Sinking into darkness of the body
December 31, 2015

Beyond the all borders!


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 The nature, culture and tribal people in South India
December 27, 2015

Let's wash our brains in the diverse cultures!

South India is a living treasure house of
diverse kinds of humanity of each era

This year's India tour is to wander from place to place of
South India.
Karnataka where Bangalorew and Tumkur placed, has so
many variations of nature, culture and tribes, where I
travelled 15 years ago, and visited various tribal villages.
Especially, the first comer from Africa to India 100,000
years ago, before the Dravidian and Aryan people are living
in the deep forest apart from Hindu people.
They are similar with Pygmy people with deep black skin,
curly-haired, short stature, and keep the original way of life.
I learned a lot from them the Animistic way of life.
They are very sensitive listener to the subtle Qualia between
Nature and Life.
"Nature is our Gods!" said one of them.
I was reborn in the Indian jungle 15 years ago by the deep
Resonance with them.
The real teacher of the < Life Resonance> would be those
people originally.
Minority tribal people keep the wisdom of the forest since
the Stone Age.
After them, so many different people in various Era,
immigrated to India, Dravidian and Aryan from Mesopotamia,
they are now the mainstream of the Hindu people.
There are remained many caves and underground ruins of
primitive meditators of Buddhism and the Gina people.
Greek descendants, which is a remained of the expedition
of Great Alexander, also keep the ancient way of life.
African descendants thet Portuguese people brought from
also alive to observe their culture.
South India is the living tresure house of various ways of
life from the Stone Age through the various historical era.

The way of life of modern advanced information age is not
only one way of human, on the contrary it is so limited ways
of life that is bound by narrow modern Ego and flood of
We have lost the most important sense of Life Resonance as
One Life.
We need to grow up to be transparent that is not bound by
any thing specific, depend on the original nation, culture,
religion, sexuality, knowlege and so on, and be able to go
and come back flexiblly among different way of life in the
human history, to get the transparent view from the past
and from the future.

South Indian jungle is the ideal place to stop the modern
thinking, calming down the consciousness and judgement
to concentrate to listen carefully to the very, very subtle
trembling of Life that is never changed throughout the
whole human history.
It's a hidden source of the Subbody Life Resonance method.
(Oh, I can't stop the wish to go ....)

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 Big Thanks!
Million Views of Subbody Butoh on Youtube

Views 1,024,853 ; Subscribers 1,203

Subbody Resonance Butoh video has surpassed the one million viewers on YouTube!
We will continue to pursue the tremendous interesting of Life Resonance.
Thank you!
 Resonant Rhizome beyond the Barriers in Hungary
December 26, 2015

Quest for the Beauty of Life Resonance

What we are doing is a quest for novel Beauty of Life Resonance.
Conventional, no one turned their eyes to such subtle phenomena as Life Resonance.
There are many people who do not even know that there is such a thing.
However, the deepest essence of Beauty is the Life Resonance.
Beauty is not only by visual or audio information, but also in the subconsciou realm when Life is moved deeply by Qualia resonance, it become a experience of <Beauty> for human beings universaly.

In the old days, a Noh dance master Zeami found the <Yu-gen (=Unseen)> as the final beauty of Noh.
It was also a beauty that is trembling between Death and Life.
It might be the first discovery of the Beauty of Life Resonance.

The ultimate Beauty that Tatsumi Hijikata who was a founder of Butoh, had ended up was
<Flower of Kan> (= Flower of Disability).
When a Life is cornered until the rocks, and becomes ugly and deformed solidified form, still Life tries to survive anyhow, the form becomes the ultimate Beauty. It is <Flower of Kan (=Disability)>.
He continued to try to find it during his whole life.
The Ultimate Beauty is swaying on the edge between death and life, or disability and vitality.

I held a workshop
beyond the baundaries with diverse disabled people during this Summer in Hungary.
On the last day before collaborative performance, I asked participants what do you want most in the various parctices of this workshop.
They reply that we all become the stone by increasing the disabilty and reborn as another creature.
It is unable to escape from this disabled body, but we can reborn as another Life on the stage.
It is essential desire for them to get another posibility.
The ultimate beauty of Life is appear in there.

We will deepen this work to become One Life beyond diverse boundaries with people who have a variety of disorders of the still outstanding challenge.
Old students and organizers of this work in Europe are planning the novel challenge to work with blind people, traumatic people and so on.
Although there must be unknown challenge, fortunately we got the confidence through the past experience.
When we encounter any hardship or inconvenience, it is the chance to convert it into creation.
In the creation world, all demerit of minus factors change to biggest plus merit.
It is the richest hidden resource of creation.
It is the deepest secret of the Butoh magic.

Come to Himalayas and open new way of life!

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Psychotria elata / Essi and cobody  
December 24, 2015

This is the Resonant Rhizome!

When I watched this piece, I realized that I have encountered the real <Rhizome> at the first time in my life through student's so flexible resonant performance.
Every dancers became so freely and lively, and showed the incredibly unexpected developement, one after another.
This is the peak achivement of the <Resonant Rhizome> which we reseached during this semester.

I will explain you what is <Resonant Rhizome> along this video and photos.

The essense of <Resonant Rhizome> is what we become transparent Life beyond all human conditions which bind us as Ego, Self, identity, nationality, sexuality, ability/disability and so on.
We share all qualia we met in the darkness of body each other and resonate as Rhizome.

is opposite being against Tree as the hierarchic system, dualistic judgement; good/bad, right/wrong, self/others and so on.
Rhizome is the most flexible being image which can connect freely at any part of body with others, and separate flexibly at any time.

<Resonant Rhizome> is integration of following dancing techinues

<Become Transparent>
-Listening to inside half, outside half
-Invent 50%, infect 50%
-Accepting any Qualia form any where

<Dance at unusual space and time>
-Passing through
-Slipping through
-Dancing behind, beteen, under, over and so on
-Connecting through
-Entangling through

<Become beyond borders of self/others, individual/ group, subbody/cobody>
-Dancing beyond the border of you and me
-Becoming any numbers, solo, duo, trio, group flexiblly

This year's students got them above and could open full flexibility, creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

We will continue to deepen the method how is it possible to be more transparent and free without any binds, any boundaries.

Come to Himalayas!
Let's research the new way of living as Resonant Life.

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December 20, 2015

All begins from Life Resonance

Something ridiculous change is happening in the world.
An informational monster as the Internet connecting world people for the first time in the human history, is growing up at a speed nobody can predict.
It is changing our lives.
Its whereabouts is still no one knows.

When we started uploading Butoh videos to the internet 15 years ago, the viewers were several people or dozens level every day.
But, the number of viewing started growing explosively recently, now thousands of people around the world are enjoying the Resonant Butoh videos everyday.
Because, people around the world has been discovered that there is a novel beauty of free Life Resonance in there.
Total views topped finally one million.
Subscribers also increased to 1,200.
Our Butoh video is changing from a minor art to something different that many people all over the world look forward.

What would this change mean?

Today I read an interesting article by Brazilian Mr. Gustavo Tanaka on facebook that titled;
"Something special is going on in the world. Not aware of most of the people."
It mentioned in the same issue above.
His viewpoint is something wider over the economic, political, cultural, spiritual and life, he mentioned about the change of way of Life. For example, in the past, People who practice Yoga and meditation was very small number, it was only a specific people who was weird, eccentric and esoteric, but it has changed.

He said,
"The rise of collaboration.
Many people have figured out that it doesn't make any sense to go on by yourself. Many people have awakened from the "each man for himself" mad mentality."

The awakening of spirituality.
How many friends do you have who practice yoga?
What about meditation? Now think back, 10 years ago. How many people did you know by then who practiced these activities?
Spirituality, for too long, was for esoteric folks -- those weird-like and mystic people.
But fortunately, this is also changing.
We've come to the edge of reason and rationality. We were able to realize that, with only our conscious mind, we can't figure out everything that goes on here. There is something else going on, and I'm sure you want to get hold of that as well."

I resonate with it deeply.

Butoh was also an art of the minority people once.
It is changing to the level of one million viewers rapidly.
Though compared to the world population; 7 billion people, such as one million is only the 0.01% of it yet.
However, the spread of the Internet is progressing rapidly in the wolrd. Many children of the poor mountain village of Dharamsala Himalayas, come to to hand the mobile.
Beyond the borders of nation, religion, culture, people are going to be able to contact the world's most advanced creations.
Butoh must change from the art of specific minority to open the deep resonativity (=resonance ability) among the all Life on the planet.
The new method of
<Resonant Rhizome> in our Subbody Resonance Butoh that simply share everything in the subconscious world and co-creating the Butoh, is opening a novel Life Resonance to the worldwide new horizons.
We could release from the the narrow view of the past that had been trapped in modern narrow Ego and Self, and open up to the co-creation realm as One Life.
The simple Life Resonance could open novel horizon that all world people could enjoy it with together.
We will proceed this change radically, we will name our new activity as
<Resonant Butoh>, taking off the old notion "Subbody=cobody" that is difficult to explain and be familiar.

All begins with a faint faint Life Resonance.
Let's cultivate Resonant Butoh to the horizon to co-create the universal Beauty of Life Resonance together.
For changing the 21st century to the brilliant century of Life Resonance unleashed from the narrow boundaries of the past.
Come to Himalaya, and open new way of life radically!

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December 6, 2015

''Subbody=Fetus Resonance" by Sergio

Spanish video artist Sergio made intersting video using my talking in Resonant Rhizome workshop in Spain, this Summer 2015.
It is my talk about fetus experience of us, I have repeated this talk over twenty times in each semester of the school. He mixed intersting audio and visual with my talking. Please Enjoy it!

