Sinking into the darkness of the body



What kind of qualia should we listen to in the journey of the darkness of the body? This chapter will guide you through three particularly important three points. All of these are almost inaudible under normal language consciousness, so listen carefully while continuing the medimotion enough.

Very Subtle Qualia

Listening to subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body



I often use the word “Listening”.

What is Listening?

What do we listen to?

When we listen to the body, at first we can sense only ambiguous something that is not able to recognize clearly Is this sensation? Or the imagination? Or a dream? Illusion? memory?

We cannot distinguish at all.

It is Non-dual Qualia.

Qualia is everything that cell’s Life resonates with. Life resonates with Qualia of Gravity, Sunshine, Air, temperature, moisture, sound, smell…

Life is always resonating with these physical Qualia of environment. And not only those present physical Qualia but also inner memory Qualia of those that are reserved as the Life memory during the four billion years Life history.

Both are always resonating double. We call the former “Outer Qualia” the latter “Inner Qualia”.

We listen to the double resonance of both though we cannot distinguish as well.

But, during the listening, the non-dual Qualia shift to a certain channel Qualia; bodily sensation, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, world=self-image, and thinking channels so that we can catch it clearly. We follow it by the whole body-mind until it becomes a certain subbody movement.

When we co-research it with some friends, sometimes a friend’s movement affects you, or your movement becomes other’s movement.

Listen to the process, taste the resonance deeply. It is proof that the border between self and others disappears.

Listen to your own Qualia and other’s Qualia as well.


Listen to inside 50% and outside 50%. This is Transparent listening.

You will meet not only your friends but also meet the world Qualia.

In the world Qualia, it includes not only the physical world but also the invisible world Qualia that Hijikata called it “Behind world”.

Those are the Qualia that we listen to.



24-hour Listening

When we are entering into the real creation process, if you want to be a real Butoh creator, we need to stop thinking and talking completely. Keep infinite silence 24-hour.
Only in the infinite silence, you can listen to very subtle Qualia stream. Qualia are always changing and streaming in your Life, but it is extremely subtle. If you activate the language thinking and talking, immediately you lose the subtle Listening.
Keep listening to what you cannot remember in the darkness of the body. And at the same time keep subtle medimotion that your body is moved by someone with very subtle Qualia from all directions.
Keep the body to follow the unusual forms always.
If you continue these two, there will always be some form and movement of the body, there is a moment when A specific Qualia and body movement connected and suddenly crystallized as one. Hunt it, it is your subbody!  It is important to continue this work always.
As long as you continue it, it will be possible to complete solo or cobody piece for an hour in a year.
The movement consists of mostly strange movements and shapes. The memories that were forgotten to connect with are also full of strange, dusky, hardly o be explained.
By linking them together without any meaning or context, it becomes an unknown thing that you do not understand well. That is the characteristic of subbody=cobody.
When the movement led by one Qualia is over, it is the timing to accept the next subbody. In this process, strange developments are born one after another.
When you dance with others, the border between subbody and cobody disappear, your subbody become cobody, other's cobody becomes your subbody through Life Resonance.
We become unknown Rhizome that connect freely and separate flexible at any part of the body at any moment.
Become swarm, and become an alone wolf!
Transform individual to group instantly and reverse!
Sometimes it jumps to an unexpected place. Do not mind at all.
If you add a story that you can explain with your consciousness, the tree of meaning will immediately rise and it becomes boring. The chaos that nobody understands is OK. Life is moved only to something that has never been seen before. It will be over if the audience is convinced with the head. Constantly betray their expectations and keep even yourself amazed.
This is the essence of Life-Resonance Butoh that has become lucid recently and I can tell now it transparently.

Even sleeping time, we can continue Listening


We sink down to deeper research of the darkness of the body. We expand the Qualia listening from only school hours to 24-hour. Continue Medimotion that is moved by someone for 24-hour.

During sleep time, also we are moved by unknown Qualia which sometimes it becomes a dream.

Sometimes our mind state shifts from medimotion mode to meditation mode that we continue Qualia thinking with subtle Qualia without opening the movement channel. Taste the swaying among both processes.

We integrate the Subbody method, Hijikata Butoh method and Deleuze philosophy with researching "Quiet House" Butoh-fu.

Quiet House: The building of Subbody school transforms into the Quiet House that nobody talks anymore. We keep complete silence and listen to the darkness of the body.

The Red God: Life is moved by unknown Qualia always. The medimotion is what we moved by someone. This "someone" is "The Red God". The 24-hour medimotion means that we feel the invisible Red God for 24-hour.
Hijikata isolated himself for some years and meditate about his dead sister to invent his necessary last Butoh.

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain: This is Hijikata's main motif of The Quiet House. We start researching each one's motivation for creation. Until we find own necessity of Butoh creation, we continue to seek it in the darkness of the body.

A fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead:
Cat Waist:
Behind World:

To control these four elements indigently is Hijikata's secret technique of the weakened body. He segmented his body into thousands of details and transformed various things.
Deleuze said <Differentiation and Differenciation> as same as Hijikata, to segment into different parts and each part transforms differently. 

Garbage disposal place:
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower:
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed:
Can Factory:

The inner Qualia of cell's Life memories are resonating with multiple Behind World.
It is the Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexibly.
Now finally we can integrate Hijikata method, Subbody method, and Deleuze philosophy.

"Technique of Shisha"


Watching Life from death

A strange condition continues in my body and mind after leaving from Himalaya. I was so tired during the two weeks Himalaya Butoh Festival. I could not sleep during the term. I am carried by unknown space quietly as dead during the travel. Exactly saying, it seems a condition of so-called "Bardo" in Tibetan Buddhism. It is another time-space between Life and death. In Buddhism, it is believed that the dead floats in the Bardo during 49 days after the death. Also, I felt as if I am floating in the Bardo during the two months travel from Himalaya, via Switzerland, and Greece. I met various foreign scenery and things during the travel; I resonated with them as only one resonance until dying. I cannot bring them into the dead world. I felt every Qualia as only one chance in Life. Even subtle Qualia of swaying leaf, bird song, floating cloud, I could feel so brilliant and each of them is so rich and unique. I could feel all of the Qualia as the very precious resonance of Life. After death, I cannot feel any Qualia through Life resonance. I cannot carry them into the dead world. Now an important awareness came out. This must be the first essence of "the Technique of Shisha”.

The entrance of the " Technique of Shisha" is to stop the daily mind and body. Because they are so gross and rough comparing the subtle Qualia of Life. They are a trillion times stronger than Life Qualia.

As a daily body, we cannot be aware of the subtle sway of Qualia in the darkness of the body by the masking of strong language thinking.

We can try to stop thinking through various conditionings; the breath of Life, swaying meditation, shivering conditioning, and so on. Through these conditionings, we can calm down conscious thinking, and language brain. But it takes a long time to get it. In the intensive summer workshop in Greece, though the term is four weeks, in the third week half of participants have exchanged. Then we had to start again from the beginning of conditioning to become subbody mode.

Almost all participants still could not respect only one principle no talking during the class. They start talking often unconsciously. It means they are not in subbody mode. It means also that it is not possible for them to stop inner talking and thinking. Even one word coming out, it destroys the subbody mode of other people including me.

To take off all condition of human and to become Shisha is the essence of Butoh. Then in the third week, I decide to guide people into the dead world which I am experiencing now as "Bardo". Through normal conditioning of swaying or vibrating, when we enter the subbody mode, slowly all of Life swaying’s stop and become a Quiet body as a dead.

Watch this living world from the dead world.

You are already not here; nobody can see your shape.

What will be seen in your dead eyes?

What is happening in the living world?

What is Life?

What is death?

Continue this condition during your whole life.

You can get such precious awareness about Life and death.

You will be able to become a Butoh dancer someday.


Basic conditioning to edge work, and de-self-conditioning


During searching for old photos of swaying conditioning, I met nostalgic pictures in the School photo folder of 2006.

At that time, the school term is one month to three months, then we could enjoy the beginning stage of the subbody process.


There were three processes in the slideshow above.

1. Swaying meditation to free resonance

2. Rolling conditioning to free resonance

3. Reso-touch to free resonance.


Still, now, we follow the same process in the beginning. And proceed to various self or group research processes. This variation became so developed in the past decade, students are able to explore the darkness of the body deeper.

Edge---Biggest difference between ten years ago and now

One of the biggest differences is 'Edge'.

In the short term, students may not encounter hard strange edge Qualia. Or in case of meeting something hard, they finished school and left.

But now school term extended to a minimum one year to three years. All students must face each own edge and have to solve it and overcome it because the edge Qualia is one of the richest sources of originality, creativity, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.

Edge is unknown hard Qualia which happen through the resonance of one's first process and the second process. The first process is one's daily body/mind. There are strong Ego and Self, and ego or self is bound by an illusion which "I" can decide everything freely, 'I" can think everything freely. This "I" as the subject is the strongest illusion of the modern human. We can say it is the strongest Archetype that remains in the contemporary world.

It connects to individualism and capitalism strongly and Ego and Self-support the Nation-State which is also the strongest common illusion of this world.

The so-cold 'success stories' bind people tightly.

This first process is bound by dualistic logic; good/bad, input/output, right/wrong and so on. All words and language thinking are bound by dualism.

Then, students who entered the Subbody school, their first process meets unknown second process in the darkness of the body.

It has completely another logic which is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance.

Students have to encounter strange Qualia which are streaming in the subconscious realm. It is an extremely strange world which they had not to notice until now. All people feel fear and unsafe, their Life shrinks for self-protection against the unknown something. It is a natural process of Life.

During the three months, all students meet it and have to struggle with it. In these ten years, we could develop the method for how to resonate with the edge Qualia.


1. Acceptance

All Ego and Self don't know the importance of acceptance. Because they are bound by the illusion of the freedom which "I" can choose everything. "I" will follow to a good thing which "I" recognize so if "I" don't agree, I will not follow.

How foolish an illusion it is! All illusion of "I" are supported by the intentional ignorance to the fact which we cannot choose parents, nation, sex, body, time/space of the birth, and the kind of creature.

So, the first thing to do is accept everything including hardship, emotion, body condition, and so on.


2. Optimum distance

Find the optimum distance with the edge Qualia.

This is the basic attitude of Life. Until we will find the best resonance pattern, Life just waits with finding the safe distance.


3. Original conditioning

Invent a proper 'conditioning method' with its own edge.

With trying every method which you learn in the school, apply it to your own condition which is bound by the edge.


4. Change it to your own creation

Shift the edge Qualia to own creation of Butoh of Life. Though it would take time.




These decades are the challenge for me as a midwife for meeting the hard edge of the birth of fetus subbody=cobody.

The edge is completely different among students.

How to support each student who is attacked by diverse edges, I could hardly find diverse methods of edge work.

Resonance touch

Resonance Shiatsu

Edgework of Mindell

Mixing method of hundreds of eyes-faces-breaths-voices-movements

Cobody work


Accept everything as the Life Resonance





When your Ego and Self are activated helplessly by a storm of emotions and feelings and cannot get out of it, please try this de-self-conditioning in such a case.

Leave from the place where you are excited. Find a quiet place, in the standing position or sitting position.

Feel the breath of Life.

Your hundred trillion of cells in your body is activated to get oxygen and feel that the body is going swell just a little while relaxing very slowly.

And after a while, some part of the body starts fading also.

Let your body relax in the comfortable Life sway.

Swayback just one millimeter, from your present position to another dimension of the dead.

Stretch your back a little bit and move toward the behind world.

Become a transparent body, feel that you are missing from this living world.

Watch this living world from the dead world.

Enjoy this de-self-condition, until your mind and body become silence.


How to Liberate from the Archetype

Notes on dancing the archetype


We dance the universe. What is seen and what is unseen, we dance all. Archetypes are the oldest resident in the darkness of the body. The time when we must dance a variety of archetypes will come often. Archetypes are a matrix of our imagination that humanity has genetically inherited from ancient times, and it has a very strong binding force. When we are caught once, then it is difficult to get out.

If we are possessed by it, we would fall into a miserable existence without flexibility, creativity, and originality.

Shadow, Anima, Animus, old sage, Trickster, Girl, Boy, King, Queen, God, Demon, Devil, and Ego are the archetypes of self-image. Few people know that the Ego is also an archetype. But, it's the strongest archetype of modern society. Most people have got caught too, then it is misunderstood that it is the inevitable nature of the human. But it is just an illusion imprinted by the capitalistic education and information system.

Though it must become lifetime work to be separated from the Ego bind. It is the biggest challenge for modern people.

Otherwise, we cannot recover the Resonativity (resonance ability) (=Resonance ability) which are the most important qualities of Life.

We need to dance all the archetypes, to be released from the unconscious restraint of them. It is only possible to escape from the restraint by dancing them thoroughly. We need careful attention to dance it. We must keep a safe distance where we do not get eaten by it. There is no choice but to dance on the edge of the fine line between success or failure. Otherwise, we would be eaten by archetype and become the prisoner easily.

The miserable state of the guru is born to do so.


When ego comes out 

It took for decades to be able to catch the moment when the ego comes out for me.
Now I control myself to be subbody mode in a whole day, otherwise, I cannot enter into student's subbodies and resonate with it from inside.
But sometimes when the morning conditioning is not enough, my ego comes up and possess me, I noticed twice times in this week.
Maybe I felt that my work for this year has finished, then conditioning becomes loose.
It is one of the proofs of loose that my old poet character came out this week. I have lost concentration for keeping midwife mode.
Then many small fragmental egos come out and possessed me.
When ego comes out, it has a particular signal. Ego is bound by dissonance mode.
Because ego was born when the complete resonance with the womb world was broken, and ego had to make oneself as if it were a war orphan. The ego feels always conflict, fear, anger, and complaint to the others.
It is the first characteristic of an ego that ego forgets one's own problem and ego puts the blame on the other person. The ego feels always angry and dissatisfied with others.
When we get angry with the others, we project all bad Qualia to the others and bound by blaming always. It is not ninety percent, but exactly a hundred percent.
Because this ego process is completely unconscious, the ego doesn't know that the real problem is on its own side, then it projects all the blame of bad thing on the others.
Ego pictures the best planning in its own imaginary world, and if the world did not follow the planning, the ego becomes dissatisfied and gets angry, this is the characteristic process of small ego.
Even me, when I am not enough conditioning, immediately small ego comes up and possess me, and I was fallen in anger mode
The morning enough conditioning is everything.
I realized the importance of conditioning deeply again.
When the conditioning is not enough, always small ego comes out and binds us.
We need to continue it every morning until enough.
I hope all students to continue it every morning, even after they have finished subbody school.


Release from strength

The biggest point what I learned in Himalaya is that we don't need to pretend to be strong.
It's not necessary to show that we are strong.
We are so deeply bound by the strength which our society and education continue to force us to be strong. It becomes unconscious pressure in the darkness of the body.
We need to release ourselves from the pressure to pretend to be strong.
Our ego is bound by this pressure. But not only ego but also subbody is bound by this pressure.
When I created "Infectious Fever" ten years ago, twenty years old subbody possessed my body and created the piece.
Then it was full of strength, pretending to be brave, I was bound by the tendency which tries to show stronger movement.
After the performance, I found that my body was full of adrenaline mode.
It was so bad for Life because the immune system was shut down in adrenaline mode at all,
then my body had stopped to perform it eight years before.
But this month, when I tried to create a Butoh piece after eight years rest, I had to face the tendency to be strong is still alive.
My subbodies were born in the early age of my life, and they were folded in the darkness of the body with keeping small ego as the same as they were born.
I have to face the big struggle between the weakened body which I had trained myself for these ten years, and the young subbodies with full of the tendency for strength and a small ego.
I have to recognize that not only
the daily body is bound by ego, but also hidden subbodies are bound by each own small ego.
To be released from ego is not easy to process, it is the deep labyrinth in multi-dimensions.
We don't need to deny ego and any subbodies.
Ego and small egos have the tendency to deny each other, but we need to accept everything for finding the best resonance in the whole self, in the whole world.
The most important thing for life is to accept all elements in our life without any denial.
And how can we find the optimum resonance among everything in the darkness of body?
This is the final problem for me in the face of sixty years old birthday.


Beyond the huge difference between Ego and Life


Life is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance itself. Qualia are Life Resonance. 
It has no dualistic boundary. All Qualia are resonating beyond any boundaries. 
It is Rhizome that has no center, no top, no hierarchy at all.
The Rhizome is able to connect freely and separate flexibly at any moment at any place.

On the contrary, ego, superego, and consciousness live in the dualistic world. It is Tree system that has hierarchic order. 
There is a huge gap between Tree and Rhizome.

We need to cultivate a novel type of intelligence that is able to go and come between both realms of Tree and Rhizome.

This issue will be described later. (See chapter 8. “RhizomeTree sway”)



How to stop ego and superego


24-hour Listening to subtle Qualia

In a quiet state where you can notice the appearance of ego and superego, it is important to spend every day at that condition, because the appearance of it is so subtle. 
As long as you talk with people using words, self and superego are activated unconsciously. And in the conscious mode, we cannot listen to it.
It is important to stop talking with words externally and internally. Maintain a transparent state of mind and body that you can notice the subtle Qualia constantly.
Then you can notice at the moment when ego or superego comes up.
At that moment, you can give a greeting to ego and superego.

Hello! My ego, and superego. How are you?

I know you well, you are necessary to survive in this capitalist society. But, not now. Now I am in the creation mode. See you later!"

Never deny the ego or superego directly, because it activates them as counterproductively.

Ego and superego want to receive optimum respect. We need sensitive attention to it.

Nobody can live in today's daily world without ego and superego.

And as long as humans are captured by ego and superego, the man keeps supporting the common illusion of Nation-state and power.

