Sinking into darkness of the body
The String are resonating in the non-dual and multi-dimensional Calabi-Yau space. They are the unknown basis of Life Resonance Qualia..
Listen to their infinite Silence.
 7 December 2016

Toward the Non-Dual!

Looking back on the unconscious inclination of the darkness of the body over the last few years,
Apparently my Life, it seems to have a strong orientation towards non-dual realm.
Stopping sorting consciousness, the unknown chaos is preferred as the last house.
Especially since autumn this year, when I become alone,
every time I was fascinating in a non-dual world.
I keep listening to a faint Life Resonance Qualia all the time.
Sometimes an unexpected awareness comes up.
Gently write down it and upload it to the site.
Just like farmers or fishermen, the days of harvest from the darkness of body, continue.

I can look back of me, I have learned from barrenness of young days that I kept thinking.
I have treated the dualistic words from a young age,
but, any rich harvest were never born.
I recognized that i am not good at the language, and in my 40's, I gave up the words and since I turned to the digger of thee darkness of body.
Suddenly, unexpected things from the darkness of the body,
it began rolling out one after another.
It's as if looking at magic, subbodies and cobodies have continued to be born.
In the beginning of this century, I thought that my dance was almost OK, I turned into a midwife.
Listening to the darkness of the body of the other person, and gave a littel help to the birth of subbody-cobody safely.
Then the surprise accelerated. Not only my own subbody, but multiple subbody = corbodies has come to birth every day from the students.
I have lived such days for 12 years.

The harvest of the Butoh Festival of this year was amazing.
Everyday, someone kept surprised at a novel dancing.
The cobodies also opened a new horizon.
It is my first time in this Butoh Festival that such a lot of pleasant surprises attacked me.
Old students began to return to Butoh Festival, the resonance of old and flesh students began to be activated.

This trend will be further expanded in the Indian tour this year.
Not only with the students but also with the local Indian people, we share the chaos of the dakness of body, and co-create various strange world together.
Nobody knows what will happen, how wiered and vivid archetype or prototype will come out.
We are just going to learn the pure Life Resonance from them.
It is so fun to work digging up the unexpected fertility of the infinite creativity of Life.

It took twelve years in Himalaya to come so far.
I do not know how long it will take to spread to India and the world.
But now I am not alone.
One after another, new midwives were born and growing up.
The ripple of Life Resonance will spread all over the world without me.
The day will be close that I could return to Life with laugh.
So, to die is to return to the Life.

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 Spiritual and Physical Map of India tour
 5 December 2016

Spiritual and Physical Map of India tour

Our daily modern thinking is bound by dualistic and hierarchic Tree system.
It is common illusion that is floating in the space separated from the Earth of Life Resonance.
In the Life, there are no dualism and no hierarchy. It is completely modern human illusion.

We need to stop daily thinking, and to be released from the bind of information of modern world.
we take off the blue and black things (see above illustration) of modern human and become pure Life.
Participants are required to do it at every moment, otherwise you disturb the pure Life Resonance in the tour.

We sink down into the Underground of our mind and body.
In India and Eurasia, there are some religious mountains; Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and local Shamanism, and hill of spiritual=somatic Yoga and so on.
They are based on the Aminism that is the oldest mind=body resonance pattern of Human.
Ancient monk people build each mountains of the religious method. they are based on the non-dual Life Resonance, but some of them are bound by dualistic and hierarchic illusion.
In the deepest realm, there is the pure Life Resonance world.
We sink down into the realm of Life Resonance under the spiritual mountains and hills.
It is
non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. there is not any judgment and dualistic boundaries.
There is no distinction of right and wrong, good and bad, self and others, and so on. It is
Rhizome completely opposite to the Tree.

We enter the subconscious mode together and share every phenomena in the darkness of body together as One Life.
It will be amazing experience for all of us in the whole Life.
Please enjoy it!

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 The world of the darkness of body is multi-resonance among individual subconscious and collective unconsciousnes, archetype, prototype, cellular memory and so on. It is real Chaos, to face it and share all of them beyond the borders of you and me, self and others, is important.
19 November, 2016

Chaos Sharing->Dreaming Share

The darkness of the body is not only personal subconscious, but also mixture of the collective unconsciousness, archetype, prototype as a creature, cellular memory and so on.
it's literally chaotic.
I beleive that this chaos is the source of the creativity of Life,
I have cherished it most.
However, this year a novel technique was found out, not only listening to the individual chaos but also sharing the chaos of others as one's own.

"Chaos Sharing" - This is a novel way to enter the special world of "Sick dancing Princess" of Hijikata which I have been seeking for many years.
This is the royal road finally found out to enter the extremely chaotic world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
It is full of unprecedented Life Resonance.
The method consists of three stages as the following;

1. Listen to the Life Resonance

In the winter, the sunlight comes deep into the room.
Every morning, we put a part of body; foot, hand, weist, face and so on in the sunlight, and feel the Life Resonance of the part of cells.

Listen to the Life Resonance with warm Qualia

The part resonate with the sunlight energy and is getting warm, flexible, fluid, active and so on.
These physical Qualia are associated with the Qualia of pleasure, ease, fun, happy and so on.

Listen to the Life Resonance with cold Qualia

Next, move the part to the shade, and listen to the change.
The part of the body will get cold and shrink, become stiff, reduce the fluidity and so on.
And you can notice that these physical Qualia resonate with mental Qualia of sad, fear, scare, unhappy and so on.
Also they associate with sad memory, bad dream, fearful imagination, scare illusions and so on.

This is the preparation for the "Chaos Sharing"

2. Active Imagination

We spreads and sits with easy pose on the cussion in front of the wall one by one. (If you have a sofa, it is better to sit on the sofa.)
Bring your notebook and pen beside you.

Say silently to yourself with your mother tongue,
"I'm relaxing, I'm relaxing, one, two, three."
And Lisen to a part of body that you feel something spacific. Listen to very subtle Qualia in your darkness of body. It is very subtle and very short as only a mili second it appears and disappears immediately.
The Qualia will guide you to a special space or scenery; it might a cave, forest, desert, ocean and so on. Please travel there freely with opening full imagination.
The places may change suddenly without any reason, doesn't matter, just follow the strange developement.
After traveling, write down the travel on your note book.
If you want to continue more, you can sink down to the travel again with saying,
"I'm relaxing, I'm relaxing, one, two, three."

3. Sharing the Chaos

We share each one's strange travel with body movement.
Some one starts to guide own world with various ways; explain by word at first and guide to bodily movement, or without word you can just move, and the others move with same resonance pattern. If you have clear story, please guide to next place one by one.
To experience each strange world by body must become so amazing experience which you have never experienced.

This method of "Sharing Chaos" is a novel method of this year, to explore the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".
Because, Hijikata also must do the same way to enter the deep subconscious world, and follow the strange developement of his memories, dreams, imagination and illusion to write the book.

Now we can experience the same process of him.
It is a necessary process to understand the "Sick dancing Princess" and prepair your body to dance it.
Unfortunetely, on the last day of the semester, we could do this.
And, at that time, surprisingly the most rich sources of creation during the two decades, came out from the darkness of each student's body, though I cannot discribe by word, because it is too delicate and too complicated to discribe by my basic English.
I will keep it in my body as the deep Secret for the creation of next step.
Each practice was already we could do before, but it is the first time able to integrate as the three stages above.
Next semester, finally we can enter the world of "Sick Dancing Princess". The students of the next year will be foutunate.

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 Amniotic Fluid Accident/ Pilar and Lee 
13 November, 2016

Multi-dimensional entanglement of subbody-cobodies

In the dancing, the subbodies and cobodies come out as the multi-dimensional entangling condition itself.
But, after dancing, the mind noticed by bound by dualistic trap of the language and thinking habit.
I felt that my subbody=cobody group seems to be divided into two groups?
I have been misunderstood myself by the illusion of so-called the "Multiple personality disorder" or "Dissociated identity disorder". Because the aspect itself trapped by the biggest common illusion of "Identity".

Now I noticed that I have to take off those dualistic illusion about myself.
In the darkness of body, subbody=cobodies are resonating beyond all borders and entangling so complicatedly in the multi-dimensional resonance realm of Qualia and the String.

On this day, during I was dancing with Pilar, some unexpected subbody-cobodies came out;

-The torn God of the soul,
-The flea that can not jump as the first lover,
-And with the body of the crown system,-
-Baby Lee's infinite trial to search mother
-Dualistic illusion of the struggle with Ryuji's mind and Ryuri's body,
-It might be a fake to dance the dualistic confliction of them

Actually, they were resonate and entangling in the multi-dimensional realm of Qualia and the String.

The exploration of the body's darkness continues.
To a country where unseen mysteries and secrets are entangling non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
To dance it as it be, is to be Transparent.

