Practice Guide
Rhizome Conditioning
2 September 2018 

Rhizome Conditioning

1. Sit at a quiet place and listen to subtle Qualia in and around the body. Let legs free and your head is hung by a string from the sky.

2. A part of your body (ex. 5th chest vertebra) is pulled by a string forward and the other vertebras follow it, and backward, too.

3. Various parts of the body are moved in various directions slowly. Find the most comfortable speed and size.

4. Each part of your body is released from the daily role, the head becomes the supporting leg and legs become dancers.

5. Each part of the body is deterritorized from the daily fixed position and starts dancing.

6. It happens beyond the border of self and others, someone’s head becomes your stomach, and your arm becomes someone’s leg.

7. Dance in the between, behind, over, under, near and far.

8. Everyone’s body becomes the Rhizome that is able to connect freely and separate flexible.

9. Each part of the body remembers the double Resonance Qualia; memory, dream, imagination, illusion, the emotion of human relationship according to the special connection with the others.

10. Enjoy the free Life Resonance as the Nomad and Rhizome with taking off the daily human conditions and judgment.

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