conditioning Rhizoming with six sway
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Practice Guide
This summer we are re-editing the "Practice Guide" which has been suspended for a while in recent years. The reason why it was interrupted is that the practical guide became too big to open because it was enormous. We will publish it on a single book at this opportunity.
Looking back the whole change of it, in the last few years the subbody technique has been deepening a lot and I know that what has been realized is becomes transparent. This article will be a symbol of that.

Subtle Listening and Rhizoming
14 June 2018

Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique

We listen carefully to the body. Listen to Qualia that does not exist in the physical realm. Only Life can resonate with Quaia. Hunt a moment in the flow of Qualia that changes every moment. And give the body to the flow of Qualia.
Sometimes it becomes a movement such as sway, trembling, shrinking, spreading, shocking and so on.
Sometimes it will be a change in the density of the body coming from fear or condensation.
In Butoh, it is important to carry the density of body as well as the movement.

These changes spread and infect from a part of the body to other parts of the body. It is the Rhizoming technique that manages it.
Each moment the resonance pattern of the life of one hundred trillion cells constituting the body changes.
Differentiate the changes in the super slow-motion and show the details of what is going on in Life.
Rhizoming is essential as a resonance technique of Life.
Dance the most important Qualia transformation occurs delicately in a dance piece and share it with the world precisely.
Audience's Life can be involved in that transformation.
That is the Life Resonance Butoh that is able to change the world.