April 2007

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14 April, 2007

Drawing spirits

Drawing spirits come out after fifty years sleep.
I was a student who want to be a painter fifty years ago.
I forgave the hope at twenty years old, because I deceded to be a revolutionalist.
But also that hope had to given up.

For fifty years, my drawing spirits seems continuing sleep in the darkness of body.
Just last night, suddenlly it awoke and start drawing.
Almost of these drawing were completed in a night.
Though I used a program of 'Photshop', then just I have deformed a original picture which I downloaded from website.

Anyway, there are no time dimension, in the subbody world which are folded in the darkenss of body.
My drawing spirits slept for fifity years, and woke up sudeenly.

I surprised so much.
Subbody is the just treasure house of creativities.

11April, 2007

Life is

Life is always seeking the palce where life can become the most creative.

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