And the creativity of Life continues to be alienated from people.

For the real liberation of human beings, the disappearance of Ego, Superego, Archetypes and the Nation-state are necessary at the same time. The liberation from the common illusion of the Nation-state and politics are connected. I was working on those issues over many decades.



How to Liberate from the Ego


In order to fully demonstrate the creativity of life, it is necessary to get out of the ego, superego, and Archetype.

The fact that modern people cannot exercise the creativity of life is,
It is because he/she is forced to have an ego and he does not know how to stop his ego.

Nothing becomes obstacles to create as much as ego and superego. Because they are captured in dualistic judgment.

In order to quench ego and superego, first of all, we have to know exactly what they will show up.

People are unconsciously captured by ego and superego in daily life, it is because we cannot control it without knowing the other party.

Let 's describe the outline of how the ego and superego emerge.  

The ego's appearance


The ego generally appears in the following form. If you notice it, immediately say hello and break apart.  


1. Private Territory Owner

Ego is always territorializing like "This is my area". It is driven by the urge to secure his own safety zone. The ego is captured by anxiety. Found a quiet environment that you can become alone. 
"You do not have to worry. Because no one here will try to infringe you, here."First of all, you can find an environment that makes your ego relieved and calm. It is important first.

The ego is stuck with the urge of private ownership "This is mine". These tendencies that we were born and raised in a capitalistic society of private property system. However, that is not the only way human beings are. I leave the attachment of my ego and descend to the land of Life.

There is no boundary between self and others, and every life is just resonating in the world. I will let the ego know that there is such a different world. 


2. Self-justificatory

The ego always keeps on justifying himself. I cannot live with confidence without awareness that "I am not wrong".

There is nobody in the world of Life, such as making a dualistic judgment of right and wrong, such as right and wrong. I do not have to keep busy, self-justification, etc. Because I am convinced that it is a human being, I am driven to such work.


3. Story maker

For that reason, the ego always keeps making his own story. As long as you believe in your own story, you can always be in your own right. Even if that is just my own excuse, the ego does not notice such a thing. Because I cannot support myself as soon as I noticed it. You never do such a stupid thing.


4. Pretender to be a good person

I am dressing my ego all the time. I am busy showing myself well. For that, we must first believe in stories we make up first. The ego knows somewhere a lie always cold wind is blowing. Just do not desperately look for it. I am convinced that I am as being a "nice person."


5. Ironic critique
When the ego sees a person, he always looks down. I am watching whether the fantasy of the ego stories that others believe has not come off. Only a careful look that does not overlook the collapse of others' story. It will save my own story of the story from collapse.


6. Emotional

Ego is always regulated unconsciously by the condition of the body and emotions rising from it. However, I do not notice it on my own. Ego's actions are all inspired by this unconscious emotion. Since that urge brings only a faint signal. It is hard to notice with everyday consciousness. It is not until you stop your ego consciousness.
The unconscious connection between the ego and the body and emotion appears transparent. 


How the super-ego appears


Ego is still cute. Compared to the unrelenting denial of the superego.

Superego is a type of <Archetype> living in the collective unconscious of deep layers. Its power to control is powerful, and it cannot be ruled out if it is captured. 


7. Public prosecutor

A judge like a prosecutor or a judge is the biggest feature of the superego. Wielding around the dualistic judgment of a narrow "good/bad" I try to decide my own black and white. Then deny and truncate without mercy. There is no bad existence of prosecutors who believe that they always belong to justice. However, prosecutors and judges are alive among anyone. Every time it comes out, keep on quitting. Perhaps super-ego is a type of former type to be described later, I am trapped by it before I notice it.

In learning how to go out with <Archetype> living in the deepest layer of unconsciousness. I gradually calm down the captivity by the superego.


8. Self-critic

There is superego which only ironic and cynical criticism is done. Always stick to new attempts at negative criticism. I try to ruin everything. It is a timid, most conservative denier to the new transformation.

9. Justice guy

The end of the prosecutor and judge is righteous Han. Believe that I am right and swing. There used to be many men in the old days, but now it got less. On the contrary, I often came across the case that I possessed in women's animus. This righteous man is alive in everyone. I have also fought with a guy who faces Justice in my life for life, but I cannot stop my breath. Especially I am not aware that I am infiltrated by Animus. Feminism women are eaten by eating this super-ego called Justice Han. It is pleasant to sexuality to associate with Animus of justice. Once you get killed you will not be able to escape, it is the same as when men are captured by the Anima.

But because it is unconscious, every feminist woman, Anima's captive man cannot notice it. It is still the biggest obstacle for me.


Other Archetypes


Many Archetypes live in the darkness of the body besides ego and superego.


10. Shadow, Not me, Dissociated personality

All Hidden bodies are the archetypes, too. As same as the surface identity or character of Ego is Archetype.

Freud called it “Inferior personality”,  Jung called it “shadow”, Sullivan named it “not-me”, and so on.

All of those are also Archetypes, many shadows are hidden in our darkness of body. We need to dance it to release them.


11. Anima, Animus

Probably one of the most powerful Archetype. Anima is a secret feminine aspect of men. Animus is the opposite, it is a secret male side in women. However, since they lurk unconsciously, we usually do not notice them. And the man projects the feminine Qualia inside himself to a certain external woman or feminine image. It is love. Love is unconsciously invaded by the Anima, Animus inevitably. If I tell it in more detail, In a love affair, so multiple Qualia are entangled around the sexuality; biological sexual hormone states,  emotional influence of the Archetype of Anima, Animus, Girl, Boy, Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Great Mother, forgotten memories of relationship with Mother, Father, Grandparents, infantile girl or boyfriend, momentum flashback Qualia of them, social moral of sexuality, and so on.

It cannot be said easily. However, if you always look at the fact that you always fall in love with a particular biased woman or man, you can see the fact that Anima, Animus is involved in it.

Liberation from captivity to Anima is an unknown task in the middle of the quest. Since working on decades, just a little bit has become transparent, though it is still on the middle way. My final creation will be about Anima. Prisoners for women of Animus are also deep misery.

I can only say so now, to be honest. We may need a partner to liberate from them together.

Unless we solve this problem, it is clear that only the fact that friendship between men and women cannot be realized.


12. Great Mother

The Great Mother is the oldest Archetype and is also involved in Anima. Sometimes it appears like a superego. Great mother loves everything and eats everything. There is no distinction between love and desire to own possession.


Non-dual Resonance


Archetypes are all in the Qualia cloud that is not able to distinguish clearly. There is no clear distinction between them. Those Qualia are resonating in non-dual and multi-dimensional with changing shapes infinitely. Sometimes other Archetypes resonate with those and become so complicated entanglement. Old wise men, heavenly woman, boy, animal, trickster, mad, guru, god, devil, etc. There is the millions number of Archetypes that are unlimited. Every day it's going to come up with them and we are in the middle of exploring how to handle it, I still have no power to tell them all. Here I focused only on Ego, Superego and Anima, Animus. 


Denial tendency of Ego and Superego


This super complex group of problems only has to deal with deepening multidimensional resonance theory. 
Features of ego and superego are in denial. It is bound by the tendency to deny others.

The superego denies yourself from above with overtaken power. 
The ego denies in a horizontal confrontation with others.
There is only a difference in position and case.

The superego always appears together with the common illusion such as justice, morality, ethics, true and good.

The whole image of the identity is in a deeper mystery than the Archetype because it is mixed with multiple elements of the sexuality, nationality, moral, education, religion, law, thoughts, and so on.

Superego is the biggest enemy of creation more than ego.

To calm down and stop superego and ego is necessary inner work for everybody in order to realize the better future that is able to open the infinite creativity of Life. 





Things that disturb transparency

The biggest Archetype: Ego

I continued to try to
calm down my ego process for decades years, now slowly it is able to catch the subtle signal when my ego comes up transparently.

Until now I could not notice the timing because my ego did not calm down enough.

Maybe, the ego is the biggest Archetype that is imprinted in the collective unconsciousness for us. Now everybody has it, and nobody noticed that ego is the Archetype as the same as other Archetype, Anima, Animus, Great mother, Trickster, Superego, God, Devil, Spirit, Ghost, Monster, and so on.

It is the most familiar tendency for the daily body and mind. In this capitalist economy, without it we can’t survive. But, in the creative realm, it is the biggest disturbance.


When ego comes out


I noticed that there are two typical tendencies which the ego comes up. One is the moment when the ego receives uncomfortable pressure from outside. This is easy to understand when we feel pressure which we are pressed, ego takes the role to guard ourselves.

Another one is the moment when ego inflates by self-conceit,

proud, praise, and so on. This case becomes a blind spot for us often.

Especially when we feel, "I got big discovery!", it is the crisis which ego comes up and possesses us.

In eight channels, I describe the typical moment when the ego comes up and binds us.


1. Body channel

When we receive unpleasant pressure from outside, ego comes up as a guard immediately.

Also when we are possessed by habit, like addiction, daily routine work and so on, ego controls us. The ego feels that I am the owner of this body with satisfaction.

This kind of ego is so strong like an instinct. It is so hard to control it. We just need to become aware of them. It's enough for the first stage.


2. Movement channel

When we move according to a plan, like a strict choreography, ego has to wake up and control us. Ego controls ourselves by dualistic judgment--right/wrong, good/bad, beautiful/ugly, and so on.

When we are released from ego, we can improvise flexibly between us choreograph and accidental events. I call this method: "Real-time resonance".

It is not so easy. When we are released from ego enough, we can do it.


3. Visual channel

When we are bound by an archetype of sense of beauty which is considered as normal in a society, our egos are bound also by them and guide us to be in a beautiful way. Ego inhibits us to go out of the border unconsciously.

Almost all persons feel resistance to warp one's intelligent face because ego inhibits us strongly. It is the edge of the visual channel. Ego considers that the ugly face does not belong to me, it belongs to "not-me".

"Not-me" is a dissociated self like a sub-character, shadow, inferior character. Subbodies include them.


4. Audio channel

Our audio channel is bound by the archetypes like as human language, twelve scales of normal music.

Our daily bodies are trained by them for a long time, we believe that they belong to a human.

The ego receives unpleasant feelings from the sounds, voices out of the "human".

But when we are released from these archetypes, we can create the novel beauty world where the daily body does not feel beautiful.


5. Emotion channel

When we enter the subbody world, we often meet unknown uncomfortable emotion, because the basic composition between consciousness and subconsciousness is changed from daily conditions.

Our daily bodies are bound by very few kinds of feeling: glad, sad, angry, easy, and so on. These are archetypes in emotion channel.

But so many variations and gradations of emotions and feelings are streaming in our subbody world. It is impossible to name them.

When we meet an unknown emotion, it is felt strange strongly, and we feel resistance. We don't want to receive them and try to escape from them.

This is the edge in emotion channel.

At the first stage, we can just recognize them. After then, slowly, slowly we can become friend with them.


6. Human relationship channels

Our daily bodies are bound by archetypes: human role, family role, and gender. Ego has only a gender. But subbody have multi-gender. Sometimes subbodies are a fetus, baby, boy, girl, mother, father, old man, old woman, and genderless being.

Subbodies have "nth sex". When we open our “nth sex”, we can transform the female body, male body and so many genders bodies.

But it is pretty difficult, because one of the strongest archetypes: Anima, Animus disturbs the process. We are so strongly bound by them. This is the hardest edge work. We need to wait for the timing when we are ready to face it for a long time.

Also, I continued to try to be released from my Anima for a long time, but still I cannot succeed it.

7. World image= self-image channel
When we meet a subtle uncomfortable feeling: "I don't know what is happening, but something is wrong.”, we encounter an edge in world image- self-image channel. 
When our world image and self-image are fitting, we feel ease and self-confidence. We can keep proper will. But when there is a subtle gap between them, we cannot keep will properly. We are disturbed by this unpleasant feeling. This is the edge in world=self-channel. 
It is happening always, but our daily bodies ignore them normally until this gap grows up to a body-mind syndrome or sickness. 
Then suddenly we are attacked by a nightmare, somatic syndrome, and sickness.
When we die down our ego state, we can catch the subtle signal of this edge.
Actually, we meet them so often. The subtle gap is always happening.
The focusing method by Gendrine is to listen up to this subtle gap. He named it "felt sense". 
But on the other hand, when our ego meets a good situation, good luck, fortunately, also at the moment the subtle gap between world image and self-image comes up.
This moment is the crisis, if we don't notice it, our egos are bound by conceit, proud, ego-inflation, and so on easily.
In my school, when a new idea works successfully, I often encounter this crisis: my ego comes up with a glad and proud face, " I got it!", and when I am bound by it, I fail in becoming student's subbodies.
I have to recognize the bitter fact what is "Ego cannot become a midwife". 
I need still a long process to train myself. 

8. Thinking channel
Thinking itself the strongest edge of ego. When we are bound by thinking, we cannot resonate enough. 
We need to release from thinking so often. 
The only good way is this: when we get a new idea, we should write it down soon on a notebook nearby, and forget it immediately, then we can come back to subbody mode. Always we need to effort shifting our consciousness from thinking mode to listening mode constantly in all moments to be released from the ego process. But thinking is the biggest edge for us. Our daily body believes that we cannot live without thinking like a human.
It may true, but it is not enough to become a life. We need to release us from the biggest illusion what we are "Human". When we think that we are human, we are bound by the biggest proud. 
The feeling of human hides the deep fact what we are just life.
When we are released from the illusion of human, we can recover the life resonance which can resonate with the weakest being in the world.





Let’s train the Transparent eyes


1. Listen to the non-dual Qualia in the darkness of body

Every day, we start medimotion or the walking medimotion like Ash walk or weakened walk. When we stop thinking and listen to the darkness of the body, at first, we meet obscure chaotic Qualia that is not able to distinguish which they are. Sensation? Memory? Feeling? Imagination? Dream? Illusion?

Signs?  Flirt?  Finch?  Prediction?  Suggestion?

We cannot recognize it separately, Qualia are mixed and changing at each moment like a Rhizome.

We call it, “Non-dual Qualia”.

Life is resonating with this non-dual and multi-dimensional Qualia, always.


2. Hunt the moment the non-dual Qualia become a subtle movement

In the Ash walk, we try to carry the body as quiet as possible. But, we cannot inhibit the subtle vibration or sway. We listen to the subtle vibrations or sways, we may meet so diverse tendencies, some part may want to float up, another part may sink down or shrink.

Listen to the diverse tendencies, and hunt the moment that a part of your body follows the tendency by the body movement. Watch the spontaneous movement by the distant eyes. It is your subbody.

Normally, we follow the spontaneous movement and develop it as today’s subbody. But, in the Winter Intensive, we will co-research in this subbody process much more precisely. 


3. See the whole process transparently

We move and see it transparently what is happening. We watch the subbody process precisely and exchange it by word and movement. We use the Qualia language that is connected to each label language of Qualia by "and". 

What Qualia do you feel at first? And what is next? And the next?

This is the work to elucidate out the subtle subbody process precisely. We will co-research each subtle phenomena that happen in the subbody process.

The subtle tendencies might be felt with various nuances as the followings;

Forgotten memory, Finch, Flirt, Invitation, Temptation, Implication, Insinuation, Suggestion and so on. It doesn’t matter. We just follow the tendency and it becomes a bodily movement.

It might come from your forgotten memories of cells because cells have four billion years of Life memories. Or they may connect with the Archetypes and appear as the following:

Flirt from another world

Implication by someone

The insinuation by a spirit

Invitation from a dreamland

Suggestion by the ancestor

Temptation by a trickster

and so on.

 When you will meet these Archetype Qualia, not being possessed like ancient people, see it transparently what resonance is happening between the archetype Qualia that we share in the collective unconsciousness and present physical Qualia. To be transparent means not bound by anything.


4. Investigate in them half as the mental process and half as the physical process

To become transparent that is not bound by anything, we need to keep exact 50% and 50% balance among all. We research it half as the mental process. It means to grab the phenomena as the resonance of imaginary Qualia; memory, imagination, dream, sensation, feeling, emotion, illusion and so on. And the other half we try to grab the process as the physical process. Do we research what will happen when an imaginary Qualia meet some cells of the body?

Subtle physical particles are provided from a cell and the neighbor cells receive it by the receptors. They are called the nerve transmitter; including the hormones. Recently so many variations of them are found. Each nerve transmitter has own special role and controls the body with complicated network resonance.

We need to keep this transparent attitude to investigate our body=mind process without any bias. 


5. Be aware not to be trapped

Be aware that all viewpoints in the world are trapped by own bias. All Religions are limited by own beliefs, science is bound by own narrow viewpoint. We have to build the Transparent eyes that are not bound by any tendencies by ourselves, even it is extremely hard. If we lose this Transparency, immediately we are trapped by a biased viewpoint.

Do not believe the internet information directly. Do not use the same terminology as them. We need to avoid the biased words in each narrow tendencies, including the biggest modern humanistic biases.


Transparent Riken (Distant) Eyes


See yourself by Transparent Distant eyes, and check the following;


1. No Duplication

Do not do Duplicate the movement unconsciously. See yourself at each moment from Distant eyes and if you find it, break it, and invent.


2. Break your habits

Do not allow your habitual arm position, leg position as usual, and invent novel positions that you have never done at each moment.


3. Remember forgotten Qualia

Listen to your Hidden skins, Hidden joints, Hidden fluid and resonate with your Qualia cloud around your body. Those Qualia moves each detail, part, and whole body.


4. Subtle control technique

Pass through different Qualia at random, at a different part of your body, in a different direction, with a different rhythm. Remember the <Slow Kanchen>, <Silent speed>, <Listen to subtle Life Resonance>, <Carry density> and <Jumping wild>.


