Resonance Diary In Himalaya
Resonance Diary in Himalaya
26 October, 2014

The Monsoon is broken!

It's terrible unusual October rain, recently .
It is the first time in 20 years when I have been in Himalaya.
It seems a sign of coming an extreme disaster.
In the past 20 years, there was a clear rhythm of Monsoon that it continued to rain from June to September, and it was completely dry from October to May.
In the beginning time to start to live in Dharamsala, I have surprized the unbeleivable dryness of October to May.
But, during these several years, the rhythm of Monsoon is changing, and it became to rain in dry season also.

fig.1 Conveyer ON

The rhythm of MOnsoon is made by conveyer of Atlantic Ocean which the huge ice of Greenland was melt in the Summer and carried by the conveyer in the deep ocean toward the south.
And it vapored as the moistured air near the equator in Atlantic Ocean.
The moistured air is carried by the jet stream toward east, and when it encounter the Himalayas at Dharamsala where the Himalayas in bending north-south direction, the moistured air goes up along the wall of Himalayas, then the moistured air became the huge rain of the Monsoon.
Daramsala was the second most rainy area in India.
The plenty of water supported the rich agriculture of Asia.

fig.2 Vonveyer OFF

But, recently the warming of the earth proceeded so quickly, and the ice of the Greenland becomes to melt as not only Summer, but continuously during the whole years. The clear rhythm of the Monsoon was disappered and it becomes rain little by little during the whole year.
This is the reason of the starting the continuous rain during the ex-dry season at Dharamsala.
It has not been recorded the huge rain anymore in Dharamsala.
Such a poor rain is not able to support the agriculture of Asia which has huge population in poor.
The Ganga, Indus, Mekon, Menam river must be decreased the water remarkably.
Some years ago, the Indian agriculture has got big damaged. But, now it is going to be unbelievable extreme famine.
What would happen for huge Life in Asia?
Even only 20 years resident of Life of me in India is not able to stop shivering.
How much flightened for the local Life who has lived in India for long time!
I cannot guess it.

I can just inform the fact of Life Resonance to you who live in advanced area on the planet.
Please not be bound by the information. It is controlled.
Just listen to your Life that is starting a subtle shivering of Life Resonance on the Planet.
Nobody cannot controll the Life Resonance.

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Satelite Picture of Dharamsala on Google Map

You can see the satelite picture of Dharamsala, Himalaya, India
on Google Map

You can zoom up (+ bottom) or zoom out (- bottom) on the map.
You must surprise at how huge Himalaya mountains are!.
We are at only tiny edge of Himalaya.

View the satelite map Crick Here


Step eagle start immigration

Step eagles start immgration here. Hundreds of eagles gather together, and soaring up to the high sky withcatching favourite rising air current.
When they reach to arround 5000m hight, they decide to travel to the east. They are going to Napal, and go over Himalaya mountains to Mongolian huge steps.
The moment when they decide mind to start is so immpressive.
They seem to teach us that we can move freely on this planet.


Cuckoo starts resonance

A cuckoo bird is staying on the top of tree and starts singing
with very beautiful voice.
It sounds that he is very comfortable
and resonating with the world with full of pleasure.
When I hear his song as his comfortable resonance with the world,

I also become very comfortable condition
through resonating with his comfort.
So, in Himalaya
I can receive the comfort
what everything is resonating together.

Today is Sunday,

then in the all of valley where I live,
so many music are heard from every village
where marriage parties are held
by local Indian people.

Indian people like resonance together.
Over five hundred people are gathering together,
and just resonating in the marriage party
with thier friends and relatives who gather
from very far villages
with stopping thier jobs.
For them to join the marrige party is
the most important thing in life.
Indian people continue like this life style
for over five thousands years.

I start this resonance diary.

I will write down the new finding
when I can catch the resonance.

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