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 How to enter the Subconscious World
November 29, 2015

''How to enter the Subconscious World"

We believe that we live in three dimensional space, or four dimensional time-space, but this is daily human illusion. Real Universe is not four dimansional time/space, but multi-dimensional world including so subtle curled up 7 dimensions, according to the String theory in contemporary physics.

Life is resonating in those multi-dimensional world through Qualia, and it has completely different logic from daily dualistic logic.
Daily world is bound by dualistic
Tree system, but subconscious world is Rhizome which is always transforming in non-dual and multi-dimensional world.
We need to be familiar with both Tree and Rhizome world.
How to go down and come back?
Please watch this video.

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 Blood of Dance
November 27, 2015

''Blood of Dance"

We investigated in 16 chapter <Blood of Dance> of "Quiet House"
it is the one of the most important part of it.
Without the blood, dance become only motion of body.
Deep necessary Qualia of dance pass the blood through each dancing place.

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    

To change place of various dancing places is difficult even for Hijikata himself.
Then he wrote down it specially for his reminding.

Emergence of the Subbodies

Jumping the dancing places one after another flexiblly; this is the one of the essensial characteristic in the special phenomina of spontaneous <Emergence of Subbodies>.
Real subbody is full of the blood, full of deep Life Resonance.

Fortunately, we have encountered the moment of the Emergence of a student's subbodies yesterday.
It was so amazing experience for everybody. We are so happy to share it.

Life knows well what is the most interesting change of the dancing place next. Listen to the subtle novel Qualia in dancing, and It's OK just to follow it.

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November 19, 2015

''Healing through the Creation"

I guided that what is the connection between subbody creation and healing.
Creation from the darkness of body and healing including the Resonance touch and Shiatsu is the both wheel of a vehicle. Only one wheel is not enough. Healing without the necessary creation is not possible. It was deep struggle in the completely darkness for some decades for me. Now we can share it with everybody.

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November 5, 2015

''Transparent'' and ''Jumping Wild''

On a recent day, suddenly I noticed that the <Transparency> and <Jumping wild> is deeply connected.
Until then I regarded the both is completely different issue.
Then oneday I had a lecture for sharing it with the student.
In one word, <To be transparent> means "Not being bound by any thing", and for not being bound by one qualia, we need to jump wildly from a qualia to another qualia, jump flexiblly from inner qualia to outer qualia.
Qualia=Life Resonance are resonating in the multi-dimensional and non-dual realm where is the dualistic linear logic does not work anymore.
We need to follow the nature of the Qualia and Life Resonance itself.
That's why the <Jumping wild> is so important to take off habit of our dualistic thinking.
Not only butoh creation technique, but also as a way of life.
About the detail, please try to listen to it.

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 Proto Dream
October 28, 2015

Dancing the deepest Life Resonance

At the 4th week of October, we try to dance the Proto Dream.
Proto Dream is the deepest impressive dream in the life.
Sometimes it repeated many times, or only one time but unable to forget.
There is a hidden the deepest experience of mysterious Life Resonance.
We shared all proto dreams each other and are co-creating each dream world together.
It is one of the ways to meet the deepest Life Resonance and shift it to original creation.

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 Video: Sergio, Interview: Jonathan
October 14, 2015

"What is Resonant Rhizome?"
Video Interview by Rhizome Lee

The most important issue in this century is to find the most delightful way to change the world.
<Rezonant Rhizome> is one of the proposal for it.
Please try to examine this proposal by your body.

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October 12, 2015

"Who is Tatsumi Hijikata?"
Video Lecture by Rhizome Lee

When we start investigation of "Quiet House",
I guided students to Hijikata's Life and necessisty to change his creation styles several times.
I recommend to read the articles of "The Butoh part 2 The Depth of Quiet House" at the same time with watching this video lecture.

Read "The Butoh 2 Abyss of Quiet House"

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October 11, 2015

Reducing until Transparent

To reduce something extra from within oneself.
Reduce meaninglessly bullish ego which continues to hurt others.
Reduce one's own persona mask that pretends healthy and good.
Reduce my baby ego continuing to be cranky, unknown fetus's sexual impulses such as the slime mold.
Continue to reduce something opaque within me.

The secret technique
<Reduction by X> of Hijikata Tatsumi is that, if we would say by plain word.
Hijikata also continued to reduce everything opaque within him, until becoming Transparent Life which is able to be oneness with his dead sister.
He kept reducing bullish dance and agressive performance of his own.
Continue to reduce until becoming transparent Life!
This two years, I found it during dancing again little by little.
If we encounter some tendencies opaque that bound us,
we can change it to own creation, and are able to be tranparent.
I can not be transparent Life unless reducing all tendencies opaque which bound me.
I want to be a transparent Life, then I dance.

Reduce and reduce until Transparent Life!
The experiences of
<Resonant Rhizome> brought the awareness to me.

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October 8, 2015

"Banyan Rhizome" Snehal, Lee and cobody in Pune

In this Winter 2015, we did 1st India Rhizoming tour.
At the end of the tour, we performed in an Instalation, "Banyan Rhizome" which Snehal created with real banyan tree and rice straws, Honza, Anneri, Lee and three India participants collaborated.
It was one of the best performance in the tour.
We will do the 2nd India Rhizoming tour in next winter, January 5 to February 28, 2015.
Already, Munbai, Aurobille and Bangalore workshops and collaborative performances are organized by Lakshika, Kaerydrin, Devamjalle and so on.
Old students, Honza, Asuka, Kasuka and Gorka will join the tour.
Please join in it!

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September 4, 2015

"Black Black Fever" Rhizome Lee Bdapest 2000

At the Shambhala Tibet Center where was a workshop place in Budapest, a video file which I performed 2000 at Black Black Gallery in Budapest was found. I performed this piece and Infectious Fever so many times at various places, but only this video clip was remained. Please see Lee's Butoh of fifteen years agoSink_Into_Darkness_2015.html#"Black Black Fever" Rhizome Lee Bdapest 2000 へのリンク. It is one of the representative dance of me.

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August 3, 2015

The Shining of Resonant Rhizome

In the Life to dance Resonant Rhizome, deep joy and beauty that has been released from the restraint of the Tree system which our human has been bound 5000 years, is oozing.
How the hierarchical order, such as nation-state, religion, company and ego has been continued to inhibit the resonativity, originality and creativity of Life. And how the Life which is released from it is shining with full of joy and novel beauty.
I would like you to taste the Resonant Rhizome in the Pictures at Spanish Himalayan mountains above.

Resonance Rhizome is realized by stopping the daily thinking and judgment by simple conditioning with swaying or vibrating body, and become transparent subconscious mode that opens inside 50%, outside 50%. We can connect freely and separate flexibly with inventing half and infecting half.
It just opens the proto-resonativity of Life, with same resonance patterns or different resonance patterns, then so rich diversity of Life Resonance is opened.

The free and flexible movements of Spanish participants are shining so briliantly.
Do you think you still want to continue daily life that has been bound to a tree, even looking at them?
Please be listened to Life.
Ask your Life, "What is the thing you want most to do?"
"Do you want to live how and where?"
Listen to the Life at any moment and follow the voice of the innermost Life.

Opening the way to the future of human beings

Resonance Rhizome is, not merely in the way of dancing.
It releases our Life from the bondages of modern hierarchical tree order, and connects to the future of human being with full of Life Resonance.
In the Resonant Rhizome there is no center, no border of up and down, no in and out, self and others.no you and me.
Rhizome is able to connect freely and separate flexubly through resonance.
The somatic experience of the Resonant Rhizome opens the creativity of Life with full of resonativity and originality that has been sealed in the long history of the tree system is fully flowering.
Don't you bloom your unique flower of Life?

Overcoming the ego

By Resonance Rhizome, the way to practically overcome the ego has been discovered.
In the long history, the Ego and the common illusions of Tree system such as Nation-State has been a support in a complementary manner.
We live in the long entanglement of archetype, prototype, and common illusion.
The ego is the biggest archtype still remained in the contemporary world.
Among the highly mature information society of the modern, any political movement are all disabled.
However, the information system can not controll the Life Resonance.
It seems the long way, but Life Resonance is the deepest and most cirtain way to change the world.

Let's calm down the ego and become Resonant rhizome! Through the practical experience, the road to the future that will be released from Ego and from common illusions is opened.
Why do not you step forward in its way?

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Resonant Rhizome Workshop by Rhizome Lee
July 13, 2015

Let's become Resonant Rhizome

At the 10th Himalayan Butoh Festival of this year, I performed after ten years absent, and gave "Resonant Rhizome" workshop for people.
And I found the direction which my Life really want to proceed for the future.
That's what all of my history of the past has crystalized.
I call it as <Resonant Rhizome>.
Some of most important elements are unified there.

To become transparent

One thing is < To become transparent >.
If we try to dance in front of people, everyone including me is bound to <Self>.
It is inevitable not only for people who accept the modern western concept that dance is a way of self expression using the body, but also for Subbody Butoh that stops consciousness and become subconscious-body, too.
Each subbody which has been lurking in the depth of the darkness of body by inhibited to express in this society in infancy and early childhood, has a hidden immature small ego.
Subbody does not know how to resonate properly with this society, sometimes it comes out violently.
But, if we would have been dominated by the strong urge of the small ego, we are caught by the momentum of the outbursts of ego that was the suppressed long years, the creation become sloppy.
We need to be transparent which we are neither bound by inner various impulse, nor by a variety of pressure or influence from the outside.
Transparent means not to be caught in anything.
It is necessary to maintain the exact balance to listen to inner tendencies 50%, and listen to outer elements 50% constantly.

