Sinking into darkness of the body
13 May, 2019
Become Unknown Rhizome!

We are entering into the real creation process.
If you want to be a creator, stop thinking and talking completely. Keep infinite silence 24-hour.
Only in the infinite silence, you can listen to very subtle Qualia stream. Qualia are always changing and streaming in your Life, but it is extremely subtle. If you o language thinking or talking immediatey it disappear.
Keep listening to what you can not remember.
And at the same time leave the body to be moved by someone from all directions.
I keep closing for 24 hours and keep searching for the form that can not be done in everyday life.
If you continue these two, there will always be some form and movement of the body,
There is a moment when unrecognizable memories are suddenly connected. Find it and remember it as your own subbody. It is important to continue this work anyway.
As long as you continue, it will be possible to complete solo for half an hour or one hour alone in Three months.
The movement consists of mostly strange movements and shapes. The memories that I forgot to connect with are also full of strange, dusky, poorly explained qualia.
By linking them together without any meaning or context, it becomes an unknown thing that you do not understand well. That's a subbody.
When the movement leading to one qualia is over, it will lead to the movement of the next subbody. In this way, a strange early development is born one after another.
When you dance with others, the border between subbody and cobody disappear, your subbody become cobody, other's cobody becomes your subbody through Life Resonance.
We become unknown Rhizome that connect freely and separate flexible at any part of body at any moment.
Become swarm, and become alone wolf!
Transform individual to group instantly and reverse!
Sometimes it jumps to unexpected place. Do not mind at all.
If you add a story that you can explain with your consciousness, the tree of meaning will immediately rise and it becomes bored. The chaos that nobody understands is OK . Life is moved only to something that has never been seen before. It will be over if the audience is convinced with the head. Constantly betraying expectations and keep even yourself amazed.
This is the essence of Life-Resonance Butoh that has become transparent recently and I can tell at the last of the semester.

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 Yamazaki, Reborn! at the Subbody Theater Rhizome Lee
26 April, 2019
Yamazaki, Reborn! at the Subbody Theater Rhizome Lee

My last performance of "Yamazaki, Reborn!"
A filmmaker Daishima from Japan shot it. After this, I have to seal this piece, because of the danger for Life

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12 April, 2019

“Yamazaki, Reborn!” I will dance only one more time
Next week, a movie crew from Japan visits the Subbody Butoh School Himalaya.
A Movie director Daishima is making a movie about my dead friend Yamazaki who died 52 years ago in the Anti-Vietnam war movement in Japan.
He asked me to dance of Yamazaki.
I decide to dance a piece "Yamazaki, Reborn!" which had been sealed for a long time.
On Friday at the School and on Saturday, I will dance at Tatappani Sanctuary near the school.
I was preparing this dance for several years with the intention of dancing in Japan for 50 years Anniversary of Yamazaki.
The dance had forced me to overturn my determination not to live politics again.
It forced me to go back to my old days, so it was a dance that felt dangerous and sealed.
I accepted that it would be okay if I only dance in India once more at this time.
But, as the day approaches, my condition is getting worse and worse by possessed with hard adrenaline mode with deep sadness and violent anger as same as young my condition when I was in the struggle against the Japan government.
The old young revolutionary boy who has slept for over 50 years in the darkness of the body, begins to revive.
This is a real phenomenon of possession.
He started moving and change the hormone state of my body to the extreme adrenaline mode.
He is full of anger against the world and trying to revenge the death of Yamazaki, he was not disappeared, but waiting for the chance to pop up for the long years in the darkness of my body.
At that revolutionary activity, we had to keep strict rules to keep activity secret, otherwise, we had to die.
One day, I got angry to students who broke the three rules of the school, in spite of what now is not in the revolutionary activity. The emotional emergence is much quicker than conscious control. I am facing the extreme speed of the flashback of trauma, it is so quick as the speed of electricity. The normal conscious control can nothing about it. Because it is so slow than the flashback speed.
We have to be aware of these phenomena if we want to be a midwife of subbody=cobody. How can we do about this? This is one of the final themes for all midwives of subbody=cobody. You have to share this issue as your issue to solve.
My solution was to take a safe distance to these dangerous tendencies of subbody.
Maybe, I have to inhibit to dance this subbody-cobody after this exception any more.
I do not recommend you to dance like this dangerous subbody strongly.
But, if one person would encounter like this subbody as one's inevitable dance, what can we do about it? It is an issue that we cannot solve yet.

Actually, on the day of the 60th birthday 10 years ago, I would try to show another dance to the students in Tatapani as well.
As soon as I began to dance, my subbody, who used to be 20 years old, is restored.
I jumped to rotate in the air from the top of the rock of about 1 meter on the riverbank.
What I was able to do when I was young, I could not make even a half turn for a 60-year-old body who lost muscle.
I fell on a stone from the lower back, hurt my nerve, and for some time I had become a disabled body with a wheelchair.
The same mistake will not be done anymore, but what happens in the darkness of the body is totally unpredictable.
To be able to reach that day safely, hope nobody approaches me anymore.
I will spend my time listening quietly to my body.

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9 May, 2019

Becoming the Unknown

Before, subbody method is made of the techniques to become something, to become animal, plant, stone, air, Kugutsu, Shisha and so on.
The twelve conditionings methods were also to become something.
But, now subbody method developed to become something unknown. it was a result of long years quest what kinds of new world will we create.
It would be named as the Butoh of Life.
We take off all conditions of human, and become Life.
What is Life? It is the deepest Mystery.
So, we become a Mystery.
We have hundred trrilion of cells, each cell has Life.
Life is resonating with multidimensional Qualia always.
Not only present Qualia but also inner memory Qualia, each cell's Life is resonating with.
In each cell, four billion years Life memories are imprinted.Life is participated in each individual living being, and at the same time it is Oneness as a huge Life-Tide which sustained for four billion years.

Conditioning No. 4 : Saidoh transformations

We transform to this huge Mystery of Life.
A novel technique to become the Mystery of Life was found. It is called Saidoh technique. We segment our body into thousands of fine fragments and each fragment transforms into different beings with fine Rokudoh vibrations.
Rokudoh is Six movements of Vibration, Sway, Wave, Shock, Collapse and Die.
We also segment the Rokudoh into random fine fragments, and pass them through each part of body at random.
The whole body shape is changing into another shape with Saidoh vibrations.
It is called as Saidoh raise, Saidoh fall, Saidoh shrink, Saidoh shift and so on.
Then our body stop to be a human body and transform into something unknown.
Saidoh technique is from Zeami who was a founder of Noh dance 600 years ago in Japan. He used it especially in the <Kyu> part of Jo-Ha-Kyu. It was a most important secret technique that ransforms into something unknown between Death and Life.
We ourselves transform in to something unknown. And we co-create the whole process the world transforms into something unknown.
It would be a novel Butoh of Life that we orient for.
This piece “Co-Creation of Unknown World” by Aymon was a forerunner of it.

