・The most miserable qualia with the most novel Jo-ha-Kyu

Also we continue to search the deepest subbody with the farthest qualia from human, the most miserable, lowest qualia.

Because it has the most strongest resonance ability.

But we have to find the most novel Jo-Ha-Kyu with this subbody butoh.

Jo-Ha-Kyu is the key of subbody butoh, if we can not show the subbody butoh without novel Jo-ha-Kyu, it does not work. Nobody will resonate.

Then the Jo-ha- kyu is one of the most important technique.


Jo-ha-kyu was found by Zeami(1363-1443),the founder of Noh dance,
as a basic construction method of Noh.
Jo means biginning.
Ha means changing.
Kyu means climax and ending.

Also in each Jo-ha-Kyu, there is the Jo-Ha-Kyu.

1. Jo-of-Jo-----Hidden qualia

The very biginning.
You just meet specific qualia in your darkness of body.
You just feel it, without showing any movement.
It is the secret that only you know.
To hide the sign of biginning,---this is the point of Jo- of-Jo.
Before moving, you have to prepare enough about the qualia
which you are going to dance.
In a quiet body, just a resonance is starting secretly,
this is the heart of Jo-of-Jo.

2. Ha-of-Jo-----Hidden sway

Hidden qualia start subtle sway, and are coming out slowly,
---this is the Ha-of-Jo.
Few people may notice that something is starting,
but nobody knows what is happning.
You just inform what something starts through subtle sway.
This is hidden sway.
Qualia are always swaying.
If the qualia which you meet is qualia of gravity, you
sway between heavy and light.
Sway between, warmth and coolness.
Sway between living world and dead world.
Sway between openness and closeness.
Sway between lightness and darkness.
Sway between
Not only a part of body, in every part of your body starts
swaying in each direction.
Many kinds of qualia are suggested by subtle swaying.
Now almost audience notice that something start,
but still nobody knows what are going to bigin,
the secret become deeper and deeper.
You catch the attentions of all audience, and bring them
into the whole world of your dance.
The resonance start between your dance and the lives of audience.
This is the point of Ha-of-Jo.

3. Kyu-of-Jo------Opening a strange diemnsion

The sway are amplified into specific qualia, then
everybody notice what are going on clearly.
You open a strange dimension and become a being in the
This is the Kyu-of-Jo.
You bring all audience into this new dimension.
For this purpose, all Jo processes are required.

4. Ha------Continue to open next new dimension and next

When you got this Jo method, after that you can open any
dimension freely.
Normaly we have three to five <Ha> changing,
Ha1, Ha2, ha3, this.
Each ha have to show completely different changing.
Change of speed, change of position, change of channel,
Change of dimension, etc.
You have to invent your own way of changing.
Unexpected changes are needed.
You travel your whole self world, with changing from a
subbody movement to next subbody movement.
You bring all audience into your strange dimensions.
Until all of them transform into being of another

5. Kyu-------Momiyose and invention

THere should be many kind of Kyu.
It is the very point which you have to invent novel Kyu.
One of Kyu is like this, you show many kind of movement
one and another in a short moment.
This is called Kyu for 'Momiyose'.
After that you can show your climax of your subbody dance.
This is the last Kyu.
Ask to your life, "Can you repeat this dance ten thousands
If your life response,"Yes!", it shold be real Kyu dance
for your life.
There can be the 'climax Kyu' by increasing tempo,
tention, and strenth, on the other hand, there can be
'anti-climax Kyu' which is aproaching to the peak of
Invent your own Kyu which nobody has showen yet,
This is the theme of creation of Kyu.

At that moment you transform into another being which belong in another dimension.
It's like a dead world, and you watch this world as a dead .
This living world is full of various qualia.
Living being can resonate with them.
But the dead can not resonate with any qualia.
By dead person's eye, you can tell the message to the audience, "Invent your oroginal life right there!"
"Here and now is the place where and when you should live.
Look there! Full of rich qualia are right there.
You can resonate with all of them."
You can thell the truth "Live as a creator!" to the audience who forget this, and feel boring then come to the theater with expecting something interesting.
This is the very message from life to life.

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