5. Mutual Midwife

Either opening all the above points, listen to yourself and others equally. Then, do not regard the issue of the others as a stranger, accept it as your own issue, invent and share the best conditioning that solves it. What we are trying to co-create is a community of the future that we can care for each other.


6. Become Transparent

While accepting all of them, slowly your body will become Transparent that is <half passive, half active>, <half outside, half inside>, <half follow, half invent>, <half subconscious, half Transparencious>. These are the basic checkpoint by your <Transparent Distant eyes> at every moment.



Let’s train the Transparent eyes


1. Listen to the non-dual Qualia in the darkness of body

Every day, we start medimotion or the walking medimotion like Ash walk or weakened walk. When we stop thinking and listen to the darkness of the body, at first, we meet obscure chaotic Qualia that is not able to distinguish which they are. Sensation? Memory? Feeling? Imagination? Dream? Illusion?

Signs?  Flirt?  Finch?  Prediction?  Suggestion?

We cannot recognize it separately, Qualia are mixed and changing at each moment like a Rhizome.

We call it, “Non-dual Qualia”.

Life is resonating with this non-dual and multi-dimensional Qualia, always.


2. Hunt the moment the non-dual Qualia become a subtle movement

In the Ash walk, we try to carry the body as quiet as possible. But, we cannot inhibit the subtle vibration or sway. We listen to the subtle vibrations or sways, we may meet so diverse tendencies, some part may want to float up, another part may sink down or shrink.

Listen to the diverse tendencies, and hunt the moment that a part of your body follows the tendency by the body movement. Watch the spontaneous movement by the distant eyes. It is your subbody.

Normally, we follow the spontaneous movement and develop it as today’s subbody. But, in the Winter Intensive, we will co-research in this subbody process much more precisely. 


3. See the whole process transparently

We move and see it transparently what is happening. We watch the subbody process precisely and exchange it by word and movement. We use the Qualia language that is connected to each label language of Qualia by "and". 

What Qualia do you feel at first? And what is next? And the next?

This is the work to elucidate out the subtle subbody process precisely. We will co-research each subtle phenomena that happen in the subbody process.

The subtle tendencies might be felt with various nuances as the followings;

Forgotten memory, Finch, Flirt, Invitation, Temptation, Implication, Insinuation, Suggestion and so on. It doesn’t matter. We just follow the tendency and it becomes a bodily movement.

It might come from your forgotten memories of cells because cells have four billion years of Life memories. Or they may connect with the Archetypes and appear as the following:

Flirt from another world

Implication by someone

The insinuation by a spirit

Invitation from a dreamland

Suggestion by the ancestor

Temptation by a trickster

and so on.

 When you will meet these Archetype Qualia, not being possessed like ancient people, see it transparently what resonance is happening between the archetype Qualia that we share in the collective unconsciousness and present physical Qualia. To be transparent means not bound by anything.


4. Investigate in them half as the mental process and half as the physical process

To become transparent that is not bound by anything, we need to keep exact 50% and 50% balance among all. We research it half as the mental process. It means to grab the phenomena as the resonance of imaginary Qualia; memory, imagination, dream, sensation, feeling, emotion, illusion and so on. And the other half we try to grab the process as the physical process. Do we research what will happen when an imaginary Qualia meet some cells of the body?

Subtle physical particles are provided from a cell and the neighbor cells receive it by the receptors. They are called the nerve transmitter; including the hormones. Recently so many variations of them are found. Each nerve transmitter has own special role and controls the body with complicated network resonance.

We need to keep this transparent attitude to investigate our body=mind process without any bias. 


5. Be aware not to be trapped

Be aware that all viewpoints in the world are trapped by own bias. All Religions are limited by own beliefs, science is bound by own narrow viewpoint. We have to build the Transparent eyes that are not bound by any tendencies by ourselves, even it is extremely hard. If we lose this Transparency, immediately we are trapped by a biased viewpoint.

Do not believe the internet information directly. Do not use the same terminology as them. We need to avoid the biased words in each narrow tendencies, including the biggest modern humanistic biases.


What is Transparency?


Transparency means not being bound by outside.

Transparency means not being bound by inside.

Transparency means not being bound by anything.

Listen to inside 50%, outside 50%.
Keep this balance exactly to be transparent. Transparency means not being bound by anything, not bound by internal elements and external elements, and we can become Transparent Life. The word of inside and outside is tricky, it changes always depend on the focusing condition.

Subbody mode
For example, when you are subbody mode, inside means inner Qualia; feeling, emotion, desire, memory, imagination and so on, outside means present physical resonance with the environment.

Cobody mode
When we are cobody mode, the outside becomes a friend’s movement and inside becomes yourself.

In the
performance, the outside becomes the audience and inside becomes the dancers. Performance is the training chance to challenge to be transparent Life in the world. In the performance, we tend to be bound by the word of “Showing”. This word is bound by the daily dualistic illusion. Daily mind=body is bound by the dualistic human illusion of <self and others>, inside is separated firmly from outside, and we are bound by the pressure, “I have to show myself to outside.” But, this word “show” is a dualistic illusion, “I” show something. In the real aspect of Life, there is just Life Resonance> In the resonance, there is no subject, no object, it happens from both side. But, the daily body is bound by the illusion of “I” as the subject, and regard the others as the object. We need to take off all of these illusions to become the Transparent Life. All of us are One Life and performance is the field to share the best of each.

Not being bound by anything
Transparency means not being bound by anything.
It means not bound by yourself, not by the group and not by the audience and the world.


There are some useful techniques.

Steal the steps
Not bound by “I”, ego, self, all inner Qualia; feeling, emotion, desire and so on. Zeami said, “Steal the steps”. When you do a strong step or big movement, you steal the sound of steps. Then you can keep the transparent balance. When you want to shout, do it as the “silent shout”, then you are not bound by the emotion. 

Half carrying a secret, half co-create the total Jo-Ha-kyu
When you co-create a cobody piece that your friend initiates, half you co-create the total Jo-Ha-Kyu with finding best timing and spacing, and at the same time always you carry your own secret. Then whole time becomes pure creation.


Real-time Resonance
Not bound by the group
totally. Even if you confirmed the Jo-ha-Kyu development with the meeting of group rehearsal, always everyone research the best MA of timing and spacing, and if you find novel resonance pattern, immediately follow it even it is out of confirmation in the meeting. Then Jo-Ha-kyu will be co-created in the real-time Life Resonance.

Riken (Distant) eye
In the performance, if you are afraid of the critical eye of the audience,
swallow it as your Riken (distant) eye. And you can see yourself always and able to find the best MA and resonance pattern. 
What you afraid audience eye means wants of your own Riken (Distant) eye by yourself.

Multiple Life Resonance
Actually, we are living in the multiple resonance world of the Qualia. 
All dualistic judgment and hierarchy are the human illusion.
Become Life!

Become the Transparent Life which is not by anything!
Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret!



 From individuation to Becoming Life

Individuation and Becoming Life

Psychologist C.G.Jung and philosopher Gille Deleuze, whom I learned a lot, put <individuation> as a human goal. <Individuation> means realizing 100% of Self potential. <Individuation> is a precious goal. However, the present age that the destruction of Life and Earth has advanced to its limit, that's not enough. Not only becoming Self but <To become Life> is what the deepest matters.

What comes after the “human death” predicted by philosopher Michel Foucault is <Becoming Life>. If there is something in this book that I can add to the achievement of my teachers, it will be <Becoming Life>. Only that can open up our brilliant Future.  (See chapter 4 “Research the 5 Desires”)



<Becoming> and <Reduction by X and regeneration>

<Becoming> in Hijikata Butoh

<Becoming> is a fundamental of Butoh.
<Reduction by X and regeneration> is the most universal method for <Becoming>. Tatsumi Hijikata wrote it a lot in his last solo Butoh score "Quiet House".

“Becoming a girl.
Becoming a stuffed spring.

Becoming a behind world.
Becoming a Shisha(Dead) that is able to transform to everything infinitely.

Becoming a mad man=child=beast.
Becoming a vaporized body.
Becoming a chimera.
...and so on.”

Each sentence of the score is the variation of becoming.
And he uses the technique of <Reduction by X> in each becoming.
Reduction by X means to reduce an element from the normal human body. 
X can be anything, then it is the universal transformation method to become everything in the Universe.
For example...
“Becoming a girl means to reduce sexuality and age from his human body.
Becoming a stuffed spring means to reduce Life from every living being.
Becoming a behind world means to reduce all visible physicality from the daily being.
Becoming a Shisha means to reduce Life from a living being.
Becoming mad man=child=east means to reduce sanity, age, humanity from your body.
Becoming a vaporized body means to reduce all physicality from the human physical body.
Becoming a chimera means to reduce your identity and totality of your body, and each part of the body transform to various beings.” 
I can continue this till the last sentence, but the other parts, you can do it by yourself.

<Becoming> in "Thousand Plateaus"

Gille Deleuze and Felix Guattari wrote the book together.
Also in this book, there are full of Becoming.
The main thing is Becoming Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexibly at any part of it.
The rhizome is also multiple transformation state of us.
We are bound by so many restrictions as a modern human being. To release from all of them and become a completely free being is the Rhizome.
A rhizome is a sprouting form of future of human being.
Let's see the many becoming in the book.
For becoming Rhizome, it needs so many examples.
Because Rhizome is a manifold, and manifold has so many entrances.

“Becoming a Rhizome.
Becoming a wolf.
Becoming a herd.
Becoming an anomaly.
Becoming an animal.
Becoming a child.
Becoming a woman.
Becoming a manifold.
Becoming a molecule.
Becoming something that is not able to recognize.”

You can see the surprising similarity with Hijikata Butoh. And also we can understand that they use the same method as <Reduction by X> to become those being.
Becoming Rhizome means to reduce Tree(=dualistic thinking and hierarchical order of human society) from daily human being which is bound by those restrictions.
Becoming a wolf means to reduce your humanistic personality from you and remind your wildness. A wolf is a herd itself, they can be alone and a herd flexibly.
Becoming a herd means to reduce the illusion of modern individuality from your being, and remind that we are a cobody as Life.
All of them are to becoming a minority, not becoming a majority.
It is a common characteristic of both of Hijikata and Deleuze=Guattri.
We do not become a man, not becoming a General.
Because it is to back to the Tree based on the hierarchical order.
We do not become a teacher, not become a fixed leader.
Because it supports the Tree system that is out of date.
Becoming manifold is the same as <Becoming Chimera> in Hijikata.
Becoming something that is not able to recognize is also the same as <Becoming Behind world> and <Becoming Shisha> in Hijikata.
They had never contact, but the universal Life Resonance around 1968, brought them to the same horizon.
This was the miracle of Life Resonance.
A similar Life Resonance must occur again in the near future.
Because everyone living in modern times is influenced by the rapid inflation of higher information technology, and Life is eroded on the first scale in human history.


The amazing synchronicity of Hijikata and Deleuze
We could find so many amazing synchronicities between Hijikata and Deleuze. 

. First synchronicity about the ego

Hijikata said,


“We have to go to the place before the differentiation of self and others.”

Deleuze said,

“To reach, not the point where one no longer says I, but the point where it is no longer of any importance whether one says I. We are no longer ourselves.”

Both are the way to release from the modern bondage of ego.


2. Second synchronicity of the transformation method to overcome the ego bind

Hijikata invented <Reduction by X and regeneration>,
Deleuze invented <Deterrtorialization and reterritorialization>.
Both are the transformation methods to release from all kind of binds; ego, self-identity, humanity, sexuality, nationality and so on.
X and the territory can be anything. Then both method is completely the same. You can replace “territorialization” into X, then Hijikata method becomes "Reduce the territorialization" as the same as deterritorialization. You can replace “self-identity” into X, then your any part of the body can travel anywhere and transform anything, it means your part become nomad beyond the border between you and others.
You can reduce “the restraint by ego’s territorialization to the body” then each part of the body can connect others and separate freely. 
During co-research of <Reduction by X and regeneration> and <Deterritorrialization and reterritorialization>, gradually we could find the amazing synchronicity of both methods.

3. Third synchronicity of "Becoming" 

It is a miraculous coincidence because they are completely the same.
Becoming is the most fundamental technique of Hijikata Butoh. Butoh is not human expression, but becoming as the Life, the inevitable becoming to survive.
Deleuze said, “Become wolf, become a woman, become a child, become molecular, become an unrecognizable secret, become a Rhizome!"
Becoming unrecognizable one is exactly the same with “Clouding (obscuring) method of the body” in “Sick Dancing Princess “ by Hijikata.
Hijikata guided to become the chimera. Chimera is a being that various Qualia merged into a body and becoming something that

we cannot grab what is it.



"Order of the things" Michelle Foucault

Words that have changed my life

This word of Foucault that I met at the end of my twenties changed my life fundamentally.
We can take off the "human" that is imprinted by the modern society, it turns on the light of the huge hope. This word has become the guidance that I was able to reincarnate as a Butoh dancer in my 40's. Because the Butoh, created by Tatsumi Hijikata also pursues to take off "human", and it opened up a practical way to become Life. In those days in my twenties, what should we do exactly after the death of "human", I had no idea about it.
I was wandered with searching in the darkness of body, it's no way to be the "Superhuman" as if in Nietzsche.
However, after 20 years of retreat in the Himalayas, the practical enlightenment that we take off "human" and at the same time, the way of "De-self" to take off the "Ego", "Self-identity" and "Personality" become transparent gradually yet slowly.
Hijikata also had pursued the way of "Butoh of Life" that "Sinking down to the relationship before the differentiation of self and others".
The way to be Life was becoming transparent.
Also, those resonate with the "Rhizome" that overcome the hierarchical Tree orders of Deleuze's thought who was Foucault's ally.
To take off Human, to become Life and to become Rhizome is Oneness.
Because Life is Rhizome, neither the center nor the upper and lower. Foucault, Deleuze, and Hijikata are deeply connected to one and are an eternal forerunner for us to become Life.

Take off the modern "human illusion" and become Life!

Now, I can say that with confidence.
Friend, it is not yet late.
Let's become Life desperately!



My predecessors

Michel Foucault (1966)


The death of God and the Disappearance

 of Man

I would like to introduce the most important philosophical discoveries in the 20th century.
The most important philosophical event in the 19th century was "God has died" by Nietzsche.
And in the 20 century, Foucault predicted "Disappearance of Man".
It happened in France in 1966.
And, surprisingly, in Japan at the same time beyond the sea, Tatsumi Hijikata was created Butoh that abandons all human conditions.
It was surprising synchronicity!
We knew the fact that Life is connected to one in the Abyss, through it.
Only my generation has experienced the amazing synchronicity of Life in 1968 world revolt by world youth.
However, someday again the day when the world Life will resonate to Rhizome will come.
Tree-like hierarchical order confines the creativity of Life.
Someday the Life in the world will notice it. 
I believe it.

"I believe that the human has been If not a bad dream, a specter, at least a very particular figure, very historically determined and situated in our culture. It’s an invention.
In the 19th century and also the first of the 20th century, it is believed that the human was the fundamental reality of our interests.

But, we can’t find the term ‘humanism’ earlier because humanism is an invention of the late 19th century.
Before the 19th century, it can be said the human didn’t exist.
The human is a figure constituted near the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century. which gave rise to what has been and still are called the human sciences.

If the man is dead, all is possible, or more precisely, we’ll be told that all is necessary.
What is discovered in the death of God, what was discovered in the great absence of a supreme being, was a space for freedom.
What is now discovered in the disappearance of man is a thin space left by man which must arise in the frame of a kind of necessity, the large network of a system to which we belong and is to be necessary”.
(from Lectures by Michel Foucault 1961 and 1983)


We can start from here to the future.
What will happen after the disappearance of man?


Life, Qualia, Resonance



The mystery of Life, Qualia, Resonance 

I want to share the biggest mysteries for me. It is what is Life, what is Qualia and what is Resonance.

What is Life?


Scientists tried to define Life in various ways such as self-replication, self-organization, etc. But all the Life theory have been overlooked one point that only Life can sense the Qualia and thereby able to control itself.  Modern Life research is limited to material research on DNA and genes, and Life cannot be viewed radically as something that resonates and swaying between material and non-material.

Life is a special being which can resonate with subtle Qualia. Qualia is everything that cell’s Life resonates with; Qualia of Gravity, Sunshine, Air, Weather, Temperature, Moisture, Sound, Smell and not only those present and physical Qualia but also inner Qualia which is reserved in the cell as the Life memory.

The newborn Life had very few resonance patterns with the environment. Life could get new resonance pattern through the experience and transfer it to the next generation. Then present cells have much richer resonance patterns of Qualia. Life can recognize the change of its own cell’s condition through resonance with Qualia and has a special ability to reserve it as the cellular memory.


What practice do we need to become Life?

1. Listen to Life at each moment every day, and ask your Life.
"What do you want to do the most?"

I have kept asking the question every day for the last twenty years.
This is the basic in the basic task for becoming Life.
Without this, nothing happens.
Just keep listening to Life.
I do not know what is Life. 
It is one of the biggest mysteries I've met.
Because Life is a huge complex mystery and secret.
Thinking ordinary, Life has three phases.

(1) Life of an individual

If I die, it's just the end of everything. I was caught by that in the past.
However, we cannot catch the Life only by it.

(2) Life of cell

Our body consists of 100 trillion cells. Every single cell has Life. And each cell has been living for 4 billion years. Each one has Life memories of 4 billion years. Our beings are the resonance body of 100 trillion cell's Life.

(3) Life as a Life Tide
Not only our human cells but also all living cells continued to live for 4 billion years. From the origin cell that was born 4 billion years ago to today, with differentiated into various species and changing shapes. It is a single huge Life that has to be called a big Life Tide. Life is ONE.

