March-April 2008


Sinking into the darkness of body   
22 April, 2008

Quiet revolution by "Rhizocracy"

I had a multiple characters disorder or dissociated identity disorder for
many years.
Untill five years before, I could not controll some instant process which
some characters possesses me suddenly, for example, adrenarine character
who gets angry immediately.
This year, in the winter time a hard worker character come out after
fifteen years hidden process in the darkenss of body.
This character was a main character when I was working as a copywriter in
my thirties. He could treat computer well. But my dancing charcter hated
him because he is a conscious character and has strong ego.
Then during these fifteen years he was hidden in the darkness of body for a
long time.
Only four years ago, when I made my website, he came out and create the site quickly and went back to the darkness.
But in this winter, my site had so many problems, all links were broken,
allmost illustrations were lost, and so on. Then during the winter vacation
this hard worker character came out and worked hard.
I expected that when the work finished he will go back to the darkness.
But when school started he did not go back and stay like as a main
character of me.
He has bad habit of heavy smoking, sleep late, and so on in my thirties.
Also this winter he started somoking again after thirty years absence.

I recieved him as a member of my whole self.
I worryed about smoking, because it is too bad for my body and mind as a
midwife of subbody.
But I didn't want to inhibit the habit by strong will or direction of some
character within me.
I needed another way to stop smoking.
Then oneday I got an image of "Rhizocracy" through the dream.
Oh, with this image I may stop the smoking habit, I felt so.
All of my six trillions of cells resonated and seemed to deside to stop
Also my small friends who met on every Sunday hated me to smoke.
And the biggest thing was i was possessed by my ego during the subbody
cobody theater of last weekend.
A student stopped movement at all during the theater, his subbody seemed to
refuse resonance. Then I felt that it was my mistake that I dicided to
concentrate to subbody practice in this week, then we could not practice
cobody resonance. I regreted about that.

But I could not notice about what I was bound by my ego at that time.
Dualism judgement of wrong/right, good/bad, boud me at all during

May be my conscious character possessed me too much, then I might not
notice about this possesion by my ego state.
I aweared that the time has come the conscious character have to sink down
into the darkness of body. ----No, it is not true.
Not I, but all of my cells aweared about it at the same time together.
This is the revolution by "Rhizocracy".
There was no congress, no meeting, no discussion, but through resonance all
of my cells agreed with what we stop the smoking.
Also the heavy smoker character felt, "I will follow the dicision, because
I cannot stand against the rhizocracy at all."

It was so quiet revolution.
In a silence it began and ended.
All my cells resonated as a rhizome at the same time, then decided so.
This is the image of new way of revolution which I researched for a long
It will be changed instead of the old fakes concept of "Democracy".
Democracy is the fake system. From the origine of Greece, it was only by
citizen except of many slavers. The democracy system excludes outsider from
a society previously and decided everything through the discussion by
citizen as insider. The citizen who has citizen rhight is not real all
members. It is the secret of the fake of democracy.
No Korean people cannot engage in Japanese fake democracy, no refugee
mexican people cannot get American citizenship. No Arab people cannot
engage in French democracy. They are excluded previously from the democracy
system by citizen.
"Rhizocracy has no citizenship, no center, no congress, no meeting, no
discussion. Through the silent life resonance by all real members of
society , everything will be decided.
We need just to hate the war and nation-state by all body, mind and life .
That's all what we need.
Someday all members must notice what we all hate them really.

●●● 18 April, 2008

The biggest edge: "Ego"

I continued to try to die down my ego process for ten years, now slowly it is able to catch the subtle signal when my ego comes up transparently.
Until now I could not notice the timing because my ego did not calm down enough.

Maybe, the edge of ego is the biggest edge for us.
It is the most familiar process for daily body and mind.
I noticed that there are two typical tendences which ego comes up.
One is the moment when ego recieves unconfotable pressure from outside.
This is easy to understand when we feel pressure which ourselves are pressed, ego takes the role to guard ourselves.
Another one is the moment when ego inflates by self-conciet,
proud, praise, and so on. This case becomes blind spot for us often.
Especially when we feel, "I got big discovery!", it is the crisis which ego comes up and possesses us.

In eight channels, I discribe the typical moment when ego comes up and binds us.

1. Body channel

When we recieve unplesant pressure from outside, ego comes up as a guard immediately.
Also when we are possessed by habit, like as adiction, daily routine work and so on, ego controll us. Ego feels that I am the owner of this body with satisfaction.
These kind of ego is so strong like as instinct. It is so hard to controll it. We just need to aware of them. It's enough at the first stage.

