Sinking into darkness
 Conditioning No.1  Vibrating Medimotion
 Fetus breathing
 Conditioning No.0 Breathing
 Double operation with half-open to inside and half-open to outside
 What is conditioning?
 Difference between meditation and medimotion
 Listening to the Qualia that your Life could not resonate well with
 Qualia that Life can’t resonate well
 Non-dual=Multidimantional Qualia
 Non-dual=Multidimantional Qualia
 "Technique of Shisha"
 Basic conditioning to edge work, and de-self-conditioning
 How to Liberate from the Archetype
 When ego comes out 
 There is nothing to be ashamed
 Release from strength
 How to stop ego and superego
 How to Liberate from the Ego
 Things that disturb transparency
 Reducing until Transparent
 Let’s train the Transparent eyes
 Transparent Riken (Distant) Eyes
 What is Transparency?
  From individuation to Becoming Life
 <Becoming> and <Reduction by X and regeneration>
 The amazing synchronicity of Hijikata and Deleuze
 Words that have changed my life
 My predecessors
 Life, Qualia, Resonance
 Meditation and Medimotion
 Technique to stop thinking
 Rhizome Revolution of Subbody method
 Rhizome Revolution of the Subbody method
 Butoh transmitted from Life to Life
 We are oneness multiple Life
 What is the Life Resonance Butoh?
 Why did the daily body lose creativity?
 How can we open infinite creativity
 "What is Butoh?"
 What is Subbody=Cobody?
 Life Resonance among cells in the Unconscious body
 Life, Qualia, Resonance
 Transparent Eye for Counter Transference
 Transparency in the storm
 Erasing midwife itself
 Maxim for Midwife
 Inner Revolution
 Edgework and "Mengen"
 Basic attitude for edge
 Inner Revolution
 Inner Revolution
 Affirmation of Life
 Smoke Bug's Walk
 Creating Each Own Butoh-fu
 Characteristics of Hijikata's Butoh-fu Language
 Compound Eyes
The difficulty of changing place
 7. (Dream of Horse Meat)
 Quiet House
 Kan Walk
 Flower of “Kan”

Resonance body

 Transparent body
 Clouding body
 Archetype body
 Possessed body
 Chimera body
 Vaporized body
 Kugutsu body
 Bottom body
 Hidden body
 Proto body
 Weakened body
 Quiet body
 Rhizoming way of Co-creation
 "Flower of Kan"
 Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery)
 Jo-Ha-Kyu of Bugs Walk
 Jo-Ha-Kyu Magic
 The original text of “Rhizome”
 Change the world to Rhizome
 Become Unknown Rhizome!
 Let's learn the Life from the teacher "Slime mold"!
 Become chimeric manifold
 <Resonant Rhizome>
 It's Rhizome under the Tree!
 Let's become Rhizome!
 What is Rhizome?
 Lost in the desert
 Stone Garden cobody
 Forest cobody
Early cobody resonance experiment

(Similar-Different) Resonance method

 <Cobody Dreaming Share 1>
 (Similar-Different) Resonance method
 Recovery of Resonativity of Life
 Resonance of Qualia and creativity of subconsciousness
 Deepening the Butoh
 Dance the Kan Qualia with Saido Technique
 Warped and Reverse warp
 Researching the necessity of your dance
 Dance the Qualia that can’t resonate well
 Research the 5 Desires
 Active imagination and Subbody=Cobody
 Dance your Whole Self and Whole Life
 Regression to Fetus world
 Chaos to give birth to a dancing star
 The Warped Qualia
  Expansion of Human concept
 Memory of Kazuo Ohno
 16. “My Mother” A Quest to the Fetus world
 15. “La Argentina" Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata
 28. Becoming Shisha which transforms infinitely
 21. The necessity of the Weakened body
 7. Weakened Body
 Conditioning N0. 8. Non-dual and Eight channels
Conditioning No. 6 Rokudo (Six Realms)
 Conditioning No. 2 Swaying Medimotion
 Conditioning No.1  Vibrating Medimotion
 Conditioning No.0 Breathing
 Let's overcome the negative influence of coronavirus
 Freely switch between non-dual Qualia and each channel Qualia
 Creativity of Life
 Conditioning N0. 8.
