conditioning Rhizoming with six sway

Conditioning is to shift from daily body to subconscious mode of body.
At first stage, try swaying meditation and breathing method, and calm down your thinking brain.
Then proceed to the next stage of conditioning ---It's 'Rhizoming conditioning'.
Forget what you are a human, and shift your body to a rhizome--which is multi dimensional transforming body.

Try this practice at lay down position, sitting position, and standing position flexiblly..
At first I discribe about lay down position. Next, try it by different body position.
There are two approach in rhizoming conditioning. The first one is edge rhizoming---a subtle change starts at an edge of your body---finger tip, toe tip, imaginary tale, head, tin, toungue and so on. And gradually the change spreads to next part until the whole body.
The second one is inner rhizoming---a change starts at inner part of your body, and from there the change spread to whole body.
Do this practice with various kinds of movement--six kinds of sway.
In a sway, many kind of movement and transformation are folded. Amplify them from subtle swaying to the maximum scale and depth.

T Edge rhzoming

1. Swaying

Lay down and calm down your thinking brain.
Try to listen to the subtle qualia in your body.
Imagine that someone sway your toe tip of your first joint of the toe.
The swaying influence to heal, lower leg, upper leg, pelvis, and spread to upper body gradually.
And the swaying passing away through your head.

2. Shaking

Someone shake your first joint of your finger, and the shaking effect to second joint, third joint, hedden joint, wrist, fore arm, upper arm, shoulder, color bone, chest bone, another color bone, to another arm.
Shaking spread to your both arm, and passing away through finger tips.

3. Waving

Someone move your head with waving, wave spread to neck, chest, body, pelvis, and legs.
Your whole body waves with various kind of creture's own wave.
Amplify the wave into various kind of wave, spiral, and various size, speed, direction, ---sometimes snake wave, worm wave, spiral, twist, big wave, and so on.

4. Shocking

Someone give a unexpected shock at some part of your body.
A part of your body is moved with sudden shock. And randomly various parts of your body are moved by various kind of shock---electrlic shock, thunder shock, earth quake shock, bited by some creature, atacked by flying stone, arrow, gun, bomb, and so on.
Taste various kinds of qualia to be moved.

5. Collapsing

Some part of your body become outof control, by bend, shrinked, curled, shaked, blocked, weakened, broken, and so on.
Taste various kinds of unconfortable qualia at various part of your body, and it spreads to whole body.
face to near death qualia in front of you.

6. Dying

Finally your body going to die. Taste the dying qualia. And watch this living world as a dead.
What is life? What is death?
The living world is full of qualia, full of resonance.
But the dead cannot feel the qualia at all, unable to resonance at all.
Taste 'near life' qualia---opposite to 'near death' qualia.

Try this parctice to start from various part of your body, mouth, toungue, nose, eye, hip, sole, shoulder, and so on.

U@Inner rhizoming

7. Rhzoming starts from inner cavities

These six sway start from some part of your body cavity---intestine, stumach, lever, lung, kidney, and so on.
And the qualia infect to neibour part, and next part, gradually spread to whole body.
Try to start at various part of your depth.

Continue this rhizoming conditioning every day.
When you get these rhizoming techniques, you are able to transform to any kind of being, creature, image, world, and so on.
So, you can become a rhizome.

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Practice Guide
Conditioning No. 6 Six Realms
We become a body to communicate with various different worlds through six kinds of movement Qualia 
18 March, 2017

Subbody Conditioning No.6
Six Realms (Rokudo)

Life resonate with really different things.
It is easy to see that it is resonating with various Qualia of the world such as gravity, air, light, sound and wind, but not only them.
Life resonantes wit halso dreams that can not be remembered, distant Life memories, Qualia of dead people, subtle tendencies of unconscious body, etc.
It resonates with Qualia of many invisible different worlds.
That is the actual condition of Life.
In the Subbody Conditioning No. 6 "Six Realms", through six kinds of movements, we interact with various different worlds,
and transform into a body opened to the multi-dimensional world.
First, we pass through all the parts of the body byn the following movements; Vibration, Sway, Wave, Shock, Collapse, and Death, one after the other or randomly.
The Qualia of the physical movement resonates strongly with the Qualia of some memory and waits for the moment when it becomes one. As a discovery of that day, name it, save it in the darkness of the body. The accumulation of those Qualia eventually leads to the
<Clouding body technique> in future.
Always accumulate a large variety of unique Qualia in each layer of the Hidden Skin around the body and put the Qualia on them. Especially when you dance with improvisation, when you create a choreography, the unique Qualia that you can cling from them will help your creations.

