks for self-protection against unknown somehting. It is natural process of Life.
During three months all students meet it, and have to struggle with it.
In these ten years, we could develope the method how to resonante with the edge qualia.

1. Acceptance
All Ego and Self don't know the importance of acceptance. Because they are bound by the illusion of the freedom which "I" can chosse everything. "I" will follow to good thing which "I" recognize so.If "I" don't agree, I will not follow.
How foolish illusion it is! All of illuison of "I" are supported by the intentional ignorance to the fact which we cannot choose parent, nation, sex, body, time/space of the birth, and also the kind of creature.
So, the first thing to do is accept everything including hardship, emotion, body condition, and so on.
2. Optimum distance
Find the optimum distance ti the edge qualia.
This is the basic atittude of Life. Until we will find the best resonance pattern, Life just waits with finding safe distance.
3. Original conditioning
Invent proper 'conditioning method' with the own edge.
With trying every method which you learn in the school, apply it to your own condition which is bound by the edge.
4. Change it to own creation
Shift the edge qulaia to own creation of butoh of Life. Though it would take time.

De-self conditioning

These decade is the challenge for me as a midwife for meeting hard edge of the birth of fetus subbody=cobody.
The edge is completely different among students.
How to support each students who is attacked by diverse edges, I coould hardly find diverse method of edge work.

Resonance touch
Resonance Shiatsu
Edge work of Mindelle
Mixing method of hundreds of eyes-faces-breaths-voices-movements
Cobody work
De-self conditioning
Acceptance everything as the Life Resonance

Those methods above were found out gradually.

(Next issue will be about the difficulty in the human relationship channel. Those edge qualia often appears in relationship, as so-called 'projection', 'Transreference, counter-transrefference, dreaming up, and so on. But all of those terms are dualistic illusion. They are just resonance among multi-dimensional qualia.)

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3 May, 2014

Let your body/mind sway in the confortable vibration or wave

We cannot choose the parents, nation, sex, time and space.
Not only those, we cannot choose the kind of creature.
We might be born as a bacteria or bug, in the deep ocean, in the Cambrian Age, and so on.
All conditions are something that came by chance.

If you are bound by those accidental conditions, you don't need to be trapped, we can take off them.

Take off your personality, identity, nationality, sexuality!
Not only those, we need to take off all conditions of human which bind us in the narrow ego and self of modern human being.
For taking off them, there are infinite ways.
We can start to accept all of them, and to find optimum distance.
The second step is to inhibit the restriction at each moment calmly with conditioning yourself at each moment to be released from those problems.
Ego, thinking, emotion, hormone, memory,,,,, at every moment they attack us unconsciously, we need to be aware of them by the deepest sensitivity.
We call it 'Ttransparency'.
The third step is to shift them to your original creation by the 'reverse twist' and so on.

All of them are most important techniques of subbody resonance method.
This is the necessary thing to do to become a butoh dancer.
It is not easy.
I know well it is so radical requirement.
Always our individual conditions attacks us.
To overcome them, we need long years.
It takes time to reborn as a butoh dancer.
Do not force yourself too quickly.
Our body and mind need own time to change.
Do not panic.
Take your time.
This is the reason why Subbody School's minimum term is one year, and generally, most of student need two or three years at least.
"Slowly, slowly, slowly.
Let your body sway between sleeping and dreaming."
This would be our lullaby song.

(I wrote this for my calming down.
When my world channel opens, always a specific excitement and irritation attacks me.
It takes long time more than century for the world change, and my rest time is only a few years. Still, though the small creatures in the Pacific Ocean are suffering from radioactive contamination.....
" Lee,
Believe your young friends.
Sleep Lee,
Let your body/mind sway in the quiet and confortable swaying.)

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 Dream bodies 2005-2014 in Himalaya in
22, April, 2014

Miracle of Dream subbody

We did a proto dream work today.
After conditioning to become passive body, we remembered the most impressive dream in one's life.
And share it with subbody=cobody.
One person invites others into one's dream world, guiding to become various being in the dream world.
The others follow it and transform various being in the dream world; ocean, passenger, underground, Uiverse, wind, womb, voice, sound, color, shape and so on.
I have continued this proto dream work over for twenty years.
Today, an incredible miracle happend.
A student guided to one's dream world, at first with using word to guide others.
It was a ocean and changing into various world, and after for a while, she stopped speaking and very long dreaming subbody came out from her darkness of body.
It was the richest subbody=cobody movement I have ever seen. So diverse movements and postures came out one after another with jumping various qualia for 45 minutes long.
Also the other students entered own dream world and danced.
I was surprised at the happening and moved deeply.
Sometimes, a miracle occurs like this.
The creator of the dream is not us, creator is Life. Infinite creativity of Life is hidden in our darkness of body.
How to release it, it is subbody resonance method.
We need just stop our thinking, and we can open the inifnite creativity of Life.
Believe the Life.