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Clouding Body Method
7 November, 2016

What is the Flower?
-Zeami and Hijikata

Why, only a certain dance has the power to shake the Life.
Why it leaves the mark in Life that can not be vanished lifetime.
I've been exploring the secret for many years.
As far as I know, also Zeami and Tatsumi Hijikata kept asking the same question.
Zeami is a founder of Noh dance, Hijikata is the founder of Butoh. They are resonating deeply.
Zeami wrote the secret of Flower in the "Kadensho",1418.
" The Flower, The Interesting, and The Rare, these three is the same.
"The Flower" is from the metaphor of the cherry blossom in Japan, the cherry blooms only a few days and are gone immediately. Because of the days are very rare in the year, then people love it earnestly.
"The Interesting" is originally what people's faces are beaming with happiness, when people sit and eat together around the fire. It is to be happy together in the resonance.
"The Rare" is hard to translate in English by only one word.
It means "Unusual, "Precious", "Surprising", "Novel", "Unequaled", and so on.
Totally, it means "Being moved deeply ".
Zeami deepened it in the later years of "Mirror of Flower"(1424),
"There is a state which we are moved
"Oh!" without conscious mind, above "The Interesting".
This is
"The sense beyond heart".
This is an unexpected sense even we do not mind and remember.
What is it to be moved beyond heart?"
After many years investigation in it, right now I can answer the Zeami to this last question.
Life Resonance."
The ultimate Flower is beyond word and heart, it is deep Life Resonance which is moved and trembling.
Tatsumi Hijikata also continued to seek
"The Butoh of Life", "Butoh which is called by the name of Life".
And he wrote that it is very precious thing when our Life was moved and shivering at the rare experience in the "Quiet House".
When he encountered an unexpected peacock in the garden of the house of a friend Yanagida, Hijikata imprinted the rare impression as the very precious thing in the depths of the body.
I is the reason why he was able to create the excelent choreography.
Hijikata created it not by head, but by Life. He created it on the basis of whether Life was moved or not.
"The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.
The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualia) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.
For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a
peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.
And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.
They become
the blood of the dance."
Always Life is finely resonating with everything.
And when the resonance is increasing the density and trembling of the chest, as "surprising!", "rare!", "novel!" and so on.
Zeami called it
"Flower", "The sense beyond heart", "Rarity".
Hijikata called it
"The Peacock", "The Blood of dance".
Both are the ultimate
Life Resonance at the moment when the beating occurred.
We can not make out it by the consciousness.
Only Life that lurks in the dark abyss of the body knows what is beauty for Life.
We don't have to create a dance by thinking or by information.
Whether Life is trembling or not, just that is necessary.

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What is Qualia? What is Life?  
6 November, 2016

What is the Qualia? What is Life?

What is the Qualia?
What is Life?
What is Resonance?

I wanted to share these three mysteries with the students.
It's the most profound mystery for me.
More than ten years, in "The Qualia", "The Life", and "The Resonance" I continued to explore, but still not stand even the prospect.

However, only a few discoveries;
-Qualia are unique to the Life in the Universe.
-Qualia are not controled by the four basic physical powers(Interactions); gravity, electromagnetic power, the weak power, the strong power.
-Qualia would be completely new, the fifth resonance pattern that was born at the first time in the Universe
-Qualia were born at the same time with Life 40 billion years ago as the Life Resonance
-Life could remember the change of cell that occurred by resonance in the environment, it would be the origin of Qualia
-The Life Qualia Resonance is multiple resonance among the current physical resonance with the environment (=Outer Qualia) and Inner Qualia that were stored in the cell as the Life Memories.
-Qualia were generated by the change of resonance pattern of the String that the String theory suggests.
-According to the String theory, all materials and energies are generated by the change of resonance pattern of String that is resonating in the ultra-fine space with eleven dimensional space.
The infinity of Qualia would been associated with the infinity of the resonance pattern of the String.
-When Qualia and Qualia meet, immediately new Qualia are generated automatically.
-The Infinite creativity of Life would be associated with this automatic creativity of Qualia.

-- I told students such as few discoveries that have been found so far in the travel of the darkness of the body during two decades.

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 Roberto Matta
5 November, 2016

Cultivating the Resonativity

We are cultivating the Resonatibity (=Resonance ability) beyond the boundaries!"
Suddenly I was aware of it.
"This must be what my Life want to do most!"
It was during the free resonance that the student shared one's own important Qualia each other with showing pictures, words and musics, and the others free resonated with them.
It was the real resonance beyond the boundary of self and others, me and you.
It was able to unfold the hidden creativity of Life, some completely new movements came out from my body.
We got new method of co-creation in this semester,
and cultivated the transparency!

What a refreshing breeze!
The cast off the armor of that pesky ego!

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4 November, 2016

Boxed Body and Disentanglement

Basis of Subbody Resonance Butoh method is to disentangle the unconscious blockage and bind in the darkness of the body through creation.
Sometimes they appear as a dream, flashback of trauma, shadow, not-me, nightmare, stiffness, somatic syndrome, sickness, habit, addiction, dissociated personality, and so on.
We release them with giving a shape and movement one by one as subbody/cobody beyond the border of self/others together.
Imagine the picture of Ballmer!
Many subbodies are trapped in a box.
Hijikata had performed the Boxed bodies so many times in his last solo "Quiet House".

"I was sleeping naked, and dreamt of horsemeat

Where did the whereabouts go?

Mad King was put in the box

The whereabouts of the box is connected to a fine dismantling

A bird with long nose hair and a bird which became a box

Small box of joints – Hans Bellmer – Samurai Commander – Princess – Tiger

A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee."

Countless Subbodies are pressed, twisted, warped and hidden in the narrow place of the darkness of body. They are entangled with each other, and became unknown blockage and bind of mind/body. Our consciousness cannot understand how to unleash them. Because some of them are connected not only as a subbody, but with archetypes in the collective unconscious that were hidden during the human history spanning 7 million years.
The deeper cobody such as proto body, swarm body might be connected to the Life history of 4 billion years as Prototypes. The reason why we cannot distinguish subbody and cobody is due to it, the deeper realm is non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance of Qualia. Some of their origins are not only one's personal history of at most several decades, but deeper than it.
They must be solved through dancing as subbody-cobody. Listening to qualia that are muffled in the darkness of the body, and unleash them one by one. There's no way to understand the order by consciousness, only subbody=cobodies are familiar with the most optimum order, we have to just follow it.
Follow the motif than the theme, and the Qualia than the motif. The modern theater method was bound by the narrow thinking habit that we need clear theme for creation. It is stupid because it is bound by the illusion that our consciousness can control the creation of Life, though our consciousness knows less than 1 percent of the darkness of body. The conscious theme flies high above the Life, and the dance is trapped in a narrow dualistic limitation. Discard the dualistic theme thinking, and listen carefully to Life.

Only by starting from there, we can unleash the extreme complex of entangled qualia one by one. Ten or twenty subbody=cobodies will come out with the reverse twisting from the box in the entangled depth. They will come up as Flower -Secret - Mystery. Only Life knows the optimum timing and form. Just follow the necessary Jo-Ha-Kyu of Life. It's the Butoh of Life.

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 Proto Experiences of Boy Hijikata
20 October, 2016

Proto Experiences of Boy Hijikata
Read "Sick Dancing Princes" 3

For opening each one's world channel, we learned Hijikata's proto experiences which he wrote in the "Sick Dancing Princess" He discribed pricisely ao many experiences that his body was eaten by the world, both of physically and mentally as the following;

Sick Dancing Princess

 [1 The method of clouding the body]

Hey look at them!

Insects are alive without breathing.

Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this way.

Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.

I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body,

participating in such as observations I overheard.

All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.


[Strange brightness and something shady]

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept like a strange brightness but only just barely alive.

And yet, my eyes fell into something shady as if they were cursed, I had an excessive curiosity towards such nameless things as lead balls or string.

I was forced to work in the eyes like a spy, guessing that the lead ball and string must be pretending to rest.


[2. A body being eaten by the snow]

I have lived with passing through my finger in to the eye of the fish, or flirting with a girl who had a dove of rubber, in fact always I have been growing in the mood such as I was taken for a pulse.

I was about to be eaten often by snow, if I in the fall, was also bitten by grasshopper. In the rainy season I was cut by catfish, and in early spring I was swallowed by the river by whole body. And probably the eyes went inclined naturally to such things.

[A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious]

I have hit a salted salmon with a plate or watching a bicycle-cart under  blazing sun, or felt nostalgic a medicine bottle with an uneven glass, or felt suspicious the people who would use an enema fig.

I explored the darkness of a rusty kitchen knife in the rainy season standing in such a place, and had been practicing how to wipe tears seriously. Because of monotonic and anxious things stormed into the body, I might be aiming faintly a chance to fabricate fake things with wearing a haze to the body.


[3. Worms and fever]

Always worms were generated in my belly, and they were wriggling slowly under the ass hole. Sometimes it came out of the ass hole. I wonder was it due to eating the greens of the backyard too much? Moreover, I always became fever and vomited red things and blue things.  I wonder the cause because I have run around under hot sun too much? Adult people said "This is a strange fever". When I heard such a thing, a sense of relief which I was guarded by something, made me closer to the faint breath further. I was swelling in such a way. My nature that would solve easily any misfortune, and a bud of weak heart and a thing close to no will, seemed to blow out from the body.


[7. Human that does huddle only by the body]

In case of being cornered, human, it becomes to huddle only by the body.


[8. A woman glared at me and I became a stick]

One day, a woman who was dressing a kimono in the house has a little stretch with chewing a piece of string from the tatami floor. After that, she turned the hands behind the band with a terrible face, and glared at me with tight eyes. I went out from the back door silently and was watching a mediocre stick that was leaning against the eaves quietly behind the house. Before I knew it, I became a stick and was playing.