2. Movement channel

When we move according to a plan, like a strict choreograph, ego has to wake up and controll us. Ego controlls ourselves by dualistic judgement--right/wrong, good/bad, beautifull/ugry, and so on.
When we are released from ego, we can improvise flexiblly between our choreograph and accidental evants. I call this method: "Real time resonance".
It is not so easy. When we are released from ego enough, we can do it.

3. Visual channel

When we are bound by a archetype of sense of beauty which is considered as normal in a society, our egos are bound also by them and guide us to be beautifull way. Ego inhibits us to go out of the border unconsciously.
Almost person feel resistance to warp one's inteligent face, because ego inhibits us strongly. It is the edge of visual channel. Ego considers that the ugry face does not belonge to me, it belongs to "not-me".
"Not-me" is dissociated self like as subcharacter, shadow, inferior character. Subbodies include them.

4. Audio channel

Our audio channel is bound by the archetypes like as human language, twelve scale of normal music.
Our daily bodies are trained by them for long time, we believe that they belong to human.
Ego recieves unpleasant feeling from the sounds, voices out of the "human".
But when we are released from these arvchtypes, we can create the novel beauty world where daily body does not feel beautifull.

5. Emotion channel

When we enter the subbody world, we often meet unknown unconfortable emotion, because the basic composition between consciusness and subconsciusness is changed from daily conditions.
Our daily bodies are bound by very few kind of feeling: glad, sad, angry, easy, and so on. These are archetypes in emotion channel.
But so many variations and gradations of emotions and feelings are streamingin our subbody world. It is impossible to name them.
When we meet an unknown emotion, it is felt strange strongly, and we feel resistance. We don't want to recieve them, and try to escape from them.
This is the edge in emotion cahnnel.
At the first stage, we can just recognize them. After then, slowly slowly we can become friend with them.

6. Human relationship channel

Our daily bodies are bound by archetypes: human role, family role, and gender. Ego have only a gender. But subbody have multi gender. Sometimes subbodies are fetus, baby, boy, girl, mother, father, old man, old woman, and genderless being.
Subbodies have "'n'th sex". When we open our 'n'th sex, we can transform female body, male body and so many genders bodies.
But is is prety difficult, because the one of the strongest archetype: Anima, Animus disturbs the process. We are so strongly bound by them. This is the hardest edge work. We need wait the timing when we are ready to face to it for a long time.
Also I continued to try to be released from my Anima for a long time, but still I cannot success it.

7. World image= self image channel

When we meet a subtle unconfortable feeling: "I don't know what is happening, but, something is wrong." , we encounter an edge in world image- self image channel.
When our world image and self image are fitting, we feel ease, and self confidence. We can keep proper will. But when there is a subtle gap between them, we cannot keep will properly. We are distubed by this unpleasant feeling. This is the edge in world=self channel.
It is happening always, but our daily bodies ignore them normally, untill this gap grows up to a body-mind syndrome or sickness.
Then suddenly we are attacked by nightmare, somatic syndrome, and sickness.
When we die down our ego state, we can catch the subtle signal of this edge.
Actually, we meet them so often. The subtle gap is always happening.
The focusing method by Gendrine is to listen up to this subtle gap. He named it "felt sense".
But in the other hand, when our ego meet a good stuation, good luck foutunately, also at the moment subtle gap between world image and self image comes up.
This moment is the crisis, if we don't notice it, our egos are bound by conciet, proud, ego-inflation, and so on easily.
In my school, when an new idea works sucessfully, I often encounter this crisis: my ego comes up with a glad and proud face, " I got it!", and when I am bound by it, I fail in becoming student's subbodies.
I have to recognize the bitter fact what is "Ego cannot become a midwife".
I need still a longer process to train myself.

8. Thinking channel

Thinking itself the storongest edge of ego. When we are bound by thinking, we cannot resonate enough.
We need to release from thinking so often.
The only good way is this: when we got an new idea, we should write down it soon on a notebook nearby, and forget it immediately, then we can come back to subbody mode.
Alway we need to effort shifting our consciousness from thinking mode to listening mode constantly in all moments to be released from ego process.
But thinking is the biggest edge for us. Our daily body believe that we cannot live without thinking as a human.
It may true, but it is not enough to become a life.
We need to release us from the biggest illusion what we are "Human".
When we think that we are human, we are bound by the biggest proud.
The feeling of human hide the deep fact what we are just life.
When we are released from the illusion of human, we can recover the life resonance which can resonate with the weakest being in the world.