Why today was it happened?
One thing which was different from other years was we took time, because there were a lot of absent of students by various reasons, then I was released from the daily role as a traffic policeman which limits the time to do something, students could enter the dream wolrd for enough time.
Sometimes accidental condition which is regarded unpleasant opens new possibility.
I have learned a lot.

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19 April, 2014

Why do we dance in the wild?

We visited the Chetru Rock Garden of Himalayan as usual year.
It is a place where the great floods occured of glacial lake in the Himalayas mountain that has collapsed in the end of the last ice age, many huge rocks falling down and rumbling.
Why do we come here?

To listen to something prototype with bending and crouching posture

When we come here, we encounter another time scale that is not measured in terms of short time scale of human. It is possible to learn the eternal time of the earth.
Before this rocks climbed up the Himalayas by plate tectonics, they were born by petrified corpse of primitive creatures are piled up at the bottom of the ocean in the far south.
There are also two meters huge fossils of ammonite in Nepal.

We start to lay oneself on the rock and listen to the silence of the rock as our teacher of silence, resulting in a quiet body as much as rock.
And one by one scattered to find a location that is felt worried about, for some reason, or feel interesting.
We listen carefully to the silence of the rocks, trees, bushes and the earth at each place.
As we crouched in the nature for a while, diverse proto qualia of Life Resonance came up from the darkness of the body.
Fear of bug, fear of bird, quivering of leaf, prototype emotion and motion of Life Resonance・・・.

Some students resonated to huge rock or old tree, and listened to ultra-slow movement of them, or reminding sway of the fetus, and so on.
Some students resonated with the earth and followed spontaneous movement.
Another student resonated with the rock, and opened proto imagination of a monster, demon, witch, goddess as same as purgatory which Michelangelo carved out from marble stone.

These proto qualia of Life Resonance are the very qualia which Hijikata researched in his "Sick Dancing Princess".
He wrote.;
" When we enter in the bush of grass beyond our hight, we become miserable mood."

A student crouched in the bush and listened to body for a while, he felt that are threatened by the behind world, and cornered by them, and jumped out to escape as a flog.
Sometimes unexpected delusion or imagination might spring up.

Hijikata wrote.;

" We suck up the prototype something from the darkness of body, and it disappears soon with wondering brightened."
("Sick dancing Princess" 2nd chapter)

It is the place where the Butoh of Life was born.
Hijikata reseached out in detail as long as he could, dive into the abyss where Life and Death are trembling on the edge, all of them are the phenomena of subtle Life Resonance.
It is the place that can be touched directly by the body.
It's a infinite treasure house of creativity, originality and resonativity of Life which was hidden for modern human by the illusion of Ego and Self.

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13 April, 2014

Chaos to give birth to a dancing star

I have met again a fateful words what lead me to become my Life after decades on facebook.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche

When I was 17 years old, I have read this in the library of the high school. And into the coming decades, like eternal recurrence, this word had continued to echo in the darkness of my body.
I continued to cherish the unknown chaos of the darkness of the body carefully, and kept listening to it .

At last, when 45-year-old, the dancing star got to dance and jump out from the body actually.
And I have continued listening to the chaos of darkness of the body, as the most important thing.
While I was young, I could just notice it as
"chaos", but now, it became transparent a little as the following;

"Non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance"

Though it is still deep numinous Abyss even now, but I can understand the reason why it is so hard to recognize certainly.
Because Life and Qualia is not substance, but it is Resonance.
My work as a midwife in the subbody school, is to support students to be aware of the abyss of the chaos in the darkness of body.
We call the chaos also
"discombobulation" which has neither clear direction nor orientation.
I hope to every student to get a way of life which continue to listen to the infinite chaos.
I believe that it is the infinite treasure house of the infinite creativity and originality of Life.

We encounter a fateful word that we never forget and it continues to lead us to our destiny.

