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Qualia as Life Resonance

Rhizome Lee


 A Happy New Qualia!

Why do we share a sense of warmth, happiness, or scary?

The basis of these common sense such as bodily feelings, all kind of senses are called Qualia.

Qualia are generated not only by humans but also animals, plants, single-celled organisms, and all kinds of Life, when resonate with the outside world and cell memory.

It is an unique process of Life what is called "the Resonant Generation".

This is a unique perspective in the world submitted by this book "qualia as life resonance".

This unique point of view was grabbed during the author Rhizome Lee retreated in Himalaya India for 20 years, stopped daily consciousness, listened to the darkness of the body (= subconscious and collective unconscious realm), found an original Subbody Resonance Butoh method that amplifies subtle Qualia as a movement of the whole body.

Qualia is a heritage of Life that Life has accumulated in the cell through the life history of 4 billion years.

By accessing this Qualia as a heritage site and releasing free Qualia resonance, everyboy is able to become release the infinite creativity of Life.

In the Subbody Resonance Butoh school which was founded in Himalaya, over the past 12 years, more than a thousand students have studied subbody method and are growing as the unique butoh dancer or practitioner in the world.
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   Sinking into the Darkness of Body
Rhizome Lee

I sunk into the Darkness of the Body and investigated in the Darkness for twenty years at the Subbody Resonance Butoh School in Himalaya India.
What is the Darkness of Body?
Simply, it is subconscious world.
It is completely different from the daily world.
It is non-dual and multi dimensional resonance world of Life Qualia.
Qualia is everything which Life resonates.

When we stop daily conscious mind and listen to the subtle signs around body and inside body, the subconscios and body is not separated like conscious mind and body in the daily world. The subconscious and body is merged as oneness in that realm.
We call it "
This book is a record which I sunk into the Subbody world with whole body=mind=brain for twenty years.
In the Subbody world, there are so many strange things;
hidden chractor, shadow, not-me, dissociated personality, and various archetypes which all human are imprinted in the depth of Subbody world.
Jung called it "Collective unconsciosness".
In the deeper realm of Subbody world, the difference between self and others is disappeared.
We called it "
Cobody" in the beginning of research. But we found that in the deeper realm of the darkness of body, Subbody and Cobody are also become oneness.
Subbody changes to Cobody ,and Cobody transforms Subbody easily by Life Resonance.
And if we enter much more deeper realm,
Subbody=Cobody transform beyond all kind of borders; Present and Past, Life and Death, Here and Anywhere, Individual and Kind, and so on infinitely.
Now we call it "
Resonant Rhizome" and are investigating with enjoying.
You can travel the history of investigation of the Dakness of Body together with us.
Please enjoy it.

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Abyss of Quiet House
Rhizome Lee

The 1st and 2nd part of "The Butoh" which I have continued to write on the site, was published on Amazon. Please read it!

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 Why Butoh is so Dark?
So Weak, so Ugly, so Deformed?
What is the Necessity of Weakened Body?

This book is a histry of struggling around these questions for fifty years.
Because there were other tendencies against weakened body in my darkness of body. I continued to listen to my Life, "What do you want to do most?" and also to Hijikata's Necessity of the Weakened body in his Life every day, every night. And finally it became oneness.
The essence of Beauty is Life Resonance.
When we become the weakest being, it is able to resonate with every Life including deformed, warped, injured, disabled, near death Life, on the planet.

Rhizome Lee

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Behind the Mirror
Rhizome Lee

Subbody Butoh Method by Rhizome Lee was published as a guide book for students.
It contains all of article on Subbody Butoh Website during 2005-2010.
Practice Guide, School Journal, The Butoh (Part 1 and 2), The Life, The Qualia, The Resonance and so on. 232 Page

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Books Link Recomended Books
for studying subbody method
Arnold Mindell
Dreambody: The Body's Role In Revealing the self

The first work by Mindell. We can learn how the subbody appears through dreams and somatic symptons.
In daily life it appears through only these channels, but we dance it through opening all channels; body, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, world image and self image, and thinking channel.
Dreambody and subbody are brothers, they come out from the same darkness of body which is non-dual and multi dimensional realm.