14 March, 2008

Qualia and Rhizoming method

Superstrings are resonating each other in eleven dimensions
with transforming shapes and numbers in each moment.
Qualia which our life feels are streaming and changing as same as it.
Rhizoming technique is to become a rhizome body
which can show these extreme transformation transparently
with following life and qualia flow in our darkness of body


I digged into Qualia tunnel and Rhizome tunnel of the darkness of body for a long time.
Now I feel that both tunnels find connection, finally.

Language is tree, but qualia are rhizome.
Modern way of thinking is bound by dualistic binds: inside/outside, up/down, self/others, right/wrong, individual/group, and so on. And it divides everything into fragmants, then build them as a hierarcy with using dualistic logic.
But it is illusion. it is mere simplification to be useful for daily life.
Real qualia which life feels are always streaming and changing in non-dual and multi-dimansional realm.
There are no border between inside/outside, up/down, self/others, individual/group, right/wrong in multi-dimensional qualia world. It is non-dual realm.
Language reduces number of dimansion from multi-dimension to to lower dimension. Then it become easy to understand by daily thinking.

Why qualia are rhizome?
Because the string of string theory is rhizome.
According to String theory, everything is made of the change of resonance pattern of string.
It is unable to be counted. String is always connect with neibours string and separate immdiately.
They belong in uncountable number's world.
(See illustraton above)

When we try to catch qualia which life feels, we need to throw away language thinking, and just taste them without mind, and just move with following their streaming and changing.

Rhisoming is a special technique of subbody method.
It releases ourself from the dualistic many binds of daily body, and become able to transform into everthing with following the streaming and changing of life and qualia.
(For more info, read and practice 'Rhizoming' in 'Practice Guide')

This years main theme will be 'rhizoming technique'.
Now I can try to guide students into this deep tunnels of darkness of body, because after four years expierience, finally I got long term students for three months to one year.
It was impposible to guide students there in short period.

This is the reason to ask new students to prepare calming the thinking channel before entering school.

Also three months is too short for get rhizoming, it may be able to touch only entrance of rhizoming tunnels.
But if students get how to walk in the darkness, you can investgate in by your self, like last years long term students are trying their own workshop in various place.

Then you can continue to dig your own tunnels. If you will get some new findings, you can teach others, and come back Himalaya to share with other students.

I hope that someday many tunnels will be digged in various places on the planet.
This will be the time when a new generation which can breathe the new transparent inteligence from childhood will appear.

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●●● 10 March, 2008

About non-dual and multi dimensional

When I renewaled 'Illustration guide of subbody world' after two years absent,
I noticed that I used a term of 'Tao' at the biggining.
I felt that this term is needed to explain a little bit more, because Now I as a dancer don't use this term normaly.

This term is from Lao tzu (Laozi, Lao tze, Lao tseu,...).
He wrote the followings in his book 'Tao Ye Ching'.
This book was one of the favourite book from my young age.
Lao tzu said the following about Tao;

The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.
The unnameable is the eternally real.

(Naming is the origin
of all particular things.
Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.
Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.
Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.)

(Tao Te Ching/ Ch. 1 as interpreted by Stephen Mitchell (1992)

There are so many kinds of transration and interpretation.
Almost of then are bound and biased by interpretator's modernistic concept.

The modern consciousness are bound by language, which langage is able to discribe everyhting.
But human language starts from deviding, it cannot explain undividable.

When you stop your consciousness and language brain, then you sink into the darkness of body, you can find undividable world is there.

But if your language brain is active, it must divide everything into a piece bu dualistic thinking and judgement.
It has a strong tendency to divide everyhting dualistic.
Good/bad, up/down. indside/outside, mind/body, self/others, right/wrong, and so on.
For long time our consciousness are bound by the dualism.
Our lanage is also bound by this strong tendency.
Then we need to stop language thinking, if we want to touch the real in the darkness of body.

The term of 'darkness of body' means large erea of so-called unconsciusness, subconsciousness, body, and life.
I don't use the word of unconsciousness.
Because this term are biased with so many various interpretations after Froed had used this term as 'a surppressed erea of our mind by consciousness'.
We need to release from all of these bias about the darkness of body.
Our mind/body world has so many variations of cultures on this planet.
Then I have to stop to use the term 'Unconsciousness'.
The term of 'subconsciousness' is used by pyono therapist.
It is not bound so much by the bias of Frued's concept.
Then sometimes I use this term.
But actually, the subconsciousness and body is not separated in the darkness of body world.
The subconsciousness and body is streaming and changing always as oneness without differentiation.
Then I need to invent the term of 'subbody' to call this world.