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27 March, 2019

Transparent Rhizome

Finally, we are successfully building the new <Transparent Rhizome> method based on the previous experiments of Resonant Rhizome and so on in this semester.
To realize the Transparent Rhizome that we co-create a miraculous development of Butoh through only Life Resonance without a choreographer or director, all dancers have to get the following techniques as own blood. If only one person loses it, the transparency of dance is collapsed down.
Hope to share these points by both short and long course, then Thursday, Friday’s collaboration and the Festival will work.

Connect freely and separate flexible at any time at any part.

Segmenting and transforming diversely

3°Reduction by X and regeneration
X can be any Qualia, we can become any beings and world can transform dynamically

4°Deterritorialization and reterritorialization
Each part can separate and connect from the territory

We can move with changing Qualia and numbers beyond any borders

Listen to inside half, outside half.
The half co-creating cobody world and half carrying own secret always
Not being bound by anything, even internal Qualia and external Qualia

7°Create a traveling map as the beauty
Each one creates own traveling map and shares it with others. It will be a basis of the creation of each own Butoh-fu

(They are connected to the “Clouding body (Obscuring body)” the technique of “Sick Dancing Princess” and the “Dismal air”.

“People are moved by a dismal air that felt uncomfortable, mysterious and gloomy.” (Hijikata)

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March 25 2019

24-hour Listening to Qualia streaming


We sink down to deeper research of the darkness of the body.

We expand the Qualia listening from only school hours to 24-hour.

Continue Medimotion that is moved by someone for 24-hour.

We integrate the Subbody method, Hijikata Butoh method and Deleuze phylosophy with researching "Quiet House" Butoh-fu.

Quiet House: The building of Subbody school transforms to the Quiet House that nobody talks anymore. We keep complete silence and listen to the darkness of the body.

The Red God: Life is moved by unknown Qualia always. The medimotion is what we moved by someone.This "someone" is "The Red God". The 24-hour medimotion means that we feel the invisible Red God for 24-hour.
Hijikata isolated himself for some years and meditate about his dead sister to invent his necessary last Butoh.

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain: This is Hijikata's main motif of The Quiet House. We start researching each one's motivation of the creation. Until we find own necessity of Butoh creation, we continue to seek it in the darkness of body.

A fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead:
Cat Waist:
Behind World:

To contorl these four elements indipently is Hijikata's secret technique of weaked body. He segmented his body into thousands of details and transformed verious things.

Deleuze said
<Differentiation and Differenciation> as same as Hijikata, to segment into different parts and each part transforms differently.

Garbage disposal place:
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower:
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed:
Can Factory:

The inner Qualia of cell's Life memories are reasonating with mutiple Behind World.

It is the
Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexible.

Now finnaly we can integrate Hijikata method, Subbody method and Deleuze phylosophy. We will poceed this issue in this year.

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March 22, 2019

What is the Life Resonance Butoh?


We resonate with all Life’s suffering and pain on the earth.

All creatures are ONE LIFE of four billion years old.

Become Life and resonate as Life.

It is the Life Resonance Butoh.

We are aiming the Life Reonance Revolution in the all over the world.

Come to Himalaya and join us to open your infinite creativity, originality, and resonativity of Life.

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20 March, 2019

<Jo-Ha-Kyu> completion


Jo(Begin): Share the deep and subtle listening

(Let audience to be infected to the listening)

Ha(Break): Break the previous world by an unexpected surprise

(Involve audience into your world)

Kyu(Climax and ending):

<Kyu> of “Momiyose”: Dance various subbody=cobody in a short time with inventing and devising

<Kyu> of the world change: Opening the world=self channel with a world transformation  


Co-research of <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>


Today we co-research <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>. Everybody devised unique <Ha(Break)> and shared together. After sharing each <Ha> technique we danced with using all kind of <Ha> for several minutes.


<Kyu> of the world change


After dancing full of <Ha>, we opened the world=self channel and shared each one’s world change Qualia.

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24 February, 2019
Qualia and <Dreaming Share>

This is an article for co-researchers to notice last year's novel discoveries.

Non-dual Qualia and dualistic language

We begin by listening to the darkness of the body everyday.
What are we listening to in the darkness of the body?
It is a transforming flow of Qualia.
When we focus on listening to the darkness of body, we feel something which we do not understand well.
It is an ambiguous feeling that is constantly changing, neither feeling nor delusion and imagination can be distinguished.

First of all, Qualia are perceived as non-dual Qualia which is not able to distinguish.
It changes instantly and flows. When we change the posture or move the body, the Qualia flow changes.
Qualia are very subtle and changing every millisecond. We can follow the Qualia stream with the whole body comfortably. We give our body to follow the Qualia. The Qualia flow and body start moving together. That is a subbody.
When we stop thinking through a medimotion conditioning that leaves us in comfortable swaying, we become a subconscious body mode. We call it "subbody".
The distinction between the body and mind of the daily body disappeared.
The physical movement of the body and the Qualia flow are merged and unified.
We follow the spontaneous subbody movement that comes out naturally. It is accompanied by the feeling that is being moved by something. It differs somewhat from feeling that you are moving your body with your own will. Or maybe the movements are emerging as the life resonates with the world.
It is somewhat different from the conscious movement, but in the subconscious mode, we cannot discriminate well because the distinguishing consciousness of daily body ceases.
The subbody exists in a country of non-dual and multidimensional Life Resonance which is different from the everyday world.

Also, if we try to look back on what happens to the body of the subbody state with an analytical language consciousness after dancing, we cannot grasp non-dual and multidimensional Life resonance well in dual languages. The language is constrained by the dualism of subject-predicate unfortunately, and it is not quite suitable to capture the non-dual realm. Even if we try to forcefully write it, it will completely change to another thing.
I was standing in front of this hard rock for a long time.

Discovery of <Qualia language>

However last year, it was discovered that there is an intermediate <Qualia language> region between non-dual Qualia flow and dualistic language. Then, using the <Qualia language> and the movement of the body, we found that we can co-create the subbody-cobody world of each person.
The dualistic language is based on the non-dual Qualia flow on its unconscious basis.
The Qualia flow itself continues flowing in our subconscious body, and a part of Qualia flow is associated with <label language> at the Broca field and the Wernicke field in the left brain of the human being.
A label language called "cow", "tree", "arm" etc. are connected to the most basic Qualia mass such as cow, tree, and arm.
And even in the subbody mode, we can perform primitive <Qualia thinking> by connecting these label languages in parallel.