Life needs to be regarded as integrating all three phases.
Listen to Life and keep listening.


What is Qualia?

Life is only one being that can resonate with Qualia in the Universe.

Life was born as a special being which can catch the change of body as Qualia that connect to the resonance pattern of the String.

Double Resonance of Qualia 

Life has two kinds of Qualia. One is Outer Qualia that is present physical Resonance between the body and the environment. Another is the Inner Qualia that is memories which are reserved in the cell for four billion years.
Outer and Inner Qualia is always resonating double, through it Life can recognize the present condition comparing with the past.
Life was born as such a special being that can resonance with the subtle difference of the resonance pattern of the string as the first time in the Universe. (or maybe not the first time, but nobody knows yet).
Why only Life is able to resonate with Subtle Qualia?
It’s a mystery that nobody knows.
We can only suppose Life as what was born as such a special novel being 4 billion years ago in the Universe.

What is Resonance?


The String theory

A revolutionary change in physics happened at the end of 20 Century.

It was the String theory that changed the fundamental view of the Universe. In the 20 Century, the standard physics regarded that everything in the Universe was made of the particle; Molecule, Atom, Quake, and so on. But, the String theory revolted the fundamental view that not the particle but very tiny String is the most fundamental thing.

According to the String theory, all matter and energy are made of the change of resonance pattern of the String which is resonating in the 11 dimensions: 4 Expanding time and space dimensions and 7 tiny curled-up dimensions (Calabi Yau space) in the Plank length which is the smallest scale in the Universe. 

Plank length: 1m(-33)=0000000000000000000000000000000001m

Calabi-Yau Hidden space

All kinds of matters and energies (Gravity, Electro-magnetic power, Strong power, Weak power) are made of the change of resonance pattern of 11-dimensional resonance of the String, but after Big-Bang that was happened 4.6 billion years ago, only 1-time dimension and 3 space dimensions are expanded. The other subtle 7 space dimensions are still cured in the Plank length.

Resonance patterns of the String are infinite.

If it is allowed to expand the String theory to Life, also Life must be born as a special resonance pattern of the String. We can suppose that the specialty of Life is that Life can catch the subtle change of own resonance pattern as the Qualia. Other material can’t feel the Qualia and can’t recognize the change of the state of the matter itself. This is the essential difference between physical material and Life. Though no scientist notices it.

Listen to the Subtle Qualia 
When we became the subconscious mode through the Medimotion  (See chapter 4), we can catch a Subtle Qualia stream in the darkness of the body.
Listen to them carefully for 24-hour, All of them are a precious source of your creation.

Meditation and Medimotion


Thinking mode of brain


One more recent discovery in brain science is “Default mode”. Brain scientist found when our consciousness has a rest, the brain activity doesn’t rest, on the contrary, the bloodstream in the brain is more than the thinking mode. The brain is active in “Mind Wandering”. They called this “Default mode”


Default Mind Wandering mode (Medimotion mode)


The traditional meditation technique is sometimes to keep this “Mind Wandering” mode to be aware of various things. Because in this mode various parts of the brain become active and various Qualia can encounter each other and generate new Qualia automatically. Recent “Mindfulness method” maybe in this mode. In the traditional meditation technique, sometimes they focus on one image, for example, “Buddha”, “God”, Gull” and so on. In this case, brain mode becomes closer to thinking mode.

Observe the above figure carefully, it is activated except for the movement field. In the movement field, there is no activity. Because they block body movement at all. The Qualia stream can’t meet movement Qualia at all.

Medimotion mode


What happens in the Medimotion?

Medimotion is moving meditation. Then including the movement field, all parts of the brain become active and all kinds of Qualia can encounter freely beyond any borders.

This state happens only in the Medimotion mode, the reason why the creativity of Life becomes maximum in the Medimotion.


By losing what, do Qualia become information?


The difference between Qualia and Information

The relationship between Qualia and Information has been a mystery

that cannot be solved well for a long time. But, it began to be solved out little by little. When Qualia are converted to information, what do they lose? When this question came up, a transparent brightness was seen for the first time. By losing what, do Qualia become information? It's Life Resonance! Qualia are generated as long as Life resonates with something. When Qualia are converted to information, they leave from the field of Life Resonance which Qualia are generated. They are converted to things that are information. Information of the image, of the sound and of the language, they can be translated into binary machine language consisting of 0 and 1. At that time, by losing the Life Resonance, Qualia is converted into Information. Only Life can resonate with Qualia. The machine never resonates with Qualia. The machine can treat only things like information. From here, it is possible to go confront the deep mystery between Qualia and Information. I was able to find with difficulty such a point finally. Although I cannot drink liquor anymore, Let the imaginary glass empty tonight. I could come to this place by researching "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata which is full of Life Resonance. Not by any information, but by Qualia and Life Resonance, the Butoh of Life will be created




Technique to stop thinking

To stop thinking is the alpha and omega of the Subbody process


The first thing to do in the Himalayas is to have enough rest and relax completely. It is to rest the mind and body that was excited during the long journey. To solve the tension of mind and body, to stop thinking, and do nothing but sleep.

Gradually shift to the mode of listening to the darkness of the body from daily thinking mode. That's the most important thing to do from the beginning till the end.

Shift to the listening mode in the deep brain from thinking mode in the surface brain. During thinking by using language, the brain is excited by electrical signals which fire connections in the neuron cells at the surface layer in the cerebral cortex.


Why do we need to stop thinking?


The cerebral cortex has a 6 layered column structure. The surface layer: · are used in thinking mode and the communication between the left and right cortex. The deep layer: layer is for the sensory systems, · layers are involved in the expression of motion.

Figure: by Sengodai, 1978, from Nishinomiya Hiroshi "multi-space-time theory" 1997

Fig1. Cerebral Cortex Structure


When we think of using language, the neurons of the left and right brain communicate by electric signals through the · layer of the cerebral cortex. However, the glia-neuron cells are resonating with subtle Qualia in the deeper layers -- . The Glia-neuron Qualia is not an electric signal, but an extremely weak chemical signal. When we think, these subtle sensory and movement Qualia of the in -- layers of the brain are masked by the strong electric signals of thinking in the · layer. Hence, we need to stop thinking to open movement completely.


Fig2 Masking the Subtle Qualia by Thinking


What is the meditation and listening mode?


fig3. Medimotion and Listening mode


When we stop using language thinking, electrical signals that come and go in the · layer are weakened, and we can listen to the subtle signals resonating between glia and neuron in the deep brain: . layers. The communication between glia and neuron are using faint chemical signals of neuro-transmitter, and then the cellular Life of glia and neuron can resonate with each other’s Qualia. According to recent brain science, our memories and learnings are reserved in the glia cells of the brain.

To enter the listening mode or meditation mode means to be in the condition where we stop the language thinking and dualistic judgment and just follow the tendency of the Qualia which we can catch by listening to the darkness of body.


Fig4 Keep Alpha Wave Mode


When we are not thinking, the brain waves shift from busy beta wave to calm alpha waves. This is the sign of meditating or listening. Keep this condition as long as possible and you can follow the subtle signal by using the whole body. It is your subbody.

"Conditioning" of subbody method is to become this condition of mind/body.

Important novel findings of recent brain science


Glia-neuron network

Our memories and learnings are reserved in the glia cells of the brain, and it works through the glia-neuron network. Glia takes an important role to control the glia-neuron network.

Consciousness may concern mainly the neuron-network of surface layers: 2nd and 3rd layers of the brain, left the brain and right brain communicate and translate from Qualia to language information through 2nd and 3rd layers. Neurons communicate through electric signals.

Subconscious may concern mainly glia-neuron network in the deep layers: 4th-6th layers. The glia and glia and glia-neuron network communicate by sending subtle chemical signals to neurotransmitters.

The energy level of electric signals among neurons is a trillion times stronger than the chemical signals among the glia-neuron network.

The meditation mode and listening mode means to stop thinking and avoid the disturbance of strong signals of thinking, and we can listen to the very subtle signals of Qualia which are resonating in the darkness of the body.

It takes many years to stop thinking properly. It is the alpha and omega of the subbody-cobody process. I will guide you to it, at first.






Rhizome Revolution of Subbody method

We undertook fundamental reform of the subbody technique.
I realized the necessity as I read the practical guide again and tried to re-edit.
It is necessary to have a fundamental revolution.
Let’s become the free traveler between Rhizome=Qualia and Tree=Language realm.
For the travel in the darkness of the body, 
we need to know the fundamental difference between the daily body world and Qualia stream in the subconscious body (subbody=cobody) realm. 

The difference between Qualia and words

Let's give some big differences.
Qualia is the resonance of life. Resonance has no subject or object, it happens from either.
But when we try to put it into words, the words cannot leave from its own grammar of subject predicates.
It transforms fundamentally to another thing.
There are no numbers and no order in the Qualia. However, by the reasons of easy to understand, if we order the numbers, we cannot avoid the fundamental alteration.
Since ten years ago, I have written down the new technique born every day in the sentence.
And while we ran these careless mistakes, I could not notice it well.
Under consciousness, there was no fear of being (somewhere different?).
However, the word was a big stretch and it proceeded across it.
Let's confirm the difference between Qualia and words more.
Language goes straight. The description goes forward and it is arranged under a hierarchical order.
However, Qualia resonate in a non-dual multidimensional world, so there is neither before nor back.
There is neither above nor below. There is no hierarchical order or anything.
The part of Qualia is always away from the whole, flowing everywhere, It can resonate with anything else and become one. Parts will always be the whole, One whole can become a part of something else at any time. There are no differences between whole and part, kind and individual in Qualia. Based on sorting them none of the usually known logic can be used. Qualia jump wildly over those constraints with confidence, Qualia transform freely.

To be Subbody=cobody and to become Life

We try to take off all human conditions; Ego, Self, Identity, Sexuality nationality and so on, and we try to become Life.
It is not so easy, very hard process to meet many hardships in the process.
We need to one Life to overcome all the issues that we will encounter.
For it, we need to share 3 important maxims.

1. No talking
2. No absent
3. No late

This is the tradition of the Subbody School for these 15 years.
When everybody respect and shares these 3 rules as own maxim, we can be the co-being as the co-midwife, co-researcher and co-creator.
To share everything that happens in the class and try to find the best resonance pattern, it is the necessary process to become Life.
Let's enjoy it with becoming subbody-cobody and share each one's finding. This is only one place that we become co-researcher, co-midwife, and co-creator as Life.
There is no other way to quest the mystery and secret of Life.


One Tree in your head

"A lot of people are growing a tree in their heads" ("Rhizome" Delude = Guattari)

A long story called "Ego" or "Identity grows from this tree. The inner language which supports the self-identity is repeated infinite times.
The tree grows up to an adult, parent, teacher or a General.

No matter how conscientious it is, the Tree will kill the Rhizome of Life.
I was careless. I did not notice it. I overlooked what the tree was killing the explosion of subbody = cobody for 20 years.
The common illusion of the education theory of step-by-step method that I was bound has limited the free explosion of them.
I wonder how far I was missing respect to Life.
In the past 20 years, I listened to the darkness of the body of the students and participants as a midwife.
Listen to the breath of subbody = cobody lurking there, I have devoted myself to their birth.
However, in the process, I regard the unborn subbody = cobody as if it were a baby.
I was noticed that I was getting into a misunderstanding.
Certainly, many subbodies= cobodies have hidden in the darkness of the body by the parents' selective carelessness in childhood.
They might not have acquired good resonance patterns with this world.
However, at the same time, subbody=cobody is also a crystal of wisdom of Life that has been living for 4 billion years.
I had overlooked it and forgot the awe of the wisdom of Life.
It reminded me that on the second day after this autumn class started.
when we did the <Cobody Dreaming Share>.
There are thirteen fresh cobodies appearing one after another in one day.
They sprang out as if they had been waiting to come out for a long time. And everyone was lively dancing among other people 's cobody world. When the tree in my head was turned off and the teacher in me ceased to lead, I was surprised at how much interesting sight would spread. When I withered the Tree in me, it seems that the Rhizome which was suppressed by it gets spread freely.

Rhizome Revolution of the Subbody method




Harvest of Subbody=Cobody Co-Creation


An amazing explosion of creativity of Life arose in the 18th Himalaya Butoh festival 2019, so many novel cobodies came out and every dancer deepened on their own subbody solo. Surprisingly almost every day they joined in others’ cobody piece and co-created it like a kid who doesn't know fatigue.

It seemed a miracle for me.

What is happening on earth?

Why the sudden explosion of creativity occurred?

It is the first time in the Subbody Butoh history to realize the <Subbody=Cobody> co-creation.

Until this year we are bounded by the dualistic illusion which individual and group are different. But, we realized that the dualism does not exist at all except for human illusion. Before we divided the research to Subbody solo and Cobody group creation. That is the biggest bind of the dualism.



Revolutions of the subbody method


I realized that two revolutions of the subbody method occurred in this year.

One is <Medimotion and 24-hour Listening>

Another is <Qualia share>.

I guess that these revolutions grew up during the festival and brought the amazing Harvest of creativity.


<24-hour Medimotion and Listening>

We stop language thinking and judgment by 24-hour Medimotion. Medimotion is a moving meditation.

We let our body as being moved by someone and become most comfortable subconscious body mode. We continue to listen to the very subtle Qualia of the darkness of the body.

Especially, forgotten memories, forbidden illusions or dreams and very short term memories preserved in cells. They didn’t focus on only each own creation, but they joined in other cobody pieces almost every day and co-created them together. It was amazing energy as if an infinite fountain or volcano of creativity of Life was born.


What is the <Qualia share>?

Through the <Medimotion> all of us become Subbody=Cobody mode. In the subconscious mode, the border between mind and body disappears and we can be the Subbody mode. At the same time, the border between self and others or individual and group disappears. We call it <Subbody=Cobody> mode. In this <Subbody=Cobody> mode we can share other’s Qualia as our own Qualia.

When one person initiates a Qualia with the body movement and simple word, the others can follow it by body movement easily, sometimes copy or follow with the same resonance pattern or different resonance patterns. We can co-create one person’s dreaming world together. This is the very final method which we can leave from the existing Tree ( Hierarchical) system which a director or choreographer create and direct everything, the dancers just follow it. We researched how we can overcome it by new Rhizoming way for long years.

There are so many variations;

<Dreaming share>,

<Behind world share>,

<Nightmare share>,

<Rhizoming share>,

<Deterritorializing share>,

<World change share>,

<Kan Qualia share> (Sharing the Qualia which each Life could not resonate well) and so on.

It seems that all of those experiences beyond self and others bloomed at once, and brought this energetic co-creation every day as the novel flowers. Finally, we can find the way by this <Qualia share> with <Subbody=Cobody> mode. A half we can co-create the cobody piece together and at the same time, another half we can research each own secret and mystery. Throughout the whole time, we can be a creative mode, not following the choreography which the choreographer directs you. Every day, I was surprised at the unexpected explosion of creativity of all dancers. Each dancer invented a unique stage and all dancers co-created the diverse world changes infinitely. Especially, so many novel cobody resonance patterns came out almost every day. I am a special researcher of cobody resonance patterns for over 20 years, but they surprised at me by so many unseen cobody resonance patterns and world changes scenes.


From Individuation to Becoming Whole Life


I researched that Life has a Non-dual tendency that seeks better resonance patterns at its root and that human fundamental desires are derived from it. ( See Chapter 6, Researching Five Desires)

It is a desire for safety, a desire for comfort, a desire for connection, and a desire for self-realization (creativity). The tendency to seek better resonance at the base of Life cannot be called desire, but in the case of humans, if it is called resonance desire, it becomes a total of 5 desires.

I learned "Self-realization" from Jung. Jung called the "Self", including unconsciousness, in our whole Life, to distinguish to "Ego" that is the center of consciousness. He named it  "Individuation". My master of philosophy, Deleuze, has set "individualization" as one goal, too.

However, the concept of “Self” is easy to be confused with “Ego” as Jung himself fears, and has caused numerous misunderstandings. I am sure that “self-realization", “individuation”, and “individualization” are the most important things for human beings.

But, it is not enough. We need to become Life in addition to it. We can call it to become "Whole Life". The concept of “Whole Life” was learned from Haruchika Noguchi, the founder of the Noguchi body conditioning method.

In this ward, confusion with the ego is unlikely to occur. "Whole Life" includes the resonant attitude inevitably to face the current nature is devastated. 

To change the world, we need not only individuation but also becoming “Whole Life”.

In case I say “becoming Life” in this book, I would like you to think of it as meaning this “Whole Life”.

What is the Life Resonance Art?


The Subbody method is developing to open the possibility that everyone can participate not only in Butoh dance but also for all genres Arts; visual art, music, installation, literature, bodywork, and so on.
We named it <Life Resonance Art>.
Let's join in it, and let you reborn as a unique artist who opens the creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.


Let’s become Life as the Subbody=Cobody Rhizome

We researched the following question in the Himalayas: What is the next form after the modern human who is bound by the selfish mind?”
How can we develop the transparent mind-body which keeps consciousness and subconsciousness half and half equally? How can we be transparent between the body and mind?
We call this future form of the human as the “Subbody=Cobody Rhizome”. Subbody=Cobody is coming out of their unique shapes here slowly, even though they are still in the germination

Open multi-dimensional resonance

When you enter into the darkness of the body, you will find that it has no borders and that many dimensions are connected to each other in complicated ways. Your Subbody=Cobody lives there. Even sometimes they appear as very strange dark shapes or ugly forms. Do not worry. To judge them as the “dark”, “ugly” is only belong in the daily dualistic world.

