Transparent body

Transparent body and mind

To see transparently what is happening between the body,
subconscious, and consciousness, it means the tranparent mind.
To show transparently them, it means the transparent body.

These are the final purposes for subbody method.
It needs long time training process of various kinds and levels

The entrance of tihs process is following.

1. Become a quiet body

With swaying meditation, try to become quiet body.
With using the bottom breathing technique from first stage to
the fourth stage, calm down your daily body and mind until you
can listen uo to the minimum subtle signal in your darkness of
the body.

2. Listen to the life sway

Breathe by the fourth stage bottom breathing method,
Listen uo to the subtle change of your life sway.
What do you want to do the most?
Ask to your life.
Keep the condition that the question is always floating in your
darkness of body.
Always resonate with the question.

3. Catch the subtle signals from the darkness of body

Breathe by the third or fourth stage of bottom breathinfg,
listen to the inner breathing by your each cell.
Taste the subtle change of your blood.
There are so many signs of qualia are flowing in your body with
blood stream.
Taste the subtle shift of your blood directly,
……ogxigion, carbon dyoxicide, water, pH, sugar, fat, hormones,
nervous communication substances, immune substances, blood
presure, and so on.

4. Listen to the sway of the life desires

Listen to the subtle connection between the change of body
conditions and the sway of life desires; survival desire, confort
desire, safety desire, connection desire, and individuation desire.

5. Listen to the message of emotions

These subtle changes of body conditions are connected with
psychological process and feelings.
The emotion is the messanger between body and
Watch carefully the subtle connections between the change of
body condition, blood ingredient, desires, sway of emotions,
mood, atmosfire, feeling, thinking, tension of each muscle,
behaviour, and so on.

6. Listen to the signs in the each channel

Listen to the subtle sign in the eight main channels from body
and subconscious realm.

Signs in body channel; Subtle shift of body feeling, release or
tension, somatic symptom, adiction, and so on.
Sign in movement channel; Spontaneous movement, habit of
movement, tendency, sense of unable to move, and so on.
Sign in visual channel; Dream, vision in short moment, flirt of
visual image, and so on.
Sign in audio channel; Somatic rhythm, wave, vibration, wisper,
impulse to say something, and so on.
Sign in feeling channel; emotion which wells up suddenly, bind of
feeling, depression, unconsciously freesed face, and so on.
Sign in relationship channel; Trouble in human relationship,
lonlyness, wave of connection desire, and so on.
Sign in world image=self image channel; Subtle pain between
world and self, unknown discomfort, and so on.

7. Knowing self charasteristic of channels

Each person is good at some channels, and not good at other
You may use a channel freely, but may not in another channel.
If you can see the connection transparently from life sway, body
response, desire, blood stream, emotion, mood, and
conscousness, you will control everyhting well in the channel.
But when you can not notice about subtle signal in
subconscious process, the subbody stream is not transparently
for you, then it seems to appear to atack you suddenly from the
darkness, and control you, sometimes it possess you.
To be transparent means to release you from these possessions
by uncontrolled impulse.

8. Subbody dance which solves the problem

Find your own problem which you are bound unconsciously.
Become a friend with the problem or bind, know each other.
Then try to dance with them.
Create a subbody dance which you face to your problem and
find out the solution through the dance anyhow.

If you can become friend with them, at least they stop to attack
you suddenly.
Because now you know each other, and affirm each other.

Through these process you try to become a tranparent body
which can show what happen between body, subconscious, and

9. Long way be transparent body

So this is the one of final target to get a transparent mind which
can see the process between body, unconscious response,
blood srtream, desire, emotion, mood, subconscious,
consciousness, feeling, thinking, human relationship, world
image=self image stream, and to become a transparent body
which is able to show these process transparently.

This is the long process which we need various practices and
This must be endless process until we die.
But when you meet a thick darkness change to transparency
even only a moment, you will feel so happy.
This is a sheer bliss in our life.

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