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January-February 2008
21 February, 2008

Live with contacting life and subbody

After coming back to Himalaya from Japan three weeks has passed.
I watched the shift of my body/mind/life from Japanese mode to Himalaya mode carefully.
Now only thirty percents are recovered. I could calm down too much excite of language brain, alert mode of consciousness, illitation of mind which want to smoke cigarett same as when I was warking as a copy writer in my thirties.
Now I could stop smoking with strugling.
Always I spend time on the roof top of school with swaying with eagle on the high sky.
Then I am going to come back to good subbody condition slowly slowly.
But still I could not contact to my life and subbody so deeply as before.

I have compared my body/mind/life of present wiht before when I was ideal condition.
I noticed that I have lost the important custum which I ask my subbody to solve the biggest probolem before I fall in sleep.
During the night, subbody does not sleep and continue working. When we got new expieriences in the day time, the short term memories are kept at hippocampus temporarily.
Then during the night our brain works to find the best connection between the new qualia which just got today and the inner qualia which are reserved in our brain as a long term memories.
They must try various ocnbination between both like a multi-dimansional round robbin system among the gria-neuron networks in our brain.
This process which new qualia meet old qualia becomes our strange dream which is full of meaningless images.
When the best conbination which has been found duirng the night the new qualia are reserved at proper gria cell as a new long term memory.
When we ask subbody what happened something new during the night, subbody gives us a subtle strange qualia.
The qualia are mostly strange body feeling. Through research on these strangeness in our darkness of body, we can find an adovice from subbody.
When we catch the signal from subbody, we follow it and amplify it to some channels. It becomes a movement, visual image, audia image and so on, anyway it is full of important awarness.

I noticed that I have lost the contact with life during the travel in Japan, now I need to recover the custom to contact subbody and life deeper as usual.

28 January, 2008

Life resonance for twenty four hours

Continue swaying from morning to night.
Listen to the subtle resonance of sixty trillions of cells of whole body.
Live with awaring of the streaming of life resonance between life and every kind of qualia; qualia of gravity, light, sounds, electrisity, air, breathing, blood stream, crenio-sacral stream, hormone, memories, relationship, world=self image stream, and so on. Resonance between inner qualia which each cell keep in the gene and aouter qualia which allways life resonantes with environment. Inner qualia are conbined by present one and four billions life memories.

When we expierience extreme cold weather our cells remenber the ice age memories, and start production of special protins for cold circumstance.
When life bound by fear and anger, the body becomes adrenaline mode, and change for flight or fight mode. At that time our immune system and growing hormones are stopped.
These responses are the wise of life which survive four billions life history.
Swaying fof all day means listening up to these wise of life,
through subtle resonance with the world.
We need to stop daily ego mode of life to listen up to life resonance, because our daily consciousness process egnores these subtle life resonance at all.

23 January, 2008

Pressed body/mind

Today I have short time to renewal website on the journy in
Japan. During the travel I continued swaying whole day, on the plane, train, with walking, with sitting in the room, then I can keep best condition now. In the winter season, I recommend you three dimensional clock swaying. It is to sway from various part of body in three dimensions, water dimension, allow dimension, and door dimansion. →View Practice Guide

On the way of travel, we can see ourselves from outside. I watched my site at the internet cafe in the Bangkok airport on the way to Japan. Then I got very strange feeling, especially about my article 'Transparency'. I could not understand what the writer wants to tell the readers. It seemed so opaque!
I wrote it at my home in Himalaya before leaving. I had very short time to write up it, the deadline was very close, it was like the same expierience as my copywriter age of long time before. My body changed to the ex-body to smoke sigarrets a lot, drink coffee, asif I were pressed by the deadline. Then my sleeping ego wake up and possessed my body and brain. It is the reason why I felt strange feeling against my article. I have to say that it was opaque 'The Transparency'. I will change the article after for a while.

Life is so fragile.
When our lile is pressed by some stresses whatever life does not want to be recieved, by time, by space, by relationship, by idea, and so on. It become pressed condition ,and change shape so easyly. The pressed life has tendency to recieve infuluences from 'the archetype' easily. When my body changed to the copywriter's body, my ego woke up and possessed my body/mind. Ego is the biggest archetype in this age. I forgot resonance with life, I fallen into just 'self expression' in that article. I did unnnessesary critics to the scientists in this age.

Fortunately I could keep the best condition of body by swaying
during the travel. I avoid the infuluences form the strong informations pressure from TV, newspaper. But I noticed that the city itself is a core of informations. advertising letters, designs. I watched most of Japanese people in the city refuse infulluences from otside, then most of them sinking into the another world through mobile phone, headphone stereo, game machine, magazine, comics and so on. I felt most of them are pressed by the pressure of informanitons tide, and lost contact with life. But they don't feel so. They don't notice that they are lost from life, body and heart.