"Cows - Field - Clouds - Flowers - Wolves - Running Cows - Chasing Wolves"

<Qualia thinking> is performed by connecting <label language> as above. It is simply connected each Qualia by "and" according to he non-dual Qualia flow.

A and B and C and D and E.....

It's enough for subbody-cobody to resonate by body movement.
Perhaps in the lower part of daily thinking or in a dream, non-dual Qualia flow sometimes related to the <Qualia thinking> using these primitive <label language> so that it is being developed such as scene changes and so on.
At the Subbody Resonance Butoh School these past few years, we have accumulated experiments of various <Dreaming Share> using these label language and the movement of the body.

"Desert - Herd - No Water - Search - Turtle - Sediment - Underground -"

If everyone is in the subbody-cobody mode, we can co-create such tremendous illogical development as above without resistance.
This takes a big step from the conventional subbody method.
Previous periods when this <Qualia thinking> and <label language> were not discovered, we were wandering in the dark without any map, in what way we can co-create the cobody world. We were often trapped by the tree-like hierarchical order which is unnecessary in this world that one person serves as a choreographer and directs other's movement. We bumped into the limits of this ego traps over and over again.

Revolution of <Dreaming share>

<Dreaming share> was discovered as breaking through the limit from that struggle.
Many variations have been produced so far.

<Behind World Share>
<World Transformation Share>
<Cobody Share>
<Prototype share>
<Rhizoming Share>
. . .
In fact it is known that this can be expanded indefinitely.
Since it is only necessary to share the contents of each explorer with the Qualia language and movement, it is possible to convert all the contents of the previous exploration into the <Dreaming share>.

This year we will continue to explore vigorously the experiment of <Dreaming Share> by Qualia thinking and movement. It will be led transparently to the method of how can we change the world.
Because here are the buds of hope of breaking the tree hierarchical order which humankind was bound for a long time and opening up the future of Rhizome are buried.

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22 February, 2019
Quest for the Necessary creation and Jo-ha-Kyu fulfillment

Winter intensive course reached the final day.
We will integrate necessary subbody-cobody creation and complete the Jo-ha-Kyu.
Yesterday I gave a homework to the participants.
Listen to your Life and pick out the 10 problems you must dance.
Listen to the association between those issues and numerous movements that have been found so far.
Take a moment to crystallize them as your own dance.
Since the subbody is an activist for 24 hours, you can ask your subbody before you go to bed to integrate these materials and let them be completed in a Jo-Ha-Kyu fulfillment.

The quest for the inevitable dance that must be danced and the Jo-Ha-Kyu fulfillment.
There are inseparable relationships. It's one of a duplex.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what subbody-cobody will come out today.

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 Calabi Yau manifold
 Minotau Picasso
21 February, 2019

Become chimeric manifold

Life is resonating with diverse Qualia. Our mature body has a hundred trillion cells. We are resonance being of hundred trillion of cell's Life.

Each cell's Life resonates with various Qualia, including present physical resonance and inner memory Qualia.

Listen to your Life, and follow the multiple resonances of cells Life.

Hijikata wrote in the Butoh-fu of "Quiet House";

"10. (Mescaline)

The love affair of hands and the copy inside the skull are connected through the discontinuity. A mescaline injection is given at a fingertip. Small flowers and small faces are born there.

Knitting with very fine thread, an infinite mesh of stitches, a fire-breathing bird and a funny bear follow Mad King while swaying. In the middle of it, the head is chasing another whereabouts.

All matieres (qualia of material or sense of material) are supported by the behind world. The compound eyes and multi-layering are muddled and become unified.

11 (Chimera)

Bellmer – to Funny Bear – to Horse Face

From Gaze of Deer – to Stick – to Beggar –Tiger

Bird with nose hair – Flower – to Mad King – Compound Eyes – Whereabouts

Bug – to Dog – Orangutan – to Ears of Fukusuke

Ears being pricked – Dizziness – to Front and Back of Mirror

Things that are dying in the compound eyes

Doll – Mask – Papaya – Firefly – Development of a wooden board

There are small flowers and so on

Horse Face – Girl Face – Dog – Spoon

Unification of Bug and Tree – to Behind World – A being who tries sudden development, following the path of a plant"

Let's become chimeric Rhizome,
chimeric manifold!
It is a way to become Life.

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15 February, 2019

Cobody Butoh-fu

We integrate all student's butoh-fu into a cobody butoh-fu. We mixed Hijikata's, Deleuze's and own Qualia flexiblly as the following;

Kan Rhizome

1. Lost in the desert
2. A hundred year old woman with alzhimers, lost, alone in the highway at night. (Someone passes through with high speed)
3. A thought relates with another thought, and another thought, circulatively
4. Inserted wires or plastics into your body from the garbage place. The wires are connectied
5. Squeky air
6. Bee swarm
7. Your body stain into the wall
8. Someone tries to escape from the wall, but wall invades him/her
9. Crack in your body and soul
10. Torn God
11. Rock cicada's eye

Finally, we got butoh-fu method of subbody and cobody to co-create. We will deepen this butoh-fu method for co-creation during next semester.

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14 February, 2019

Kan Walk

We study Kan Qualia that Hijikata collected for his whole life.
Kan means Life couldn't resonate well. The most Butohtic Qualia. We studyed them in the 212 Chapter of "The Butoh", and I selected as a Kan Walk butoh-fu as the follwoing.

Kan Walk

1. Start from Ash walk or own weakened body
2. Squekey air
3. A plant grows up from inner organ to temple
4. A bird flying away from the temple
5. Place the whereabouts into your body
6. A rocomotive passes in your body
7. Gauged and melt
8. Wire in the body
9. Stain into the wall
10 Crack
11. Rock cicada's eye
12 Torn God
13. Framen or your own Kan body

We danced this walk and I gave a homework to create own Butoh-fu with using Hijikata's Kan Qualia or own Qualia.

Next day we danced each own Butoh-fu.
It came out so diverse Kan Qualia as the following;

Mrs. God by Jitu

1. Hundred year old woman with Alzhimer's lost, alone in highway as night
2. Alien dance music from afar
3. Flower grows out o sex organs guides to the source of music
4 Blorred wandering a foreign city
5. Slow expression into a swarm of crowds

El Camino (The Road) by Omar:

The itch

Wander inside the ear

Right eye and left side of the face melts

Face of the forest

Being confined to the crystal

Old woman is being kissed

The gravekeeper

Locked in a small room in the chest

I disappear into the Haze

For the Dead by Piu:

An abused doll smoulders busubusu

It is snowing very much and you get diarrhoea

Your friends start dying around you.