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Vaporizing body 
2 April, 2014

Impossible longing makes body vaporizing

When a necessary technique is born, long years longing process for realizing it, is hidden.
Hijikata longed to access to his dead sister for over 20 years and finnaly he could unify with her Life.
He dreamt the same dream of his sister who was caught as a national prostitute for the soldiers by Japanese nation-state during the Second World War.
Her sprit must lonf for coming back to the hometown separated from the trapped physical body.

After twenty years struggling, finally Hijikata could invent the technique of "The Vaporized body".

"Quiet House

4. (Vaporizing)

1.     Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them

        Mask or Bug

        Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any more

2.     Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting technique

3.     Witch [A] is vaporizing

4.     Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is vaporizing

5.     The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

6.     Various Whereabouts are vaporizing

        Water – Obon (*9) – A far away forest – Shisha

 (*9) Obon: Special days in August when ancestral spirits return home

15. Slow diffusion

Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.

        A development should be attempted in the vaporized condition.

        This issue will also become clear before long."


Before becoming the vaporized body, Hijikata danced all memories of his sister. It requred him a long preparation for becoming vaporized body.

1.     Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them

        Mask or Bug

        Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any more

And gradually he could follow the process of the slow diffusion of the vaporized body.

2.     Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting technique

At first his leg starts vaporizing and disapper.

3.     Witch [A] is vaporizing

Witch A is a biginner of witch. then it tries to vapor, but doesn't succeed.

4.     Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is vaporizing

Hijikata researched all supporting qualia in his darkness of body. A hidden body which connects to salmon face (=agressive character) support the vaporizing process a little.

5.     The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

Next supporting qulia is appetite for horsemeat. It is a simbolic of nostargy for coming back to the hometown. And he (=his dead sister) scceeded to soaring up to the sky.

6.     Various Whereabouts are vaporizing

        Water – Obon (*9) – A far away forest – Shisha

 (*9) Obon: Special days in August when ancestral spirits return home

The shape of water (River, lake, sea) guide him to the wayhome. He met various shisha(=dead) who is going back to the hometown.

This article is saved at "Ten bodies" series, too

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14 March 2014

Become Life.
Become the invisible 'Behind world'

Subbody school 2014 started.
This year we will try to dance the unexplored
butoh of "Sick Dancing Princess" by Hijikata
Hijikata researched so many diversity of resonance
pattern between Life and invisible 'Behind world'.
We become not only own subbody (=subconscious body
or subtle body), but also invisivle 'Bihind world'
as cobody.
We named it as "Bihind cobody". It is the main
charactor of "Sick Dancing Princess" .
It is invisible and transform infinitely as the
-huge creature that lives in the air
(Hijikata called it 'Red God" in his last solo of
"Quiet House")
-Gloomy air
-Strange weather
-Smoke bug
-Hidden state
-Shady things
-Old man and old lady
-Sooty princess
-Sick Dancing Princess
-Dark hole

and so on.....

Life resonates with all of them in non-dual and
mauti-dimensional world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
Then this year, we try to become various 'Bihind
cobody' as infinite transforming Shisha.
Until last year, yeas we did almost same thing, but
we were bound by unconscious tendency that take
advantage to subbody than cobody. It was still
depend on our ego bind and self bind. This year we
try totake off it. No defference between subbody
and cobody. Subbody=cobody, we become sub-cobody as
one Life.
This change is so subtle, maybe we can understad
the difference only through bodily experience.

But I recommend all midwives in the world, to
become sub=cobody. This is a novel revolution that
subbody resonance butoh method and Hijikata butoh
method become one with realizing the "Sick Dancing
Princess" as the "Butoh of Life".

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11 March 2014

We need to become Life, and resonate with what happens in the Pacific Ocean

3.11 approaches.
Only a few article appears, as if reminded Fukushima.
But, the most important thing is not mentioned.
Most of opinions are too rough from the perspective of a human being.
Adult human is pretty strong being on the planet.
If we measure the danger in perspective of human, even radioactivity that leaked from the Fukushima nuclear power plant will be judged as something insignificant.
We need to take off the view point of human. We have to become Life of cell size.
Life is so fragile.
If we become Life of single cell, even so little radioactivity is really scary.
Even by fine radioactivity, mutation occurs in the gene sequence.
In the Pacific Ocean, the larvae of marine life are born constantly.
Gene is at risk all the time, and is hit by a storm of mutation.
Mutated Life is week.
Most of mutant must die soon.
A few of them can survive, and are found as mutated shape, it is very, very part of life that is mutated.
Adult human body is made of hundred trillion cells.
Sperm that are born in the seminal vesicles constantly is the most weak.
Now, the sperm of many adults have suffered a mutation of unprecedented.
Life force of mutated sperm is weak, many will die before they arrive at the egg.
We need to become the weakest Life.
Otherwise, we must miss the most dangerous crisis for Life.

