Conditioning 4 Three dimensional sway

1. Water dimensional clock sway

We have done the clock sway in the water dimension.
Next is allow dimensional clock sway.

2. Allow dimensional clock sway

Same as water dimansion, imagine a big clock on the allow dimensional flat which passes through your spine( Red circle in the illustration above)

At first you start a side and side sway with following the blue circle above. This circle passes through six-twelve o'clock on the allow dimensional clock.
Then next you shift the circle to seven-one o'clock circle on the allow dimensional clock.
Continue to shift the sway to two-eight o'clock, three- nine o'clock and next untill end.

3. Door dimensional clock sway

Same as above, imagine big clock on the plate of door
dimension( Blue circle above), and try clock sway six-twelve
to seven-one, and next.

4. Random sway in three dimensions

Now your body is released from daily body's binds and habits.
Sway freely with following your life sway randomly.
Taste the pleasure of free movement which is released from
daily binds and habits as a human.
You can transform any kind of creature which your life

5. Three dimansion to multi-dimansion

Next you can practice to open multi-dimansional sway of your
life. Proceed to 'Eight channels rhizoming'.

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