Dance the resonance of the self and the world

I have continued to investigate to be transparent for over 20 years, but it is not easy thing.
But, slowly in recent year, the way became clear finally.
It is to dance the self half and the other half to dance the world, to dance from self side 50%, and dance from world side 50%.
Though it is too difficult to dance so by alone, but it become able if we could take off the Ego and Self as modern human, and we become the <Resonant Rhizome> which transform between individual and group flexibly beyond the border of self and others, or the self and the world.
We can dance sometimes as a self which is threatened by the world, and dance sometimes as a world which attack the self.
In the <Resonant Rhizome> the both side of the self and the world is always exchanged frequently, the fixed role is disappeared.
The dualistic conflict between the self and the world is just illusion, because actually it is just the resonance among them.
We can approach to the reality of the resonance of everything.

Co-create the resonant world

The way to the real "Butoh of Life" will be open by becoming the <Resonant Rhizome> which we can transform everything in the Universe.
We become the invisible "Behind World" which
TatsumiHijikata have tried in his "Quiet House" , or "The huge creature which lives in the air" in his "Sick Dancing Princess".
It is the hidden main charactor in it. So human is not main charactor in Hijikata's world. He focused on the resonance among Life and the invisible world as the actual situation of Life.
We can open a novel horizon which it will not be important issue whether to be oneself or not to be oneself anymore as my philosophical teacher
Gilles Deleuze suggested 50 years ago.
Hijikata had oriented so, too as the <Butoh that is called the name of Life>.

I won't do anything else to the most important thing for my Life.
Ko Murobushi which is only one year elder then me died recently, also I might disappear whenever near the days.
Ko Murobushi read and loved Gilles Deleuze deeply, too.
We focused on the same horizon which we human must be released from the hierarchic "Tree" system which binds the modern society.
The modern world which is controlled by the strong informational system, is not able to change by the any existing way of the political movement.
I beleive that it is the only real way for changing the world to become the <Resonant Rhizome> which people take off the modern Ego and Self and transform to resonant Life.
Because the informational system cannot control the Life Resonance.
We will open up the future of the human being through becoming the <Resonant Rhizome>.
I will continue to deepen it through the coming summer workshops in Europe and the second semester of Subbody Resonant School Himalaya. It would be my last activity as midwife.
Hope to join in us!

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June 30, 2015

A Letter from Santiago

A letter returns from Santiago, soon.

"Oh very funny! i like that story without the thinking you were maybe disapointed or sad for my death!
Another close friend of me had a similar story in 2000th another wrong message from another person.
who is that person who wants me to be dead, traveling around the world with such a strange purpose? an enemy or an angel ?
anyway if this an occasion for you to create a new dance i am really happy.
It makes me laugh my dear lee!
I am dancing still and giving yoga classes. my body and mind work rather good. Rolf became a yoga teacher too and we are living in the same place together with love.
very often i remember you as one of the best persons and true dancers i met in my life authentic human being even if you seem like a strange wild animal from the pre-historical age! I love your beauty like this , sincerely!
pictures you sent to me are very strong AND FULL OF ENERGY.
So i don't have the project to die. i do meditation for my students and it's changing me inside but..... outside.... i am the same, even worse: loving life and people, nature, music and dance and men asses of course.
i am 60, long hair became white. feel very often happy, sometimes bowred before i have to take the metro---little lazy- but when i start is very very nice.
And you, my friend?
i have the intention to go to india for someday but i don't know when , in a year maybe? i´ll go to visit you of course.
So i am very glad you are alive also . I wasn´t completely sure either, because no one knows!
my friend a big abrazo ----ha ha ha ha!"

The deepest resonance between Santiogo and me is to be Transparent.

Read "the Transparency"

See a video "Become Transparent"

Visit Santiago's website: Crick here

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June 29, 2015

Santiago has been alive!!

5 years ago, a dancer who was a dancer of Santiago's company, visited me and told that Santiago Sempere has died by aids. I surprized and visited his website immediately, then the site did not work, seemed to be abandoned for some time. Then I believed it. When I talked students about him, I introduced him as my dead friend, we live together in Japan and Paris some years, we worked together, I learned a lot of thing from him. Especially, he gave me deep influence about Transparency.

But, in this March, Santiago mailed me, "Hello, Lee san, I'm fine. And you? Hope so"
I was so surprized that a dead Santiago mailed me!
I visited his website, then it was renewed and working!
But, it was so hard to shift his name from the dead friend's list to alive list. It took so long time. At last, before yesterday I could mail him as the following;

Dear Santiago

Thank you very much for your mail.
I am so happy!

But, in fact, at first I was so surprized at knowing that you are alive. Because five years ago a French guy who was a dancer of your company visited my school in Himalaya and told me that you died by aids.
Immediately I visited your website. But your site was broken and seemed to be abandoned. Then I had to believe that you has gone.
I shifted your name from alive friend's list to dead list. as I have moved many names already.
But, the opposite process was completely unnatural thing. It took long time unexpectedly to accept your aliveness and move your name from the dead list to alive list.

Because, I have danced with my dead friends in 1967-70s for long years. When I find a rock, I hit it by stone as my friend's grave with shouting "Wake up! Revive! My friend!" and after that year, always your memorial shape of "Old Tree" came out from the rock, I entered into your shape and shout "Santiago! where are you now?!" So, you were
added into my dead friend's list.

For these years, I continued to dance the same piece in various place on the planet, Poland, Himalaya, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and so on. I have danced with dead Santiago so many times.

When I received your recent mail, I was afraid that someone doing a very bad joke, and after I confirmed your aliveness, I tried to shift your name from dead list to alive list, but it was so hard unexpectedly! Because as if I moved your name from dead to alive list, it seemed to influence all order between life and death in my darkness of body, it was so scared for me that I have never experienced.

It needed time for these several weeks to have done it. Now, I can accept you as alive Santiago. Hello!
Next time I will create a new dance about your reborn.

Anyway, this is the reason to be so late to reply you.
Understand and allow me. Now I can say congratulation from the bottom!

I attach some pics of recent dance with 'the dead Santiago' (Ha, ha, ha).

Hope to see you someday again!


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May 27, 2015

Become Happy Cancer!

Cancer cells are born numerously in a day in our bodies, but white blood cells are streaming in the body and if they meet with the cancer cell, immediately eat it, then our bodies are protected by the immune system.
But, if we are bound by busy work or stress for long time, the immune system stopped in the sympathetic (=adrenaline) mode, and cancer cells increase.
The mechanism of cancer development, there are two stage.
The first stage is called "Initiator", everyday in our body many initiator cancer cells are born and eaten by while blood cells, then nothing happens.
The second stage is called "Promotor". In case of the initiator cancer cell is not eaten, the promotor cancer cells increase and develop to the cancer disease.
This role of "promotor" is important.

In the process of developement of cobody, it is similar process.
In the improvisation, when a subbody shows an interesting movement, if nobody follow it, it stays merely as an individual movement.
But, if another subbody follows it, it begins to become cobody.
This second and third subbdoy is the role of "Promotor" which works important role in the cobody developement.

Let's find the timing to be the "Promotor", you can be a key person who control the dynamic developement of subbody=cobody.
We call it, "Happy cancer method".
Cobody is a happy cancer who makes improvisation more interesting.

Become happy cancer!
Become infectious fever!
And spread to the world!

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 Jumping Wild among diverse world
May 26, 2015

<Kyu> of the World channel

In the <Kyu> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu> developement, the world channel is opened.
During <Jo>(Begining) and <Ha>(Changing) process, simple Qualia at a single channel are danced one after another, but in the <Kyu>(Climax and Ending) part, all qualia are danced in the condensed time (=Momiyose), and the world channel is opened.
It is not mirely daily world, Qualia are streaming beyond border of channel and jumping wildly in the multi-dimensional and non-dual world.

In the <Kyu> of last three chapters of "Quiet House" by Hijikata Tatsumi, it is described clearly, though it is extremely rare case.

25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug

You can see that the rhythmn is completely different from the <Jo> and <Ha> part (chapter 1-24) of it.
During <Jo> and <Ha> process, simple Qualia in single channel is danced one after another slowly and gradually.

But, in this <Kyu> part, all qualia are danced in a condensed time. Hundred of different faces are appeared and disappeared in a short time. Hijikatacalled it the "Forest face" which is so many qualia are overlapped and merged as multi-layering faces.


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.

The 26-4 sentense is one of the most beautiful part of it, Qualia of inside are floating away to outside and comes back with transforming, and set sail toward another places. Because, Qualia are streaming beyond time and space, beyond all kind of borders freely.

taste these sentenses many times to get what is the
"Jumping wild" that is the most remarkable charasteristic of Qualia, completely different logic from the daily world or logic of infomations.


27. The participation into the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.

the dancer, Hoopee is the most indeal dancing body for Hijikata which is able to dance beyond all boundaries flexiblly with transforming freely as the Shisha(=Dead).
In my word, Hoopee is the most transparent body which is not bound by any dualistic binds, thinking and judgement.
Hoopee is laughing at us always.

Who can be the dancer, Hoopee?

(This article is reserved in "The Butoh 2", too.)

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May 21, 2015

Regression to Fetus world

At the request of a student, we tried the Regression to the Fetus world work after a long absence.
It is that one person becomes a center fetus, and the others cover it as a womb, and share the experiences in the womb and before and after the Delivery of baby.
It is something that experience four of the world before and after the Delivery that was found by Stanislav Grof.

BPMⅠ: Ocean ecstasy

BPMⅡ: Expulsion over from paradise

Sudden change of the world, No exit

BPMⅢ Conflict of Death and Regeneration
Violence and Biological anger, Volcanic ecstasy

BPMⅣ Experiences between Death and Rebirth
Deep journey in the Abyss, Cosmic sense of Unity, Mystery of Ego and Universe, Enlightment

(BMP="basic perinatal matrices")

Big events of after the birth, are tied with any of the four phases above, and are amplified by the resonance of Qualia.
All Qualia resonate each other beyond time and space, between outer Qualia of physical experience that is happening now here, and inner Qualia that are are stored in the cells as the Life memory of 4 billion years and all Qualia of fetus.
We experienced all Qualia of Life history condensed in ten months, and the four phases of inner Qualia before and after delivery that Grof found.

