Listen to the "Jo-ha-kyu"

“Jo-ha-kyu” is one of the most important creation method of subbody method to meet your essential butoh dance. “Jo-ha-kyu” was found by Japanese Noh dance master; Zeami seven hundred years ago.

Jo is beginning.
Catch a subtle signal from the darkness of body and hide the sign. This is the point. Only you know the sign from another dimension, and keep it in silence. Wait the best timing with only subtle sway movement until it matures to come out from the non-dual realm of qualia to this three dimensional physical world. Everything has its own timing to be ready to appear. When you meet the very timing, the subtle signal comes out as a first movement. This is the “Ha” moment.

Ha is changing.
It breaks Jo world, and appears another dimension of each subbody. Each subbody has their own world. Open it in each Ha-timing. Ha should be proper times. Normally, there are three ha timing; Jo of ha, ha of ha, and kyu of ha. Each “Ha” should be different. Listen to the subbody, “Which timing do you want to come out by?”  A Ha is very slow, another is with own rhythm, some is sudden change. Invent unique Ha which you have never seen, never done. These combination of change will compose your own beauty.

Kyu is climax and ending.
Climax means some qualia are amplified until the limit. It includes anti-climax which is the quietness is amplified to the limit. Kyu is the essence of your subbody dance. Kyu has some clear Merkmarls.  The first one is the necessity. When you feel that this dance is necessary for me to reborn, it should be your kyu dance. The second Merkmal is world-self channel. When your subbody dance can open world self channel, it may become your kyu movement. It will tell you what world your subbody wants to create.  The third merkmal is possibility of repetition. When you find a movement proposed for your Kyu, ask to your life, “Do you want to dance this movement ten thousand times?”, if your life reply, Yes! I will”, it must be your kyu dance. Dance it ten thousand times, it will be your lifelong friend.


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