Working with the Dreaming body

Mindell started his process work and process organized phychology (POP) at the beginning as dreambody work. He investigated in the relationship between dreams and somatic symptoms. through this he found how iis it possible to catch what body tells us through dreams and body symptons. Through the technique to change channels we can approach the message from deep body and life.

xx River's way: The process science of the dreambody

We can learn the main concept of POP. What is proces? What is channel? What is the relationship among modern western pshychology, alchemy, and traditional oriental teaching; Tao, Yoga, Buddism. he got the main concept as "process" of POP from Tao. Tao is the universal river. He decided to stop judgement and to follow the process. River's way means accept everything as theTao.
Especially, you can leran about edge work here.
Working on yourself alone ;Inner Dreambodywork

The dreammaker's apprentice: Using Heightened States of Consciousness to Interpret Dreams
The Shaman's Body
Quamtum mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology
Dreaming While Awake: Techniques for 24-hour Lucid dreaming
Sitting in the fire
Eugent T. Gendlin

Focusing is starting from listening to the subtle discomfort in the body that felt fine sense in the darkness of body.

The "Felt sense" is as similar as the " Sentient " of Mindell, they are excellent listening technique to catch the subtle signal from the subconscious realm. Both of them are technique that focuses on subtle introvert qualia.I have learned a lot of things from them.

Mindell and Gendlin is not exaggeration to say that the parents of the Subbody Butoh Method.

Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams
Ann Weiser Cornel and Barbara McGavin
The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual

Decade ago, I learned a lot from Gendlin. However, since Gendlin is phylosopher, there is unique tendency of narrative. It took long time to understand his key word of "Felt sense" by body. 

But recently, the disciples have made very good and easy new manual. I knew that it have grown to more meaningful to anyone. Through the rich experiences of tens of thousands people around the world, the theory has been digests.

Growth of a method, it's like this.

Richard bandler and John Grinder
Patterns of The Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H.Ericson

I learned a lot from Erickson.

Conditioning technique and Midwife techniques that help the infinite creativity of subbody and cobody are deeply connected to self-hypnosis techniques and hypnosis techniques.

Disciples have succeeded to analyze precisely the genius meta-skill of Erickson. The principles and techniques of hypnosis became so clear. Especially, the explanation of "The starred technique" of Erickson is so excellent.

The essence of hypnosis techniques was hidden and under the unfortunate prejudice and misunderstanding for long years. But, finally it is going to be released from them.


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Ernest L. Rossi
The Psychobiology of Mind-body Healing: New Concept of Therapeutic Hypnosis
The Psychobiology of Gene Expression: Neurosciene and Neurogenesis in Hypnosis and The Healing Art
Mind-Body Therapy: Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis
Stanilav Grof
The Holotropic Mind
The Archetyps and the collective unconsciousness
Psychology and Alchemy
   Barbara Hannah
   Encounters With the Soul: Active Imagination As Developed by C.G. Jung[Paperback]

About The active Imagination, I have wrote in "The darkness of body" about the association with "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata and Subbody method.

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Tor Norretranders
The User illusion
Michel Foucault
Les mots et Les Choses ( The laguage and the Things)
The History of Sex
Technologies of the Self
Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Guattari
Mille Plateaux
Endo Ryokyu
Tao Shiatsu

Endo Ryokyu is the master of Tao Shiatsu.

I learned how to stop Ego and become life from him.

Also you can learn the method on his site.

Please visit Homepage of Tao Shiatsu

You can read it by six langages, and

Download free copy of "Tao Shiatsu Revolution in Oriental medicine"

Brian Greene
The Elegant Universe

Read "The Resonance"
Visit his site; Elegant Universe
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