The danger of this work is, we can not predict when and how the resonant amplification would occur.
We need preparation with great care, if anything might happen, everyone must face it as own issue and solve it together as One Life.
Fortunately, it has been build among this year's students.
Not only to experience this work, through it, we are sharing the issue to be transparent which we see all phenomenon as the Life Resonance of Qualia.
This is the first achievement in the history of the ten plus years of Subbody School.

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Sinking into darkness of the body
 Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! 7 Rhizome Lee in Tatapani
May 19, 2015

A novel co-creation process

We need al least 20 unique qualia for creating one hour butoh piece, instead of theme, concept which was thought as necessary thing in modern western method.
How can we co-create it?

1. Listen
Stop daily thinking by basic conditioning No.0,1,2 or 3.
And listen to the darkness of body.

2. Find a dancing place
Choose a part of body which is felt sonething strange today, unconfortable, stiff, blockage and so on.
Ask the Life of that part's cells,
"what do you want to do most?",
"Which world do you want to dance in?"

3. Enter into a scene, which the part of body resonante with, and travel there.

Wait for the time till a scene or a space will come out with resonating to the part of body.
If a scene comes up, travel there with whole body/mind.

4. Encounter unique qualia
If you encounter someone or something, follow the flow. And catch a special qualia.

5. Share it with friends
you guide to the world where you experienced and share your qualia with them.

This week we tried this work, and we shared diverse novel Qualia as the following;

-Silence of first snow
-Poked by the stick in the bush
-Melting Iron
-Eternal motion
-Cell's swarm
-Behind and between
-Bottom body transformation
-Chimera cobody
-Fragile doll
-Dead sparkle body
-Dancing oil

Some scenes developed to a middle sequence.
This week we will co-create these scenes and share the important Qualia.
Next week subbody will develop it to a composition during we sleep, because subbody is 24 hour worker.

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May 10, 2015

Proto Walk

In Subbody Resonance Butoh School, we usually started learning from "Ash walk" for many years.
But, to go into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess", it is not enough, a novel technique of body is required.
I integrated all necessary elements to go into the "Sick Dancing Princess" world as "Proto walk" as the following;

It is as if a transformation into a monsterous chimera creature with mixing all required elements.

Gloom of the kneeling position (low waist position)
Grabing feet
Namba walk(=Two axis walking)
Sucking up Prototype from underground
Explore the darkness by tentacles of forehead
Rotten eye
Hip Shijun (Consulting by ass)
Light and dark of short breath
Love affiar of fingers with impossible wish
Behind spirits
Hidden state
Huddling of the body only

It is necessary to instill all of these elements in a body.

We need to take off the modern human body which extends smartly, we need to carry the darkness of the body with the ancestral half-sitting posture which is resonating with the darkness of behind world, and easy to transform an animal body and back flexiblly.
Such as mix of snail, beast, sea anemone and the fairy and shivering.
We become a Chimeric Rhizome which connect with anything freely at any part of body and separate flexiblly.
And it is constantly threatened by signs of the Prototype motion/emotion and images of Archetype drifting in the air and darkness, constantly being seduced by shady things of demeanor, and are trembling scared.
It is the body that is the source of unexplored Butoh for investigating novel beauty of Kan Flower (Flower of Disability).

It must take time to get it than ever.
But, it's the worth to take time.
This year we have faced to novel wall that we cannot go forward at any novel step from the other existing horizons without this new challenge.
Be transparent which opens inward half outward half.
When your inner necessity for creation meets and merges with a novel physical qualia of movement, it becomes BUTOH CREATION of your own.
We go forward to believe that there would be such fertile encounter.

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May 4, 2015

Become an expert of Qualia

Those who involved in the creation, are not to be an expert in information, but need to become an expert of Qualia.
Have you met talkative true creator?
True creation is born through the real chaos where is in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm, not through the information that is obsessed by low-level dualistic judgement or the common illusion.
Real transparent creators are required to be completely free from all of them.
In this age, everybody is trapped by enough information from babyhood, then they are forced by the misunderstanding what something must be born by the manipulation of information, but nobody is an expert of Qualia.
In spite of everybody uses Qualia unconsciously.

Why each other has to protect the silence during the day in the Subbody Resonance Butoh School?
Keep listening in the deep silence.
All are present in the transparency of the silence.

If deepening more, there is all among the transparent silence of Life Resonance.
So, what is transparent silence is the Qualia of Life Resonance actually.
We have to listen to the subtle Qualia of Life Resonance.
It becomes Information if reduce the Life Resonance from Qualia.
From the begining of the school, we have focused on dancing the invisible.
Hijikata called it as "The huge creature that lives in the air" or "The Red God".
Actually, it is the Qualia stream who lives in the invisible behind world, and Qualia are Life Resonance.
That's why we have to be an expert of Qualia.
If Qualia were something alive streaming in the invisible realm of Life Resonance, the information is like a corpse that was reduced the alive Qualia from the Life Resonance.
Qualia are always streaming and transforming in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. Qualia never stops, because it is actually Life Resonance itself.

I will start from this lesson on the first day of the coming May course.
It's the first challenge also for me, but we had come to the point where it is not impassable to avoid it anymore.

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An old student, Joel resonated with this article. It was unexpected glad for me, because I wrote about Qualia without any expectation to be understand by anybody. Joel was the first editor of my book "Behind Mirror", and now the founder and director of Hariharalaya Healing and Retreat Center in Cambodia. Hope to visit his place!,

 Joel Altman

thank you Lee for staying true to the source of creation and non-creation despite this world of "show" and "production", and "look at me". Thank you for showing us all the space between the waking, dreaming and sleeping world, teaching us to remain in the infinite space between the atoms and molecules, between the stars and planets.
may each formless form find their own 'dance' in the timelessness that is. many thanks lee. may you forever rhizome through space and time. OM

28 April, 2015

A letter from an old student

Pamela mailed me after her performance, and send a question about weakened body. Synchronisity! just today I guide a lecture about weakened body of Hijikata. I tried to deepen it for her question based on today's lecture. To meet the necessity of own weakened body is universal issue for all of us including me. I hope this article make sense for her and old students.

Beloved Lee,

I danced my strongest subbody, I figured once a
subbody doesn't hurt anymore I can take it to perform
in front of public, it is easier for me to play with
the energy, I start to lose myself in no time and the
birth and dying start to show in different parts of my
body. You know there is no time there. I see myself
like a leaf, I see the radiant sun how it starts to
give the leaf life until it kills and becomes ash.
But much much radiant sun I can see. and then again
the whole cycle starts again.
maybe other leaf, or who knows.
This comes to me as Butoh is a state of mind.

I danced a widow, it was so natural to be in there, my
mother and around 45 people, in total of two days
were there, I danced to live music. It was very
different the two days, I got my video of performance
last night which Ill send to you so you can see. I
guess performance is divided 5 stages. All stages I
saw myself standing and then falling, moving in
circles. I see I reached weakened body. I am closer
and closer to it. Makes me think why did Hijikata
reach weakened body? I feel Butoh sometimes is very
active you can't stop that active wild body. I see in
Hijikatas performance at the beginning he was like
this but then weakened body. why? where was he
standing in his life, that life itself asked him to
dance weakness?
I saw myself dancing weakened body the second day
because I was tired from mind because of performing
night before and its deep in me the struggling between
my life and my death.
So I saw myself repeating and repeating the cycle of
movements until I reach pure absence.
As for the eyes of the public and seeing myself from
outside, movements are natural sometimes seeing body
lost or stopping so listening and process of
metamorphosis starts again. I know it is important to
have strong roots so this doesnt happen, living in
subtle life and movement but from inside very high
vibration so then performance does not fall. I
experienced this time very much to be moved by
something else.
I saw that you can not lie in Subbody Butoh, whatever
comes is because it is coming for real haha. But need
to quiet the mind so It can be born from the abyss. It
is a lifetime job and feeling it very hard to stop
So situation in this reality of human condition is
very hard to be searching all the time. Something
inside starts to expect and pressure and say I am not
living in the correct way, I should be in office or
married like everyone else but I dont stop meditating
and dancing or shaking, swaying between what Ive lived
and learned with you and India and behind world in
modern present life.
In the end, Audience left crying they really felt and
lived something with me. hhaha
They would come and thank me and shared with me their
pain, saying their stories. So I really shook their
souls. I wanted for them to feel something, because
sleeping souls is missing life. The two nights while I
danced there was big thunderstorm playing outside
window behind me, so beautiful!

I send you big very tight hug!

After writing e-mail, I could not stop thinking in weakened body. Lee why is Hijikata's last creation weakened body? l know life is still running through body but why after dancing such weakness you can feel very much alive? What is this weakness?

Thank you very much for everything you've shared with us!

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28 April, 2015

Infinite Abyss of the Weakened body

There is an infinite diversity in the weakened body of Tatsumi Hijikata.
Let's look at the history of weakened body and investigate in the necessity of the weakened body for Hijikata.

"Revolt of Flesh--Hijikata Tatsumi and Japanese" 1968

Perhaps the necessity of weakened body was visited him after he had performed this legendary solo butoh.
By this solo that was danced at the peak of the anti-establishment movement of the time, Hijikata became the hero of young people.
But, his dead sister who lived in the darkness of the body of Hijikata was in deep sadness.
Hijikata must not be satisfied by the solo, because he colud not success to integrate his dead sister by the performance, and he sunk into listening to the dead sister's voice in the dakness of body.
Two years, Hijikata stopped activity and continued to listening. Hemust asl his Life,
"What do you want to do most?"
"It's to dance my dead sister."
It was not able to dance her through the agressive performance.
Hijikata need for two years to meet the necessity of the weakened body.
He tried to bet on what might be possible by not expressed.
Perhaps Hijikata had been listening to her wisper. He wrote it later,
"Though you're exciting for expression or creation, what you really want to express must come out through not expressing, isn't it?"

