17 August, 2007

Transparent mind as a four billions years old life

I awared that to open the transparent mind means to see and to feel everything as a four billions years ole life.
When we are bound by the small self as a human, we can not be transparent.
To be bound not only by ego, but also to be bound by self makes us unfree.

When we become a four billions years life, every secret which are folded in the deep darkness turns to transparent.

For example the "n th sex" which I continue to try to investigate for these days, it turn to evidential true thing when we try to see it as a four billons years life.

In the long histry of life, the forms of sex increased to so many variatons, single sex form which just separates as a single selled creature, duble sex form as a male and female, and so on.

Each multiple celled creature has a period of single selled form and multiple celled form.
Also they have a single sex age and duble sex age in a life.
Some creature changes sex in a life.

The sex of our life is multiple essentially.
We don't need to be bound by the archtype of male and female.
All taboos are also kinds of archtype which we were bound for lonf time.

When we open transparent mind as a four billions years life,
every secret which is folded in the darkness turns into transparency.
And also our humans are bound by so many archtyoes and we lose
freedom of thinking.

15 August, 2007

A dream exproding

I dreamed a dreadful dream at the night of the first performance of subbody Butoh school on 10th August.

A big exprosion happened in my head, then I waked up by surprising.
it was so big sound and body feeling, that seemed my brain start collapsed.
When I woke up, my body were bound by two wood plates with connected in X shaped with my hands and feet transformed in Y shaped like a crab hands.

I just wondered what does this dream try to tell me?
I felt fear so much that I could not sleep at the night.

At the next night, I turned on a video clip on YouTube.com.
It was a butoh video with strange sounds by a sound group Seatle Xaxis Wye.
Then the same exprosion happned again in my brain.
At that moment suddenly I notised that the dream told me that I was bound by archtype of a typical Japanese string music of 'Tugaru Jamisen'.
The wood bind was a simbol of archtype.

Tugaru jamisen is my favorite music. i used to use the music in my buto piece.
Then in the performance when I try to give similar music with tugaru jamisen by primitive hand made instrument, I was bound by the archtype unconsciously.

The sound of explosion was a sound which I used in my Butoh piece Dead fever at japanese temple.
I used a experimental system like following by an artist in Kyoto,Japan.
I put glass plates avove candles, then when the grass broken by heat they make big sounds with hitting the metal boxes around the candle.

"Before you tryed to invent novel sounds and lights in each performance, but now you forget it and be bound by archtype."

This is the real message from the dream.

I visited the site of Xaxis Wye several times.
Their concept of creating sound is following.

""Seattle's Xaxis Wye is an aural spelunker whose lowercase music (what I've heard, anyway) burrows, drifts, and shivers in cryptic, eerie ways, like a Northwest version of Zen dronemeisters Zoviet France and Rapoon. Xaxis Wye soundtracks the subconscious in its most uneasy and disturbed states..." 2005

"...Xaxis Wye's mesmerizing, microbial soundscapes sound like mysterious, mystical rituals enacted in remote corners of the globe. Check out his CD, forMes, for some potent sonic incense...." 2004

"Xaxis Wye forges deeply hypnotic, amorphously tribal soundscapes that approach the lofty level of British trance masters Zoviet France and Rapoon. His new CD, forMes, is a creepy rendering of alchemical natural processes and microbial decay..." 2004

- - - Dave Segal (the Stranger, Seattle)"

I resonated deeply with this concept and their sounds.
I notised also I have to invent like this sound, but without electronics, because
the power of electrisity stops often here.
It seems so difficult, almost impossible, but i have to try to this exisless puzzule.
View more video of Xaxis Wye

Visit the Xaxis Wye site

4 August, 2007

Ask to the life as 4 billions years old

When a week finish, I have a sleep on the hummmok of the top of my house.

And I ask to my life "What do you want to do the most as four billions years old life?"

This question is the best question which I could find in my life to ask to myself.

My life gave back an answer to me, "I want to help others to aware of the life resonance".

So, I noticed that this is the most important thing, the rest isvnot so important comparing with this.
I have to check all myslef from this aspect, about class of school, about performance as well.

I strongly reccomend to ask this question to your life sometime.

What do you want to do the most as four billions years old life.

Fever Series  Rhizome Lee

Click video ve for enlarging
25 July, 2007

I've danced with naked

I uploaded three video clips.

伝染熱(infectious Fever)
死者熱 (Dead Fever)
暗黒熱 (Black Fever)

From 1998 to 2002, I danced these pieces at kyoto, osaka; Japan, Bangkok, Chengmai; Thailand, Paris,Strasbourg; France, Amsterdum; Holland, Budapest; Hungary, Romania, ygoslavia, Slovakia, Venezuella, USA, India, and so on.