All huge informations in Japan and the world today, there is no point of view as Life. That is terrible.
Now the 'humanity' means the most brutality which miss the biggest danger of Life.
We need to take off 'human', and become Life.
Be the most fragile, fine Life.
And resonate with the world as oneness Life.
We need to recover the resonativity (resonance ability) as Life.
I appeal this one point from Himalaya, because nobody mention about this.

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3 January 2014

"What do you want to do the most? "
All the time I continue to ask Life this question.
It is a daily routine for me for a decade already.
In the middle of the night, my body began to move from the sacrum-pelvis joints in a strange ways.
It was a movement such as the insect of "Metamorphosis" of Kafka.
"Oh!, do you want to transform into these kinds of disabled movement, isn't it?"

It was after more than ten years to live in the Himalayas, the real necessity to master the 'Weakened body" finally has been sprung.

Until last year, we have reseached in the method for transforming into subbody that is the subconscious body, and cobody that is resonating subbodies.
In the last year, we could deepen to erase the boundaries between subbody and cobody.
We could success to deepen our subbody=cobody beyond the border among Self and Others.
The results from this research can be seen in the videos and photos of the 7th Himalaya Butoh Festival being uploaded now. The next step would be to refining the weakened body with keeping the harvest of subbody=cobody.
Let's dig a novel tunnel not only beyond the boundaries of oneself and others, but also beyond the boundary of Life and Death, and the boundary between the Human and other beings.
It is the world of real Life Resonance of non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance of Qualia of Life.

"To become Life is similar to become Shisha(=dead)." -Tatsumi Hijikata

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3 January 2014

"Weakened body" - a prototype meter of Butoh

"I was trying to make a prototype meter of Butoh of the "Weakened body".
It is necessary to my butoh such as extremely weakened body against modern and traditional human body." ( Lecture in Kobe, 1983)

Three years before his death, Hijikata told.

He continued to explore it in his important work, "Sick Dancing Princess", started writing from 1976 till his death.

"Though, there is 'the health illusion' in our contemporary society, but I needed to explore an opposite direction against that."

Modern people are held trapped by that 'healthy human image' as a prototype meter, He tried to crush it, and to create completely reversed sense of values.

Why such a thing is needed?
A volume of "Sick Dancing Princess" is the answer.

Tatsumi Hijikata explored it in the work after he was banned to create his butoh pieces based on his studio Asbest-Kan by opposition of resident people, 1976.
It is the treasure source of unexplored butoh of him based on the method of weakened body.

We are about to enter into the opposite world against the modern human world slowly.
Now I am trying to convert from the book to some novel butoh scores for the weakened body.
Wait for a while.

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14 March 2014

Become Life.
Become the invisible 'Behind world'

Subbody school 2014 started.
This year we will try to dance the unexplored
butoh of "Sick Dancing Princess" by Hijikata
Hijikata researched so many diversity of resonance
pattern between Life and invisible 'Behind world'.
We become not only own subbody (=subconscious body
or subtle body), but also invisivle 'Bihind world'
as cobody.
We named it as "Bihind cobody". It is the main
charactor of "Sick Dancing Princess" .
It is invisible and transform infinitely as the
-huge creature that lives in the air
(Hijikata called it 'Red God" in his last solo of
"Quiet House")
-Gloomy air
-Strange weather
-Smoke bug
-Hidden state
-Shady things
-Old man and old lady
-Sooty princess
-Sick Dancing Princess
-Dark hole

and so on.....

Life resonates with all of them in non-dual and
multi-dimensional world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
Then this year, we try to become various 'Bihind
cobody' as infinite transforming Shisha.
Until last year, we did almost same thing, but
we were bound by unconscious tendency that take advantage to subbody than cobody. It was still depend on our ego bind and self bind. This year we try to take off it. No difference between subbody and cobody. Subbody=cobody, we become sub-cobody as one Life.
This change is so subtle, maybe we can understad the difference only through bodily experience.

But I recommend it all midwives in the world, to
become sub=cobody. This is a novel revolution that subbody resonance butoh method and Hijikata butoh method become one with realizing the "Sick Dancing Princess" as the "Butoh of Life".

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