"Hoso-tan" 1972

Solo with Goze song

In "Hoso-tan", the standing dance with Goze(=blind woman) song is, perhaps the first moment in which the weakened body butoh appeared in this world.
Yet this time, though it seemed that each part of his body was trembling at random, and sometimes it was paccked into a small box, and it was moved by someone like puppet. But, he did not have the DPB-W (Detail-Part-Body-World) method in the "Quiet House" yet.

Cobody of the alien monster

After the Hijikata's solo, male dancers including Tamano Koichi co-created a group dancing of a monster of a different world. It had just passed through, but had given strong shock and influence to the people, such as Maggie Malang, French choreographer of the western world.


"Leprosy" was performed in the second half of "Hoso-tan".
It was one of the deepest weakened body of Him. It was crstlized as the novel beauty than ever. It was memorized as the symbol of a "Kan flower (=Flower of Disability)".

"The sunken cobody"

It was performed in the last of the "Hoso-tan" by female dancers including Ashikawa Yoko.
The ending movement of Hijikata's "Leprosy" was copied by them and co-created a beautiful ending which was sinking into the ground from standing position with trembling inner thighs.
An unprecedented beautiful ending had been co-created.


Choreography of 'Framan' was performed several times by Hijikata. A sick man who was bedridden for 25 years was crawling out on the floor to join in the last dinner with family.
It was discribed as the most typical 'Sick dancing princess' in the book of "Sick Dancing Princess", too. It will be remembered forever as one of the weakest weakened body.


I have experienced the strongest shock in the performance of "Gibasa" of his company in Kyoto 1973.
Many dancers were lurked under the stage for long hours during the performance , and at the last moment, all of them appeared with the 'Minamata hands' which was warped and shrunken distortion by the polution of Mercury known as the MInamata desease.
I could never forget the deep shock, which Hijikata dancers resonated with the MInamata desease people with so unexpected ways.
It gave me enough of an impact to overturn all of my view of human and the world.

But, it was still insufficient in these initial weakened body for Hijikata Tatsumi.
In order to crystalize to the dance integrated with his dead sister, it needed over a period from the "Summer Storm" to "Quiet House" 1973-74.
He needed to invented a novel method as "Art of Shisha" including the "Vaporized body" technique as the new weakened body to unify with his dead sister in the dancing. It was an unevitable invention for him. He had to wait for long time till then.

"Summer Storm" 1973

"A Girl" Solo

It begins from the following passage, which is the main motif of the "Quiet House."

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

And, through the nearly full-length, the piece was performed by the Art of Shisha with the vaporized body.
Occasionally, the Shisha as the vaporized body materialized by borrowing the figure of earthly things without any hesitation.

"Vaporized body"

4. (Vaporizing)

1.     Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them

        Mask or Bug

        Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any more

2.     Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting technique

3.     Witch [A] is vaporizing

4.     Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is vaporizing

5.     The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing

6.     Various Whereabouts are vaporizing

        Water – Obon (*9) – A far away forest – Shisha

15. Slow diffusion

Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.

        A development should be attempted in the vaporized condition.

        This issue will also become clear before long

"Carrying the Density"

9 (Behind the Mirror)
Behind the Mirror - wall of light
In a freely of carrying the density, lurking dizzy and trembling and Hanakage of shaking.

In the "Quiet House", the method of "Reduction by X and regeneration" was used often.
It brought a freedom by changing the density of the body flexiblly, among solid, liquid and gas of the body. Or reducing the number of dimensions freely, from the three-dimensional being to two-dimensional plane, and one dimensional stick.
The process is connected with the modified state of consciousness, such as dizziness, trembling and swaying of illusious flowers.

"Jumping wild"

25, 26, 27 Section of "Quiet House" is a best sample to show the most important technique of "Jumping Wild" in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
All of the methods were integrated and crystalized into a beautiful poem.
Just read it thousand times until your Life ca nresonate with it naturally.
And dance your own "Jumping wild".
It is a challenge for all of us.

25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.


27. The participation into the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee. 


"Sick Dancing Princess"

It is an unexplored Butoh not to be danced by anybody even by Hijikata himself.
He just wrote the diverse paterns of Life Resonance with the invisible behind world "in the precision of the verge to become dementia".
Except of Hijikata, I wonder who would encounter the necessity to dance these extreme Life Resonance. It rests in the future.

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27 April, 2015

Become Chimera Rhizome!

To the Chimera!
Take off the tree and become Chimeric Rhizome!
Someone subdivides your body into thousand fine part.
And each of the parts while resonating with diverse different dimensions, starts Rhizoming transformation
by the <Reduction by X abd regeneration>.
The X reduction, multi layered hidden skin, hidden fluid, hidden cavity, hidden joint, hidden muscle will be muddled and unified into non-dual and multi-dimensional Chimeric Rhizome.
Until becoming the Transparent Rhizome.
Until becoming only one Secret that is not able to be captured by anyone.

10. (Mescaline)

The love affair of hands (*16) and the copy inside the skull are connected through discontinuity. A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip. Small flowers and small faces are born there.

Knitting with very fine thread, infinite mesh of stitches (*17), a fire-breathing bird and a funny bear follow Mad King while swaying (*18). In the middle of it, the head is chasing another whereabouts.

All matieres (qualia of material or sense of material) are supported by the behind world. The compound eyes (*19) and multi-layering are muddled and become unified.

(*16) Mescaline hands: cf. Ch 14, the hands Ch. 26
(*17) Infinite mesh of stitches: cf. the picture of the abyss at Ch. 22 and 26
(*18) A sample of Chimera Body
(*19) The compound eyes: cf. Ch. 11, 22 and 23

11 (Chimera)

Bellmer (*20) – to Funny Bear – to Horse Face
From Gaze of Deer – to Stick – to Beggar –Tiger
Bird with nose hair – Flower – to Mad King – Compound Eyes – Whereabouts
Bug – to Dog – Orangutan – to Ears of Fukusuke (*21)
Ears being pricked – Dizziness – to Front and Back of Mirror
Things that are dying in the compound eyes
Doll – Mask – Papaya – Firefly – Development of a wooden board (*22)
There are small flowers and so on
Horse Face – Girl Face – Dog – Spoon
Unification of Bug and Tree – to Behind World – A being who tries sudden development, following the path of a plant

(*20) Hans Bellmer: German artist who made dolls with spherical joints. cf. Ch. 19
(*21) Fukusuke: A special character who has big ears which connect to prosperity and happiness
(*22) Development of a wooden board: Changing the number of dimensions; one dimensional space as a stick; two dimensional space as a board, plate, paper; three dimensional space as a box; four dimensional time/space as a movement; multi-dimensional time/space as qualia stream

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 Other world made by the Reduction by X
See the pictures and guess what qualia is reduced
19 April, 2015

Reduction by X and regeneration

Techniques of <Reduction by X and regeneration> is used and developed as the main method in the "Quiet House" from the beginning to the end.

In the Section 1, it is just introduced, and developed in the following sections.

5. Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind

A girl who moves with subtle speed
The Christ who has gone slack
The Christ who was released with the slacked body
Mad King’s hand – Bug, Bird, Stick
A sitting crane fly
These are almost danced by the waltz
Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off from the far away forest and the nest of eyes,
And “Shisha” participate with all of these
Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.
And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.
Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a dragon fly.
All sways stop there.

Here are so diverse qualia are reduced from the human body in each part.
(Reducing is represent by the sign of "-" (Minus), X is shown by the blue color).

A girl who moves with subtle speed
(=human - normal speed)
The Christ who has gone slack
(=human - soridity)
The Christ who was released with the slacked body
(human - standing position)
(=human - will = passive body=being danced )
Mad King’s hand – Bug, Bird, Stick
(Will is replaced by Bug, Bird, Stick)
A sitting crane fly
(=human - all signs of alive)
These are almost danced by the waltz
(=human rhythm replaced by the waltz)
Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off from the far away forest and the nest of eyes,
And “Shisha” participate with all of these
(=also the application of the <Reduction by X> is controlled by not your will, but by Shisha)

Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear.
(=human - ego and self = weakened creature = then the subtle fear and shivering of Life comes out.)
And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.
(=human - border between human and animal)
Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a dragon fly.
(=human-flexibility=doll), (=human-weight=dragonfly)
All sways stop there.
(=Stuffed Spring - all sway =end)

Thus, the world of Hijikata butoh is made of the reduction by X. Stuffed Spring is made by reducing various qualia from daily world.

(This article is researved at The Butoh 2 and Sinking into the Darkness ob body)

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15 April, 2015

It's Rhizome under the Tree!

Untill now, the Tree and Rhizome were regarded ad the contradict. But, this reseach found a novel Tree-Rhizome system in the forest. There are internet of fungus, and each tree resonate through it as Rhizome. This must bring us new aspect about <Tree-Rhizome>.
Let's deepen flexible Tree-Rhizome method.