Butoh is a special art to shift everything of Life to a novel beauty beyond the poor dualistic judgment. Nobody judges and denies them in Life, contrary to the dualistic judgment of daily human society.

Enjoy them. Taste the diversity. And become a friend! Then you can get a free passport to travel in the subconscious world. You can open your potential infinite creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life fully.



Subbody Drawing to Life Resonance Art


We have experimented Subbody Drawing for 20 years. It is we medimote enough and draw inner Qualia stream on a paper, and <Drawing share> that we resonated with friend’s drawing through the eight channels. It is slowly fruiting old subbody’s Fine Art.

Above left is Devanjalee’s recent drawing. She is every year continue to deepen. Subbody drawing is able to develop to an Art therapy work. I hope some hearty person can develop painting and dance classes for children or adult.



To the Installation


In Geneva, old students Sebastian, Aymon and cobody created an Installation, “Bamboo Nest” 2017, and it is developing every year, now the Bamboo Nest grow up to a famous spot to play, recreate, and place for the various event, performance and so on. Geneva city continued to support it. This is the first experiment that subbody method expands to another Art genre.


To the Literature genre, too


Dan sent us a Novel, "Recovery/Trauma".

Dan was a co-research in the first semester of 2019, he has struggled

with his Trauma and performed deeply. Now he could shift it into Language channel, and succeed. I'm so happy this is the first

achievement to expand literature genre. He is going to publish it, will be informed soon. Please read it!


These samples are proofing us that all kinds of Art genre are crystallized from non-dual Qualia to each channel. We can proceed with the Life Resonance Art project with confidence.


Butoh transmitted from Life to Life

What is "Butoh called by the name of Life" that Tatsumi Hijikata left behind like a will?
I've been exploring it for over 20 years as my life work.
This year, I fought and struggled to overturn the subbody method because it was still bound by the dualistic constraints so far. At last, something like a subtle light came into sight.
Butoh of Life is nothing but
Butoh that is directly transmitted from Life to the Life.
And for that, a dancer should take off "
the common belief of human" and try to become Life. There is nothing other than to dance the inevitable things. If we can dance the most important thing for Life, at that time the Butoh that is transmitted directly from Life to Life would emerge.


There is a special important Qualia to focus to listen to

It is Qualia that your Life could not resonate well.

Remember the Qualia that is hard to resonate well in your life.

Most are dissociated and cannot be remembered.

Among the things that you cannot remember, there is the most important thing to dance.

They may be lurking in forgotten dreams, imagination, and delusions.

Remember them desperately.

And continue to dance it.

I have been focusing on it for decades. It was so hard to encounter those Qualia that have been dissociated by Ego and Self-organization.


Why the Qualia that cannot resonate well is important?

Because the secret of the birth of each subbody=cobody is hidden in that Qualia. Everyone is born and grows up as a "human", everything that could not fit into that Self-organization successfully was dissociated from self and submerged in the bottom of the darkness of the subconscious body.

If we explore the Qualia that could not resonate well with this world, we can inevitably encounter the secret of occurrence of subbody=cobody, and the secret of how consciousness, subconscious and unconsciousness had to be separated.

It is a treasure house where the mystery and secret of Ego, Self, Subbody=cobody, and Life lurk.

The secret of why we must live by being captured by unknown something is hidden. If we do not solve the mystery, we cannot be freed from the prisoners of the Ego and Self. Just dancing it and continuing to transform it into unique creation is the way to release from it. It is a narrow and steep road, but this road is worthy to try.

The Butoh of Life is to connect your Life trying to follow its path at the risk of Life, with other Life through Life resonance.

About “the Qualia that cannot resonate well”, Tatsumi Hijikata called “Kan”. We learn it in chapter 9 Butoh-fu.

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Sinking into the darkness of the body


Stone Garden cobody


Multi resonance Life

<Stone Garden cobody> is the opposite of <City Garden cobody>.

In the city garden, people keep the same distance each other. And they can hold own personal space distinguished from others. This is the common modern Dissonance among Egos.

Stones in the Japanese Stone Garden like Ryoanji Temple are resonating each other with the best spacing.









Forest cobody


Co-being with infinite diversity


Then, species differentiation proceeds, especially after the Cambrian explosion of species.

Variety of species adapted to a variety of environments on the planet in harmony.

The gradually rich ecosystem was born which was diversifying particular ecosystem evolves under certain circumstances.

The ocean has a particular ecosystem of the ocean, the Desert has its own ecosystem.

Rainforest ecosystem is the richest one where infinite diverse species coexist, abundant water is constantly circulating, colorful variety of plants, insects, birds, and beasts.

I have developed an infinite variety of resonance patterns for these years, and now we name it as <Forest cobody>.

Marine is also one of the <Forest cobody> which is rich.

Anyway, quite an interesting journey began this fall unexpectedly.

We are able to experiment with various resonance patterns in this field to explore freely the secrets and mysteries of Subbody and Cobody.

We finally were able to find it.

I wanted to dive headfirst into this mystery.

I wanted to eat this mystery and secret with the students.

I have come to the point where my longtime wish finally come true.





4. Early cobody resonance experiment




Cobody 1 <Swarm cobody>


On the Edge of Life and Death


Life has countless of resonance patterns with everything.

It is the wealth of life, which has been accumulated in the history of 4 billion years of life.

How would've it have been developing on earth?

What would have been the first resonance pattern of life that was born in 4 billion years ago?

I have been exploring it becoming the origin of life by upstream life meditation for long years.

My friends try to imagine that all is the dead world around you which was born four billion years ago.

Only a group of cells of life was born by chance and is alive.

You can resonate well with those of only a few things; water, warmth, Calcium and Sodium ions, Amino acids, and so on.

There are only a handful of things that can resonate well.

You do not know if you should resonate with other things.

When you encounter such a new thing, if you can find a proper resonance pattern in a moment you can survive, otherwise, you must die.

Life had been forced to stand on the edge of life and death in the event of borderline.

For origin Life, the edge Qualia between death and life was the most fundamental Qualia.

Can you resonate well, or not?

Success or failure?

Life or death?

Only cells that found a good resonance pattern instantaneously have survived.

Numerous fellows were dying.

None of the original cells could help them.

It was the original world where Life was born.

Harsh conditions which Life encountered in four billion years;

asteroid impacts, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and ice ages...

Under extreme conditions, the many lives will be extinct, only handful cells were able to survive.

Life had met these hard trials again and again, which is called a bottleneck event and were selected, differentiated, creating a new resonance pattern.

A species shears a particular resonance pattern which is best under the particular circumstances of each environment.

It is the first resonance pattern as <Swarm cobody>.

It had been developed to survive as a species.

Every species shares a unique resonance pattern of each own <Swarm cobody>.

It's was the most unavoidable way to survive for Life.

<Swarm cobody> and the edge Qualia of life and death is one.

Life invented the resonance pattern of swarm or herd in order to live, but the herd of mankind is full of terrible paradox.

There is a swarm to kill, such as military,

also, a swarm to be killed, such as Auschwitz.

They have stripped away of even personality, a personal face on it.

What is swarm? What is the individual? What is kind?

There is a deep mystery which is not able to understand without becoming a swarm.

To be a swarm means to undertake all the mysteries of these, and investigate those questions through bodily experiences.




This is the Swarm


We can learn various resonance patterns of cobody from creatures.




Stone Garden

Chimera cobody

Stuffed Spring

Dismal Air


and so, on


This bird's group dance, fish’s school, plant’s forest are the teachers of the Swarm or the Forest.

The difference of them is that the Swarm shares the same Qualia and the Forest shares diverse Qualia like a primitive Amazon Forest.

The Stone Garden has a unique diverse distance among each other.

Chimera cobody is combined with different Qualia in a huge cobody.




(Similar-Different) Resonance method


What is resonance?
Resonance happens spontaneously.
It is not caused by ego or subjects neither intentionally nor consciously.
When the consciousness dies down, you can notice that life resonates with everything naturally.

When we become subbody mode enough, we can resonate each other on every channel.
We can resonate in the body feeling channel, movement channel, visual channel, audio channel, emotional channel, 
relationship channel, world image=self-image channel. 
There are some simple principles.
I will describe the resonance method in the movement channel for example.
A subbody starts the movement, and then another subbody fined the timing to enter into space by following the resonance method.

1. Similar-Similar
The first principle is to share Qualia and follows by similar Qualia in each channel. 
Just throw out your ego, then you can follow with another Subbody’s Qualia, with the same posture, same speed, same timing.
You can shift from very close distance to middle distance and far distance.
You can become cobody by sharing Qualia.
This is the basic principle of resonance.

2. Similar-Deferent
Start from a similar position, and shift to different position, for example standing- standing resonance to 
standing-rolling resonance.
Shift from resonance with same speed to different speed.
Start from resonance by close distance and shift to resonance 
by far distance.

3. Different-Similar
Similar-Different/ Opposite to above. Shift from different position to similar position.
The shift from resonance with different speed to the same speed.
Start from far distance and shift to close distance.

4. Different-Different
Resonance in completely different dimension.
Just show the variation of different Qualia from Subbody’s Qualia.
Resonance not by similarity but by difference.
Actually, our universe is full of difference and they are resonating in so rich ways.
Resonate in multi-dimensions each other.
When you got this resonance way, the concept of handicapped will be disappeared.
We can start co-creation of the new world which is full of Life




<Cobody Dreaming Share 1>


Today we did the first <Cobody Dreaming Share>.
After opening various Hidden skins, we try to remember the forgotten memory of cobody or co-being. During four billion years of Life history, our Life experienced so many resonance patterns of Life Resonance. 
The first 3 billion years, Life was the one-celled creature.
1 billion years ago, Life invented the new resonance pattern of the group cell. It was one of the greatest inventions that lead to the multi-celled creature in Life history.
Each cell could resonate properly in the subtle distance between the contact and not contact that we named the placenta layer Hidden skin in the subbody method.
(This was the missing link that makes able to realize the <Cobody Dreaming Share>.) 
We practiced it, and we tried to remember the forgotten memory that we were resonating in various cobodies as diverse creatures. 
We share each one's cobody dreaming with movement and minimum words.

Unfolding Another Dimension

Diverse cobody images came out one after another. As if another dimension is unfolding.
This is a characteristic phenomenon of Qualia in the dreaming.
From very subtle Qualia that is almost nothing, a specific world unfolded and appear as a special world.
We enjoyed this interesting process.
We will continue this sharing a lot in various ways.
We will get so many cobody resonance patterns, and able to use it in our co-creation flexibly.
So, finally, we could complete the subbody=cobody co-creation method after 20 years struggle.


<Cobody Dreaming Share 2>


Finally, we got how to share each one’s forgotten cobody Qualia after twenty years of trial and error. 
The missing key was hidden in the method of conditioning.


1. Conditioning for Cobody Dreaming Share

Resonate each other with various Hidden Skin distance
-Placenta layer: Between touching and not touching
-Womb layer: Become twin fetus in the Amniotic fluid
-Mother’s body layer: Relationship in the individual distance
-World layer: Resonance in the distance
-Physical contact: Contact with various pressures


2. Dreaming of cobody resonance

Remember the forgotten Qualia when we were one cobody; a swarm, flock, herd, school, crowd.
Imagine the most interesting cobody group movement with a Jo-Ha-Kyu. Find the best place to share the cobody.


3. Cobody Dreaming Share

Guide others to your cobody Qualia by the movement and the words at the most interesting place.
The others follow it.

Finally, we got how to share each one’s forgotten cobody Qualia after twenty years of trial and error. 
It was hidden as so rich and diverse forms in our darkness of body. It was just that we didn’t know how it is possible to activate it.


Recovery of Resonativity of Life



We are cultivating the Resonativity (Resonance ability) beyond the boundaries!"

Suddenly I was aware of it.

"This must be what my Life wants to do most!"

To recover the Resonativity (resonance ability) of Life is one of the revolutions of Butoh.

Human is bound by Ego and Self, then we cannot resonate with all kinds of disability of Life. It is nothing but an unmetered stage of Life. We need to expand the concept of human from the child condition bound by the selfish ego to resonant Life.

Hijikata wrote in his memory,


"We humans have not yet touched parts per million of mythical and historical order, and unknown order of life on the way coming from now. "


It is written in Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess” infinite variations of resonance which Life is resonating with behind invisible world.

When we stop thinking, we can be aware of the Life in our darkness of body which is resonating with everything including disability, misery, happiness, and unhappiness on earth, because we are not only human but also One Life on the planet.

Let's take off the narrow bind of Human and become Life which has rich resonativity. It will take a long time, but, this long process is the only certain way to change the world.

Resonance of Qualia and creativity of subconsciousness


When I was meditating at the veranda with receiving warm Autumn sunshine on my back,

I noticed a beautiful reflected shade of pool water ripples at the ceiling of the veranda.

I felt that it is similar to something and finally, I found it is so similar to the video of calcium wave in the brain.

Please see both of images.

I enjoyed it for many hours, and during then I noticed that the condition of swaying is the best condition for creativity.

Because when I made a strong wave in the pool water, the reflection shade disturbed by a busy wave, and the slow sway was disappeared.

It seemed the condition when the language brain was activated in our brain.

When we watch the shapes of brain wave as a curved line, we could not notice that they are resonating each other, but when we see it at the two-dimensional plane, we can find that each Qualia are resonating together clearly.

We can find that when we meditate and the brain calms down like as the water ripples, the resonance among Qualia which are reserved in each glial cell could resonate together in so versatile way.

I noticed that creativity must happen in this condition where so rich encounters among Qualia happened frequently in our brain.

But when the activity of language brain occurs, the rich encounters among Qualia are masked and we cannot notice them.

This is the reason why the subconsciousness has such richer creativity than consciousness.


Recovery of Resonativity of Life



We are cultivating the Resonativity (Resonance ability) beyond the boundaries!"

Suddenly I was aware of it.

"This must be what my Life wants to do most!"

To recover the Resonativity (resonance ability) of Life is one of the revolutions of Butoh.

Human is bound by Ego and Self, then we cannot resonate with all kinds of disability of Life. It is nothing but an unmetered stage of Life. We need to expand the concept of human from the child condition bound by the selfish ego to resonant Life.

Hijikata wrote in his memory,


"We humans have not yet touched parts per million of mythical and historical order, and unknown order of life on the way coming from now. "


It is written in Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess” infinite variations of resonance which Life is resonating with behind invisible world.

When we stop thinking, we can be aware of the Life in our darkness of body which is resonating with everything including disability, misery, happiness, and unhappiness on earth, because we are not only human but also One Life on the planet.

Let's take off the narrow bind of Human and become Life which has rich resonativity. It will take a long time, but, this long process is the only certain way to change the world.

6. Deepening the Butoh

What is the deepening of Butoh?

When you continued researching in the darkness of the body by finding various tunnels of travel, and enter the creating process further, it is the timing to share what the real creation is to deepen farther from basic practice.

The deepening process is the following;


1. Infinite segmenting

In the basic conditioning and researching, we learned simple and gross Qualia; stone, ash, liquid, vapor, creature, animal, plant, human, humanoid, kugutsu, hidden body and so on. It has simple movement and transformation as the vibration, sway, wave, shock, collapse, die, and so on.

The advanced stage of it, we try to segment them into small parts and proceed it into the infinite level.

Segmenting of the body;

We segment a total body into various parts, and details. And each part of them we let resonate with diverse Qualia.

We try to control our body at the whole-body level, a part of it, and the detail. In each level, we try to resonate with various Qualia of behind worlds. Finally, until our body becomes a multi-resonating Chimera body where various parts and details transform into various being.

Segmenting of the eye;

Normal daily eye- rotten eye- a nest of the eye- compound eye, participating in the skin- Hidden skin=the third eye

Segmenting of nerve;

Daily sensing and moving nerve- nerve about each part of the body- nerve about the detail of parts- nerve about body fluid conditions- nerve about hidden memories of each part of cells

A segment of each channel;

Like the above, try to segment each channel; body feeling, movement, visual, audio, emotion, relationship, and world=self channel


2. Infinite Multi-layering

We have twelve kinds of conditioning methods. To mix each conditioning and develop it into multi-layered resonance is required for deepening.

Conditioning 0: Breathing,

1: Vibration,

2: Sway,

3: Three-dimensional Wave,

4: Proto body and Vaporized body conditioning,

5: five Hidden Qualia-hidden joints, hidden muscles, hidden cavities, hidden fluid, hidden skins,

6: Six sways- vibration, sway, wave, shock, collapse, and die

7: Seven Rhizoming: Bottom rhizoming, Top rhizoming, Behind rhizoming, Front rhizoming, Inner rhizoming, Outer rhizoming, and Time rhizoming

8: Eight channels: Body feeling, Movement, Visual, Audio, Emotion, Human relationship, World=Self, and Thinking channel

9: Segmenting conditioning

10: Twelve Meridians conditioning

11: Cobody conditioning- Resonance touch, Resonance Shiatsu and so on.

We can create various multiple resonances by mixing some of that conditioning and researching.

The daily body can open only one channel at the same time.

When we stop daily thinking, we can listen to the diverse Qualia which our Life resonates with multi-dimensional Qualia at the same moment.

By this multi-layering, we can get the BPD-W method of Hijikata which is able to control the four levels of the Body, Part, Detail and Behind World.

When the outer (=physical) Qualia and inner (=memorial) Qualia become one, it changes from mere movement to Butoh dance.

Through developing this multi-layering, we can transform into Multi-resonance Chimera body. Life is Chimera which resonates with diverse Qualia of multi-dimension at the same time. We can call it by another name; 'Calabi-Yau Resonance body' as the string of The String theory of physics has infinite resonance patterns.