It was not me, but my dead friends danced with using my body with
resonating the dead of aushwitz, nankin, Vietnum.
I have just crying with them.

It was so transparent experiences to dance with naked.
I showed my brain, inner organ and penis which is shrinking transparently.
It was so clear as much as to give my body to dead friends to use.

Read more

17 July, 2007

What is choreography?

Normaly people understand that choreography is the score how to move physically a dance piece.
Also I understood so for a long itme.
But I found that it is misunderstanding completely in subbdoy butoh dance.
Because our consciousness does not create the subbody movement.
Our subbody creates it spontaneously.
Our consciousness just follows to the sequence of movement for remembering.

A precise map of the darkness of body

Then choreography means a procedure to come out a kind of subbody from the darkness of body.
It is like a precise map of how to call up a subbody from the drakness.
Then the whole process is important from a conditioning to reseaching, and creating a subbody movment.
through these procedure our body shift to a mode to become a specific subbody mode which a hidden body is coming out.

13 July, 2007

Release from the concept of human

A reader asked me the following question.

'I am interested in also connecting with the light within, and Kazu Ohnos
tradition of Butoh Dance of the more spiritual nature.
It is important for me to really understand what you are doing, as that is
the main reason I am coming to India.
do you also work with the Light aspect of butoh?
I felt uncertain whether you focus very much on the darkness and death and
despair and pain aspects of human experience.
I am interested in the whole experience which includes this but also realizes
that we are not our stories and our pain and our illusions...
I am interested in exploring the creative potential within me and finding new
ways of dancing and moving my body, but also beautiful ways, poetic ways,
profound ways. '

'I also felt confused about your affirmation 2008 where you write about
mental illnesses....
do many people come with mental illnesses?
are you dealing much with this? '

These quaetions have so many bias, assumption, faits accomplis about butoh and life.
It cotains a tyipcal bind as a human to misunderstand butoh, then I write back to him this answer.
It may be usefull for others, then I upload the letter here.

'Thank you for a letter.

The most important thing for learning butoh is to be released from the
concept of human.

Your question contains so many bias and assumption about butoh, I felt that
you are bound by a concept of human, at first I advice you to aware of them.

For example, 'light within', 'more spiritul nature', 'light aspect', Kazuo
Ohno's tradition', 'darkness', 'death', ' despair', 'pain',
I have seen many western people misunderstand butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo
Ohno in these typical ways with pulling closer to one's own taste.
When you learn butoh, at first you need to throw out all of these bias as a
individual human completely.

You need to be transparent.

Butoh is always swaying transparently between life and death, light and
darkness, ugriest and the most beautifull.
We need to be transparent from the both side of light and dark, we need to
keep the same distance from the both, exactly 50% and 50%.
If you are bound by a bias even a little bit tendenciy to light, you can not
contact with the darkness enough.
If you do not want to dance with mental illness or physical disability,
you can not cotact to your own illeness within your whole self.
In our darkness of body, so many strange creatures and life tendencies are
living, like ameba, bactelia, snake, dead, cunning, crazy, disability, goast,
monster, devil, angel, all kind of archtype, and so on.

We have to meet all of them through the travel exploring the whole self in
the subbody school.
If you can not release from these bias, it does not work at all.
The most important thing is to die down the conscious judgement as a human.
Forget that you are a human which has intelligence as a human, then you can
meet butoh and subbody method.

I wrote the following in the text of 'The Butoh'

What is butoh?

I can say three essentials of Hijikata butoh in short words.

1.  To abandon all conditions as a human, and transform to the ‘suijakutai ; collapsed body,  which resonates with the dead, spirits, insane, collapsed, handicapped

2.  To enter another dimensions from human world and become a survivor of another world

3.  The look to the living world from another world as a dead 

The first essense is to transform into the ‘suijakutai’ which means collapsed body from normal human body.

When we open the ability of resonance with the dead, insane, mental and physical handicapped people enough, we can transform into a creature of other dimensions which butoh spirits are living, dancing and dying.

Kazuo Ohno use the word 'Tamashii', if it is translated in English, it is tranlated in 'Spirits', but the nuans of 'Tamashii' by Ohno is different from the normal meaning of 'Spiritual' in western culture.
I can not explain the subtle nuans by any words.
But in this subtle difference, the secret of misunderstanding of Butoh is folded.
You have to research the secret by yourself through the travel in the darkness of body.

Please read deeper all the subody method on the site, and if you feel
resonance with them, please join in the school.

Subbody Butoh School Himalaya

July 2007

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