Plants talk to each other using internet
Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi

Presented by Nic Fleming

It's an information superhighway that speeds up interactions between a large, diverse population of individuals. It allows individuals who may be widely separated to communicate and help each other out. But it also allows them to commit new forms of crime.
No, we're not talking about the internet, we're talking about fungi. While mushrooms might be the most familiar part of a fungus, most of their bodies are made up of a mass of thin threads, known as a mycelium. We now know that these threads act as a kind of underground internet, linking the roots of different plants. That tree in your garden is probably hooked up to a bush several metres away, thanks to mycelia.
The more we learn about these underground networks, the more our ideas about plants have to change. They aren't just sitting there quietly growing. By linking to the fungal network they can help out their neighbours by sharing nutrients and information – or sabotage unwelcome plants by spreading toxic chemicals through the network. This "wood wide web", it turns out, even has its own version of cybercrime.
The mycelium of a fungus spreading through soil (Credit: Nigel Cattlin / Alamy)
The mycelium of a fungus spreading through soil (Credit: Nigel Cattlin / Alamy)
Around 90% of land plants are in mutually-beneficial relationships with fungi. The 19th-century German biologist Albert Bernard Frank coined the word "mycorrhiza" to describe these partnerships, in which the fungus colonises the roots of the plant.
Fungi have been called 'Earth's natural internet'
In mycorrhizal associations, plants provide fungi with food in the form of carbohydrates. In exchange, the fungi help the plants suck up water, and provide nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, via their mycelia. Since the 1960s, it has been clear that mycorrhizae help individual plants to grow.
Fungal networks also boost their host plants' immune systems. That's because, when a fungus colonises the roots of a plant, it triggers the production of defense-related chemicals. These make later immune system responses quicker and more efficient, a phenomenon called "priming". Simply plugging in to mycelial networks makes plants more resistant to disease.
But that's not all. We now know that mycorrhizae also connect plants that may be widely separated. Fungus expert Paul Stamets called them "Earth's natural internet" in a 2008 TED talk. He first had the idea in the 1970s when he was studying fungi using an electron microscope. Stamets noticed similarities between mycelia and ARPANET, the US Department of Defense's early version of the internet."

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13 April, 2015

Very deep transparent silence

<Reduction by X and regeneration> is the most important method of Hijikata Weakened butoh.
Last week we reduced the Gross body and Gross movement (speed, size intensity and so on), this week we try to reduce the qualia of visual and auditory channel.
Let's cut it to infinity as possible.

Turn off the watching eyes

In the butoh we reduce the watching eyes by various <Rotten eye> techniques and keep transparent body to listen to inside half and to outside half.
We reduce 99% of the physical visual stimulus from the outside world, then we can keep the transparent condition to listen to the outer qualia 50% and the inner qualia 50% such as memory, dreams,imagination and illusions.
In the beginning, to start with the blindfolded eyes to cut off almost of stimulus of physical light is proper way.
Then we notice that our hidden skin wake up imidiately that had been sleeping. Ancient people called it 'the third eye'. We can focus on the faint changes of the qualia in the invisible world through hidden skin.

Turn off the sound and voice, turn off the language thinking

We do not talk all day, not only physical talking, but also we inhibit inner talking.
If you notice that a language thinking and judgment comes up in your head, immidiately try to put it down.
We can listen to the subtle Qualia of Life Resonance only in in very deep transparent silence.
It is not possible to notice faint Qualia of Life resonance in the noises of Gross thinking and sensation.
We need to inhibit all the major human channel to be able to listen to the subtle resonant qualia of Life.

Listen to the inifinite ripples of Resonance of Life

Resonance is not visible to the eye.
We just can feel it in the silence of body.
The Important thing is always to concentrate on the listening to the invisible Life Resonance.
Every morning, we have to calm down body and mind enough by the conditioning methods.
Only among the very deep transparent silence,
it is possible to focus on the subtle Qualia of Life Resonance.
Once we are trapped by self, ego or others even a little, the resonance is no longer felt.
I realized that's why the Resonance is difficult to transmit.

In the contemporary age, everyone is too much bound by self, ego, others and informations with mobile phone and internet.
Now many people are wearing the mobile, though it is terrible for me.
Because, the sound of the telephone is the biggest disturvance for me to keep transparent silence. It suddenly breaks the silence which I prepared carefully with long conditioning in the morning and it invades into the darkness of body violently.
I have never used the mobile phone at all, and left from telephone for twenty years or more. I feel that it is not good to Life.
We need very deep transparent silence for contact the inifinite source of creation in the darkness of body.
Everyhting is folded in it in the minimum size of qualia of Life Resonance.

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Eight channels
Please replace the body and movement in the illustration above. 
 Precise structure of eight channels
7 April, 2015

Reduce Gross Qualia in each channel

<Reduction by X and regeneration> is the most important method of Hijikata Weakened butoh.
This week, we will study to reduce Gross Qualia in each channel, and transform original weakened body as the following;

Reduce Gross body in the body channel
Extrovert qualia of body channel means physical somatic sensation, warm, cold, stiff, flexible, heavy, light, pain and so on.
In the traditional meditation in Aisia, it is called "Gross body".
Introvert qualia of body channel means inner qualia in the cell, memory, dream, imagination, illusion and so on.
In the traditional meditation in Aisia, it is called "Subtle body".
We reduce all Gross body, and we can be "Subtle body". Subbody has two meaning, one is "Subconscious body" other is "Subtle body".
Weakened body is also subtle body. Then we can transform into "Vaporized body" as spirit or soul or "Kugutsu body" as stone which is the rest form of the spirits in the Animistic world.
Hijikata called "Carry Density" tecnique to change density of body among solid, fluid and vapor.
Weakened body is also collapsed body or disabled body in each channel. We can reduce a part of body; an arm, leg, an organ, or a sensation, nerve of eyes, ears, smell, taste, voice and so on.

Reduce Gross movement in the movement channel
We can reduce the
speed, size, intensity
, will, time, space with using daily surface muscle.
We use only deep layer muscles which is 'Hidden muscle" with subtle shivering, swaying, waving (warping), shocking, collapsing and dying.
We can reduce the illusion of the "Activeness" then we can be passive body as "Kugutsu body" or "Humanoid" which is moved by someone.
Invent various reduced bodies as your original weakened body.

(To be continued....
I will write about the reducing in other channels, other day.)

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1 April, 2015

Relationhship with "Sick Dancing Princess" and "Bugs Walk"

"Sick Dancing Princess" was written during 1976-77, and published as a book 1983.
"Bugs Walk" was completed by the integration of his methods in his later years.
Here are crystallized all the experiences of 'Hijikata boy' in the "Sick Dancing Princess" that is eaten by the world as the follwoing, into a simple bug's qualia in the beginning of "Bugs Walk".

"A body that continues to be eaten by the world in various ways

●A body being eaten by the snow
●A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious 
●A woman glared at me and I became a stick
●A body without intermediary
●A body that have been already danced by someone
●A body that was forgotten
●A body that was left alone too much
●A body that had been stolen by steam
●A body being removed the outlines from"
("Sick Dancing Princess")

" 1. A bug is crawling on the back of your right hand
2. A second bug is crawling down from your left side of your neck to your back
3. A third bug is crawling up along your inner thigh
4. A fourth bug is crawling down from your left shoulder to your chest
5. A fifth bug …   Ah, where is it?
6. You're so itchy, here and there. You can’t stand still. 
You're pushed away from here by itchiness.
6. You're so itchy, here and there. You can’t stand still. 
You're pushed away from here by itchiness.
7. Itchiness under your chin, itchiness around your ears, itchiness behind your elbows, itchiness behind your kneecaps, itchiness around your waist,   Ah! There're five-hundred of them!
8. Around your eyes, around your mouth, in your ears, between your fingers, in every mucous membrane, five thousand bugs

11. From there thirty thousand bugs are crawling down into your guts and eating them voraciously
(Beginning half of "Bugs Walk")

After being attacked by the world, his body transformed into the "Weakened body" which is fused and merged with All kinds of disability of Life, as the Sick Dancing Princesses and God being torn to shred and so on.

I'd had been watching these people(=God being torn to the thred) with empathy as I could understand them.
●I had been fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess immidiately.

These deep transformations are guided in the 'Bugs Wlak" as the several World changes in the second half as the following:

"12. Having eaten them up the bugs are coming out of your body through the pores
   They are eating the space around your body
13. Now the bugs are full of the outer space and eaten by another kind of bugs
14. The condition is being eaten up by another kind of bugs.
15. ( Half a billion bugs on a tree. The inside is all gone. )
16. It is your end. ( You move not by your will, but you are moved by bugs or the sense of material)"

Then the weakened body is completed through this process.
Also it is discribed as the
"Clouding body" in the 'Sick Dancing Princess" or as the "Shisha" and "Vaporized body" in "Quiet House".
So we can share the world for the Sick Dancing Princesses and all disabled people, as our own world as the same Life.
It means we could enter the non-dual realm before the differenciation of self and others.

Then finnaly we are ready to open the resonativity for all kinds of Disability of Life and to invent the
"Flower of Kan (=Flower of disability)" through Life Resonance.

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  ●Hijikata's original text for your deeper reseach

Purple text: "Sick Dancing Princess"

Green text: "Bugs Walk"

Red text: "Quiet House"

 Hijikata Boys
31 March, 2015

A body that continues to be eaten

The body of Hijikata boy was attacked by the world in various ways. We can pick up them as the following;

●A body being eaten by the snow
●A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious 
●A woman glared at me and I became a stick
●A body without intermediary
●A body that have been already danced by someone
●A body that was forgotten
●A body that was left alone too much
●A body that had been stolen by steam
●A body that continues to be eaten

And finally his body has lost the outline.
●A body being removed the outlines from

The depth of attacked by the world is proportional to the deep resonativity (=resonance ability) with the God being torn to the thred and Sick dancing princess.

I'd had been watching these people(=God being torn to the thred) with empathy as I could understand them.
●I had been fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess immidiately.

Totaly, all of them became a technique of the cluoding the body in the head of the book.

●The method of clouding the body

"Sick Dancing Princess" is a book of immidiate Life Resonance which happened between Hijikata boy and various Sick dancing princesses.
After 20 years reading, finnaly I got it.
What Hijikata wanted to tell us is that the Resonativity (=resonance ability) of Life is proportional to the weakeness which take off the all shelters of Human, especially Ego that is the biggest Archetype of modern age and Inteligent view.
The resonativity is the basis for the "Flower of Kan (=Flower of disability)".

