Himalaya Nature

11 November, 2007

Carnival of Himalayan Valtures

In the morning, I saw a big eagle passing through out of the window.
One and after another, many eagles passing.
I found a big animal is dying near the river, and so many valtures
are gathering.
I aproached to the gathering.
A big cow was dying, and so many valtures are gathering.
Himalayan Grifons, which are the biggest valture in Himalaya
mountaion, eating a big cow.
Middle sized valtures are waiting arround the crnival.
Crows group are waiting in the sky with feeling our turn will be
Sometimes a valture dash to eat, and run a way.
All of them seem to be in a adrenalin mode.
It is so big cow. The carnival will be continue for some more days.

Subbody Butoh Himalaya