Both life and death rejects you.

These scars suck up your breath and out of the body

Your internal organs dehydrate fully

Neck, Muscles, Cavities, Fluids etc. all body stiffens

You become confined in a shiny crystal cage

The dead are resting around you

Rise up fuelled by all the darkeness and breakthrough the cage

Blurred face comes forward

You travel through many realms and your face and gaze changes in each so you give myriad faces and gazes

You are moved from your chest towards the hazy ashes around a puneral pyre

Doll body disintegrates into the hazy ashes

You disappear into the hazy ashes

A Ghost plays a haunting music

A banshee wails

Dream Gone Wrong by Gora:

Come down the valley after ingesting LSD

You are in hallucinaton mode

You find a garbage dump on the way

Insert or ear plastic and metal from the garbage

Shedding off of the skeleton

Become a stuffed bag

Falling into the river

Swallowed by Anaconda

By Samar:

A repeated cold thought embedded(covered) with so many questions attacks your school

This though has a relationship with another thought - and another thought - another thought - a.. and so on.

When you talked to all that there is no thought or questions remaining.

Your all thoughts melt don and drain out to the river and leaves you in a genuine (creative) state.

Now, you can smile.

So many unique Qualia came out. Through this experiment we got confidence to create each own Butoh-fu and use it for the co-creation.
We can open novel posibility for co-creation in the next semester.

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 25 January, 2019

Sangeeta returns

 I dreamt Sangeeta in the next night when the fact was informed.
Sangeeta was walking desperately, trying to back from the dead world to this world.
The shape is weakened body itself, no power, no energy, hardly to keep standing position, but she wish to back to this world.
I resonate with her deeply. The hardly walking person is Sangeeta and also me. We become oneness, and try to carry the collapsed body desperately.

I will dance this walk someday. Sangeeta and my Subbody resonated and created this walk.
I said 'Sangeeta'. It is not any physical substance, but just the Qualia which my Life and Sangeeta's Qualia resonate and generate.

Qualia are not any physical substance, it is pure Life Resonance.
Ancient people didn’t know about the Qualia, then they confused the difference between imaginary Qualia and physical substance.
When they feel a ‘Spirit” or a “ghost”, they believe that those are existing substance, and afraid of them.
But, now we know that those are the Life resonance Qualia, no need to afraid it. We can see transparently the interesting Qualia stream that Life resonance is creating.

Another phenomenon that we can easily misunderstand is the phenomenon which Qualia are physically and mentally interacted by hormones, neurotransmitters, etc., which may lead to some physical change of the body.
We call it <Materialization of Qualia by hormones>.
This can also be taken transparently as part of the life resonance phenomenon.
When a psychological Qualia are promoted, hormones such as love, hatred, fear, and anger instantly turn our mind and body into a vector mode with a certain strong tendency. When adrenaline overflows to the mind and body it becomes a psychosomatic state of the famous "fight or frightens" mode. When oxytocin is filled with mind and body, it is materialized into mother baby 's dear mode.
Again, it can be seen clearly that emotional Qualia, hormones, and neurotransmitters are changing the material state of cells through life resonance at the cellular level.

Although Qualia itself is not a substance, its material state may change due to its resonance with hormones and neurotransmitters.
This is also the cause of the fear of ancient people materializing qualia. I was afraid of possessing people, people driven by passion and madness as the possession of spirits and other original forms.
However, now we can take all of them transparently as a phenomenon caused by life resonant Qualia.
The 20 years history that the myriad of subbody = cobody in Subbody resonance school has been dancing the Qualia are the proof. I have received all of them as the diversity of Qualia transparently.
Even if I dance "Sangeeta returns", please do not be afraid to see this dance transparently.
What is life?
What is death?
What is Life resonant Qualia?

Sangeeta told me various dreams.
A dream of a video art she wants to create a unique video.
Dream of taking a job once again after receiving a graduation qualification examination of a college which she dropped out.
A dream about her boyfriend who met on FaceBook, she will invite him to the subbody school and spend for a while together.
Now she can not carry it out, and I am knowing it. Why is it not a natural life resonance that I dance on behalf of those dreams?
We are one in that dance.
This is also a normal phenomenon in the non-dual Qualia world.
As such, transparently seeing Life resonance Qualia as it is.
Only this life resonance cannot be stopped by anyone.
No matter how much Google will control information, no one can touch the life resonance.
I believe though it is very slow, the Life resonance will spread to the world and must change the world someday.

 24 January, 2019

Sangeeta forever

Sad news

Sangeeta Kumari, who was a school camerawoman, video editor and Lee's assistant has become a being who will never return on 24th January by an infectious fever at her home place, Madha Pradesh.
She was born 1999 at Dharamsala. During Subbody school construction, you played in the construction field. Subbody School history was always together with you. Two years ago, your father Ramesh passed away, you quit college and started helping the school instead of him. You were so excellent assistant for me.

Dearest Sangeeta

Please, sleep peacefully!

Your pretty smile made me happy every day.
You edited almost of all school videos for these two years.
It will make people enjoy forever.
Your warmth will bring me Heavenly happiness, forever!
I never forget you!

Rhizome Lee


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 17 January, 2019

Kan Walk


Replace the bug to Kan Qualia that Life cannot resonate well

We could find the third stage of Bugs walk in the Winter Intensive course.
It is to replace the bug of the Bugs walk Butoh-fu to the Kan Qualia that Tatsumi Hijikata collected hrough his life long.

The Butoh-fu of Bugs walk is like the following;

Bugs walk

1. A bug is crawling on the back of your right hand,
2. A second bug is creeping down from your left side of your neck to your back,
3. A third bug is wriggling up along your inner thigh,
4. A fourth bug is squirming down from your left shoulder to your chest,
5. A fifth bug …   Ah, where is it?
6. You're so itchy, here and there. You can’t stand still. 
You're pushed away from here by itchiness.

7. Itchiness under your chin, itchiness at the base of your ears, itchiness around your elbows, itchiness around your kneecaps, itchiness around your waist,   Ah! There're five-hundred of them!
8. Around your eyes, around your mouth, in your ears, between your fingers, in every mucous membrane.    Five thousand bugs
9. A bug on every hair,
10. A bug in every pore,
11. From there thirty thousand bugs are crawling down into your guts and eating them voraciously,
12. Having eaten them up the bugs are coming out of your body through the pores,
   Now they are eating the space around your body,
13. Now the bugs are full of the outer space and eaten by another kind of bugs,
14. The condition is being eaten up by another-another kind of bugs.
15. ( Half a billion bugs on a tree. The inside is all gone. )
16. It is your end. ( The will has transformed just the bug or the sense of material.).