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Kugutsu body

Essense of Kugutsu body

Essense of Kugutsu body is the following;

1. Being controlled by someone

Research the qualia not moving by your will but your body is moved or controlled by someone.
Not being moved various parts at once, but only one part is moved by someone. Sometimes unexpected part is moved to unexpected direction.

2. Medium of the other world

Kugutsu is a medium to carry a specific message of the other world. Kugutsu body stands on the edge between this world and the other world, and carrys the hidden message quietly.

3. Zanshin (Reverberation or Remaining echo)

After a part of body is moved, when it stops, subtle vibration is remained like a reverberation or echo. The size of it is depend on the rigidity of material of the Kugutsu body; metal, wood, plastic, elastic, stone and so on. The scale and time of the reverberation is different according to the rigidity of the material.
It occurs from your deep layer muscle of spine. To control it is hidden technique of Kugutsu body.

(This article is reserved at both of 'Ten-bodies' and 'Sink into Darkness')

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Sooty Princess and hijikata Boys like just living in India
21 March, 2015

To meet inner Sick Dancing Princess and Hijikata Boy

During India Rhizoming tour, I met many Sick dancing Princess, Sooty Princess and Hijikata Boys.
I might need to travel to encounter them, because now they are disappear from Japan and advanced countries.

"Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept a strange brightness like just living. "

But, we can meet inner them in our darkness of body, if we get subbody method deeply.
So, when we could stop daily consciousness, language thinking and dualistic judgement; good/bad, right/wrong,
it is able to meet inner sick dancing princess and Hijikata boys everyday.
To confirm it, the tour might necessary for me, though it was long detour.
Now I could understand that the subbody=cobodies are Hijikata boy it self who is living like just alive, sometimes becomes stupid suddenly.
Let's dance as the Hijikata boys!

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 Boys like just living
20 March, 2015

Sick Dancing Princess and Hijikata Boy

"Sick Dancing princess" is a story of Life Resonance occured between Hijikata boy which has a strange brightness as just like living as the slideshow above, and sick dancing princesses which were threatened, eaten by the world and became various disabled or weakened body.

The 'Hijikata Boy" appeared with old man or woman as the following;

"“Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this way.
Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.”
I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard.
All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept a strange brightness like just living. "

So, at that age, we were like that boys and girls just like living with strange brightness.
When we became like that boy, we can resonate with the sick dancing princesses who was threatened, eaten, torn by the world in various ways, as the following for example.

[16. God being torn to shreds]
There was one or two God being torn to shreds wherever we went. On every house we went, people that could not suppress passions of the soul anymore was sitting in the house, and was shouting by screech having the nostalgic iron tongs. I'd had been watching these people who was tasting the precision of as much as on the verge of becoming fool, with empathy as I could understand them.

[17. The basis for a human being who has collapsed from around anymore]
Compared to such a state, probably what we found out by sharp-sighted is mostly broken, and is merely empty corpse of the type. Because the basis of a human had been collapsed anymore from around, I would have been able to watch it as I don't need to think of.

[18. Relationships that are threatened by demeanor of things]
A quiet and thin person who was picking eggplant, many flying butterflies, soy sauce bottles that has a certain thickness, even the weight of the charcoal briquette, the weight of the hammer, and a yukata robe which came back from the cold; all of them were what abetted human violent emotions. But, if watched from the relationship that is threatened by demeanor of the stuff like these, they thought that it might happen that our breath itself would go out from the body, and they had to make a living darkly with cautious. They might had put away the intervention of the sharp eyes that surprised humans, as a kind of disease unknowingly. "

To dismiss the intervention of the sharp eye

Hijikata Tatsumi wrote, for the younger generation that has been affected by ego and consciousness without doubt.
" I might dismiss the intervention of the sharp eye as a kind of disease unconsciously."
Yes, before the rise of consciousness with language thinking and watching eye, it is necessary to clean up them as a disease of modern age.
It is necessary to train until it will be able to do it unconsciously.
It is only one way to be able to enter into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
It is not a normal world.
It is a world which we can catch it only with becoming subconscious mode, and it is a world that qualia are resonating in a non-dual and multidimensional realm.
So many extraordinary things which must not happen in the daily world, occur one after another.
But, it's no need to be surprised at.
It is the same as the world of dreams you have seen nightly.
It is the same as dream as it would disappear instantly by the intervention of sharp conscious eye or judgement.

What is required to study "Sick Dancing Princess" is plenty of training to stop consciousness more than anything else, and to be a extraordinary brightness of Life like just alive.

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19 March, 2015

Resonance with Disability of Life

On the second week of March course, we begin to learn "Sick Dancing Princess".
The essense of it , in one word, is to dance the resonance with disability of Life.
Today I introduced the following sentenses which he discribed about the Sick Dancing Princess directly at the first time in the book.

[19. Lessons of Sick Dancing Princess]

Sickly person who was sleeping or awaking was always groaning in a dark place of the house. My custom to let release my body onto the tatami like a fish, was learned through the lessons of this sickly dancing princess. Her body was seen like made by the outline which was making a wish. But it had been caught in the darkness which was a thing like born fruit by bursting somewhere. Anybody would not have remembered the darkness of the other side that everyone does not know, this beginning like a revival. I have grown up with breathing in a place that cannot learn by being taught. When being forced to watch these sick people, a desire to release my body by being beaten strongly my knee by something like a stick, had been scraped out from my body. But most of time, my body had no desire, and it moved as if going across the shadow of the malformation.

[I would have been fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess]

I might have thought sometimes to want to re-capture and re-construct this body that would be bitten by anything easily, but it had fluttered along the base of the existence of the sickly dancing princess who was sleeping or awaking, and I would have been fused and merged with this dancing princess immediately."

To become one with disabled person or malformed Life, this is the essense of the "Sick Dancing Princess" which Hijikata wished to share with young butoh dancers.

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11 March, 2015

3.11 Life Resonance as Weakened body

The strength and resonativity (=resonance ability) is inversely proportional.
3.11 Fukushima Day is the chance to notice it.
We need to take off the habits of ego that want to be strong and great.
Ego forgets miserable impression and memories quickly, because important thing is "me" for ego.
Then nothing changes in the world.
On 11th March, Let's become weakened body and listen to the subtle resonance of Life.
To become debilitated body.
To become near death being.
To become weakest Life.

And we are able to co-create the "Flower of Kan (=Beauty of Debility and Disability)" which near death Life is vibrating very faintly with infinite beauty.

Because ourselves are vibrating as same as them and we notice that strong ego has ignored them with big stride.
It is the unexplored butoh for us.

Hijikata Tatsumi had noticed about it after dancing the legendary heroic solo of 1968,
"Hijikata Tatsumi and the Japanese--Revolt of Flesh".
Among surrounding the storm of praise raged, many students comes asked to join in from all over Japan.
But, he had to notice that as long as performing this kind of strong heroic dance, it is not able to resonate with the dead sister who lived in his darkness of body.
One day he heard a whisper of her.
"Kunio chan (Kunio is his childhood name),
though you are doing dance or expresson feverishly, when you are not doing expression, something that can be expressed would be emerging, isn't it?"

She faded gently to say so.

He wrote in the "Sick Dancing Princess"

"If we were not become a possession to limp to mind, we might never grasp of real resonance among people and Life."

It was the turning of life for him, from strong butoh expression to weakened (=debilitating) butoh not to express.
He could take off his small ego and the surface strength, and he just became the weakened Life.
The "Kan Flower" would come out from it through Life Resonane.

Let's remind the 3.11 Fukushima every year.
May it become the turning of life for us, and we shall be able to resonate with all misery and unhappiness as One Life on the planet to change it.

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8 March, 2015

Welcome, to the darkness of body which is non-dual and multidimensional, Rhizome=Life=Resonance world!

New semester begins tomorrow.
And if every year, I upload pictures of Step Eagle and Himalayan Griffon in the blue sky and welcome new students, but this year is unusual stormy weather continued, it's so rare to see the blue sky.

So, we invite you to the invisible world of the darkness of body this year, instead.
In the Subbody Resonance Butoh School, we stop thinking and a internal chat every day, every moment, and listen to subtle signs in the darkness of body, and enter into the world as subbody=cobody.
It is quite different world from daily world which such as dualistic logics and hierarchical thinking does not work at all. It is a different world which has another hidden logics which we don't know well yet.
Are you ready for it?
It requires you to take off all property of human, to take off ego and self, take off identity, personality, sexuality, nationality, morality, knowledge, power and so on.

Hijikata Tatsumi called it as "Hidden logics of the previous relationship to the differentiation of self and others"
Deleuze-Guattari named it "Rhizome" which is opposite to the "Tree" as the hierarchical order.
Old oriental meditators knew that it is a "Non-dual" world.
It is not as in the everyday world which is mind and body are separated, but subconscious and body are unified as the "Subbody".
We dive into such a different world from well known daily world.
There are neither travel guide nor map.
What kind world is it?
The images of multidimensional resonance of the String theory of modern physics might help us.
According to the String theory, everything in the Universe are made of the differences of the resonance pattern of the String which is vibrating in the 11-dimensional minimum fine Calabi-Yau space.
One that has infinite resonance pattern in the non-dual and multidimensional realm as same as the Qualia which only Life can resonate, is just the Strings of the String theory.
Probably the Qualia which Life feels are generated by the changes of resonance pattern of the String, too.
If we do not stop the lower thinking and judgement,
it is not possible to enter into the world even an inch, isn't it?

A few new students in the past, were afraid of it and return back to the well known modern world without touching the darkness. Not student, but midwife has to take all the responsibility.