Non-dual and Eight channels
 Yamazaki will reborn after 53 years
 2. Subbody=cobody
 2. <Qualia share>
 Conditioning No. 5  

Five hidden Qualia

 Conditioning No. 4 Carrying Density
 Conditioning No. 3 Three-dimensional
 Conditioning No. 2  Swaying Medimotion
 Conditioning No.1  Vibrating Medimotion
 Fetus breathing
 Conditioning No.0 Breathing
 What is conditioning?
 Very Subtle Qualia
 How to Liberate from the Archetype
 Things that disturb transparency
 1. What is Transparency?
  7. My predecessors
 Meditation and Medimotion
 To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process
 Life Resonance among cells in the Unconscious body
 Help me, please
  Resonance yoga
  Dancing the "Behind world"
 Non-dual and Eight channels
 Comfort Medimotion
 Research the 5 Desires
 Becoming Unconscious-body
 Long distant eyes for the better future is being questioned
 Let’s get over the stresses by coronavirus through medimotion
 What is creativity?
 What is Transparency?
 The String theory
 Listen to the Non-dual Qualia
 The Mystery of Life, Qualia, Resonance
  Hidden joints
 Free Traffic among Rhizome and Tree
 Why did the daily body lose creativity?
 The last Butoh of Hijikata
 Flower of “Kan”
 The First Encounter with my Subbody and Hijikata Butoh
 A Happy Four Billionth New Year Of Life!
 The Mystery of Life, Qualia, Resonance  
 To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process
 Listening to subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body
 Why did the daily body lose creativity?
 Butoh is a revolution
 The Seconf Letter for Transparency
 This is the Origine of the Life Resonance Revolution!
 Yamazaki, Reborn! Rhizome Lee and cobody
 Yamazaki, Reborn!
What is the Creativity of Life?
 Transparency --The First Letter
 About Trauma and chage it the Flower
 Hunting the Dragon, and change it to a creation!
 Very rare encounter!
 Life Resonance beyond all borders
 Subbody Drawing to Life Resonance Art
 Teacher of <Resonant Rhizome>!
 Sangeeta Forever!
 Mystery of Life, Qualia and Resonance
 The Harvest of 18th Himalaya Butoh Festival
 Harvest of the Revolution of Co-creation
 Take off the Self and Dance the Behind World
 above from here is 2019-2
Yamazaki, Reborn! Rhizome Lee and cobody at Tatapani
How to create our own unique Butoh-fu?
 To become an unknown Rhizome, How can we create our own unique Butoh-fu
 Become Unknown Rhizome!
 Becoming the Unknown
 Transparent Rhizome
 24-hour Listening to Qualia streaming
 What is the Life Resonance Butoh?
 <Jo-Ha-Kyu> completion
 Qualia and <Dreaming Share>
 Quest for the Necessary creation and Jo-ha-Kyu fulfillment
 Become chimeric manifold
 Cobody Butoh-fu
 Kan Walk
Sangeeta returns
 Sangeeta forever
 Kan Walk
 Rhizome and Resonanace
 Lost in the desert
 Midwife Principles
 Conditioning No. 7 Rhizoming
 The first year of the Rhizome Revolution
 A Happy New Wiki!
  The death of God and the Disappearance of Man
 Jumping wild Rhizome
 Let's get out of the Tree and become Rhizome!
 What is creativity?
 <Resonance Butoh-fu>
 Hidden Skin Walk
  Mirage | Alex, Lee and Cobody
 Satsang with Rhizome Lee 
 Necessity in December | Rhizome Lee, Alex, Emma and Jaakko
 Polish the Transparency
 Let’s train the Transparent eyes in the Winter Intensive
 Dance the critical point between visible and invisible!
 Non-dual Qualia Share
 Break down your body into the cell size!
 Jo-Ha-Kyu Life Resonance technique
 Take off your sexuality

Challenge of November

 Becoming Life
 Rhizoming way of Co-creation
 The Blood of Dance
 Unification of subbody Butoh and Hijikata Butoh
 Hidden body Share
 Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery)
Obscuring the body and "Behind world"
 How to meet your necessary Butoh
 What is Transparency?
