Practice Guide
Swaying meditation
Subbody is not easy to understand by head, but by body experience it's easyer than by head. Please try the following practice, when you feel stiff or tension in your body and mind.

Swaying meditation

1. Drop breathing (Losing strength breathing)

Find a quiet comfortable place.
Sit down with leg relaxed position.
Breathe in through nose or mouth, try both way.
When you inhale, imagine that some one pull up your head and spine by a string to the sky. Your spine will be stretched to the sky comfortablly.
Breathe out through nose or mouth.
When you exhale, imagine that your head and spine are keep hanging from the sky, and the other all cells are dropped down into the center of the earth.
Listen in the changing of the body feeling in each part of body.
You will feel deep relaxation.
Repeat this losing breathing meditation several times until your body and mind calm down and feel deep relaxation.

2. Clock swaying

Imagine that you are sitting on the ship.
You ship start swaying to the front and back direction, then your body is moved by the sway.
Try to be moved by the various part of body; pelvis, stomach. chest, and head.
Imagine that you are sitting at the center of big horizontal clock.
Now you are swaying 12-6 o'clock direction.
When you notice the shift, the direction of swaying has changed to 1-7 o'clock direction.
Rereat two or three times at the same drection, and shift next direction with following the number of the clock, 2-8, 3-9, 4-10, 5-11, 6-12, 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, 4-10, 5-11, and 6-12 o'clock.
Try to change the initial part of body which is moved, pelvis, stomach, chest, and head, until the comfortable stream of body feelings fulfill your whole body.

3. Random swaying

When you feel tired to count clock number, shift to random sway.
Not only horizontal sway, but also vertical sway, and enjoy the passive feeling to be swaying.
If you feel pain or stiff at some part of your body, send air and stretch the part.
Continue it until the uncomfortable feelings disappear, and the comfortable body feelings start streaming in your body.

4. Subtle swaying

When you feel the comfort in the whole body, suddenly slow down and size down into the minimum speed and size.
You will catch much more subtle body feeling at the each cell of your body, and they are streaming with changing among various taste.
Taste it deeply and follow it flexibly.
You may surprise what various body feeling are hidden in the darkness of body!
Just enjoy the diversity and richness of the hidden body feelings.

5. Segmenting and amplifying

If you feel that some part of your body has a tendency to move, just follow the body and move freely with tasting the subtle various feeling and movement; swaying, shaking, waving, shocking, being moved, being touched, becoming stiff or flexible.
Sometime you segment the feelings, and sometime you amplify to the maximum movement. Try both flexiblly.
Enjoy the spontaneous movement and ride on it by the whole body and mind without thinking and judging.

When you are able to enjoy it,
Congratulation! It's your subbody.
Continue the swaying meditation everyday as long as possible.
Until you fall in love subbody.

Variation of Swaying meditation

You can variate "Swaying meditation" in various way as the following.

1. Rotate pelvis

Rotate body from pelvis slowly with deep breathing, and find the most comfortable sway by the most relaxed rhythm and size.

Listen to the qualia( =bodily feelings) in each part of body. Taste the subtle difference between each part of body.

2. Imaginary tale sway

Imagine that you have long tale, and someone sway it in the underground in different direction, then your body is swayed by the infuluence.
Enjoy the feeling that you are moved by some one with confortable rhythm.
Continue swaying until your whole body becomes full of confortable sweet feeling flow.

3. Shift from thinking mode to listening mode

Stop your thinking, and concentrate to linten to the subtle feeling of body.
Each part has subtle different feelings. And it is changing always Taste the body feeling flow pricisely, and enjoy it.

4. Ask your life

Try to communicate with your life.
Say 'Hello' to your life. 'How are you today?
'What do you want to do?'
Listen to the answer from your life.

5. Recieve the subtle signal from your life

At first you cannot catch the answer. It is OK. Just continue asking to your life every time. After some time, life will give back answer to you. The answer is not by word, but through some body feelings. Catch the subtle signal in the darkness of your body. sometimes it will be a kind of comfortable feeling, another time it will be uncomfortable feeling. The difference is very subtle, but you can catch it. Taste the rich difference in each time. It is the answer from your life.

Continue this untill you are able to taste the subtle difference of the sub signal from your life in each day, you must love subbody than your daily body.
Because it more creative, and original than daily body which is bound by so many binds and judgement in human society.

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