Edge work 1

When you meet an edge, What can you do?

When we enter subbody world and travel various states, we often encounter edges which some blocks bind us with unplesant body feeling or strange emotion.
We are confused and we feel that we cannot proceed anymore.
If we meet these edges or blocked feeling, we have several behaviours to the edges.
With following the stage, we can proceed the behaviour to the edge step by step.

When you meet the edge, at first stage you follow 1. Recognizing, and 2.Listening. And if you can feel that you are ready to communicate with it deeper, proceed to 3. Becoming. Become the edge from both side. Then finnaly you can enter the fouth stage 4. Dancing the edge.

1. Recognizing

We can just recognize it and leave from there, we don't need to force ourselves to overcome it. There are so many different subbodies in our darkness of body, we can find another subbody and follow it. There is multi-dimensional labyrinth in the darkness, then someday we meet again the edge behind you, 'Oh! you are here!'. Or at the far distance below you may find the edge.

2. Listening

Listen up to the unpleasnt feeling of edge with a respect.
Because the feeling from edge is always a deep message from our life. After for a while, we must find a big awareness.
According to Arnord Mindell, when the first process which is one's daily self identity and the second process which is not belong identity meet, first process want to drive away the second process from his/her telitory, because the second process seems to attack first process from outside of it.
When we enter subbody world, the relationship between the first process and second process is changed, and the first process feel big fllustration against the second process. Because the second process seems to change the first process as if a revolution.
But actually, both tendencies belong to our whole self, a tendency is to keep familiar state, another tendency is to explore new world. Always these two different tendencies are streaming in our whole self.
Our life always try to envent new possibility to live. Listen to the voice of life. Ask to your life 'What do you want to do?'
Through the unpleasant feeling, someday we will find what the life try to explore a new possibility.

3. Becoming

Try to become both side of edge.
Find a partner, and try to become one side tendency of edge.
Give the unplesant feeling to your partner. if you feel an unpleasant plessure
at your chest, try to press your partner's chest with giving the same feeling.
Next the partner gives the same pressure to you. Taste the blocked feeling from both side of edge. You may notice what is happening slowly.

4. Dancing the edge

You need to wait the timing until you are ready to grasp what is the edge.
When you feel the timing has come, try to dance the edge.
One possibility is to dance it from your side, another possibility is to dance edge's side. Or you cantry to dance it from both side of edge.
Once you become your side and dance it, next try to dance from the opposite side of edge. For example if you afraid the unpleasant feeling, try to escape from it, and next, become the pursuer, try to run after you as the pursuer. Through the experience from both side of edge, you can grasp the whole. You may success to become a friend with both tendencies.

In my life history, I was tormented by a memory of my dead friends who have died in the activities against the Vietnam war between USA and Vietnamese people during 1960's to 1970's.
I was an organizer of the anti-war movement, I agitated people to fight against the Japan gaverment which supported the US army, and many intimate friends were killed in the movement.
'Why couldn't I die? Why did my friends have to die instead?'
I was worried by nightmare of them, many time my dead friends appeared in my dreams .It was the biggest edge for me. I could not escape from the nightmare for a long years. Then finally I started to dance them. I became my dead friend and dance. No, it is not true. Exactly, I just gave my body to my dead friends. My friends danced with using my body. We continued the dance for many years at the various places on the planet. . Finally I could release from the nightmare.
It was ten years before when I started to dance the edge unconsciously.
After several years, I learned the way of 'Edge work' from Aenord Mindell who originated 'the process orien tated psychology'. I found that it helps us a lot to be released from our deep blocks. I could develope the edge work in the subbody butoh method. I appriciate Arnord Mindell.

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