20 May, 2007

We are oneness multiple life

I aranged some pictures of my favourite creatures at random,
and try to show by photo frick on picturetrail.com.

Think about that these creature's lives are continued from the original life which appeared on this planet four billions years ago.
It is a one huge long continuous life which is oneness multiple.
Also I am a part of this oneness life.
Just i insert a picture of mine among them.
Oh! How confortable is here!
One of the best place where i have danced.
Living creatures are more or less so similar.
Me and ameba is not so different from each other.

I enjoy this awarness.
We are just participants of oneness multiple life.
It is so great taste!

19 May, 2007

The Life as <oneness-multiple>

When we continue to meditate about life, one day we notice
that the origine life which was born four billions years ago
on this planet, continue it's own life until now without any
cut with changing shapes.

If we have noticed this fact, we just wonder how the life is
huge and long life!
The origine life had never died for four billions years.
Off course individual lives had died but the huge life keeps
the oneness-multiple life for long time.
We notice that this huge and long life is the essential of
Though we are bound by the thinking habit that we regard the
life as the individual life, then this habit hides the truth
of life that it has huge long life.
The individual life means just what participates the huge life
for a short while.
The origine life spreaded into so many species for four
billions years,
also all species are parts of the <oneness-multiple> life.

For long time we human missunderstood about life.
Also I could notnotice about the essense of huge life.
But I research the secret between subbody and cobody, I sink
into the darkness of body and dig and dig.
Finally a awareness that our life is so huge long life, comes
Because we are beings which participate the <oneness-multiple>
subbody and cobody interchange each other.

We have to understand about life as an integration of the
multi lives and the oneness life.
The oneness-multiple is the essense of the life.
I could meet a big mine.
This mine tastes so rich.

2 May, 2007

BlackBlack Fever (Rhizome Lee /Budapest, 2000)

It was an underground gallery in Budapest.
There were ton's of sands of river at the floor of gallery.
An artists group who moved from Yugoslavia managed this Blackblack gallery.
I danced this piece on the sand.
Many sands bited my body, the qualia are resonating with me still now in my body.
After then I began a dance tour at the Synagoques in each city of East Europe, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Yugoslavia.
So huge Synagogues are not used for 50 years in each city, because of the holocaust of Auschbitz..
After fifty years absence people have started to change the Synagogue to art exchanging space.
These people asossiated the 'Sinagogue Chain', who invited me to perform there.
I danced with the Dead of Auschwitz.
I have seen pictures of the Dead in Auschbitz by the book 'The night and the fog' by Frankle, when I was sixteen years old.
The Dead continue living in my darkness of body for many yaers.
They are waiting for the moment when I dance with them among the whole Dead of Auschbitz.
At the Synagogue they danced with resonating together.

In my darkness of body, so many Dead are living like them.
I have to dance with all of them.

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Subbody Butoh School Himalaya

May 2007

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