3. Originating

Through the infinite segmenting and multi-layering, we travel deeper and deeper into our darkness of body. We pass through the first level of novel Qualia, via. the second level of finding deep Qualia and finally until we will encounter the necessary creation for living. The necessary dance has own unique Flower, Secret, and Mystery.

The Flower can bloom based on the own Secret and Mystery which even ourselves do not understand.

We need to deepen our subbody=cobody Butoh dance by repeating practice and polishing it. It grows up through many times performing in front of an audience. At the performance, we can get 'Resonance Riken (=distant) eyes' how to resonate with the world.

Through them, our creation becomes an open treasure of Life.


4. Return the creation of Life

The creation means to invent a novel resonance pattern of Qualia which does not exist yet.

If creation is a real creation, it belongs to neither Ego nor Self. Because the true creator is Life.

Life has already infinite Qualia through the four billion years of Life history. We receive all of them at each cell, and we try to find new resonance patterns of them by using them in the limited conditions.

We return our creation to the Life through performance or through midwifing which supports other's creation by giving workshops.

We return our finding of new resonance pattern of Qualia, and the treasure of Life Resonance pattern becomes a little bit richer. Even with using a disabled body or warped mentality, we can change it into a novel beauty. Then some of Life can be encouraged, "oh, we can live as a creator with this disabled body or twisted mind."

We will die as an individual being, but we return into the Life as our creation lives in the huge Life Tide.

This is the Butoh of Life.

Do you know why it is neither ego expression, nor self-expression?

Though, still many people are bound by the modern concept of Art.

Dance the Kan Qualia with Saido Technique


Saido stand

Squeaky air
Stain on the wall infinitely
Blurred flowers wander

Locomotive passes through the inside of the body

Passing of the myriad gaze

A firm with remaining blurred

The face of the dried flower

People who are made ​​of dust

A dangerous person who seems to be collapsed

The dark bottle stands dangerous

A girl wrapped in the behind the darkness

Saido rise

Rising up with the darkness gradually

Generation and dismantling of the doll by soil

Saido Collapse

Wire in the body

The collapse of the beggar

Disappearing into the haze
Leaves fall in the cranium one by one

( See chapter 9 Butoh-fu “Kan Flower”)


Saido transformation


We transform into the huge Mystery of Life.

A novel technique to become the Mystery of Life was found. It is called Saido technique. We segment our body into thousands of fine fragments and each fragment transforms into different beings with fine Rokudo vibrations. Rokudo is Six movements of Vibration, Sway, Wave, Shock, Collapse and Die. We also segment the Rokudo into random fine fragments and pass them through each part of the body at random.

Until it is swaying between Non-dual and dual or between Life and Death. The whole body shape is changing into another shape with Saido vibrations. It is called as Saido Stand, Saido rise, Saido collapse and so on. Then our body stops to be a human body and transform into something unknown.

Saido technique is originally from Zeami who was a founder of Noh dance 600 years ago in Japan. He used it especially in the <Kyu> part of Jo-Ha-Kyu. It was the most important secret technique that transforms into something unknown between Death and Life. We ourselves transform into something unknown. And we co-create the whole process the world transforms into something unknown. The audience will be involved in your Butoh through the Life Resonance.

It would be the Butoh of Life that we orient for.



Warped and Reverse warp


      The spontaneous response

Remember the spontaneous turn over in your sleep, from tiny twitch to big posture change. 
These are the natural somatic response to adjust your body from uncomfortable condition to a comfortable position. The cellular lives adjust themselves with changing their resonance pattern among cells of the whole body. 


      Being Warped

Imagine that each part of your body is a cubic shape, and one of them is warped by an unknown power, with a different direction, size, strength, speed, and rhythm. 


      Reverse warp

Amplify the warped transformation to the maximum; your life must response it with reverse warping against the warped transformation. Life response it always reverses warp. 


      Human walk to humanoid walk

Start a human walk which is the same shape with a normal daily walk but with minimum speed. A part of your body is warped slightly by unknown force with giving a subtle change in your human walk. Continue it with spreading to various part of your body. Sometimes your body may respond with natural reverse warp. Your body becomes a system error humanoid robot.
Your eyes become video camera eye, everything reflected on your eye but without resonance. 
Your nerves are stolen when you noticed it. Also, the eyes start system errors. You watch everything without resonance. 
It is not rare in the contemporary world; you can meet many humanoids on the street of the city. 
Polish your humanoid body day by day. The work will be connected with the question; "What is the contemporary world?”, "What makes people into humanoid without resonance?" 
Walk with your own humanoid walk toward the world. Your walk becomes a mirror of the contemporary world. 
Research the novelist sequence and combination for your life. 


      Weakened body

Sometimes the warped has developed beyond the limit of reverse warp. Your body has been fixed in the warped shape without

plasticity. This is the weakened body. Also, many bodies are

collapsed in the contemporary world by pollution, by job, war, and

so on. Hijikata collected these collapsed bodies as the teachers for

the weakened body to open universal resonance ability. To cultivate infinite resonativity (resonance ability) with handicapped people, diseased people, insane people, crime people, and dead people. We need to change the world which all people can live with resonance without elimination. Walk as a weakened body, warped body. Ask the people without words "Why did you lose your resonance ability with collapsed people and weakened people?"
Find your own weakened body, and invent the way to survive with the weakened body. 


      Create your own transition

Try this exercise among the various method of walking with creating variously warped and reverse warp; ash walk, nest walk, stone walk, mountain walk, puppet walk, human walk, humanoid walk, origin walk. Animal crawl, starfish roll, ameba roll, water body, vaporized body and so on. Invent your own warped transition or collapsed transformation among the various way of moving.
Become rhizome which can survive with changing into any kinds of the miserable body to ugly body. 
This is the essence of weakened body Butoh which can be called as "The Butoh of Life".



Researching the necessity of your dance

Why do you dance?
Why do you need to create?
To research in it, the best way is to find your 10 problems and letting them devour you.

"I usually solve my problem, by letting them devour me." (Kafka)

This is the same way of "Bug's walk" of Hijikata. "Bugs walk" has many layers to deepen.
1. The first stage of Bugs walk is just dance as the text.
Bugs move you. Bugs ate up you. Bugs change the world.
2. The second stage of it is to put your own Qualia into "Bugs".
Your own Qualia moves you. Your own Qualia eat you. Your own Qualia change the world.
3. The third stage is to put your problems into "Bugs".
Find ten problems with you.
Your problems move you.
Your problems devour you.
Your problems change the world.
When a problem eats Life, Life always accepts it as a twisted Qualia, and response it with reversing the twist.
When your ten problems devour you, Life will try various <Reverse Twist>.
ten problems devour you, and Life does the <Reverse Twist>.
Dance all of them.
In that chaos, you must get a deep Qualia for your Life.
It will guide you to the very reason for your dance, and your necessity of the creation.


Dance the Qualia that can’t resonate well


Dance your 10 issues


After the five desires walk, listen to your ten issues about your desires, habits, addictions, thinking tendency that you are bound by, and so on.




Saido Technique that dances between Life and death


Break down your body into the cell size

“Saido” means to break down your body into finest non-dual vibration to release from normal human expression. Some co-researchers are still caught in the emotional expression that is still overacting.
This is a habit, so the midwife must find the best timing and point it out somewhere. Overacting expressions are those of everyday life and are commonly used in the normal theater. It is not creation. Creation of Butoh is not repeating the daily body but invents a novel form that travels from Life to Life. By prohibiting exaggerated emotional expression as seen in theater and movies, for the first time the invention is inevitably pushed out.

Become the fine shivering body!
How do you devise a novel Butoh dance that changes to it?
One possibility is to break down the body dance into a fine size infinitely.
We inhabit all the human size expression, and by crushing finely into cell size, shivering and frightening, the possibility of Life Resonance transmitted from the Life to Life is born.
This "Fine shivering body" is one of the breakthroughs in < Kyu part> kept investigating in Zeami and Hijikata secretly in recent years.
There is hidden synchronicity among them. Also, I have met my necessity to inhibit aggressive expression. After long years of ferment, this cell's shivering technique is coming out. Let's try it on the possibility now. To transform it into only one secret in the world.
This is the conclusion of the investigation in that Zeami of the later years reached to prohibit Rikidou-style and focused on the Saidou-style that is the fine shivering. And my listening to my body has met the same invention. This is also synchronized with the change of Hijikata from the Ankoku butoh of his young age to the weakened body of later years. Behind this, there would be hidden a universal issue about the Beauty of Life Resonance Butoh.

Jo-Ha-kyu of vibration
We can integrate all vibration techniques like the following.
Jo: Ash body -very subtle vibrations
Ha: Clouding body -wear the Qualia cloud and the forgotten Qualia will moves you in the diverse sizes of vibration and swaying. 
Kyu: Fine shivering body -Break own your body into cell size, with rapid rhythm and increase the intensity. Become the fine and hard shivering body. Try to use this technique instead of the overacting movement. We can approach one more step toward the Butoh of Life.

“Saido” technique is from Zeami of Noh-dance. He used it at the most important Kyu part. Also, you can use it in the Kan Flower of Hijikata, especially for the Kyu transformation.


Research the 5 Desires

We have 5 basic desires.


1. Resonance desire (tendency)


The most fundamental desire as Life is Resonance desire. Even Life of a cell has this tendency that pursues or wait for the best resonance pattern between Life and the environment. We can regard it as the basic tendency of Life. The cell has no sensing organ, only a cell’s skin, and cell fluid. The Resonance tendency is Non-dual Listen to Life of your hundred trillion cells how they resonate with various Qualia between cell’s Life and the environment; the gravity, the son, temperature, moisture, sound and the Life memories that are reserved in the cell as the inner Qualia. All other desires connect to this Resonance tendency. This is the most fundamental and non-dual tendency for Life.






2. Safety desire


Next three desires are the fundamental desires as the creature. Start Ash walk and at first listen to safe Qualia that is good Resonance with the world. After for a while listening to unsafe Qualia that you feel fear with the world. Like this in each desire try to listen to both of good Resonance Qualia and dissonance Qualia. Dance it by your spine response. The prototype fear, shivering and blockage might be hidden in your deepest hidden muscles.


3. Comfort  desire


With walking listen to Qualia that you feel comfortable, food, drink, breathe, and circumstances. And Imagine that they are disturbed and you feel uncomfortable. Research your own pattern of comfort and discomfort around your habits, addiction. And so on. Dance it by the response of your all Hidden Cavities; inner organs, the intestine, stomach, lung, heart, throat, mouth, nose, tongue and so on.


4. Connection desire


Connection desire includes sexual desire. But for the cell’s tendency, we can call it as the connection desire as a general term. What do you want to connect to? You will feel satisfied when you can connect to what you want to connect. What do you feel when you can’t connect to what you want to connect? You feel fluctuation and the desire will be twisted, broken, and transform to anger, hatred, jealousy and so on. Taste the both of good Resonance and Dissonance of connection desire. Dance it with the response of all layers of Hidden skin.


5. Individuation desire (Creation desire)


Individuation desire (Creation desire) is only human beings have it. It is a special desire, “I want to be a hundred percent myself.”, “I want to realize all potential creativity, originality, and resonativity (resonance ability) of Life.” It also grasps as the Creation desire. Listen to how did you become yourself? What is it that let you not yourself? Or, how did you fail to become yourself?




How is it possible to find your true dance?
I have investigated how to guide students to get it for a long year, but, I could not find the best proper way until this year.
A night in the dream my subbody of "Infectious Fever “which I created ten years ago, told me "Lee, guide students into the same way to find me exactly ten years ago, it is necessary for everybody, not only for you.”
Ten years ago I have faced my ten problems which I have bound by for long years, and I dinged the tunnel to release from these problems one by one. I started to tackle the smallest problem.
The first problem was what I could not stand neutrally.
The second one is what I could not open transparent eyes without intention and tension.
The third one is what I could not escape from the superego which continued to direct me from the above sky.
I invented each movement to release from these ten problems.
It became my first subbody solo of "
Infectious Fever". 
But, until recently I regarded that it was only my special case because it was so hard to process. I couldn't guide the others that hard process. But now I recognize that it is really worth to face one's binds and problems for everybody to meet one's true dance which is necessary for life.
I organized the safe process of "Sen-Shin-Hitsu" with using 
resonance touch and shiatsu method for awaking the proto vitality which is able to heal by oneself and "Edge work" to overcome the uncomfortable crisis of encountering the edge...
Now finally I find the method how to research in the darkness of
the body.
I named it "Sen-Shin-Hitsu" method.

"Sen" is the first step of researching subbodies.
"Sen" means "Novel!", "New!", "Fresh!”, “Interesting!", and "Precious!"

When you calm down daily body/mind and listen in the darkness of body with moving our hidden joints, hidden cavities, and hidden skin in various ways, if you meet a novel body feeling, just follow, amplify it until the limit. You can create your "Sen" subbodies. 

The second stage is "Shin"
"Shin" means "Deep!"

When you find a curious movement for your Life if you feel "I don't know the reason why, but I could feel something connected to my depth", this is the sub-signal of "Shin" from your Life.
Our inner Qualia are resonating each other beyond the time and space in our darkness of body. The new Qualia which you meet today may resonate with the experience of child age, maybe dream of fetus age, or deeper life memory which is folded in your cells. The constellation of the inner Qualia is resonating together in multi-dimension.
It may connect to some "Shadow" which Jung found as an inferior character, "Not-me" which Sullivan found which was disappeared character in infant age through being ignored by parents, "Trauma" which you have forgotten, and "Dissociated character" which your ego has cut away.
They can become your "Hidden subbodies”. Sometimes it may connect to deeper life tendencies which were folded in your cells as life memories. They can become your "Proto subbodies".
If you find the "Deep!" sub-signal, you will encounter many edges which give you unknown uncomfortable body feeling. We need to learn Shiatsu technique for overcoming these unknown difficulties on the edge and get the proto vitality which can cure and heal by oneself.
We need to proceed slowly and slowly with listening to the time of life.

The third step is "Hitsu"
"Hitsu" means "Necessity!"

When most of the students seem ready to proceed to the next stage, we will begin deepest researching to find the necessity of movement for life. We have to face one's own problems and bind which bound us until today. It will be so hard inner struggle, but it is worth to do for finding the new way to live with being released from these unnecessary binds.
Accentually all of the binds are not necessary for life. But our ego and self don't know how to escape from these unnecessary binds...
The real creation is the always "Reverse twist" of our lives which try to turn ourselves to the opposite direction which our lives are twisted, pressed, and warped. 
You don't need to force yourself against the deepest problem in the first step. We have so many binds which are folded in our darkness of body. You should start to tackle the easier problems which you can overcome with small effort; you will do the reverse twist and reframe your constellation from those binds. To live subbody is to continue this infinite process one step by one step with spiral deepening.
Subbody Butoh is to continue the investigation in the necessity of dance of Life.
The important thing is the tempo. The too-early process must break you by the too strong pressure of edges.
The midwife of subbody has to listen in the time of life of students carefully with throwing away the self. To become the midwife of subbody is the hard training to abandon one's self. It will be the hardest way of life, but it is the most worth to live.



Active imagination and Subbody=Cobody


In the previous column, I mentioned the relationship between "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata and Jung's active imagination. I'll keep organizing the relationship between Subbody method and active imagination today.

Active imagination was discovered by Jung to integrate the consciousness and the subconscious through meditation. And also, classical oriental meditation has the same method. It is one of the universal methods to integrate the whole self. I also learned a lot from them.


Channel method

All kinds of mind and body methods can be divided by the difference of the channel to use. The comprehensive list of the channels is below. I learned the concept of the channel from Arnold Mindell.



In the extrovert channels, the Life of our cells is resonating mainly with present physical Qualia here and now. We call it outer Qualia.

And in the introvert channels, the inner Qualia which are stored in the cell as the Life memory is used as the main. In the meditation, we stop the extrovert channel and listen to the Qualia of the introvert channel. Normally the extrovert movement channel is inhibited to open.

Hypnotherapy is a similar process as above, following the suggestions by a hypnotist, and then we can contact the Qualia of infant age and so on beyond time and space.

Self-hypnosis is also to open introvert channels alone without hypnosis’s suggestion. Also, it doesn't open the extrovert movement channel, human-relationship channel and so on.

The dream is similar; the movement channel has subsided during the sleep and opens the introvert visual channel to become the main channel. Sometimes it opens the other introvert channels.

Floyd's dream analysis is to interpret the dream by the thinking channel with using language.

Mindell's dreaming body method is trying to understand by focusing on the integrity of the visual channel of dreams and body feeling channel.

A Jungian active imagination is to open introvert channels through a meditative state, following the imaginary Qualia stream freely, and fix it by language as a fantastic narrative.

Drawing active imagination is to be replaced by the visual channel instead of the language as the slideshow above.

All of these are useful therapy to explore the resonance between the conscious and the subconscious, to rebuild a good relationship between them.

Jung used it for individuation to integrate consciousness and subconscious as the whole self.

Subbody method has some differences from them. One of them is to open all channels except thinking channel. We open body feeling, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, and self-=world channels and integrate all of them to create a subbody Butoh dance. It is a unique characteristic of the subbody method. Listening to the all inner Qualia of every introvert channel and convert them to the outer Qualia of the extrovert channel, then it appears like the actual movement of the body.

One more important characteristic is opening cobody channel.

The subbody=cobody method is to enter the deeper realm of the darkness of the body. In the deep layers of it, subbody and cobody are not separated, they are muddled as oneness in the non-dual realm.

Of course, our daily body must encounter extreme hard edge Qualia in that realm. The biggest archetype of Ego and Self-resistance against the non-dual Qualia is fear. Through the struggle to overcome the edges, we can release from the biggest modern illusion of Ego and Self which binds us strongly.