The first stage of paratice is we just follow the Butoh Score.
The second stage of it is to replace bug to own Qualia.
Until now we practiced till the second stage.
But, this week we found the way to proceed to the third stage.
It is to replace bug to the Kan Qulia that Hijikata collected.
In "The Butoh" (Rhizome Lee) at the chapter 212 Flower of Kan,
I have written many Kan Qualia that Life cannot resonate well as the following;

Being gouged and melt
Squeaky air
Birds fly away from the temple
Plants crawl the temple
Stain on the wall infinitely
Blurred flowers wander
The itch
I disappeared into the haze
Whereabouts of the body is placed into body
Multi-Layering of nerve mescaline
Trapped in the mesh of the moment
Rain to diarrhea
A doll smolders Busubusu
Wire in the body
Locomotive passes through the inside of the body
Consisting by margin
Viewed by the bird's-eye
Attacked by light
Spider web of light
The ankle biten by rabbit
The internal organs hanging out of the body
Neck of the crane extending from the internal organs
Follow on the waterways of the internal organs

These are the just a part of them.
But the effect was amazing, suddenly each participant's movement became "the Butoh", even the first week participants.
So, these Kan Qualia are the essence of Butoh.
That is why Hijikata put special emphasis on the Kan Qualia.

In this year, we will investigate in the Kan Qualia deeper.
It is the essence of essence of Butoh, though many butoh people didn't know about it, and misunderstand Butoh by copying only sirface charactoristics like as white paint, O-leg, slowmotion, grotesque, and so on.
The Life Resonance with the Kan (disable) Qualia which Life cannot resonate well is the real source of Butoh of Life.


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 16 January, 2019

Rhizome and Resonance


Qualia, String, Life is all Resonant Rhizome

Until now, Rhizome was understood in its special form as de-centralized multiplicity and so on, but we need to grasp it as the movement that is able to connect freely at any place, at any time, and separate flexibly.

And now, we have to add what is the Resonance that generates the multiple movements of Rhizome.

All of the movements and forms are generated by Resonance.


1. Qualia


The creativity of Life is based on Qualia Resonance. When Qualia encounter other Qualia, they automatically generate new Qualia through resonance. We named it as the “Resonant Emergence” of new Qualia. It is the secret of the infinite creativity of Life.


2. String


Everything is made by the difference in resonance pattern of the String

According to the String theory of modern physics, everything in the Universe is generated by the difference of the resonance pattern of the String. The String is extremely tiny. It’s planck length is the shortest length in the universe;

0.1(-33) m=0.000000000000000000000000000000000m.



Energy and Mass


In the Universe there are four kinds of forces (interactions); Gravity, Magnetic-electric force, Strong force, Weak force.

Einstein found that Energy and Mass is the same thing. They are able to convert mutually. According to the principle of relativity, the famous formula; E=mc2 shows that energy equals mass.

All mass and energy are made by the difference of the resonance pattern of the String.  


Eleven dimensions

The String is resonating in 11 dimensions space. Six dimensions are curled up into the Planck length, and there are three big dimensions that are well known by our daily sense.


Fig 1.  6 dimension of Calabi Yau space


Fig 2. The String is resonating everywhere in the space


The String is unable to count

The String has no number, because they always become one and separate into two flexibly, nobody can count it.


Fig 3.  The String can change their numbers by connecting and separating flexibly.


Infinite Resonance pattern

The resonance patterns of String is infinite, they can change the sizes, shapes infinitely.



Fig 4, 5. The resonance pattern of the String is infinite.


Qualia’s resonance pattern is infinite, too.

I guess that infinity might be connected by Qualia and String. Because, there is only one infinity in the Universe.

And it must be Life that connects the two.


3. Life


Life was born four billion years ago on the planet. According to the String theory, Life is born by the unique resonance pattern of the String.

The new born Life has a special resonance pattern completely different from the previous other materials. It is the Qualia as the Life Resonance.

Life can recognize the change of its own cell’s condition through resonance with the environment as Qualia, and has a special ability to remember it as the cellular memory.

The ability above is called ‘Outer Qualia”, and below is called “Inner Qualia”.

Life has both, the ability of outer Qualia and inner Qualia as Life Resonance.

This is the completely novel force that only Life has in the Universe. Qualia as the Life Resonance is the fifth force in the Universe.


4. Rhizome


As we have seen above, the form and movement of Qualia and the String is Rhizome.

Connect and separate freely with resonance anytime and anywhere, then generate new resonance patterns of new Qualia and String.

In the Rhizome, the resonant emergence is most likely to occur. That is why the String has generated this Universe and Life has infinite creativity.

Everything in this Universe is created by the difference in the resonance pattern of the string. It is known that the world of matter and energy changes with the four forces discovered so far, four interactions (gravity, electromagnetic force, strong force, weak force).

However, in order to understand life it is necessary to extract the logic of the fifth interaction, <qualia as life resonance>. Qualia cannot be grasped by four interactions. It is the fifth interaction born in space with the birth of life.

Modern intelligence has been imprisoned by humanistic subject illusion. And with it’s humanoid fantasy of capitalism coupled with the illusion of positioning Christian humans at the apex of the universe, those with capital have continued to destroy the global environment as desired.

However, now it is time to crush the human subject illusion and to have to change the world by the principle of <life resonance>.

<Life Resonance> is fundamentally different from the subject-predicate relation like the established logic so far.

Resonance has neither a subject nor an object. It happens naturally from both sides. This is the Resonance.

To date we have become accustomed to interpreting human beings as the subject of every phenomenon.

So, we are used to understand in this manner: "I see the flower." without wonder. However, when we see this process from the viewpoint of the Resonance theory, it is only a delusion captured by a human-like subject illusion. Light resonance is occurring between the flower and your eyes before you see it. It is Life Resonance between the flower and you. As a result of the resonance between you and the flower that mediated the light, the flower image stimulates your visual nerve cells, and in your brain, the illusion that "I am watching the flowers" is established.

We need to grasp every phenomenon related to Life once again as <Qualia Resonance>. This is what is actually happening as it is without any bias of the illusion of humans as subjects.

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 Tuareg people
 12 January, 2019

Lost in the desert

I introduce a fateful dream of a schizo girl’s dream to my life.
When I have read this dream in the “Thousand Plateaus” of Deleuze, at the same time my intimate friend Santiago Sempere guided us into this dream in his workshop. I was 45 or 46 years old, just I have been reborn as a Butoh dancer. And surprised at the synchronicity with me and Santiago.
I felt in this dream it is hidden a secret of relationship between subbody and cobody, or an individual and group.