 The medimotion let wake up the Life memory of cell
 The amazing synchronicity of Hijikata and Deleuze
 Power of deterritorizing medimotion
 Fine Jo-ha-Kyu Co-creation method
 Meta Skill of Rhizome Co-creation
 We need chaos
 Dance the short memories
 Rhizome Revolution of subbody method 2
 Jo-Ha-Kyu Co-creation method
 Questing the inevitable Butoh
 Cobody Dreaming Share
 Rhizome Revolution of Subbody method
 Rhizome Conditioning
 Report of the 20th year of Himalaya
 Cobody Dreaming Share
 The Art of Shisha and "The Art of Life"
 Why did the daily body lose the creativity?
subconscious body (subbody) has infinite creativity?
 229 Flower of Kan 2
 A word that has changed my life
 Jo-Ha-Kyu of Clouding body
 From Life to Life
 MA of doing nothing
 Liberation from the biggest Archetype, Ego
 Qulia and the String theory
 Co-creation of "Stuffed Spring" by Reduction by X
 <Sen-Shin-Hitsu (Novel-Numinous-Necessity)> Researching method
 Tree-Rhizome of <Shu—ha-Ri>
 Hijikata was an extreme magician of Tree-Rhizome technique
 Chaos, Non-dual, Rhizome
 The first thing to get
 Remission from long prisoning
 A Sudden Change
 A Happy Four Billionth New Year!
 About the New finding of Subbody Method
 Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Ground-Signs) Rhizoming
 <Becoming> and <Reduction by X and regeneration>
 Why <Resonant Rhizome>?
 Become Wolf!
Become Bee's swarm, Mole's tonnel
and Rhizome!
 Researching the reason to dance
 Tree-Rhizome method
 What is the real Healing?
 A Discovery of Following-up experiences of the same quality as Hijikata Tatsumi
 Creating Each Own Butoh Score
 Kafka and Hijikata
 <Rhizoming Share>
 Let's become Life!
 Dance the Resonance!
 <Dismal Air> ---Subtle Resonant Rhizome in "Sick Dancing Princess"
 <Dreaming Share> meets "Sick Dancing Princess"
 Toward The Non-Dual, beyond all Dualistic Illusions
 "What is Butoh?" ---A narrow definition to be poor, and deep definition to enrich
 Become Transparent
 Whereabouts of Missing Guys
Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Ramesh, forever!
 咸 & 癇 -Two KAN
 My teacher, Ramesh was gone
 What to learn from handicapped people 
 Carnival of Kan (Disability) / Gorka, Lee and Cobody
 This is the Rhizome
 By losing what, do Qualia become information?
 Discovery of Subtle Rhizoming
 Accept others' issue as one's own issue
 Transparent Distant Eyes
 Dance your all Invisible CHAINED
<Kyu> of Quiet House: Jumping Wild 
Difficulty of changing place 
 Slow Kanchen
 Dancing the Disappearance
 Midwife method 5
24 hours Transparency
 Passing Rotten Qualia through
  Toward the Infinite Resonance body
 Invent your own Weakened body
 Co-midwife method
 Personal Myth and World Myth
 How to use the <Reduction by X and regeneration> in real creation process
 <Resonant Rhizome> to become transparent
 Transparent Distant Eye for Tree-Rhizome technique
 Reduced body Share
 Reduction by X and regeneration
 Integration of Subbody method, Quiet House and Sick dancing Princess
 <24 hours Subbody and Transparency>
 Power of resonance, fully open!
 Co-creation of Another World
 "Bugs Walk" and "Sick Dancing Princess"
 Custom to build self conditioning
 All hierarchical order is a delusion which human made
 Resonance Yoga
 24 Hours Midwife
 <Prototype Dreaming Share>
 Subtle Control technique
 Follow, Promote and Initiate
 Double Operation
 Six realms
 How to dance the Archetype
 Focus on the Life Resonance
 This is the Non-dual and Multi-dimensional Resonance
 How to dance the Archetype
 What is going on is transparently visible
The Secret and Mystery among Qualia and words
 <Dreaming Share>
 Prototypical fear to invisible something
 Toward the Non-Dual!
