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1. Introduction

What is Subbody?

This is Subbody 

 Open multi-dimension, multi character

 We are oneness multiple life

The ending of ego

Quiet for becoming the life

Release from the concept of human

What is choreography?

Ask to the life as 4 billions years old

Dream of 'not going well'

Live with contacting life and subbody

A gift of subbody

About non-dual and multi-dimensional

From fake world to real world for subbody

Essence of subbody method

World transforming cobody

To stop thinking is alfa and omega of subbody process

Become Life.

Become the invisible 'Behind world'

Welcome, to the darkness of body which is non-dual and multidimensional, Rhizome=Life=Resonance world!

''How to enter the Subconscious World"

2. Listening
Swaying meditation
Origin life meditation
Upstream life meditation
Standing sway meditation
Whole self meditation œ
Whole life meditation
Drop breathing
Bottom breathing
Minimum breathing
Inner breathing
Oral cavity breathing
Sucrum breathing
Breath of life œ
Multi-dimensional subtle breathing œ

 Fetus breathing

Self-curing ability of Life and whole body breathing

Encourage the growth of newborn neurons in the hippocampus

3. Conditioning
Basic Conditioning
What is conditioning?
 Winter Conditioning 1
 Winter Conditioning 2
0 Breath conditioning
1 Vibrating conditioning
2 Swaying conditioning
3 Three dimensions conditioning
4 Vapor conditioning
5 Five Hidden conditioning
6 Six sway conditioning
7 Seven rhizome conditioning
8-1 Eight channels conditioning
8-2 From 8 channels to non-dual conditioning œ
9 Inifinite segment conditioning
10 Ten meredians conditioning
11 Resonance conditioning
 New Series
Deep Conditioning
 0 Breathing
 1 Vibrating Meditation
 2 Swaying Meditation
 3 Three Dimensional Wave
 4 Carrying Density
 5 Five Hidden Qualia
 Hidden Qualia
Video Lecture
5-1 Hidden cavities
5-2 Hidden joints
5-3 Hidden muscles
5-4 Hidden fluid
5-5 Hidden skin
 6 Six Movements
 7 Seven Rhizoming
 8 Eight Channels
 9 Nine Feelers
 10 Ten Meridians
 11 Resonance Touch & Shiatsu
Basic Conditioning
1 Quiet body
2-2 Sho-shu-ten sway@
2-1 Clock sway@
3 Three dimentional sway@
5-1 Three dimensional shift of body cavity
5-2 Three dimensional shift of oral cavity@
6 Six sway

Taking the slack

"Technique of Shisha@1"

Watching life from death

Conditioning for cure and healing

What is the deepening of Butoh?

Drop "Sick Dancing Princess" into body and movement channel

Continue to listen to Life

Transforming the body to dance the invisible


Let your body/mind sway in the comfortable vibration or wave

Subbody History 1

'Basic conditioning to edge work, and de-self-conditioning'

Deep Conditioning No. 1 'Subtle vibrating body'

and conditioning No.9 'Segmentation of the body'

Deep Conditioning Method

Invent your own Weakened body

Advanced conditioning No.6@ƒPass 6 realms (Rokudo) Subtle Qualia>

Advanced conditioning No.8@ƒRotten 8 channels Qualia>

Bottom body
Become single cell creature
Proto body qualia
Shift from body cavity@
‚dight channels
Warped and reverse warp
Hidden qualia
Swaying stand
Passive body
Hidden self
Edge work 1
Edge work 2 œ
Resonate with the subtlest qualia
Ash walk
A size walk
A size walk 2
A size walk 3 Discontinuity 
Multi-bodies walk
Bugs walk
Human walk
Humanoid walk
Stone walk
Mountain walk
Collapsed walk
Bottom tanden walk
Whole self walk
World walk
Whole world walk
‚qesonance between living cells
Inner breathing resonance
Multi-dimensional resonance
Transparent duet@
Subtlest resonance
7 Rhizoming
 Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique
Rhizoming 2
Rhizoming 3
Taking off
Rhizoming 4
Infinite Segmenting
Rhizoming 5
Rhizominf of bodily sensation
Depth of hidden skin
Opening different dimensions
Non-space, non-time
8 Creating
Jo-Ha-Kyu 1
Jo-Ha-Kyu 2
Jo-Ha-Kyu Completion of Clouding body œ
Completion of Jo-ha-Kyu
 Jo-Ha-Kyu of Bugs Walk
Bugs walk2
From bugs walk to your own butoh
Bugs walk 4
Jo-Ha-Kyu of bugs walk
Creating your original Jo-Ha-Kyu
Kyu of Jo-Ha-Kyu œ
Transparent body
Reduced body œ
10 Ten-bodies
Ash body
Proto body
Slime mold body
Animal body
Stone body
Hidden body
Kugutsu body
Humanoid body
Vaperized body
Possessed body
Weakened body
Nest body
Transparent body
11 Midwife method
Tree rhizome
Variation of resonance

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