"There is a desert. Again, it wouldn't make any sense to say that I am in the desert. It's a panoramic vision of the desert, and it's not a tragic or uninhabited desert. It's only a desert because of its ocher color and its blazing, shadowless sun. There is a teeming crowd in it, a swarm of bees, a rumble of soccer players, oragroup of Tuareg. lam on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery; but I belong to it, I am attached to it by one of my extremities, a hand or foot. I know that the periphery is the only place I can be, that I would die if I let myself be drawn into the center of the fray, but just as certainly if I let go of the crowd. This is not an easy position to stay in, it is even very difficult to hold, for these beings are in constant motion and their movements are unpredictable and follow no rhythm. They swirl, go north, then suddenly east; none of the individuals in the crowd remains in the same place in relation to the others. So I too am in perpetual motion; all this demands a high level of tension, but it gives me a feeling of violent, almost vertiginous, happiness."

A very good schizo dream. To be fully a part of the crowd and at the same time completely outside it, removed from it: to be on the edge, to take a walk like Virginia Woolf (never again will I say, "I am this or I am that. ").

During these 20 years, I have investigated in this secret and invented ways of becoming Rhizome and co-creating without hierarchical direction or choreography as the
<Resonant Rhizome> to share this mystery.
Now it is the time to deepen it.

But, how?

Research the moment that the boundary between individual and group or kind become not clear, ambiguous in your dream or experience.
The secret is hidden in that kind of dream or experience.
I have experienced it during the anti-Vietnam War and revolutionary movement in 1960’-70’. Especially in the struggle against police or other sects, I felt the deep numinous question;
“Who am I?”, “What is Life?”
Many Buddhist monks killed himself by burning. They seemed to have another view about Life. Through these experiences, the quest become fateful to me. “What is Life?”

Three mysteries about what Life is

Now I can grasp the Life through the entanglement of the following three mysteries.
1. Our human body has a hundred trillion cells. Each cell has Life as the same as we have an individual Life. We are resonant Life of hundred trillion cell's Life.
2. Our individual lifespan is within 100 years, however, each cell's age is four billion years old.
3. Life might be a huge tide that four billion years survives with changing shapes, increasing species. Life is one, in this view. The individual Life is separated from the huge Life tide only for less than a hundred years and will return to the huge Life tide when individual Life die.

This thought is not certain. Nobody solves these mysteries. That's why we need to research the mystery in various experiences through being Rhizome.

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 9 January, 2019

Midwife Principles


1. Keep Transparent condition

    Listen to inside half, outside half

    Not bound by anything

2. Share your best

3. Affirm everything. Accept others as a being on the way

   Not stuck to critique and denial
  When Kan (disabled) subbody=cobody is born, raising carefully

When a mixed body between subbody and daily body is born, accept it as it is telling that your conditioning is not enough.
Midwife never brame subbody cobody, take all responsibility as your problem.

4. De-self 

    Sati (Be aware of ego arise)

    Not connect thinking to the first sentence

5. Half co-creating cobody, half carrying your secret

6. Use Awase-Hanare (Same resonance pattern, different resonance pattern) technique flexibly.

7. Invent deeper conditioning to solve out.


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 Banyan Rhizome in Pune (2015)
 7 January, 2019

Conditioning No. 7 Rhizoming

"Conditioning No.7 Rhizoming" was changed so many times during these 20 years. But, finally we can meet the proper difnition as the following;

Rhizoming means becoming Rhizome that dismantling the inner Tree system of the daily mind and body. In the daily body, the mind is the King and it controls the body. We destroy this inner hierarchy.
Any part of the body is moved by someone, released from the daily role, and deterritorializing. Your arm can connect someone's pelvis, and someone's head connects to your back, and separate flexibly. Each part of the body becomes a nomad and starts traveling beyond the borders freely.
When our bodies become Rhizome like above, the resonant emergence will occur maximum often, and we can open the infinite creativity of Life.

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 6 January, 2019

The first year of the Rhizome Revolution

Become a lone wolf!
Wolf is a rhizome even being a lone, it has the potentiality to become herd at any time.
Do what you believe the best without talking and meeting by alone.
Bring what you did to the meeting.
We do not discuss in the meeting. The important principle is not to express yourself too much, not to express others too much.
Everybody become Transparent Rhizome, open Transparent distant eyes.
In the meeting, you can just find the best resonance pattern among each other.

Become Transparent Rhizome

Past 20 years were the moratorium that we could cultivate the Rhizome in the Subbody school apart from the society.
It was pure abstract experiments period.
Now we are going to have various contact with the society to spread the Life Resonance toward the world. It’s a historical experiment in the human history that the Rhizome contacts to the Tree system.

Erase the boundary among you

Why I write this? Because I'm afraid that you are still bound by the nationality. A boundary separates you between Europian and Indian.
We need to take off all kinds of human condition; especially identity, sexuality, and nationality.
During you are bound by them, nothing happens.
Take of them radically.
All of them are imprinted in the depth of the darkness of the body. They are Archetypes. Especially, the ego is the strongest Archetype that all modern human beings are trapped.
That is the reason we need to de-self at each millisecond.
We call "Sati" to notice subtle signal of ego arise.
Ego has archetypical tendencies that affirm oneself and deny others.
When you notice it, immediately let it calm down.
It is the de-self practice that we never forget at each millisecond.
It is so hard, but worth to do it.

Let's spread the world. it is so fresh and so diverse!
It is the field that the Life Resonance will be spread.
I can send you a word for it.

Be a lone wolf!
Carry your secret!
Become Transparent Rhizome!

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 1 January, 2019

A Happy New Wiki!

Thank you very much. Lee's Wiki page seemed to be aproved.
Dara wrote it. I appriciate.
Please have a look.
You can add anything or edit it freely.

Crick here to see Lee's Wiki

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  The death of God and the Disappearance of Man
Michel Foucault (1966)
 1 January, 2019

The death of God and
the Disappearance of Man

Michel Foucault (1966)

Happy New Year.
Today I would like to introduce the most important philosophical discoveries in the 20th century.
The most important philosophical event in the 19th century was "God has died" by Nietzsche.
And in the 20 century, Foucault predicted "Disappearance of Man".
It happened in France in 1966.
And, surprisingly, in Japan at the same time beyond the sea, Tatsumi Hijikata was created Butoh that abandons all human conditions.
It was surprising synchronicity!
We knew the fact that Life is connected to one in the Abyss, through it.
Only my generation has experienced the amazing synchronicity of Life in 1968 world revolt by world youth.
However, someday again the day when the world Life will resonate to Rhizome will come.
Tree-like hierarchical order confines the creativity of Life.
Someday the Life in the world will notice it.
I believe it.