 Spiritual and Physical Map of India tour
 Chaos Sharing
 Amniotic Fluid Accident/ Pilar and Lee 
 Muli-dimensional entanglement of subbody-cobodies
 What is the Flower?
 What is the Qualia? What is Life?
 Cultivating the Resonativity
 Proto Experiences of Boy Hijikata
 Yamazaki, Sleep! Yamasawa, Sleep!
 Multi-layered "Clouding body" technique
 Ten years Quest of Pilar

Let' become Rhizome!
let's learn the Life from the teacher "Slime mold


 Become the multiple Sexualities
 Beyond the Ego Traps
 How to Deepen your Butoh Solo  
 Deep Conditioning Method
 Multiple Resonance of Qualia
 This is the Swarm
 Why do we need to stop thinking?
 Discontinuity and Jumping Wild
 Contrast by X
 How to reseach the Hidden body
 What do your subbody hands want to touch?
 Chaos to give birth to a dancing star
 To be Transparent is not to be bound
by anyhting
 How is it possible to open up the
creativity and resonatibity
(=resonance ability) of Life in the
"info-plosion" era?
 Become Transparent
The first Harvest of <Resonant Rhizome>
in the Spainish mountain stream 
 Yamazaki, Hit My Body by Stone! ver.06
 "Banyan Tree=
Rhizome in Pune"
  Beauty of Life Resonance beyond all borders
 South India is a living treasure house of diverse kinds of way of life
 This is the Resonant Rhizome!
 All begins from Life Resonance
 ''Subbody=Fetus World" by Sergio
 How to enter the Subconscious World
 ''Blood of Dance"
 ''Healing through the Creation"
 ''Transparent'' and ''Jumping Wild''
 Dancing the deepest Life Resonance
 "What is Resonant Rhizome?"
 "Who is Tatsumi Hijikata?"
 Reducing until Transparent
 "Banyan Rhizome" Snehal, Lee and cobody in Pune
 "Black Black Fever" Rhizome Lee Bdapest 2000
 The Shining of Resonant Rhizome
 Let's become Resonant Rhizom
 A Letter from Santiago
 Santiago has been alive!!
 Become Happy Cancer!
 <Kyu> of the World channel
 Regression to Fetus world
 Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone! 7 Rhizome Lee in Tatapani
 A novel co-creation process
 Become Transparency
 Proto Walk
 Become an expert of Qualia
 A letter from an old student
 Infinite Abyss of the Weakened body
 Become Chimeric Rhizome!
 Reduction by X and regeneration
 Let's become Rhizome!
 Very deep transparent silence
 Reduce Gross qualia in each channel
 Relationhship with "Sick Dancing Princess" and "Bugs Walk"
 A body being eaten by the world
 Essenses of Kugutsu body
 To meet inner Sick Dancing Princess and Hijikata Boy
 Sick Dancing Princess and Hijikata Boy
 Resonance with Disability of Life
 3.11 Anniversary of Life Resonance as One
 Welcome, to the darkness of body which is non-dual and multidimensional, Rhizome=Life=Resonance world!
 <Slipped through> and <Dancing between-behind>
 This is Rhizome
 Hit a Stone
 Hidden motif of India Rhizoming tour
 India Rhizoming Tour to deepen the Resonativity as Life
 Become a Life that is resonating with everything
 Where are we going with Life Resoance?
 To the Abyss of Life!
 The Monsoon is going to be broken!
 50 years dialogue with my dead friend, Yamazaki
 Yamazaki, Hit my frozen body by stone! 4 Lee
 Deep Conditioning No. 9
Segmentation, and changing the dancing place of the bod
 Inhibit your habit, then another dancing place will open
 Dialogue with Hiroaki Yamazaki
 What is the Edge?
 "What is Butoh?"---A narrow definition to poor and deep definition to enrich
 Smoke Bug's Walk
 Yamazaki, Reborn! 2
 Yamazaki, Reborn!
  Butoh score of “Sick Dancing Princess” part 1 ‘Clouding body’
 Let's find the novel ethics in the hizoming process
 How is it possible to change the world?