I use the term of 'the darkness of body' and 'subbody' as almost same meaning.
The tiny difference is that 'the darkness of body is used as a point of view of 'world image, 'subbody' is used as 'self image'.

But also these terms are bound by the bias of human.
Only we human have the concept of the self and the world.
Life is not bound by niether self nor world.
When we try to receive everything as life, we need to use the term of life.
Life is belonged in the world of 'non-dual and multiple- dimensions'

Lao tzu was a person who found that the world of non-dual and multiple dimensional world as 'Tao'.
Then sometime I use the term of 'Tao' with respect for him.
In the primary cultures they have so many similar concept with Tao, like as 'Mana' in the animism, 'Atman' in ancient India civilization, 'Emptyness' in the Buddism, and so on.
But also these term are bound by so differnt interpretations infullenced by modern western concept.
Then it is difficult to use these term.
We need to invent our own term to investigate in life.
Arnord Mindell who is the originator of 'process oriented psychology' also invented a term of 'second process' and 'dreambody', 'dreamland' instead of using 'unconsciousness.
If you want to investigate life without the binds and biases, you need to invent your own term.
Various points of views must open rich world of diversity.
Life is non-dual and diversity at the same time.
Qualia which life feels are streaming with changing in the non-dual and multi dimensions.
Accoding to the String theory of phsycs, everything is genarated by the changing of resonance patterns of string
. String is bibrating in eleven dimensions which is folded in the three dimensions which is familiar for our daily bodies.
Now is the time which we can try to unify the both of ancient wisedom and contemporary investigations into a transparent new inteligence.

5 March, 2008

A gift of subbody

I created a subbody butoh dance,"Infectious Fever" in 1998. It was ten years before. I have performed this piece for many times at many places on the planet. At that time, I didn't know the reason why did I create like this strange dance. It was not a creation by my consciousness. One day it seemed to appear form my daekness of body. It's was full of misterious movement and sequence for me.
I wondered who did create this dance.
This deep question pushed me to the investigation of subconsciousness. It guided me to find the concept of subbody, as a
subconscious=body. I thought that subbdoy must be a hidden creator who lives in the darkness of body.

In this winter I found a basic exercise for trasformation method. It was uploaded partially as a particles of "Oral cavity breathing", "Three dimansional shift of body cavity and oral cavity", and "Transforming from body cavity". This series will be completed as a whole method of transformation.
Everybody can practice this series of exercise. When he/she will get this technique, he/she become able to dance from the depth of being. It is possible to create a dance which is not only surface movement of arms, legs, and body by only by head work, but as a deep transformation from depth of being to another being. If one follows the strange body feeling of body cavity and oral cavity, nose cavity, eye cavity and so on, and amplfy the feeling, it will guide them to infinite variations of one's own subbody butho dance.
This method must be the key to open the rhizoming technique which I serched for long time how to open the door to guide people to enter in it.

I noticed that the solo of "Infectious fever" is connected to this finding. Because it was started from face transforming to body transformation, and opening another dimensions finally. At that time I mensioned this movement was to break my inteligence. But now I awared that the movement is only begining of this whole transforming method.

I sank into the darkness of body and continued to dig the daekness for these ten years. Now I found that this digging connects to an universal method of transformation. Everybody can open one's subconscious creativity and create one's own unique subbody world through learning this transformation method. It will connect easily to next technique to open another dimension which I called "Rhizoming technique". Then one's body becomes like a theater itself to open another dimensions.
This finding is a gift from my subbody.
Subbody continues to give me important findings for these ten years.He is the guide of darkness, teacher, and he becomes my sworn friend through whole my life.

If you try to create your subbody dance, I can give you an advice that you should put everything into your dance. No need to find meaning and sence by conscious inteligence at all. It is OK that you use misteries, secrets, wonders which you can not understand the reason why do I do this.
Also very important archetypes will come out into the subbody movement, it will intend to controll your creation strongly. It is Ok. recieve them and continue to fihgt against their strong power. Through this strugle you must find what is the most important thing which your life wants.

Also many strange archetyoes tryed to enter into my subbody dance and tryed to controll me. I received everything. I had to struggled with them for long years. But through this struggle I could meet the most important thing to overcome and to solve for me. They are the unsolved problems which are hard relationship with dead mother, dissociated charactors including anger, unknown whereabouts baby, lorita, desire, and ego.
I could not dance them yet all, but I could find this is the way to live with solving these problems. It is the gift of subbody.
It is the way to connect with the secret of life.

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