Bottom breathing

Bottom breathing is a kind of abdominal breathing.

When you exhale, contract the bottom muscles
which are around anus and the lowest stomach muscle, and at the maximum moment of contraction
release the bottom
and start inhale with contracting botoom again.

There are some stages of practices in bottom breathing method.

<Self observation>

1.Sit quietly.
Start abdominal breathing without using chest part.

2. Observe carefully what happens at your stomach part when you inhale.
What muscles are used?
What part are swelled?
What timing do they move in ?

3. Observe that when the diaphragm is pressed down, the lungs spread and the air enter into the lung, and as lungs become full, the stomach parts are pressed down.
Continue to observe it until you grasp the process clearly.

4. Observe the exhaling process as well.

5. Grasp that when stomach contracts and diaphragm pulls up, then lungs are compressed and the air is pushed out.

<Natural bottom breathing>

1. Amplify the above process with contracting the bottom gradually with more conscious control when you breath out.

2. When you breath out, release the bottom at a maximum.
Feel that the air flows into the lungs naturally.

3. Inhale with press down the diaphragm to the maximum.

4. Start to contract the bottom at the maximum and shift to exhale.

<Artificial bottom breathing>

1. Almost same process with above, Just you change the contracting timing of bottom.

2. When you exhale to the maximum, release the bottom just at this moment.
3. When you start inhale, contract the bottom immediately again.
You release the bottom only the starting moment of inhaling. The other period keep contract the bottom always.
This is the difference between natural bottom breathing and artificial bottom breathing.

4. You need to master the artificial bottom breathing technique, for becoming the dead, the another dimensional being. Practice deeply.
Also bottom breathing technique is useful for opening the audio channel.
You can use the stable vocal with supporting by the whole abdomen from the bottom.

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