Upstream life meditation

Upstream life meditation

Now we think that we have a life as a indivisual human.
But it is bound by so complicated daily common illusion,
then it is so hardly to feel the life.
We need to remenber that we are just simple lives.

1. Rotate your pelvis with finding the most comfortable
rhythm and size.
Find the most comfortable sway, and listen to it.
----Always we start from this swaying meditation and enter
into subconscious mode with calming down our daily

2. Imagine that you are the first origine life which was
born on this planet at the first time four billions years

3. Think about that our life continue from this first
moment to presence without any cutting of sequence of life.
So our life is four billions years old.
Not only us all creature has the same histry of four
billions years. We share the same length of life exactly.

4. Image what is the qualia of life for this origine
They could not move at all. They just try to continue
Taste this the most fandamental tendency of life.
Still our life has the same tendency that continues to

5. Also taste the proto qualia of life.
They could not move at the first period for a long time..
After for a while some creature invented how to move by
cilia, flagellum, or a movement like a ameaba.
But it ability was so small, they could move very little.
Almost always they are moved by outside power, gravity,
wave, wind and so on.
These qualai of hardly to move, and qualia to be moved are
so deep for life, because our lives continue single cell
age for three billions years.

6. Another proto qualia of life is to envent new way to
For first life could not breath. They got oxigion from
eating iron oxide, or sulfer dioxide.
Oneday proteo bacteria envented breathing, then they could
get flesh oxygen from air directly.
Someday proteo bacteria were eaten by another big bacteria.
But proteo bacteria keep living in another bacteria,
because they were well to breathe.
Then they atrat living together. Proteo bacteria changed to
This is the one of the big envention in our life histry.

7. Another big invention was the photosynthesis by siano
bacteria. They started to get energy from sun shine and
product thier body by getting carbon from carbon dioxide.
Also siano bacteria find a way to live together in another
cell. They became chlorophyl. They developed to many
species of plants.

8. The third biggest invention was the simbiosis between
single cell and another single cell.
It happened one billion years before, then our life
spreaded into many kinds of shapes, ways of living.

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