[Foucalt's speech in the video]

"I believe that the human has been If not a bad dream, a specter, at least a very particular figure, very historically determined and situated in our culture. It’s an invention.
In the 19th century and also the first of the 20th century, it is believed that the human was the fundamental reality of our interests.
One had the impression that the search for the truth about man had animated all research, perhaps of science, and for sure of philosophy.
When we look at things more closely, we have to ask if this idea of the human has basically always existed, and always there waiting to be taken up by science, by philosophy.
We have to wonder if this idea isn’t an illusion, an illusion of the 19th century. Until the end of the 18th century, until the French Revolution, we never dealt with the human as such. It’s curious that the notion of humanism that we attribute to the beginning, the notion is very recent.
You can’t find the term ‘humanism’ earlier because humanism is an invention of the late 19th century.
Before the 19th century, it can be said the human didn’t exist.
What existed were a number of problems, a certain number of forms of knowledge and thought, where it was a question of nature, or a question of truth, or a question of movement, a question of order, or a question of the imagination, or a question of representation, etc.
But it wasn’t actually a question of the human.
The human is a figure constituted near the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century which gave rise to what has been and still are called the human sciences.
This new notion of the human invented at the end of the 18th century also gave rise to humanism, the humanism of Marxism, of Existentialism, which are the most obvious expressions at present.
But, I believe that, paradoxically, the development of the human science is now leading to a disappearance of the human rather than an apotheosis of the human. Indeed, this is happening now with the human sciences. The human sciences did not discover the concrete essence of the individual, of kinds of human existence.
On the contrary, when you study, for example, the behavioral structures of family, as Levi Strauss did, or when you study the great European myths, as Dumezil did, or when you study the very history of our knowledge, you discover, not the positive truth in man. What one discovers is great of thought of large formal organizations which are like the ground in which individualities historically appear. Which means that current thought has completely reversed from a few years ago.
I think we are currently experiencing a great break with the 19th and early 20th century.
This break is at the bottom of our experience of not a rejection, but a distance from Sartre. I think that Sartre is a very great philosopher. But Sartre is still a man of the 19th century.
Why? Because Sartere’s whole enterprise is to make man in some way adequate for his own meaning. Satre’s whole enterprise consists in wanting to find what is absolutely authentic in human existence. He wants to bring a back to himself, the possessor of meaning which could escape him. Sartre’s thought is situated in the philosophy of alienation.
We wish to do just the opposite, to show, on the contrary, that what is individual, what is singular, what is properly lived as human is but a kind of glittering surface on top of large formal systems, and our thought must now rebuild those formal systems on which floats every so often the foam and image of man’s own existence.

-Let me ask a question. How can any political outlook atem from your work?
Of course, this is probably the question that is posed to all forms of reflection that are destroying a myth and which have not yet rebuild a new mythology.
For example, for a long time, philosophy ha a kinship with hology.
The role of philosophy was to define morality or what politics, we can and should deduce from the existence of God.
When philosophy and the culture discovered that “God is dead”,
It was immediately proclaimed that everything is permitted. If God is dead, morality isn’t possible. If God is dead, what policy could we adopt?
Experience has shown that moral and political reflection never had been more alive and abundant that it had from the moment of God’s death. And now that man is disappearing, the same question is asked that had been formally raised of God’s death.
If man is dead, all is possible, or more precisely, we’ll be told that all is necessary.
What is discovered in the death of God, what was discovered in the great absence of a supreme being, was a space for freedom.
What is now discovered in disappearance of man is a thin space left by man which must arise in the frame of a kind of necessity, the large network of system to which we belong and is to be necessary. Well, it’s likely that just as there’s a space for freedom left the death of God, for great political and moral systems, like that of Marxism, of Nietzsche, or of Exitentialism can be built.
We may see above this grid of necessities which we are trying to navigate, great political options, great moral options and we have to say that even if we don’t see it, since, after all, no one can prejudge the future.
It doesn’t matter if we don’t. It is being discovered in recent years that literature is no longer made just to entertain, no music just to provide visceral sensations. Well, I wonder if we won’t discover that thought an be used for something other than to prescribe to men what they have to do.
It would be all well and good if thought could think of itself entirely, if thought could uncover what unconscious in the very depths of what we think."

We will start from here to the future.
What will happen after the disappearance of man?

Hear Hours of Lectures by Michel Foucault: Recorded in English & French Between 1961 and 1983

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 December 28, 2018

Jumping wild Rhizome

Furthermore, in order to promote free resonance emergence of qualia, it's good to lead the jumping wild Rhizome.
Originally, Rhizome is free to link and separate whenever and wherever it is,
If it proceeds to cross beyond spacetime, beyond self and other, beyond all boundaries, the Qualia make the most unexpected encounters.
More and more resonance emergencies occur and new Qualia will be born one after another.
The most creative state which is called superconducting state is born.

How to realize this as the movement of subbody = cobody.

It depends on the idea of a midwife.
Every day, listen to the change of the darkness of the body of the participant,
and explore what alienates the free jump.
Ego, thinking habit, self-identity, repeated self-stories, criticisms, denial to others, and so on.
Those tendencies are the remaining of the daily body, that subbody = cobody still wear.

The midwife has to lead to take off them somehow. However, when the ego is attacked directly, it shows intense resistance. This is an instinctive resistance.
It is better not to work directly to take off that debris but to suggest more interesting things.
The ego also starts to challenge by breaking the shell if it seems somehow looks interesting, although it is somewhat different from the ego's usual way.
That is <Jumping wild Rhizome>.
The each part of the body is deterritorialized and becomes nomads. Nomad Rhizome body is able to connect to any part of the body of another person and separate it flexible. Sometimes, several different Qualia come together in one body and become a Chimera body.
It transforms indefinitely, resonates with the invisible world, and the emergence of new Qualia happens.
Whether participants will create an environment or atmosphere that will make them enjoyable from the bottom is decided.
It's better to start like play.

"We were born to play.
We were born to be playful.
If the voice of the child playing, also my body move with resonance. "

(Ryoujinhisho -old Japanese song)

<Rhizoming conditioning and researching>

1. Qualia Travel
Let various Qualia pass through your body in various directions; from the bottom to the top, from the top to the bottom; vibrations, sways, waves, shocks, collapses, death Qualia pass through.

2. Qualia catch ball
When various Qualia pass through every direction, et Qualia travel from a person to others and passes through the body of others. In the process, the Qualia transform freely and jumps to the body of another person. Enjoy it.