[9. A hidden state]

 [A body without intermediary]

My body did not speak, but it seemed to sense something which lived at the place where was apart from infant things or things which has the shame certainly. The body had been like going out and retuning to body. My forehead was open always, but I had become as if eyes accepted nothing. It became a body with no intermediary procedures as if my body became a flower easily at a moment before stumbled and fell while walking. I also don't think to surgery such a body. But there would be not able to. When it is so much fun, I have decided not to dance.


[10. A vague figure]

A vague figure which I had inhaled with the smell of lunch which went bad, around the color of sour pickled eggplant which was blowing powders, would have been the precious thing.

 [Feeling which seems to have been already danced by someone]

I've always approached towards crying children who became dirty whitish. I also went to bark toward green onions unable to eat because grew up too much. I was caught in the feeling seems to have been already danced by someone. I was shrouded in steam, or became like an object lost life totally. The lack of the gravity which the body itself feels, would teach me a gesture that like I ate up quickly a form floating up by chance in a think.

[A body which was forgotten]

In my behavior, a room which something affectionate and thoughtful is able to get into would be gone. As if the body was not my property, I had forgotten my arms and leg, also the body itself was forgotten away. As the evidence that I could not grasp what came into my eyes, I was standing in a place like watching a wet paper during it turn yellowish and drying, and a butterfly stopped on it for an hour. Therefore or, I would probably be afraid of slipping of chopsticks during eating a bowl of eel and rice still. The whereabouts of my changeable feelings which I suddenly lose energy, and spirits rise up in the evening, gone melt into my body, it has become difficult to search, also to follow its whereabouts precisely.

[Practice of the gloom that oozes among the kneeling position]

However, even in such a state of the body that was forgotten, the weight of the stone on top of the pickle barrel that is blowing white powder is unforgettable. The kneeling position when I lifted the stone, and raise the stretched eggplant, and the gloom that oozed out from the kneeling position itself, probably it would be what provided in the body naturally, but on the other hand I had practiced it.


[12. Fear of silk thread]

I needed long years till to become not scared of silk thread, and I have experienced various refractions till I recognized a woman who was hanging two breasts while standing in a kitchen place with heavily breathing, as something beautiful.


[13. A body being removed the outlines from]

Various things enwind the body that was removed the outlines from, and if I peeled them off, I felt as if a new wind was printed on it, but also the side of wind had made a mistake, and maybe also I would merely have repeated a mistake.

[Eyeball for watching the invisible huge creature in the air]

If I had not an eyeball on the forehead, I would have been eaten by the fight against those which are hanging all over the place, and it was not able to see the invisible huge creature in the air. My body seemed to be sandwiched in that place. I often bought and ate foods. I was walking on the street with the dirty face of buying and eating. I rubbed the candy and dried squid to the dog passing each other on the way and was eating it again. I was, like that.....


[14. A body which was left alone too much]

Sound of boiling food was heard under the sky as if the Ishikawa Goemon(*) was likely to come out. Rather, I would have wished to be able to hear it. Or the strings of the thought might have been cut off, because I had lent my eyes too much to the pattern of tatami mat, though it might be able to be heard. My thought had been unconsciously led to the body which has been left alone too much.

* A legendary great thief

[Body which had been stolen by steam]

When I was blown by the steam from the boiling iron pot of rice in the dusk, I have lost appetite, my thought became like steam, my body had been growing up to such as a fictional body. Thus, my body was stolen even by the steam. Though it had been stolen and been danced by someone already, I had no idea how could I get back it and regenerate. I wonder that a blind and a lion like laughing me were hidden in the steam rising up faintly. What shall not succeed as a thought as binding the water by hand, something very difficult were also mixed in the steam.


[It was not only me who had been danced by someone]

In retrospect, the whereabouts which cannot get might be hidden at only place like it missed the bones of a fish which pierced into wet cloth. It was not only me who had been danced by someone. I have been returned stare a pig which watched the dopey children, and have sometimes stood under the chilly Sun like a chicken looking up at the sky. At times like that, I've been trying to put a tooth biting a pillar, or forget such things of bitter cucumber in the field.

[Creature that lives in a sound that no one knows]

It might be able to be peeped the shape of creatures that lived in a sound that no one knew, through the people who were extending the crumpled paper in the house. But my young body has fallen into where not blame, or into where we bypassed the light brown robber socks stopper by afraid.


[15. A body which continues to be eaten]

I played in the street until sunset, my vocal cord was about to collapse like a brown sweet sugar. Also buttons of my jacket were smashed enough even if the daytime hot flashes were not fallen out in the evening. As I came home, I was inserted the cotton painted black ointment at the tip of disposable chopsticks into the ass in a groveling position.

After I went home, so there was scenery like the dusk was connecting from the angle of running away of small animals which was near me. Red dragonflies and mixed small insects hit my face. So, I have drunk them deep into my throat so that probably the expression of rough throat might connect to my body.

My body dripping blue nasal discharge was also violently hit by horsefly. I was eating various sweets by such a body.  Roasted fragments barley flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, a piece of ginger rice crackers, soybean paste bread, twisted candy, fist candy, bomb, and banana sweets. Somehow when I eat those kinds of thing, a thin man came out from inside the house in trickles, and put a hoe in the back of the field, and he pulled out the green onions.

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What is the Jo-Ha-Kyu Completion? 
15 October, 2016

Kyu of the "Quiet House"

This is the typical "Momiyose" Kyu that the Noh master Zeami discrived in his book.
Momiyose means to dance all essenses of the piece in a condensed short time.
Hijikata could condensed all Qualia of this piece in these last three chapters.
Let's become the dancer "Hoopee"!!!
It is the most ideal transparent multi-resonance body.

25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug


26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.


27. The participation into the skin 

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.

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8 October, 2016

"Yamazaki, Sleep! Yamasawa, Sleep! "
Rhizome Lee

49 years ago today, in the Vietnam anti-war demonstration, my friend Hiroaki Yamazaki died.

I was bound by a guilty that I was a political leader in my high school and University, and agitated, organized many friend to the movement, and let my friends die, but I could not die. Because I was caught by police at first and be in the prison. Totaly, I lost three intimate friends during the days.
This guilty made a lot of nightmares in my middle ages, and finally I gave my body to my dead friends, "Please use my body and dance freely!".
They created my first butoh piece "Infectious Fever" and some more.
I understood it was a natural Life Resonance, though ancient people regarded it as the possession.
Life Resonance Qualia are resonating always beyond the time and space.
The past some years, I has been dancing "Yamazaki!" in an attempt to awaken him.
But, now I stop it, because the dance was dominated by my political personality; Yamasawa.
Yamasawa was a political leader, organizer and agitator in the revolutionary movement in my youth.
He has slept for long years, but woke up with Yamazaki and tried to dominate me.
When I stopped the movement, I decided never to do politics any more.
I beleive that the politics must die as well as the nation-state.
I must find a novel way to change the world without using the politics.
I took off Yamasawa, and let him to sleep.

Do not use Yamazaki in politics, even if it would be aimed such as "anti-war".
Not by the politics, but through only the Life Resonance, the world will change.
I believe the Life Resonance that transmitted from Life to Life through dance.
It must need a tremendous time.
Many generations, might take dozens of generations.
However, I have prepared the developement of Life Resonance without me after the death of me to all over the world.
We can leave the specific deployment to later generations.
This is the most certain way to let the politics and nation-state to die.

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Dancing in the Abyss/ Video Lecture by Rhizome Lee  
30 September, 2016

Let the problem to devour me

"I usually solve my problems by letting them to devour me."
Franz Kafka

Also I have solved my problems as the same way as Kafka.
When I continue to let the problem to eat me voraciusly,
some day, it reachs to the maximum level, and the Life starts solving sponteneously.

During these several years, I have let a problem to devour me.
It is the oldest, lowest and the most troublesome proneness of mine continued from childhood after I lost the mother.
And now, it has eaten up me till the limit.
The other proneness of mine which has been suppressed by it, simultaneously started to scream.

"Anymore, we cannot endure!"

How to dance "Sick Dancing Princess" Clouding body 01 Resonance with shady things  
Clouding body 01 Resonance with Shady things  
11 September, 2016

Multi-layered "Clouding body" technique

1. Resonance with Shady things

How to prepare the bodies to enter the "Sick Dancing Princess" world, for long year I have investigated in it.
I had misunderstood about the "Clouding body" that Tatsumi Hijikata suggested at the top of the book.

Sick Dancing Princess

1st Chapter

[1 The method of clouding* the body]
* obscuring

"Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down waist smoke bugs have come walking this way. Surely there could be a bug at the middle,
reincarnating into something.” I've been brought up with the method to obscure the body, participating in such as observations I overheard.
All because, shrink and attentiveness of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me.

[Strange brightness and something shady]

Also the boy as me suddenly became stupid without any intention, and kept like a strange brightness but only just barely alive. And yet, my eyes fell into something shady as if they were cursed, I had an excessive curiosity towards such nameless things as lead balls or string. I was forced to work in the eyes like a spy, guessing that the lead ball and string must be pretending to rest.

I understood that the "Clouding body" means the obscuring body that is unrecognizable by the look from the outside. Then I added a paraphrase "Obscuring body" in the first attempt of translation.
But, now I realize that it was only half understanding.