 A resonance with Juya Dust
 Vaporized body
 What is the Ethics of Future?
 The World Flow of Nomad=Rhizome=Plateaux
 Rhizome and Plateaux
 Co-creation of the diverse invisivle 'behind worlds'
 Basic attitude toward the Archetype and Prototype
 What is Flower of Kan?
 Flower of Kan and "sick Dancing Princess"
 Uprooting the roots
Sharing the pain of the birth
 Time to change
  Subbody History 1 Basic conditioning to the edge work, and de-self conditioning
 Let your body/mind sway in the confortable vibration or wave
 Miracle of Dream subbody
 Why do we dance in the wild?
 Chaos to give birth to a dancing star
 Impossible longing makes body vaporizing
 Decome the invisible 'Behind world'
 We need to become Life, and resonate with what happens in the Pacific Ocean
 What is next ?
 "Weakened body" - a prototype meter of Butoh
 We did it!
This is the Rhizome
 Nomad Rhizome 1995-2013
 Erasing midwife itself
 De-self conditioning
 Harvest of unique cobodies
 How to untangle the darkness of body
 Chaos to give birth to a dancing star
 Creation through the Life Resonance
 From "Flower of Kan (=Flower of disability)" to "Sick Dancing Princess"
 "Rhizome Dirt Lee"
 Infinite freedom of butoh
 Drop baby
  Yamazaki, Requiescat in Pace!
 Technique of Hurt and Self-descipline of Form
 Abyss of "Bugs walk"
 Mystery of cobody
 Dismal air
Become Transparent
 Framan technique and Carrying Density
 A gift from Kafka
 Triple synchronisity!
 Encounter with the unexpected changes
 I will dance again
-- In order to resonate as Life
Share the non-dual Life Resonance as the twins fetus
 To stop thinking is alfa and omega of subbody process
 second semester
 Transforming the body to dance the invisible
 Multi-Layering art of darkness
  Share your best!
 The unknown Order that comes now
 Qualia and Information
 Toward the unexplored butoh
 Archetype of the Bottom body and Animism
 Notes on dancing the archetype
 Quest of the Great Mother
 Earth、Bottom, and Abyss
 Dance the Obscure
 Dance the invisible huge creature in the air
Mystery of subbody=cobody and "Ethics of the future"
 What is Subbody?
 Dancing the Invisible Kamaitachi
 Fukusima walk
 Life, Qualia and Resonance
 What is Life Resonance?
 Strange brightness of Life
 Dance the invisible
 Resonance with disability of Life
 Continue to listen to Life
 Encourage the growth of newborn neurons in the hippocampus
 Self-curing ability of Life and whole body breahting
 Drop "Sick Dancing Princess" into body and movement channel
 Lee's Subbodies Map of decade ago
 Translaton of 1st Chapter of "Sick Dancing Princess" has finished!
 Active imagination and Subbody-cobody method
 ”Sick Dancing Princess and Active imagination of Jung
 The fate which repeats visiting us
 Rich Possibility of cobody
 ”Sick Dancing Princess" is a book of Life Resonance
 How can we be more creative in how to make use of "Sick Dancing Princess" for everybody?
 Finding the entrance of "Sick Dancing Princess" in a "Devel Storm"
 Midwife method 5 Counter Transference
 Midwife method 4
Unknown dangers in the depth of the darkness of body
 Creation method 6
 Fears work 2 Dissolving Eight Fears
 What is the Flower -Zeami and Hijikata Tatsumi
 Dance from the Proto qualia
 Fears work 1Dancing eight Fears
 Midwife method 3 Do not miss the Flower of Kan
 Creation method 4 Through the blood!
 Double Resonance of inner qualia and current qualia
 Happy 106th birthday Kazuo Ohno.