In the creation of Subbody=cobody Butoh, it will be able to integrate the whole of the consciousness, subconscious, collective unconscious, and body as oneness. Subbody=cobody method is not limited to only creation, healing, and mind-body therapy, it is a survival method to re-edit our daily life by opening infinite creativity of Life. Because the Subbody=cobody method opens all channels, we can understand the exact difference of other methods which open only limited channels. Hijikata oriented to enter the non-dual realm of the darkness of the body. He wrote down in his notebook.


"To enter the realm of undifferentiation of Self and Others. It has another relationship of hidden logic different from daily relationship."

"Through only it, we can overcome the modern concept of self-expression or ego-expression, and we can create the Butoh which is called the designation of Life."


In the center of the figure above, there is a realm of non-dual Qualia. There is no separation of channels, and the border between self and others inside and outside disappears. This is the realm which we must enter to create the Butoh of Life.



Dream body


Consensus Reality of the daily Human, and Reality of Life Resonance Qualia

Dream body, subbody, and cobody are brother-sister. Both are generated in the darkness of body which is resonating in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm of Life. The difference is only one. Dream body doesn't open movement channel, subbody and cobody open all channels. Especially, in the proto dream where we cannot forget or repeat dreaming many times, a big hint to find a secret tunnel toward where each one’s own Abyss is hidden. We started to share all proto dream worlds by entering with subbody and cobody into each proto dream world.





"Becoming" is the most essential method of Butoh.

We become all things in nature, or in the Universe and everything in the imaginary world. "Becoming", it is not like a performance in the theater where a human plays a certain role and personality.

If we do not take off the belief that I am a "human", "Becoming" is not possible. Become a child, become a woman (man), and become an animal. Become a stone, become a smoke bug, and become a shady thing. Become a swarm of bees, mole's whole, stuffed spring.

Become dismal air, garbage disposal space, the dream of a stranger.

Pass through your blood into all becoming. Carry density, reduce by X and regenerate, jump wild freely. It's the Butoh of Life.


Passive body

Qualia of to be moved is one of the deepest Qualia for Life, just like as Qualia of unable to move.

Because our origin of Life was born four billion years before it could not move at all in the first period.

Life was moved by another power; gravity, wave, wind earthquake, thunder, storm, and so on for a long time.

Then in our Life memory, so many kinds of Qualia to be moved and unable to move is folded.

Our consciousness forgets them but our Life remember them, they are recorded in our genome, and then all of us can share them.

To be moved at hundred points of the body.

Similar as hundred tandem three dimensions practice, from sacrum to head, at all hundred tandems of body, try to be moved by another being toward the random directions, with different timing, to different directions, by different strength and speed.

Forget that you are human.

Throw away the concept that you are the subject.

You become just a passive body.

Not you but another being moving your body.

You become just medium which is possessed by strength, by other spirits.

This practice is an important process for becoming possessed body.

Butoh is not the self-expression at all.

You do not dance by yourself, but someone moves your body.

Another being that comes from an unknown dimension possesses your body and mind.

This is the different point from the western dance concept which is bound by the modern concept that dance is self-expression by using body.

They believe that I can possess my body and can control it.

It is the misunderstanding about Life and body.

They don't know about subconscious at all.

Also, most of Butoh dancers are bound by the concept of self-expression.

Real Butoh is the art for living in a completely different multi-dimensional world released from the narrow concept of modern human.





Become single-celled creature

Start from becoming single-cell medimotion.

1. Swaying medimotion
Rotate your pelvis. Find the most comfortable speed and size.

2. Inner breathing
Send fresh air to all cells. Listen to the subtle change of cells feel.

3. Remember the fetus dream
when we are a fetus in the mother’s womb, we did not know that we are a human. We are just floating in the amniotic fluid for ten months.
Our consciousness forgets this age at all. But our subconscious remembers this age's body feeling. When we got the most comfortable sway in the swaying medimotion, everybody feels special comfort.
This swaying comfort is an imprint from swaying in fetus age. We might have various dreams as a creature except for human.


4. Remember the single-cell age
our individual life started when our mother's egg cell met the father's sperm. We were just a small single cell.

5. Upstream to the origin Life
Go upstream more. Imagine our life repeated the single-cell form and multi-cell form for long years. Imagine that we were the original cell which was born on this planet for the first time at four billion years ago.

6. Qualia by the resonance between origin Life and the
Imagine what Qualia the original life felt about the environment.
Even a single cell could feel the Qualia of gravity, sunshine, air, wind, wave, and taste of a molecule of food.

7. Move as a single-cell
ed creature
Find the most primitive movement as a single-cell creature.
Ask to your life "what do you want to do?"

8. Find subbody movement
As a single-cell creature, find a most primitive movement. Short movement is OK. Just a simple movement for a minute. We shared each subbody movement together in the subbody theater at the end of class.


Dance your Whole Self and Whole Life


Dance the most impressive Qualia of resonance or dissonance of five desires. Start from Listening to Non-dual Resonance desire. The subtle sway between good resonance and dissonance will connect to the subtle sway of other desires. Dance all of them with using the Jumping wild and Carrying density techniques. Through this research, you can travel your Whole Self and Whole Life.


Individuation and <Becoming Life>


Psychologist C.G.Jung and philosopher Gille Deleuze, whom I learned a lot, put <individuation> as a human goal. <Individuation> means realizing 100% of Self potential. <Individuation> is a precious goal. However, the present age that the destruction of Life and Earth has advanced to its limit, that's not enough. Not only becoming Self but <To become Life> is what the most important matters. What comes after the “human death” predicted by Michel Foucault is <Becoming Life>. If there is something in this book that I can add to the achievement of my teachers, it will be <Becoming Life>. Only that can open up our brilliant Future.



Before the differentiation between self and others


Opening the relationship channel of Life. Sink into the fetus world when we didn't know that we are human. When we were fetuses, we were not divided into self and others. Fetus and womb were oneness.
There was the origin of the relationship before we were divided into self and others.
We are from there, though our self-consciousness has forgotten it all.
Because the self-consciousness had to deny the oneness world to become self-consciousness. But our subconscious body can remember the oneness world. Our subconscious bodies prefer to contact with other body and melt into oneness. We have the proto-tendency to return to the original world where self and others were not divided yet. Of course, our consciousness and ego don't think so, because they have forgotten it at all.
Our ego and self-consciousness are bound by so many misunderstandings, and the self-consciousness which is based on a sense of the divide between self and others is the typical one. 
Because self-consciousness has to deny the sense of oneness to establish a sense of divide. Consciousness cannot accept any ambiguous. 
The self-consciousness which believes that it exists by oneself is the biggest illusion for human. We take off the illusion of self-consciousness. Then it is able to taste the Qualia of oneness when we were fetus or another creature. All Qualia which life has experienced are reserved in our cells as Life memories.

Open the proto sense of Life
When we were an embryo or fetus, we did not know that we are human. We didn't have thought, we cannot have seen, because we didn't have eyes and brain. We had only body fluid and skin of the cell. Through the skin, we felt everything; we did resonate with the world. This is the proto sense. We need to open this for sinking into the deeper realm of the darkness of body. We can enter this world through cobody (=group) process. Cobody is connected with the corrective unconscious body. It is deeper than the individual subconscious body (=subbody). 
Today, we started from resonance touch, shiatsu, and group contact with rotten eyes. We become embryo and fetus in the womb together. In these conditions, the body feeling was the main channel without visual, audio, smell, taste channels. All senses were oneness as an integrated proto sense. With opening this proto sense, we did group research with contacting together with rotten eyes. We become a human mountain, a human ocean, and a human couch. We did creation and sharing together as a cobody=subbody. 
This cobody process is closer to the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm of life than the subbody process. I noticed that this is the very entrance of "the Butoh of life" which Hijikata has researched in his last stage. We may reach the entrance of the tunnel of Butoh of life. It took ten years investigation for me in Himalaya. 


Open the hidden nerves
One of the most important hidden sense is the imaginary tale. 
Now we don't have a tale, but we have the nerve for tale still. The nerve is forgotten for the daily body. But we can open the hidden nerve of a tale. It is connected with other hidden worlds; underground, heaven, behind, past, dead world, archetypes world, proto dream, forgotten memories.
The "Hip shijun" which is one of the important choreographs for women group of Hijikata Butoh is also connected with the hidden nerve of the tale. The old ladies in the ancient community are moved by the resonance with other worlds where the ancestors are living. To talk with them is "Hip shijun" It is hard to understand if you keep modern thinking way. We need to learn to throw away our thinking habit by words. To be moved by following invisible tale is one of the ways to release from the daily human body.


 Kazuo Ohno mother


Regression to Fetus world


At the request of a student, we tried the Regression to the Fetus world work after a long absence.

It is where one person becomes a center fetus, and the others cover it as a womb and share the experiences in the womb before and after the delivery of the baby.

It is something that experiences four of the worlds before and after the Delivery that was found by Stanislav Grof.


BPM: Ocean ecstasy


BPM: Expulsion over from paradise

A sudden change of the world, No exit


BPM Conflict of Death and Regeneration

Violence and Biological anger, Volcanic ecstasy


BPM Experiences between Death and Rebirth

Deep journey in the Abyss, Cosmic sense of Unity, Mystery of Ego and Universe, Enlightenment


(BMP="basic perinatal matrices")


Big events after the birth, are tied with any of the four phases above and are amplified by the resonance of Qualia.

All Qualia resonate with each other beyond time and space, between outer Qualia of physical experience that is happening nowhere, and inner Qualia that are stored in the cells as the Life memory of 4 billion years and all Qualia of the fetus.

We experienced all Qualia of Life history condensed in ten months, and the four phases of inner Qualia before and after delivery that Grof found.

The danger of this work is, we cannot predict when and how the resonant amplification would occur.

We need preparation with great care, if anything might happen, everyone must face it as their own issue and solve it together as One Life.

Fortunately, it has been built among this year's students.

Not only to experience this work, through it, but we are also sharing the issue to be transparent which we see all phenomenon as the Life Resonance of Qualia.

This is the first achievement in the history of the ten plus years of Subbody School.


Squeaky Air


Hijikata wife, Akiko Motofuji wrote,

“One-day Hijikata asked me in the bed “What is Squeaky body?”

Hijikata seemed to consist to the “Squeaky Qualia” form long year.

Actually this “Squeaky Qualia” connect to our first Traumatic Qualia that everybody has experienced and forgotten. When we were a fetus in the mother’s womb the first ten months it was very comfortable, warm and free… the fetus might hope to continue forever. But it’s not forever, after ten months the womb started shrinking. “Stop it, stop it!

I don’t want it”, the fetus might feel so, but never stopped, Fetus sought the exit, but no exit was found; Fetus became panic and got angry as a creature. “If you kill me, I will destroy this world!” Fetus desperately searched the exit and finally found the vagina at the bottom of the womb. Fetus pushed his head into the small hole and twisted his

body. It was the deepest experience between death and Life without breathing and blood occupy for several minutes. Fetus struggled with it, and finally came out! “Ogyaaa!” Congratulation! It’s your birth. We don’t have a memory about it, because during the delivery process. Inner morphine, beta-endorphin has spread from brain to whole body and we forgot everything, pain, stress panic… But, cell’s Life remembers it, then when we meet a similar experience the first traumatic Qualia resonate double. Then it becomes panic. Hijikata had researched this deep mystery of the “Squeaky air” Qualia for long years and crystallized it in this butoh-fu. (See chapter 9 Butoh-fu)


Chaos to give birth to a dancing star


On Facebook, I have met again the fateful words that led me to become my Life after decades.


"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."

-Friedrich Nietzsche


When I was 16 years old, I read this in the library of the high school. And into the coming decades, like eternal recurrence, these words had continued to echo in the darkness of my body. I continued to cherish the unknown chaos of the darkness of the body carefully and kept listening to it.

At last, when I was 45-years-old, the dancing star got to dance and jump out of the body. And I have continued listening to the chaos of the darkness of the body, as the most important thing. When I was young, I could just notice it as "chaos", but now; it has become a little transparent as the following:


"Non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance"

Though it is still deep numinous Abyss even now, I can understand the reason why it is so hard to recognize certainly.

Because Life and Qualia is not a substance, but it is Resonance. My work as a midwife in the subbody school is to support students to be aware of the abyss of the chaos in the darkness of the body. We call the chaos also "discombobulating" which has neither clear direction nor orientation. I hope every student to get a way of life which continues to listen to the infinite chaos. I believe that it is the infinite treasure house of the infinite creativity and originality of Life. We encounter fateful words that we never forget and it continues to lead us to our destiny.


Description: H10

9. The Warped Qualia

One day, Hijikata Tatsumi said to his wife, "I wonder what the warped body is?" (Akiko Motofuji, Hijikata's wife in her book The memories of Hijikata Tatsumi.)

              He used to make the sound at his various joints in the bed at night often. Butoh dancer digs various tunnels in the body for twenty-four hours.
Hijikata grew up in the Akita prefecture where is placed at the northern edge of Japan. They have their own deep culture based on animism traditional which has a big difference against modern western culture in Tokyo, Japan.
Hijikata felt deeply warped Qualia in his body between his natural body from Akita and modern Tokyo where he moved in his twenties. For me, the warped Qualia are the most important for creation. Almost all of my butoh pieces started from the warped Qualia.
              I investigated them for long years. I moved from the countryside of Japan; Wakayama to big city Osaka, too. I felt a big gap against a modern city life in Osaka. I could imagine the depth of warped Qualia for Hijikata because the gap might be extremely bigger than my case. Warped Qualia happen between different cultures, customs, but not only that. 


What are the warped Qualia?

Warped Qualia have so many variations in the multi-dimension; pressed, twisted, frozen, shrunken, rotten, decayed, blocked, collapsed, weakened, surprised, attacked by unknown uncomfortable feelings, strange emotion, itchy, afraid, something wrong, a momentary subtle feeling, and so on. I cannot explain them generally. But I can say a thing about them. 

Warped Qualia happen between life and the world. It is a necessity for life. 
Warp means a necessary change by an unknown stimulus that life did not know yet how to resonate with it. The change might lead to death. But life had to decide to do or not to do at the risk of life. The change by the warped Qualia was on the risk between life and death.

Warped Qualia, edge Qualia, and the proto dream
I found the hidden connection among warped Qualia, edge Qualia, and the proto dream. They are connected in the deep non-dual realm as oneness as the necessary creation for life. They are the most important experiences for surviving. 
The deepest warped Qualia appear as the proto dream which has become an unforgettable dream in our life, sometimes it repeats many times. When Life receives an important warped quale, life creates a deep impressive dream to remember it. Then a deep secret and mystery is folded in our proto dream and warped Qualia. There may be a key for who am I?  Or where is your uniqueness from? 

Hijikata investigated in the warped Qualia through the life. He finally digs out the deepest warped Qualia as his last butoh dance: A girl. The dead sister was one of the deepest warped Qualia for him. Why his favorite sister had to leave from home when he was a child and had to sell her body in a foreign city. It was an unsolved mystery for him in his childhood. He investigated it throughout his life. And finally, he could succeed in reverse the warped qualities of the creation of the butoh.

Hijikata Tatsumi / Hosotan 


13. Expansion of Human concept


Hijikata made some "Practice Butoh score" for the workshops to raise a butoh dancer of next-generation in his later years. It is his Will to the next dancers that "A size walk" and "Bugs walk" told us.

Become a small cell's Life and let the body follow the demands of "A size walk" carefully. Here it is not a body that belongs to the physical world, but it is requested to become a body that resonates with another dimension, different worlds behind the daily world. Every element of the Kugutsu (puppet) body was included that we have been exploring.

The revolution that Hijikata tried to do was to greatly expand the concept of human of the contemporary age. The world image of future human beings = self-image is included here.



              "A size walk"



1. Walk while keeping a size

2. Transition instead of walking between heaven and earth

3.  Become the grass ball eyes and put the third eye on your forehead

4.  The reflecting speed is faster than the viewing speed

5. Razorblade on the sole of the foot

6. A water vase on the head

7. Joints are hanging by the spider thread

8. The wish to walk is preceded and the shape catches up afterward

9. Traces of walking are hanging both forward and backward

10. Become the grass ball eyes and put the third eye on your forehead

11. Razorblade on the sole of the foot

12. A water vase on the head

13. Forest at the back tooth and spiders thread in the cavity of the body

14. Eyes already stop looking and feet will stop walking. Your being itself will become walking eyes, walking feet

15 Steps demand the discontinuity of walking and urge the spread of space


A short explanation

1. Walk while keeping a size

It is the Kugutsu (puppet) body itself because it does not have the flexibility of changing size.

2. You do not walk like a human being. You shift your body with the world behind, the heavenly world, the boundary of the earth, along with the different world of the darkness of body. Carry the Kugutsu (puppet) body which mediates this world and the other world.

3. Reduce your daily watching eyes and become the glass ball eyes of Kugutsu or Shisha.

And the other eye on the foreheads is similar to the traditional the third eye which is able to see everything transparently. Hijikata had deepened the third eye into the skin eyes that all the skin cells become into the eyes and ears; he called it <participation into the skin>.

7. The fact that a joint is hung with a spider thread is to become a puppet moved by some other power of a different world. In "Quiet House", it's called "The Red God". It resonates with other worlds through the motion of each single spider thread.

8. You do not walk with your own will; the wish to walk is away from the body. In an attempt to regain the missing soul, desperately trying to pursue that hard desire. Struggles in the impossibility to restore the integrity with the soul.

9. From here I will enter a different world. It has not belonged to the space-time of this world already. Beyond time, traces that walked in the past forward and backward are hanging. This is exactly the non-dual world to which Qualia of Life Resonance belongs.

