Midwife method

This chapter is for students who intend to become a facilitater of subbody method.
We call the facilitater 'midwife', not 'teacher', because his/her role is to help the birth of subbody like as a fetus.
We need to train ourselves to throw out one's ego, then we can resonate with subbody whice are going to be born. It it so subltle signal, midwife can catch it only without egoless mind and body.

Also midwife have to understand how to organize the practice contents for students everyday.
You need to learn following methods to organize them.

The first stage is the guidance to subbody world--how to guide students to subbody mode from daily mode.
How to calm down and die down the daily mind and daily body.
About this there is no specific thechnique, you have to practice everyday by yourself to enter subbody mode, and invent your own way through practicing subbody process everyday.
You have to find various ways to enter subbody world according to the variety of students. You will meet so many fdifficulties. You need to overcome them by yourself.
When you got it, you have a possibility to become the midwife of subbody.

On this planet there are so many types of ego and self according to the culture education, individual character. In europe, people are forced to keep strong ego and normal inteligence. In Asia, people have another type of ego and self.
To investigate in them is to learn variations of human types on the planet.

About how to organize the practice program for your students moothly, there are two specific methods.

The second method is following 'Tree rhizome method'.
The third method is 'Ripple method'.

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