Probably, an minimum orientation might be necessary for them not to surprise at any strange things happen.
Sometimes, phenomena such as 'possession' of ancient people were afraid occurs as usual. Also so-called 'projection', 'transference', 'counter-transference', and 'dreaming up' occur often.
No need to be afraid. It's just a Life Resonance.
In the multidimensional and non-dual resonance of Qualia, extreme strange and ridiculous things happen usually. It has extremely different scale and speed than the daily world.
Many strange resonances occur beyond the boundary of self/others, life/death, herd/individual which we have been regarded as absolute.
Today's slide show is a part of orientation for it from midwife.
Please prefer this, taste this, and enjoy this.
It is the infinite source of the creativity of subbody and Life.

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7 February, 2015

<Slipping through> and <Dancing between-behind>

This decade, I had been away from dancing in public.
But, meanwhile, I had a strange habit.
When the students research in own darkness of body,
I have danced behind or between them.
I prefered to dance behind of their body or between the legs, under the foot and slipping through from one after another another.
My subbody=cobody seems to have been exploring the possibilities of new dancing places.
While India Rhizoming tour, we practiced a thechnique; "slipping through" which in decades head, I was doing often.
It was noticed that there is a rich mine which a lot of unknwon subbody=cobodies are hidden in the dancing between-behind.
When dance between or behind or the side of the people, unknown subbody-cobodies come out often that we did not even expect.
Moreover, there is no distinction between subbody and cobody since they are coming out between-behind with other subbody-cobody.
Now it is the time to share it with people.
By these two (Slipping throuhg and dancing between-behind) are linked, so far of Nomad-Rhizome,
furthermore infinite subbody = cobodies transformation occurs.
This is is a new transformation techniques to become a Rhizome.

Only each person dancing as an individual, and be unconscious to the resonance each other, they unconsciously keeping the individual distance between as the normal society. In the Subbody school we have been avoided it called "City Park".
Instead of it we realized a formation like a Stone Garden of Japan which everybody is aware of the each special resonance in varieties of distance to open richer resonance.
We've been called <Stone Garden cobody>.
<Slipping through> and <Dancing between-behind> is to deepen it further.
We shall become Rhizome with the infinite ability of transformation .

Toward the horizon wheather to be me or not to be me is not something important at all

I was not able to passing through the last wall ever.
As long as we are tied to performance form of distinction of solo, duo, trio and group, our dancer would tied to ego and self in the frame.
To indicate the invision of Rhizome as the future of human beings have to break through there.
Another performance forms beyond the theater has to be created.
The "Passing-through method" of my friend, David Zambrano and Improvisation theater of Mark Tonpkin, was one of the attempts that would overcome the limit.
However, we must be farther to go from there, untill we open the horizon of the distinction of subbody and cobody disappears.
We explore not only passing through, but slipping through, entangling and passing through, merging and through, possessing and through and so on.

Apparently this is going to be our last big job.

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6 February, 2015

This is Rhizome!

Starling flock showed a stunning aerial arts in Palestine in the sky.
Two herd joined to coalesce, freely separated.
As if they laugh at human who was bound by the common illusion of nation-state, religion and politics, and cannot resonate well on the ground.
They are vividly showing the model of the future of the human.
This is the Rhizome.
It's teacher of protean beyond the border of individual and herd.
Take off the illusion as human beings, right now.
The first time in shed the nightmare of modern of self = subject, we can become a phantasmagoric Rhizome.
2015 of Subbody Resonance Butoh School will focus here.
In the India Rhizoming tour, we have been pollished new techniques of "Dancing in between-behind" and "Slipping through". If we can integrate both of them,
the dualistic distinction of 'solo', 'duo', 'trio' or 'group' disappear and we can become Rhizome that is everything at the same time.
Until then, we were imprisoned for a long time in the temporary definition that subbody is an individual's subconscious body, and cobody is the resonance subbody.
All old students and workshop participants!
I am so sorry, till now, I could not give true guide of subbody=cobody method.
More than anything else, I was trapped by the dualistic illusion of <SELF=SUBJECT>.
And I have misguided that your subbody as the subject feels the subtle signal of behind world as the object, and so on.
I amplified your <SELF=SUBJECT> illusion!
I am so sorry! Please forget it!
Subbody Butoh is neither to dance as the subject, nor to express the self.
We BECOME Rhizome that is the both of individual and group at the same time.
If we do not become the non-dual Rhizome, which is the both of subject and object at the same time, we can not begin anything.
For me to get this awareness, the India Rhizoming tour was necessary.
I want you to expect the Sbbody Resonance Butoh School of this year.
Rhizome is a herd even just one person, it is non-dual and multi-dimensional transformable being.
Take off the human, Become a Rhizome!
Let's live as freely Rhizome which can transform beyond all boundaries. We become "Shisha", "Spirits", and everything in the Universe.
Finally it has become possible to be a real voice on my mouth.
And it was possible to find a technique that would really becoming the Rhizome.
It took 20 years to come up here.

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19 January, 2015

Hit a Stone

--"Yamazaki, Hit my body by a stone 6" Rhizome Lee

From last year of Poland, throughout the India Rhizoming tour, I continued to hit a stone as my dead friend, Yamazaki.
In bounce stone has been hitting my body.
As if I was looking for the place to die, I looked for a dancing place with a stone.
Stone is everywhere.
Everywhere I could find a dancing place.
I wonder what did I hit.
What is the Stone?
It is our frozen body.
I have continued to hit the frozen body which has forgotten the Resonance of Life.
Someday, Yamazaki will be reincarnated,
I believe it would begin to dance owe our body.
Life must begin to resonate beyond time and space.

But it's a tremendous dream.
I am going to die with continuing to live this tremendous dream.

I built a tower of bricks at a bank of the lotus pond at Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India, and hit it by a brick.
The brick was shattered into many small pieces.

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2 January, 2015

Hidden motif of India Rhizoming tour

On the pages of India Rhizoming tour of Facebook, my old friend and master of Butoh, Katsura Kan wrote that want to see our world as the following;
While I was writing the reply, the hidden motif and future challenges of this tour has emerged clearly, then I post it here.

Katsura Kan

"I want to try to see your world. Tell me when is the best timing."


Dear Katsura Kan

Thank you for that you are interested in it.
Actually this India tour was guided by my subbody's hidden motive that even I did not be aware.
I have been trying to share the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata Tatsumi in the ewcent few years at Subbody Resonance Butoh School,
but, it hardly works, because the world which Life resonates with the invisible "Behind world" with subtle fear, shivering has been disappeared in recent modern life.
When Hijikata and my generation were childhood, it was remained in the country life, people lived with the deep Life resonance with invisible spirits of animism as the 'Behind world' .
Hijikata must attempt to explore the future Butoh that is able to called by the name of "Butoh of Life" from the pure Life resonance of the "Sick Dancing Princess". But, the big wave of informational society during 1970' - 2000' has cleaned up it at all. It was so difficult to explain what young people have neither seen nor imagined.
During I was wonder how to share the world with them, desperately my subbody got the idea of the India tour to share it by body.
Because I had travelled among the tribal people for twenty years in India, South East Asia and so on. I knew that they keep the same life style as the "Sick Dancing Princess".
People of minority tribes outside the Indian caste system must continue to live as the people of "Sick dancing Princess".
I just wanted young students to let experience it by body and Life.
It was the main but hidden motif of the India tour,
though even myself didn't notice it well.

This year's journey is just the first experiment, then I don't know whether is it possible to do more than to slip through them and smell their scent or not.

In the next atempt, maybe it will be able to stay with tribe people for a while, and learn from them in the 2nd India Rhizoming tour of next year.
We will visit the land of the Mongoloid hill tribes in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland and so on of the foothills of Himalayan mountains, while living with them and practice.
It should be remained more "Sick Dancing Princess" world like as Ancient times in Japan.
Please join us , it is OK even partial participating.

This year, Resonance School is scheduled the 1st semester from March 9 to early June until the 10th Butoh Festival Himalaya.
July and August; inSpain, Germany and Hungary (Lee), Greece, Spain and Switzerland (Gio) Workshops tour in Europe/
2nd semester; from September to late November until 11th Butoh Festival.
The second India Rhizoming tour; December,2015 to February, 2016.

See you soon!

Warm Resonance

Lee from Kolkata

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14 March 2014

Become Life.
Become the invisible 'Behind world'

Subbody school 2014 started.
This year we will try to dance the unexplored
butoh of "Sick Dancing Princess" by Hijikata
Hijikata researched so many diversity of resonance
pattern between Life and invisible 'Behind world'.
We become not only own subbody (=subconscious body
or subtle body), but also invisivle 'Bihind world'
as cobody.
We named it as "Bihind cobody". It is the main
charactor of "Sick Dancing Princess" .
It is invisible and transform infinitely as the
-huge creature that lives in the air
(Hijikata called it 'Red God" in his last solo of
"Quiet House")
-Gloomy air
-Strange weather
-Smoke bug
-Hidden state
-Shady things
-Old man and old lady
-Sooty princess
-Sick Dancing Princess
-Dark hole

and so on.....

Life resonates with all of them in non-dual and
multi-dimensional world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
Then this year, we try to become various 'Bihind
cobody' as infinite transforming Shisha.
Until last year, we did almost same thing, but
we were bound by unconscious tendency that take advantage to subbody than cobody. It was still depend on our ego bind and self bind. This year we try to take off it. No difference between subbody and cobody. Subbody=cobody, we become sub-cobody as one Life.
This change is so subtle, maybe we can understad the difference only through bodily experience.

But I recommend it all midwives in the world, to
become sub=cobody. This is a novel revolution that subbody resonance butoh method and Hijikata butoh method become one with realizing the "Sick Dancing Princess" as the "Butoh of Life".

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