The first paragraph was added by Hijikata after written the whole manuscript before the publishing of the book.
The "Clouding body" was symbolized the secret body technique that he described so diverse patterns of Life Resonance in detail through the whole of "Sick Dancing Princess". We can say that this book is description of the technique of the Clouding body.
Finally, I was aware of that.
It will become apparent the whole meaning, but if I say now in a short word;
It is to be transformed into Life as a multi-dimensional and multi-layered resonance body that wears the "Cloud of Qualia" of Life Resonance around the body.
Like as the "old man who knew the uselessness of the body" who expands the attentiveness to the invisible world and shrinks immediately if perceives an accident.
It is the body that wears multi-layered Hidden Skins which were made of the Cloud of Qualia.
The cloud is composed of wisdom of Life memories straged in the each cell and Qualia of Archetypes, Prototypes, Dreams, Illusions and so on.
Life continues to be threatened constantly, by such as the invisible world and the shady things.

In the first week of Resonance School, we started from the new mwthod of practice, lined the shady things that students found around the school on the hall, to become the multi resonance body. This is an exercise method that was found in the summer tour in Poland.
From next week, we will extend these to all channels, to be fine resonance body in the multi-channels and non-dual Life Resonance.

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Proto Dreaming Honza and Cobody  
20 June, 2016

Rather than the expression, the disappearance

In the proto dream theater by Honza of the12th Butoh Festival at his request I was carried by others, with upside-down position as I came out to his dream.
After that, I become Rob, a mutual friend of Honza and me, who left the world three days before this day.
I wandered behind the Honza as the "Behind Spirit".
After the death for a few days, dense qualia of dead people are floating around here and there.
To dance it is the funeral way as a dancer.

Rather than the expression, dance the qualia of disappearance.
20 and a few years ago, I have danced the death of my mother in Java island, Indonesia.
It was the start of dancing the dead for me.
In forties, fifties, I have danced my dead friends, Hiroaki Yamazaki, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kenji Hashimoto et al, repeated and repeated many times.

Several years ago a dancer who was belonged in Santiago's company came to Dharamsala and told his death.
Also I have danced the death of my esteemed friend Santiago Sampere, many times.
But, after a few years, it was found that he is alive.
It became a mysterous experience to dance the death of alive person.
This March, I danced a death of my friend Toshiaki Ota who was closed together with me during the high school and University.
From now, I would dance a myriad of loss must come more and more.
Instead of dancing in front, I dance in the shade or behind of living bodies.
Dance to erase my own to a mere sway.
That go off gradually gradually oneself.
Dance the disappearing of Life slowly to non-time non-space realm.
This is a long gardual death of mine.
My death will be created in such a way.

Instead of waiting to be eaten by death one day,
deepening the dance of the disappearance step-by-step.
It might be a creative death.
I hope to create my Death in the deepening process of disappearance.

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Ten years Quest of Pilar 
13 June, 2016

Ten years Quest of Pilar

Pillar has continued to research in the darkness of body since 2006.
She continued to explore her own necessity.
The first year, she remained a deep shock by dancing her nightmare being shot by terrorists in the forest.
Again and again, she repeated to dance various nightmares.
And regressed to the fetus world continued dancing the fear of cesarean section.
Dancing under the water around the world.
Hummed the song of the Amazones forest people.
Became a bird, became a beast,
Transformed Witches, Goddess or Spirits.
Always continue to carry a Secret.
Finally she became an Unnameable being.
Became a Secret.
For me, as a midwife, It was the happiest experience to watch the deepening process of a subbody=cobody
over the ten years.

Also other student, by following her example, Hope you to continue digging the darkness of body tirelessly.
Surely, it will crystalize to only one dancer in the world.

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31 May, 2016

Let' become Rhizome!
let's learn the Life from the teacher "Slime mold"!


I found beautiful photos of my teacher of Life, "Slime mold" by Fumihiko Arai.
When I stated living in India, I breeded slime mold, and observed their Life for long months.
They transform their form from one celled creature to multi celled flexibly,
sometimes they become animal ameba to eat other creature,
and sometimes they become mushroom shape, and spread spore powders in the space.
They are neither animal, nor plants, but both.
it is the most ideal teacher of the Rhizome.
Rhizome is a future form of human which my philosophical teacher,
Gilles Deleuze found 1960'.
Rhizome can connect freely, and separate flexibly.
It is opposite against the "Tree" system that is bound by hierarchy
as the modern human society.

Let's learn the infinite freedom from them, without the traps of Ego and Self.
Now in the Himalaya, students are experimenting a novel Nomad-Rhizome Festival.
We have no center, no hierarchy. We just connect freely and co-create a world,
and disappear from a place, and appear at another place with another shape.
it is amazing experiments!

Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret!

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1 May, 2016

Become the multiple Sexualities


To become Transparent Sexuality means that you are not being bound by birth and growth.

Both of womanhood and manhood are treasure Qualia of Life, including asexuality.

But, we are bound by both of biological sexuality and
social gender , too much.


We have grown up as heterosexuality or homosexuality or other minor sexuality depend on individual history.


We can release from all of those restraint.


At first, I introduce diverse traps of Sexualities one by one, because those are multiple resonance and so complicated entangling.


Sexuality and Gender


Biological sexuality

Opposite sexuality

Mono sexuality as Life

Social Gender


Variations of Sexuality




Minor sexuality

Mother complex

Father complex

Lolita complex

Shota complex

Abnormal sexuality




Animal sexuality

Dead sexuality

Mono sexuality


Violent sexuality





Sexual abuse

Sexual harassment

and so on....


When we are bound by a specific sexual tendency, our body becomes a specific hormomes mode.

This is very strong trap of sexual mode.

See transparently it, and invent own conditioning how to release from the specific mode.


Our human are bound by not only somatic Qualia, but also bound by so complicated imaginary and emotional Qualia
as the following;


Twin sexual entanglement (=Family role)










- Girl friend

- Boy friend

and so on


We are bound by Archetype and Prototype Qualia in the darkness of body


Archetypes of Sexuality




-Great mother

- Imago






- Queen


- Sage (Wise man), wise woman











Prototype Qualia as Life


Safety tendency---Fear, shivering, block, paralysis

Comfort tendency---Addiction, habit

Connection tendency---Touching, contacting

Individuation tendency---Realizing true oneself 100%

Resonance tendency---Finding best resonance pattern



Resonance Patterns in Human relationship


- Transference


-Dreaming up



-Persecution delusion

-Triangle relationship



See Transparently that all of those are just diversity of Qualia Resonance patterns.


How to release from those entanglements


"Become nth sex!" Gilles Deleuze

Become Rhizome of multiple sexuality


Become Transparent Rhizome with dancing every kind of sexuality, and see every phenomena transparently as the Qualia Resonance of Life in non-dual and multi-
dimensional realm.


We do not need to be bound by any specific narrow Sexuality of human at all.

Let's take off all restraints of human.

Let's become man, woman, child, old, near death, various disability, insanity, animal, plant, incect, bacteria, water, wind, stone and infinite transformable Rhizome!

We can live the multiple sexualities beyond the contemporary human boundaries.

Butoh of Life is able to expand infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

This is the deep freedom of future as Life.


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Beyond the Ego Traps
30 April, 2016

Beyond the Ego Traps

How does ego appear?


Ego has so many appearance. It has multiple ways of appearance.

At first you have to know all of them, and when you notice their signal to appear, say hello to ego and say good-by immediately. I know you well you are important for my daily life, but not know.

Now is the time for creation. Good-by and see you later.

Repeat this greeting in each time to meet ego.


1.   The subject

Ego always tries to be the subject. I’m independent of will. I decide everything about me. When you notice this tendency, just throw out your judgment and opinion. Just move with following other’s movement. When you release from the pressure to be the subject and change your behavior pattern, you must encounter a brilliant timing to invent novel thing. You are too much bound by the pressure to be independent, and you have lost the real creativity.    


2.   Territory keeper

Ego keeps one’s territory, “This is my space, Don’t enter!”

When you notice the appearance of territory keeper, just give your space others, and try to share your space. You must find a fresh way of being resonant. 

3.   Property owner
Ego always persist one’s property. “This is mine!”

When you notice the moment your will have a tension of possession, just open your hand. You can release from the bind of your property. You must be aware of how the property binds you so deeply.  


4.   Self-justification

Ego always justify oneself. Ego cannot live without self confidence ; “I’m not wrong.”


5.   Story maker

Ego always makes a story that “I am not wrong.” “If I did not proper thing, it has reason because of another person’s behavior or speaking. It is not my fault”, and so on. And ego believe one’s own story, even it is just excuse for justification. Ego is not aware of it. Because these are unconscious processes.


6.   Pretender

Ego always pretend oneself better than it is. Ego have to forget what it is, and ego can believe another story which ego framed up by oneself.


7.   Negative critic

Ego always watch others by critical eyes, and try to find the break point of others story. Because ego need to be aware of a failure of one’s story.


8.   Tempered by unconscious emotion

Ego is always under conditioning by emotional tendencies. But they are unconscious, ego does not notice about it. Only watching carefully of the subtle signal from body and emotion, help you to be aware of these emotional conditioning.


How to stop ego


Ego always appear unconsciously, it is hard to notice before ego’s appearance.

When you notice it, immediately say hello and good-by. This is the only able attitude. Just continue it. Repeat the same greeting. At first ego regist against your greeting, but slowly ego understand and calm down not to disturb the creation someday.