 Midwiving of infinite affirmation
 Remember the time of extinction
 Remember the time of extinction
 Peacock cobody
 Behind the skin
 Start from Affirmation
 Edge work and "Mengen"
Cobody 3 <Stone garden cobody>
-Multi resonance Life
 Cobody 2
<Forest cobody> Co-being of infinite diversity
Cobody 1
<Swarm cobody> on the edge of Life and Death
 Non-dual Darkness between herds and individual
 Explore the diversity of the resonance pattern
 Live beyond the sex
 Dedicated to the 45th death anniversary Hiroaki Yamazaki
 Multiple Resonativity of Life
Bond to Visa=Nation-State problem
Happiness of cells of Flaman
 A sprouting form of future Life
 Toward the non-dual Life before differentiation between Self and Others
 Weakened Butoh started from resonance with Disabled body
 What is the deepnening of Butoh?
 Become Nomad-Rhizome!
 Jo-Ha-Kyu in one munite improvisation
 Conditioning for cure and healing
 The discovery of Prototype
 Dream body
 Diving into the combobulatin together
 Open Infinite Creativity
 Toward the Prototype, Archetype, and Mothertype of Life
 The final Yoshimoto Takaaki
  Qualia is the Life Resonance itself
 Resonance will begin
 Information and Qualia
 Hang a string into the darkness of body
 Become Life, become transparent!
 Conditioning for Winter season
 Letter from Belen
Heliogaballus and Kundalini---Crisis of the Birht of Subbody
Infinite freedom of Calabi-Yau
Art of Shisha
 Letter from Jullie
 "Technique of Shisha 1"
Watching life from death
 How to create "the Fllower"
 A travel through the resonance net is beginning!
 Congromerate and jumping wild of qualia
 Resonance revolution at one billion years ago
 Dancing the warped qualia
 A secret of Hijikata's subtle body control technique
Dream body and subbody-cobody
 World transforming cobody
 Rotten eyes and Forest face
 Necessity of the weakened body
 Researching the constellation of the darkness of body
 Rhizoming technique to resonate with other world behind this world
 The secret of the Bottom body
A Happy New Year!
Struggle with inevitable Archtype
I am a Dark Feminine
Bottom of Kazuo Ohno
Trinity of Hijikata Tatsumi
Dance and its blood
Ten bodies
Weakened body 1
Boxed body of Hijikata and the bottom body
Break the bottom of bottom body
Bottom body
Chimera body
Possessed body
Resonance body
Weakened body
Hidden body
Proto body
Dance from the bottom
The beginning
Connecting deeper with the world
How can you deepen your own butoh world
What is the trnsparent body?
What is the beauty?
Expand the beauty
Hunting your butoh
Resocracy: a method for co-creating a world
Depth of free resonance
Beauty is from the life resonance
A miracle of life resonance
A demon in the world=self channel
Poisoned water and water of life
A transparent resonance field
Fetus breathing
Co-dreambody work
A secret key which was hidden in the last sentense of bugs walk
Quantum Foam and Hijikata's Nests body
Multi resonance body
The micro Jo-Ha-Kyu
Midwife and the life resonance
Open the hidden nerves
Open the proto sense
Letter from Cambodia 3--Young dancers in Phnon Penn
Letter from Cambodia 2--Cracked faces, eating roots
A letter from Cambodia--Who moved me here?
Essence of subbody method
What do you want to do most?
Sinking into the origin of relationship which is not divided between self and others
From fake world to real world for subbody
The demon of dualism
Breathing of life
A mystery of life memory of four billion years old
Subtle resonance among cellular life
From performance to resonance
Encounter the necessary bottom body
How to calm ego down
How to control ego
The constellation of the darkness of body
2008 Article Contents
When ego comes out
Sky illusion
There are nothing to be ashamed
Don't you have the ears of Old World
Resonance of qualia and creativity of subconsciousness
Original small hope at sixty years old
Not denying, but resonating
Release from strength
A difference between resocracy and democracy
Taking the slack
Dead cannot die
Multi-dimensional resonance
Bitter voice from life
It's the best day to die.
Secret of creativity of hidden skin
Weakened body Butoh by the last Hijikata
The way of life
Why do you express in grotesque way?
Only ego has territory
Subbody's constelation as a rhizome
Quiet revolution by "Rhizocracy"
The biggest edge: "Ego"
Qualia and Rhizoming method
About non-dual and multi dimensional
A gift of subbody
Live with contacting life and subbody
Life resonance for twenty four hours
Pressed body/mind
Dream of 'not going well'
What is spirit?
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