Sinking into darkness of the body
13 June 2019

The Harvest of 18th Himalaya Butoh Festival

An amazing explosion of creativity of Life arose in the 18th Himalaya Butoh festival, so many novel cobodies came out and every dancer deepened on their own subbody solo. Surprisingly almost every day they joined in others’ cobody piece and co-created it like a kid who doesn't know fatigue.
It seemed a miracle for me. What happened in it on earth?
It was a tiny change but a huge jump in the 20 years history of Subbody and Cobody process.
It is the first time in the Subbody Butoh history to realize the <Subbody=Cobody> co-creation.
Until this year we are bounded by the dualistic illusion which individual and group are different. Before we divided the research to Subbody solo and Cobody group creation. But this year we found two new methods. One is <Medimotion> and another is <Qualia share>.

<Medimotion> = <24-hour listening>

<Medimotion> is moving meditation. For long years we did it. But this year, we named it as <Medimotion> and focused on <24-hour listening> which our body is moved by someone when we found the most comfortable size and the speed we can enter into subbody mode easily. We stop daily thinking and judgment, and our brain becomes infinite silence.
Only when reaching to this infinite silence we can listen to very subtle non-dual Qualia stream. We can continue this condition for 24 hours. Even when we sleep the subconscious is activated and keep listening.
We tried to share this infinite silence and 24 hours listening during the semester.
Based on this <Medimotion=24-hour listening>, we could invent new co-creation method <Qualia share>.
We experimented so many kinds of <Qualia share> during this semester; <Dreaming share>, <Behind world share>, <Rhizoming share>, <Kan Qualia share> and so on. Now we can integrate all of them as <Qualia share>.

What is the <Qualia share>?

Through the <Medimotion> all of us become Subbody=Cobody mode. In the subconscious mode, the border between mind and body disappears and we can be the Subbody mode. At the same time, the border between self and others or individual and group disappears. We call it <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In this <Subbody=Cobody> mode we can share other’s Qualia as our own Qualia.
When one person initiates a Qualia with the body movement and simple word, the others can follow it by body movement easily, sometimes copy or follow with the same resonance pattern or different resonance patterns. We can co-create one person’s dreaming world together.
This is the very final method which we can leave from the existing Tree ( Hierarchical) system which a director or choreographer create and direct everything, the dancers just follow it. We researched how we can overcome it by new Rhizoming way for long years.
Finally, we can find the way by this <Qualia share> with <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In <Subbody=Cobody> mode the border between self and others disappears when we co-create a piece we can be transparent which is bounded by neither self nor others. A half we can co-create the cobody piece together and at the same time, another half we can research each own secret and mystery. Throughout the whole time, we can be a creative mode, not following the choreography which the choreographer directs you.

Harvest of Subbody=Cobody Co-creation
A Half of 12 Days Himalaya Butoh Festival has finished.
Every day, I was surprised at the unexpected explosion of creativity of all dancers.
Each dancer invented a unique stage and all dancers co-created the diverse world changes infinitely. Especially, so many novel cobody resonance patterns came out almost every day. I am a special researcher of cobody resonance patterns for over 20 years, but they surprised at me by so many unseen cobody resonance patterns and world changes scenes.
It was the biggest surprise.
What is happening on earth?
Why the sudden explosion of creativity occurred?
Two revolutions of subbody method
I realized that two revolutions of subbody method occurred in this year.
One is <24-hour Medimotion and Listening>
Another is <Dreaming share> or <Qualia share>.
I guess that these revolutions grew up during the festival and brought the amazing Harvest of creativity.
<24-hour Medimotion and Listening>
We stop language thinking and judgment by 24-hour Medimotion. Medimotion is a moving meditation.
We let our body as being moved by someone and become most comfortable subconscious body mode. We continue to listen to the very subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body.
Especially, forgotten memories, forbidden illusions or dreams and very short term memories reserved in cells.
They didn’t focus on only each own creation, but they joined in other cobody pieces almost every day and co-created them together.
It was amazing energy as if an infinite fountain or volcano of creativity of Life was born.
<Qualia Share among subbody=cobody>
In the subbody mode, when we catch some tendencies of movement of a part of the body, we follow it, and it becomes our subbody movement.
When we become subbody mode, the boundaries between self and others disappear, and we transform into subbody=cobody.
In this condition, when one person initiates one’s own Qualia by movement or and simple words, others are able to share it easily with the same resonance pattern or different patterns.
This semester, we practice a lot of this <Qualia share>.
There are so many variations;
<Dreaming share>,
<Behind world share>,
<Nightmare share>,
<Rhizoming share>,
<Deterritorializing share>,
<World change share>,
<Kan Qualia share> (Sharing the Qualia which each Life could not resonate well) and so on.
It seems that all of those experiences beyond self and others bloomed at once, and brought these energetic co-creations every day as the novel flowers.
The Festival continues half more duration.
It’s big fun, what will happen in the latter half.

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 Subbody Resonance Butoh Trailer ver.2
18 May, 2019

Take off the Self and Dance the Behind World


Alex was exploring how to dance the <Behind World>.

This week, she created a new <Behind World Share> or <Kugutsu(傀儡) Share>.

We were divided into groups of several, one by one (from A1), asked the other members to dance the own <Behind world Qualia> of each.

This day I first danced as A1. I asked to be <a fake womb>,  <a seducing witch>, <a didconnected childhood girl friend>, and  <a red god>  to be behind world of me.

A2's Navila shared her behind-world where <various objects are transformed into creatures>

A3 Sonia shared <bugs, abyss, laughing mother>,

A4 Raul shared <storms, black holes, sweets, memories of sad wars>,

A5 Ripley shared the world behind <influences from mother, dust ball, all living things die>.


When I actually danced this, I was surprised to encounter so rich unexpected experiences.

First, when I was dancing with my Behind world's Qualia that I had asked for others, I was reminded of how I was being bound by myself and I felt that I had to fight against these behind worlds until death.

However, when I danced another person's behind world Qualia, I felt a sense of liberation that I could not say by word.

Every day Co-researchers have danced countless world Qualia in order to co-create each other's world, but I have never done till this day.

And I noticed. (Oh, dancing the behind world Qualia that do not connect to self is necessary training to take off self.)

It is definitely not enough to dance yourself.

We need to keep dancing what we are not ourselves.

 To dance every Qualia of an infinite diverse world is necessary.

This is the unavoidable way to take off the self binds that are deeply trapped and to become Life.

This <dancing the world>, <dancing the Behind world> lessons will eventually be incorporated into the root of the De-self method. 

Opening Hidden Muscles

To dance the behind world 

When we dance the behind world, we inhibit the surface muscle that we use in the daily life, instead of them we open hidden (deep layered) muscles. Because Life Resonance with the Behind world is not daily body’s resonance but Life Resonance. Normally the Deep layered muscles are controlled by subconscious. When we use them, we can open forgotten (=marginalized) Qualia, it connects to the Proto Life response.

This method which we use both of present physical movement and inner memory Qualia at the same time is depend on the Qualia method which we found the double resonance of outer Qualia and inner Qualia. This is a practical development from the Qualia theory.

(cf. “Qualia as the Life Resonance” by Rhizome Lee, Amazon publishing click here)   

This kind of thing that happens is the biggest joy of co-research and co-midwife of the subbody=cobody community. We are growing to the unknown future.


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