But you can prevent ego to activate, because ego appear through communication with others ego. Then the best way is to stop communicate with others. The second best way is to stop talking with others. Because ego is bound by language thinking, and language is bound by dualistic judgment.

I mean to find the best distance from others.

When you stop talking and thinking by words, you can calm down your brain and become quiet to be able to listen to the subtle signal from the darkness of body.

Through these training to calm down ego, finally you have to be the transparent body/mind which is able to see the subtle signal of appearance of ego and super ego, emotion, and subtle tendencies from the darkness of  body transparently.



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Grapse the Possession as Qualia Resonance 
 Grapse the Possession as Qualia Resonance
Dancing the Invisible Resonance  
16 April, 2016

Dancing the Invisible Resonance


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How to Deepen your Butoh Solo  
16 April, 2016

How to Deepen your Butoh Solo


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Deep Conditioning Method 
15 April, 2016

Deep Conditioning Method

March to April, we shift from Daily mode to Subbody mode, research the darkness of body by the basic conditioning method, and research in the darkness of body.
Now, student's subbody=cobody grew to over 30 minutes, then we proceed to deeper creation process to integrate all subbody=cobodies.
Basic conditioning has 12 method as the follwoing;

Basic Conditioning Method

No.0: Breathing
No.1: Vibration
No.2: Sway
No.3: Three dimensions
No.4: Animal and Vapor
No.5: 5 Hidden Qualia
No.6: 6 kinds of movemnet and realms
No.7: 7 Rhizoming
No.8: 8 Channels
No.9: Segmenting
No.10: 10 Meridians and 10 Bodies
No.11: Cobody Resonance (Resonance touch and Life Resonance Shiatsu)

Deep Conditioning is to mix some fo them and to meet novel Qualia that is not able to remember.

For example,
Mix with No.3 (3 Dimensions) and No.6 (6 movements)

Human body has over 100 muscles and joints.
We pass through six kind of movement at each muscle or joint.
Then each part of body is able to remind the forgotten Qualia that is hidden in the subconscious realm or Life memory in the cell.
Then we can meet with so rich forbidden Qualia that are the infinite source of creation.

It is possible to proceed to the deep creative process than ever.
We can co-crate the Proto Dream theater and Non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance world through Resonant Rhizome and so on.

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Proto Qualia 
10 April, 2016

Multiple Resonance of Qualia

This two decades, I hace investigated in what is Qualia, what is Resonance, and what is Life?
Among them, the biggest thing that discovered is what Life is resonating always with outer qualia = present physical qualia and inner qualia = reserved qualia in the cell as the Life memory.
i named it as the "Double Resonance Principle of Qualia".

In the recent investigation in the "Sick Dancing Princess" by Tatsumi Hijikata, and experiment of <Resonance Rhizome>, it deepened to "Multi-layered Resonance Principle of Qualia".

Butoh is to convert each own issues; bound, hurt, shadow, trauma, nightmare to the creation.
In Subbody Resonance Butoh School, each student researches one's own issue that is hidden in the darkness of the body; problems, shadow, trauma, not-me, dissociated personality, nightmare, unrimandable memory, habit, addiction, attachment and so on. Everybody has own Mystery and Secrets that must be solved in order to live.
Deeper the Qualia of the Mystery and Secret, more general Qualia that is not merely personal, and the Qualia resonate with the Archetype or Prototype Qualia that all human beings share in the collective uncouscious realm, and resonate with more primitive Life Memories that is stored in the cell.
In the Abyss (Bottomless depth), all Qualia are resonating as non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance.

<Multiple Resonance Principle of Qualia>

The individual Qualia that each is bound are resonating with the original experience Qualia of the babyhood or fetus age that can not be remind by the consciousness.
And also resonating beyond the time, our ancestor's experience Qualia that is stored in the collective unconscious realm as the Archetype and Prototype.
And in the more distance, it's resonating with further primeval specific Qualia of each era of Life during the Life history of four billion years.
All of Qualia is multi-layered in the non-dual and multi-dimensional Abyss.

This discovery leads to connect the Subbody method and Hijikata Tatsumi's Butoh method.
Tatsumi Hijikata had explores a myriad of phenomena of the subtle Life Resonance Qualia for the upcoming <Butoh of Life> in the "Sick Dancing Princess".

"Old man with shrinks and attentive"
"Sick Dancing Princess of bed-ridden for many years"
"God the soul has been torn to shreds."
"The third eye of the forehead to sense the invisible large creatures live in the air."
"Threatened by the lurking signs in the lead ball or string"
"Threatened and eaten even by the steam and smoke"
"Hijikata boy who was attacked and eaten up by the world and from inside, too.."

Etc., a myriad of fine Life Resonance is engraved that we can learn from them. When we stop thinking deeply, we can sense it.

What is the <Butoh of Life>?

I have struggled for many years how can we dance the <Butoh of Life> that even Hijikata never danced yet, only he could write the hints for the future generations.

Also the India Resonance Butoh tour was the experiment to guide young students who don't know the "Sick Dancing Princess" world at all, because it has vanished in Japan and Western world, but remained in the tribal village in India as the same condition with it.

Finally, the finding of the "Multiple Resonance Principle of Qualia" guides us to the Multi Resonance body to be able to dance each own issues that must be solved, and at the same time dance the subtle Life Resonance with the Proto Qualia of Life beyond the time and space.

When we dance the own trauma or issues that is able to catch by the consciousness, the dance must be limited within the framework by the narrow aspect of dualistic thinking.

But, when we notice that Life is resonating with so many Proto Qualia; as
"bird's fear, bug's fear" at the same time, it is possible to become Transparent Resonant Butoh of Life that the Life Resonance transmits from Life to Life transparently.

When we walk, we suck up multiple Proto Qualia of Life Resonance through the Hidden skin from the invisible behind world. This is the basic Proto walk of Butoh of Life.
Hijikata danced his dead sister in his last solo; "Quiet House", but he hided visible body by the clouding body method with full of subtle multi-resonance, nobody can understand what was happening by head.
He wore so many layered Proto Qualia with subtle vibrations or shivering.

He tried to transform his own wounds as a human being to a novel Beauty, Secret and Mystery, and he tried to dance the Butoh of Life as a Life to be moved by the multiple resonance among individual Qualia and Proto Qualia at the same time.

During the March, through the various practices to <Becoming Transparent> and the experiment of <Resonant Rhizome> that exceeds the boundaries of Self and Others, it has been preparing a Transparent body that can enter into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".

From the next week it is possible to go into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" with together.
It's just exciting.

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 This is the teacher of the Swarm
6 April, 2016

This is the Swarm

Now we are learning various resonance patterns of cobody.

Stone Garden
Stuffed Spring
Dismal Air
and so on

This bird's cobody dance is the teacher of the Swarm

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3 April, 2016

Why do we need to stop thinking?

There is a big difference between a conscious dance which is from thinking and real subbody(=subconsious body) dance.
Conscious dance is bound by a narrow intension, and unconscious daily habits, tendencies, meaning and so on. We can recognize it easily. It is hard to see the narrow limits of dancers. We become sad to resonate with the narrow limits.
On the contrary, real subbody is not bound by any limits.
It is full of multi-dimensional Qualia that is pure Life Resonance. Actually, subbody=cobody is Chimera body.
Chimera has two meaning, first is what is not able to catch, second is what has multi qualia at each part.
Another word, it is the multi-resonant body.
It is not able to understand by thinking, but resonates from Life to Life.
Please understand this big difference.

Open own qualia into the Multiple Resonance world

In the April course, we enter into deeper realm of Life Resonance.
We call it the Abyss of Life. Each student investigates in each deepest qualia neseccary to live.
We open own abyss in the non-dual and multi-resonance world.
We co-create various worlds which is neseccary for each student. And deepen subbody and cobody at the same time.
This is the long travel from Human to Life.
It's hard, but worth. It is the most rich condition to open infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

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 Discontinuity and Jumping Wild
Rhizome Lee Video Lecture
 "The Discontinuity of the Space" Roberto Matta
31 March, 2016

Discontinuity and Jumping Wild

"Hide the Depth. Where? At the surface." Hofmannsthal

A size walk is a Butoh Practice score for the begginers.
But, Hijikata hided his most important creation method in it.

A size walk

1. Walk with becoming a fixed size body.
2. Not walking, but shifting body between heaven and the earth.
3. Eyes become glass ball eyes, open the third eye between the eyeblows.
4. The speed which the scenes are reflected on your glass ball eyes is quicker than the speed which you see the scenes.
5 Put the razor blades under the soles.
6. Carry a water vase on the top of the head.
7. All joints are hanged by spider's thread.
8. A wish to walk goes ahead, the shape of body follow it from behind.
9. The traces of walk are hanged in front of you and behind.
3. Eyes become glass ball eyes, open the third eye between the eyeblows.
5 Put the razor blades under the soles.
6. Carry a water vase on the top of the head.
10. A forest at the back of teeth. Spider's threads in the empty cavity of body.
11. Already the eyes have stopped to see, the legs have stopped to walk.
Your being itself become walking eyes, and walking legs.
12. The walking demands
the discontinuity of walk, and
suggests an expanse of space.
1. Walk with becoming a fixed size body.