10. Forest of the back teeth. Forests and nests are the special terms of Hijikata, the symbol of dark mysteries and secrets where unknown Qualia is entangling. The forest is the original forest that remains only in the mountains Tohoku or islands that almost of them have already been lost. Infinite Life and death fold in many-layered beyond time and space. Feel the deep mystery and unknown secrets of them. The cavity of the body resonates with the unknown world through the thread of the spiders as well.

11. Space-time is not as continuous as the daily world. Walking through a multitude of contiguous multi-dimensional contradictions where infinite space-time is interrupted. You do not know what will happen, cannot predict what your body transform into. You will experience everything as a "Shisha" as its infinite resonance transforming body.

This is the condition of the world image = self image for Butoh left by Hijikata. Why do we have to show such things to people who live in modern times?


The world =self image wearing overlapped different worlds

              If your image of the world is this consensus reality of four-dimensional space-time. Your self is a daily body. You do not notice what your body deviates away from Life and tapped into such miserable narrow prison.

If your world image is in sympathy with a different world from this world, you spread beyond the boundaries of contemporary human beings in different dimensions. The world image and self-image are integrated. There is no such thing as a world image and a separated self-image (identity).

              However, many Western thought and psychologists and scientists deal with it as if there is an independent identity from the world image.

In fact, it is unconsciously imprisoned into the common illusion of this contemporary world.

It was long ago that Heidegger raised the concept of "existence in the world" a long time ago. I also received suggestions from him about the idea of ​​my world = self-image. However, he did not consider the multi-dimensional world of the Life Qualia that mankind has resonated with myriad other worlds of Animistic worldview for tens of thousands of years.

              The fact that the definition of Life of modern biologists is only captured by material processes also indicates that biologists dissociate the non-material processes of Life. They could not integrate both, and still now no consideration about it, because they dissociate the real hard problem unconsciously and get fake happiness.

Even though anyone thinks that Life is not only related to the material dimension but, they ignore it because it is not a territory of science. They trap themselves in a narrow modern human intelligence.

Intelligence in any field will not attempt to capture the truth of non-dual and multi-dimensional Resonance of Life.

              It is the modern world trick that everybody is caught, self-isolated from the world, human dissociates the Life, knowledge forgets the long human history, and consciousness ignores the subconscious. Nobody attempts the integration at all. Segmented common fantasies, it is the contemporary world we live.


What Hijikata tried desperately

              Hijikata who was oriented towards Butoh of Life was aware of that. That's why he tried to show the true appearance of Life by becoming a swaying being among the different worlds of Life and death.To become Shisha wearing the various other worlds including death.

              Epidermal cells of our skin, the first secret membrane, are also dead cells. We are dying and dead, being alive and being alive. Nothing is as familiar as death to Life. Most of the entire Universe is the world of death. It is the reality of Life that is trembling always at the border of Life and death.

However, we forgot that long forgotten the awe of the unknown worlds. bound by the common illusion as if only a modern human being exists.

Moreover, from modern society, dead people, sick people, crazy people, disabled people, criminals are isolated to hospitals outside the society and prisoners, and only healthy people are allowed to exist in society.

              The thought that only a healthy person dominates the world and can change it as you want is prevalent in this world. In the ancient Greek world that was supported by slavery, citizens who eliminated slavery alone conceived the world = human figure, and it was aimed at governance by only that "narrow citizen = human".It is an illusion of democracy.

              The co-fantasy of that democratic state is still reigning as the best co-fantasy. Human element form that "human = material world view = democratic state" became a triple is dominating the world. They alienate the infinite creativity of life from modern humans. They will not be released from these narrow frameworks unless they overwhelm the modern co-fantasy structure of this Trinity from the ground.

              Hijikata tried to greatly extend the human concept through the butoh of Life. He tried to get back the infinite transformation ability that the modern man lost away.


"We abandon all human conditions.

Please do not mistake this. "

"Human beings have not touched one-millionth of the unknown order that will come yet."


Nevertheless, until when will you endure suffocating on this narrow fantastic prison? It is that question that Butoh dancer asks to the present age.

Kazuo Ohno Butoh Soundtrack The Electereo 


Memory of Kazuo Ohno

In 1949, 43 years old, you performed the first dance performance in Tokyo.
When you came back from Manokwari of New Guinea, demobilized after one year of prison life, you decided to dance your friends who died in the Second World War; you called it "dance of the jellyfish."
You wanted to dance it from the experience onboard the voyage home from New Guinea, saw off the burial at sea the people who died in malnutrition and disease, floating in the sea at that time.
              Tatsumi Hijikata at 21 years old saw your first dance recital and was shocked. He called you "The Poison Dancer!" later.
After the War, no modern dancer tried to dance the dead, they were hoping to the happy future, only you danced it by becoming Shisha (dead) itself. Then Hijikata resonated deeply, because also his most of sisters and brothers died in the War including the beloved sister which he could dance it in the last solo of Quiet House, finally.
You and Hijikata started from the deep resonance to dance invisible different dimension including the realm of the dead.

Dancing between the Bottom and Vaporized body

              I collected the bottom shapes of Kazuo Ohno. The only dynamic standing pose is spread to the world as if Ohno's trademarks. I worried about it. It guides people to a big misunderstanding about his butoh.Ohno's butoh was distorted by those great poses of his pictures. Photographers used to shoot the timing of his standing and spread his big hands to the sky.
              In spite of that, it is merely a pose of his butoh, cameramen aimed to shoot the great pose. Because it is felt like the beauty for their eyes.
But their eyes are warped by the modern daily sense of beauty. 
Photographers, who shoot only his great pose, distort his life of butoh completely. And the sad thing, many Western butoh dancers are influenced by 'the fake of Ohno's butoh style', and it spread to the world. 
For long years I worried about it.
              It is one of the flowers of his butoh, all right. He looked even great beings who communicate with the Universe. But the flower is not made of by flower itself. The flower becomes the flower supported by the secret and the mystery. Ohno's real dance was wandering the dark world below the knee; he faced to the edge of death, listen to the other world, full of the secrets and mysteries of life there. And he danced the distance between the bottom realms and vaporized floating realm.
              Kazuo Ohno was an improvisational dancer. He could dance for long hours just by improvising as his original jellyfish dance. Hijikata gave him an important choreographs when Kazuo asked Hijikata to choreograph "La Argentina" and “My Mother". 
              A few people knew that both pieces were choreographed and directed by Hijikata. Hijikata's choreography was just put some materialized bottoms in the piece because it was the most necessary thing to support Kazuo's natural jellyfish dance, it was the vaporized body in Hijkata's term. 
Hijikata knew well about Ohno's dance what was the strongest Flower and what was lacked and wanted. 
              Hijikata put the Kugutsu body, Bottom body or Quiet body at the beginning, between each part, and the beginning of the ending part. They supported Ohno's natural jellyfish dance as if the anchor, then the piece got the width between stillness and movement. The dynamic contrast brought the audience into the Kazuo's Abyss.

              The second piece which Hijikata choreographed was "My mother".Hijikata put a tiny table as the symbol of his mother, and fixed some postures with the table, on the table, playing with the table, entering the womb world, fucking the table, and so on. Also, they supported the dynamic total Jo-ha-Kyu effectively. 
We can understand after studying Hijikata's secret of choreographing through "Quiet House", how he applied his numerous techniques of creation into the choreograph of Kazuo's piece.
              Also, a famous story that characterizes well the distinction of Hijikata and Ohno, "The form follows the spirit", and "The spirit follows the form". But this is an artificial story which a clever critique made. 
He hides the fact Hijikata choreographed Ohno's piece. Hijikata learned the vaporized body from Ohno's jellyfish dance at a young age and developed it to the vaporized and materialized technique. Both processes were the essence of Hijikata's technique. It is to dance the distance between the weakened body and the separated spirit from the physical body. Ohno and               Hijikata shared the whole process for long years. They know well each other including the absolute difference. In the 1970's they have separated far away. And they could find the best resonance pattern in the 1980s. 

Flower, Secret, and Mystery 
Without facing to the own Mystery and Secret, the butoh turns to the fake dance.
(I wrote this sentence two years ago. I don't like the dualistic judgment as above. There is no dualistic boundary between true dance and fake dance. We need to take off all of these dualistic habits of consciousness. I don't have time to correct the above sentence into a non-dualistic sentence now. I just ask you to give attention to overcome those dualistic conscious habits. 
About dance and butoh, we should not use the word. We can get something real only through body experience.)

Most of the photographers seem not to see his secret and mystery.
Yoshito Ohno, his son said

"Kazuo had another world under the knee. It was another cosmos for him. ‘The world of under the knee was very important for him. In the case of modern dance, the tendency to orient the upper direction against the Gravity is strong. But, for Kazuo, on the opposite. When he felt something underworld, he just falls down. The speed is terrible. In a moment he was fallen."
(" Ohno Kazuo; daily food for Spirit", 1999, Japan)

I collected Ohno's photos of the opposite pose against the great pose of his butoh. It was hard, because too rare to find.
Fortunately, in the works of Naoya Ikegami, I could find a few photos. 
I deeply appreciate Naoya's important works. It may be useful to save the worldwide misunderstanding about Kazuo's butoh.
Please taste them in your life. with stopping your daily sense of beauty.
We need to take off all the conditions of humans. 
And ask your life, "What do you want most?".

"What is the Flower of his butoh?"
"What is the Secret of his butoh?"
"What is the Mystery of his butoh?"

All of Secrets and Mysteries are invisible, belongs in behind world.
Only when you stop your daily mind, it will be able to resonate with your Life.

Kazuo Ohno mother flv 


Description: H17-1

16. “My Mother” A Quest to the Fetus world


In 1981, four years after "La Argentina", Kazuo Ohno staged "My Mother" likewise choreography and directed by Tatsumi Hijikata. Along with Argentina, the mother was an Anime in Kazuo Ohno.

              We must liberate ourselves from tough imprinting called Anima for a lifetime. It is a necessity to process to release from the mystery of sexuality and to return to Life. Hijikata started the dance from "Fetus Dream". In the past, a Japanese thought Yutaka Haniya watched the Dark black butoh and said: "It is a womb meditation."

It is one of the essences of the Butoh of Life.

              From usual everyday life restricted to the narrow "human" concept, we can enter the non-dual world that there is no sexuality, no border of self and others, no race and so on in the womb. In order to return to the original state of Life, we can enter the fetus realm exploring the darkness of the body. Ohno also said that

"There are neither men nor women in the fetus.”

              Both Hijikata and Ohno danced infinite sexualities. They danced a girl, a witch. Danced gay, danced Sadism and an asexual fetus. Ohno who woke up from the original sleep went back to the fetal path. Continue to wander the fetus world by attaching things likeDescription: H17-2 folklore to the body. It was the movement of a kind of angels that can be done for the first time in a 75-year-old body.

Hijikata suggested him to use a small table as a symbol of Kazuo's mother. Kazuo danced a variety of relationships with the table=mother. Held the mother, got on the mother, carried the mother and fucked the mother.

However, during the dancing, Kazuo became the mother itself or a dead mother possessed him.

Possession is also a Life Resonance phenomenon; Resonance has no subject or object. It just happens from both sides spontaneously. A perfect possession was realized in the dance.

Through dancing both of the big Anima; Argentina and Mother, he Description: H17-3could complete the long dance life which these

two must inevitably dance; Kazuo Ohno was freed from something.

It can be said that we have perfected the Jo-Ha-Kyu of his life by this creation.

Continuing dancing with the body borrowed from eternal Life, he could finally return his body that 100 years borrowed, to the Life with the interest of this creation. He went back to Life itself without a single point of regret.

There is nothing like this wonderful Life.

1997Admirando a Argentina La Argentina Shô 


Description: H16-1

15. “La Argentina" Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata

              "La Argentina" and "My Mother"​​is representative works of Kazuo Ohno. Both are by choreographing and directing Hijikata Tatsumi. It is a crystal of friendship that it is continued the cooperation of the soul of the two dancers who exchanged over 30 years. When young Hijikata came out to Tokyo around the age of 20. He was surprised at the performance of Kazuo Ohno, shouted, "He is a poison dancer!"

              When Kazuo Ohno was on the way to demobilize from the battlefront in the Philippine island, many of the soldiers died on a ship and were buried into the sea. Each time the ship rang the farewell whistle with a deep sad sound. While listening to it, Ohno Kazuo decided if I could come back to Japan alive, I would dance you, through you were thrown into the sea eaten up by fishes and became sea algae. His proto image of the Jellyfish dance of dead soldiers was confirmed on the ship. It was just the Ohno's desperate necessary dance that the young Hijikata encountered in Tokyo.

              Also, Hijikata had lost the most favorite sister during the War. After that, they both formed an inevitable relationship and started the fight for 30 years of "Ankoku Butoh (Dark black dance)" activities.

Description: H16-2In 1977, Kazuo Ohno asked Hijikata for the choreography and directing of "The Argentina" which is the nodule of his Life."La Argentina" has the composition of Part 1 and Part 2, the first part is divided into four chapters.

1) Divine excerpt,

2) A girl,

3) Daily Bread,

4) Marriage between heaven and earth.

1. Divine excerpt

Hijikata cited the 1960 work “The Divine" which Kazuo Ohno performed in his choreography at the beginning. Hijikata said,

"Please become a prostitute of Jean Jeune's male prostitute."

Kazuo Ohno said

"Let's become it"."Bring it to the head and start by standing up from the audience seating, and you die on the stage."

The choreography of that time was reproduced with the gorgeous prostitute costume. It was such a perfect beginning as Kazuo's son Yoshito had to shout, "That dance was the essence of Kazuo in all performances!  I watched his irreplaceable essence!"

Description: H16-3

2. A girl

The old male prostitute died and reborn as a small girl with underwear on the stage.

A girl is also a flower in Ohno dance.

Ohno's belief is "There were neither men nor women before they were born."

From a prostitute to a girl, Hijikata and Ohno tried to live both sexes in a dance.

He incarnated while repeating death and regeneration.

3. Daily Bread


"And in the following "Daily bread" part, please show your old naked body directly a lot."

It was the moment when the body of the 71year old dancer turned into a flower.

To the sharpness of his choreography of the imaginary magician Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno himself also would tremble with dancing.

It is a miracle that they realized because they both knew well each other about dancing together for many years.


Description: H16-4




Description: H16-54. Marriage between heaven and earth


And at the end of the first part, a big grand piano was brought to the stage.

"Marriage between heaven and earth".

Kazuo stands still in front of the piano and never moved. He keeps stillness for a long time.

Marriage is a unity.

It is a unity between Life and before Life, between the heavens and the earth, between the soul and the body. It was a miraculous silent crystal moment was born.

The Well-Tempered Clavier of J.S.Bach ringed out. A dark turn.

Tango, Flowers and Bird dances of the second part.

"Mr. Ohno, please do as much as you want"

Hijikata released on Ohno’s dancing soul on stage.

Ohno danced after becoming dancer Argentina who had seen and moved deeply in his youth and kept thinking to be one with her for 50 years.

Death and regeneration intermingle countlessly, and the <Jo-Ha-Kyu> has been perfected.

That is the moment Ohno and Hijikata's 30 years voyage had become one.

It can be said that it was another "marriage of heaven and earth ».

Description: H16-6Description: H16-7



山崎、よみがえれ! リゾーム・リー (岡龍二)      
    Yamazaki, Reborn! 2019 | Rhizome Lee 

 28. Becoming Shisha which transforms infinitely                     

Description: H210

              Hijikata's solo of "Quiet House" is performed by the Weakened body throughout the whole time. It is not only the well-known 'desperately standing corpse (dead body)' as people regard as the basic butoh body which moves slowly, but it is "The Shisha" which transforms quietly yet infinitely.
The following words which Hijikata wrote by his blood with the title of "Important" are neither understood nor taken over by a few students of him. I have never seen any butoh dancer who became 'Shisha' except for Hijikata.


“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”

It is necessary to become 'Shisha' what we dig the darkness of body infinitely, with experiencing all conditions of Life between Hell and Heaven. 'Shisha' does not belong in modern concept, but belong in the animistic world which human has experienced for seven millions of years history. In the ancient animism world, everything is transforming infinitely. In the ancient Buddhism world, it is regarded there are three thousand worlds, and Shisha travels all of those different worlds.
In the ancient Japanese animism world, also eight million kinds of spirits are living in the non-dual and multi-dimensional worlds.

How is it able to become Shisha? We need to take off narrow modern humanistic intelligence and to become Life. Please start to see the pictures above, and feel subtle shivering of your Life. Not receiving them as the information, but accept them with subtle Life resonance; with prototypical emotions and subtle inner motions as shivering, fear, or awe and so on.

The butoh of Life starts from those of primitive response of Life.

To get it or not will be your turning point to start digging into the tunnels toward the Abyss of Life. In that realm of Abyss (bottomless depth), we will be aware of the oneness of the Shisha and the Red God.

It is 'the Hidden logic world before the division of the Self and Others' which Hijikata demanded all butoh dancers to enter, as the fetus and the womb. The Shisha and the Red God are the metaphors of non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance of Life.

Our daily body and mind could not resonate with the infinite world of Life and Death including all kinds of miseries, disasters, wars, mutations of bodies, handicapped, and so on. But when we take off the illusion of 'the Human', we can recover the infinite resonativity (= resonance ability) with all of them as Life.

The practice of butoh is just to travel infinitely among these behind worlds with vaporizing and materializing technique until you meet your own Abyss where the reason why you need to dance is hidden.



 Hijikata Tatsumi Hosotan part 2 (197Hijikata Tatsumi Hosotan part 2 (1972) 土方巽 疱瘡譚 Part 2 癩12) 土方巽 疱瘡譚 Part 2 癩1
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