5 Junuary, 2008

Dream of 'not going well'

I dreamed a series of 'Not goig well' dream several times these days. At first Hijikata Tatsmi join in my class and he tries something but it's not going well. So something is wrong, but I did not understand what this dream means. Next night, Also Hijikata apeared again, and hi tried to make a sequence of movement with following my Jo-Ha-Kyu method, but olso it's not going well. I felt so unconmortable feeling. But I know that these kind of unconfortable feeling is always to tell some important thing, then I keep this feeling and tried to listen up to this feeling.
Three days ago also I dreamed that a young female student tried to something it seemed almost OK, but at the last moment it was not going well. She asked me "What is wrong?
What do you feel when something is not going well for you?"
I was moved by this question. Because this feeling is so familiar for me. At the last moment of some process, I encountered this feeling which some delicate thing is wrong, then I could not succeed. It told me the goal is very close. If you find only a small thing, it guide you to the goal. But this feeling is so disconfortable.
I understand that she feels the same feeling in front of goal with real qualia.
Last night I dreamed the same series of dream. In this
time a small child who is my stuff Ramesh's son Ravi,
tried to something in my class but something disturb him.
I felt the same disconfortable feeling as the same with
Ravi at my chest very strongly. Then I noticed that I am
resonating with Ravi, then I feel the same feeling with
I remember that I felt the same disconfortable feeling
whensomething is 'not going well'. These series of dreams
told me that I felt the real qualia of resonance. Though I could not notice untill today.

What is spirit?

Somedays ago Katja who appllied to join school from Finland asked me a queation about spirit. But I could not answer yet, because it's so delicate thing I felt it is better after we will meet and talk.
Also Kats who was a student for six months last year gave me a letter with simmilar question. He told me that he saw a TV program about medium. He asked me ,"what is happening in these process. I hard that your grand mother was a medium, you have seen these scenes often in your childhood. It seemed a strange selfish spirits comes out from the dead. But is it true that the dead have the ego spirits after death?"

This is deep question. Then though normaly I used to write back answer immdiately, but to this question I could not answer immdiately. I keep his answer in my depth, then my subbody searched the answer to his question in my sleepng time, then my subbody found the answer through today's dream.

After waking up, I found an answer to his question very clearly.
The answer what I found is the following;

Medium resonated with the relationship between the client and the dead. When medium is asked from client to meet with the dead, medium can recieve subtle implisit subsignal through attitude of client. The client does not tell diretly at all, but always client shows implisit qualia a lot through his/her puzzled expression, behaviour, and so on.
The medium has special talent to read implicit message which is the client is suffered by the remose, regret, anxiety, fear to the dead without words. The medium resonate with them, then he/she understand everything between the client and the dead.
Midium follows the subsignal which he/she got through the resonace with the client at the ceremony for 'contacting the dead' and just amplify it at the maximum, and medium become the dead, change voice, and tell something to client as a dead.
Be carefull about this point, 'The possesion by the dead' and 'The spirit of dead' and 'The seance'are just archetypes.
All of these fenomena are from archetypes which our human expieirenced through the long histry. We have at least ten thousands years history under strong infulences of archetypes.
They are imprinted in our genom the same as instinct. In modern age, our consciousness forgets them at all, but our subconsciousness is still under strong influences of archetypes.
When medium become the dead, medium tells often grudges, pain, sadnes, and so on. All of these qualia are exist in client's mind. Medium resonates them and amplify it. People could not know the fact of life resonance, then they regarded them as spirits of dead, will of god, and other archetypes.

When we listen to our hidden body, we often find subcharacters which have unmature ego, uncompleted self, because they were born in our childhood, and hided in the depth of our darknedd of body. Also the strong memories about the dead who is a intimate member of famoly or relatives is ofetn some grudges, because we could not resonate enough in the living piriod of the dead. Then after the death we want to resonate through the medium.
Medium understand well about this circomestances. Then they can response with the client in the way which client hopes.

We need to understand deeply about archetypes. Otherwise we are eaten by archetypes. They are so strong than we expect. And person who is eaten by archetypes becomes 'Guru' or 'Originator of new relision, and so on.
Be carefull!
We need to respect the primitive mind which is in animism and sharmanistic communities, but we need to travel in every kinds of cultures flexibly. Don't be bound by archetypes.
I love animism and sharmanism world but, to loave and to believe is completely different thing.
Never be eaten by any kind of trends of spirituality.
Almost of them are still bound by archetypes strongly.
They misunderstand resonance of life for spirituality.
Open your transparent mind and see everything as it is without bias by archtypes.

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