About this, some years ago, I have noticed.
But, last night, suddenly I noticed that, in this word;
<Discontinuity> Hijikata had hidden his last method <Jumping Wild> which he could completed in his last solo "Quiet House". I was so surprized and could not sleep whole night.
The Jumping wild method was written at the <Kyu> part of "Quiet House". It is the most beautiful sample of Jumping wild.

25. (Nightmare)

The nightmare is this naked body

1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by Bosch, hands that beg to be saved

2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug

26. Right in the middle of the strange development

1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull completely

2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.

3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new regeneration, a small mime was born.

4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the forest.

5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a stake man.

6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.

27. The participation into the skin

1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is sorting the sticks by the forehead.

2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the head; a spinning thread song is heard.

3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper. The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.

4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee.

I shared the finding with students. This video is that.
Please enjoy it.

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19 March, 2016

Contrast by X

Yesterday, Sati Gio invented a new way of practice to create various different resonance patterns between each other to use an element as X from the list below, and create new contrast. This is an application from the "Reduction by X" in the "Quiet House" by Hijikata Tatsumi.

List of element (X):

Body level
Dancing places

Students could create so rich contrast resonance patterns each other.
At first we tried as pair, and next as a group in the free resonance theater. It was so interesting.

Contrast is one of the important element of the novle Beauty. When an unexpected contrast appears from the deep chaos, it hits us surprisingly.

Today, students could integrate the whole resonance method with arranging the same resonance pattern and different resonance pattern flexiblly in the subbody=cobody theater.

It could be develope to the Tree=Rhizome method.
The qualia in the darkness of body are always streaming and transforming as a Rhizome=chaos.
When we find a remarkable moment a clear Tree shape or movement appears from the Rhizoming chaos, it becomes a novel Beauty.
The opposite change from Tree to Rhizome could be a chance for finding a novel beauty as well.

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 Hidden Bodies of students
17 March, 2016

How to reseach the Hidden body

In the darkness of body, so many hidden bodies are surviving shrunken into minimum size.
They are called by various names; shadow, not-me, inferior personality, dissociated charactor and so on.
Their appearance is weakened, deformed, and judged by daily as ugly, bad, no-worth. But it is illusion trapped by selfish ego archetype.
Our inteligent main charactor is trapped by ego and bound by the boundary to distinguish self and others. But, these hidden bodies have most beautuful resonativity(resonance ability) as Life including resonance with disabled people, because the hidden body itself disabled somehow already.
They were inhibited to appear into the daily world during babyhood.

How to meet your hidden bodies

1) Collapsed body

Feel various pressure from the world to press you, twist your body, and let your body shrunken, warpped, collapsed.
Then you can meet various hidden bodies.

2) Collapsed cavity

From inside, your hidden cavities are twisted, pressed, and your stomach, chest, throat, mouse cavities are changed shape, change the rhythm of breathing, and body sound with collapsed qualia.

3) Rotten eyes

Change your eyes to diagonal eyes, edge eyes, white eyes, and rotten eyes to lose 99% visual ability, then open the Life Resonance with invisible illusious Qualia in the space.

4) Develope them at random

Qualia of all channels of body, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship, and world=self image are mixed and multi-layered, and follow various forgotten tendencies of Life.

5) Share the other's hidden bodies as your hidden body, and resonate together freely.

Hidden body and Proto body are the major of subbody and cobody. Investigate in them for ever.
It is the main method to travel the darkness of body.

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The numbers of brain nerve cells that connect to hands are one second of all. That's why hand is one of the most important dancing place. 
16 March, 2016

What do your subbody hands want to touch?

See transparently, "What Qualia do your hands want to touch?"
It tells you who is your deepest subbody.

My subbody hands always research the qualia of absence of the mother.
In my childhood, woman who took the role of mother changed five times. My subbody connected to the qualia of disappearance of my first mother. My subbody is bound by the qualia for long yeras. That's why I want to be transparent from the bind.

Kazuo Ohno's hands had tried to resonate with his dead soldier friends in the second world war at Philippines island.
Tatsumi Hijikata's hands had pursued the impossible love affair with his dead sister. They danced so many other by hands, but in the abyss the present qualia that their hands contact and deepest memorial qualia were always resonating as multi-layered.

The qualia that your hands want to touch the most, tells you who is your subbody or who is your deepest hidden body.

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8 March, 2016

Chaos to give birth to a dancing star

I have met again a fateful words what lead me to become my Life after decades on facebook.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche

When I was 17 years old, I have read this in the library of the high school. And into the coming decades, like eternal recurrence, this word had continued to echo in the darkness of my body.
I continued to cherish the unknown chaos of the darkness of the body carefully, and kept listening to it .

At last, when 45-year-old, the dancing star got to dance and jump out from the body actually.
And I have continued listening to the chaos of darkness of the body, as the most important thing.
While I was young, I could just notice it as
"chaos", but now, it became transparent a little as the following;

"Non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance"

Though it is still deep numinous Abyss even now, but I can understand the reason why it is so hard to recognize certainly.
Because Life and Qualia is not substance, but it is Resonance.
My work as a midwife in the subbody school, is to support students to be aware of the abyss of the chaos in the darkness of body.
We call the chaos also
"discombobulation" which has neither clear direction nor orientation.
I hope to every student to get a way of life which continue to listen to the infinite chaos.
I believe that it is the infinite treasure house of the infinite creativity and originality of Life.

We encounter a fateful word that we never forget and it continues to lead us to our destiny.

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7 March, 2016

To be Transparent is not to be bound
by anyhting

Today, the new semester begins.
Freshman, except the people who are behind in the convenience of the visa, almost students arrived at Dharamsala.
Also, old students who has finished 2nd India tour, Satie, Honza and Pillar are going to arrive at the early morning from Delhi.
It is the first chance that half of students are new Resonant Subbody course, and the other half is midwife course.
We are able to have dual process to focus on being Transparent.
To be Transparent means not being bound by anything.
Not bound by inner Qualia of the darkness of body, and not bound by outer resonance. We wil research how to change everything into the sourse of creation.

Beginners will learn a lot from the old students of midwives course.

First day, at first we will try to share everything of each.
Each one's hope what want to do here, the motif why come here, and all problem mental and physical.
We resonate with other person's hope, motif and problems as own issue, and try to co-research how to solve them, and change the sourse to the co-creation.

It's beautiful start!

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March 5, 2016

How is it possible to open up the
creativity and resonatibity
(=resonance ability) of Life
in the "info-plosion" era?

The new semester of the school starts after two days.
Fresh men are arriving by twos and threes Dharamsala.
I have continued to write "The Transparency" during the winter, but it will not finish till after tomorrow.
Because, I have encountered to a big problem we are currently facing.
It is called "Info-plosion (=information explosion)" that is progressing at an extreme rate.
I have escaped from Japan which was full of flood of information, eighteen years ago, and moved to Himalaya without TV, newspapers, and continued to listen carefully
to the darkness of the body for these 15 years.
Since the School opened in the Himalayas, we have been communicated with the world only through the Internet.
But, the development of internet has brought the information explosion era bloated at a surprising speed,
and is growing up to an unknown monster that nobody knows yet.
The charasteristic of the information explosion is that the high-developed information control technology is going to surround us, and control the Life.

Instead of the old media of TV and newspapers, this new internet monster through personal computer and smart phone got a novel technology which is integrated multi-dimensional control system of information, and are controlling people of all over the world.

Nature of the Internet information is free choice system of pretense.
But, if we try to open any page, the information that is cooked deliciously by sophisticated information control technology, and we are surrounded by it.

Contemporary information system has established a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach, come lobbying directly to the Life Qualia Resonance.

The key is the sense of

Freedom of the apparent also was one element that leads to <pleasure>. But, Life as the creature is vulnerable to pleasure.
It has been orchestrated to lead to the <pleasure> of our own in various means.

It strengthens the ego by forcing the selfish sense of pleasure, it inhibits the <Resonativity (=resonance ability)> of Life in the apparent freedom.

In the 20th century, the <subliminal effect> has become a hot topic in corporate advertising and political propaganda method. A momental video, words and sound to be delivered under the threshold of consciousness, works on the subconscious, and it leads to a certain aimed direction. In the end of 20 century, the subliminal techniques are regulated by law in many countries.
Still now, it is discussed in the internet with the fake way that was trivialized in the narrow meaning which is the old narrow way.
But, it is dwarfed that was orchestrated in order to hide the truth.
Actually modern government and advertising have been investigated in multi-channel control techniques in secret, many researchers join in the project.
Now it has grown up to multi-dimensional information control system to stimulate the sense of <pleasure> of sex, food, play, meeting, learning and so on.
Young people are following the efficient information to get the opportunity of <pleasure> to meet tasty goods, encounter with the sexual chance, fun, playing, learning and walk in the city.
Modern city itself is also a big information system, wherever we go, we cannot escape from the information that leads to the <pleasure>.

We are bound by the big information system to force to the narrow <pleasure> as an unquestioning creature.
It is the biggest darkness of coming life in the info-plosion ara to disturb the infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

Until last year, in the Subbody Resonance School, we have been concentrate to away from the influence of the information as possible, and concentrate on the listening to the darkness of body, but it is not enough now.

We need to research the method to be transparent which is not bound by anything deeper than ever.
We will co-research in the
Tree-Rhizome method which is able to go and come flexibly the both of the Tree system of the information and Rhizome realm of Life Qualia Resonance.
This year's class might be something to focus on that point. This is a novel challenge for all of us.