3. Deterritorialization
Sometimes a part of the body release from the territory of ego, and becomes nomad that travel beyond the border among people. My arm connects with your back, your head starts living at my hip, etc. Infinite deterritorialization and reterritorialization occur when the body connects to a part of the body of another person somewhere in the body of another person.

4. Jumping wild
Pass all Qualia on its own so that it goes through the body. Sometimes it separates from other people's body.

5. The behind world
Sometimes, unexpected accidents occur by resonating with the invisible behind world of each own.

5. Jumping wild Resonant Rhizome
It is fun playing by integrating all of the above.

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 December 25, 2018

Let's get out of the Tree and become Rhizome!

Let's get out of the Tree and become the Rhizome!

For many years, the Rhizome could not be successfully positioned in the subbody method.


Finally, after many years of midwifing, the question of how to open the creative potential of people by diving into the darkness of the body has become transparent.


The creativity of Life is based on the natural phenomena that when two Qualia interact there is a spontaneous resonant emergence of a new Qualia.

We named it "Resonance emergence". This discovery let me notice the irreplaceable importance of Rhizome.

The Rhizome that is able to connect freely and separate flexibly is the best environment in which to open the infinite creativity of Life.

So, with confidence, we can say now, "You can leave the Tree and become Rhizome!"

I was subconsciously aware of this a long time ago. Yet, it took only twenty years before the relationship between creativity and the Rhizome could be theorised.

Why is the Rhizome full of creativity?

Although it was a mystery for many years, the reason has appeared transparently at last.

The Rhizome is full of creativity because of the frequent occurrence of extraordinary encounters between Qualia and Qualia in a freely separable, and any time connectable environment. Also, Qualia's resonance emergence creates more and more new Qualia if you just disregard the tree-like order. This is the simple answer.

I was subconsciously aware of it long ago. All activities of mine were directed to cultivate the Rhizome in the world in any manner possible. It took only twenty years before it could be  theorized.

Rhizome is the foundation of Life's creativity where Qualia and Qualia are able to interact freely beyond boundaries.

In daily life, we are bound by the Tree-like hierarchical order and Qualia cannot interact freely because many boundaries inhibit it. Nation-state, religion, company, family, ego, self-identity and so on disturb free interaction. That is why daily bodies are alienated from the creativity of Life.

Ensure that everyone in the world can escape from any tree system.

The Rhizome will creep into every layer of the tree system, eat it and break it. When tree-like connections are split unexpectedly by the invading Rhizome, beyond every boundary and hierarchy, it will cause the Tree to crush from inside.

Life Resonance Qualia will be unleashed in non-dual,  multidimensional channels.

It will start from the site of creation, and eventually, rhizome formation will progress to every aspect of social relations.

Let's create a world in which everyone can become a creator. A world where everyone's everyday life will be limitlessly creative.

How interesting will such a world be?
The purpose of Life Resonance Art is to remove all obstacles and facilitate the blossoming of mankind’s creativity.

Defeat Tree-like hierarchical order around the world, let's transform it into Rhizome.

Of course, those profiting from the current tree based hierarchical order will resist intensely. They already have political and economic power and control the information management system.

Tyrannical world powers have merged and multiplied at an unprecedented scalein human history. But there is nothing to worry about. No system can prohibit Life Resonance. Life resonates with Life, and one day, suddenly the wave of Life Resonance of the world will destroy the towering world powers.

As slavery will perish and the feudal system is lost, current politics, economics and information power will disappear as well.

Just imagine it now. Eventually the day will come that this will become a reality.

"Oh, the country of the future, that's all"

Formerly, the revolutionary Japanese poet, Gan Tanigawa muttered so. Now I, a Himalayan daydreamer, am imagining about the future without a nation and murmuring.

"Oh, the future Rhizome. That's all it is"

In the Relay of Life, Gan Tanigawa’s spirit of change for a country has become the transformation into a Rhizome.

Gradually, the process of how the nation should transform into a Rhizome is becoming clearer. We may have to wait for several generations to realize this dream.

The next generation of runners have already spread all over the world from the Himalayas. They will pass on the baton to others.

While dreaming about it, I can laugh and return to the four billion years old tide of Life.

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 Qualia meet Qualia and new Qualia is born
  22 December 2018

What is creativity?

Our quest has finally come to the critical point.
What is creativity?
The day has come to respond to this question.
The root of creativity is the resonance emergence of Qualia.
Qualia has infinite resonativity.
When Qualia encounter another Qualia, it attracts each other like a magnet, merged into one and new Qualia is born.
This is the secret at the root of the creativity of Life.
No one has yet explored this secret in human history. There was no one solving the secret that what creativity is.
Qualia is Life Resonance itself, but its secret has not been elucidated yet.
Today, only we are about to approach the mystery of the trinity of Life - Resonance - Qualia.

The creativity of Life is based on resonance emergence of Qualia.

And only those who noticed the mechanism implicitly gained the ability to open up their hidden creativity. However, there is no example that the secret was told to people.
Certainly, people who focus on creativity secreted by subconscious have appeared recently, and the method leading into the subconscious mode by self-hypnotic techniques has advanced.

The foundation of those phenomena is <Resonance Emergence of Qualia>.

Qualia are resonating each other always.
Qualia meet other Qualia automatically and create a new Qualia through resonance.
However, the daily body is not in an environment where free encounters of Qualia and Qualia can be encountered, as it is prisoned by floods of information and Tree-like judgment from day-to-day activities and social life.

Open the closed daily body

The Subbody method is what brings our Life out of the closed state of the daily body and brings it to the subconscious mode which Qualia and Qualia can meet freely in the non-dual and multidimensional resonance realm.

Medimotion conditioning

The backbone of the subbody method is in the medimotion.
Medimotion is the meditation while moving.
Leave your body to be moved slowly by someone, and at the same time shift to a transparent body that listens to inside 50% and to the outside 50%.
Traditional classical meditation has closed the body and movement channel, meditated concentrating only on the thinking channel, but when closing the body and movement channel which connects to the root of Life, it's not able to become the non-dual and multidimensional resonance state of Life.
Classical meditations that have a long history of thousands of years have fallen into a trap alienating the creativity of Life.
Now it is the time to break the limitation.
The subbody method breaks it and opens up our daily life to infinite creativity of Life.
First of all, this technique was discovered 20 years ago in the butoh dance field that opens the body movement channel mainly and has been developed and deepened.

Life Resonance Art

Today, however, this method is developing to open the possibility that everyone can participate in not only Butoh dance but also all genres Arts related to visual art, music, installations about human relationship, world-image = self-image channels and so on.
We named it <The Life Resonance Art>.
Let's join in it, and let you reborn as a unique artist who opens the creativity, originality, and resonativity of Life.

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