1. Vibration

Life of cell resonates with the environment by fine vibrations.
Life resonantes with subtle vibration of the earth, air, light, sound, and so on.
The outer Qualia that resonates with those physical Qualia, and the inner Qualia that are memory, dream, imagination, illusion, etc. are resonating at the same time together every moment.
The subtle vibrations are a manifestation of variegated Life Resonance. There are various vibrations such as trembling of the cold, shivering of scared to invisible things, quivering of will and expectation. While feeling its fineness, find and accumulate unique vibration of that day somewhere in the body.
we will organize our bodies that can dance the difference of various kinds of vibrations of Life. We have to build up this on my own.
During this, you try to be Transparency that is not bound by inside and not bound by outside, too.
We become a Transparent body that opens equally by half inside and half outside.

2. Sway

When vibration becomes longer, it will grow to the sway.
Life resonates with everything by pleasant sways.
Taste and enjoy the
<Sway of Life>.
Sway of solid matter, sway of body fluid, sway of respiration,
sway of memories, dreams that disappear and remembered.
And the sway which evaporates from this world to another world.
Sway is also a passage to another world that is invisible.
The Vaporized body begins with learning a variety of sways.
We will pass a large variety of sway through each part of the body. Everyday, continue until a new Qualia of sway is found.

3. Wave

Every creature has its own unique rhythm of wave.
Undulation of caterpillar, wave of snake, wave of beast,
wave of growing plants, undulation of the proto ocean, etc.
Hold off the moment when unexpected appearance of undulation of protozoic creature in the body or the proto world.
Various kinds of waves are hidden in the darkness of body.
Follow the various kinds of unduration and find the best resonance pattern of the Life of that day and stamp it on your body.

4. Shock

Cell's Life memorizes various shocks that Life has received during the 4 billion years.
Originally the Life was very fine, so we received it as a huge shock with just a small stimulus.
From small stimuli such as raindrops, dust, insects, to waves, winds, stones, earthquakes, thunder, fire, battles, and so on. Life has been moved by those.
Many of the signals from different worlds surrounding Life come as shocks.
Life has experienced all of those shocks and has invented a technique to survive with overcoming them.
The Qualia of shock leads to Qualia of world transformation for Life. Exploring Qualia of world change and self-transformation such as contraction of uterus at birth, sudden disappearance of guardian, natural disaster etc. become one.

5. Collapse

If a strong shock or stimulation / pressure continues, part of the body breaks and loses resilience.
Even if you become a crippled distressed body, life will still survive.
In restricted movement, invent the way to survive.
Life has this infinite inventive power.
Becoming a body crushed to the extreme of inconvenience,
From there, we will see what kind of movement is invented.
And it also resonates with the suffering of the deceased brothers who are still alive.
Weakened body or the disabled body is the foundation of
<Flower of Kan (=Disability)> which is deep Llife Resonance beauty.

6. Death

Death is the most familiar Qualia for Life.
We are always swaying betweeen the death and Life, constantly comes back from the edge of death.
And, one day, I got to go.
Look at this world from the world of death!
It is the position of Butoh dancers that is the shisha or dead body standing desperately.

It is felt that this world is full of Life Resonance and full of Qualia.
We were originally on the side of death.
It is an existence borrowing a Life for less than a hundred years from the eternal Life of 4 billion years.
Before we die, return the whole of your creation to Life.
I can laugh and die if I can do it.
That is the perfection of Jo-ha-Kyu of Life.

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