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 This is the Subbody Resonantce Butoh Workshop
Interview: Jonathan, Video Sergio
March 1, 2016

Become Transparent

For the last month, I was sitting in front of the desk, and wrote and edited the ew book, "Transparency" follwoing the previous published; "Behind Mirror", "Abyss of Quiet House" (The Butoh) and "Sinkingin to the Darkness of Body".

Since the new school year begins in a few days, whether published during this vacation is undecided.
But, I can say the essence of the Transparency theory in short words.
For a while, I 'll try to write down it.


Become transparent

Stop thinking
Stop the judgment
Stop the intention
Stop the feelings
Listen carefully to the darkness of the body
Listen carefully to the fine qualia invisible flowing through the inside and outside of the body
Listen to inside 50% and listen to outside 50%, carefully taking the exact balance between in and out
Move transparently in accordance with the Qualia
Move with keeping exact balance between in and out;
Half of your movement is in according to the Qualia in the darkness of the body,
The other half of your movement is with Resonance in according to other's movement and outside world
Taste and enjoy everything transparently

As we continue it, the awareness that everything is Life Resonance, will visit you.
After then, it begins to devise the body technique to polish to transparent.

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January 15, 2016

The first Harvest of <Resonant Rhizome>
in the Spainish mountain stream

This is the memorial first Harvest of the new method of the <Resonant Rhizome>.
Last summer workshop in Spain was held in the middle of the mountains close to the border of Portugal.
At the workshop we focused on the <Resonant Rhizome> as the first experiment.
It's happened on the last day of the 10 days workshop.
When one participant initiated a specific movement at some location in the mountain stream, other people resonated with it, to flow down together or gather as a herd.
It became amazingly interesting developement never seen.

Charasteritic of <Resonant Rhizome> is not to express oneself such as modern dance or modern butoh, but to become transparent with opening inside half and outside half.
There are neither subject nor object in the resonance, resonance happens from both side transparently.
Becoming Rhizome means extremely flexible transformable body that some part of the body connects to someone else flexiblly at any part, and separates freely.
Most of the 15 participants have experienced at Jonathan's class of Subbody Laboratry in Madrid, were enjoying it openly.
With confidence in this success of <Resonant Rhizome>, it was also concentrated in the second semester of the school 2015 and realized the amazing Harvest of the 11th Butoh Festival Himalaya.
We are going to further refine the <Resonance Rhizome> this year toward to be more transparent.
Transparency means not being bound by anything, neither by inside nor by outside.
We will polish the novel Beauty of Transparency further.

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Yamazaki, Hit My Body by Stone! ver.06
in Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India 
January 9, 2016

Yamazaki, Hit My Body by Stone! 

Yamazaki is a dead friend who died in the Anti-Vetnum War 1967 in Japan.
I have continued to dancing and developping this piece for these years,
at Poland,
at Himalaya, India,
at varios places in the 1st India tour
at Pushikur, Rajastan,
at Shantiniketa, West Bengal,
at Kolkata
at Pune,
at Tatapani, Himalaya
at the 10th Butoh Festival Himalaya,
at eX//it 2015, Germany
and so on.

This dance is growing up from solo piece to group piece as if my dead friend, Yamazaki reborn as many international dancer's <Resonant Rhizome> at the 10th Festival piece and Germany piece.

It will continue to develope untill the world starts dancing as the multitude.

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"Banyan Tree=Rhizome in Pune"
Snehal. Lee and cobody
January 3, 2016

Banyan Tree=Rhizome in Pune

When I traveled in the Jungle of South India, 15 years ago,
a tribal boy who was my forest guide taught me the secret of Banyan tree, and showed me a young Banyan tree which is going to covered an old tree.
"Banyan has so strong vitality and grows up quicker than other tree, and covers the whole tree. There is another dead tree inside of each Banyan tree." He said.
Though Banyan Tree is the National Tree of India, a few people know this fact.
It spreads many branchs, air roots, and the roots become the trunk, becomes the branches, become a new trunk which becomes new roots which become the trunk.....it's never ending.
Banyan tree isself a perfect Tree=Rhizome.
I felt, "Banyan, you are my teacher of Tree=Rhizome!"
I resonated with it deeply.

The Secret of Banyan Tree
Donna danced on the Banyan tree at Ragastan, Pune artist Snehal extended extra roots by rice straws in the Pune Viennale during 1st India tour

In the 1st India Resonant Butoh tour at Pune, an artist, Snehal amplified the rhizome of Banyan tree by making extended roots by rice straws.
And we six dancers also connected with Banyan tree by bodies, and connected each other and separated freely. It became complete the first Tree=Rhizome Butoh performance.
We will continue to develope this <Resonant Rhizome>.
When we take off the human limit of individual that is bound by modern selfish ego image, and become multiple transforming body beyond the borders of self/others, individual/group, nation, culture, religion, sexuality, age, ability/disability and all borders.

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3 January, 2016

"Healing with Deformity"
-- an deep resonant article of Indian newspaper

There were many newspapers came to our collaborative butoh performances in Pune.
An article which titled "Healing with Deformity" grasped the essense of it radically with warm resonance.
I surprised at that there is excelent newspaper writer in the local of India, though our Butoh is hardly understood in other society. I appreciate a lot!

Healing with Deformity

apanese artist Rhizome Lee's performance of Butoh, an art form that evolved after the Holocaust, explored the concept of beauty hidden behind layers of grotesque make-up.


It WAS A sight to remember. The eyes of spectators
stayed glued to the Butoh dancers who crawled in a
hyper-controlled demeanor, with their intimidating
make-up intensifying the mystery and tension in the air,
which was slithering in-between pauses of shallow
breaths. As if bewitched by a spell, for nearly an hour,
nobody moved from their place, making the act,
Resonating to the Last Echoes, performed by Rhizome Lee
and his students from Subbody Resonance Butoh School in
Dharamsala, one of the most enthralling performances at
the ongoing Pune Biennale.

Butoh, as an art form, was originally invented to
vent out the emotions after the holocaust of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki in World WarⅡ. Modified and taught by Lee
in the holy land of Himalayas for last 20 years, he
brought it to the city on Friday at Deccan College, in a
collaboration with two installation artists from the
city, as his performance weaved the installation art
work as a part of the "healing" process.
The installation artists include Snehal Kulkarni
Dutt, who displayed her work 'Gone To Grass' along with
collaborator Rucha Kulkarni, who brought a mysterious
dimension to the installation with her aboriginal
sculpture of Indian diety along with mirrors.
Explaining the concept behind the performance, which
was carried out in an extreme and absurd looking
environment, Lee said, "Subbody Butoh is generally
considered as an art form that helps to heal the body,
mind and spirit. In the process of exploring and
creating movement, a practitioner often encounter
his/her physical and emotional blockages. In this
particular installation, we tried to show the complexity
of human beings in comparison with the simplicity of
Lee has derived the word Subbody from two different
word--subconscious and body. "In the realm of the
subconscious, away from the boundary of ego and daily
consciousness, our mind and body melt into oneness and
create a world completely different from what we
encounter daily," says Lee. The new world formed by Lee
and his fellow dancers in the periphery of 20 meters is
also a challenge posed to the defined concepts of beauty
and wellness.
Throwing light on the rebellious nature of the
performance, Lee said, "After the World WarⅡ, many
people in Japan were born with deformities. The after-
effects of the nuclear blunder were devastating.
However, during the same time, people in the Eastern
countries started realising that the concept of beauty
is not the one defined by Western thought. The true
beauty lies in the beauty of mind and soul, which is hwy
the dance was performed with grotesque make-up."
Talking about her contribution n the installation,
Dutt said, "I wanted to explore a sense of entanglement
in changing times through the rots. When I met rhizome
for the first time through a common friend, who was his
student in Dharamsala, we came up with collaboration
idea." Kulkarni, on the other hand, had a different
point of view. "The purpose behind the idol was to show
the interdependence of 'prakriti and purush',as
described in the ancient texts. The mirrors created an
optical illusion as people thought it was water," she
To create the installation, the artists had to work
for more than four weeks. Expressing his joy at the
success of the event, Lee said, "I performed at the
first time. This was also the first time we worked in
collaboration with installation artists.
I wish to
perform the same act in collaboration with these artists
in Japan in 2017.
Subbody Butoh's next performance will
take place at the Kala Choda Arts Festival in Mumbai
next week.

See the newspaper

Yes, we danced many entangled, twisted, broken and deformed subbody=cobodies.
Because, subbodies are hidden in the darkness of body with shrunken, twisted shapes for many years.
Moreover, we danced the Rhizome-like chaos which are transforming and flowing while entangling beyond self and others.
The space-time has changed completely by becoming oneness with the installation by Snehal which amplified the degree of Rhizome of natural Banyan tree.
But, to write the article entitled "Healing with Deformity", it must be necessary that something was moved or changed in the reporter's darkness of body by looking at our performance.
How straightforward word of pure Life resonance it is!
I was surprised at such a honest soul the press has.
Such a straight word must be impossible in Japanese or Western newspaper which was stained by stereotype for butoh, and looking away from their ugly things inside of them.
It is so happy that there is lurking hopes still in India.
But we are not afford to have remained only in India.
We have to polish further the impact force of "Butoh Rhizome" that was found through the India Rhizoming tour, and we shall be re-landing on Europe and Japan some day.
Have a fun on that day!

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Resonant Rhizome beyond the Barriers in Hungary/ Rhizome Lee and cobody 
January 1, 2016

Beauty of Life Resonance
beyond all borders

What we are doing is the quest for the Beauty of Life Resonance.
It is nor human feeling, neither judgement, but in the deep unconscious realm, it is a kind of quivering of our naked Life, even in the cell's Life level.
Few people has turned their eyes to such a faint isse as Life resonance.
Most of people do not even know that there is such a thing.
the deepest essence of Beauty is Life Resonance.
Beauty is not only information level for eyes, ears, feelings, but it is a natural phenomena that Life is moved by Qualia resonance in deep unconscious bodily realm. .
In the past, the Noh Master, Zeami investigated in the secret of beauty as the
trinity of <Flower>, <Interesting> and <Unusual>, and wrote so in the famous book, "Fuushi-kaden". But, he continued to deepen it, he finally found his ultimate beauty as the <Yu-Gen (Subtle and profound, Unseen)>. It was inevitable experience beyond human heart or consciousness which our depth was moved by something unknown in the under conscious realm, When Life is trembling between life and death.

The ultimate beauty for Hijikata Tatsumi was
<Flower of Kan(=disability)>. When our being is cornered until the edge of disability, still Life is trying to survive by malformed uncontrolled body desperately, he tried to find an novel beauty as the <Flower of Kan>.

During the Summer workshop with diverse disabled people, after various practices, I asked participants, "Which one do you want to do the most in the last performance?"
People replyed, "The transformation from the stone! "
It was that we became the stones which is not able to move by attacked, deformed and solidified by something unknown. And we reborn with transforming as a new creature for each.
There were condensed their serious wishes that each disabled body might not be able to recover in this real life, but their Life wish strongly to reincarnation in different life on the stage.

An universal essense through the both bottom of
<Yu-Gen> of Zeami, <Kan flower> of Hijikata, is the <Beauty of Life Resonance>.

The deepest Beauty is based on the trembling Life, the Life Resonance.
Although human self and ego is trapped in various boundaries and framed, Life is resonating beyond all the barriers, the nationality, religion, culture, race, sexuality, poor/rich, ability/disability and so on. The Qualia of Life Resonance is always swaying beyond the borders between self/others, present/past, even death/life.
In a number of dance that I danced in 2015, I felt my Life was leaping for deepest joy during the performance with disabled people in Hungary.
I could laugh from the bottom of Life.
I decided to follow the necessity of my Life, and changed the this years schedule to continue this work with them.
This is just the little tiny start for that we will change the world which is filled with a myriad of barriers.
I want to deepen still collaboration with people with a variety of disorders which is the outstanding challenges in the future.
It will be unknown challenge, but we can overcome it, even if any unexpected inconvenience would be happened.
We are able to convert the negative issue to positive source for novel creation, through the previous experiences of decades.
In the world of creation, it transform to opposite so often.
Even looks negative issue we would encounter, it must be a treasure house of resources of creation.
Plus is minus, minus is plus.
Bright is dark, dark is bright.
It is
the magic of Butoh creation.

People who want to challenge a new way of life!
Come to the Himalayas!

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Summer Workshops Guide 2016
in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland

The rough schedule is going to be fixed as the following:
Please plan to join it!

Italy: second half of June, at Piedinterra (Pavia, Italy) organized by Chiara

: 4th July - 18th July
Beyond the Baundaries and
Resonant Butoh Workshop

organized by Andrea, Judit and Tamas

Spain: 24th July to 7th August
at El Cielo de la Vera, near Madrid
organized by Jonathan
(after this, 1st Ibelian Butoh Festival will be held for one week in Madrid.)

: second half of August. organized by Kaska

The details will be informed in some weeks!

 The nature, culture and tribal people in South India
December 27, 2015

Let's wash our brains in the diverse cultures!

South India is a living treasure house of
diverse kinds of humanity of each era

This year's India tour is to wander from place to place of
South India.
Karnataka where Bangalorew and Tumkur placed, has so
many variations of nature, culture and tribes, where I
travelled 15 years ago, and visited various tribal villages.
Especially, the first comer from Africa to India 100,000
years ago, before the Dravidian and Aryan people are living
in the deep forest apart from Hindu people.
They are similar with Pygmy people with deep black skin,
curly-haired, short stature, and keep the original way of life.
I learned a lot from them the Animistic way of life.
They are very sensitive listener to the subtle Qualia between
Nature and Life.
"Nature is our Gods!" said one of them.
I was reborn in the Indian jungle 15 years ago by the deep
Resonance with them.
The real teacher of the < Life Resonance> would be those
people originally.
Minority tribal people keep the wisdom of the forest since
the Stone Age.
After them, so many different people in various Era,
immigrated to India, Dravidian and Aryan from Mesopotamia,
they are now the mainstream of the Hindu people.
There are remained many caves and underground ruins of
primitive meditators of Buddhism and the Gina people.
Greek descendants, which is a remained of the expedition
of Great Alexander, also keep the ancient way of life.
African descendants thet Portuguese people brought from
also alive to observe their culture.
South India is the living tresure house of various ways of
life from the Stone Age through the various historical era.

The way of life of modern advanced information age is not
only one way of human, on the contrary it is so limited ways
of life that is bound by narrow modern Ego and flood of
We have lost the most important sense of Life Resonance as
One Life.
We need to grow up to be transparent that is not bound by
any thing specific, depend on the original nation, culture,
religion, sexuality, knowlege and so on, and be able to go
and come back flexiblly among different way of life in the
human history, to get the transparent view from the past
and from the future.

South Indian jungle is the ideal place to stop the modern
thinking, calming down the consciousness and judgement
to concentrate to listen carefully to the very, very subtle
trembling of Life that is never changed throughout the
whole human history.
It's a hidden source of the Subbody Life Resonance method.
(Oh, I can't stop the wish to go ....)

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 Big Thanks!
Million Views of Subbody Butoh on Youtube

Views 1,024,853 ; Subscribers 1,203

Subbody Resonance Butoh video has surpassed the one million viewers on YouTube!
We will continue to pursue the tremendous interesting of Life Resonance.
Thank you!
December 20, 2015

All begin from Life Resonance

Something ridiculous change is happening in the world.
An informational monster as the Internet connecting world people for the first time in the human history, is growing up at a speed nobody can predict.
It is changing our lives.
Its whereabouts is still no one knows.

When we started uploading Butoh videos to the internet 15 years ago, the viewers were several people or dozens level every day.
But, the number of viewing started growing explosively recently, now thousands of people around the world are enjoying the Resonant Butoh videos everyday.
Because, people around the world has been discovered that there is a novel beauty of free Life Resonance in there.
Total views topped finally one million.
Subscribers also increased to 1,200.
Our Butoh video is changing from a minor art to something different that many people all over the world look forward.

What would this change mean?

Today I read an interesting article by Brazilian Mr. Gustavo Tanaka on facebook that titled;
"Something special is going on in the world. Not aware of most of the people."
It mentioned in the same issue above.
His viewpoint is something wider over the economic, political, cultural, spiritual and life, he mentioned about the change of way of Life. For example, in the past, People who practice Yoga and meditation was very small number, it was only a specific people who was weird, eccentric and esoteric, but it has changed.

He said,
"The rise of collaboration.
Many people have figured out that it doesn't make any sense to go on by yourself. Many people have awakened from the "each man for himself" mad mentality."

The awakening of spirituality.
How many friends do you have who practice yoga?
What about meditation? Now think back, 10 years ago. How many people did you know by then who practiced these activities?
Spirituality, for too long, was for esoteric folks -- those weird-like and mystic people.
But fortunately, this is also changing.
We've come to the edge of reason and rationality. We were able to realize that, with only our conscious mind, we can't figure out everything that goes on here. There is something else going on, and I'm sure you want to get hold of that as well."

I resonate with it deeply.

Butoh was also an art of the minority people once.
It is changing to the level of one million viewers rapidly.
Though compared to the world population; 7 billion people, such as one million is only the 0.01% of it yet.
However, the spread of the Internet is progressing rapidly in the wolrd. Many children of the poor mountain village of Dharamsala Himalayas, come to to hand the mobile.
Beyond the borders of nation, religion, culture, people are going to be able to contact the world's most advanced creations.
Butoh must change from the art of specific minority to open the deep resonativity (=resonance ability) among the all Life on the planet.
The new method of
<Resonant Rhizome> in our Subbody Resonance Butoh that simply share everything in the subconscious world and co-creating the Butoh, is opening a novel Life Resonance to the worldwide new horizons.
We could release from the the narrow view of the past that had been trapped in modern narrow Ego and Self, and open up to the co-creation realm as One Life.
The simple Life Resonance could open novel horizon that all world people could enjoy it with together.
We will proceed this change radically, we will name our new activity as
<Resonant Butoh>, taking off the old notion "Subbody=cobody" that is difficult to explain and be familiar.

All begins with a faint faint Life Resonance.
Let's cultivate Resonant Butoh to the horizon to co-create the universal Beauty of Life Resonance together.
For changing the 21st century to the brilliant century of Life Resonance unleashed from the narrow boundaries of the past.
Come to Himalaya, and open new way of life radically!

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